by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 68

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

Once again we take note of another year gone by; and, for ourselves, we offer grateful acknowledgment of the blessings that have been ours – physically, temporally, and most especially, our spiritual blessing in opportunities of service and growth in Grace and in the Knowledge of our Beloved Lord. It is indeed well established that experience is the best teacher, and the accumulated experience of the many years past is perhaps the greatest asset of God’s people in their earthly pilgrimage-­especially so, when that experience is balanced by the Spirit of a Sound Mind. And, viewing the experiences of the past Epiphany years, we anticipate with a glad heart those experiences that lie just ahead. Therefore, in Retrospect “we know that all things have worked together for our good” (Rom. 8:28), and in Prospect we resign our­selves to a continuation of the blessed guidance of the years already gone. And it is in this attitude of heart and mind that we now present the following observations:


Once more we draw attention to the world’s financial status, particularly of the United States. The overall debt in this country at present is just about ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. This includes the federal (just under three hundred billion), the state, the municipal and the private debts. Real estate mortgages alone are just about two hundred billion dollars. These figures are beyond the grasp of the human mind; they are also beyond the scope of solid discipline and permanent orderly control. Thus, at any time – almost over night – the financial situation could become violently de­moralized. Just this fall there was quite a “run” on the gold hoard of the United States – prompted by fear of what our new administration in Washington may do, come 1961. In fact, if President-elect Kennedy attempts to carry out his campaign prom­ises, we may expect no end of turmoil; but of this we may only wait and see.

Our readers may wonder why we so often stress the financial premise when there seems to be so little said about it by the opposing political parties here; but it is our opinion that they fear to bring the subject into public focus. No one of them even mentions repayment of these colossal debts; the nearest thing to financial sanity is a “balanced budget” (which simply means keeping the spending even with the income), and the payment of the interest that the debts require. The U.S. Govern­ment interest burden each year now is over ten billion dollars. Now and then certain international financial publications of restricted clientele make free comment; but each time they do so it is with wailing and wringing of hands. If the interest rates are raised, it is unbearable; if the interest rates are reduced, that also is unbear­able. Just this past year the United States has prevailed upon the Governments of England, Germany and France to have their central banks reduce their rediscount rates, although those countries purposely had increased those rates to attempt regulation of inflationary segments in their own economies. Therefore, they were persuaded by the United States to do just the reverse of what they believe to be the sound and sensible economic process for their particular situations.

Thus, they find the consuming jugernaut to the rear of them, and the bottomless pit to the front of them; and we ourselves become most acutely conscious of the prophecy that “all faces shall gather blackness,” and that present institutions “shall wax old as doth a garment; and as a vesture shalt thou fold them up.” (Heb. 1:11,12) As time and wear cause the best of garments to come apart at the seams, and to show holes from wear, so present institutions are manifesting similar erosion; so it is not a question of “if” but “when” they shall come to journey’s full end.

 Above we made mention of the “run” on the United States gold store, and that the financial situation might become panic over night. Lest we appear to cry calamity without due cause, we present here some information that came to us in confidence from a source that we consider very reliable. Just this fall the price of gold in the open. London market jumped from slightly over $35 per ounce to $41 per ounce over night, this rise presenting itself before any of the bullion or commodity exchanges were open for business that morning. The English officials were so alarmed that they immediately telephoned Washington for instructions to cope with it. When Washington was informed that the head of the Bank of England was in Canada for a fishing holiday, they sent a special airplane to bring him to Washington, after which he was sent by special plane to England to try to calm the situation. This was accomplished through a succession of moves, which, if we are informed correctly, was only a temporary palli­ative; we are assured that the situation will once more assert itself in the near fu­ture. (This is written Nov. 20, 1960) -

While we cannot state this incident as a fact from our own knowledge, we have strong reason to consider it to be the truth. However, it is a statistical fact that there are over twenty billion dollars of short-term foreign balances in the United States at present which are subject to payment in gold upon demand; whereas, there is ohly eighteen billion dollars of gold in the United States stock pile. In other words, there is about two billion dollars less of gold than would be neces­sary to satisfy the demand if the demand should be made. Therefore, it will be most interesting just to stand at a distance and watch “the passing financial show.”


As with finance, so also with the “powers that be,” the prophecy of Hag. 2:7 comes prominently to the fore: “I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come.” Even in Turkey there was violent rioting against the Govern­ment in power in 1960; and the international press made the observation that this is the first time in history that the Turks have ever made such display of themselves. The Government in power was forced to resign. Also, the Archbishop of Canterbury visited the Pope in Rome for the first time in about 400 years. Since the Stuarts were dethroned in England, it is a part of English governmental law that no Catholic may ever occupy the throne there. Therefore, when their own Archbishop makes pilgrim­age to Rome, we may be sure it was prompted by dire necessity. And, when we hear in the United States that a man’s religion should not enter into his choice for public office, we state that such contention is not the brand of tolerance; it is the mark of ignorance or stupidity. We wonder if those same people would say it makes no dif­ference to them if a Mohammedan should aspire to be President of the United States! But, respecting England’s Archbishop visiting Rome’s Pope, we offer again the prophecy, “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me.” (Isa. 54:15) Indeed, the slaughter weapon of Combinationism (Eze. 9:2) is still collecting its deadly toll, and God’s people would be well advised to avoid its death-dealing ensnarement.


Many of our readers will recall some articles on Rev. 17:12, which appeared in January 1 and April 1, 1932 Present Truths, in which Brother Johnson discussed the Vatican Treaty and Concordat with Mussolini. In those articles he mentioned various periods of time that are set forth in the Bible as an hour--among them three years and four months (the same being 1/12 of 40 years), six years and eight months (1/12 of 80 years), etc.; and on page 61, col. 2, par. 2, he said:

When Brother Johnson observed that Brother Russell could not see clearly some things future, which were not yet due to be understood, he mentioned specifically that Bro, Russell was unable to see the greatly extended period of the Time of Trouble. Surely, we can now apply that same observation to him. He thought 6-2/3 years would be much too long for that “hour”; but we see clearly enough now (hindsight is so much better than foresight) that 6-2/3 years were not nearly long enough. As Brother Russell has so well stated, Prophecy in its details cannot be understood clearly until it is ful­filled or in course of fulfillment; and we now wish it clearly understood that we try also to be guided by that rule. Therefore, since the abysmal destruction of the “Beast” is yet future, we cannot be positive in our conclusions about it. However, we also have the “sure word of prophecy” that “the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7) Therefore, we are surely justified in concluding that the destruction of the “Beast” will somewhere be clearly disclosed in the Bible.

The largest specific “hour” of which we now know is 1/24th of the Millennial day, the same being 41 years, eight months. Either that hour must apply in the present calculation, or we must look for a new beginning for the hour. In the 1932 articles under discussion Brother Johnson said he could not be certain if the hour would start from the beginning of negotiations (about October 1926) or from their completion in early February of 1929. Nor are we now in any better position to de­termine this fact than was he. If the “hour” is 41 years, eight months, then it will end in June 1968 if the beginning of negotiations is to be reckoned. If it is fig­ured from the completion of those negotiations, then it would end in October 1970. On this we can but wait. When the House of Savoy severed all relations with the Vatican in 1870, then for the first time since 539 A.D. did the Papacy have no poli­tical standing in Italy; she was after that in the position of the spiritval di­vorcee. But when Mussolini restored that standing, and gave the Vatican official recognition as a State, then the Catholic system could once more proclaim, “I sit a queen, and am no widow” (Rev, 18:7); her marital status with the Italian Govern­ment had once more been restored.

As present institutions rip wider at the seams, as they wax older and older and dissipate their physical and financial resources in their schemes and struqglcs against the antitypical Assyrians, we may be certain the Papal system will be more than will­ing to consort once more with the Gentile kings to avert the approaching holocaust. The master political strategy of the ages is with that system; and we may be certain those in power in that system will use all the craftiness, the duplicity, the politi­cal sagacity and the persecuting power at their disposal to maintain the “queenly” status; but we may be also equally certain that “in one day shall her plagues come--, death, and mourning, and famine ... for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”(Rev,18: 8)


During the Epiphany Brother Johnson occupied himself in large measure with Great-Company uncleanness, and it has been our portion to do likewise. He gave us certain fundamental rules for this time in which “the quick” are being judged; and we do well to take heed to them. In E:5-20 (18) we find this:

 “The repudiation of various of the Lord’s teachings and arrangements this passage proves to be the sin--especially the manifesting sin – of the Great Company. Revolutionism manifests them as such. Only then, according to this passage, do we know that a New Creature is of the Great Company, when he revolutionizes against the Lord’s teachings and arrangements. We cannot be sure of their loss of their crowns by other sins than revolutionism.”

We set out the above to demonstrate how ridiculous it was in 1950 to declare that Brother Johnson’s death made blanket manifestation of all crown losers, when large numbers of such people in the L.H.M.M. had given no evidence whatever of revolu­tionism up to 1950 (had they done so, Brother Johnson would have announced them, just as he did R. G. Jolly and others), which Brother Johnson declares to be the only means by which we may make such determination.

And, as Brother Johnson teaches in E:13-557, when such crown-losers form a move­ment, it becomes speedily corrupt, going from bad to worse--to which the entire Gospel Age bears unimpeachable witness. By revolutionizing against various features of the Truth which came to them through the Star Members, they have been forced to embrace other errors and forsake other Truths, and to resort to falsehood and persecution of the Faithful to retain their “Praise of men.” All of us have been witness to this proce­dure all during the Epiphany; but, whereas, we viewed it at a distance up to 1950, it has come acutely close to us since that date. When we have the Truth, it is never nec­essary to “make lies our refuge, and behind falsehoods to hide ourselves.” It was as King Saul (a type of crown-lost leaders up to Armageddon) rebelled against the word of the Lord (as it came to him from Samuel the Prophet), that he began immediately to resort to falsehood and to blame others for his own bungling disobedience. (See 1 Sam. 15:13-15)

All during the Gospel Age the Saul antitypes have been the big talkers, the know­it-alls, the lung-thinkers. In E:13-761 Brother Johnson says of them: “They got themselves great reputations in Babylonian church circles for using their controver­sial weapons against the Interim star members and their special helpers... They were destructive against the true Church, and with their errors defiled it, and by their misrepresentations (lying) they degraded it.”

Brother Johnson had intimate association with such early in the Epiphany, as can be seen from his comments in E:10-555, respecting Job 12:2, where he is typed as tell­ing the “lung-thinkers” in his own Epiphany group: “No doubt but ye are the people, and wisdom shall die with you.” With them, as with their soulmates of the past, they knew everything, they had all the answers to all the questions, with most of those answers partly wrong, or totally wrong. Therefore, we need “think it not strange” when those very same people now attempt the same technique with us. Clearly enough, they do not change their ways easily; that is why it will require the “great tribu­lation” to cleanse them--a thing devoutly to be desired.


It is gratifying to note that many of our readers continue in Brother Johnson’s counsel to study, practise and spread the Truth. As Brother Russell has so ably stated, “Only the studious find the narrow way to the Divine approval and acceptance.” (See Dec. 20 Manna comment) And, as he stated on other occasion, “Study that is not put into practise is worse than a waste of time.” It is a sad commentary that many with whom we have had contact this past year are “ever learning, but never able to come to a knowledge of the Truth.” And it is also equally sad that many such never lack for words--voluminous words--to contend for what they have not correctly learned or properly discerned. Once one has earnestly studied the Truth, and has made conscientious effort to practise it, the spread of it will then motivate him as it did the Prophet Jeremiah: “His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in in bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.”

Quite a few are availing themselves of the tracts we have provided--What is the Soul, Where are the Dead, The Resurrection and The Three Babylons – and are proceed­ing to an intelligent application and spread of the Truth with a zeal that is tempered with knowledge and the “spirit of a sound mind.” Such are spreading what they “have learned, and been assured of”; and the Letters of General Interest attest to a reason­able measure of success therein. This is “the day of small things,” so we need not expect to convert the world, nor find whereof to boast in that measured prosperity that is ours; but we have been told by unbiased minds that our tracts do have a cer­tain dignity and distinction that the booklets and small tracts of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other sects of Little and Big Babylon do not have. Therewith let us be content, doing nothing through strife and vainglory but in the ‘love of the Truth.’

We here do heartily reciprocate the excellent and manifold Holiday greetings and good wishes that have come to us; and our wish and prayer for one and all are that the Morning Resolve and the Vow may continue to find responsive receptance in a “good and honest heart.” And may all continue in the studies of the Parousia and Epiphany, even as Brother Johnson has exhorted. To all such we commend Psa. 40:4: “Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his truth, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.”

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



QUESTION: – Have you ever found out whether J. W. Krewson had a hand in the 27 com­putations on the Pyramid, etc., in the January 1947 Present Truth? The same question about Campers Consecrated, too – did J. W. Krewson give that Ad­vancing Truth (?) to R. G. Jolly along with John’s Beheading and Brother Russell’s Parallels?

ANSWER: – No, we know no more about J. W. Krewson’s part in either of thesc questions now than we ever did. It would seem that either, or both of the “cousins” (R. G. Jolly and J. W. Krewson) would be eager to claim the fame or avert the blame for these presentations; but so far the real cagerness on the part of both of them is the hope that your questions may lapse into the limbo of complete silence. When the attitude of these pseudo Pastors and Teachers on such important discussions is compared with what the real Pastors and Teachers (the Parousia and Epiphany Messen­gers) did under similar circumstances, then it is little wonder so much cause for criticism is readily apparent in both of them – in their teachings and in their con­duct. On one occasion Brother Russell had this to say regarding Matt. 22:13:

“Bind him hand and foot (i.e., restrain his influence by thoroughly answering his arguments), and cast him into outer darkness.” Certainly, all will agree that those 27 mythical computations and the Campers Consecrated contention are definitely “an argument,” and should be fully and thoroughly silenced, according to Brother Russell’s advice.

But the “cousins” not only follow the ‘avoid them’ policy with respect to us personally, but they do the same thing regarding simple questions regarding their teachings. To ‘avoid” (ignore) such is expedient for their prestige as self-appointed Pastors and Teachers. It would be a simple matter for either of them to claim or disclaim their part in “seeing” these respective items, if they themselves really believe what they teach. J. F. Rutherford was a “past” master in such ‘avoiding’ (Brother Johnson, personally, as well as his able refutations and attacks). So once more we propose the questions: Did J. W. Krewson have any part in the compilation of those “Pyramid Corroborations of Epiphany Date”, begin­ning on page 7 of the 1947 Present Truth? Also, is he or R. G. Jolly the ‘inventor’ of Campers Consecrated, or Quasi-elect Consecrated (whichever name they choose to use)?

It is not merely for the sake of contumelious phrase that we refer to these two ‘mis’-leaders as “cousins.” It is because of the close relationship in teach­ing and practise; and in due course, E.v., we shall offer some direct Scriptural support for our contention of this close relationship.



Our dear Brother Hoefle: - Grace and peace!

Thanks very much for your kind letter of Sept. 30; also the October paper deal­ing with “Some More Krewson Gazing” – and the “Philadelphia Convention.” We appreciate the masterly way you deal with these Matters; also the forthright spirit manifested by the way you refute the erronous teachings and wrong practises of R. G. Jolly and J. W. Krewson--both of whom are in Satan’s power, who is making use of them to con­fuse and hinder brethren from holding steadfastly to the Truth given by the dear Lord through His faithful Parousia and Epiphany Messengers.......

 Thus, like the Adversary, they are presenting increasing darkness as light. They are becoming so blind to the Truth, the Light, which is the direct cause of the stumbling into confusion, and one delusion after another (Jude 11,12,13). Oh how sad must be their real spiritual condition! How are the mighty fallen! See 2 Sam. 1:19, 25,27. The danger ahead of all such brethren using weapons of the Adversary is surely that they themselves will, like the weapons they have so often used since their going into darkness, perish everlastingly.

 How very timely is the Manna for October 11, both comments and Scripture refer­ences, not forgetting the Poem – all very helpful to meditate much upon by all desir­ous of being “clean vessels of the Lord.”

 In view of what I have written in this letter to you, my dear Brother, let us take great heed to the Apostle Peter’s words of exhortation given to us all in 2 Pet. 3:17. May we ourselves take heed to the Apostle Paul’s words as given us in 1 Cor. 15:58, then all will be well with us, as it will also be with all the dear brethren like-minded.

 May God’s rich blessings, love and peace, be with you both--also with the dear ones with you at Mount Dora and elsewhere. Sister ... and myself send you our fervent love and good wishes in the Lord. Faithfully your brother in His dear Name --------- England


My dearly beloved Brother and Sister Hoefle: – Loving greetings in Jesus’ Name!

Your good letter just came .... Thanks very much for your good wishes for us. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have been out in full force here, too. They certainly are zealous, even though they are way off and drifting farther. Perhaps the tract (Three Babylons) will help to open their eyes to the fact.

I am glad that you are going to attend the Chicago Convention. May it prove a great blessing to you first and to all there...... Surely R. G. Joily has very little mercy in his makeup, for all the opportunities he has had. He has been a poor student if he doesn’t know better .... otherwise he goes against his better knowledge and under-­standing to maintain his position...... May you be able to bless many by your presence there--even though, as usual, you must suffer many insults.

 May the dear Lord strengthen you both mightily, that they do you no harm but only bless you spiritually as well as physically. May the dear Lord do for the Saints present what He has done for me through your faithful service..... May he bless you both abundantly, is my prayer for you. By His Grace -------- Ohio


Dear Brother Hoefle – Loving greeting in our Lord’s precious Name!

 I am still on deck fighting the “good fight” of faith, and “fighting” is putting it mildly. Sometimes it seems almost a mad scramble to stay on top. The times now in which the world moves, I sometimes wonder how much longer anarchy will be held off. There are spots of it all over the world..... We get many opportunities to give the good news to others and to encourage them to study their Bibles so they may know of the grand Restitution blessings coming to them. Briefly, here is just one such case........

 More and more I am impressed with the Scripture (2 Tim. 1-7) “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.”

And we notice that power is mentioned first. And isn’t it the most powerful thing we know of? (Yes, the Truth and its Spirit give; the faithful Power over all their enemies--JJH) Who can pull it down or put it to flight? It closes every mouth and stands up against every attack of God’s enemies. We who are of the Truth have much to be thankful for and to be loyal to! You are proving its power.

Much Christian love to you and all there. By His Grace --------- Georgia