by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 77

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

Below we quote a letter from R. G. Jolly which reveals more of his Azazelian tactics (See Epiphany Vol. 10, p. 646, top), followed by our answer, with the prayer that our readers may be profited by contemplating the great straits of those in Azazel's clutches:

Philadelphia, Pa.

Sept. 16, 1961

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hoefle:

In Consideration Of The Following Facts:

(1) That you have been publicly setting forth many doctrines that are contrary to the‑teachings of the Scriptures as given by the Lord through His Laodicean angel, e.g., (a) your teaching (contrary to Rev. 20:2‑7; 1 Cor. 4:8; Z 5105, par. 5; 5692, par. 3; E Vol. 17, pp. 94‑96,99, par. 1, etc.) that "at Sept. 16, 1914 the entire 144,000 who would constitute the Body of Christ 'lived' for the first time and they (including those still in the flesh) also were then reigning in a limited sense," and that the Thousand‑year Reign of the Christ is not the same as the thousand years in which Satan is bound; (b) your teaching (contrary to Matt. 23:35; Luke 11:51; comp. 2 Chro. 24:20‑22; 1 Kg. 6:9, 14, 21,22; Zech. 4:9; Eph, 4:11‑13; E Vol. 10, pp. 142, 610, 665; E Vol. 6, p. 593, etc.) that Bro. Johnson, the final star‑member, was not the last member of the Little Flock to remain on earth; (c) your teaching (contrary to Lev. 16; Z 80, par. 5, 245, pars. 12, 15, 3709, 4602; E Vol. 6, p. 481, bottom, etc.) that "when the last Saint has left the earth, the linen garments of sacrifice will have been forever put away"; (d) your teaching (contrary to Rev. 19:5‑9; P '31, 156, col. 2 bottom; P 150, pp. 192,193 – "the voice from the throne" given through the Epiphany Messenger) that the heralding of the message of Rev. 19:5‑9 by the Truth section of the Great Company since Bro. Johnson's death on Oct. 22, 1950 is premature and that this heralding should not begin until after Babylon is destroyed in Armaged­don; and (e) your teaching (contrary to Lev. 12 as expounded for us by the Epiphany Messenger) that the Great Company's attestatorial offering was not due to begin in 1954, the end of the antitypical 80 days ("from October, 1954, onward" – E Vol. 4, p. 99), the first lapping beginning of the Basileia period – E Vol. 4, pp. 12, 51, 52, 104; E Vol. 5, p. 298; E Vol. 6, p. 454; E Vol. 10, p. 114; E Vol. 11, p.441; C, Appendix, p. 415 (against which attestatorial offering, the preaching of the mes­sage of Christ as Savior and King for the building up of the Epiphany Camp as dis­tinct from the Epiphany Court in its membership, you and your active assistants have been persistently fighting).

(2) That despite repeated refutations in The Present Truth magazine and else­where of your many errors of doctrine, such as the five just mentioned, and of your many errors of practice, and despite repeated expostulations against the evils of the course you have been following, you have continued persistently your "rejection of previously accepted Truth" and your "teaching of errors" (P '50, p. 93, top; '32, p. 151, top), and have been seeking to draw away disciples after yourselves (Acts 20:30).

(3) That you continue through your circular letters and otherwise to spread the above and other serious errors far and fide in the U.S.A. and also in other countries, in a widespread and continued sifting activity, errors by which you persistently con­tinue to oppose the teachings of the


Scriptures as expounded in the Parousia and Epiphany Truth writings, including The Present Truth and the Bible Standard magazine,

(4) That you persistently continue to oppose the heralding of the Rev. 19:5‑9 message from Oct. 22, 1950, onward and also the Great Company's attestatorial ser­vice from Oct. 1954, onward which work is outlined in The Present Truth magazine and participated in by the brethren active in the Laymen's Home Missionary Movement, (Note: There were many faithful Bible Students who opposed the errors in the Seventh Volume; even though the Society claimed That Servant was the author and those opposing these errors were 'sifters' and unfaithful – JJH)

(5) That Mr. Hoefle in his capacity as a representative of the L.H.M.M. was suspended on June 25, 1955, that he informed the Execu­tive Trustee on Aug. 8, 1955, that he could no longer serve under his supervision, that he was fully dismissed as a representative of the L.H.M.M. on Feb. 8, 1956, by the Executive Trustee, and that both of you were then disfellowshiped (comp. P '56, p. 33, top),

(6) That advice from Bro. Russell (e.g., Z 4469) and Bro. Johnson (e.g., P '49, p. 128; comp. P '50, pp. 92,93), showing that those who are disfellowshiped and who also are doing a sifting work are not welcome at our conventions, has been clearly stated in The Present Truth magazine (see P '58, p. 79), and

(7) That despite all the above you nevertheless have continued to come into our midst at the L.H.M.M. conventions and have solicited names and addresses and in other ways have sought to win disciples, including the newly interested, and with your assistants have even circulated your oppositional literature inside the build­ing at our convention‑room door.

NOW, THEREFORE, I consider it my duty in faithfulness to the Lord, the Truth and the brethren, as an undershepherd of the Lord's people and as Executive Trustee of the L.H.M.M., to notify you in no uncertain terms (emphasis ours) that you or any of your active assistants in your activities herein aforementioned are not welcome or desired at our conventions, until such time as you turn from your present wrong course and bring forth fruits meet for repentance, providing that time ever comes. If despite this notice you insist on coming to any of our conventions in the future, the privilege of attending our convention meetings (except closed business sessions) will be granted to you only if you come merely as hearers and sit in the rear of the meeting room, entering the room after the opening hymn has started, observing proper decorum during the meeting, and leaving either before or immediately after the close of the meeting.

                                                                        Sincerely yours

                                                                        (Signed) Raymond G. Jolly

                                                                        Executive Trustee


Mount Dora, Florida

October 16, 1961

To Raymond G. Jolly:

Your letter of September 16 contains a number of half truths; and, says Brother Johnson, "Half truths are more misleading than whole errors." This has been common practice with you over the past ten years – 'half truths' together with the many out­right falsehoods told against me and some of my associates, when it became expedient for you to do so. Nor does it surprise me, in view of what Brother Johnson himself has told us about you; namely, that you have a bad conscience, often resort to mis­representations, with a yen to be a grandstand show‑off. This description of you is to be found in Epiphany Vol. 10, p. 585. And on p. 591 of the same book Brother Johnson also tells us you are "loquacious, repetitious, a false‑accusing Epiphany crown­loser," given to "foolish effusions." Were you now the cleansed Levite you claim to be this record of your past sins would serve as a sober reminder to you of your besetting sins; and you would ever seek to avoid any recurrence of such. It should indeed sober you and make you humble – even as it would do any cleansed Levite who had once been thus so guilty before the Lord that it became necessary for His Mouth­piece to "make manifest his folly to all" the General Church. Inasmuch as your treatment of the Epiphany Messenger himself prompted him thus to reveal you to the General Church, it is not surprising that you should accord similar treatment to me –especially now when you no longer have the restraining hand of the Star Member – although it grieves me considerably that the years have produced just no improve­ment in your character. Nor does it give me any pleasure to be forced to remind you of your past sins! Also, in your many attempts to lean upon Brother Johnson in your letter at hand, it is no surprise at all that you are completely silent on the sections of his writings cited above from Epiphany Volume 10. Nor do you cite them to your readers – although I know you cite many such exposures of other uncleansed Epiphany Levite leaders recorded by Brother Johnson, when it suits your purpose to do so.

Furthermore, it occasions no surprise that you are silent about your "Consecrated Epiphany Campers" – the "strange fire" (false doctrine) which you imbibed from J. W. Krewson, and which has been so thoroughly refuted in many of my papers. This teaching ('gazing') is a very outstanding part of your so‑called "Attestatorial Service" to which you frequently refer; and is flatly contradicted by the same Epiphany Messenger upon whom you pretend to rely for your present activities. Was your silence in this matter just an 'oversight,' or is the Truth presented in my articles against your error and your perversion of Tentative Justification finally forcing you to silence? Your Convention speakers were conspiculously silent on the subject – although you had some "Consecrated (?) Campers" there for water baptism. We have it verbally and in writing from some of your more prominent leaders that they will have no part of your "strange fire" (Epiphany Campers Consecrated); and I wonder if the one who gave the Baptismal discourse at the Labor Day Convention is also afraid of it! If he is, we commend him for having such 'fear,' as it is a very dangerous thing to tamper with the Truth – to offer "strange fire" before the Lord.

The charges you have made against us in your letter are strongly reminiscent of what was once said about you when you were on the side of the Truth – when you were under the benevolent influence of Brother Johnson's leadership. Please see March 1, 1918 Watch Tower, Reprints 6222‑6223 and compare with what you are now doing toward us! He, too (That Evil Servant), resorted to 'carnal weapons' – using everything he dared to use to silence those who were upholding the Truth – just as you are doing to silence us now, That Evil Servant told the brethren to 'avoid' you, at a time when you were upholding the Truth, just as you are now telling the brethren to 'avoid' us because we are upholding the Truth. This you have done since 1955 – both in your publications, from the platform and privately ("whisperings" – even as you did under Brother Johnson).

That Evil Servant forbade them to read the Epiphany Truth because they might be able to discern his errors; and you are forbidding your adherents to read the Epiphany Truth exposures presented in my papers against your errors for 'fear' that the Truth might enlighten them! J. F. Rutherford constantly warned his followers to 'avoid' you – even as you now warn your adherents to 'avoid' us. But at that time you didn't 'avoid' them; you approached them, because you had the Truth at that time – much the same as we approach our brethren today. Why do you preach 'avoid' us now? Is it because we have the Truth, and the Truth is tearing down your 'house'? "Wise men lay up knowledge: but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction." (Prov. 10:14)

And it is a sad spectacle, very sad indeed, to see you now walking in the "counsel of the ungodly" (in the footsteps of That Evil Servant) – which you have been doing since the restraining hand of the last Star Member was removed from you in 1950, at which time you were fully abandoned to Azazel. Are you now so befuddled by Azazel that the good work you once did is completely forgotten – that you no longer even understand that which you once stood for? Now, it seems, your only recourse against us is the 'strong arm' tactics of the Adversary ('carnal weapons'), – just as was done toward Brother Johnson in the Society in 1917! As for me and my house, we want none of such; we rely upon the Truth and its Spirit: "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds." (2 Cor. 10:.4) So whatever devious methods you concoct against us, we are assured that the 'Lord will be with the good' – that His Truth will be sufficient, as "He taketh the wise in their own craftiness." The Truth and its Spirit would 'constrain' you from the things you are doing, if you had it. I realize that you are largely under the influence of Azazel – otherwise you could not do the things that you do.

It seems that you don't know from one time to the next how to treat the brethren – ­whether disfellowshiped or otherwise – although That Wise and Faithful Servant has given us clear instructions regarding our attitude toward those who do not agree with us. This was plainly manifest in your treatment of Sister Wells at this last Labor Day Convention. Here was an instance where you could have shown 'large­ness' of heart, if such had been your condition. It would have been only common courtesy, the civility of the ordinary man never schooled in decorum of a seminary as you have been, had you offered your hand in sympathy to the widow of Brother Wells; but instead you berated her before all present. You yourself were the recipient of many favors, professional gratuities and wholesome warm hospitality from Brother Wells; so the least you could have done would be to show his widow kindness and courtesy – and sympathy, if you had any in your heart.

But it is not too surprising that you could treat her in the manner you did, when you could withhold needed help ('dire' need) from another widow back even before you were fully abandoned to Azazel (although your conduct at the time clearly revealed that Azazel was directing you) – an "aged Youthful Worthy widow who was both sick and penniless." (See‑Deut. 26:12) Bro. Johnson says in Epiphany Vol. 10, pp. 585‑586: "R. G. Jolly again was J.'s main opponent before the church on the subject. Actually the sister by a combination of starving and cancer died; and the hospital blamed the ecclesia to J.'s face therefor." But your power‑grasping is ineffective, even with your own house, as could be noted from the cordiality extended Sister Wells by Pilgrim Gavin and your own son, et al. Is that what incited you and caused your bitter words against Sister Wells? For shame, that you should sink so low! Pilgrim Gavin, your own son, and others are to be commended for the common decency they displayed in this instance – however much they may deviate later from such right conduct because of your unscriptural and unholy instructions to them. And your power‑grasping is so ineffec­tive that you must now once again reverse yourself. When the Krewsons were disfellow­shiped in 1954, you definitely had the brethren stipulate that they should be privileged to attend your meetings so long as they occupied back seats and did not participate. You did not stipulate that they were to come after the meeting had started and leave before it closed – although you must know both Brother Russell and Brother Johnson taught that habitual late arrivals and early departures are a mark of disorderly conduct. Can it be you are once more resorting to Azazelian cunning (See. Vol. 10, p. 646) purposely to stigmatize us?

In your Item 7 you disparage the circulation of literature at your "convention-­room door"; but you fail to mention that we were clearly outside the space for which you were paying rent. How does that compare with your own conduct a few years after Brother Johnson's death, when you organized a crew of your trusting followers to dis­tribute your own literature at a Dawn Convention in Northern Ohio? At that time you attempted to do this right on the private property they had rented; and you and your meek yes-men were ordered from the premises because you were violating the Dawn's legal rights – none of which we did in the instance you now castigate.

Yes, I am learning from multiplied experiences that "a double­minded man is unstable in all his ways." (Jas. 1:8) "Yet a double mind is in all of them (the Great Company), as James assures us – See E:15‑519 (bottom) and 520 (top).

                                                Sincerely, (Signed) John J. Hoefle

P.S. At various times over the past you have regaled your trusting supporters with tales of your prowess to impress them with the courageous efforts you've made in witnessing Truth. One such had to do with a certain minister you encountered in the colporteur work, who scolded you soundly, with the threat he would expose you and your errors from his pulpit the following Sunday. That Sunday morning you walked boldly into the Church front door, down the middle isle – head up, shoulders back, chest out, bravely and courageously (quite a contrast to your present cringing and cowardly attitude toward us) – and seated yourself in the pew third from front (didn't occupy the backseat – yet you knew the minister did not want you there!). Apparently your courage, the determined set of your jaw and that steely glint in your eye, so intimi­dated the man that he did not as much as mention you or the "error" you were distrib­uting. Now, won't you please tell that episode just once more at this Chicago Conven­tion? It would harmonize so beautifully with what you have written me in the letter I am answering. (JJH)


As a complement to the above, we quote from E:15‑520‑521: "Al­ways they (the Great Company) either set aside in revolutionism more or less of the teachings of the Bible and more or less of the arrange­ments that God has given for His work (Note: Replacing such arrange­ments with some sensational methods of their own – JJH), or they partisanly support others who become guilty as leaders or ledlings of these two forms of rebellion. Whenever a company of them form a group, they become parti­san sectarians; and their leaders always grasp for power and lord it over God's heritage (1 Pet. 5:2), becoming guilty of love for money, influence, honor from men and leader­ship.... under Satanic manipulation they lead their followers into increas­ing errors and Satan‑given wrong arrangements for the Lord's work. These revolution­isms arousing the opposition of the faithful, controversies set in, wherein to de­fend themselves against the Scriptural truths that the faithful bring against their errors, to maintain a semblance of consistency in their errors, they give up one truth after another; and their sectarian crown‑lost followers (as well as their sectarian Youthful Worthy adherents – JJR) partisanly support their leaders in these controversies, and thus with them lose more and more of the Lord's truths and arrange­ments, though they together with the newly adopted errors (such as Epiphany Campers Consecrated, etc. – JJH) hold to those former held truths and arrangements not in­volved in these repudiations. With all of this they increasingly lose part of their ability to discern between truth and error. This shows a deterioration in the bad part of their intellects and their intellects' contents, while it still shows that their intellects still retain some of their former ability to see and to retain some truth – double‑mindedness in their intellects in varying degrees.

"As their heads deteriorate, so do their hearts deteriorate. The very fact that their heads deteriorate is preceded with some deterioration of their hearts, and in turn is followed by further worsening of the heart. Their errors of head certainly partially undermine their faith, sear more or less their consciences and put a cloud between them and the Lord, curtailing their spirit of prayer and a lively sense of His favor, fellowship and approval. Moreover, they make them more or less BITTERLY partisan against the faithful for their opposing their wrong course."


In this September‑October 1961 Present Truth, pages 72‑78, R. G. Jolly offers his elaboration on "A Syllabus of Errors Examined," the same presumably being an answer to J. W. Krewson – although he fails to state his name, as did Brother Russell and Brother Johnson with such people. At the outset, may our readers clearly under­stand we are not attempting a eulogy for J. W. Krewson – nor do we countenance his gross errors; rather, we know his claims for himself and the many errors and per­versions he foists upon the Lord's people are decidedly at variance with the faith­ful Scriptural teachings of the last two Star Members, even as we ourselves have previously pointed out in our publications. Our main purpose here is to direct attention to one errorist attempting to refute another's errors with subtle sophisti­cation and errors of his own (one errorist, R.G.Jolly, vs. his cousin, J.W.Krewson).

We begin with p. 76, col. 1, "The Epiphany or Apokalypse," wherein he speaks of his "loyalty" to Brother Russell and Brother Johnson And their "Scripturally‑proven teachings" on this subject. While he makes a blanket reference to E:4‑45/49, why does he not quote No. 43 on p. 45? Can it be that even his most ardent adherents might awaken to some of his own sophistry? As our readers know, we made an exhaus­tive analysis of this subject in our September 1, 1959 paper, in which we stated the Epiphany and Apokalypse are as inseparable as sunshine and daylight. "Epiphany" means "bright shining"; and "Apokalypse" means "revelation." As the sun produces the daylight, so the daylight produces the revelation; it is impossible to have one without the other. Even though one may have his back to the sun, the daylight convinces him that the sun is shining.

Several places in Epiphany Vol. 4, pages 7 through 72, Brother Johnson teaches that the Epiphany and the Time of Trouble are identical (see especially p. 53, par. 51). In this citation Brother Johnson says the "Time of Trouble in the narrow sense" is from 1914 until the end of anarchy and of Jacob's trouble. R. G. Jolly now contends that the Epiphany "in its restricted sense" ended in 1954, at which time he instituted his so‑called Attestatorial Service. Why doesn't he use the word "narrow," as Brother Johnson does? Webster's dictionary says "restricted" and "narrow" mean the same thing. But R. G. Jolly avoids the use of the word "narrow." Can it be because he is afraid of it? We have often propounded to him the premise: If the Epiphany and the Time of Trouble are "identical" (as Brother Johnson correctly teaches they are), then, if the Epiphany ended in a "restricted" sense in 1954, must the same not be true of the Time of Trouble? R. G. Jolly has repeatedly refused to meet this question because his perversions and foolishness might become too apparent. We shall now supplement our contention with the following from E:4‑45, par. 43:

"Parousia is used in respect to the earliest stage.... of the second advent, while apokalypsis relates to the same advent later: – not that apokalypsis and epiphaneia relate to another or third advent, but merely to a later feature (not features, since these two words both as an act and as a period are synonymous.... thus the epiphaneia or apokalypsis, in the sense here used as acts, stretched over a period of time, which is the Epiphany (p. 47, top).... His open manifest­a­tion to the world, His epiphaneia, His Apoka­lypsis."

It needs no elaboration that Brother Johnson taught (and we agree fully with him) that the Time of Trouble in its narrow sense (from 1914 to the end of Anarchy and Jacob's Trouble), the Epiphany and/or Apokalypsis are identical. Therefore, if the Epiphany ended in its "restricted" or narrow sense in 1954, not only the Time of Trouble, but the Apokalypsis also must have a similar ending in 1954. This is so elemental we should not have to point it out at all! Would the merest babe in the Truth believe the apokalypse (the uncovering, or revelation) ended in the minutest degree in 1954? Certainly all of us know that, instead of ending (even in a "restricted sense") in 1954, the revealing has been greatly accentuated since 1954 in its uncovering of per­sons, principles and things since that date – as the bright shining also has increased. So here we have "The Cousins," one of them (R. G. Jolly) telling us the apokalypse ended in a "restricted" sense in 1954; while the other one (J. W. Krewson) tells us it just began there at that time. Brother Russell and Brother Johnson clearly dispute the both of them in their Scripturally‑proven teachings; and we leave each one to deter­mine which of these he shall believe. It is certainly apropos to quote here Brother Johnson's own words concerning those who would distort his teachings on the Epiphaneia and apokalypsis (E: 4‑70,bottom):

"Azazel means Averter, Perverter, and is Satan (1 Cor. 5:5) in his capacity of using the Great Company to avert and pervert the Lord's Truth and arrangements."

Then, on p. 72, col. 1, par. 2, R. G. Jolly offers another statement of truth, which we have often stressed in our papers: "Bro. Johnson for good reason never gave an appointment as a teacher for the Lord's people in general" to J. W. Krewson. No, indeed, he didn't! But setting aside that arrangement by the Epiphany Messenger didn't bother R. G. Jolly at all so long as J. W. Krewson was lauding him with his counterfeit "Bro. Russell's Epiphany Parallels." Therefore, when he now wants to present "Mrs. Russell's Epiphany Parallels," with his "cousin" as the focal character, we observe this is simply some more of his nonsense. If J. W. Krewson is the parallel of Mrs. Russell, is R. G. Jolly contending that he himself is the parallel of That Servant? Certainly, the two cannot be separated!

But, what was her deflection? In E:5‑123/125 Brother Johnson says she led the Truth section of the Reformism Sifting in 1901‑1904. "Some Truth people, led by the wife of That Servant, advocated certain reforms," etc. And in E:9‑404 (46) Brother Johnson says that, while faithful, she had been "exceptionally used" of the Lord. Let R. G. Jolly show such "exceptional use" of J. W. Krewson by the Lord; in fact, he is now vehemently denying such status to his "cousin," who now makes such bom­bastic claims for himself in connection with R. G. Jolly. And what "reforms" did J. W. Krewson advocate in the Lord's arrangements from 1951 to 1954? Manifestly nothing except what R. G. Jolly himself condoned and encouraged. But we do have the clear evidence that R. G. Jolly himself attempted many reforms during that time, some of which we itemize:

(1) He elevated J. W. Krewson to the status of Auxiliary Pilgrim and Pilgrim – ­contrary to Brother Johnson's judgment before his death.

(2) He changed the name of the Herald of the Epiphany to the Bible Standard.

(3) Publishes a Present Truth every two months, with some occasionally almost three months apart.

(4) Attempted to set aside the Manna texts for Convention testimony meetings, replacing them with his own selected texts (although he abandoned that revolutionism after our denunciation).

(5) Greatly encouraged Combinationism.

(6) Attempted to use methods of Big Babylon in his work.

(7) Attempted to supplant antitypical Gideon's Second Battle literature with his Flying Saucer tract – declaring as "timeworn and threadbare" such tracts as Where are the Dead, What Is the Soul, etc. He now denies this; but Richard Blaine and another Chicago lad took a tape recording of his words, so it should be no problem to determine if he or we are the prevaricator. Will he attempt to set this record straight?

Nor should any of the above surprise us, in view of Brother Johnson's summation in E:15‑520,521 (see our quotation on p. 5 of this article): "Always they (the Great Company) either set aside in revolutionism more or less of the teachings of the Bible (as, for example, his perversion on the 1954 Epiphany‑Apokalypse teaching – JJH) and more or less of the arrangements that God has given for His work...... they give up one truth after another (as R. G. Jolly has done on Tentative Justifica­tion – JJH)..... With all this they increasingly lose part of their ability to discern between truth and error..... As their heads deteriorate, so do their hearts deteriorate (revealing a bad conscience, tendency to falsify and misrepresent, and to show off – JJH)..... making them more or less bitterly partisan against the faithful for opposing their wrong course (as R. G. Jolly has manifested toward us for opposing his sins of teaching and practise – JJH)."

We expect to offer more on this Present Truth in future writings, because there are many more perversions and errors R. G. Jolly has presented in his refutations of his "Cousin's" errors that should be pointed out (the Truth would have been all­-sufficient for the purpose had R. G. Jolly had the Truth is he once did). But for now we offer to all who have "ears to hear" the words of wisdom in Prov. 28:13: "He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy."

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Gentlemen: – Please send me The Resurrection of the Dead and The Three Babylons tracts.

Thank you! --------- Havana, Kansas


Dear Brother Hoefle:

Grace and Peace in His dear Name! I received the tracts. Thank you! I was in such a hurry to get the tracts and my letter posted I didn't put my contribution in my letter for the Lord's service. I am very sorry..... sometimes I have to wait a whole week before I can get my mail posted. Your last paper No. 73 was very good. I sometimes wonder why others can't see – unless they are asleep or bewildered.

I believe the Lord is using you to defend the Truth, which you do so well. May the dear Lord bless and keep and encourage you in this work! ....

Sincerely in the Lord's Service. --------- Conn.


Dearest People in the Truth:

Grace and Peace in His Name! Thank you for your promptness in changing my address – and also for your good letter. It made me very happy. I have received your papers very promptly – also for June, July. Again Thank you – also for the wonderful work and explanations in your papers.

With much Christian love to you, your staff and wife.

God bless you all! Sister --------- Ohio



I was given a copy of your pamphlet "The Resurrection of the Dead." Will you please send me a copy of this – Also the three you offer to send free on request: What is the Soul, Where are the Dead and The Three Babylons. What is your church called?

M. G. ---------- Peru


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and Peace in our Lord's Name!

I was very happy to get your dear letter a few days ago. Have delayed writing because of the storm the country has just had...... The Lord has always been so good and it makes me feel so minute in His presence. It caused me to go over again all the wonderful care He has given me. Of course, since 19l4 we have known nothing but war and trouble, but nothing of that sort has bothered me, as we know these things must come.

Enclosed is a small donation to the Lord's work.

The Jehovah's Witnesses have had a big convention here...... I am enclosing some clippings, even though they are old now. But you can see how they are with their work (efficient) – if not their teaching.

Please give my Christian love to all the friends there, reserving for yourself a portion.

                                                Christian love. --------- Texas