by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 78

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

Once more we review a year just past, and examine and anticipate a year future; and, as in times past, we consider now the world’s financial condition. Many of our readers have perhaps already observed that the new Administration in Washington is reverting again to the wastrel policy of spending our way into prosperity, so that the anticipated deficit for this fiscal year will be somewhere around ten bil­lion dollars. One financial expert, with whom we have been intimately and exten­sively associated over the past thirty years, recently circulated a brochure with the caption, “IN GROWING DEBT WE TRUST”; and this same writer included in another paper this observation: “In the United States we are being forced to live specu­latively whether we like it or not... In the U.S. the federal budget has been bal­anced only six times in thirty years...... and the ever-increasing supply of cur­rency (printed paper that passes as money), bank deposits and Government bonds is gradually eroding the value of the dollar... This means that savings, in the form of cash, bank deposits or bonds will gradually lose their purchasing power through the erosion of the dollar... Thus, the individual, in order to protect his assets is forced to live speculatively and like it... requiring ever–increasing attention and vigilance.”

To substantiate the foregoing, we instance the case of silver. Throughout the Ages this precious metal has been used almost exclusively for monetary purposes in various coins minted by governments, and in adornment of the dinner table and the persons of human beings. Still used extensively for these purposes, it has now found almost a hundred different uses in various commercial activities, so that the free world has been using over a hundred million ounces more silver per year than all the operating mines produce. At the beginning of 1961 the U.S. Treasury stock of free silver bullion was 123½ million ounces; and at the time this article is being written (November 27) that reserve had shrunk to about 35 million ounces, with expert prognosticators predicting the complete disappearance of all of it within a matter of weeks. It would be folly to hazard a guess as to what will happen then, as politicians are totally unpredictable, and never take any action until a crisis is forced upon them. The 1¾ billion ounces of silver that are now in reserve against silver certificates circulating in the United States in the form of $1, $5 and $10 bills are carried on the Government records at $1.29 per ounce, as against the 9l¢ price now prevailing; and it would require special legislation to dispose of it at a loss. Suffice to say that this matter will very shortly erupt into the faces of a surprised and completely uninformed public, and the resultant repercus­sion will be something to behold.

To clarify for our readers the foregoing comments, we now give just same of the extensive commercial demands for the use of silver: About thirty million ounces are used annually in the United States alone in the photographic industry; 25 million ounces for brazing; 19 million ounces for electric contacts; greatly increased usage in batteries, jet aircraft, helicopters, electronic equipment, guided missiles, torpedoes, portable  television cameras, and atomic submarines (about seven million ounces in each such submarine, if we are reliably informed). In addition, the tremendous increase in the use of vending machines of all sorts demands a corresponding increase in the number of silver coins in circulation, so that almost 46 million ounces of silver were used for coinage alone in the United States in 1960. The Free­-World use of silver in 1937 was 153 million ounces; whereas, in 1960 it was 319 million ounces; and, from present figures available, it will be even greater in 1961. We have gone into this detail on the silver situation because the general public knows just nothing about it; and we believe it will prove helpful to our readers to know something of the turbulent undercurrents now at work in the financial structure, As one international publication of restricted clientele puts it, “The times may be setting themselves for A STARTLING STAGE.” Thus, the approaching debacle appears – though perhaps dimly – to some of the more astute members of the present social order! “All faces shall gather blackness.” (Joel 2:6)


Coming now to consideration of certain subjects among Truth people, we consider first the CHICAGO CONVENTION OCTOBER 27-29, 1961. During his opening address the Convention Chairman emphasized the statement twice over that “The Laymen’s Home Mis­sionary Movement is now the Lord’s Mouthpiece on earth.” Here is a person schooled in the sober teachings of Brother Russell and Brother Johnson; and it really seems unbelievable that he could go so far astray from the Truth in the short time since Brother Johnson’s death. Papacy never made a more bombastic claim for itself in the heyday of its power.

It should be here well noted that his contention is a positive approval of J. W. Krewson’s erroneous contention that the L.H.M.M. is a religious body. Self-evidently, the Lord’s Mouthpiece must be a vital living organism (just as was true of every one of the Gospel-Age Star Members); so that the L.H.M.M. must be a religious body if it is now the Lord’s Mouthpiece. And we heard the Chairman’s contention from the Convention platform supporting J. W. Krewson’s contentions –­ clearly disputing the prolonged and determined refutations by R. G. Jolly against J. W. Krewson on this very subject in a number of Present Truths. Here we have two uncleansed Levites in the same bed directly contradicting each other; and each one claiming he speaks “advancing Truth”! As Brother Johnson has so aptly put it: When these people fall into Azazel’s clutches, they talk all sorts of nonsense; and here we have just one more of the multitudinous examples of such during the past ten years. Note, too, that R. G. Jolly made no attempt to correct this nonsense; and in this also he follows once more in the footsteps of That Evil Servant, who failed to correct corrupt and erring brethren so long as they approved of him.

In that same talk the Chairman offered quite a tirade against the “sifters in our midst.” We can well understand why these “sifters” (?) are not welcome in his meetings, when he attempts to feed his audience such revolting revolutionism. The contention he made about a conglomerate organization that is used only as a business front to the world is in itself a gross sifting error, and can only be equaled by the foolish contentions of J. W. Krewson that “he is now the Lord’s Mouthpiece on earth.” And this is the same Pilgrim who advocated the idea back in 1951 that Brother Johnson was then directing the work of the L.H.M.M. from beyond the veil (a companion to the contention of J. W. Krewson, that he is finishing the work of Brother Johnson – and is able to do it in a manner superior to what Brother Johnson did) – the same drivel that J. F. Rutherford and Company put forth respecting Brother Russell after his death. They, too, circulated the proposal that the Society was the “Channel – the Lord’s Mouthpiece on earth.” Those of us who witnessed that hocus-pocus back there are thoroughly forewarned and forearmed against such nonsense by crown-­losers – especially those of us who have “continued in what we have learned and been assured of.” R. G. Jolly’s claim that he is the Lord’s Mouthpiece because Brother Johnson identified him by a Scriptural type (although Brother Johnson distinctly and clearly pointed out that no human being could select the Lord’s Mouthpiece before­hand or later – although the Faithful could discern who is being used by the Lord by the Truth – His Word), J. W. Krewson’s claims for himself, and the others mentioned above, strongly smack of spiritism and are of Satanic origin for the purpose of deceiving the Lord’s people.

On Saturday morning of that same Convention R. G. Jolly gave the Baptismal talk; and some of his statements made perfect companion for those described above. As an instance, he offered some profuse volume of words about some scientists who produced the egg of an ordinary barnyard hen – same size, same shape, even to including the vitalizing male sperm. They then put a mark on that egg, put it in with eleven others under a sitting hen. The egg was so identical to the other eggs that even the pro­ducers could distinguish it from the others only by the identifying mark they had placed upon it. But the hen had faculties superior to those learned scientists, be­cause the next morning that one phony egg was lying outside the nest; she would not be fooled by the artifice.

That story is an ideal companion to the Mother-Goose rhyme about the cow jump­ing over the moon. Any eight-year-old farmer boy would recognize it for just what it is – a pure myth, and a poor one at that. Hens will sit on porcelain eggs, and some have been known to continue so long on such eggs that they eventually died. It’s also common practice among farmers to hatch ducks or turkeys under chicken hens, which eggs are not only much larger than chicken eggs but also require four weeks to hatch, as against three weeks required – for chickens. A chicken is among the most stupid of fowls. When farmers want to ridicule another’s mentality, they often use the expression, “He hasn’t any more sense than a chicken!” Yes, When these people fall into the hands of Azazel they do talk all sorts of nonsense (“foolish effusions” see E:10–591); and it seems it’s not enough for R. G. Jolly just to talk nonsense on biblical topics – he’s now including the most elemental mundane items also to demon­strate his nonsense. Nor is it clear either what bearing this mythical fabrication could possibly have on Baptism, which was scheduled to be his discourse at the time.

In keeping with the foregoing, he stressed once more the type in Leviticus 12, showing how the Little Flock developing truths had been purged of all error in the forty-year Parousia Day, ending in 1914, and the Great Company developing truths had been purged of all error in the eighty-year period ending in 1954. And the pur­ifying of the Little Flock and Great Company developing truths by 1954 proves what to R. G. Jolly? Why, that proves conclusively – TO HIM – that there could be no more entrants into the Youthful Worthy group after that! Of course, the Youthful Worthies are not mentioned in that type – not even the slightest hint about them; but that doesn’t bother R. G. Jolly – he can see it even if it isn’t there, although he can no longer see many fundamental truths he once clearly saw, such as Tentative Justification, etc. (and the abandonment process – although he probably never fully understood that, as he was not cleansed when he had opportunity to receive it). Again – all sorts of nonsense!

In the Question Meeting on Sunday morning a number of questions were offered – ­by brethren unknown to us. Some of them were so pertinent that R. G. Jolly was forced to admit that “some parts of the 1954 parallel did not materialize”; but those parts he chooses to use did develop. Why? Because he chooses to have it that way! He has not the slightest physical proof for any of his contentions – not even “the signs of the times” give him the least scintilla of support for his con­tentions. None of the parallel developed in 1954. That suggested parallel was based upon (1) Brother Johnson remaining on earth until 1956 (a 40-year parallel to the death of Brother Russell); (2) the world in Armageddon at least by 1954; (3) the world in Anarchy by 1956 – with all new creatures in present truth by that time.  Just none of these things developed as expected. Consequently, there is no Scripture to support a parallel that did not exist.

Another question had to do with his Epiphany Campers Consecrated and the Jonadabs – shouldn’t they combine or at least cooperate, since they are similar classes. Here again, there was his usual “profusion of words,” in which he spoke of the Jonadabs as a religious class – without emphasis on anything he had to say about them. Of course, Brother Johnson labeled this Jonadab teaching as “strange fire” (false doctrine) – ­just as we have done with his Campers Consecrated. He spoke of them (the Jonadabs) as a “non-existent class” (see April 1939 P.T., p. 60, col. 2); and we say the same about his Campers Consecrated. They are also a non-existent class, with no support whatever for them to be found in the Scriptures or in any of the Epiphany Messenger’s writings; the same being a pure invention of the Jolly-Krewson twosome. Thus, these two non-existent classes are already combined by nebulous nonsense – a Combinationism of a weird and novel sort.

There in Chicago – as he also did at Philadelphia over Labor Day – he made the statement (seemingly to justify his gross revolutionism on Tentative Justification and to placate his Campers Consecrated) that “Abraham had never even heard of Christ.” It would be most interesting to have him harmonize that remark with John 8:56, where our Lord Himself tells us, “Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.” In fact, so many of his comments and answers at Chicago were so askew that one brother remarked to us that R. G. Jolly talked like one in a drunken stupor. We know, of course, that he is spiritually drunken – a much worse affliction than physical alcoholic drunkenness. As Brother Johnson said of That Evil Servant, “he reels to and fro”; and each Truth blow against R. G. Jolly makes only more apparent “his folly before all.”

Clearly enough, a number of the questions submitted showed that some of his adherents are beginning to think; the questions were so pointed that R. G. Jolly was hard put in his jugglery of some of them. With those that were just too warm for him to handle he quickly indulged in his usual profuse loquacity with irrelevant tales about his family, etc., or other remarks having nothing whatever to do with the subject matter, so that the question itself would be measurably forgotten in his “profusion of words to no profit” (2 Tim. 2:14).

And in all of these bombastic claims and revolutionisms note carefully that we have an identical “twin” to those who have gone similarly astray in times past. The Papacy claims to be the successor to St. Peter and to defend and follow his teachings, all the while they have perverted almost everything he taught, as the Roman Church has also counterfeited almost every fundamental feature of God’s plan as revealed in the Bible. Likewise That Evil Servant claimed to be the “channel” after Brother Russell’s death, but began immediately to pervert essential features of Parousia Truth, among the first of which was his vitiation of Tentative Justifi­cation. And now R. G. Jolly claims also to be supporting and defending Parousia and Epiphany Truth, while in those very same papers he grossly revolutionizes against one truth after another, including especially Tentative Justification, as expounded by Brother Russell and Brother Johnson. And, while we are at it, we may as well include J. W. Krewson, who claims to sit in the “seat of (antitypical) Moses,” as he also perverts the truth on the Epiphany-Apokalypse, while setting aside the clear teaching of St. Paul that the Man of Sin would be destroyed in and by the Epiphany (2 Thes. 2:8) – a fact now also disputed by R. G. Jolly in his claim that we are in the Basileia. “He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.”


The urge toward Combinationism is gaining great momentum, both in Big and Little Babylon; and in this R. G. Jolly will not have himself denied a place in the great parade. Let us first of all refresh ourselves with Brother Johnson’s definition of this plague (E:9–405–47): “The lying doctrine, that it makes no difference what one believes, if only he is sincere.” Self-evidently, this is the most painless and sleep-producing of all the Harvest sifting errors. It has been well stated that the average man is as lazy as he can afford to be; and this is many times more pronounced of mental laziness than of physical stupor.

If it makes no difference what our belief may be, then self-evidently there is no necessity for study. Note the sharp contradiction of this delusion by Brother Russell in the December 20 Manna comment: “Only the studious find the narrow way to the Divine approval and acceptance.” At this last Philadelphia Convention one of R. G. Jolly’s rabid partisan supporters stated several times that it doesn’t matter so much what we believe, because we are all heading in the same direction. A prominent clergyman made similar recommendation in a radio broadcast when he insisted that more Christians must get into politics, yet not be contaminated by the spirit of the world. But how to accomplish this impossible position he did not elucidate.

The type for this sifting plague is found in Numbers 25, where it is stated that 24,000 Israelites perished in the type. This was the most severe of all their wilderness plagues, the next nearest having slain only 15,000 of them. And it is working the same way in the antitype. On all sides people are succumb­ing to it; and this is now gaining momentum among the sects of Little Babylon, including some in the L.H.M.M. But the Fully Faithful may find their consolation in Psa. 125:3 – “The sceptre of lawlessness shall not remain over the allotment of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto perversity.” (Rotherham)

Brother Johnson was very emphatic in his denunciation of Combinationism, and he designated the Dawn Movement specifically as probably the worst offender among the Little Babylon groups. On page 190 of the December 1934 Present Truth, col. 1, he has this to say about them: “That this Dawn movement is an Azazelian one is further evident from the fact that one of its main points of emphasis is Combina­tionism.” In another place he stated there is a movement afoot among certain Truth Levites to “get together on the fundamentals... and ignore all other differences... Such a platform is not suitable to the Epiphany.” We continue in this faithful Epiphany teaching on Combinationism, and earnestly exhort all who have received these instructions in a ‘good and honest heart’ to avoid and resist the onslaughts of this third “slaughter-weapon” man (Ezek. 9:1-7) that is now so aggressively “defiling the house, and filling the courts with the slain.”

And be it clearly noted that none of the Combinationists want to combine with those who are fully faithful to the Epiphany Truth. R. G. Jolly keeps himself quite busy warning one and all not to read our papers. This is just the reverse of our attitude toward him; we offer no objection to any who wish to read his papers. Nor do we advise against the reading of J. W. Krewson’s papers for those who have the time and the inclination to do so. One brother asked us in September if he should refuse to receive J. W. Krewson’s papers. Our answer was that if he is not reading the papers, then it would be common courtesy to advise him not to send any more. However, we are not urging any one who wishes to read his papers to refrain from so doing; nor do we advise any to continue to read and directly or indirectly encourage him in his erroneous course, if they reject his errors. The “Cousins” maintain just the reverse position toward us. Others – including especially the Jehovah’s witnesses – hold the same view toward our tracts and papers; although we hear no such complaints about reading other literature. Summarizing the position of all these individuals and groups, it is plainly this: Read anything you want to read, just so long as it isn’t the Truth!

In facing the New Year we heartily encourage all our readers to consider the typical admonition by David to Solomon, with the antitypical implications, and to resolve to accept it for their own during 1962: “Be strong therefore, and show thyself a man.” (I Kgs. 2:2); “And keep the charge of the Lord thy God, to walk in His ways, to keep His statutes, and His commandments, and His judgments, and His testimonies... that thou mayest prosper in all that thou doest.”

As all of us know, the Good Epiphany Solomon (Brother Johnson) did indeed adhere unswervingly to the context of this charge to him by the Parousia David (Brother Russell) to his earthly and eternal spiritual prosperity. As Brother Johnson re­marked to us on occasion (and we assume he may have done so to others of our read­ers), “Brother Russell would not do that; and I wouldn’t do anything that he wouldn’t do!” Thus, he steadfastly set his face to continue in the footsteps of his spiritual father; and for this we hold him in loving memory. May the same be said of each of us, that thus we may all finish our course with joy.

It is with much appreciation and thanks that we reciprocate the encouraging and manifold Holiday greetings and good wishes that have come to us now and throughout 1961. To one and all do we heartily respond, “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, be you settled, unmoved, abounding in the work of the Lord at all times, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” – 1 Cor. 15:58

Sincerely your brother, John J.  Hoefle, Pilgrim



Trinidad, BWI –  Nov.  12,  1961

Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in our dear Redeemer!

Last Sunday 5th inst. we celebrated the memorial of the passing beyond the veil of the two Laodicean Messengers. I spoke on Brother Johnson. Owing to the turn conditions have taken, I consider my term of silence to preserve the unity of the Class (so long as no fundamental principle was involved) has come to an end.

In supporting the Epiphany Messenger’s teachings to mark the occasion, your paper of November 1 (Samuel and Saul article) was of immense help. I stressed that it is not a question of date, but rather of who is on the side of antitypical Sam­uel or on the side of antitypical Saul.

The same day I got your paper that same day I got a letter from one of the local brethren which proved that a secret ministry is going on in favor of Campers Consecrated. So you see with me it was a question of “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve” – antitypical Saul or antitypical Samuel.

Not wanting Brother Jolly to be under any misapprehension of my standing, the last time I wrote him he said in reply to my letter that I should not agitate. I do not like that term... but have decided to reply as shown on page 2.

In one of your papers you asked if he is still winning Youthful worthies. In April, when I sent up my AP report, I asked him that since 1954 is the date for Rev. 22:11, are we wrong in trying to win the unjust, the filthy, the unclean and those Great Company who have not yet come into the Truth. He says, No, why? So you see the only ones barred since 1956 are Youthful Worthies. I need not tell you that I stressed that last Sunday, that just as Saul was ordered to slay all the Amalekites, he slew some and kept some,

Another question asked was if all, including Brother Blaine, failed to make mention of Campers Consecrated. I answered, I included him also. However, I did not mention your name...

It would seem then that as the “wind” of 1 Kings 19:12 was the deadline to Little Flockship, so the Earthquake or Armageddon may be the deadline for Youthful Worthyship.

With warm Christian love to Sister Hoefle, the other brethren and you, I remain in His service and by His Grace, Brother ---------

PS In replying, I am drawing Brother Jolly’s attention to a letter he wrote me in October 1950, in which he said that Brother Johnson came to his con­clusions on parallels and not Scriptures. (2) That 1956 must be set aside as the end of the lapping of the Epiphany into the Basileia. He referred me to Epiphany Volume 4, p. 51 (49). 1 am now telling him that I accepted those things prior to 1956, but now I am acting on Epiphany Vol. 4, p. 53 (51), which seems to be in harmony with Epiphany Vol. 17, p. 243, par. 2.

As regards Campers Consecrated, I cannot harmonize that teaching with Epiphany Vol. 17, p. 37 top, and Z 5164, par. 4, etc., etc.


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Greetings in our dear Redeemers’ Name!

Please send me the following tracts: “Where are the Dead,” “What is the Soul,” “The Resurrection of the Dead” and “The Three Babylons.”

I generally read the special messages you send the first day I receive them. Will you publish any other timely tracts? Please give my Christian love to Sister Hoefle and keep some for yourself.

Brother --------- Pennsylvania

PS I put out more tracts in the cold weather than in the summer. People stay in and read more. Keep up the good work you are engaged in. I hope you receive more calls for literature from what I and others are doing – with some appreciative readers sending in contributions. If I were richer I would help financially.


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace through our beloved Master’

Sister --------- and myself want to again express our thanks to you, and to say how much we enjoyed your Pilgrim visit with us on the 4th of September. We cer­tainly did feel that we received a rich blessing from you on your discourse on Psalms 1. It was so nice of you to call on us and the other dear friends..... we deeply appreciated it. It was good to meet you again and all the dear ones. I am sure that regardless of the heat, and the short notice we had, we all rejoiced and thank our Heavenly Father for the rich blessing we all received. Enclosed, dear Brother, is a check for ---- Accept as a token of our deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness in sending us your writings in defense of Parousia and Epiphany Truths. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you as you are willing to spend and be spent in the interest of the Lord’s people. Sister joins me in wishing for you and Sister Hoefle the Lord’s blessings.

With warmest Christian love, Bro. & Sr. --------- New Jersey


Dear Sir: – I just received the Herald of the Epiphany, and I will be delighted to read it. Thank you very much! Will you please send me free ­What is the Soul, Where are the Dead, and The Three Babylons tracts. You see, my Dad just died on the 9th of the month, and I sure would be glad to receive this literature. Thanks ahead of time, and Sincerely yours --------- Mass


Epiphany Bible Students Ass’n

Dear Friends: – I request that you send me all additional free copies – also The Resurrection of the Dead, The Three Babylons and What is the Soul. I did enjoy reading the copies you sent to us. Thank you very much!       Mr. & Mrs. --------- Springfield, Mass.