by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 93

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

On page 8 of our January paper we proposed that Fred E. Blaine meet with us on the same platform in Trinidad for a question-and-answer debate on Campers Consecrated and related subjects. This was before we had any intimation whatever that he was already scheduled to be there February 9 to 17. In our proposal we agreed to pay our own expenses, and his, too, if necessary – although his plans to be there would make the latter part unnecessary. However, as might be expected from a big, brave “pilgrim” (by R. G. Jolly's appointment), who has the “courage” to revile us as a “proven sifter” in the columns of The Present Truth – while he himself remains at a safe distance away from us – we have had nothing but silence from Fred E. Blaine. Therefore, we set out below some of the questions we had planned to ask him in Trinidad, questions which we have scrupulously designed to be without “guile or hypocrisy”; and we offer them now openly in the hope they will commend themselves to all our readers in that same manner;

(1)  In E-7:138, in E-10:XXIV, and in E-11:495, Brother Johnson teaches that no Levite is ever permitted to teach a new doctrine to the Lord's people – that any attempt by them to do so makes them guilty of “gazing” and offering “strange fire.” Do you believe this teaching by the Epiphany Messenger? If you do, why, then, have you accepted and teach the new doctrine of Campers Conse­crated as presented by R. G. Jolly?

(2)     In E-11:591 Brother Johnson gives this: “There is a threefold set of antitypes of the tabernacle type: (1) The Gospel-Age antitype, (2) the Epiphany antitype and (3) the Millennial-Age antitype. only one of these three antitypes operates at a time, i.e., only one of them can be visible as working at any one time, and the other two are kept out of sight at such a time.”

Do you believe this teaching by the Epiphany Messenger? If so, which taber­nacle is operating now, and how does your Campers Consecrated fit into it?

(3)     In E-10:672 Brother Johnson offers this: “Youthful Worthy brethren, and new ones not yet consecrated, are to be won for the Truth, some of whom will be won before Babylon is destroyed and others of them afterward.” Do you believe this teaching by the Epiphany Messenger? If so, why did you stop trying lo win Youthful Worthy brethren, when Babylon is not yet destroyed?

(4)        In E-10:209 Brother Johnson presents this: “The Epiphany Camp in the finished picture is the condition of truly repentant and believing, but not consecrated Jews and Gentiles.” Do you believe this teaching by the Epiphany Messenger? If so, why are you now trying to place consecrated people in the Camp, contrary to that teaching?

(5)        You say in your letter published in the Nov-Dec. Present Truth, p. 95, that Campers Consecrated is based upon the teachings of Brother Russell and Brother Johnson. Please show where either of them taught that Tentative Justi­fication ever has been – or ever will be – represented in the Camp, as you now teach it with respect to your Campers Consecrated.

            6)         R. G. Jolly teaches that the half Tribe of Manasseh west of Jordan types his Campers Consecrated. Please show where Brother Johnson ever taught that.

            (7)        In 1962 Present Truth, p. 79, col. 2, bottom, R. G. Jolly says, “MANY are affiliated with the L.H.M.M. who are not consecrated.” What classification do you give those people? And where do you place them about your present tabernacle with relation to your Campers Consecrated?

(8)        Brother Russell teaches that no one can make an acceptable consecration without first washing at the laver. Do you believe this teaching by the Parousia Messenger? if you do, then please explain how your Campers Consecrated can make their consecration acceptable in the Camp, where there is no laver.

(9)        In E-6:199 Brother Johnson states: “One's journey from the Camp to the Gate cannot at any stage represent a real faith in Christ as Savior, inasmuch as the Court curtain represents things connected with faith–the outside of it a 'wall of unbelief' in Christ's righteousness to those outside, the inside of it a 'wall of faith' in Christ's righteousness to those inside.”

Do you believe this teaching by the Epiphany Messenger? If so, how do you fit your Campers Consecrat­ed into this picture, who are outside the linen curtain?

(10)      In E-9:19, bottom, Brother Johnson has this: “The advancing Truth does not set aside the Truth formerly received, as some deceivers teach.” Do you believe this teaching by the Epiphany Messenger? If you do, then please explain why you now set aside the Truth you formerly held on the curtain as set out in Question No. 9–why you now teach tentative justification in the Camp when both the last star members denied such teaching – why you now teach acceptable con­secration without a Laver when you once believed otherwise?

(11)      In E-10:114 we find this by Brother Johnson: “1954 is the date that the last member of the Great Company will get his enlightenment that will bring him into the Truth by Passover, 1956; after 1954 no youthful Worthies will be won; and after 1954 no more persons will enter the tentatively-justified state. Hence the exhortation (Rev. 22:11): 'He that is unjust (the tentatively justified who are not actually justified, not just), let him be unjust still (remain tentatively justified, and not consecrate); and he that is filthy (the impenitent sinners, who in no sense are clean–those outside the Camp – JJH), let him be filthy still (remain in his then condition); and he that is righteous (Levites of the Great Company and Youthful Worthies, who, being in the Court, are righteous), let him be righteous still; and he that is holy (Priests are holy, since they are in the Holy), let him be holy still.' Certainly when we come to the time that no more consecrations are possible for Gospel-Age purposes, it would be useless to exhort the tentatively justified to consecrate and sinners to repent, for the tentatively justified and sinners could arise no higher from their standings before God under such a condition; hence only at such a time could the first and second exhortations of v. 11 be given, but, of course, the exhortation for the Great Company, Youthful Worthies and Priests to remain faithful will remain appropriate as long as they are in the earth.”

Do you believe any part of this teaching by the Epiphany Messenger? If so, please point out which part of it you believe, and how it justifies your present teaching respecting Campers Consecrated.

In running away from an open hearing on their “strange fire” of Campers Conse­crated, Fred Blaine is simply revealing he is of like character to his leader, R. G. jolly, who meets the question the same way. In 1957 he had agreed in writing to make a special trip to Crofts Hill, Jamaica for a verbal question and Answer meeting. But that was before he knew we were going to be there, a fact he did not learn until he saw us on the same plane with him Jamaica-bound, Then he declared from the plat­form he would not entertain any questions from us or Sister Hoefle; but he carried on a “profusion of words” for four solid hours – from about 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. After such an exhaustive ordeal we did not wish to burden the weary brethren with further prolonged talk from us, so we used only about fifteen minutes. But in that short time we asked R. G. Jolly if he would then entertain questions from us on our own time, which he refused. We then asked if he had any questions he wished to ask us, to which he shouted, “I don't want to talk to you at all!” Then, the Detroit Ecclesia invited R. G. Jolly specifically to have an open discussion with us there on Campers Consecrated and other subjects; but he ran away from that invitation, too.

Did R. G. Jolly or Fred Blaine ever run away from the “gainsayers,” when they were fortified with the real Epiphany Truth under our Beloved Brother Johnson? But now, because of their many perversions, they are experiencing that chastening the Lord promised such in Lev. 26:14-17: “If you will not hearken unto me.... despise my statutes (by of f ering 'strange fire' such as Campers Consecrated, and the likeJJH) ....... shall flee when none pursueth.” Indeed, if these two–and others of their kind–had even a smattering of self-respect, they would be so ashamed that they would never again look another congregation of the Lord's people in the face.


Hollow men, like horses hot at hand,

Make gallant show and promise of their mettle;

But, when they would endure the bloody spur,

They fall their crests, and, like deceitful jades,

Sink in the trial.

Clearly enough, the precious promise of the Lord in Luke 21:15 (Dia.) is no longer theirs: “I will give you eloquence and wisdom, which all your opponents will not be able to gainsay, or resist.”

All this is in decided contrast to the attitude of the beloved Epiphany Messenger early in the Epiphany, at which time – so far as we know – he was ever ready to meet the loud and profuse Levite leaders at every opportunity–a situation which must be very clear in R. G. Jolly's memory, because he was there himself and was witness to it. It is also in decided contrast to the clear instruction of St. Paul in Acts 20:28-30 to the elders (leaders) at Ephesus: “Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock .... grievous wolves shall enter in among you.” But the “cleansed” Levites of our day regard only the first part of this admonition, “take heed unto YOURSELVES”; and allow the flock to face the “grievous wolves” as best they can. From the Convention platform in Philadelphia next Labor Day – if past precedent is any criterion – we shall hear loud and profuse words from R. G. jolly about “the sifters in our midst” (where he's sure he'll be safe, with no one to answer); and we'll probably hear from Fred Blaine about his “pilgrim” trip to the tropics and his 'very interesting and refreshing stay in Trinidad' – where he also will be safe. But in all this it is hardly likely that either of them will quote our Lord's words, “The Good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.”


Complement to the foregoing, we take notice of R. G. Jolly's comments on page 9, col. 2, last par., of this Jan-Feb. PT, where he is profuse in his praise of ''many, measurably faithful brethren ... with the Jehovah's Witnesses, who are serving the Lord.” We suggest our readers read his commendations carefully about these people who are bending every energy to build up ''Little Babylon”; then compare it with Brother Johnson's own analysis of this same situation in E-13:744 – “Their respective attitude toward Great and Little Babylon, which are to be annihilated, was that they who would treat them as they treated God's true people would be favored by God; and that they who would dash the sects of Little Babylon against the doctrines of the Truth would be favored by God.”

Our Three Babylons tract was designed for the very purpose of carrying out the Epiphany Messenger's counsels on this matter, and in attempting to follow the foot­steps of St. Paul, as he himself describes his course in Acts 20:17-38: “Ye know from the first day that I came into Asia, after what manner I have been with you at all seasons, Serving the Lord with all humility of mind...and how I kept back nothing. that was profitable unto You .... and have taught you publicly, and from house to house.... neither count I my life dear unto myself.... For I have not shunned to declare unto YOU all the counsel of God.... I have coveted no man's silver, or gold, or apparel. Yea, ye yourselves know, that these hands have ministered unto my neces­sities, and to them that were with me.” This has also been our own attitude over the years.

Further, at the bottom of page 9, there is this statement by R, G. Jolly: “Hany are brought to the Lord and to a better knowledge of the Truth at the hands of brethren in other groups, both in Little Babylon and in Big Babylon” (specifically does he name here the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Little Catholic Church, which is akin to giving the same praise to the Roman Catholic Church in Big Babylon). To a “better knowledge” of what Truth? jer. 51:9 states, “We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed”; and St. John tells us in Rev. 18:23: “The light of a candle (the sancti­fying Truth) shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee .... for by thy sorceries (that 'better knowledge of the Truth' now praised by R. G. Jolly) were all nations deceived.” All of us blessed with Parousia and Epiphany Truth know that the two Messengers said that even the heathen would be worse off than they now are should they imbibe the spirit and erroneous teachings of Big Babylon; and our Lord Himself said the same of their counterparts in His day: ''make the proselyte twofold more the child of Hell (Gehenna – type of the second death) than yourselves,” (Matt. 23:15). But now, Behold! The “cleansed” Levite sees these things in a much clearer and more favorable light than did Jesus and the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers! “Let him that thinketh he stand@ take heed lest he fall.”


The decision in this litigation has gone against J. W. Krewson, which does not surprise us. Whether he will be “properly exercised” remains to be seen; but the altercation has forced at least one improvement in R. G. Jolly: He has not hesitated to name clearly J. W. Krewson as the one whom he is discussing. Aside from this, it will be recalled we mentioned our own patent-law experience some forty years ago, at which time copyrights were issued by Washington for a fee of $1. We have no way of knowing what arguments were advanced by opposing counsel in this case; but we do know that patent law is a very complicated and exclusive profession–a law unto itself-­so that the ordinary civil or criminal lawyer knows almost nothing about it. When J. W. Krewson thought he was making a 'coup' by registering the L.H.M.M. name in Pennsylvania, he was simply deceiving himself; because the federal law is very clear that authors have just as much protection for their work without copyrights as they do with them, so long as their product has gone through interstate commerce. Therefore, the only good that results from a copyright is that it eliminates the necessity of proving the interstate-commerce action. Therefore, J. W. Krewson's registry of the name was an action to accomplish nothing. Our Government has established some rigid rules to discourage thievery among the writing and publishing section of our fellow­countrymen.

On the other hand, “The Present Truth” is not invention by R. G. Jolly or by Brother Johnson, having been at public disposal for the past nineteen centuries as it appears in 2 Pet. 1:12 – “Ye Know and are established in the Present Truth.” (See Contents block on page 2 of The Present Truth) In such cases the courts are very liberal in their interpretations; and we believe it probable the judge would not have ruled against J. W. Krewson had his address been elsewhere than in Pennsyl­vania, and not right on the front doorstep of R. G. Jolly. As an illustration, some twenty years ago the Coca-Cola Company brought suit against the Pepsi-Cola Company for infringement of name. The case eventually went to the Supreme Court of the United States, which tribunal ruled against Coca Cola, saying there was not enough similarity to mislead any one in ordering one drink when he had intended to have the other. The general rule seems to be to 'wink' at plagiarism so long as it causes no injury to the one bringing the complaint – much the same as in criminal law, where the rule is, Without injury, there can be no crime. Thus, R. G. Jolly was required –and was able to prove to the Court's satisfaction – that he was suffering injury by the course of J. W. Krewson. Inasmuch as Appeals Courts usually do not permit further evidence, but rule only on points of law, it would seem J. W. Krewson is due for another defeat in his appeal.

While we have offered this detail for the interest and enlightenment of our readers, let us keep in mind that the fight is not ours; ours is “the good fight,” and none other, And for this good fight “God hath not given us the spirit of fear (to run away when “grievous wolves” attempt to ravage the flock), but of (will) power, and of (agape) love, and of a sound mind.” And with this comes our prayer that this may ever be the blessed portion of all our readers.

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dearly beloved Brother Hoefle – Greetings in our Lord's service!

All your letters and papers received. With respect to that gentleman. I sent Bro. ------- to pay him a visit. He has shown some interest....

Enclosed are two letters I would like you to publish (see belowJJH).

Though tired, I must say this, Bro. Jolly would never allow Bro. Blaine to meet you..... Warm love to both of you and the others of the Household in your locality. In His service, L. F. Roach (P.S. – Bro.------- is the man I rescued out of the possession of evil spirits in 1941. That's why reference is made. – L.F.R.)

Dear Brother Roach:

I have been receiving pamphlets by Bro. Hoefle, and he mentioned his trip to Trinidad. I am the daughter of Brother ------- of Jamaica, and I am wondering if you knew him, as he was a very active worker in the Movement.

I have a picture taken when Bro. Russell was in Jamaica. You may be in it. My father came to America several times. He died here in 1924. There is too much controversy among the people who are carrying on the work Bro. Russell started. You seem to be a target right now. Hope you can withstand the pressure being waged against you. Would like to hear from you. I left Jamaica in 1901, and through my father's influence met with those of 'like precious faith' – got your address from Bro. Hoefle. Sincerely ------- (Enclosed addressed envelope for answer)


Answer from Brother Roach to above Letter

Dearly beloved Sr -------

Greetings in our dear Redeemer! I received a letter from you on the 8th of January 1963, which has emotionally touched me; but, as you know, after you have made a consecration which is accepted, you no longer exercise a will of your own. After having under the Epiphany Messenger (Bro. Johnson) constructed that part of L.H.M.M. in Trinidad (he died in 1950), naturally I got associated with Bro. Jolly, a Levite. I learned much from The Epiphany Messenger in many places in his writings, some of which I quote from Epiphany Vol. 7, p. 138 –”Gershonism”: “Nor are the Levites to seek to discover 'new light' and spread it before the Church, as this would be attempting to go into the Holy, from which they have been excluded, and would result in their offering “strange fire.” Now I have been asked to cooperate with a Levite to spread the false doctrine of “Campers Consecrated” before the Church. Whom do you think I should obey? Acts 5:29. Well, my dear Sister, that and that alone is the cause of all the trouble. Everything else emanates from that. Yes, I am Bro. Jolly's target today, but I Am learning a lot from it, for from the many letters I am getting from various countries I can more clearly see what is meant by “Love – Making a difference” – Jude 21:231 Whereas before I would get such letters as yours from those whom I knew personally, today it is not so.

You know if you are walking in a way one has already walked, and that person tells you what you are going to meet, and you are meeting it, you feel certain that you are on the right way (John 16:2). Certainly, if our Lord had fraternized with the Scribes and Pharisees, they would not have put Him out of their synagogue. My dear Sister, are not the experiences of today giving positive evidence our Captain is in our midst? Surely!

Now as concerning your father, I did not know him. You see Jamaica was blessed with the Reaping Work before Trinidad. The reaping reached Trinidad in 1912, and I was among the first ones to be then blessed. Having chucked away sectarianism then, you think I will please any man to pick it up again? Keep on reading Brother Hoefle's papers and you will get the latest. 1 Thes. 5:21

Brother Johnson once told me when a forecast and the fulfillment turn out differ­ent to expectations that you should re-adjust your understanding to suit the facts. You must be hearing the term “clericalist” being hurled at me. Why? Because I refused to associate with the false doctrine, “Campers Consecrated.” And (2) to memorialize with uncleansed Levites (see Epiphany Vol. 11, page 208). I was charged and condemned by an illegally constituted Court of Elders (see “What Pastor said” on p. 233, Question 1910, middle on; also Epiphany Vol. One – “God,” page 138, par. 1) on the instruction of the Controller of L.H.M.M. for the alleged offenses stated above. The Class knew nothing about it and (2) I was not summoned to attend the trial. I ignored the Court and its unjust decision when I was informed. Result: Division in Trinidad. (This proves very clearly who the real 'clericalists' are in this Trinidad divisionJJH)!

With true Christian love to you, my dear Sister. I abide with you in our dear Redeemer. – L. F. Roach (TRINIDAD)

Our beloved Brother Hoefle: Jas. 1-17 – Greetings through our dear Redeemer!

Received your dear card for which I thank you. It is a long time since I last wrote. This is due to having lost some questions which I noted as they came to mind; and also by doing some overtime work for school – ­and also searching around for a comfortable place to buy ....

Can you please send us the name and address of that Sister in Texas whose letter is the first to appear on your Dec. 1, 1962 paper? .....Enclosed is a tract printed by Pilgrim Tract Society .... Do you think it worthwhile attacking?.......

I do not believe that R. G. Jolly ever read Epiphany Vol. 11, page 208. If he did, and understood what he read, he and his colleagues could not be charging Bro. Roach with keeping a separate Memorial. The Lord is giving us ample proof of Bro. Roach's standing in the Household of Faith. The Lord knoweth them that are His.

What an amount of shameful, barefaced lies R. G. Jolly tells about his presence and actions on the night of the Memorial. How can he face those followers of his here who know (that he does not fear God in this his last chance as a new creature), that they are assisting him with lies to clear himself, Surely the Epiphany is the time of manifesting persons, principles and things! Maybe R. G. jolly knows that his followers are the ones who are to give him eternal life, and not Jehovah – so he has to make straight his way in their sight, or estimation, and set the Lord aside without remorse of conscience.

I have not yet got the picture of the group. I hope to have it as soon as I can. I have already asked someone to do so. Please give our warmest Christian greetings to Sr. Dunnagan and Sr. Wells and the dear brethren, especially those who in distant countries bear up Bro. Roach in their prayers. To you both Heb. 13:20,21.

Your sister through Him ------- (TRINIDAD)



Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace be multiplied!

We were pleased to have your letter.... and also your card. We are enclosing a flash photo taken by our son in our old home.... where memories of our dear Brother Johnson still linger.

It would be grand to meet you, and we know that there are few in numbers in Britain scattered about – yet, you understand, as did Brother Johnson and also Bro. Russell in the early days, numbers are not great. We with you realize the Lord was with us in the fight. “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon” in the two stands taken. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit,” for the battle is the Lord's. As Brother Johnson says in E. Vol. 5, p. 201, God has impressed this lesson by limit­ing the privilege of engaging in the battle to a very small number, compared with the number of their adversaries. Thus, there could be no doubt that the victory was of the Lord. His glory, the Lord will not give to another. Isa. 48:11; Isa. 42:8 God decided that the test should be the attitude of each individual toward the Truth. J Judges 7:4-7; E. Vol. 5, p. 203, p. 206; E. Vol. 4, p. 449 (51). One's consecration is shown by our love for Him and His written word – a desire to be obedient and a desire to grow in His favour, and a delight in meditation, study and practise. Sr.–-joins me in Christian love to you and all the dear ones with you. The Lord's blessing be upon you all. Numbers 6:24-26. Your brother by His Grace ------- (ENGLAND) P.S. Our love to the faithful in Jamaica and Trinidad –


 Dear Brother Hoefle:

May the dear Lord abundantly bless you and keep you is my earnest prayer. I do ask Him to guide you in the work you are doing, and that it may all redound to His honor and glory and praise.

I have attended the combination Class here a few times. They bend over back­ward to avoid controversy, and so leave many questions half answered – saying we can't hope to see eye to eye. How are they ever going to get the Truth? They study Vol. 5 and Vol. 1, and of course get most things straight. But when some one gets it wrong he is only half corrected. With Christian love ------- (CALIFORNIA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Greetings of Christian love!

I would be glad to have Brother –- call on me if he is ever in this vicinity..... I received a nice letter from Sister ------- I am glad she doesn't believe in Campers Consecrated; also, I hear from Sister ------- now and then. We used to attend the same class in El Sereno, California. Sister ------- also lived here for awhile ....

I hope this finds you both well, and I wish for you and the brethren in your vicinity a good New Year in the Lord.

With Christian love and prayers ------- (CALIFORNIA)



The Memorial is Saturday, April 6, after 6:00 p.m., this year. Therefore, in harmony with Brother Johnson's Arrangements for the Epiphany, we are suggesting that the friends participate in antitypical Gideon's Second Battle beginning March 24 through April 21, for our Special Effort. Our tracts, Where are the Dead, What is the Soul, and Resurrection are specially designed for this work. We shall be happy to supply these tracts free of all cost to all the brethren who desire to participate with us in this “good fight.” Also, the Three Babylons tract is specially prepared for witness work against the groups in Little Babylon.