by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 92

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

 Those of us who still believe that Brother Johnson was the Epiphany Messenger and the Epiphany Solomon must then also confess, if we hold this belief in sincerity and in Truth, that he clearly defined the Epiphany as an act and as a period of time, and also gave us distinct description of persons and things that would become mani­fest during that time. In 2 Chro. 7:11 we are told that “Solomon finished the house of the Lord, and the king’s house: and all that came into Solomon’s heart to make in the house of the Lord, and in his own house, he prosperously affected.” Building “the house of the Lord” for Epiphany purposes means precisely designating the various classes of God’s people and assigning them the work they should do. Thus, he clearly defined the Little Flock, the Great Company, the Youthful Worthies and the quasi-elect; but in none of this did he ever make mention of a Class of Consecrated Epiphany Campers; therefore, we are forced to the conclusion, either that the Epiphany Messenger did not “finish the House of the Lord,” or that those who now attempt to add to it are foisting a false doctrine upon God’s trusting people.


In many Present Truths and in Epiphany Volume 4, pp. 7-73 offer considerable elaboration, with Scriptural proof, that the Epiphany and Apocalypses and the Time of Trouble from 1914 to the end of Jacob’s Trouble are  all one and the same thing as an act and as a period of time. We begin by quoting E:4-14 (7):

‘‘We understand that the epiphaneia, in the first sense of the word (bright shining, manifesting principles, persons and things), has the same primary meaning as the word apokalypsis (revelation) primarily has. This is evident, we understand, because they do the same thing: the epiphaneia, as an action, reveals persons, principles and things, as they are. Thus the Lord now epiphanizes or apokalypsizes Jehovah, Himself, the Church, the Great Company, the Truth, the hidden things of darkness, the counsels of hearts–in a word, brings all pertinent persons, principles and things to bright light in their real character, in so far as this is necessary at the present stage of God’? plan.”

Following with E:4-21 (14): “In the sense of the second period of our Lord’s Second Advent the Epiphany is limited to the time between the Parousia and the Basileia. It is used to designate the period of the great tribulation, the time of Trouble. (So far as Brother Johnson’s teaching is concerned, this is then a settled fact; nothing whatever said about a “narrow” or “restricted” period once the Time of Trouble began. From any and every viewpoint, the Epiphany from 1914 to the end of Jacob’s Trouble is identical with the Time of Trouble–the only difference being the words used to designate the twoJJH) Remembering that the epiphaneia and the apokalypsis are one and the same time and that this period is for the benefit of the world and the Great Company, i.e., that the Lord Jesus in this period manifests His presence to them in their interest–we can readily see that the Scriptures teach that the Epiphany, as a period of time, is the Time of Trouble.” This is also reiterated more emphatically in E:4-55,56 (53 and 54).

Then in E:4-59, bottom: ‘‘Hence we see that Col. 3:4, compared with other scriptures teaches that the Epiphany and its work are progressive, having in the War their small beginnings, in the Revolution their growth and development, and reaching at the end of Anarchy and Jacob’s Trouble their grand climax, so far as the world is concerned. This climax (end of Anarchy and Jacob’s TroubleJJH) is so overshadowingly important that our Pastor placed by far the most emphasis upon it when treating of the Epiphany work, though he did not leave unnoticed the earlier features of the Epiphany and its work toward the world and to­ward the Great Company.”

Be it distinctly noted that both Star Members placed by far the greater emphasis on those features of the Epiphany still future; whereas, R. G. Jolly now has the Epiphany ended and lapping into the Basileia before those features have even begun, with J. W. Krewson eliminating them completely. And let each determine for himself which of these leaders he will accept here.

Following with E:4-45 (43) Brother Johnson quotes, with his own full approval, from Brother Russell’s our Lord’s Return: “Parousia is used in respect of the earliest stage of the Second Advent, while apokalypsis relates to the same Advent later: – not that Apokalypsis and Epiphaneia relate to another or a third advent, but merely to a later feature (not features, since these two words both as an act and as a period are synonymous).”

In his paper No. 47, P. 167, J. W. Krewson offers the “sleight-of-hand” that Epiphany-Apokalypse mean the same as an act, but not as a period. In view of the clear statement above quoted, such a statement by J. W. Krewson can be nothing more than hypocritical jugglery.

“The Epiphany is the last special period of the Gospel Age” (see E:4-65, par. 63); and “by the time it is completed the whole Church will be with the Lord.... Accordingly, the words epiphaneia and apokalypsis, in the sense of an action, and in the sense of a period, are synonymous.” (E:4-15) We have clearly defined Epi­phany and Apokalypse “in our No. 34 of May 1, 1958, showing clearly there the respect in which these words differ in definition, and the bearing this difference has on our present study.

The foregoing quotations certainly can leave not the slightest doubt that both the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers regarded Epiphany, Apokalypse and Time of Trouble (since 1914) as so closely interwoven and related that they cannot be separated as one period of time. Therefore, any one attempting to teach that those two believed otherwise is simply perpetrating gross fraud upon God’s people. If those who now con­tend that both Messengers were wrong can produce Scripture and logic to prove their point, that is still another matter; but let them first do this, or forever hold their peace, We are among the first who are ready to admit that Brother Russell and Bro. Johnson both made mistakes – they were not infallible –, some of which they themselves corrected in due course. Others of their mistakes were corrected by those who followed after; but we are also most emphatic in our contention that we want more than just mere opinion or sophistry to back up such contentions. Even if the teaching on the Epiphany-Apokalypse period were not fully substantiated by Scripture (being only ­the opinion of the two last Star Members), we would certainly rely on their opinion, until time or events had disproved it, rather than the opinions of the two “cousins.” But this faithful teaching is fully corroborated by Scripture.

Now follows more from page 34 of Vol. 4: ‘‘We know that it is by the Great Tribula­tion that the Lord will manifest Himself as present as their Deliverer to the Great Company and to the world.... Hence the Time of Trouble and the Epiphany are one and the same period. But the Time of Trouble began with the World War.... Therefore, ever since 1914 we have been in the Epiphany.” A simple question is in order here: Has the World or thi Great Company recognized Jesus as present as their Deliverer? Surely, no one among us is foolish enough to contend that the World has made such recognition; and we know, too, that only a very small segment of the Great Company – as such, – so recognizes Him. Of all the sects in Big and Little Babylon, the leader of the L.H.M.M. is the only one – so far as we know – who openly admits he is a crown­loser. Therefore, the Epiphany has not even passingly accomplished its purpose toward the World; and only very, very moderately in so far as the Great Company is concerned. And similar comparison applies to the Time of Trouble. The second, third and fourth phases (the fourth being Jacob’s Trouble and actually the extreme finale of the third phase) have not yet even appeared. Therefore, the Epiphany has also failed in its purpose a third time if the Jolly-Krewson twosome are correct in their present conten­tions.

If their present contentions are correct, the Epiphany has failed in a fourth particular; namely, the fulfillment of 2 Thes. 2:8, where we are told that our Lord Jesus ‘‘will annihilate the Man of Sin by the epiphaneia of His Parousia.” This Scrip­ture J. W. Krewson has ignored completely, although we have used it on numerous occasions; and only recently has R. G. Jolly made a lame attempt to fit it into his Epiphany overlapping picture. But he has had to do this by the flimsy argument that we are now in the ‘overlapping’ of the Epiphany-Basileia. And he is crass enough to claim this ‘overlapping’ is a parallel to the Parousia-Epiphany overlapping, which was a period of twenty-five months in 1914-1916. But his ‘overlapping’ has now been going on for almost nine years! Quite a “parallel,” isn’t it? Before he is through, he may find his ‘overlapping’ is almost as long as his Epiphany period proper. It is certain there is yet no end of his ‘overlapping’ in sight; and his partisan supporters should be jubilant indeed as they view what stares them in the face.

There is another point to be considered here: When Brother Russell explained the Gospel-Age antitype of the Moses Tabernacle, he defined very clearly the Most Holy, Holy, Court, Camp, and beyond the Camp. When Brother Johnson offered his Epiphany antitype, he also did the same for that Tabernacle. When we place the Apokalypsis and loverlapping” Basileia “Pastors & Teachers” beside the real Pastors and Teachers of our time, it is truly a spectacle to behold. Up to now, with almost nine years’ time, neither of them has offered clear presentation of their respective Tabernacles. WHY? We answer, It is because their Tabernacles are just as much out of joint as are their contentions that the Epiphany is a thing of the past. Both of them now have a ‘vacant house’ in their Holy; and their Camp is bedlam of admixture, with their Consecrated Campers, those expelled from the Court when losing their Tenta­tive Justification there also, with neither of them courageous enough to declare if Nominal Christendom is also still there. Yes, the Lord is “sending such an energy of delusion to their believing this falsehood.” (2 Thes. 2:11, Dia.)

Another consideration impinges greatly against the present Epiphany teachings of the’ “cousins” is this: (E:11-100 (29)

“If we keep in mind the antitypical setting of the Scripture which we are studying, from the time of Moses’ and Aaron’s arrival in Egypt onward to Israel’s departure from Egypt, as referring to conditions during the first and second stages of our Lord’s Second Advent (the Parousia and Epiphany–JiB.), we will see that this part of the type refers not only to the Parousia, but also to the Epiphany.” In the few pages following the above Brother Johnson proceeds to explain how the liberation of certain sections of age-end Levites, and the work they would accomplish, would also be an Epiphany work. None of that has yet occurred; so we ask again, Who is right – the Epiphany Messenger or the ‘cousins’?

In October 1921 P.T.) p.150, under the caption, The Duration of the Epiphany, Brother Johnson makes this statement:

‘‘We can see that the Epiphany in its widest sense will continue for awhile after the Great Company, who precede the Ancient Worthies in the resurrection, will leave the earth. If, as seems probable, there will be the same length of time for the Epiphany to lap into the Basileia (which time has clearly proven to be an incorrect expectation–JJH), we should expect that the Basileia, the Kingdom, would require about two years and one month for its recognition by the Gentiles.... It will thus be seen that on some phases of this subject we cannot as yet speak with positive assurance, On this subject ‘we know in part’ only.... It would be wiser to say nothing at all on the subject to those who do not accept the Parousia Truth, and very little to others not in the Epiphany Truth,” (But the “cousins” don’t agree with such wisdom: R. G. Jolly felt it necessary to inform the world in his D-Y-K tract that the last Saint was gone! And similar unwisdom can be said of J. W. Krewson–JJH)

From the foregoing, it should be clear enough that had Brother Johnson lived through 1956 he would have recognized the fallacy of his expectations for that time, and would have told the Church about it–just as Brother Russell did about 1915, when those expectations failed to materialize. And it would seem R. G. Jolly should yet retain enough of the ‘spirit of understanding’ to do the same thing now, instead of tenaciously clinging to that cluster of error handed to him by J. W. Krewson on Consecrated Campers. The reason Brother Russell retained his contentions about 1914 was because the ‘signs of the times’ (the outbreak of the War exactly on time) con­firmed his date, even though some of his expectations were wrong. However, with the dates 1950, 1954 and 1956 not a single expectation for those years – NOT ONE – prevailed; therefore, contending for such non-existent items is akin to the mirage that befogs the desert traveler into believing he sees water just ahead. It is little wonder that the best word we have to describe such contentions is NONSENSE!


And, having perverted or nullified so much of Epiphany Truth, is it not something to behold both the “cousins” stoutly contending they are “in full harmony with the Epiphany Messenger”? In this respect their kinsmen in the Dawns have done exactly the same thing with Brother Russell’s writings. They, too, claim to abide by what he taught, all the while throwing out very large parts of Volumes Two and Three. Certainly the latter are no longer in Parousia Truth–just as many once with Brother Johnson are no longer in Epiphany Truth–regardless of their loud claims to the con­trary. And let us be not deceived: such garrulous flummery can only result in many losing their Class standing if they persist therein. It matters not what their standing may once have been. All crown-losers at one time had their standing among the Saints (some of them for many years, some for perhaps only weeks or months); many crown-losers were GOOD Levites under the beneficent leadership of the last two Principal Men, but this is no assurance at all that they would continue that way. Some such eventually became very bad Levites; many even went into the second death. So the past is no true gauge for the present; there is only one true measuring rod, and that is the TRUTH. As Brother Johnson explained, the Good Epi­phany Levites would revolutionize only against Parousia or Epiphany arrangements; and R. G. Jolly is a prominent example of this under Brother Johnson. When he revolutionized against arrangements in 1938, and was upbraided by the Epiphany Mes­senger, he then had the humility to acknowledge his failing, and depart therefrom –which demonstrated before all that he was then a Good Levite, However, his revolu­tionisms against both Parousia and Epiphany Truth since Brother Johnson’s demise, now force us to forget the past, and to catalog him among the Bad Levites – just as has occurred with some others in similar manner.

It is not our wish, or our pleasure, to mention individuals unless circum­stances force us to do so. Thus, on occasion we do not offer names when criticizing some things taught from convention platforms, and the like, by lesser lights. Therefore, if and when we see some revolutionizing against Parousia or Epiphany arrangements, we do not consider it our burden to publish the names of such. on the other hand, this does not prevent us from observing what goes on; nor need it prevent any of our readers from making like observation. However, we do always try to point out the Truth to such if we have opportunity, considering James’ words in 5:20 (Dia.) that if “we turn back a sinner (a Great Company member) from his path of error, it will save his soul from death.” And we try always to do this in harmony with St* Paul’s counsel to to the Galations (Gal. 6:1-3,Dia.): “If a man should be surprised by some fault, do you, the spiritual, reinstate such person with a spirit of meekness.... for, if any one think he is something, being nothing, he deceives himself.”

We can but preach the things we have seen and heard, knowing full well that our experience is certain to conform to that of St. Paul, “good soldier of Jesus Christ” that he was: “Now, thanks be to that God, who always leads us forth to triumph with the Anointed One, and who diffuses by us the fragrance of the knowledge of Him in every place. Because we are a sweet odor of Christ to God, among those who are being saved, and among those who are perishing; and to these, indeed, an odor of death to death, and to those an odor of life to life.... For we are not like the many, traffic­ing the Word of God; but really from sincerity we speak concerning Christ*” (2 Cor. 2:14-17, Dia.).

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



QUESTION: – On page 95 of the Nov-Dec. Present Truth Brother Jolly states that on Sept. 22, 1950 Brother Johnson examined the data for the 1951 Memorial date to come before the Vernal Equinox, and approved it. if that is true, would not Brother Johnson also have approved March 18, 1962 as the right Memorial date?

ANSWER: – It is a character quality of R. G. Jolly to resort to half truths whenever it seems expedient; and, says Brother Johnson, “Half truths are often more misleading than whole errors.” In this present instance he has once more attempted to hide behind a half truth, and thus saddle the responsibility upon Brother Johnson for his own mischief – although he is ever ready to ignore completely the true and proven teachings of Brother Johnson that do not appeal to him.

A number of times over the past seven years we have referred to those 27 “mis”­calculations to “prove” 1956 that appear in the January 1947 Present Truth (to ‘prove’ that the full end of the Church in the Spirit-begotten condition would be in 1956 – which R. G. Joily now just as dogmatically claims to ‘prove’ was in 1950 instead of 1956, which he ‘calculated’ in this Jan. 1947 P.T., p. 13, col. 1, par.1) -­but, up to now, R. G. Joily’s only explanation for these false contentions is that Brother Johnson “approved” them. Those figures are a product of the Jolly-Krewsom twosome, which time has clearly proven to be symbolic witchcraft (especially deceptive false teachings). It will be recalled that in the fall of 1946 Brother Johnson had his desperate coronary thrombosis; and he told us in 1947 (when we were living in the Bible House with him to help him carry on the work) that for several months after that physical breakdown he was so weak he could hardly breathe – so close to death that he had said to himself, “it wouldn’t be so hard to die.” And it was in that condition that he “examined” and approved those eight pages of what time has clearly proven were just so much Azazelian legerdemain, most cunning mathematical sleight­of-hand and false in every figure.

Some of us recall that one of J. W. Krewson’s claims to present title of Pastor and Teacher is that Brother Johnson delegated to him the yearly chore of calculating the Memorial date. if he did that – and no one has denied that he did this chore – ­then he also made the calculation for 1951, which R. G. Jolly now claims Brother Johnson “examined.” And be it noted that at Sept. 22, 1950 Brother Johnson was just one month from death, and in a desperately weak condition – so weak, in fact, that he had not even the strength three weeks before that date to arise from his sick bed and appear at the Philadelphia Labor Day Convention; so he asked us to bless the assembly in his place with the Aaronic benediction.

Also, Doctor (Brother) Alger tells us that during the latter part of September, when he was in Philadelphia giving physical ministry to Brother Johnson, that he was so weak he told him not to ask any more Bible questions. So it was in that condition that he “examined” another set of Jolly-Krewson figures – just as he had four years earlier, and in similar dissipated physique, “examined” the symbolic witchcraft that this pair (the Jolly-Krewsom twosome) presented to him. For shame that R. G, Jolly should sink so low that he must appeal to such deception to sustain himself! This one point alone should be sufficient for all to heed St. Paul’s counsel, “From such turn away”!



Dear Brother Jolly: – Greetings in His service! Your letter of August 25, 1962 received on the 27th, same month; and the truth is I never intended replying because of the ‘man of straw’ you made and then laboured on. I never at any time denied having a separate Memorial! I deny I failed to get a house at St. James and had to resort to Belmont. The owner of the house at St. James is a sister who asked me to hold the Memorial at her home; but, when I saw that the daughter of the owner of the house was inclined to be with you at Tunapuna, at once I changed to Belmont, in order not to divide the family for such a solemn occasion. I may tell you right here that if there is another new creature in Trini­dad, it is this dear old St. James sister, who does not travel. I desired no rift. This sister is the first to close down L.H.M.M. meetings at her house. She has been saintly enough to prevent the slanderer leading meetings at her house. (jas. 3:9,10; 1st John 3:15) The rest of your letter, the humiliating portion, I deem confidential.

When I kept away from your meetings, especially the Memorial at which you officiated, according to Brother Martin’s letters as shown in Brother Hoefle’s paper No. 88, Oct. 1, 1962, 1 acted on Brother Johnson’s teachings where he says, “do not invite uncleansed Levites to our Memorial,” etc., which I cannot just now recall. However, I was confident that my character would be vindicated from the attacks you have made upon it in your July-August 1962 paper; and Brother Hoefle has brought to my attention a much stronger passage in Epiphany Vol. 11, page 208:

“While the Great Company are in their uncleansed condition – impenitent – ­they should not keep the annual Lord’s Supper; and for this reason the Epiphany-enlightened saints should not memorialize with them, nor welcome them to their own celebrations.”

How do I now rejoice for this my substantiation in the Household of Faith! In your so-called progressive Tabernacle you force a void in the Holy, in the face of That Servant’s teaching in Z 5173, col. 1, par. 6: “Even today, although the truly consecrated believers in the Great Redeemer are confessedly few in number, yet the saltness from the teachings of the Savior has a wide influence upon the world. Without it, doubtless, corruption and a complete collapse would have come long ago. In spite of it, we see corrupting and corrupt influences at work everywhere; and the wider our horizon, the more general our information, the more we realize the truth of this statement.

When the last member of the body of Christ shall have passed beyond the veil, the salt will be gone. Then corruption will take hold swiftly, and the result will be the great time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation Matt,24:21; – Dan, 12:1.”

This is in complete harmony with the Samson type in judges 16:21-30 – a type you have completely avoided since our beloved Brother Johnson’s death. You say the salt are among others – Campers, etc. I believe you are sincere in wanting to have me back, but that is not possible while you are “impenitent” in holding onto the “strange fire” of Campers Consecrated, the 1954 items that have completely failed of fulfilment, etc, As far as I understand, every Little Flock came under That Servant’s ministry: hence, his writings are addressed chiefly to them. Do you know that in 1960, for about six months, I defended an innocent one who knew nothing about it until when I asked the sister involved to be my principal witness at the trial for slander? of course, you know well, as it is because of the revival of this case* The opponents think me too strict and must be made to bow. I am in possession of documentary evidence.

As regards protecting the innocent (See Z 5417, col. 2, par. 4): “In a case where an innocent person is suffering wrong, and we have full knowledge of the matter, then it might be our duty to manifest anger, righteous indignation. It would be proper to manifest a certain degree of anger if we saw even a dumb brute mistreated. If we saw the principles of righteousness being outraged, it might become necessary to manifest some anger, some indignation.”

I had intended the whole of your letter to be confidential, but seeing the attacks which you are falsely making against a non-sifter – but a prominent member of the Household of Faith, Brother Hoefle (a Pilgrim by Brother Johnson’s appoint­ment) – I send my reply open. May 1963 be more glorious than 1962.

I am

In the Master’s Service, L. F. Roach (January 5, 1963) – TRINIDAD


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Loving Christian greetings!

First, I must thank you for the tracts and the assurance that you can supply other literature when I need it... Now, to happier news: At the suggestion of Mrs -------, we are having, not a weekly, but a daily study of the Divine Plan. Often, she stops to exclaim, ‘‘This is good!”.....

I am forcefully reminded of the careless lack of proper order and expression of reverence in meetings of some Truth people. At......, for example, when Bro ------- visited the ------- Ecclesia, Bro ------- volunteered to suggest that, instead of having the regular meeting, we just visit. Remembering the suggestion that when Truth people visit, the topic of conversation would naturally be on the Scriptures, I asked a question on Scriptural proof of the Youthful Worthy calling ending in 1954, Bro ------- relieved Bro ------- of saying anymore than “I don’t know,” by blusteringly demanding, “Do you agree with Bro. jolly – or don’t you!” That was all the backing Bro ------- needed to take the step (as a supposedly righteous one!) of disfellow­shiping ------- and me – Sr. -------, because she objected to the Channelism, so clearly manifested by our brother.........

How soon will our sleeping brethren arouse themselves to the real Truth?

As soon as their characters develop the necessary affinity for the Truth, I’m sure Brother Johnson would answer. Now I can understand better how Bro. Johnson yearned for the return of bewildered brethren!

Praying the Lord’s continued blessing on your labor of love, and desiring always an interest in your prayers, I remain with hearty Christian love, ------- (Texas)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Season’s greetings in the Name of our Blessed Lord!

We take this opportunity of expressing our deepest appre­ciation of your faithful and devoted service in the Lord’s work..... our prayers for you, dear Brother, is that the good Lord may help you to be faithful to the end as was Joshua of old. Although opposed by many errorists – especially R. G. Jolly – yet there’s consolation in knowing that J. F. Rutherford was Brother Johnson’s greatest Opponent – and likewise was our Lord opposed at His First Advent by those who professed to be Children of Light. The unfaithful are always stumbled – Psa.119:165.

Your articles are always welcome.... We can see the condition that R. G. Jolly and his chief supporters are in. It is no wonder Brother Johnson has so often said, “When one falls into the hands of Azazel they talk all sorts of nonsense.”

The Lord has promised to support and bless His people and surely He will lead you to the end. (Josh. 1:5-8) We wish you, dear Sister Hoefle and all the dear ones with you an enjoyable Christmas, and may the New Year find you and all there still standing and rejoicing in the Lord’s favour and service.

Yours by His Grace, Crofts Hill Ecclesia (JAMAICA)


My dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace be multiplied unto you!

I thank you for your letters of encouragement and instruc­tions to right living... and I thank God for you both and wish I had words to express my appreciation....

We received our December article and, as we generally do, all commented on it after the service. Truly God’s law is perfect and changes not; even with all the changes of times it needs no change. While man made laws must be continually adjusted to meet the needs of time... It would have been much better for them if R. G. Jolly and J. W. Krewson had taken some counsel with the wiser ones. They might have wasted less money; nevertheless since J. W. Krewson is not counted as a brother, it wasn’t wrong to take him to court if found not so trivial. it is plain, however,’ that R, G. Jolly has lost all favor from the Lord and is unable to defend the simplest Truth; even if he is correct on a point he can’t even defend that point. It is a pity to see these brethren when they lose God’s favor – very much a true antitype of Saul. (“The spirit of the Lord departed from Saul.” – l Sam. 16:14 – JJH)

May the Lord continue to bless you as you endeavor to be faithful in his service. Remember me always in your prayers.

Yours by His Grace ------- (JAMAICA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace be with you!

You have our sincere thanks, long overdue, for sending us your writings... How our name got on your list is yet rather a mystery to us. We saw you, Brother Hoefle, in Los Angeles, with Bro. Johnson, on one of his last trips out there. So you are not wholly a stranger to us...

We never did and do not now go along with R.G. Jolly in his dogmatic statement that with the passing of Bro. Johnson the last of the Church was gone from the earth. He had no Bible proof for such a claim at the time, as developments during the last 12 years have abundantly proven. So he must make statements and claims that will not stand up, or alone – then he runs around them spouting out words and more words to stop them up. Still they fall flat and more flat. if it were not so serious, his words and actions, and antics (which include lies) would be ridiculous. Thus he has turned into a volcano of words, and like a volcano his words are only ashes and rocks, even hot ones... But why continue? Surely he has been and is being used for a purpose, though we at present do not see exactly what it is. Even a volcano spews itself out and dies down, and in due time its crater, in endless cases, is filled with pure refreshing water, Let us hope!....

Oh yes, this M. O. is to pay for paper and stamps on the writings sent us. We can never pay for the work it took and takes. If you ever see Bro. Roach again, give him our Christian love, and remind him that far away unknown friends are pray­ing for him, that he faint not.

Our love to you and best wishes for whatever this year may hold....

Brother & Sister ------- LOUISIANA


Epiphany Bible Students Association

Sirs: Please send me free copies of the following and oblige: The Resurrection of the Dead, The Three Babylons, and What is the Soul.

                                                Sincerely yours ------- TRINIDAD