by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 95

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

On p. 26, col. 2 of this March-April P.T. there is a caption “False Accusations Exposed,” which once more reveals the cunning trickery of those in Azazel's clutches. (See E-10:646) And, if that was R. G. Jolly's intent toward the Epiphany Messenger himself, it should cause no surprise that he accords us the same treatment. He says we insert the word “ Jewish” in his statement that appears in his Nov-Dec. P.T., p. 93, col, 2, par. 4. We suggest all go back and read what he has said there. He says there isn't “any notice of this thirteenth month given in the Bible.” We are in full agreement with that statement; then he proceeds to explain how “ the modern Jewish calendar” reconciles the lunar and the solar years by the metonic cycle which they adopted in 360 A.D.

Does R. G, Jolly know exactly how that reconciliation was effected when Jesus was on earth – 360 years before the Jews adopted the Meton recon­ciliation? But, if he was discussing two different years in the same paragraph, why didn't he make that clear? He says it would be “foolish” to use the present “heathen-based Jewish calendar” for our own calculation – and we agree in certain respects; but, if he rejects the present method, it is most elemental to expect he would state precisely what authority he does use. Does he know? We repeat, DOES HE KNOW?

He once more accuses us of “the tactics of a shady lawyer” in this matter. It was not here – and never has been in any instance in the past – our intent to mis­quote or distort his statements. We have plenty of Truth to use against him without stooping to ''Azazelian'' methods, as he himself has done (See E-10:646). In the paragraph following the one herein under scrutiny he quotes “Fausset's Cyclopedia”; but there is nothing in that quotation that even hints at thirteen months in the year, so what is he trying to prove by that? It is common knowledge today there are about seven more lunar months in every nineteen years than there are solar months – exactly the same as it was in Jesus' day; therefore, the only question now before us is what method was used then. If R. G. Jolly knows that method, he hasn't said so.

He who discerns clearly, teaches clearly; but Brother Johnson says it is impossible for those in Azazel's clutches to think clearly on any Scriptural subject; and we have repeatedly proven in the past how befuddled R. G. Jolly's thinking has become since his abandonment to Azazel in 1950. Here is just another illustration of it – even as he yells “shady lawyer” at us to conceal his own bungling. Brother Johnson's clear statement is that the Passover must be “ never before the Vernal Equinox.” We now accept that unequivocally, regardless of what sort of year R. G. Jolly was discussing on p. 93 of the Nov-Dec. P.T.; but we now advise, too, that henceforth he make himself clear, without “profusion of words.” Then he won't have any complaint with us – or any one else –misunderstanding him. Let him now state clearly exactly how the calculation was made in Jesus' day, if he knows.

Let us not forget that a Levite (R. G. Jolly) has offered now another of his “new” ideas on the Memorial: He is the first among Truth people during the entire Parousia­ Epiphany ever to hold the service in the winter, so far as we know – before the Vernal Equinox. Let us remember, too, that it was the “cousins” (Jolly-Krewson) who opened the attack upon us; we originated no charges whatever against them. J. W. Krewson showed himself so ridiculously weak that he was silenced in short order; and R. G. Jolly is now crying “false accusations.” Note he makes it plural; then proceeds to discuss “a” statement we made, We are ready enough to withdraw and apologize for any statement any time against him if it becomes clear that statement does him any injustice. He insists our insertion of the word “Jewish” in his statement was the “tactics of a shady lawyer.” Clearly enough, we did add the word “Jewish” because we concluded that was his thought. Now, with all his “profusion of words” to dis­credit our inadvertence, he still hasn't made clear just what he did mean.

However, when he accuses us of “shady lawyer” tactics, he is simply attempting a cover-up for his own weak position and the conduct which is inherent in his Leviti­cal character. (See E-10:646), as cited aforegoing; also, E-10:585, where Brother Johnson tells us R. G. Jolly has a “bad conscience” – a charge Brother Johnson never made against JJH). This is further confirmed in the very harangue he now offers to justify himself – and he does so in identical “shady” fashion to what he now berates in us. Note p. 27, col. 1, par. 5: “The false accuser, with his (JJH's) appeals to Josephus.” It was Brother Johnson who first appealed to Josephus; we merely accepted the conclusion he reached after he cited Josephus: “Never before the Vernal Equinox.” Therefore, it was Brother Johnson – not JJH – who originally “appealed” to Josephus; we knew nothing about the Josephus record until Brother Johnson referred us to it. Who, then, is the “shady” character here? And, if R. G. Jolly does not wish to accept Josephus, as did Brother Johnson, for the method in use in Jesus' day, let him cite some other authority who knew the method then in use. Will he do this? We very much doubt it!

However, while we are waiting for him to make himself clear, we shall proceed to make our own position unquestionably clear; so we quote from the Jewish Encyclo­pedia:

“ There is no mention of an intercalary month in the Bible, and it is not known whether the correction was applied in ancient times by the addition of one month in three years, or by the addition of ten or eleven days at the end of each year... The fixing of the lengths of the months and the intercalation of months was the preroga­tive of the Sanhedrin.”


And be it noted that the High Priest was automatically the President of the Sanhedrin. Therefore, the uncle of Josephus, who was High Priest, was also President of the San­hedrin; and it was this body that fixed the date for the Passover at the time of Jesus. Thus, Josephus, himself a priest of the first course, would be as well qualified as any one then living to tell us when the Passover should be kept – which he says was “ while the sun is in Aries,” which motivated Brother Johnson's conclusion that the Passover (Nisan 14) must be after the Vernal Equinox. Therefore, R. G. Jolly's snide remarks about “appeals to Josephus” are simply some more of his symbolic witch­craft (especially deceptive false teachings). On the other hand, Brother Johnson's “ appeals to Josephus” are sound and time-honored, because we cannot find a single instance in the entire Gospel Age where the Jews ever observed the Passover before the Vernal Equinox, which, coupled with the Josephus record of the custom in Jesus' day, adds indisputable corroboration to Brother Johnson's conclusion – “NEVER BEFORE THE VERNAL EQUINOX.”

Lest we be misunderstood, we are in full agreement with both Brother Russell and Brother Johnson that the present-day Jewish calendar is inaccurate; but that is no justification for assuming they do not understand the proper “ season” for their festivals, particularly for the Passover, even as Brothers Russell and Johnson both kept within the proper season (“ALWAYS AFTER THE VERNAL EQUINOX” ) when they were wrong many times in the exact date for the Memorial: They never celebrated the Passover BEFORE THE VERNAL EQUINOX! Self-evidently, the Jews have clung with typical Jewish tenacity to the teachings of the Fathers that their Passover must be observed after the Vernal Equinox – or, “NEVER BEFORE THE VERNAL EQUINOX,” as taught by Brother Johnson for Spiritual Israel. Therefore, we now charge R. G. Jolly and his “cousin,” J. W. Krewson, before all, with observing the Memorial thirty days too early in 1962 – ­and no amount of name-calling or loud “profusion of words” will absolve them from that responsibility.

            Even though the last two Star Members made mistakes in their exact dates for the Memorial, neither of them ever went so far wrong that they kept it “out of season” – ­before the Vernal Equinox – as R. G. Jolly and J. W. Krewson have done. Not even Big Babylon has been so far wrong in all the records we can find. They, too, always observe Easter AFTER THE VERNAL EQUINOX – during the Spring Season! The “cousins” (R. G. Jolly and J. W. Krewson) hold a unique position in their celebration of the Passover BEFORE THE VERNAL EQUINOX! And these two hold this close harmony on this error (as they do on many other errors), even as they attempt to resist the true Epiphany teachings, while suing each other for the name (Laymen's Home Missionary Movement) bequeathed to us by the Epiphany Messenger. “Only let us be called by thy_name to take away our reproach.” (Isa. 4:1)

Furthermore, if Brother Johnson was correct in his conclusion in the February 1933 Present Truth, that his presentation there was a “Great Company developing Truth,” then we are all forced to the conclusion that Brother Russell never saw clearly how to calculate the Memorial date, because he was at least one day wrong on almost every one he observed – just as Brother Johnson also was probably one day wrong in every date he published prior to 1933. Thus, the “cousins” – and more specifically R.G.Jolly – ­have loosed quite an uproar with a very weak foundation under their feet, We opine the both of them have simply made this attempt to divert attention from the many humi­liating defeats we have otherwise administered to them, and others yet to come to them on the errors they are advocating. Specifically, this present outburst by R. G. Jolly is probably an adroit attempt to have his readers – particularly those in Trinidad –­ forget those eleven questions we proposed for Fred Blaine while he was there. “they hate him that rebuketh in the gate (place of prominence), and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly” ; (Amos 5:10) – and “anoint themselves with the chief ointments (such as the title of Pastor and Teacher): but they are not grieved for the afflic­tions of Joseph” (those true teachings of Brother Johnson which they both have set aside). (Amos 6:5,6)


On pages 27-30 of this same March-April paper R. G. Jolly resorts to more of his “profusion of words,” subject as above; but here again he ignores Item No. 1 in his discussion, the same being his authority to present a new doctrine (whether he is 'cleansed or uncleansed'). In E-10:XXIV Brother Johnson states:

''All brethren, except the star-members, are forbidden direct Biblical study on new doctrines, types and prophecy, which is 'gazing' for them.”

In the paper under review R. G. Jolly offers great elaboration of “types” to substantiate his teaching – some of which were never given us by either the Parousia or Epiphany Messengers. This he does in clear violation of the aforementioned teach­ing, and in direct contradiction to much that has been given us by the Messengers. Brother Johnson also emphasizes the above quotation in E-7:138 and in E-11:495. Therefore, before he attempts to offer “proof” of his new doctrine, let R. G. Jolly first give us a clear Scripture, or “group of Scriptures,” as his authority to set aside the Epiphany Messenger's teaching as quoted aforegoing. There is just no point at all in presenting extended discussion on any matter that is clearly illegal at its very inception, and thus on a false foundation.


But, while gaiting for him to do that, we now offer a convincing type in proof that Brother Johnson was correct in his teaching – the same being the type set forth in Numbers 7, wherein the twelve princes of Israel typed twelve groups of crown-lost leaders in the Gospel Age. This is most clearly and convincingly expounded in Epiphany Volume 8, pages 169 through 461.

            Among other things, each prince offered a bowl, charger and spoon, the same typifying respectively those three sections of inspired Scripture described by St. Paul as “refuting, correction and instruction in righteousness.” (See 2 Tim.3:16) On p. 192 (29) Brother Johnson tells us “there was no offering of cups” by the princes, thus attesting that none of their antitype were permitted to bring forth new doctrines. Rather, “the crown-lost leaders in all cases perverted some doctrinal feature in the teachings given by the Little Flock crown-retaining leaders.” While this type stresses the good and commendable work done by the crown-lost leaders in their Gospel-Age service for God, it does not overlook the evils of those “double­minded” men (See p. 197, top), as evidenced by the figure six being prominent in the weights of the vessels offered, six being a symbol of evil or imperfection. And by their perversion of the symbolic “cups” (doctrines) that were entrusted to them, they in that part of this type reveal the antitypical service to Azazel (Azazel means Perverter). And every one of them was guilty of such perversions.

Be it noted we are not here teaching that the crown-lost leaders in the Epiphany are a part of this antitype; but we do stress their identical conduct to their kins­men of the interim epochs of the Gospel Age. We have already explained in our paper No. 22, June 1, 1957: “ To substantiate this conclusion it becomes necessary first of all to offer an analysis of Brother Russell's Stewardship Doctrine, which we believe to be:

“A correct understanding of the Atonement as portrayed in Leviticus 16, the central teaching of which is Restitution,” (copy of this article free upon request)

And R. G. Jolly himself is commendably among the foremost in declaring how the Society leaders have so atrociously perverted that doctrine, so that they are now actually denying the Ransom, ignorant though they may be of the fact. Their ignorance, however, does not change the fact.

And the present leaders, and some erstwhile leaders (J.W. Krewson, et al), in the L.H.M.M. have also grossly perverted the Stewardship Doctrine entrusted to them by the Epiphany Messenger, the same being,

The Epiphany in its Relation to the Epiphany Elect,”

as set out in our No. 26, October 1, 1957 paper, p. 4 (copy free upon request). Their perversions – as has been true of all their kinsman of the past – have taken from the Truth and added their own errors to the “ cup” (doctrine) entrusted to them. And this is just what we should expect from those abandoned to Azazel; 2 Thes. 2:11 emphatically states that all such persons would experience “an energy of delusion.” Brother Russell and Brother Johnson both taught tentative justification only in the Court; the present L.H.M.M. leaders teach it in the Camp. Neither Messenger ever taught a consecrated class in the Parousia or Epiphany Camp – nor did they teach con­secration available for Restitutionists during the large Gospel Age or in its last special stage (the Epiphany period). The present leaders do teach that consecration is available for Restitutionists before the Highway of Holiness is opened up for them. The Epiphany Messenger described the quasi-elect as those who failed to consecrate; the present L.H.M.M. leaders now have some of them among the consecrated. Nor did the Epiphany Messenger himself ever speak of the Epiphany period in the end of the Age in a “ narrow” or “restricted” sense. That has been added by R. G,-jolly to give some semblance of plausibility to his many other Epiphany perversions. As stated aforegoing, R. G. Jolly definitely “is not grieved for the afflictions of Joseph.” (Amos 6:5-6)

Let us keep in mind also that R. G. Jolly has never presented a “progress report” for his Campers Consecrated – and for good cause: He hasn't any to offer! Consider now – in contrast – the orderly progress report given by the Messengers for every New Creature of the Gospel Age. Aside from those born in tentative justification (in the Court condition), every New Creature made orderly progress from the Camp (some few, perhaps, even from outside the Camp) to the Gate of the Court, entering which he immediately experienced a change in his standing once he stepped through the Gate: He became tentatively justified. Thereafter, he made orderly progress past the brazen altar (noting in limited degree the sacrificing of the Christ Company), washing at the Laver, until he reached the first veil of the Tabernacle proper. Passing through that veil in consecration he immediately experienced another change in his standing: He became a New Creature in the Holy.

Here is surely a story of orderly progress not to be found in any feature of R. G. Jolly's Campers Consecrated. Note he now admits he has them mixed right in with those ejected from the Court in 1954, and with the nominal people of God (See p. 30, col. 2, par. 2), and with the quasi-elect unconsecrated! Thus, his Campers Consecrated experience no change whatever in their standing by their consecra­tion –­ the Camp types only one condition, just as the Court, the Holy and Most Holy type only one condition; we have no way of discerning his Consecrated Campers from the other Campers! And this latter statement is probably about as close to the real Truth as anything he has presented on the subject!

On p. 30 he says there are now “three (emphasis by R. G. Jolly) classes in the post-1954 Epiphany Camp: (1) the Gospel-Age nominal people of God; (2) the loyal unconsecrated quasi-elect.... (3) the Consecrated Epiphany Campers.” In the face of this conglomeration, just what condition is now typed by his Camp? We offer the only logical answer: It types a condition of CONFUSION – confusion worse confounded! And this one teaching by him of itself clearly places him and his partisan supporters right where we have repeatedly contended they are – in LITTLE BABYLON (Babylon means Confusion). Let us ever remember that a place in the tabernacle type pictures a con­dition in the antitype. Thus, the Court types only one condition – JUSTIFICATION. Even though there be several different classes of people in the Epiphany tabernacle Court, each one of them is in a justified condition. Contrast that now with R.G.Jolly's “post-1954 Epiphany Camp,” in which he has tentatively justified, ex-tentatively justi­fied (those remanded from the Court since 1954), non-tentatively justified (the quasi­elect unconsecrated), and those without any justification of any kind (the nominal people of God). Confusion? Babylon? Yes, indeed; and in obnoxious extreme! This is graphically described by Brother Johnson in E-6:369 (top):

“They have run ahead of the Lord... even as Saul failed to wait for the sacri­fice until Samuel came to make it ... They became teachers of error (symbolic sorcery), even as Saul took to witchcraft.... This is the large type–that of the Gospel Age. But there is a smaller type, which is confined to the Epiphany, and which has been fulfilling and has yet sometime to run.” (Published in 1938)

We are now witness to some of its fulfillment right at our own doorstep. Saul is taking to symbolic witchcraft (especially deceptive false teachings), with conse­crated, unconsecrated, nominal unjustified people, others once tentatively justi­fied who “ received the grace of God in vain” – all in a confused jumble in one place (R. G. Jolly's Camp). It is little wonder that Brother Johnson made the observation, When these people fall into the hands of Azazel, they talk all sorts of nonsense.

And in the face of all these perversions R. G. Jolly is crass enough to declare on P. 29, col. 2, par. 2, that they “walk in the light” ... We remember very distinctly how C. A. Wise, Vice-President of the Society under That Evil Servant, came to the Dayton, Ohio Class early in the Epiphany, and gave a discourse on “Walk in the Light.'' In that talk he emitted much harangue about “Paul S. L. Johnson and his deluded followers falling behind the Light” – because they were adhering to and defending that Truth that had been entrusted to them by the Parousia Messenger, and were not accepting the new teachings then coming from the Unprofitable Shepherd whose “ right eye shall be utterly darkened.” (Zech. 11:17)

At that time the Society leaders were introducing many new erroneous types, as they also cast aside the Truth (in similar fashion as we see today from R. G. Jolly) that had once made them clean (John 15:3); and it was a spectacle to behold as those potent orators – of strong lungs and big mouth – tore down the Truth given by the Lord through the Parousia Messenger – and built up the error with their “profusion of words” that started the Little Babylon sects of Confusion. At that time That Evil Servant ''whispered'' privately to brethren how Brother Russell received most of his teachings by intuition; whereas, he, being a lawyer accustomed to think in hard and clear fashion, reached his conclusions by sound logic (?). And this was swallowed by his trusting followers unto a complete perversion of the tabernacle types, until eventually, they threw out the entire Tabernacle Shadows book. All this had a small beginning, of course, starting with their denial of tentative justification. The L.H.M.M. leaders have not yet perverted to that extreme; so far, at least, they have just moved tenta­tive justification from behind the linen curtain out in front of the “ wall of unbelief.” And in making this change, they are “walking in the light.” In exasperation at such twaddle, Brother Johnson simply said, “Nonsense!” And we join with him in similar expression at what passes before us now! We shall offer much more on this in our June paper.

“For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.” (Psa. 1:6) And with this comes the prayer that “The Lord will give strength unto his people (the fully faithful of all classes); the Lord will bless his people with peace.”

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



QUESTION: – Do you believe a Youthful Worthy can lose his tentative justification and again regain it?

ANSWER: – We know of no Scripture to support such a view. It is clear enough that those who are ejected from the Holy because of measurable unfaithfulness can never regain entry to the Holy – tears and strong cryings availing nothing. Also, those New Creatures who are ejected from the Court (Second-deathers) nevermore regain their standing in God'[s Household. With this precedent before us, we believe it is unreasonable to conclude any other procedure for those who lose their Youthful Worthy Class standing for similar reasons. In fact, if they would be able to do so, it would seem to us to encourage indolence, which is a trait contrary to all Scriptural teaching. We can well fancy many saying, Why exert ourselves to sacrifice and toil now when we can do so later and attain the same results?

Therefore, it is our conclusion that the Youthful Worthies who lose their Class standing because of unfaithfulness, also lose their tentative justification and are ejected from the Court – a re-entry to which is forever barred to them. The Court is the only place in the Tabernacle picture that types justification; and the entrance to the Court is a GATE – not a revolving door for any one to enter into tentative justi­fication, then go back into the unjustified worldly condition from which they came; then back again into the Court condition at will (although there is a Gate to enter, and a Gate through which those who are in the Court can be ejected). We believe when one is ejected from the Court (once loses his tentative justification standing), that he has lost his standing as a Youthful Worthy forever and cannot regain it – anymore than the Great Company can regain their standing among the Little Flock and again enter the Holy, the place from which they have been ejected because of unfitness therefor.



Dearly Beloved Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace through our Lord!

I have the Present Truth of March-April 1963, and it would seem that Brother Jolly is replying to part of my letter of January 5. Before going further, I would draw attention to a statement of Brother Russell in Z-5347, col. 1, par. 6. I must now ask, What death did Brother Johnson die to antitype Matt. 23:35? Was he slain or did he die a peaceful and quiet death? Has he not shown in his own correction of 1 Thes. 4:17 that the last member, or members, of the Little Flock would be taken away in violence –''violently seized away''?

In E-5 (Miscellany), p. 297 (44), also same book p. 442, where Brother Johnson expected Anarchy in 1954, which has not materialized even yet. (Which proves we are still in the Epiphany, and not in the 'overlapping' Epiphany period – JJH) Is not Brother Johnson in harmony with Brother Russell when he says in E-3:213 (21):

“Thus the Little Flock here proves to be the salt of the earth and the stayer of the second phase of the Great Tribulation?” (written in 1938)

One cannot take from the Star Members' writings what suits him and throw the rest aside unless facts are to the contrary. Another case: Brother Russell produced the Photo Drama in 1914 as an attestatorial work. (See Z-5479, col. 2, last par.) Who produced Bible in Films in 1954 – Merchants?

Christian greetings to dear child Sister Hoefle and all the others your way.

                        I am (signed) L.F. Roach (BELMONT – PORT OF SPAIN – TRINIDAD)

(Now follows a postcript by Brother Roach to his open letter to R. G. Jolly Jan. 5 – JJH)

When I wrote to you about your meeting with Bro. Nelson at Piarco on your return to Trinidad that day, you denied what I said that it was a dirty plot between you both. I am quite satisfied now that this very Bro. Nelson went and knocked at Bro. Peters' home to the surprise of Bro. Peters, between the last week of January and the first week in February, boasting that through your directions he has successfully managed to cause the separation of the Trinidad Ecclesia (also that it is he and not I who did it), by telling you of the separate Memorial.

Under the guidance of our Lord through Bro. Johnson I brought the (Epiphany) Truth to Trinidad, and I am prepared to defend the Truth and to defend Jehovah's character. I notice that Rom. 8:28-35 is operating now on my behalf. It is a very crucial test for me. Bro. Hoefle has given me a very helpful thought that some of us get our severest trials early in life and some of us at the closing days of our life; but in all of our trials God overrules according to E. Vol. Eight, page 642, first 18 verses.

I can now see why, though you and Bro. Johnson lived together, yet he passed you over and sent 600 miles away to Bro. Hoefle to conduct his funeral service.

Signed: L. F. Roach

(This postcript is part of open letter to R. G. Jolly from Bro. Roach, which appeared in our No. 92, Feb. 1, 1962 paper, pp. 6-7 – JJH)


Dearly beloved Brother Hoefle: – Peace be multiplied!

Excuse my brevity. I am fighting against my physical weakness. Yesterday morning I discovered in one of my old books the accompanying letter from Brother Johnson, which I would like you to publish along with my reply to Brother Robertson's and R. G. Jolly's accusing letters of clericalism.

I think it necessary to tell you something about Brother McBarnett. He came into the Truth about 1923, during the separation of the Little Flock and Great Company in Trinidad. He was among the first ones I brought into the Epiphany Truth in 1931 – an eloquent preacher, he went to Venezuela in 1949 to get a job. While there he preached and used to draw hundreds to hear him, even some of the Watch Tower people. He made enemies of Roman Catholic priests and was slowly poisoned. The British people rushed him back to Trinidad where he was hospitalized for about four days and died. In such cases there should have been a Coroner's inquiry. In this case there was none because there was no union between Trinidad, a British colony, and Venezuela, a Spanish Republic. I reported everything to Brother Johnson, who was grieved over the situation. He told me to probe the matter, but Trinidad Police have no power in a foreign country. Brother McBarnett died in Sept. 1950.

I am improved from sickness about 75%.

Christian love and greetings to Sister Hoefle, the others and yourself.

By His Grace, (Signed) L. F. Roach (date, March 7, 1963 – TRINIDAD)

My dear Bro. Roach: Grace and peace!

Yours of Sept. 6 with your report and some book orders was appreciatively received. I want to tell you, my dear Brother, that I greatly appreciate the work you are doing and that I am glad to see that you are doing the work and having it done in harmony with the Parousia and Epiphany arrangements, for example, the many Home-Gatherings and meetings for the public that you have been conducting as indicated on your report. May the Lord bless you in your endeavors to serve Him and His cause. The literature which you ordered has been sent to you. I am announcing the death of Bro. H. McBarnett in the October PRESENT TRUTH and await further word from you on the subject.

As to appointing someone else to take Bro. McBarnett's place, I would do it if I knew of someone qualified. (Unlike crown-lost leaders who rush to appoint brethren to fill a vacancy, Brother Johnson – the true Pastor and Teacher – sought to abide by the Scripture, “Lay Hands hastily on no one and be not a partaker in Others' Sins; keep Thyself pure.” 1 Tim. 5:22–Dia. – JJH)

Sending you my hearty Christian love and the assurance of my prayers which also applies to yours and the other dear ones, I remain

Your brother and servant, (Signed) Paul S. L. Johnson

(date, Sept. 13, 1950 – PHILADELPHIA, PA.)


Our dear Brother Roach: Greetings of love in our Lord's Name! We regret delay in writing before now.

The reason is we have been flooded through burst pipes, etc. However, we are hoping the worst is over, and that the warmer days and longer daylight with the life­giving sunshine will help us get over the long and extremely cold weather we have had here in England. Of course, we do comfort ourselves in the thought that “Grace and Strength” sufficient for our needs is daily given us. Also the promise given us in Rom. 8:28; Isa. 30:15; Psa. 46, etc.

We appreciate the privilege of reading your letter to R. G. Jolly, containing the Truth so valuable and vital to those of us who love the Truth “above Rubies,” or anything else in this world, which is something these Azazelian Levite Brethren – especially the leaders – have yet to learn and appreciate more than life itself. This continual stubborn­ness, self-will and arrogance, will prove very costly indeed to quite a few brethren. “How are the mighty fallen” ! Spiritual pride, like any other kind of pride, truly “goeth before a fall.” And how much we have desired to help the brethren! So often have efforts been made by us, but they “ desire none of us yet.” But in the Lord's “due time” they will be glad to hear – indeed even ­anxious to have help from those of us who have humbly accepted the Lord's deliverance from Little Babylon's wrong teachings and practices. See Epiphany Vol. 10, p. 360, bottom of page – “as the brethren arose in resistance to revolutionism in the groups to which they had adhered, and from which loyalty forced them to separate themselves.” Compare with page 643. It would seem clear that this last group in the form of the L.H.M.M., though no worse than some other groups, which explains why Brother Johnson could call them and others, “good Levites” – though requiring cleansing. See p. 274: “The ten good Levite groups... the cleansing of these is a thing to be devoutly hoped for.” God bless you!

Accept our united love in the Lord, with assurance of our prayers that His richest blessings be yours daily.

From your Brother and Sister in Him, The Baxendales (ENGLAND)

 (date, Feb. 11, 1963)


Dearly beloved Bro. and Sr. Baxendale:

Greetings in our dear Redeemer! Your letter of Feb. 11, 1963 received with much appreciation. I read about the disastrous weather which occurred in England. My sympathy was with you. We all do know our dear Heavenly Father is faithful and has never failed one of all His promises.

As concerning my letters to Bro. Jolly, he has my sympathy. I was evidently used of the Lord to rebuke him when he was in Trinidad (Z-5184, col. 1, par. 9) (2) Not observing the Memorial with him in obedience to E. Vol. XI, p. 208. (I never thought it would be so far-reaching!) (3) Now this quotation of yours – “How are the Mighty fallen” has drawn more sympathy for him (RGJ). However, let us pray, watch and see.

At this moment I am a sick man, and have to get some one to write for me. With respect to your references in The E. Vol. 10, I prefer to refer those to Brother Hoefle who seems to be set aside for that purpose – and has the strength and ability. I know that you are in touch with the latest. I would not like to delay reply to your good letter one day longer.

Warm Christian love and greetings to Sister Baxendale and yourself, I remain in His Service. (Signed) L. F. Roach –TRINIDAD – (date, March 7, 1963)


To Bible Students,

Please do not send me any more literature. I am one of Jehovah Witnesses! I understand the Holy Bible.

Yours sincerely ------- ENGLAND


Epiphany Bible Students Ass'n

Dear Sir:

Will you please send me a copy of What is the Soul, The Resurrection of the Dead. I have a copy of Where are the Dead. I like this very much, as it is exactly as I believe. I am a Bible Student and would like to get all the right advice I can on these matters. My minister this past Sunday preached a sermon contrary to this teaching.....

Yours truly ------- CALIFORNIA


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Christian Greetings!

As I have stated in former letter concerning the young man who is so earnest in the Truth, I have given to him my back issues of your publica­tions. There are four missing.......... May I ask, When, what month and year did you start printing these letters? Thanks...

I will not write much here, but refer to the letters written to you by other brethren that cover my thoughts on your work more and better than I can put in words. We three here love all you and your dear family in God's Truth send us, and we pray the dear Lord's care always for you, for his work to be done as necessary.

With Christian love and prayers from each of us ------- CALIFORNIA


Dear Brother Hoefle:

Greetings in our dear Savior's Name! I was glad to hear from you. I wanted to write before, but I am not as good this winter as other winters. Thank you for your letter – also for the papers. The dear Lord surely is with you! They could not be better. He surely is preparing a “Table” for us and has led us thus far – and may we be faithful to Him and the Faith!

Your Questions for Fred Blaine are just wonderful. You can't know what blessings I get from them, so I study them over and over.... I hope this finds you and Sister in health and very happy in the Lord.

Yours in the one Faith, ------- PENNSYLVANIA


Epiphany Publishing Company

We would like for you to send us the following tracts: The Herald of the Epiphany, Where are the Dead, What is the Soul, Resurrection of the Dead, the Three Babylons, and any others which you might have.

------- KANSAS