by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 96

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

Many of our readers are familiar with Brother Johnson's superb analysis of 2 Tim. 3:16,17, as embracing all purposes of the Word of God: “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for cor­rection, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” A very casual examination of this King James translation will reveal that it is faulty in several respects. Certainly, all scripture is not given by inspiration of God, because the dictionary defines “scripture” in its broad sense as “anything written,” and in a more limited sense as “any sacred writing” (such as the Sanskrit, the Koran, etc.), while it is limited to our Bible only in its narrowest meaning. In measured contempt, Solomon declares, “Of making many books (various writings) there is no end.” (Eccl. 12:12) Certainly, no one would contend that all books written have been “by inspiration of God.” The first “is” in the King James text being an interpolation, drastically perverts St. Paul's words of all sound meaning. Note now the Diaglott rendering: ''All Scripture, divinely inspired, is indeed profitable for teaching, for conviction (refuting), for correction, for that discipline which is in righteousness; so that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly fitted for every good work.”

A more lucid concept is obtained by stating the first clause, “All Scripture that is God-enbreathed”; that is, all Scripture that is vitalized by the energizing force emanating directly from the Almighty. This is most emphatically affirmed in 2 Pet. 1:21—Dia.: “Not at any time was prophecy brought by the will of man (it is not the product of human thought), but men from God spoke, being moved by the Holy Spirit.” Thus, the Old Testament prophets' writings were “God-enbreathed”–brought forth by an energy not their own. Therefore, St. Paul states that “All Scripture (not only that in the Old Testament, but that in the New Testament as well) that is God-enbreathed is profitable.” Many have been the false prophets who would make such claim for their writings, perhaps the most outstanding in “the time of the end” being Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon cult, who claimed he was inspired by a dream to seek out the golden plates which contained an added revelation to the inspired writ­ings already in our possession. But his golden plates directly contradicted and vitiated so much of the Biblical “God-enbreathed” writings that the very ordinary student may readily realize that those plates are not “progressive truth,” but are in fact grossly “progressive” error.

When That Servant appeared on the scene he wrought mightily in removing the accumulated rubbish heaps of centuries past, presenting a system of truth which was truly harmonious with itself and with all “God-enbreathed” writings contained in the 66 books of our Protestant Bible. If we accept the premise that he really did give us “The Present Truth” (2 Pet. 1:12) as contained in those 66 “God-enbreathed” books, then we appear ridiculous indeed if we attempt to set that structure aside with any “progressive truth” now.  Truth must forever be the Truth; nor can it ever be annulled by any manner or profusion of added writings. If such attempt is made, we may immediately conclude that such claim is simply fraud, and should be immediately cast away. Brother Johnson emphasizes this in E-9:19 – “The advancing Truth does not set aside the Truth formerly received, as some deceivers teach.” Therefore, what was doctrinal Truth two thousand years is still doctrinal Truth today (the ten strings of the Bible “harp of God” are eternal and unchanging), and will be doctrinal Truth a thousand years hence – “Jesus Christ the same yesterday (the Jewish Age), and today (the Gospel Age), and forever (“for the Ages” to come—Heb. 13:8). Of course, it is symptomatic of all errorists that they claim to be presenting “progressive” or advancing truth, thus “deceiving and being deceived,” (2 Tim. 3:13) And St. Paul tells us in this same chapter that such errorists would become pronouncedly worse as we approach the end of the Age. With such warning from the “God-enbreathed” Word, it behooves us to be on the alert against such “deceivers” if we would maintain our own standing in God's Household.

Early in the Epiphany some of us were witness to That Evil Servant's efforts to foist his “progressive truth” upon us; and we were much blessed in escaping that diabolical system of nebulous error that enmeshed his partisan adherents. Brother Johnson expended much effort and multiplied pages of The Present Truth in exposing – “refuting” – his errors (that which we should not believe) – so much so that many com­plained about “too much controversy”; but, as he himself explained, a careful read­ing of those refutations would also impart much of “doctrine” (that which we should believe) to all who read them with an understanding mind. And, as he also explained, God's people should be fundamentally peaceable – in harmony with St. Paul's words, “As much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men” (Rom. 12:18); but, in harmony with James 3:17, the “wisdom from above” is not primarily peaceable – it is “first pure.” Thus, if we would develop and maintain that “purity of heart” which will enable us to see God (Matt. 5:8), we would break the peace rather than to become defiled with impurity of teaching, regardless of who that teacher might be. This also is our own attitude with respect to those with whom we once lived peaceably, but were forced to break the peace through their perversions of teaching and practice.

In this, as in all Scriptural analysis, we sometimes err greatly if we do not consider all texts that bear on a given subject. In the present consideration there are two statements by our Lord which some might say directly contradict each other; but they do not do so at all if considered in the light of sanctified reason. One of these is Luke 10:5—Dia.: “Into whatever house you enter, say first Peace to this house. And if a son of peace is there, your peace shall rest on him; but if not, it shall return to you.” These words had particularly impressed us when we were early in the Truth and engaged in the colporteur work, so we always made it a point to repeat Jesus' words to ourself as we approached the door. And with that approach, never once in all our experience did we ever have a door slammed in our face, although on many occasions “a son of peace” was not the inhabitant,

Consider now the seeming conflict of Jesus' statement in Matt. 10:34-37—Dia: “Think not that I am come to send forth peace on this land; I am come not to send peace, but war. For my coming will set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother .... so that a man's enemies will be found in his own family. He who loves father or mother more than Me, is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me, is not worthy of Me,” The reconciliation of these two seemingly conflicting statements is readily made when we consider that it is not to be our improper conduct, but the Truth, that is certain to arouse the animosity of all gainsayers and errorists: This is emphasized in Heb. 4:12—Dia.: “The word of God is living, and energetic, and more cutting than any two-edged sword, cutting through even to a separation of life and breath, and of joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intents of the heart,”

A large portion of so-called Truth people today seem to believe the three texts aforegoing are now just past history, not applicable at all to this our day. This is a sad fallacy, of course; for so long as “evil men and impostors will make progress for the worse” (2 Tim. 3:13—Dia.), then all the more is it necessary for those who would be “faithful to the Truth” to wield the “sword” (sharp refutative Truth) against them – just as did “That Faithful and Wise Servant” and the Epiphany Messenger so long as they remained with us. So we say to all, “Go and do thou likewise!”


Therefore, it is now our purpose to examine some of the teachings that forced Brother Johnson to break the peace in order that he might remain “first pure”; and compare them with some of the present-day teachings that have forced us also to break the peace. In E-6:177 Brother Johnson explains that That Evil Servant “cut off” certain members of the Little Flock “from the fellowship of the majority of God's people.” And all of us know that he consigned Brother Johnson, the leader of those “cut off,” to the second death. Since 1950 R. G. Jolly and J, W. Krewson have done substantially the same thing with many who still retain their high-calling hope.

Continuing in par. 1, p. 178: “He likewise has failed to seek the young one, the Youthful Worthies. Denying that there can be such a class ... he, of course, does not seek to win people for Youthful Worthiship.” Have not R. G. Jolly and J. W. Krewson done exactly the same thing since 1954, as they claim the time is past to win new ones to this class? And in cleaving to this teaching, along with the one aforegoing, do they not once more offer conclusive evidence that they are indeed “cousins”?

Further we read: “Nor does he feed – strengthen – that that standeth still, the Tentatively Justified.  These evidently constitute the company that 'standeth still,' for they do not progress to consecration.” In a limited sense the “cousins” also follow the footsteps of that Unprofitable Shepherd here, J. W. Krewson actually denies (as did JFR) that there are any new ones coming to tentative justification since 1954 – his “quasi-elect consecrated” are a “faith-justified” class in the Camp; whereas, R. G. Jolly places his tentatively justified in the Camp – a place where none ever appeared before – purely a product of his own invention, because neither Star Member ever taught such a thing (and we find no Scripture or combination of Scripture to support such a contention). And note also at top of page 180, “All crown-losers will eventually drop out of the Epiphany Movement,” Substantially, this was also true of the crown-losers with respect to the Parousia Movement (if we allow that the Parousia Movement and the Parousia Truth are inseparably related), who remained under the leadership of That Evil Servant. ONLY THOSE of the Great Company who became associated with the Epiphany Messenger retained Parousia Truth, being described by him as the “good Levites.” And just as J. F. Rutherford fell primarily from the Parousia Truth, leading others with him, so has R. G, Jolly now fallen from much of the Epiphany Truth, leading others with him; as is also the case with his “cousin” J. W. Krewson, who has done substantially the same thing,


In E-6:195 Brother Johnson presents a very lucid definition of the Camp, type and antitype, some of which we now quote:

“'Outside the Camp' means a condition of disfavor with, and rejection from among the rebellious nominal people of God. The Camp means, as above passages imply, the rebellious nominal people of God who, while desiring some relation to God, do not desire it sufficiently to be approved by him, even for fellowship with Him.  In the Harvest of the Jewish Age they were the about-to-be-rejected or the rejected house of Israel. During the Gospel Age they have been those professed Christians that have not heartily repented toward God and heartily exercised faith toward Jesus, or those who have not remained in these conditions of heart and mind, though desiring some fellowship with God, i.e., those who have not even been tentatively justified, or those who did not retain Tentative Justification, though loud in their professions .... in the finished picture, those who are less than tentatively justified.”

Certainly, here is another teaching by the Epiphany Messenger that is diametri­cally opposed to the “cousins,” one of whom (R.  G. Jolly) has his Consecrated Campers possessing Tentative Justification, while the other one (JWK) has his Campers with a “faith justification” (less than tentative), but has them consecrated in the Camp, which teaching also violently contradicts the above quotation, because Brother Johnson teaches that those in the Camp he describes are there because they have failed to consecrate, Nor need we be uncertain about the time setting here, because Vol. 6 was published in 1938, but Brother Johnson is discussing a picture yet in the future-­“THE FINISHED PICTURE.”

On several previous occasions we have directed attention to Brother Johnson's teaching in E-11:591 to the effect that only one Tabernacle antitype operates at one time; and we have asked the “cousins” to declare which antitype they consider to be now operating. Each time our question has been met with unclear statements, or silence by the both of them. Why? Are they afraid of the question? Afraid to make a clear declaration of what they wish their partisan adherents to believe? We opine they will both continue their silence on this important teaching (the Tabernacle is basic for all Parousia Truth, and for much Epiphany Truth) – just as they have also done on those 27 Pyramid “mis”-calculations which they presented in the January 1, 1947 Present Truth.

As “the sword” (sharp controversial Truth) was upon That Unprofitable Shepherd, so it has also been upon the “cousins,” forcing them to accept “new errors to take the place of the opposing truths.. “Instead of the Truth that opposes their errors being permitted by them to set aside their errors, they cling to their errors unto the repudiation of one truth after another contradictory to those errors.” (See E-6:186) And in all of this J. F. Rutherford kept insisting upon his “progressive development” of the Truth presented and clarified by That Servant (See E-6:190, middle) – just as R. G. Jolly now speaks of the “progressive development” of his tabernacle, Rev. 22:11, etc.

As Brother Johnson has so aptly stated, When crown-losers fall into the hands of Azazel, they talk all sorts of nonsense. And one of the crowning bits of nonsense exuded by R. G. Jolly since 1950 is to be found in his Jan-Feb.  PT, p. 7, col. 1, par. 1, when he speaks of “the Epiphany work God has placed into our charge.” And this choice piece of flummery comes from one who stoutly contends we are now into the Basileia for some nine years – since the 'overlapping' began in 1954. If we are now in the Basileia, just what of Epiphany work can there possibly be left to do? Will he answer this question? And will he also point out to us where Brother Johnson ever once, after 1917 (when the Parousia overlapping had been fully completed), spoke of the Parousia work that had been placed into his charge? Here is indeed nonsense and confusion extreme! And how his readers can accept such hocus-pocus would be unbelievable were we not witness to it.


Nor is this all. He insists that his Campers Consecrated are a “faith class,” along with the other four real faith classes of the Gospel Age and Ages past. Now, note the clear and annihilating contradiction given to this perversion (Azazel means Perverter) by Brother Johnson in E-12:517, par. 1:

“The Land's two parts symbolized the two great doctrinal features of God's plan: (1) Election and (2) Free Grace. The Land of Israel was and is divided into two parts, with the River Jordan and its system of lakes and seas as the boundary between them.  The Land east of the Jordan represents the doctrine of Election, i.e., that God during the period of the ascendancy of sin selects out of the world the faith classes; and the Land west of the Jordan represents the doctrine of Free Grace, i.e., that during the Millennium God will give all passed over during the elective period, the non-elect, the unbelief classes, the opportunity to gain restitution.... It will be recalled that Rueben, Gad and the half Tribe of Manasseh received the Land east of the Jordan as their inheritance on condition of their crossing Jordan and helping the rest of Israel conquer the Land west of Jordan, which they did. Thus God offers the Elect, the Little Flock (Rueben), the Great Company (Gad), and the Worthies (the half Tribe of Manasseh) a heavenly inheritance, with the understanding that they will help the non-elect to obtain restitution, the non-elect salvation.”

Let the “cousins” fit their Consecrated Campers into this picture if they can, thus proving to all the validity of the “progressive truth” they are now advocating. In fact, when R. G. Jolly teaches the half Tribe of Manasseh west of Jordan types his Consecrated Campers, he offers direct contradiction to the foregoing (another Epi­phany perversion by him – Azazel means Perverter); as does also J. W. Krewson when he tries to antitype Manasseh with his repentant fallen angels, who are neither a faith class nor a restitution class. When we see so much of sound doctrine lost in twelve short years since the Epiphany Messenger's death, we come to a ready under­standing of how great parts of the “faith once delivered to the Saints” were lost in the Interim between the two Harvests.

Viewing once more R. G. Jolly's statement on p. 9, col. 2, bottom, of this Jan-Feb. PT – “Many are brought to the Lord and to a better knowledge of the Truth at the hands of brethren in their groups, both in Little Babylon and in Big Babylon” – ­we quote some of the Manna comment for February 4 from each Messenger: “Babylon and her blasphemous doctrines” (Brother Russell);  and “Where has more light been sinned against than in these sects (of Big Babylon), and upon what will God's plagues come with more severity than upon these sects?....In a secondary sense this  passage  well applies to the Lord's people coming out of the sects of Little Babylon” (Bro.  Johnson).


Let us now turn to a resumé of Num. 6:3 (the Nazarite obligations) in its relation to 2 Tim. 3:16,17, as explained by Brother Johnson in E-8:137-140:

'In the Timothy text the four things are set forth that God's people are to do with “God-enbreathed” Scripture – (l) For doctrine (that which we should believe); (2) For refutation of error (that which we should not believe); (3) For correc­tion of misconduct (that which we should not do); and (4) For instruction in right­eousness (that which we should do). As contrasted with this, Numbers 6:3 commands the Nazarite to abstain from (1) wine, (2) strong drink, (3) vinegar of wine, and (4) vinegar of strong drink.  The “wine” herein types ethical errors – the “strong drink” doctrinal errors – the “vinegar of wine” false corrections of misconduct and supposed corrections of right conduct – the “vinegar of strong drink” attempted refutations of Truth attacks on errors, and attempted refuta­tions of truths. In Isa. 28:1-7 there is a scathing denunciation of the “drunk­ards of Ephraim” in Big Babylon, who have imbibed to the full of all four of the things specifically prohibited the true Nazarite; and the setting is “In that day,” which began in 1874, in which “wicked men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,” until the “beast is slain, and his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame.” (Dan. 7:11)

Consequently, Brother Johnson states on page 139: “If they (the servants of the Truth in the Church) should accept (drink) Babylon's ethical, doctrinal, correctional and refutative errors, they would not only injure themselves, but also the Church.... Such errors should be shunned by the entire priesthood .... especially its teachers .... These grapes represent the false principles upon which Babylon's errors are built.”

Comparing the foregoing with R. G. Jolly's conclusion in this Jan-Feb. 1963 P.T., we readily perceive the violent contrast between his own reasoning and that of the Epiphany Messenger; makes crystal clear why any one holding such views would lose his crown, and why he was a ready prey to the errors of Campers Consecrated, John's Behead­ing, Brother Russell's Epiphany Parallels (with himself as parallel of Bro.  Russell), the Tabernacle errors, etc., which were fed to him by his “cousin” (J.  W. Krewson) im­mediately the true Nazarite (Brother Johnson) was taken from us. It explains also why we are so pronounced and persistent in wielding “the sword” (sharp refutative Truth) upon him, and why we shall continue to do so for the protection of “the flock, over which the Holy Spirit hath made us an overseer” (Acts 20:28). Nor could we do other­wise if we would continue to be faithful to the Lord, the Truth and the Brethren. We do this, not of delight, but because “necessity is laid upon me .... this I do for the Gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you.” (I Cor. 9:16,23) And to the foregoing we add from Tower Reprints 4851:


It may amaze some when we say that to the masses of the people today God's Book is lost.  What! do you say, Have we lost over a hundred million Bibles in Christendom, and are we not printing more than a million copies every year? How can you say that the Word of the Lord is lost today?

Alas! Bibles we have, but to the majority of the specially cultured they are Bibles no longer – they are the inspired Word of the Almighty no longer! They are studied, believed and obeyed no longer. It is still fashionable to have Bibles; it is still customary to take texts from them – this is done by ministers, who privately confess that they have no faith in the Bible – that they have no more faith in the Bible than in Shakespeare. And the number of religious teachers who have thus rejected the Word of God as the divinely inspired Message is much greater than the majority of people surmise.  Nearly all ministers graduated during the past twenty years from nearly all of the universities, colleges and sem­inaries of Christendom, in Great Britain, Germany, the United States and Canada, are really infidels, unbelievers. (Note: This was written in 1911 by Brother Russell. Self-evidently, the people are much better today than they were then – ­even though the Scriptures tell us they will “wax worse and worse” – without even having received the scourging of Armageddon, according to R. G. Jolly's teaching!)

And to all “rooted and grounded in the Faith, as ye have been taught” we com­mend likewise –”Not that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for by faith ye stand” (2 Cor. 1:24) – “Wherefore, my beloved Brethren, be you settled, unmoved, abounding in the work of the Lord at all times, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Cor, 15:58—Dia.)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle,  Pilgrim



QUESTION: – Brother Johnson taught that the Epiphany is a 40-year period, the same as the Parousia period. Therefore, are you not revolutionizing against Epiphany Truth when you teach that we are yet in the Epiphany since 1954?

ANSWER: – No, we are not revolutionizing against the teaching of the Epiphany period. A simple question should resolve this matter: Shouldn't the interpretation of the pertinent Scriptures determine all in this teaching? Most certainly IT IS THE INTERPRETATION! Brother Johnson clearly demonstrated from Scriptures such as 2 Tim. 4:1, 2 Thes. 1:7,8, etc., that the Epiphany is a period of time – THE LAST SPECIAL PERIOD OF THE GOSPEL AGE. The Dawn and others, we are told, dispute this teaching – there is no Epiphany as a period, according to them. Those of us who still believe there is an Epiphany period in the end of this Age base our belief on such passages as those just cited, as well as the interpretation given them by Brother Johnson. Therefore – very clearly – if we cast aside the interpretation, then the period automatically falls with­out further ado.

Which, then, shall we accept? Brother Russell gave us “The Times of the Gentiles” from his interpretation of certain Bible passages – saying they would end in 1914. The “signs of the times” clearly corroborated his understanding of the matter; but the times themselves also just as clearly disputed some of the conclusions he gave us without Bible texts to support them. Very early in the Parousia he taught a complete collapse at 1914; then later modified that by declaring it might take a year – to 1915 – to accomplish so much. By 1912 he himself saw that his predictions could never all be realized in three short years, so he modified his opinion still further. By 1915 he realized that he had no further date to indicate the complete downfall of Gentile institutions, and he ceased making predictions – other than to state it would be only a short time. As late as 1910 one prominent and gifted pil­grim made a statement something like this: Don't you know that in the closing of 1914 the present arrangements of things is going to be wiped out? And, when the Czarist regime in Russia toppled in late 1917 prominent brethren said to us person­ally – We're not walking by faith any more; we now walk by sight; and some of them confidently believed that the Little Flock would all leave the earth by Passover of 1918. At that late date, had any then just hinted that present institutions would still be operating in 1963, he would have been held in derision by all – and we be­lieve this would include Brother Johnson himself. However, we would call attention to a remarkable article by That Servant, entitled “The Great Day of Judgment – Its Nature and Object” in which he reveals a very clear understanding of what should take place during the period following 1914:

“The earlier part of the judgment upon Christendom will be especially upon the antitypical sons of Levi, the silver class. These made a consecration of themselves to the Lord, as did the gold class, the faithful overcomers, 'more than conqueror,’ This silver class we understand to be the great company, who are to 'come up' out of the great tribulation, and to 'wash their robes (which have become spotted and soiled) and make them white in the blood of the Lamb.' Rev. 7:9-17.......

“The fire of this great day shall 'try every man's work, of what sort it is.' It will prove who of the professed disciples of Christ have built upon him as their foundation with gold, silver, and precious stones of divine Truth, and thus have constructed a true, strong, worthy character, unswervingly loyal to the Lord; and it will prove who have built with wood, hay and stubble. It will likewise discover who have built upon a foundation of sand. – 1 Cor. 3:11-15” (April 15, 1914 Watch Tower, Reprints 5442)

It is clear enough that all who embraced Epiphany Truth from a “good and honest heart” did so because the Epiphany Messenger upheld and defended Parousia Truth, and upon which all his faithful Scriptural Epiphany advancing Truth was based.

Are we now to conclude that Brother Johnson revolutionized against Parousia Truth when he corrected the over-enthusiastic expectations of Brother Russell as to time features? Certainly not! As he himself put it, he gave highest respect to Brother Russell's opinions until time itself – or clear Bible passages – demonstrated those opinions to be untenable and wrong. That is also our attitude with respect to the teachings of Brother Johnson. We are in full accord with his interpretation of those Scriptures which bear on the Epiphany – just as we set aside his opinions which time itself has clearly demonstrated were wrong. The “signs of the times” gave not the least iota of corroboration for the Epiphany to end in the year 1954 –­ either in the world, or among the Truth sections of the General Church. Nor does the type of Lev. 12 (the purifying of the Little Flock and Great Company developing truths) have any bearing whatever on this matter. Therefore, we do not preach – or accept – 1954, except as it applies to the interpretation of Lev. 12 – although we cleave to the Scriptural interpretations for the Epiphany period. The “cousins” (Jolly-­Krewson) take just the reverse position; each of them clings to the one thing wrong –­ the opinion that 1954 would witness the beginning of the end of the Epiphany – as they ignore the clear Scriptural interpretations. We now quote just one of the very many pointed expressions by Brother Johnson, the same being at top of page 15, Epiphany Vol. 4:

“The epiphaneia, the apokalypsis, of our Lord means, not Jesus making Himself visible, nor simply Jesus making Himself known, but His making every other person and every principle and everything known in the end of the Age. (Note: Has this yet been accomplished? If not, then we must still be in the Epiphany!—JJH) Apokalypsis, like epiphaneia, also means the Epiphany period (I Cor. 1:7; 2 Thes. 1:7; 1 Pet. 1:7, 13; 4:l3). Accordingly, epiphanizing and apokalypsizing, and the Epiphany and the Apokalypse, being respectively identical, we can see that the special time of such epiphanizing, apokalypsizing, is the time of trouble – the time from 1914 onward for a considerable number of years yet. The following Scriptures prove this thought: Luke 17:29,30 (Sodom's destruction typing Christendom's—Rev. 11:8); Matt. 26:64 (the troubles of ecclesiasticism are symbolically set forth here as the clouds of Heaven); 2 Thes. 1:7,8. These passages in their order refer respectively to the war, revolution and anarchy of the Time of Trouble. Hence we see that the Epiphany is the special Apokalypse time and is the same as the time of Trouble.... by the time it is completed the whole Church (the Little Flock and the Great Company—JJH) will be with the Lord. (Note: There is nothing said here about a 'restricted' or a 'narrow' sense – no hint that the Epiphany-Time of Trouble will be waning after 1954 – before the real violence of the Time of Trouble has even begun in 1963—JJH) Accordingly, the words epiphaneia and apokalypsis, in the sense of an action, and in the sense of a period, are synonymous .... So far as the world and the Great Company are concerned, this epiphanizing, revealing, has been gradually going on since the tribulation began – 1914, and will increase and finally come to a climax at the end of the Epiphany – the end of the Time of Trouble. This is the reason why the Time of Trouble is emphatically the Epiphany, the Apokalypse, for it clearly with more distinctness than the preceding period (the 1874-1914 Parousia period—JJH), manifests pertinent persons, principles and things.” (All emphasis ours—JJH)

Hence, it is the “cousins” (Jolly-Krewson) – and not JJH – who have revolutionized against the teachings of the Epiphany Messenger regarding the Epiphany period, because the Epiphany period is identical with, and inclusive of, all phases of the Great Tribulation – War, Armageddon (Revolution), Anarchy and Jacob's Trouble – as the per­tinent Scriptures clearly teach. Note, however, that R. G. Jolly has the overlapping of the Epiphany into the Basileia at 1954, with Armageddon, Anarchy and Jacob's Trouble still future, even in 1963; while the “Apokalypsis Messenger” (J. W. Krewson) starts a new period altogether at 1954 – without citing one Scripture that speaks of an apokalypse period. This is in direct contrast to the Truth given us by Brother Johnson; he gave us clear Bible texts that specifically speak of an epiphaneia – a special period of time. Therefore, time itself has clearly demonstrated that it is now ''wresting the Scriptures” given us by St. Paul (See 2 Pet. 3:16) – such as 2 Tim. 4:1; 2 Thes. 1:7; etc. – to attempt any sort of ending to the Epiphany period at 1954.

When Brother Johnson thought and taught that the Epiphany would end lappingly in 1954, he also taught on that basis that the violent features of the Tribulation would be here, at least in the initial phases – much the same as when Brother Russell taught that those violent features would come with 1914. Both were wrong in their expectations, but they were right in their Scriptural analysis regarding the Epiphany. Therefore, any who desire to remain in harmony with the Epiphany Messenger must agree that the Epiphany period is still with us – and will continue with us until all features of the Time of Trouble have been measurably accomplished. In other words, if we are to “continue in the things we have learned, and been assured of” – from clear Bible texts – then we must conclude that the overlapping into the Basileia cannot even begin at least until we reach the initial stages of Anarchy, with Jacob's Trouble soon to follow – because the Epiphany period and the Time of Trouble (the Great Tribulation) are identical. After that, we can expect the Kingdom proper –the true Basileia period –­ which will inaugurate the “blessing of all the families of the earth.” At that time all in Little Babylon, who have retained any vestige of Parousia-Epiphany Truth, and are still in the Household of Faith, will know – without need of elaborate persuasion – ­that we have come to the true ending of the Epiphany period.



Dear Brother Hoefle: – Loving greetings through our dear Redeemer!

Your remarks in your letter, “The Lord's promise is sure,” if we continue in what we have learned and been assured of, is of great importance. The monthly papers we receive are a real blessing – and the questions in the last paper (April) Are very interesting. You are able to give the brother sound answers.

It would be good if you could give the answers in one of your papers. It seems that you are the only one the Lord has raised up to carry on the work of the Star Members – the doctrines and arrangements and refuting the error. It is a great work to assist the Levites in their cleansing.

We are sending --lbs. to Jamaica next week. Brother ----- joins me in warm Christian love to you both and all with you. Yours by His Grace ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Greetings in our Redeemer's Name! We would like to have some tracts –Where are the Dead, The Resurrection, etc. We have already distributed those that you sent and would like to continue to do so. As you know, dear Brother, we are not rich in this world's goods, but we would like to send a small contribution to assist with the expenses.

We look forward to receiving your papers. May the Heavenly Father continue to use you to assist us. We all join in sending Christian love to you, Sister Hoefle and all the dear friends. Yours by His Grace -------- Sec/Treas. (TRINIDAD)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Christian greetings! I just received the notice that Mr.------- ­sent you from Williamstown about the tracts Mrs. ------- received. I am glad I am one of those base and foolish ones that had the privilege to confound the wise. No doubt Mr. ------- placed Mrs. ------- husband in the heavenly realm at his funeral, as did a minister at my brother's wife’s funeral. After the services at the grave he turned to the friends and said, “Now as we are here together I will take this oppor­tunity to tell you, dear friends, that she is not here, but gone home to be with the Lord.” .........

Please send me some more tracts, Where are the Dead and The Resurrection.

Christian love to all the friends, Sister  ------- (CONNECTICUT)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and Peace in Jesus' Name! I hope this finds you both well. All is going quite well with me. ...I have heard from Sister ------- and Sister -------. There are other brethren not so sectarian. Do you have Sister ------- address? Here are several names for your mailing list.......

I also met Brother Eschrich in Tel Aviv. I heard about his wife's passing. We talked on Campers Consecrated, but we didn't make any progress on that line. I also met Sr. ------- I understand she still lives there ....

Please let me know how much it costs to print and mail ---- tracts to me. Thank you very much! Daily I long so much for God's blessed Kingdom. I do want to be more pure and loving in heart and mind, and more in my actions. God be with you both in this New Year, and all the brethren there with you.

“The Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee;

He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” (Deut. 31:6) With Christian love to you both, Your sister by faith in Jesus our Savior, by the Grace of God,

-------  (CALIFORNIA)


Epiphany Bible Students Ass'n –

Dear Sirs: – Greetings in our dear Lord's Name! Your literature came to hand – one, Where are the Dead and What is the Soul. I am happy to say I know the Lord. God is good and I don't know what we would do without Him. It is wonderful to know His love and Grace. May this Peace rest upon you.

Yours in Him, ------- (KANSAS)