by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 103

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

As we ponder the year just gone, it is distressingly evident on all sides that the financial, political and religious factions are fully conformed to the decadence of the times, offering vivid reminder of St,. Paul’s words, “They shall wax old as doth a garment; and as a vesture shalt thou fold them up.” (Heb. 1:11,12) And in all of these there are so many different factions that no one of them is strong enough to assert itself fully, meaning that no one group has the power to bring order from the approaching chaos, even though the skill and wisdom might possibly be theirs to accomplish it.

When the Epiphany began in 1914, and Jordan was smitten, it made clear cleav­age between the Conservatives and the Radicals; but this classification is far too broad to offer even a mild description of the world’s financial, political and re­ligious factions now in 1964. Presently we find in all these groups the radical Radicals and the conservative Radicals; and the radical Conservatives and the con­servative Conservatives – with a “middle-of-the road” group also exercising con­siderable power in each group. Thus, this division into minorities precludes any of them from establishing a solid program, and simply adds to the confusion that increasingly appears on all sides.

The FINANCIAL: – A financial expert and security analyst of international repute told us just recently that the value of all stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1933 (at the bottom of the depression) was about 16 billion dollars, and that at November 1, 1963 the value of all the listed stocks on that same Exchange was about 382 billion dollars – an increase of 366 billion dollars in 30 years’ time. Of course, much of this is represented only by “paper.” The same extremity applies to the bonded indebtedness. At 1914 the national debt of the United States was about one billion dollars; now it is over 300 billion dollars-­another “paper” increase of 300 billion–mostly a promise-to-pay “nothing.” And to this must yet be added the debts of the various States and Cities, the whole easily exceeding one trillion dollars. Thus, it should be readily apparent that should this “House of Paper” have a collapse akin to the Stock Market break of October 1929 it would be an identical twin to the fall of Humpty Dumpty–

“All the King’s horses, and all the King’s men

Could not put Humpty together again,”

Be it noted that we have been in “THE THIRD WATCH” since 1954 (as explained in our paper of January 1, 1957); and we have passed the end of the “hour of wasting” of Rev. 18:17 (“in one hour such great wealth is laid waste”) as explained in the, same paper on page 2. Surely, at the beginning of the “second watch” in 1914 none of us had even the faintest concept of the proportions this “Wasting” would achieve by even the end of that hour in 1958. In our 1957 writing we stated that the overall debt of the United States was then 750 billion dollars, Now– in seven short years –­ it has progressed to well over one trillion dollars, an increase of about 300 Billion Dollars. From this it will be seen that the “House of Paper” is pyramiding with the years as a snowball gathers momentum and size as it speeds downhill. Thus, the in­scription on our coins, “In God we trust,” would be more aptly stated, “In growing debt we trust.”

During a seminar this past year on the World’s Monetary Condition there was quite some discussion on two divisions of the “conservative” Conservatives; namely, the Chrysophiles (from the Greek word meaning “Lovers of gold”) and the Chrysopholes (from the Greek word meaning “Fearers of Gold”). Even these could not agree among themselves what is the proper course to follow in the present demoralized monetary condition. It was stated by one noted economist that just 16 years ago at December 31, 1948 the United States’ monetary gold amounted to 24.4 billion dollars and short­term assets of 1.02 billion dollars, for a total of 25.42 billion dollars. At that time the short-term liabilities were 5.85 billion dollars, leaving a net credit balance of 19.57 billion dollars. Then, at December 31, 1962 (just 14 years later) the US gold stock was 15.98 billion dollars, with short-term assets of 4.86 billion dollars, for a total of 20.84 billion dollars. But at this latter date our short­term liabilities amounted to 25.18 billion dollars (with some economists declaring it is even much higher than that if all the truth were told), leaving us with a net deficit of 4.34 billion dollars. As we have previously stated, if our own US bank examiners came upon any bank in that condition, it would not be allowed to open for business the next day. Thus, it is little wonder that the authorities are taking desperate measures to mitigate the effect of a “run on the currency.” Let us keep in mind that the entire monetary gold hoard would comprise a cube about 40 ft, x 40 ft. x 40 ft. With the United States now owning about one-third of the world’s monetary gold, it should be apparent that the so-called gold pile at Fort Knox, Ky., would occupy little more space than the ground floor of any middle-class modern residence – a very, very “deflationary” statement when placed alongside the vast amounts of “paper” now in circulation in this country. From many quarters the ‘lung thinkers’ are yet advocating the philosophy that we can spend our way into prosperity; there is much encouragement for people to go ever deeper into debt.

In POLITICS: – The situation in Politics is much the same as in the monetary sphere. Even in our own country, where there are only two major parties, these parties are seldom in accord in their own ranks on any major issue. Among the Republicans there are the extreme rightists, the rightists and the middle­of-the-roaders; and among the Democrats we have the extreme leftists, the leftists and the middle-of-the-roaders. In some other major countries the situation is even worse – some having four or five substantial parties, with none of them possessing a majority to form a Government without coalescing with one or two other groups, and with none of these component groups showing a solid front within their own ranks. Thus, confusion continues to add to confusion – with the promises of the politicians stretching thinner and thinner. This has led to one Mining and Financial publication of restricted international clientele offering this suggestion for a “Barbed Christmas Card”:

IF You ignore the constant Debasement of Paper Money Your only reward will be poverty;

BUT Should you learn that Government promises Everywhere are never kept,

You may discover that only those

Who do not conform to them

Will be able to conserve

What they have.

In RELIGION: – The trend in religion is in full step with the other two Departments discussed aforegoing, Even Pope Paul Vl – the Infallible One, the Vicar of Christ on Earth (?) – is groping for the handle of compromise, apparently much aware of the ancient saying, “If we do not hang together, then we shall hang separately.” To this end a number of feelers have come from him: (1) Perhaps it is right to believe that all true Church members (the consecrated) constitute the Priesthood (some 450 years after the Great Protestant Martin Luther voiced this great Truth to them!). (2) If we have done wrong to our Protestant brethren (?), we should determine what the wrong has been, and seek to make amends. (3) The Jews alone should not be held accountable for the crucifixion of our Lord; it is the responsibility of all mankind. And with this latter admission in the foreground, the Pope now counsels a place for the Jews in the Christian brotherhood; they should be brought to understand that Jesus is Savior of Jew and Gentile alike. Nor is our erstwhile esteemed Brother R, G. Jolly treading one whit behind the “Chiefest of the Chief” apostates (in Big Babylon) – and with That Evil Servant (the Little Pope in Little Babylon); he also is in full accord with Pope Paul, as he now attempts to put the Message of Salvation into Hebrew print in his latest gesture toward the Jew (walking in the footsteps of the ungodly as he joins in “My Lord delayeth”) – to do now what both Brother Russell and Brother Johnson taught would not be accomplished until after Armageddon –­ after the Great Company has been cleansed. (See our paper No. 102 on “Leprous Miriam” And in this he is the more to be condemned, because Pope Paul never had the beneficent Truth teachings of the last two Principal Men, as R. G. Jolly has had over the past 50 years. But all this is in harmony with the Scriptural prophecies, “and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll” (Is. 34:4see Berean Comment).


Once more we quote Brother Johnson’s definition of Combinationism as given in E-9:395 – “By combinationism we mean an illicit union of God’s people with evil persons, principles, things and practices. The consecrated practice combina­tionism when they mix their practices with Great or Little Babylon’s erroneous principles and practices, e.g., introducing clericalistic principles and practices among the consecrated, uniting with them in their studies, services, and characteristics. The justified practice combinationism when they mix their principles and practices with those of the Camp (as example, mixing supposedly tentatively justified Campers Consecrated with the Camp in general–JJH).”

To the foregoing we add from Reprints, p. 5479, col. 2 last par: “Some of us heard God’s voice early in the harvest, and therefore we had the responsibility earlier; some heard later. Some are hearing now about the sins of Babylon – that these sins are about to be punished, and that they should come out and be on God’s side, if they would have Divine favor.”

Note now R. G. Jolly’s proclamation in his December Bible Standard:

“In many areas our visiting ministers can put on attractive Bible film and filmstrip showings... These are very suitable for churches, for Sunday Schools.. missions.”

When That Servant was conducting his Attestatorial Service in 1914-16 he positively refused to show the Photo Drama in churches even when they requested it, saying he did not wish to appear to be placing his endorsement upon them (See E-14: 35). The present “cleansed” Levite does just the reverse – he is actually solicit­ing the churches to receive him and his (he is inviting them instead of refusing their invitation, as did That Faithful and Wise Servant). Is it any wonder that over nine years of his Attestatorial Service have proven such a dismal failure – ­whereas, the truly “cleansed” conductor of the Photo Drama had phenomenal success with his Attestatorial Service in two short years? Just one more instance of R. G. Jolly’s revolutionism against Parousia-Epiphany teachings.

Following further with the quotation from page 5479 (written in June, 1914):

“The days that are almost upon us (just six weeks before World War One began-!JJH) will surely bring ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth’ to many of the Lord’s people... It is the desire to further sound out this present message (to “come out of her” – ­instead of joining in service with her, as R. G. Jolly is now attempting to doJJH) that has led us to the production of the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION” (the Filmstrips R. G. Jolly is trying to show in Big Babylon now is a parallel to the Photo-Drama. R. G. Jolly contends–JJH).

From the foregoing, it requites no argument that the Attestatorial Service of the Fully Faithful Little Flock was for the very purpose of separating Gods people from Babylon; whereas, the present prolonged Attestatorial Service states its purpose to be just the reverse – TO COMBINE WITH BABYLON! And the most guilty of all in this latter respect is the self-admitted “cleansed” leader in Little Babylon; he leaves none of his adherents in ignorance as to his intentions: he himself announces he is ready enough to combine with Babylon if Babylon is willing to combine with him!

“Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee, saith the Lord.” Certainly, the Great Company leaders in Little Babylon are more responsible than their colleagues in Big Babylon, because of the greater light that has been theirs. And Brother Russell says of such, “They are about to go into a great time of trouble, and it will be their own fault.” Their works will be burned in the general conflagration. As Brother Russell says of such in Reprints p. 4036, col. 2, top:

“Not faithful to their covenant of sacrifice, the Azazel Goat Class are not counted worthy to escape those things coming on the world, and hence will have their portion with the hypocrites.”

These people are reasonably well described by R. G. Jolly himself in his December Bible Standard, page 93, col. 1, under his caption “THE SINNERS”; but in none of his expressions does he pointedly designate them as the Great Company, the Azazel Goat Class, or as crown-losers, as Brother Russell and Brother Johnson so pointedly set out, and teach. If R. G. Jolly were the “cleansed” Levite that he claims to be, then he wouldn’t fail to make clear to his Great Company brethren – especially in Little Babylon – the Epiphany Truth, and exposures, substantiated by the Scriptures that Brother Johnson so faithfully gave to us for their help and enlightenment. But this kind of work would not be popular, of course – would not endear him to the “large Company” that he is seeking as a following for his sect – doing just any kind of work other than what the Lord would have him do – just as “one that beateth the air.” (1 Cor. 9:26; See also Manna Comments for January 14)


In his last paper R. G. Jolly again berates the “sifter” on pages 84-88, the same containing more than the usual number of “Great Companyish falsehoods” (see E-10:225, par. 1), in which many of the citations he offers actually disprove his claims, rather than support them. In this he probably reposes in the truism that “You can fool some of the people all the time,” and that many of his readers are too “sleepy” to concern themselves with verifying his references. We shall concern ourselves with just one of his statements – the one on page 88, col. 2, par. 3, where­in he attempts defense of our attack on his new tract, “Earth’s Theocratic Government! Here he states, “Obviously space in such a short tract would not permit, nor would it be tactful to go into such details with the public.” Yet when he first mentioned this tract in the July 1963 Bible Standard he made it very clear that this tract was for only one section of Little Babylon – namely, the Jehovah’s Witnesses (the same as his tract with their name mentioned): “These leaflets are intended... not for general distribution.” Just what is his difference between “the public” and “general distribution”? Of course, here again, there is a chance he is so befuddled by Azazel that he doesn’t now remember what he published in July; in any event, his two state­ments are a direct contradiction of each other. Is it any wonder the “sifter” finds so much “fault” with him? And to this we add the sage observation of That Servant in Reprints p. 5390, col. 2, last par., “The spirit of error would be the power, or influence, of falsehood.” This spirit we find working today in all three groups we now discuss; and especially is this true in RELIGION. To burn “heretics” at the stake, or execute them in other heinous fashion, is no longer permissible in our enlightened day; thus, name-calling (“sifter,” “shyster,” and the like) and falsehood are the only refuge of errorists in our times. It is little wonder he did not even have this tract on display at the Philadelphia Convention – after our exposure of it (See our No. 99, Sept. 1963 paper, pp. 5-8).

Having no wish to waste “profusion of words” against R. G. Jolly’s falsehoods in his last venomous attempt, we merely cite again Brother Johnson’s teaching in E-11:591 as follows:

“There is a threefold set of antitypes of the tabernacle type: (1) the Gospel­Age antitype, (2) the Epiphany antitype and (3) the Millennial-Age antitype. ONLY ONE OF THESE THREE ANTITYPES OPERATES AT A TIME,”

Therefore, we now ask R. G. Jolly once more: Which Tabernacle antitype is operating at present? A clear answer from him on this will make readily available a clear refu­tation of the bedlam he is now offering. And again we stress, A place in the taber­nacle type represents a condition in the antitype. Therefore, what condition is represented by his present antitypical Camp? We realize he is afraid to answer these two questions, because then his “folly will be made manifest to all.”


In our paper No. 98, P. 1, we quoted from E-5:497 – “Every feature of the Parousia Truth will have been repudiated and attacked by one or another of the sixty groups of Levite leaders.”

We now offer one more corroboration of this teaching by R. G. Jolly’s repudiation of That Servant’s interpretation of Psa. 46, which is best described in the January 1927 PT, p. 11, col. 2, pars. 1-2:

“Thus Bro. Adam’s butcheries (we know of no better word to describe his perversion of these Scrip­tures)... avail nothing in proof of his error that the Church will be delivered com­pletely before Armageddon... This is manifest, among other passages, from Psa. 46, which teaches that not only throughout Armageddon, but also at least in part of the Anarchy, will the Church be in the earth... We marvel that, in the face of so clear a passage, interpreted as above for us by our Pastor, brethren will allow Satan so completely to befuddle them... Surely it can only then be understood when we remember that they are in Azazel’s hands, and therefore cannot think clearly while in that condition.”

Yes, R. G. Jolly has now joined hands with Adam Rutherford (who is now endorsing and distributing the literature of Anglo-Israelism), and is endorsing his “butcheries” – all the while he shouts “sifter” at others as a cover-up for his own deflections.

Let us not forget that Brother Johnson’s explanation of the Epiphany Tabernacle placed crown-retaining New Creatures in the Holy – in harmony with his interpretation of Rev. 22:11. But R. G. Jolly, who now embraces the “butcheries” of Adam Rutherford, has had a complete void in his Holy since October 1950 – four full years before even he contended that the Epiphany, even in its “restricted” sense, had reached its end.

On p. 14 of the same 1927 PT, Brother Johnson adds this: “The above sufficiently proves his (Adam Rutherford’s) views not to be ‘meat in due season.’ 0 Levites, Levites, when will you learn not to draw near to the Holy Vessels and Altar?” –­ as R. G. Jolly has done in a bold attempt to offer his “strange fire” of Campers Consecrated. Yes,

“In the Parousia and in the Epiphany the Truth has been brought by the Lord to the view of the faithful and the un­faithful (those who have built upon Christ as “the sand”JH) – and has been the means of separating them. (E-11:263)

And not only does R. G. Jolly endorse Adam Rutherford’s “butcheries,” but he also, walks in the identical footsteps of his kinsmen Parousia crown-losers, when he advised Brother Roach, of Trinidad, just not to agitate if he did not believe the “strange fire” of Campers Consecrated. Apparently, R. G. Jolly would still welcome him as his representative there had he been willing to bow the knee to such comprom­ise; and a parallel to this is clearly set forth in E-9:579, as Brother Johnson con­trasts the Fully Faithful Brother Russell and the crown-losing leaders early in the Parousia:

“In this they acted as many a nominal-church preacher did during the reaping time when they expressed the desire that various brethren remain in, and help the churches, believing as they wished, only keeping the harvest Truth to themselves.”

When Socrates was ordered to be his own executioner by drinking a cup of Hem­lock, the last words he said before draining the poison cup were, “No evil can come to a good man”! It is just possible he had read Psa. 91:10, “There shall no evil befall thee.” However that may be, God’s faithful people have the sure promises of Psalms 91; and our New Year’s wish to all our readers is that this may be their strong assurance throughout 1964. Also, we acknowledge with grateful appreciation the many Holiday greetings and well wishes that have come to us, and we reciprocate them in kind, wishing for all that “thou mayest prosper, and be in health, Beloved”! (1 John 2)

Sincerely your brother, John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Fred E. Blaine Again

November 2, 1963

To Fred E. Blaine:

In your discourse at Chicago at 3 p.m. October 27 you stated that you and others in the LHMM are the only “cleansed Levites” who are presently retaining and defending the teachings of the Laodicean Stars; and you quoted from E-9:352 – “To repudiate That Servant’s teachings or to put others in their place is equivalent to repudiat­ing God’s teachings, or to put others in their place.” You then stated that the one who is now rejecting Brother Russell’s teaching on the 1,000-yr-reign is actually repudiating God’s teaching. I assume in that statement you were referring to me. If I am wrong in this conclusion, I shall be happy to have you so inform me.

Your comments were very general and indefinite, so I cannot be sure you really know what I actually believe; hence, I shall explain: It is my belief that our Lord returned in 1874, and that He then immediately began to take to Himself His great power, the first move being the start of “binding the strong man,” the same proceed­ing and continuing for 1,000 years to 2874, at which time “Satan shall be loosed for a little season.” But it is also my contention that the statement in Rev. 20:4 – ­“They (the 144,000) lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years” – could not possibly begin at 1874 because not even one of the 144,000 was then living and reigning with Christ. Now, if you have any reference from Brother Russell that says I am wrong in this, will you please give it to me in the enclosed stamped envelope. I assume you have enough “love of the Truth” – and enough regard for your own personal integrity – ­that you will be very pleased to send me your proof, if you have it, of your public declaration.

You have made public expression that you will not engage in controversy with a “sifter”; but your conduct in Chicago on October 27, 1963, now puts the lie to your contention, and clearly reveals you follow the technique of your “cleansed” leader R. G. Jolly: You don’t hesitate at all to engage in controversy from a Convention platform, where you are the only controversialist who is allowed to speak, and where you are sure you will be safe. But, with many miles now separating you from this “Proven sifter” (your own words here), where you may be sure you are safe in Chicago in your own warm little bed, perhaps you will be brave enough to give me written answer to just one more small question:

Brother Russell and Brother Johnson both clearly and definitely explained from Psalms 46, and from the Samson type (see Berean Comment an Judges 16:30), and from Matt. 5:14 (see Berean Comment), that at least some of the Saints will remain on earth until after Armageddon (Brother Johnson says any one who disputes this is surely “befuddled by Azazel”). Therefore, will you now please let me know if you, as the “cleansed” Levite you claim to be, are retaining this set of teachings by the Laodicean Stars, or are you in fact repudiating them, and thus “repudiating God’s teachings”? (quoted from your own reference in E-9:352)

I await your prompt response, Sincerely, (Signed) John J. Hoefle

Our Comments on the foregoing letter:

It should occasion no surprise that we never received an answer to the fore­going. Clearly enough, Fred Blaine – like his leader R. G. Jolly – is ready enough with his “profusion of words” so long as he is sure he’ll be safe, as is the case with all ‘hollow’ men; But

Hollow men, like horses hot at hand,

Make gallant show and promise of their metal;

But when they would endure the bloody spur,

They fall their crests, and, like deceitful jades,

Sink in the trial…

We impress our readers once more with the fact that at no time have we attacked publicly any of the lesser lights in the LHMM until they first attacked us. And even so, we do this not in the spirit of personal self-defense (although our office of General Elder would prompt us any time to resist slander), because we believe that those who have known us over the years are well convinced that our own integrity needs no defense – our good works and good character have been openly manifest to all.

Even in the case of J. W. Krewson, we made no public attempt against him until he himself forced the issue. However, in his case, we would have been obligated to expose his errors, which he addressed to the General Church in usurping the office of General Elder – although in attacking R. G. Jolly’s presentations, we were largely refuting much J. W, Krewson is presenting, because in many instances they are defending the same perversions, revolutionisms and “strange fire.” And we realized, too, that J. W. Krewson probably would not be so far in his “path of error” had it not been that R. G. Jolly gave him his first impetus by accepting his flattering parallels, etc., and publishing his errors in the Present Truth – which now leaves R. G. Jolly in the ‘odd’ position of defending J. W. Krewson’s errors, while attack­ing him for attempting to ‘profit’ himself through his errors.

However, in none of this have we derived any pleasure. “Love rejoiceth not in iniquity”; and, as “God hath no pleasure in the death of the wicked,” so also have we experienced only anguish of heart and mind as we observe formerly esteemed brethren revolutionizing against the Truth that once sanctified them. And, were it only a matter of our own sentiments, we would even now ignore their doings – considering them only of trifling worth; but we realize there are the sheep to be considered and pro­tected; hence, our open exposure of such perverters. If they keep their error to themselves, then they have little to fear from us. But, when we do determine they need some public attention, we try to do it well.


­Epiphany Bible Students Ass’n

Dear Sirs: I take great pleasure to address you on the eloquent way in which you give the definition to “What is the Soul.” I was fortunate enough to obtain one, and after reading it I have passed it on to others. Each and every one is delighted with its explanation. May it please you to send me copies of The Resurrection, The Three Babylons, and Where are the Dead.

I remain Yours truly, ------- (TRINIDAD)


Dear Brother Hoefle: - Grace and Peace!

Thank you for the continued monthly papers we gladly receive. They are soul satisfying, and we thank the Lord for your faithful witness and service. Throughout the earth there is much turmoil & trouble of various kinds, and we can expect more... As we have been twice cast out – once by the Society and now again by R. G. Jolly, we, too, have had similar experience – yet we rejoice also that our fight is the “good fight” of faith, its principles of Truth and righteousness... Sister ------- joins me in love to you, Sister Hoefle and all of like precious faith with whom you meet. (see October 25 Manna & Comments) by His Grace, ------- (ENGLAND)