by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 102

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

In Numbers 12 there is related the case of Miriam leprous, and the reason she was thus afflicted. As all Truth people know, leprosy is a type of sin. When a member of Israel became completely leprous, he then typed Adamic depravity – “from the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrefying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment (oil, see Margin).” – Isa, 1:6 Thus, of the human family it is correctly written, “There is none righteous (free from antitypical leprosy); no, not one.” But, when an Israelite became leprous in spots – as was true of Miriam – that was a type of Great Company uncleanness; just another way of saying they have “spots” on their robes, which must needs be ‘‘washed and made white by Great Tribulation” – Rev. 7:14. Such “spots” have had wide variety, some being gross immor­ality, as evidenced by the one described in 1 Cor, 5:1-5; and some due to errors of teaching and practice. As Brother Johnson has said of these in E-15:525 – Some lost their crowns by the skin of their teeth; others escaped the Second Death by a similar margin (and it is quite possible for the very ones who lost their crowns by the skin of their teeth to also escape Second Death by a similar margin – or to even not escape it: It is the New Creature of this secondary class that is in danger of the ‘sorer’ punishment (Heb. 10:29). And in between these two extremes are to be found innum­erable variations,

The name Miriam means “rebellion of the people,” which gives us the clue to the antitype of her specialized leprosy. She was not leprous from head to foot, but just in glaring spots – typical of those “spots” on the robes of certain Great Company members during this Age; and especially so at its end – the same being “rebellion” – an indica­tion they have succumbed to the sixth Slaughter-Weapon Man (Ez. 9:2) of Revolutionism, a revolt, or casting aside of teachings and arrangements which they once accepted as Truth. In this “rebellion” Miriam is simply a companion type, from slightly differ­ent viewpoint, of King Saul, who also was guilty of “rebellion” – (l Sam. 15:23). King Saul types crown-lost leaders from about the second or third century A.D. up to Armageddon in direct defiance of antitypical Moses – which leaders would include all those in Little as well as in Big Babylon; whereas, Miriam types such leaders in their fault-finding and disputatious relations to antitypical Moses (as was true of R. G, Jolly, et al, in 1938). Let us keep in mind also that Jambres (2 Tim. 3:7) means “rebellious” ; thus, this evil quality is reflected in many types.

Another instance of leprosy in spots is recorded of King Uzziah in 2 Chron. 26:16-21, where it is written that he was afflicted with leprosy “in his forehead,” and that he was such “unto the day of his death” (v. 21). In this he was typical of That Evil Servant, who became incurably worse in his erroneous teachings (the, “strange fire” he offered at the Lord’s altar) – leprosy in his forehead. It was this type that first apprised Brother Johnson that JFR was beyond hope, after which his attacks upon him became much more pronounced and caustic, knowing that in due course he would join with Judas and his class and “go to his own place” – the “place” of no return (Acts. 1:25).


During Miriam’s humiliation and punishment for “speaking against my servant Moses” she was banished to the wilderness; and on this she is close companion to Azazel’s Goat (Lev. 16:8 – Margin), which also was sent away into the wilderness (Lev. 16:20-22). But the distinguishing difference in the two pictures is that Miriam types crown-losing leaders in their New Creatures; whereas, Azazel’s Goat types ALL crown-losers in their humanity. It should be noted that the Israelites – ­or any others – did not add to Miriam’s distresses; they merely stood aloof until her cleansing had been completed – a very decided contrast to the treatment of Azazel’s Goat (in which a more direct and personal contrast will be shown later in this article). The latter (Azazel’s Goat) was sent into the wilderness “ unto a land not inhabited” –­ placed completely at the mercy of predatory insects and animals, thus picturing the destruction of the fleshly) minds of crown-losers at the hands of persecuting persons under very adverse conditions (even to the loss of some of their humanity in service of Azazel) – “delivered unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh (fleshly mind) that the spirit (New Creature) may be saved.” (I Cor. 5:5) In Miriam’s case the leprosy was sufficient affliction in itself – nothing more being necessary for the purpose when that was the only condition (as was true with R. G. Jolly in 1938 when he was exposed in his evils and manifested as a crown-loser – and the people stood “aloof” – even those of his own kinsmen because of fear they, too, would be contaminated – manifested as crown-losers. See E-10:646, par. 1. At that time he was not fully abandoned to Azazel; he only had Priestly fellowship withdrawn from him: He still had the brotherly fellowship and favor of the World’s High Priest–and, fortunately, its restraint).


Having offered the generalities, we now consider some individuals of our Epi­phany Day, chief of whom is R. G. Jolly. He himself admits openly and readily that he is a crown-loser; and the record in E-10:645,646 clearly sets him out also as a member of antitypical Miriam. In the incident there related, he and two other crown losers not only openly “spoke against my servant Moses,” but they actually attempted to seize control of the Lord’s Mouthpiece – the Epiphany Messenger. R. G. Jolly in submitting to this attests his full agreement to the type at that time. Thus, we need no further proof in his case. His disputation in that situation was a revolu­tionism against Parousia-Epiphany Arrangements; but we now consider some of his revolutionisms against Parousia-Epiphany Truth since his complete Abandonment to Azazel, since which time he has lost the brotherly fellowship and help of the World’s High Priest (at the time of his untoward experiences in 1938 he lost only Priestly fellowship: He didn’t lose the help and favor, and restraint, of the Epiphany Messenger; he was not disfellowshiped). On p. 156, Vol. 9, we have this:

“Miriam’s joining the people of Israel in journeying types the Great Company, especially in its leaders, doing the clean work that will be theirs AFTER THEIR CLEANSING – building the Epiphany Camp, first, from among the nominal-church believers after the nominal church is destroyed (in Armageddon-­JJH) and, second, from among fleshly Israel after they look upon Him whom they pierced and mourn for it.”

Note especially that Brother Johnson says the Epiphany Camp will be built AFTER THE NOMINAL-CHURCH IS DESTROYED – after Armageddon (because it is Armageddon that will destroy the nominal church systems); whereas, R. G. Jolly now says it should be done BEFORE Armageddon – and that it should be filled up partially with Consecrated Epi­phany Campers (while Bro. Johnson says it will be filled with the believing and re­pentant, BUT UNCONSECRATED Jews and Gentiles) – and he is proceeding to attempt to do it! Thus, he displays a similarity to That Evil Servant, who said in his heart, “My Lord delayeth,” as he now displays open continuance of his determination to “speak against my servant Moses” (with the same evils he portrayed in 1938, together with additional evils of Azazel’s Goat when they remain very unfaithful – which will continue to be so until he submits to the Truths that will cleanse him, and thus seeks to extricate himself from Azazel’s clutches). In this he also manifests before all his continual “leprous” condition.

Note further Brother Johnson’s comment in E-9:156 (63): “That journey (from Hazeroth, see Num. 12:16 – JJH) was taken to Paran, which we already have seen represents the Kingdom (Num. 10:12, Vol. 8, Chapter 10). Hence in the antitype Miriam will be in the antitypical journey, among other things, engaging in her work of gathering Gentile and Jewish believers into the Epiphany Camp (the Epiphany in the finished picture – JJH), which is the final Gospel-Age growth in grace, knowledge and service – ­when the cleansed Levites will be decidedly less sectarian than they now are.”


R. G. Jolly repeatedly stresses Brother Johnson’s statement in E-10:114, “for Gospel-Age purposes,” in support of what he is now doing; but here Brother Johnson tells us the final Gospel-Age purpose will be the construction of the Epiphany Camp AFTER ARMAGEDDON. Thus, here again he continues to “speak against my servant Moses” ; and here again he joins with those who say in their hearts, “My Lord Delayeth.” There is a pronounced difference in one respect of the Miriam type and the Azazel Goat type: Miriam will still continue as a type after she is cleansed; while, after the Great Company’s wilderness experience in the Azazel Goat picture, they will cease altogether to be known as the Azazel Goat Class – they will be cleansed (their fleshly minds be destroyed by their wilder­ness experience while in the clutches of Azazel).

When the Apostle Paul said, “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” in 1 Tim. 2:12, we might also add from the teaching of the Miriam type, in which she tries to usurp the office of Pastor and Teacher – and “speak against my servant Moses” : “I suffer not a Great Company leader to usurp the office of Pastor and Teacher – attempt ‘to teach’ the General Church by bringing forth new doctrine, or to interpret types differently than the Star Members have faithfully taught.”


On p. 79, col. 1 of the Sept-Oct. Present Truth are two letters from Jamaica – ­both of them dealing with the same subject. If either, or both of them, come from R. G. Jolly’s representatives there who, like himself, admit they are crown-losers, then we can well understand the statement that they “cannot see JJH at all as a teacher of the Truth.” This is the attitude of the large majority of crown-losing leaders in the LHMM, much the same as was true of other individuals of other groups regarding Brother Johnson; and the reason is clear enough: Every one of them who now accept R. G. Jolly’s errors is a self-evident member of antitypical Miriam; and every time they teach those errors they by that act “speak against my servant Moses.” These various leaders freely admit they have lost their crowns; but up to now we haven’t found a single one of them who is ready to confess the “besetting sin” that brought about that loss. None of them seem to recognize any willfulness on their part – or “double-mindedness,” with which all Great Company members have been addicted. Perhaps had they come to that point they would be in position to apply the “ cleansing” Truths for their ‘besetments’ (sins) – and seek to cleanse themselves – become the “Cleansed Levites,” which they now claim for themselves. But so long as they profess a lie, as did Saul – “I have performed the commandment of the Lord” (1 Sam. 15:13), and try to conceal their evils, as did King Saul, and continue in them, there can be no cleansing of such crown-losers. Some of these crown-losers in the LHMM received priestly as well as brotherly fellowship from Brother Johnson until his demise. But when R. G. Jolly persuaded them to accept his edict – Last Saint gone – they also acknowl­edged they were crown-losers. They were willing to do this by R. G. Jolly’s assur­ance that they were still the ‘highest’ class on earth; that the Lord would amelio­rate their position by giving them “great works” under his – R. G. Jolly’s – supervision. He taught that the full abandonment process wasn’t necessary for them (as ‘good’ Levites), but only applied to ‘bad’ Levites! By these ‘assurances’ R. G. Jolly completely repudiated the Epiphany Messenger’s teaching on the Abandonment Process for both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Levites as set out in E-15:525 and other places.

Nor do we expect any of that Class, in their present condition, to appreciate the Star Member’s teaching thereon, that we have been upholding, defending and pre­senting; and we can well appre­ciate the statement – they “cannot see JJH at all as a teacher of the Truths” so long as he presents these faithful and true teachings. It is not every Truth that the Great Company “receives not in the love of it” , but rather the exacting Truths that require more of them than they are willing to give–the Truths that reprove their evil course and require faithfulness to their vows. So far as we know, none of these leaders (in the LHMM) admit they are a part of antitypical Miriam; none of them admit they are a part of anti­typical Saul; and none of them admit the Truth on the abandonment-to-Azazel process (as applic­able to themselves), as taught by the Epiphany Messenger in numerous places and repeatedly pointed out in our writings – particularly in E-15:525. The Scriptures clearly describe certain “ besetting sins” of crown­lost leaders, some of which are described in the Miriam and Saul types (yet they “admitted not the love of the truth in order that they might be saved” – 2 Thes. 2:10, Dia.): (1) A desire to be somebody great, with more powers than the Lord has appointed as their official powers (E-4:277); (2) Double-mindedness – “unstable in all his ways” (Jas. 1:8). All crown-lost leaders have these two “besetting sins,” although all crown losers don’t necessarily have to be power-graspers – but all have double minds.

Thus, all of them continue to “speak against my servant Noses.” And since we have been stressing these subjects, it is no surprise at all that these crown-losing leaders in the LHMM as a solid group “cannot see JJH at all as a teacher of the Truth.” The same class of people in Big Babylon could not see Brother Russell as a “teacher of the Truth” either – nor should this occasion any surprise, considering the exposures he made of them. The Scribes and Pharisees (a prototype of crown-lost leaders) could not see Jesus as a “teacher of the Truth” – and they crucified Him! And, when we consider 2 Thes. 2:10,11 this is readily understandable, and has prompted the follow­ing from Brother Johnson:

“The Bible is made up so as to give the faithful the kind of teaching calculated to help them trialfully, as it is also intended to stumble the unworthy.” (To stumble those who build on “Christ as the Sand” – Matt. 7:24-27–JJH)

When the Crofts Hill Class in Jamaica so decidedly forsook him in 1957, R. G. Jolly quickly sent in his “ heavy artillery” (the outstanding Jamaican leaders) to win them back. At that time dear Sister Condell (widow of Brother Condell, Brother Johnson’s faithful representative there for many years) and other proven brethren there quickly and decisively put all those leaders to flight; and she wrote especially of one of these self-admitted Jamaica-crown-lost leaders, ‘‘He is blind as a bat!”


The sins of Miriam were twofold: Fault-finding and power-grasping for equality with Moses: ‘‘Hath the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses? Hath he not spoken also by us?” (A most striking antitype of this is to be found in the disputations of the ‘good’ Levites with the Epiphany Messenger, when they commanded him to be silent and let them do the talking – See E-10:588, twelve lines from top; also see pp. 584-594 of this same Volume for more of the same.) That is why Brother Johnson could so em­phatically conclude that crown-losers were guilty of leprosy any time they attempted to produce a new doctrine – such as Campers Consecrated, Jonadabs, etc. “The working out of these excepted doctrines (those not worked out by That Faithful and Wise Servant, being the excepted ‘doctrines’ – JJH) is the privilege of the Epiphany Messenger” (E-9:135, top). And that is why he wrote in E-4:276 (32):

“If the leprous garment is woolen, it represents their grasping for power and lording it over the justified in justified respects (such as R. G. Jolly is do­ing with his Epiphany Campers Consecrated – JJH), either in using their office as teachers of error (“strange fire” – such as asking Restitutionists to consecrate before their time-setting given us through antitypical Moses – JJH), or as corrupters of arrangements for serving the justified” (such as misleading them on the time application of Lev. 12, Rev. 22:11 and Moses’ second 40-day stay in the MountJJH).


All during the Age antitypical Miriam has been subject to “strong delusions” (2 Thes. 2:11), but especially so during this Epiphany period; and such delusions have always persuaded them to attempt some great work other than the one the Lord wishes His real Elect to do. Brother Russell realized that the Harvest of the Elect was the primary purpose of his effort, based upon our Lord’s words, “In the time of the Harvest I will say to the reapers.... gather the wheat into my barn.” (Matt. 13:30) The bundling of the tares, and the witness to the world “ for sin, for righteousness, and judgment to come” were merely incidental to the gathering of the wheat. This was also Brother Johnson’s main purpose in the work he did.

Even if we should assume that the “ wheat” (the Little Flock) is now all in the Heavenly garner (which we ourselves do not believe), then there yet remains the “ barley” Harvest (the Great Company) and the Youthful Worthies. But do we find any of the sects in Little Babylon – those led by antitypical Miriam – concentrating on this feature of the Harvest work? No, we do not! Like their kinsmen of the past, they have something more important to do; and one of the main features of their efforts has been their obsession to convert the Jews to Christianity – despite the fact that the Scriptures as explained by the Star Members clearly reveal that this work will not prosper until antitypical Miriam is cleansed in Armageddon.

That Evil Servant was foremost in this “strong delusion” ; and his book, “Comfort for the Jews” contains less of error than anything he ever published. But the actual results of that effort were so abortive that book is seldom, if ever, mentioned any more. He made haste (“my Lord delayeth” ) to create a new effort, thus to divert the minds of his trusting adherents from his failure to convert the Jews.

The Dawns made similar effort; and the result of their effort was also far short of expectations. Some of the more honest and sober of their leaders have admitted as much. Leprous Miriam learns slowly – very slowly.

Nor is R. G. Jolly to be outdone by his kinsmen in this respect. He, too, has concentrated much effort toward conversion of the Jews, despite Brother Johnson’s clear and definite teachings that this work will be fruitful only after antitypical Miriam has been cleansed in Armageddon. His tract with the smiling Jewish countenance on its face received long and profuse praise by him at the Philadelphia Convention a few years back; but up to now we have heard not one word of exultation from him about any Jews being converted by that tract. So he comes up with other ideas –­ he is prolific with ideas, so long as he is able to finance them with other people’s money, somewhat in keeping with St. Paul’s words, “They shall make merchandise of you.” His latest brainchild now is to translate some of his writings into Hebrew for another special effort toward the Jews – before the “due time” – and provided his trusting partisans will supply the necessary funds. Our prediction now is that this effort also will prove abortive, premature, just as we have predicted of his past failures. This member of leprous Miriam (R. G. Jolly) also learns very slowly. And to our readers we offer the counsel that they leave others to be bandied about by R. G. Jolly’s Levitical hokus-pokus, as we ourselves concern ourselves with the Lord’s wish toward the Elect; namely, gathering ourselves and others of like mind into the Heavenly Garner – ever considering that our witness to the unbelief class (Jews or Gentiles) is the least important feature: of our present work in this Harvest time. “The Harvest is the end of the Age” ; the Age has not yet ended-­nor has the Harvest in the broad sense yet ended.


The above-defined “ leprosy” (teaching error to the justified) is further accent­u­­ated on p. 77 of the Sept-Oct. PT, where part of Brother Johnson’s teach­ings are used, and part perverted (Azazel means Perverter) in explaining the typical six sons of Keturah, the third wife of Abraham. The true interpretation of this type, in complete harmony with Brother Johnson’s teachings on the subject, we expect to expound in a future article. But, for now, we simply inform our readers that R, G, Jolly’s faulty unscriptural attempt here is just one more proof of his present “ leprous” condition.


Let us consider now the position of those lesser leaders in the LHMM. Undoubtedly, a number of them seem to be good characters; they were “examples of the believers” under the benign leadership of the Epiphany Messenger; and it is our opinion that not a few of them are being stampeded into “following a multi­tude to do evil” (Ex. 23:2). However, to such we now offer the warning to them from E-1:136, bottom:

“It is these measurably unfaithful Great Company new creatures that Satan found more or less fit instruments for developing the errors of doctrine, practice and organization in Greek and Roman Catholicism and in Protestant Sectarianism. These were by their waywardness, stubbornness and revolutionism (antitypical Miriam “speaking against my servant Moses” – JJH) ... using doubtless ignorantly, their great­est endeavors to advance what actually were the plans of God’s chief enemy – Satan... The same remarks with slight modifications apply to His dealing with those of the Youthful Worthies who are in character much like, as they are also cooperators with, the Great Company (birds of a feather often flock together – JJH).”

“A word to the wise” should be sufficient! And we might add: “He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him: But to them that rebuke him shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them.” (Prov. 24:24-25) Brother Johnson offers this observation of all murmurers and rebellious persons – leaders and ledlings: “Such are being defeated by sins, worldliness and errors. These sting the one who fondles them, even as a host of pursuing bees sting their victim, hurting and poisoning him. Everywhere we look in state, church, capital, aristocracy, labor, private life and Levitism, we witness these terrible defeats on the fallen at the hands of sin, worldliness and error.... And the end is not yet: for during the remainder of the Epiphany such defeats will be their lot. And no matter how greatly they grieve when they learn of their fallen condition, they will not be able to induce the Lord to change his mind into restoring them to their former standing before Him.”

With this comes the prayer that the Holiday Season will bring to our readers “the joys of the Lord.” May the “peace of God, which passeth all understanding... keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus,” which is the assured blessing to faithful Spiritual Israelites who “ continue in His word.”

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



QUESTION: – What will be the condition in the world when Rev. 22:11 is in process of fulfillment?

ANSWER: – If the general and oft-repeated interpretations of Brother Johnson are to be accepted – and we do accept them – then Rev. 22:11 will not see fulfillment until “the night cometh wherein no man can work.” This “ night” had its first fulfillment as World War One broke out, when a complete cessation of the Parousia reaping work occurred in each country as it became involved in that war. And this gives us a clue to the correct application of Rev. 22:11. In our article in this paper we have quoted from Brother Johnson re the fruitful ministry antitypi­cal Miriam will have after Armageddon (the second violent feature of the Epiphany period, as taught by both Messengers). If Rev. 22:11 is to apply at 1954, then Brother Johnson’s Miriam prediction is just so much nonsense. We are in full agree­ment with the interpretation of Rev. 22:11 to be found in E-10:114; even the gener­ality of the Epiphany occurrences also fits with what we now say. There Brother Johnson thought we would experience the beginning of Anarchy by 1956; and that beginning of Anarchy will indeed produce the “night wherein no man can work.” It will then be useless to “exhort the tentatively justified to consecrate and sinners to repent.” Brother Johnson also said all Great Company members would be in the Truth by Passover 1956; and this likewise has certainly not occurred –nor will occur until the time features of the Epiphany produce the condition.

Only one befuddled by Azazel would attempt to distort the interpretation to fit 1954, as R. G. Jolly is now doing. Certainly we are still in the Gospel Age; and Brother Johnson tells us on p. 156 (63) of Vol. 9 that the “ final Gospel-Age growth” of cleansed antitypical Miriam will be the construction of the Epiphany Camp in the finished picture – a general Great Company appeal to the “believing and repentant, but UNCONSECRATED Jews and Gentiles,” in formation of the Epiphany Camp. And it is our thought that Rev. 22:11 cannot possibly apply until that work is completed. At that time “the treader of grapes will overtake him that soweth seed.” (Amos 9:13) This presents a reasonable and harmonious setting, as against the present disjointed attempt of R. G. Jolly. Even he must admit that the great majority of the Great Company are not even now in 1963 in Present Truth; yet he proceeds right on in his determined error as though this had been an accomplished fact at 1956. Here is just one more vivid proof of Brother Johnson’s observation that “Bungling is the usual and natural activity of the Great Company”; and we resign to their fate those who wish to become involved in such “bungling.”

It has been a general characteristic of all Great Company leaders to run ahead of the Lord – to do a ‘work’ not authorized by the Lord while in their uncleansed condition. That is why their works have been largely failure (insofar as faithfulness to His Word and Providences): They did not retain their standing in the High Calling. Their ‘works’ will be burned (I Cor. 3:15 – See Berean Comment), but they will be saved (their New Creature). They built upon Christ as the Sand. But this will be changed when Miriam is cleansed. She will then do a work acceptable to the Lord; her fleshly mind will have been destroyed and she will no longer be “double-minded,” but single-minded – will have the “one mind” that is incumbent upon all who win out in their class standing. (See 1 Pet. 3:8) At that time, Brother Johnson tells us, they will be much less sectarian. They are not counted as a Class as overcomers of sectarianism as the Youthful Worthies are, because they have been largely responsible for ‘sects’ and sectarianism. (Please see E-5:228,229.) Miriam’s cleansing is a thing devoutly to be hoped for!



Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in Jesus Name!

Just a line to thank you for the papers – and I do read them!

Sincerely ------- (CALIFORNIA)


Epiphany Bible Students Ass’n

Dear Brethren: We have heard of your Bible Studies and would like to have more information concerning the studies. Would you please send us the needed information before we send for the Studies. Thank you very much!

Sincerely ------- (CALIFORNIA)



Dear Brother Robertson:

I received an extraordinary lengthy letter dated June 22, 1963, which like all others from you, I would have thrown in the dustbin after reading a couple of lines to get the gist of it, but as I had written you one in connection with your defaulters list of subscribers to Present Truth and Bible Standard, and did not up to then receive your reply, I thought this one was the reply.

However, my first duty is to defend the last two-Star Members’ character –­ by your saying that you taught me certain doctrines and other things, I was just beginning to see from you.... I am a possessor of the V.D.M. certificate, without which nobody could be an elder or pilgrim in the closing Parousia days. Brother Johnson saw mine and trusted me. Secondly, after Bro. Jolly and you made such unwarranted and vicious attacks on me in Nov-Dec. 1962 PT our dearly beloved Bro. Hoefle was kind enough to publish on page eight of May 1, 1963 of his paper a letter from Bro. Johnson lauding me very highly. Mark you, this letter is dated Sept, 13, 1950! Again to prove me a clericalist you say that you did not defend Jehovah’s character at my request the time I had...... disciplined for immorality. Bro. K ------- did it for me, and....... did benefit from it.

You also say that I am claiming to be a Priest when no more are on earth. Look up Epiphany Volume Six, page 412, where Bro. Russell condemned sifters for teaching that the Pyramid gives data to prove the Church’s leaving the earth; look up January 1951 PT, pp. 9-12 where Krewson disobeyed and gave Jolly October 1950, who elsewhere said. God must have some reason for giving Krewson that information, which you now accept because it is from your leader, an Unclean Levite.

You also have the audacity to stress Campers Consecrated to me, a product of Jolly-Krewson brains. They cannot be fitted in the family picture, because the Marriage Supper has not yet taken place – so there can be no children! they do not fit in among the Resurrection of the Just. (Epiphany Vol. 17, page 164, par. 2) See Z 1910, page 4716, par. 8, Jolly’s miserable failure in making types, and you will see that he is daring to be doing the same thing now. What, Is he the 50th Star Member? He is a Usurper!

The notes in your minute book are most unreliable. You show that I made a gift of..... The gift I made was twice the amount you show. You also say that the Class never asked me to inform Bro. Jolly not to send a pilgrim to Trinidad in 1960. I say it did! ‘‘How can ye believe, who receive honour one of another, and seek not the that ‘cometh from God’ only?” You also speak of the office you now hold. I now ask you, what am I do with that? This now recalls to My mind a statement in which Brother Johnson said, “One has to be careful with the definition of an unclean Levite.” So I would be very glad to know what is Bro. Jolly’s defini­tion of the ‘Household of Faith’!

You say that it was officiousness in me to ask Bro. Jolly for a brief history of the minister he is sending to us. I think in this case you are defending your­self, for had the brethren in Surinam not seen your insufficiency they would not have made you take a back seat at their Memorial Supper in 1958. Of course, I have defended the last two Star Members on this point. Surinam matter is your own report.

In your attempt to teach me you have placed yourself in a very ugly position. See Epiphany Volume 10, page 588, eleven lines from top. Campers Consecrated false doctrine is leading you right back from whence I took you in 1941. Cast out of you unclean spirits! Mark well. So as not to belittle you, I told this even to no one, until about 15 years after some one told me about it. I asked how he got to know it, and the person said – “ What, it is no secret! Brother Robertson talks it openly.”

True to history, the one I have done the most for is today crying out “ away with him; crucify him!” I cannot bother to reply to other portions of your letter. It is in the hands of the brethren to read.

You say that you never employed a female in a campaign against me. I say you did! – and when I saw the danger if I had kept silent, I wrote a fairly strong letter, supported by whom I was protecting, secondarily to the Truth, and foiled your effort. You never saw anything like this – your insinuating charge of theft to kill my influence among the brethren, you unwittingly gave your signature proving your falsehood.

In conclusion I tell you that if you care to reply to this letter, and would like me to read it, you must do so through your official organ – your Present Truth. If by any other means I will throw it into the dustbin as I have done with all your other ‘teaching’ letters. Why do you not be consistent and obey your leader’s instructions on page 59, col. 2, par. 1 of July-August 1960 PT? You were a thought – ­let in 1941 and you have dropped right back there now. See Epiphany Vol. 5 -­Miscellany, page 520 (49).

Best wishes, L. F. Roach–July 3, 1963 (TRINIDAD)

NOTE: – We are in hearty accord with what Fred Blaine told the Philadelphia Con­ventioners about Brother Roach – namely, He is most clear in Parousia and Epiphany Truth. Brother Johnson also agrees with us, as is evidenced in his letter to Brother Roach of Sept. 13, 1950 – published in our May 1963 paper, p. 8. We also find Brother Roach humble and meek – “gentle toward all” who are amenable to Right­eousness and Truth. And this accounts for the hearty support he receives from the faithful brethren there in Trinidad who know ‘what manner of man’ he is. However, he is also most vigorous and pronounced against errorists and evil-doers, as is evidenced by his strict requirement of morality in the Church, etc.; and in this he is following in the footsteps of our Blessed Master, and all His faithful foot­step followers – from the Apostles down to the least of His faithful brethren. We well realize such public exposure of evil-doers in the Lord’s House will bring the fury of such misleaders upon him and us, as well as cause us the loss of the friend­ship of many of the “ unstable and the unlearned” – and bring some of the same upon those who fearlessly uphold and support the righteous course of those who stand at the Battlefront. This we can expect if we would be faithful – Matt, 10:25. But “ blessed are we” if we suffer some of the afflictions for the same cause as did Our Lord and His followers who have walked “In His Steps.” (JJH)


Beloved Brethren: – Loving Greetings in our Lord’s Name!

I have enjoyed your letters of Aug. 9 and Sept. 11. They have very good thoughts, which I appreciate the Truth stated in them very much. As you say, we do indeed have the “full assurance of faith” and can “count it all joy,” and the 100% promised the faithful. When I was reading this, it came to my mind what Bro, Russell said in the Watch Tower in 1900 (Reprints 2643), par. 10 –­ “If our hearts are still in harmony with Him” – and down to the end. It seems to me that par. 10 shows us that we still have the “full assurance of faith,” and all par. 12 is all wonderful. But the 10th paragraph came to my mind.

I received the papers Nos. 100 and 101. They are full of wonderful blessings, and soul encouraging satisfying Truth. I can see that the dear Lord is surely guiding you for the way you are defending the Truth.

I could use some more tracts before the winter is fully here. I have some that I intend to put out this week, D.v....... I think the Booklet would be nice.....

I send you all and all with you my Christian love and pray for the Lord to keep you all faithful. We have to look to you now for the Truth – and I thank the Lord for directing me to you.

Your sister in the Truth ------- (PENNSYLVANIA)


Dear Brother Hoefle:

Will you please send me some more tracts – Where are the Dead, The Resurrection, as I am all out just now. Will write later.

Sincere Christian love to you and all the friends...

 ------- (CONNECTICUT)