by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 198

On pp. 61-63 of the July-August Present Truth, R. G. Jolly treats of the above in a Question of General Interest; and in his statements he engages in quite some harangue and vituperation against us for exposing his errors on the subject. He accuses us of contradicting Brother Johnson, although he himself is the one directly guilty of doing just that. Of course, such a course of power-grasping and falsifying leaders is nothing new. The Jewish priesthood accused Jesus and the Apostles of doing the very things they them­selves were doing; the Man of Sin accused Martin Luther and other faithful reformers in like manner; and That Evil Servant accused in similar fashion those who left him. All who are familiar with events among Truth people after 1917 know that JFR accused those who forsook him of being That Evil Servant, of causing divisions among the brethren, etc.; yet these things were all properly placed at his own doorstep. Therefore, it should occa­sion no great surprise to see history now repeating itself; in fact, we should be sur­prised if it did not occur during this last special period of the Gospel Age, when persons, principles and things are being manifested in all quarters.

To offer refutation of the diatribe in this Present Truth we now quote parts from E-4:53-56:

“The people eating, drinking, etc., during the Parousia before the outbreak of the great tribulation; were in their activities likened to the people in the ‘period before the flood in their activities; and the people during the great tribulation are likened in their overwhelming to the people being destroyed during the flood. For these two sets of two activities the expression ‘the days’ is used in Luke 17:26, 27, while in v. 30 the expression ‘day,’ and not ‘days,’ is used to represent the period of the great tribulation. Since according to vs. 26 and 27 the expression, ‘the days of the San of Man,’ is limited to the two periods – the one just before the trouble and the trouble period itself – we conclude that this expression refers to two and only two periods. Since v. 30 refers to the second of these as a day, but such a day as the faithful would not especially desire, because of its sufferings; since v. 22 refers to a day of the Son of Man’s days especially desirable to the Church; since the Parousia as the day of His coming has always been desired by the Church; and since no other than these two days are mentioned in the connection, we conclude from these facts as a second reason, that the expression ‘the days of the San of Man’ refers to two and only two periods....

“The expression, The Time of Trouble, Is used in two senses. In its wide sense it covers the period from 1874 until the end of Anarchy and of Jacob’s trouble. In its narrow sense it covers the period from the beginning of the World War in 1914 until the end of Anarchy and of Jacob’s trouble. It is in the narrow – the second – sense of the term that we use it in our subject. We understand that the special tribulation per­iod and the Epiphany as a period are one and the same thing... The Epiphany and the Time of Trouble are identical...... The World War was in the Epiphany; yea, it was the begin­ning of the Epiphany.... Matt. 26:64 proves that the Epiphany will progress through Revo­lution...... The Nominal Church and the powers of spiritual control – will be destroyed in completion during, yea, early, in the Revolution, and hence will be out of existence before the Anarchy... We will now quote and expound passages that prove that the Epiphany will end with Anarchy and Jacob’s Trouble, i.e., will end with the end of the trouble.”

In all the foregoing there isn’t the slightest hint that the Epiphany will end “in its restricted sense” in 1954, or any other time before it ends fully – at the end of the Time of Trouble. Note also the statement that the “narrow sense” is from 1914 to the end of the trouble. Now, “restricted” and “narrow” mean the same thing according to Web­ster’s dictionary. Why, then, does RGJ inject a word of his own choosing here? Manifest­ly, it is only for the purpose of hoodwinking his unwary readers. If he had used “narrow sense” as Brother Johnson used in the above quotation, even the least alert among his readers would then recognize that the Epiphany Messenger is giving direct contradiction to RGJ’s present contention. Well, let those be hoodwinked by this uncleansed Levite who want it that way. As for us, and our house, we shall “continue in the things we have learned, and been assured of, knowing of whom we have learned them.”


Let us now consider That Servant’s teaching regarding the “times and seasons” of the Second Advent. First, there would come the Parousia (presence) – the small Parousia day; second, the Epiphaneia; and third, the Basileia (Kingdom). All of these are a part of, and run concurrently with the large Parousia Day – the 1000-year-day; but none of them run concurrently with each other; and there is good reason for this. In each of those periods there is a main, though not exclusive, objective. The Parousia was for the purpose of reaping; and that day and that work ended at exactly the same time – Septem­ber 1914. Immediately then the Epiphany appeared (overlapped by a 25-month period) with a threefold main objective: (1) – “To execute upon them (the kings, nobles and people in general) the judgment written”; (2) – to judge “the quick” (2 Tim. 4:1); and (3) – “devour all the earth with the fire of My jealousy” (Zeph. 3:8) in the Time of Trouble starting in 1914, and continuing to the end of Jacob’s Trouble. As soon as the Epiphany arrived all three of these objectives began to operate: Jordan was smitten in 1914-16 (“bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron”—(Psalms 149:8); the “manifestation” of the “quick” in their various classes began to appear; and “the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come.”

The Basileia will have as its main objective Restitution; and it will appear also as soon as “the word of the Lord goes forth from Jerusalem.” As stated above, there was a 25-month overlapping of the Parousia into the Epiphany; but that did not deter in the least the beginning of the Epiphany work exactly on time. Now RGJ is claiming that his Epiphany and Basileia have been overlapping, running concurrently, since 1954, seven­teen years. In proof of his claim, let him point us to just one small item of Restitu­tion work that has been going on since then. On p. 62, col. 1, par. 3, he says this: “God’s faithful had plenty of evidence from Scriptures, reason and facts that the Epi­phany’s first lapping into the Basileia period took place in the Fall of 1954.” (let him give us just one fact to prove what he says.) Then he continues: “The evidences that the Epiphany was ending lappingly in 1954 were more numerous for the Lord’s most devoted watchers living at that time than were the evidences that the Gospel Age was ending in 1874, 1878 and 1881 for the Lord’s most devoted watchers living at these pertinent times.” Yes, all those watchers had back there was the parallel dispensations, the days of Daniel, the chronology, and the no-ransom and infidelism siftings! Just think of it, Brethren, and consider the quality of such a statement. It is little wonder that Brother Johnson wrote of RGJ that he “pours out foolish effusions.” (See E-10:591) Yet, right along with such irresponsible statements, this same RGJ declares himself to be the Pastor and Teacher! “Seducers shall vex worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”(2 Tim. 3:13)

There is a point here well worth noting. Of all the erstwhile Truth people there are only two groups who contend the Basileia (Kingdom) is now with us; namely, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement. Thus, when RGJ embraces the errors of the Witnesses, he is aligning himself with real select company indeed. And the farther we advance into their kingdom the worse things became in the world. Yet, the true teaching concerning the Kingdom says it will “wipe away all tears.” It seems unbelievable that brethren who were once blessed with the logical and sober teachings of the two Messengers could swallow such drivel; and it simply proves that “they re­ceived not the Truth in the love of it, and on this account God will send them an energy of delusion, to their believing the falsehood.” (2 Thes. 2:10,11)


On p. 62, col. 1, par. 1, RGJ again repeats his timeworn statement concerning us: “The fallacies and absurdities in the opposing statements made by the errorist who teaches what the Epiphany Messenger termed ‘sophistry’ on Christ’s Thousand-year reign.” However, on p. 36, col. 1, last par., of the May-June Present Truth he is now teaching this same ‘sophistry’ himself; but it seems he’s so befuddled by Azazel that he doesn’t even recognize his own present “fallacy and absurdity.” When these people fall into the clutches of Azazel they talk all sorts of nonsense; and this is just one more sample of it.

Let us recall that, when we first quoted Brother Johnson in E-17, p. 124, on 1 Cor. 15:24 to prove our point, RGJ came up with the flimsy excuse that a “faulty disc” was responsible for presenting an erroneous thought. Now the question is properly in order: Was that “faulty disc” story just another of RGJ’s “misrepresentations” (See E-10:585), or is he now also disputing his own conclusion on 1 Cor. 15:24 in the May-June Present Truth?

Then, an the same page of the July-August Present Truth, col. 2, top, he says this: “We pray for him (JJH, that is) whatever mercy God may be pleased to extend to him.” A few years ago at the Philadelphia Labor Day Convention, he was attempting to inflame his deluded devotees in his “avoid them” policy – to be sure none of them might hear some devastating truth from us – and he made this statement: “You wouldn’t shake hands with the Devil, would you, if you met him on the street?” (Of course, such teach­ing about disfellowshiped brethren is a direct revolutionism against both Parousia and Epiphany teaching, and is in exact duplication of what the Jehovah’s Witnesses also now teach their dupes. They, too, have deluded their sectarian devotees into believing we are the Devil.) However, now RGJ is telling us that, while he wouldn’t shake hands with the Devil, he is still praying for him! His play on words here is self-evidently rank hypocrisy – and some more of his nonsense. But, then, we have learned by now not to be surprised at anything these “double minded” crown-losers may spout forth. Just talk – “you can fool some of the people all the time!”

As we observe the confused and unclear condition of RGJ’s mind, which prompts him to ridicule his own teachings, we would suggest he would be well advised to do all his praying for himself. Of course, when we recall that he had to take refuge to a psy­chiatrist in his confusion in 1938, instead of going to the Lord in prayer, we are once more reminded of his empty and insufficient attempts to help himself, or any one else, in his prayer efforts. All this is in exact keeping with Saul going to the Witch of Endor when he could get no response from the Lord. Saul is a type of the Great Company leaders until Armageddon. (See Epiphany Volume 14, p. 5, published in 1949)

THE 1914-1954 PARALLEL

In his confused condition, RGJ continues to stress the 1914-1954 parallel – a par­allel which doesn’t ‘parallel’ at all. If he has the Truth here, why doesn’t he make a list of the 1914-1916 events, and give us the similar parallel events in 1954-56? That is the way both Messengers always handled such subjects; but he isn’t doing it because he can’t do it; there are no parallel events in 1954-56. He says we are silent on Scriptures he offers; but not a one of those Scriptures he cites even hints at a 40 ­year day. The parallel is all he has; and that parallel has produced just nothing. He stresses Luke 17:22,26-30, as Brother Johnson also did; but Brother Johnson clearly states that the Scripture proves the Epiphany is from 1914 to the end of Jacob’s Trouble.

Note E-4:15 (bottom) and p. 16: “A gradual epiphanizing since 1914 will increase and finally come to a climax at the end of the Epiphany (nothing said here about a ‘restricted’ sense—JJH) – the end of the time of trouble.” And further in E-4:51:

“The Epiphany is called a day, notably Luke 17:22-30, and thus proves equal to the Parousia in duration, we infer (emphasis by Brother Johnson) that the Epiphany is a period of forty years.... we think it reasonable to look for the Epiphany to begin to end in 1954 with a probable overlapping of two years and one month into the Basileia Kingdom.”

The small Parousia day came to a complete end in 1916. Yet RGJ now has his Epi­phany day continuing right on for seventeen years – with no suggestion for a time of its ending. Yet he insists he has a parallel here! Any one with even a smattering of Present Truth knows the Epiphany did not begin to end in 1954. In fact, it has done just the reverse; it has intensified since that date, as can be seen by the overthrow of the Government in Cuba, the drastic deterioration of the capitalistic system all over the world, the devastating riots in the United States, etc.

RGJ claims the Lord has been dealing with the world since 1954 – when his “Basileia” begins. Can he point to one physical incident to prove that? Or is he once more just using his Grimm’s-Fairy-tale imagination here? The Lord began to deal with the world in a small beginning in 1874, when the Time of Trouble in its wide sense began. He dealt with the world in a much more pronounced manner in 1914, when the Time of Trouble in its narrow sense began – when also its violent features became apparent to all the watchers. Also, all the saints came into Present Truth within about 18 months after September 1914. Is there the slightest reason whatever to believe all the Great Company came into Present Truth in 18 months after September 1954?

When Brother Johnson died in 1950, RGJ was ready enough to declare that his expected stay with us until 1956 was based only upon a parallel which did not materialize. And in this he was quite right. But the expectation of Armageddon and Anarchy by 1956 was also based just upon the same parallel, which did not materialize either. All of these things demonstrate very clearly that there was no such parallel then. If there is excuse for one part of the mistake, there is excuse for all of it.

In all of this RGJ is determined to make his “strange fire” (false doctrine) of Campers Consecrated prevail. And as usual when any one “gazes,” he is forced to cast aside all logic and much salient Truth he once embraced. We remind our readers of his 27 mathematical calculations in the January 1947 Present Truth, which ‘proved’ the 1956 parallel; but he was ready enough in 1950 to conclude (without confessing his errors to the brethren, however) that the 1956 parallel he had so minutely produced in 1947 was just no parallel at all; it was pure Jambresian folly! But this did not deter him from again producing other intricate mathematical calculations to ‘disprove’ his previous calcula­tions of three short years ago – and just about three months after the Epiphany Messenger’s demise (when all priestly help and favor was withdrawn from him: he was no longer hindered by such, even as JFR was no longer hindered after That Servant’s death), and to ‘prove’ – or make way – for further manipulations and plans. But self-evidently, he cannot produce further ‘parallels’ for his extended overlapping, anymore than he can produce his ‘parallel’ for 1954-56. Or will he try?

All of us know that Brother Russell made mistakes in forecasting deliverance of the Church, the end of the time of trouble, and the establishment of the Kingdom in Israel in 1914, etc., just as all God’s people have done over the Gospel Age; but, when time itself proved his conclusions wrong, he did not then continue to insist that it did hap­pen, and that he was right. Only the ‘foolish’ would do this – See Matt. 7:24-27, also Epiphany Vol. 5, Chapter 7. Instead, great and humble man that he was, he himself cor­rected those mistakes even before 1914 – although some of the crown-losers (‘foolish’ breth­ren) then living (such as A. H. MacMillan) continued to preach the error right up to the Fall of 1914 – in much the same manner as RGJ has been proclaiming 1954. Had Brother Johnson lived to 1954, we may be sure he too, would have corrected his erroneous con­clusions and mistakes – just as he corrected the mistake he made re Armageddon in 1934, which he had based upon the spurious ‘earthquake’ of Matt. 27:52-54. (See E-5:358-64)

The Epiphany night that followed the Jewish Harvest has lasted for more than 1800 years, so it had no time relation whatever to the 40-year day of the Jewish Harvest. And any one not befuddled by Azazel would readily recognize that some changes in time and calcu­lation are now necessary for 1954-56 for the parallel that has not paralleled. All those Scriptures cited by RGJ from Brother Johnson’s writings simply prove that the Epi­phany and the Time of Trouble are identical – even as That Servant taught also; but not a one of them offers any hint of the duration of the Time of Trouble. The only fact we now have – from the chronology and the signs of the times, etc. – is that it began in 1914. And this is in keeping with what That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger have faithfully taught: prophecies of future dates cannot be fully understood until we are in them, when they are a trial time for the Lord’s people – and many times they cannot be understood until they are finished.

In our paper on The Third Watch we presented the deduction that the first Watch was from 1874 to 1914 (forty years), the second Watch from 1914 to 1954 (forty years), and the third Watch is from 1954 to 1994 (forty years). But on the 1994 date we of­fered no positive conclusions, although we inferred that Armageddon, Anarchy and Jacob’s Trouble would take place some time in that third watch – just as Brother Johnson offered no positive conclusions on the details of 1954: he, too, “inferred” that Anarchy would be here by 1956, if the parallel worked out for the 40-year Epiphany period; but it didn’t work out – so his ‘inference’ was wrong. Any babe in the Truth should be able to see that. Even others not befuddled by Azazel can see that certain events that were predicted didn’t turn out when time itself makes it clear. And, when RGJ can’t see it, it simply reveals to all of us the confused condition of his mind at present.

Once more we direct attention to the fact that only two groups that originated in the Truth Movement now claim we are in the Basileia, the Kingdom. They are the Witnes­ses and the Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement. The one difference between them is their time setting. That Evil Servant has his Kingdom beginning in 1914; whereas, RGJ has his Kingdom beginning in 1954 – exactly forty years later. Here indeed is a parallel based upon fact; and any one with a parallel that fits with that Evil Servant’s conclu­sion should derive great satisfaction in his accomplishment. And with both those ‘King­doms’ that are now presented to us the world has become progressively worse – somewhat similar to the counterfeit kingdom of the Papacy – but the Scriptures clearly teach us that the world will become progressively better once the true Kingdom is established.

Let us now take a further look at Luke 17:20-30: Verse 26 says, “As it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man.” RGJ offers this again as ‘proof’ that the Parousia and Epiphany days here in the end of the Age would be of equal length, so we inquire – Were the days of Noah of equal length. The days of Noah represent two periods of time, the one “while the ark was preparing,” when the people ate, drank, and were merry; and the second period of time is the one when the rain came “and destroyed them all.” This latter was a period of forty days (symbolic of a trial time); but the former was many times more than forty days. Surely RGJ is not contending that during the 40 years up to 1954 and the seventeen years up to the present has “destroyed them all”! Thus, there is no time relation whatever to the two days. The time that Noah was building the ark, typed the 40-year Gospel Harvest ­but there is no Scripture to indicate what length of time he was building the ark. Therefore, if the “days of the Son of Man” are of like character, we need expect no time relation here either. RGJ himself admits we are still in the Epiphany day – some fifteen years longer than his Parousia day, even allowing for the 25-month overlapping. Therefore, to contend that these days are parallels in time is self-evident nonsense.

As stated, the first day of Noah, when the ark was being built, was self-evidently many times longer than the second day. The ark was 300 cubits long. If we use the 25” cubit for calculation, that would make the ark 625 feet long; and nobody of sound mind would contend that Noah and his three sons could complete such a structure in 40 days –33 days, because it was ready for occupancy seven days before the rain began to fall. (Gen. 7:7) Although we have nothing definite on how long it did require to build it, it must have been a matter of years, rather than days or months.

The following quotations pose a few questions: “The fallen angels and the new creatures will be judged – separated (Matt. 25:31,32) – during the Epiphany. Scrip­ture, reason and facts prove that during the war (1914-1918) this separation between the new creatures – the Little Flock and the Great Company – began. However, since this is an Epiphany work, according to this passage, the Epiphany was here during the World War; but other Scriptures show that this separation will continue during the Revolution. Probably it will continue until the early part of Anarchy.” (E-4-57) Does RGJ believe this statement, or is this another Epiphany teaching against which he is revolutionizing to make way for his “strange fire” (false doctrine) of Epiphany Con­secrated Campers?

Then, further on p. 59: “Col. 3:4, compared with other Scriptures, teaches that the Epiphany and its work are progressive, having in the War their small beginnings, and in the Revolution their growth and development and reaching at the end of Anarchy and of Jacob’s trouble their grand climax.... This climax is so overshadowingly impor­tant that our Pastor placed by far the most emphasis upon it when treating of the Epi­phany work.” Here again we ask, does RGJ believe what both Messengers taught on the Epiphany? If he does, how can he contend that the Epiphany ended in “a restricted sense” in 1954, when all of this “overshadowingly important Epiphany work” is still future?

Again on p. 65 (63) we are told that during the Epiphany the Lord will be revealed to the Great Company and the Youthful Worthies as their cleanser and deliverer. Has even a good fraction of the Great Company and the Youthful Worthies yet recognized this, or is this still future? And, if it is still future, in what sense has the Epiphany ended in “a restricted sense,” other than RGJ’s “non”-sense?

Let us now inquire into the manner of man who is presently teaching that the Epi­phany has ended in “a restricted sense.” He admits he is a crown-loser, a member of the Great Company, ejected from the Holy and the enlightening features of the golden candlestick. And of such there is this to be found in E-4:87:

“They have accepted and spread various false doctrines (such as Jonadabs, Campers Consecrated, justification outside the linen curtain, etc.—JJH). They have developed sectarian systems (ever ready to disfellow­ship those who will not accept their errors—­JJH).... Their course toward the Lord, the Truth and the remainder of the Lord’s people has not been a praiseworthy one. (p. 93, top) Through false teachings they have corrupted the wells of the Truth. (pp. 93-97)... The errors that they cherish leave their hearts cold and weak and their heads confused and deceived.” (p. 94, top)

And of such the Berean Comment on Matt. 25:30, discussing the “unprofitable ser­vant” described above, says they eventually experience “sorrow, disappointment and cha­grin in every sense.” And in all of this we wish to have no part whatever!

“For thy loving kindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth. I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissemblers.... Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honor dwelleth.” (Psalms 26:3,4,8)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



QUESTION: – Should Brother Jolly be condemned and rebuked for calling you a “sifting” errorist,” etc.?

ANSWER: – He should not be rebuked if he is telling the truth. In fact, if he is telling the truth, then he would be subject to criticism if he did not make such exposure. Both Messengers often attacked sifters, mentioning them by name, telling us it was their duty to do so; and with this thought we ourselves are in complete harmony. It is only by that method that they could “take heed to all the flock” (Acts 20:28), as St. Paul admonished all faithful “overseers” to do.

However, if he is not telling the truth, then he is guilty of gross slander, assassination of character. And, “By this standard every slanderer is a murderer” (1 John 3:15, Berean Comment). And any who aid and abet him in his evil course would become a partaker of his sins. Also, let us not forget that most of the real reform­ers during the Age, who were “set for the defense of the Gospel,” were vilified and slandered by the real culprits in the controversy. We have only to consider the case of Martin Luther and the Papacy, and That Servant and the renegades of Babylon, to see this matter fully in its real perspective.

The question then properly arises, How shall we know who is the guilty one in such conflicts? The answer comes clearly enough from Isa. 54:17: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.” Martin Luther’s stewardship doctrine was “Justi­fication by faith,” based upon his favorite text, Rom. 5:1; and with it he decimated Papacy’s error of justification by works. The same can be said for That Servant’s en­counter with the Goliath of Evolution during the Harvest reaping period. “Thou camest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield; but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.” (1 Sam. 17:45) Thus, when we see one in conflict suffering one crushing defeat after another, we may safely conclude he is not of that class whose “righteousness is of Me, saith the Lord.” To all those approved of the Lord, the promise is sure: “I will give you eloquence and wisdom, which all your opponents will not be able to gainsay, or resist.” (Luke 21:15, Dia.)



Mr. Evil Slave Class:

Your God Satan certainly has you in mass confusion! It’s pitiful how Satan blinds the eyes of the unbelievers. What are you fussing about? Jehovah God has given you everything you have! God’s people are Jehovah’s Witnesses and I am happy to be among those ones declaring the “good news” of his Kingdom.

Sincerely, ------- (FLORIDA)

Note: As we have mentioned in this article, this is a sample of what the leaders in the Society teach their sectarian devotees – just as the leaders in the LHMM teach their sectarian devotees, as RGJ instructs them that shaking hands with us is like shaking hands with “the Devil.”


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace in His Word of Truth!

Just received No. 194. It is good – and the truth on God’s Kingdom on earth, which is to the Jew first. I have a new job now.

I went to the British Convention at Hyde. In the praise and testimony meeting I got up and said that I received the Truth in 1919 and got the Six Volumes of Brother Russell at the same time..... Brother Rutherford was President and his ‘light’ from the throne was error – just doing away with the old established Truth. I could see this was wrong – to get the world to consecrate during the Gospel Age – and it is to the Jew first. Brother ------- who was in the Chair, said, That is one side of it and passed on to other brethren to testify. There was Brother ------- from Miami and Bro ------- from Warsaw, Poland there. I gave as much as I could while they let me stand.

Your Ends of the Ages is very good – and the Truth! I will send you some money soon. Let me know where to. I will close with Hymns 23, 300, 298, 272 and 182.

Your brother by His Grace, ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace!

Just to let you know change of address of Sister ------- She had a slight seizure and was in the hospital for two weeks. She is now walking about and much improved. Sister (her sister in the flesh) has undertaken the charge of the house and thinks Sister ------- will be better in her new house.

Brother ------- joins me in love to you and all the dear ones with you. Assuring you of our continued prayers, and thank you for the timely and refreshing monthly papers.

Sincerely ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in our Lord’s Name!

It was good to get your letter, and about the Brother that just died. I never hear much news here. I live all alone and those I once knew are all gone. All that come to the door now are young girls. But they are not like the old ones that used to come – they take tracts and say that they will read them.

I told you that as long as you preached the Truth I would stay with you – and I must say I continue to like your writings. They are just wonderful! I think of you often and pray for you in all my prayers – and I am so glad that you are coming to the Convention...... My youngest granddaughter is married now a year – husband’s grandfather was with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Your sister in the Lord’s great favor, ------- (PENNSYLVANIA)


Dear Sir:

Enclosed is $ ... to use to spread the Gospel. Thank you for your letters and would appreciate your telling me where we may obtain the six books on the Bible by Pastor Russell, as covered in your December 1, 1970 letter.

Also please accept our thanks for your personal letter to us when we moved to Vermont. We appreciated it very much. Thank you!

Yours ------- (VERMONT)


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I am sending a little donation for the Lord’s work. Your last Present Truth is very much appreciated by me. May the Lord’s blessings be continually with you.

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