by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 197

His memory deserves to be kept fragrant among us; and it can be so kept best of all by a faithful use of the Truth that he ministered to us, and by a loyal copying of his holy example. Let us by the associations of his hallowed memory seek more and more to glorify the Lord. This will make “that Servant” still be fruitful in our lives! “By it he being dead (according to the flesh) yet speaketh!”

Such a course on our part will conduce to his memory being continually blessed to us and to other!, and is the best kind of celebration of his life and death. The anni­versary memorial service for him will also conduce to this end, and therefore may well be kept. We suggest that such services consist partly of prayer, praise, and testimony along the line of the benefits derived by us from our Pastor’s ministry, and partly of an address or of several addresses on various phases of his life, work and character. Past experiences have proven the profitableness of such celebrations, and those to be observed will doubtless carry with them the same lesson. May God bless his memory to us through such services!

Will our Pastor’s work endure? The thought may lie close at hand that it must, of course, endure. But, humanly speaking, the question naturally arises, because the bulk of those who have claimed him as their Pastor have rapidly drifted away from his teach­ing and practices. We find many of them undermining confidence in his having been “that Servant,” in his view of the organization of the Church, in many of his prophetic views, and in almost all of his chronological thoughts, including those connected with 1914 as the full end of the Times of the Gentiles and of the reaping, thereby brushing aside large parts of Volumes 2 and 3, including the Pyramid chapter in Volume 3. We find others adrift on his chronology, prophetic views and many doctrines.

If we look at the Society, we find that they have gradually and cunningly set aside his Six Volumes and his booklets, yea, all his literature, in the interest of their er­rors and erroneous literature. They have given up the Pastoral work, the Angelophone, the Photo-Drama and Volunteer work, and have entirely ceased colporteuring his books. His work and his methods of conducting the work cannot longer be recognized in the work that the Society is doing; and in important doctrinal, chronological and prophetical respects they have perverted his teachings. Under another name they have introduced Sun­day Schools into their classes, thus perverting the organization and mission of the Church. As they represent the largest body of those who claim allegiance to our Pastor’s teachings and practices, and as the bulk of the rest of those who make like professions are, like them, deviating in important respects from his teachings and practices, the question that is being discussed has, humanly speaking, considerable pertinency. In fact there is only one body of Truth people that does hold strictly to his teachings – the Epiphany-enlight­ened Truth people.

If we were to answer our question from the standpoint of human experience and probability, we should have to admit that the trend of the teachings and practices among the vast bulk of Truth people is in the direction of abandoning his work and nullifying his accomplishments. That this will not actually be accomplished we are Scripturally con­vinced; but undoubtedly human reason, in the light of the vast and varied revolution­isms of the past fifty-five years among Truth people, would suggest that our Pastor’s work will not stand. If the forces which have operated with such marked external suc­cess in revolutionizing his teachings and practices during these fifty-five years should continue so to operate for many more years, no man’s power, humanly speaking, could pre­vent the professed Truth people from being perverted in their teachings and practices to such an extent as to give them no more relation to our Pastor’s work than the Roman Church sustains to the work of the Apostolic Church. In view of the Society’s gross revolutionisms against his works, one of the most amazing things to fathom is the mental attitude of many Society adherents who believe that the Society is faithfully carrying out our Pastor’s teachings, policies and arrangements. Of course, such an undiscerning attitude would point to a complete apostasy from our Pastor’s work, if it should continue.

But, despite the unfavorable retrospect, aspect and near prospect, we have the full assurance of faith that the work of That Servant will not perish from the earth! In due time his teachings will emerge unscathed from the burning that will devour present errors. His methods of doing the Lord’s work will be reestablished and will successfully carry forward the Lord’s cause after the fire shall have burned up the revolutionistic methods of doing Truth Work; and after the bad leaders of various Truth groups will come out of the fire discredited because of their revolutionism, and abased because of their self-exaltation, our dear Pastor’s teachings and practices will shine with all the greater splendor because of their successful effects contrasted with the failures of present per­versions! Faith, being fully assured of this outcome, can quietly await the Lord’s good time for the fulfillment of its confidence; “for the zeal of the Lord will accomplish it,” “in due time.”

Will our Pastor’s work endure? Temporarily it has suffered and will for a short time continue to suffer a partial eclipse in many minds – but as surely as the Truth is powerful and will in the end prevail, so surely the work that Jehovah gave antitypical Eleazar, our Pastor, to do (Num. 3:32; 4:16) will be realized, and thus will endure. In the meantime, it is the privilege of all who wish to support his work to protest against deviations from, and perversions of it whenever, wherever and however they can.


Among other promises that the Lord has given the righteous, is one which pledges that they shall be in everlasting remembrance, i.e., that they will be held in sacred, hallowed and loving memory for their faithfulness (Ps. 112:6). While this promise per­tains to the Ancient Worthies especially, it is applicable in a general way to all of the righteous. In the Scriptures, certain righteous ones are specified whose very mention by name in the Bible, is a guarantee that they will be everlastingly remembered; for as long as the eternal Word lasts, so long will such persons, e.g., Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, etc., be held in hallowed, sacred and loving memory. So, too, certain righteous ones are spec­ified by name in Church History, whose very mention there as antitypes of certain ones in the Scriptures, is a guarantee that they will be held in everlasting remembrance. As long as the eternal Word is understood in the pertinent antitypes, so long will such per­sons as Marsiglio, Wycliff Huss, Wessel and That Servant be held in hallowed, sacred and loving memory. Yea, of all extra-Biblical characters, we believe That Servant will be held in most hallowed, sacred and loving remembrance. Thus we need not be ashamed to esteem, love and honor one whom Jehovah has so signally esteemed, loved and honored.

Such honor is proper, because the memory of such persons is worthy of being kept alive; because it does those good who keep it alive; and because it continues the good influence of such a person. St. Paul had this same thought in mind when he tells us we should be “looking unto Jesus.” The lord, Himself, vouches for the faithfulness and wisdom of That Servant’s character (Matt. 24:45–47; Luke 12:42–44) He was faithful in great and small things. He was wise in his words, methods, plans, arrangements and works. He was full of the faith, hope and knowledge that make one wise. He was an example of the self-control and patience that make one strong. He practiced that piety and brother­ly love that make one just; and he was a living expression of that charity that makes one loving. Beautifully did he exemplify humility, meekness, long–suffering and forbearance. His cour­age, industry, self-forgetfulness, liberality, amiability and frugality were most striking. He was as nearly a model Christian as Adamic imperfection has per­mitted any of Adam’s fallen children to be – a true “example of the believers.” Such a character held in remembrance must prove to be a means of honor to God and helpful­ness to God’s Household yet remaining on earth.

The office that he held as “that Servant,” made him the Lord’s special representa­tive, and as such it made him in the most remarkable time of all history, Christ’s spec­ial eye, mouth and hand. As the Lord’s special eye, it was, generally speaking, his function to see the things first of all that the Lord desired the Church to see. As the Lord’s special mouth, it was his responsibility to declare the Lord’s message, after be­ing apprised of it himself, to others with reference to God, Christ, the Spirit, creation, man, good and evil principles, persons and things, the fall into, and punishment for, sin, the permission of evil, the ransom, high calling, restitution, justification, consecration, the hereafter, covenants, prophecies, histories and types of God’s Word. As Christ’s spec­ial hand, it was his duty to superintend and do whatever work the Lord called on him to superintend and do toward the Church, Great Company, Youthful Worthies, Israel and Chris­tendom. How may we, therefore, cooperate with the Lord in furthering the blessed influ­ence of his memory? In the first place, we can do so by imitating, and by encouraging others to imitate his character by sympathetically contemplating his character, as it dis­played itself in his life and work, and hold in our minds and hearts the thoughts of noble traits of character, well developed, strengthened, balanced and crystallized. Such thoughts sympathetically entertained will impress their own qualities upon our hearts, and with the exertion of will-power will impress them on our own characters by the imitation of them produced through such sympathetic contemplation. Likewise, we may wisely commend his noble character, as it expressed itself in his life and works, to other sympathetic souls; and we will thus encourage them to imitate his qualities. Such a course is one of the best ways of cooperation with the Lord in furthering the influence of his memory.

Then, too, we may cooperate with our Lord further the blessed influence of That Ser­vant’s memory by esteeming for ourselves and by helping others to esteem his work. Not only should we rightly esteem his office and help others to do the same; but we should also rightly esteem his work and help others thereto. Rightly to esteem his work, im­plies our taking God’s view of it. How honorable, effective, faithful and wise was that work in its reaping and gleaning the Church, gathering many of the Great Company and the Youthful Worthies, encouraging despondent Israel, comforting the mourning, binding tares, kings and princes and executing judgment! How wonderful it was from the standpoint of a Teacher, Pastor, Advisor, Lecturer, Author, Preacher, Editor, Theologian and Executive! To esteem him as such and to encourage others to esteem him as such will make his memory a blessing; for it will continue in our own and in others’ lives the effects of his works done in the above-mentioned capacities. This implies that we continue to regard him as our helper by faithfully studying and practicing his teachings, spirit and works and com­mending them to others for their study and practice. This implies that we cherish and live in harmony with these teachings and practices, defend them against all attacks, and do our part in spreading them as well as encouraging others to do likewise. Our so doing will enable us to cooperate with God in preaching the “good Word.”

On this last point, that of perpetuating his work, we desire to make a practical sug­gestion: As an opponent of Babylon’s error, his chief exploits consisted of his attacks on the doctrines of eternal torment and the consciousness of the dead. In these two par­ticulars he is typed by Jashobeam, David’s mightiest hero, who, in slaying 800 men at one time, typed our Pastor in his work against eternal torment, and in slaying 300 men at an­other time typed our Pastor in his work against the consciousness of the dead (2 Sam. 23:8; 1 Chro. 11:11; Jashobeam is, in the former passage, called Adino). In a peculiar sense we have the privilege of battling against the two king errors of Babylon, against which errors our Pastor was at his best as an opponent of Babylonian error, and thus, they, above all others, have the privilege of continuing to work along lines in which he took so able a part. Indeed, in the book, Life–Death–Hereafter, in the Hell and Spiritism booklets and in the five tract of his, he has furnished us with our chief ammunition in antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle. It may be cited here that That Servant’s favorite discourse for the public was, “Where Are The Dead?”

One of the best ways in which we can continue one phase of his work is vigorously to prosecute antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle. Oct. 16 is the anniversary of his leav­ing Bethel alive for the last time, i.e., virtually ceased directing the work at Head­quarters; Oct. 30 is the anniversary of his reporting, as the representative member of the man with the writer’s inkhorn, the completion of the Parousia work; Oct. 31 is the anniversary of his death; Nov. 5 is the anniversary of his New York funeral service; Nov. 6 is the anniversary of his Pittsburgh funeral service; and his burial beginning just before 6 P.M. and ending after 6 P.M., which second period was Nov. 7, in God’s way of reckoning time, Nov. 6–7 is the anniversary of his burial. How very appropriate that we devote the time covered by these events – from Oct. 16 to Nov. 7 – to a specially con­centrated attack on the doctrines of eternal torment and the consciousness of the dead, in antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle. Certainly, it would be a most appropriate way of making his memory as the foremost warrior of antitypical David against these two king errors a blessing to the glory of God and our Gideon!

Will we not, dear fellow–soldiers, so adjust our earthly affairs as to enable us to give as much time as possible in sharpshooting with the pertinent tracts, pamphlets, etc., at this time? Will we not, dear brethren, one and all, do our utmost so to celebrate our dear Pastor’s anniversary, as a most fitting way of increasing the blessing of his memory to the glory of God and of Christ in freeing others from the above-mentioned errors, in the attacking of which our beloved Jashobeam freed so many, including almost all of us? Will we not take this matter to the Lord in whole-hearted consecration and prayer? Who is on the Lord’s side in this matter? May we all answer, “Here am I, send me!”


According to Matt. 24:45-47 and Luke 12:43-46, some individual was to be invested with an office on account of holding which he would be called “that Servant.” Accord­ing to these passages, this office would be filled after our Lord was to have returned, but before the Church would leave this earth. Its functions, as stated in these verses, were to be twofold: (1) giving the meat in due season and (2) overseeing the work of the Church. Time and sign prophecies prove that our Lord returned in 1874. After His coming He found our Pastor faithfully ministering as much truth as he had; and after certain tests He honored him in the Spring of 1876 with executive charge of the work and in the Fall of 1879 with special mouthpieceship – the two functions of the office of “That Servant.” And all the while that he ministered as such (from 1876 to 1916), he exercised the functions of that office. He did under our Lord have executive charge of the work of the Church at large, and he was the special agent through whom the Lord gave the Parousia Truth. Thus his having exercised the official functions of “that Servant,” and that during the Parousia, proves him to have been “that Servant.” The fulfillment of the prophecies of the two above–noted passages in him, prove him to have been “that Ser­vant.” Thus the Parousia proves him “that Servant.”

But the Epiphany gives us many evidences that he was that Servant; and it is the purpose of this section of this treatise to prove this proposition; (1) The forecasts, (2) foundations and (3) binding power of his teachings in themselves and as to the Epi­phany; (4) the Epiphany truths, and (5) his arrangements as to the Epiphany work prove it. First, we will set forth the proofs from the forecasts, foundations and binding powers of his teachings in themselves and as to the Epiphany and the Epiphany truths – ­truths pertaining to the Little Flock, to the Little Flock and Great Company, to the Great Company, to the Youthful Worthies, to the Jews, to the Conservatives and to the Radicals. The proof holds in the following way: If it can be shown that the things which he taught would take place in the Epiphany are now taking place, it would follow that he was given such knowledge of future things as only one in charge of the storehouse could have had. First, he undeniably taught (Vol. 4, Chapter 1) that there would be an Epiphany period following the Parousia, and it would be contemporaneous with the Time of Trouble. He taught this many years before the Epiphany and the Time of Trouble came – ­long before they were, humanly speaking, to be expected, e.g., in the booklet, Our Lord’s Return. Yea, long beforehand, he even gave 1914 as the year in which the Epiphany would begin. He taught that during that period special manifestation of persons, principles and acts would be made. No one else, except through him, had previous knowledge of these things. They have all come to pass, and prove that he must have had the storehouse in charge in a peculiar sense – as its special steward.

This is likewise manifest from what he taught with reference to the Little Flock, Among other things, he taught that Jesus and the Little Flock, as the antitypical Gideon and three hundred, would engage in two conflicts with errorists during the Time of Trouble, i.e., during the Epiphany. And these antitypical battles surely have been having their fulfillment during the Epiphany: the first battle from 1914 to 1916, and the second begin­ning in 1920 against the two king errors, the consciousness of the dead, and eternal torment – and yet continuing, as the Battle is not over. His forecasting of Epiphany events involving both the Little Flock and the Great Company, seeing that these events are fulfilling, proves him to have been that Servant. How clearly he forecast the separa­tion of antitypical Elijah and Elisha, and that on account of disagreement on matters of policy is distinct from matters of doctrine, also the second smiting of Jordan by antityp­lcal Elisha after that separation! He also showed that in the extreme end of the Age – the Epiphany – the antitypical Priests and Levites would be separated, according to the tabernacle picture.

The Epiphany Truth shows us in the divisions of the Lord’s people the fulfillment of this tabernacle picture. In his teaching that Aaron’s white robe represents the cover­ing of the Church, and that Aaron’s putting it off represents the Church passing out of the world, when considered with reference to Aaron’s leading forth Azazel’s goat while still clothed in sacrificial garments, he impliedly taught that while the Church would still be in the flesh, and after its last member had been offered to God by Jesus, the Great Company, as Azazel’s antitypical Goat, would be dealt with. The Epiphany Truth reveals the fulfillment of this before our eyes. But our Pastor taught that all of these things would take place after the reaping – the Parousia – was over; hence would take place in the Epiphany. But to have been able from the Word to have forecast all these marvels implies that he was the steward who had charge of the storehouse to give the seasonal meat, i.e., that he was that Servant. He was God’s eye, hand and mouth.

His teachings on what would happen to the Great Company during the Epiphany confirms the thought that he was that Servant. He taught that the sins of Christendom would be confessed over them, that they would be driven out of the Holy as New Creatures into the Court, and that in their humanity they would be led out of the Court into the fit man’s hands for buffeting experiences. These things are fulfilling toward the Truth section of Azazel’s Goat, and part of them toward its nominal church section, now in the Epiphany. He further showed that, driven out of the Holy, as Levites they would not see clearly the truths seen in the Holy – that they would lose much of the Parousia Truth which once had made them “clean.” (John 15:3) This is also fulfilling now in the Epiphany and these things are being made plain through the Epiphany Truth. Hence the Epiphany Truth, giv­ing the proof of the truthfulness of his forecasts, proves that he was that Servant. He was God’s eye, hand and mouth.

In a less emphatic sense he forecast the Youthful Worthy movement; for he taught that consecrations without the Spirit–begettal would take place during the ministry of the Great Company. He did not use the term, Youthful Worthies; but he did speak of those who are meant by that term. We see about us such a class now operating. The Epi­phany Truth has brought out various details with reference to this class; and his teach­ings now passing into visual fulfillment in their development as a class, he must have been “that Servant” in giving us the forecast; for such a forecast implies that its maker was the one who had full charge of the storehouse – was that Servant.

He likewise forecast that during the Time of Trouble, which he considered synony­mous with the Epiphany, the Jews would in Palestine greatly increase in numbers, wealth, influence, possession of the land and development in national respects. This increase in these respects we now see going on before us, and they are additionally a mighty fore­cast of what will yet take place in the remaining time of the Epiphany. For him to have made such a forecast, which the Epiphany increasingly witnesses as fulfilling, proves that he had charge of the storehouse of Truth, and therefore functioned in this respect as that Servant.

He likewise taught that during the Time of Trouble – the Epiphany – the conservative groups of Society would unite in defense of their order of affairs as against the radi­cals. This we see taking place on a world–wide scale. The governments are gathering to­gether in leagues and alliances as never before. The churches are federating and uniting as never before. The capitalists are uniting as never before. Moreover, these three con­servative groups are supporting one another; for they feel that their spirit and purposes are kindred, and will stand or fall together before the onslaughts of the radicals. On the other hand, he forecast that the radicals would get together, but in two groups: a less radical and a more radical group. This we see fulfilling in the less radical labor parties and in the more radical labor parties – antitypical Jehu and antitypical Hazael. Both of these groups are radical in the estimation of the conservatives. He taught that the less radical group will bring about the Revolution, and the more radical, the Anarchy. While we have not yet progressed to these stages, still in the formation of these groups, we see the seeds from which will spring the plants of Revolution and Anarchy. Thus in these respects we see during the Epiphany his forecast fulfilling; and the Epiphany truths have simply elaborated his forecasts, and when fulfilled, have shown how they came to pass. His forecasts as to Epiphany happenings, clarified by the Epiphany Truth so far as they have been due to be fulfilled, are in the light of the Epiphany truths proofs that he was that Servant.


From a second standpoint, our Pastor’s relations to the Epiphany truths prove that he was that Servant, i.e., the fact that his teachings have been foundational to the Epi­phany Truth, but he was also privileged to do the excavation work for the Epiphany Truth and lay its foundations, that upon these foundations the Epiphany truths, not clearly seen, or not seen at all in his time, could be substantially built. These foundations are certain matters pertaining to the Little Flock, the Great Company, the Youthful Wor­thies, the tentatively justified, the Jews, the conservatives and the radicals. Under the preceding part of our first proof we called attention to these things as forecasts. Here we call attention to them as foundations of the Epiphany Truth; for the Epiphany Truth is built foursquare upon what he taught us with reference to these classes, not only in certain Parousia aspects, but also in certain Epiphany aspects. Built upon this founda­tion, the Epiphany Truth, with all its strength to establish Truth and refute error, has stood firm and unbreakable amid attacks, and crushing to error when attacking the latter. To have laid a foundation so substantial that It admits of such a weighty and imperishable superstructure, is a strong evidence of the fact that he was That Servant.

Another aspect of his teachings as to certain Epiphany truths and relations that proves that he is that Servant, is the fact that his teachings cannot in the Epiphany be repudiated or be supplanted by other teachings, without manifesting the perpetrators of such things as Great Company members. This, of course, proves that he, in a most partic­ular sense, represented God as a mouthpiece, and that, therefore, to repudiate his teach­ings or put others in their place is equivalent to repudiating God’s teachings, or to put others in their place. Many of those who once held his teachings and who regarded him as that Servant, have presumed to repudiate his teachings, or to put others in their place ­some denying completely that he was that Servant; but this has always resulted in God’s repudiating them as Little Flock members and manifesting them as Great Company members. Why should this be only in the case of his teachings and not in the case of those of others before the Epiphany? Can it be explained on any other ground than that he was God’s special mouthpiece and that, therefore, his teachings are God’s teachings, and that there­fore, to rebel against them is to rebel against God (Ps. 107:10,11)? This is the only ground on which such a course on God’s part could be explained, and, therefore, we pre­sent it as an Epiphany Truth proof that our Pastor was that Servant. (yes, this is an Epiphany Truth that has been revolutionized against by an erstwhile Epiphany-enlightened Great Company member. The Executive Trustee of the LHMM tells us that the death of the Epiphany Messenger manifested all new creatures as Great Company members. He is a self-­admitted Great Company leader, but this manifests him as uncleansed – continuing in his double mind, which all will do until they are fully cleansed.)

So far we have shown how the Epiphany and the Epiphany truths witness to our Pastor’s being that Servant. Now we briefly show how the Epiphany work proves the same thing. The Lord gave, through him the methods and arrangements according to which the Epiphany work of the Levites was to be done. This is especially true with respect to the Leviti­cal work that is to be done by corporations. This being true, we should expect the Divine blessing to rest upon their work to the extent that in a proper spirit they do it accord­ing to these arrangements and methods. We should also expect the Divine disapproval to rest upon their work to the extent that they neglect, ignore, pervert or set aside these arrangements and methods, or substitute others in their stead.

All would grant the reasonableness of these two things, if they accept the thought that God gave these methods and arrangements through him. One would also grant that the same would be the case if Little Flock members should observe or neglect, ignore, pervert or set aside the arrangements and methods that God gave through him for its work, or sub­stitute gathers in their stead. What do we find actually to be the case? Those Little Flock and Great Company members who regard these methods and arrangements in their work are blessed therein. Those Little Flock members who ignore, neglect, pervert or set aside these methods and arrangements, or substitute others in their stead, are dropped out of the Little Flock as manifested Levites; and those levites who ignore, neglect, pervert or set aside the methods and arrangements for Levite work, or substitute others in their stead, make failures of their efforts and receive priestly opposition, fit-man experiences and Azazelian buffeting. What does this prove? It undoubtedly proves that God sanctions the pertinent methods and arrangements given through our Pastor, as Divine­ly obligatory; and this proves that our Pastor acted as that Servant in giving them – that his office as the ruler over the household (one of the two functions of that Servant’s office) is recognized, sanctioned and vindicated by God,

The above considerations are Epiphany–Truth proofs that our Pastor was that Servant, and as such we should heartily recognize, accept and pertinently subject ourselves to him in the lord. We believe that we can best do this by faithfully studying, spreading and practicing his teachings. This should be done at all times. But in harmony with a cus­tom of many years’ standing among Epiphany–enlightened brethren, we believe that espec­ially, but, of course, not exclusively, the period covered by the date of his final leav­ing of Bethel and the date of burial, Oct. 16 – Nov. 7, might well be taken for the spread of his teachings along the lines of Gideon’s Second Battle. We desire to encourage the dear ones to this end. We also think that it will prove helpful to us better to study, spread and practice his teaching, if we annually celebrate with a fitting service in our ecclesias and, where there are no ecclesias, in private, the date of his passing beyond the veil – Oct. 31. Let us, beloved, do these things not as worshipers of messengers, but as children of our Father, who has so greatly used and honored that Servant, and that, among other things, so greatly to our blessing. And may God bless us therein and bless the memory of our beloved Pastor – that faithful and wise Servant! “Them that honor Me, I will honor.”


Not seldom we have been asked to publish our Pastor’s last will and testament. These requests have raised the question in our mind as to the advisability of publish­ing this will. Therefore, we have printed a supply of them, and will gladly mail them free to any who request them. We trust that its re-reading will prove instructive and edifying to all of our dear readers. We would also suggest that it be read as a part of the program of some of our Pastor’s memorial celebrations.

Foregoing we offered the conclusion that That Servant’s teachings would prevail; and we believe there is sound reason for this. In Rev. 8:2 we are told that “seven angels stand in the presence of God, and seven trumpets were given to them”; and Rev. 11:15 states the “seventh angel sounded his trumpet.” Here are the Berean Com­ments on that text:

“The seventh trumpet, the trump of God, the last trump, the Jubilee trump of knowledge and liberty: It began sounding in 1874 and will continue to the end of the Millennium.”

In verse 18 we are given the result of that sounding: “The nations were enraged, and thy wrath came.” Again the Berean Comment: “Implying contention, world–wide war (written In 1904)... in the great time of trouble.”

All during the Parousia the Truth people were a unit in accepting the foregoing; and time itself has demonstrated the truth thus stated, although some who once accepted it are no longer at all certain if they still believe it – some openly casting it aside. We, however, see ample evidence to confirm our complete belief in the above. That Servant unquestionably began the sounding of the “seventh trump”; and, if it is to continue to the end of the Millennium, then it will sound louder and louder, in­stead of falling to earth. Thus, the Truth that has come during the primary sounding of that trump cannot fall in decay; it will continue to withstand all attack.

In this connection, we offer Prov. 24:16: “A just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.” The “just(ified) man” – the Christ Company – would be well repre­sented in the “seven angels, with the seven trumpets.” As each of the angels sounded the special trumpet for that time the truths they gave quickly fell into erroneous hands, which represented the “falling.” But the Truth arose again with the appearance of the next angel with his message; which the text says would occur “seven times.” On every hand we have ample evidence of the falling since the seventh angel has left us, but the statement is sure that “he riseth up again.” But, if the seventh trump is to prevail until the end of the Millennium, it would seem a proper conclusion that the fundamental truths of that seventh angel would have to continue strong all during that time. Thus, the teachings of That Servant will continue to find support from some group of Truth people who are strong enough, and informed enough, to “earnestly contend” for them. And to such the promise will continue sure:

“Thanks be to that God, Who always leads us forth to triumph with the Anointed One, and who diffuses by us the fragrance of the knowledge (the Truth) of Him, in every place.... We are not like the many, trafficking the Word of God; but really from sincerity, In the presence of God, we speak concerning Christ.” (2 Cor. 2:14–17, Dia.)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim

See our Special No. 197–A enclosed


November 1, 1971



At Pottstown, Pa., Sept. 4-6, R. G. Jolly once more resorted to his false-accusing invectives and diatribe against JJH and Company. “They are dead from their class stand­ing,” he says. Yet, from the other side of his mouth he declares he is praying for them (as stated in his July-August Present Truth), which is about what we might expect from one in the clutches of Azazel. Do we have the slightest hint that Jesus ever prayed for Judas? Rather, He said it were good for that man if he had never been born. And St. John definitely tells us in 1 John 5:16, “There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.” Apparently, RGJ is not familiar with that Scripture.

Also, he shouts from the platform, Don’t read anything the sifters write. Of course, this is an exact take-off from Papacy’s conduct during the counterfeit reign of Christ. It is an exact take-off of Big Babylon against the Harvest Truth (They shrieked to High Heaven – Don’t read those erroneous books!); and it is an exact take-off from the instructions of That Evil Servant and the present Jehovah’s Witnesses against pres­ent Epiphany Truth. Thus, RGJ finds himself in real superb company in his present teaching. Such advice is a direct revolutionism against St. Paul’s advice, “Prove all things, and hold fast that which is good.” It is a direct revolutionism against That Servant’s teaching to “study to show thyself approved unto God.” Such teaching can do nothing other than develop rank sectarianism in his supporters; and Volume E-4:291 (47) says:

“Sectarianism is a great sin; for it does not act from devotion to the Truth, the Truth arrangements and the Spirit of the Truth, but from devotion to partisanship. The Truth, its arrangements and its Spirit are by it neglected or antagonized whenever this is in the interests of the sect. Their actual, though not verbal motto is: ‘My party ­I stand for it, right or wrong.’ Therefore they support their sect and leaders regard­less of how wrong they are. Among the Truth people the partisan support that the So­cietyites have given ‘the channel’ and ‘the present management’ in their gross wrongs and errors ever since 1917 is a classic example of the partisanship, sectarianism, that is a part of Great Company uncleanness. This partisanship is at least as extreme as that which the most bigoted of Romanists give the papacy and their church. In what sense can God be spoken of as putting the plague of antitypical leprosy into such a sect? Somewhat after the manner of His sending strong delusions upon reprobates (2 Thes. 2:9, 11). He withdraws hindrance from Satan’s efforts to make them partisans, sectarians.” (He withdraws all brotherly fellowship and favor of the priesthood from them—JJH)

That Servant has this to say: “Another giant which assaults the Lord’s people, but which in the present time can be overcame only by the David class, the body of Christ, is the giant of sectarian influence. How strong, how majestic, how well­ armed, how influential is this great giant, whose powers are exercised in a large meas­ure in intimidating the Lord’s true children, so that all their lifetime they are sub­ject to bondage and fail to attain the liberty with which Christ makes free indeed!” (Aug. 15, 1903 – Reprint 3231) Now in this Epiphany there is another faithful class that will overcome sectarianism – the faithful Youthful Worthies. The Great Company as a class will not be victors in the battle against Oreb and Zeeb. (See E-5:228)

Thus, every sectarian encourages sin by his teachings. And, as Brother Johnson has stated, It is Azazel’s Goat (one goat for the Lord, one goat for Azazel—Lev. 16: 8, see margin) that has built up the sectarian systems of error; and it seems RGJ is determined to be not one whit behind the chiefest of them. Also, in E-4:290 is this:

“The leprous houses of Canaan are used to represent the Great Company sects; and these suggest to us the sixth form of Great Company uncleanness – their sectarianism.”

Our own course is just the reverse of this: We counsel our readers to place RGJ’s papers side by side with ours; compare them, then determine for themselves wherein the Truth is to be found. And this was the course of RGJ early in the Epiphany to­ward those who opposed the Epiphany Truth when he was under the restraining hand of the Epiphany Messenger – when the Truth was on his side. That Wise and Faithful Servant also repeatedly advised his readers, Don’t accept anything just because I say so; prove it for yourselves. He did this because he did not want to cultivate a truckling ser­vile spirit in his supporters. He wanted them all to quit themselves like men; and that is our attitude toward our readers. Of course, we had expected something like the above from RGJ, and on our way to the Convention we made comment that we could be sure it would come, because our recent papers have been hurting him badly by pulverizing his “gazing.” The two main targets of the Man of Sin were Martin Luther and Thomas Cran­mer, because they, too, had hurt the Papacy more than any of the reformers.

RGJ makes loud lament about Youthful Worthies criticizing him – and his ‘superior’ class. Every time he makes discourse he reveals just how ‘superior’ he is! However, the Ancient Worthies did not hesitate to criticize the renegade ‘superior’ Jewish priesthood, for which they were “stoned, they were sawn asunder, were slain with the sword” (Heb. 11:37). In this they pictured forth the actions of the fully faithful during this Age, who have received similar treatment. They were such as would have been of the Very Elect had they not lived too soon; and the faithful Youthful Worthies today would have been of the Very Elect had they not lived too late to enter that select com­pany. But the Youthful Worthies who have resolved to be “faithful to the lord, the Truth, and the brethren” would be presenting an exercise in futility, a mere profusion of words to no purpose, should they now fail to protest any evils in conduct or errors of teaching against any one – even a Little Flock member – should he be wrong, and lead­ing others into such wrongs. Such an attitude now by RGJ is simply embracing the Age-­old evils, The Divine Right of Kings and the Divine Right of the Clergy. “The King can do no wrong”; and the clergy are the interpreters of Holy Writ, the mouthpieces of God. As instance RGJ’s “doublemind,” he actually instructed us to go to other Levite groups after 1950 to protest against their errors; but now “it has come upon thee, and thou faintest; it toucheth thee, and thou art troubled.” So, what was right then is wrong now!

He says the sifters are bitter because they expose his sins and errors. Was Bro. Johnson also bitter when he exposed the same things in RGJ and published them in his books for all to read? Much of what we say about him is simply quoting from those books – books he himself offers for sale to one and all as the Truth. Of course, it is clear enough from the record that he tried to ‘gain control of Brother Johnson’ (See E-10, pp. 586-594) and tried to talk down the Lord’s mouthpiece as his equal, as RGJ and his soulmates “darkened counsel by words without knowledge.” (Job. 38:2) Indeed, we are in a much better position now to appreciate the vexations and Afflictions that this ‘superior’ class brought upon Brother Johnson! During the Epiphany Messenger’s life we had much pity and sympathy for RGJ, and so expressed ourselves; but we see now that all of our sympathy should have been with Brother Johnson who was persecuted and afflicted for his faithfulness to the Lord, the Truth and the Brethren. But, “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” So while we can sympathize with the Epiphany Messenger, those who are guilty of causing his sufferings are more to be pitied, because they do not receive the reward of the fully faithful – and because their afflictions will be much more, and harder to bear.


At the death of Solomon there was rebellion in Israel, as related in the 12th chapter of 1st Kings, the Jews then becoming divided into the ten tribes of Israel and the two tribes of Judah. In that division the ten tribes elected Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, as their king; and that individual immediately proceeded to commit three great sins: He made two calves of gold, “he set the one in Bethel, and the other put he in Dan. And this thing became a sin.” (1 Kgs. 12:29,30); “And he made an house of high places, and made priests of the lowest of the people” (I Kgs. 12:31); “stood by the altar to offer incense.... And his hand dried up, so that he could not pull it in again to him.” (I Kgs. 13:1-4) The two calves type sectarianism and clericalism; and Jeroboam’s actions as just given were so revolting that of at least 17 kings that subsequently reigned in Is­rael, the record states, “For he walked in all the way of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, and in his sin wherewith he made Israel to sin, to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger with their vanities.” (1 Kgs. 16:26) “And this thing became sin unto the house of Jeroboam, even to cut it off, and to destroy it from off the face of the earth.” (I Kgs. 13:34)

It is not our wish to set Jeroboam forth as a type of RGJ, but the illustration fits his actions since the death of the Epiphany Solomon, in his encouraging sectar­ianism by telling his followers not to read any refutations of his presentations, and of his offering “strange fire” (false doctrine) before the Lord. The three sins Jero­boam committed are given great stress as a warning to all not to go and do likewise. The attempt to offer incense upon the altar which he had made (which was a priestly work in Israel) ii just another way of, saying he offered “strange fire” (false doctrine) before the Lord. In the wilderness journey those who tried that were immediately stricken dead; but the punishment to Jeroboam was merely that his hand dried up. This was not the golden altar of the Holy, but one which Jeroboam himself had constructed, which may account for the lesser punishment to him. In the case of RGJ he, too, has offered “strange fire” (false doctrine) of Campers Consecrated – an action strictly for­bidden to any one that has been ejected from the Holy as he has been. And our efforts to refute and correct him have so thoroughly disturbed him that he is now forced to resort to gross sectarianism to keep himself afloat. His conduct at present is an exact dup­lication of the course of That Evil Servant and his supporters, as it is related in E-4:221-224:

“Satan is the most cunning being in the Universe. Hence, among others, he seeks to enlist on his side those who like him are more or less cunning. In working against the Truth servants he always studies how best to overthrow their influence... He invents fictitious weaknesses.... whether the charges are true or false. This accounts for his charging through his dupes our Lord as being illegitimately born, as a madman, as a demoniac, as a blasphemer and as a rebel.... In the same way he caused That Servant to be falsely slandered as a heretic, as an immoral man, as a swindler, and as an unkind and unfaithful husband. Whenever religious errorists and frauds cannot meet the exposures of their false doctrines or evil practices by argument, Satan fills their mouths with false and malicious slanders against their exposers. (One goat for Azazel – Lev. 16:8, margin—JJH).... Warnings not to read our writings.... Of course, Satan finds the bad Levite leaders just the persons to be his ready mouthpieces in this work.... Let us, dear Brethren, rejoice that thus we may drink together this cup with the Lord and with others of His Priesthood. It is necessary that such experiences come, that the ap­proved may be manifested, that the partially approved may be manifested, and that the totally disapproved may be manifested. And such will indeed be the result of such experiences; for we are living in the Epiphany! And who shall stand when He maketh manifest?” All unbiased persons who heard RGJ’s discourse an Sunday night will rec­ognize that the foregoing is an exact and fair description of his tactics.


In the Monday morning Question meeting, the Hill Ophel was discussed by RGJ, and it would seem that our recent refutations have him badly confused. The question was asked: Are you revolutionizing against the teachings of the Messengers and the Apostle Paul when you teach Epiphany Campers Consecrated will be the chief class in Restitution, honor and position? He emphatically denied that he was revolutionizing against the Truth given to us by the Apostle Paul and the two Messengers. He made quite some buga­boo about those who read something into his presentations that isn’t there – especially the sifters. He asserted that the Hill Ophel has only an Epiphany application – that his Consecrated Campers (whom he claims are typed by the hill Ophel) are certainly now more desirable than the unconverted Jews;” that now in this Epiphany period we are look­ing to the ‘hills;’ All things being equal, we would have no quarrel with this.

Certainly, any one now trying to be a Christian should be more acceptable to us than any one who is not so. But here is what he presented in his May-June 1971 Present Truth on the Consecrated Epiphany Campers and the hill Ophel:

“In this connection the Consecrated Epiphany Campers, represented by the hill Ophel, are clearly distinguished as a higher class than the rest of the Quasi-elect and the Non-­elect, who are represented by the valley sections of Jerusalem. Bro. Johnson shows this, e.g., in E 16, p. 283 (comp. E 4, 321), where we read: ‘The valleys of the city repre­sent the subjects of the Kingdom – the restitution class.’ Note also his statement in E 12, p. 526: ‘the valley between (evidently he is referring to the Tyropoeon valley, which separated the hill Ophel from Mount Zion) symbolizes the Restitution class: the higher parts (of the valley) the quasi-elect, believing Jews and faithful faith-justi­fied, and the lower parts the unbelieving Jews and Gentiles of this life’.... The highest class among them will be the-consecrated Epiphany Campers, who as consecrated ones dur­ing the time of sin’s ascendancy will by faithfulness to God have developed in Christ­-likeness more than the rest of the quasi-elect. As mentioned above, they are represented by one of the three ‘little hills’ that will ‘bring peace (shalom, prosperity) to the people by righteousness’ (Psa. 72:3).” (P. 40, col. 1 and col. 2)

RGJ mentions his Campers Consecrated “who as consecrated ones during the time of sin’s ascendancy,” etc. We have repeatedly quoted from That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger that all who consecrate after the High Calling is closed and before the High­way of Holiness is opened, will be rewarded, if faithful, in partnership with the Ancient Worthies – i.e. will receive “the better resurrection.” (Heb. 11:35)

And in his extensive article on the Hill Ophel In the Nov-Dec. 1970 Present Truth, col, 1, p. 90, he gives this:

“In this connection the Consecrated Epiphany Campers represented by the hill Ophel, are clearly distinguished as a higher class than the rest of the Quasi-elect and the Non-­elect, who are represented by the valley sections of Jerusalem... By such ‘prophesying’ and otherwise the Quasi-elect, ‘the lowest order of Abraham’s pre-Millennial seed,’ will ‘as the special assistants of the Ancient and Youthful Worthies’ be specially used above the rest of the restitution class to bless all the families, nations and kindreds of the earth according to the Covenant’ (E 11, p. 293). Chief among them will be the Consecrated Epiphany Campers, who as consecrated ones during the time of sin’s ascendancy will by faith­fulness to God have developed in Christ-likeness more than the rest of the Quasi-elect. (RGJ is clearly setting forth a Millennium picture here – and NOT an Epiphany picture—JJH) As mentioned above, they are represented by one of the three ‘little hills’ and will ‘bring peace (shalom, prosperity) to the people by righteousness.’ We thank God for this additional item of advancing Truth on the Consecrated Epiphany Campers, given to His people in due time for the strengthening of their faith as to His provision for this class, the fifth class of His consecrated people. We know that it, like all other parts of the ad­vancing Truth, it will come under special attack by the Adversary. Satan has always op­posed the ‘meat in due season,’ given by our Lord to supply the needs of His people.”

At this same Labor Day Convention he tells the brethren that he has never taught that his Consecrated Campers are a higher class than the Jews; that they are only ‘high­er’ now in this Epiphany period. Is he now Joining the ‘Adversary’ (the “sifters”) in” opposing” the Advancing (?) Truth that he presented in the May-June 1971 Present Truth and in the Nov-Dec. Present Truth? Is he now confessing what he presented on the hill Ophel regarding the Kingdom picture, together with other errors about their being the highest class in the Kingdom, is actually advancing Error, and not advancing Truth at all? Of course his ‘adversary’ against such errors has been especially JJH and Company.

He then progressed to the Millennial picture and pointed out in no uncertain lan­guage that he had not revolutionized against the Truth as given by the Apostle Paul and the two Messengers – as the Jews would be chief in the Kingdom, but they are not chief now in this Epiphany. He pointed out that his Campers Consecrated would have to become Jews in the Kindom. Thus, if his Campers are more desirable now, then the only advan­tage he can offer them is PRESENT REWARD for their sacrificing. This is indeed something new and unusual in the Harvest Truth teachings! And, when he says that his Campers Consecrated would eventually be grafted in with the Jews, he could not only include in that statement the Campers, but All the quasi-elect, as well as all Restitutionists who eventually gain life – because every one receiving Restitution must eventually come into one of the twelve tribes of Israel – which is another proof that the JEWS will have the pre-eminence among the Restitutionists, just as the Apostle Paul and the two Messengers have taught. And further, he is now clearly teaching that his sacri­ficing Campers now will actually be demoted in honor in the Mediatorial reign. This should greatly encourage all of them to be fervent in spirit, serving the lord now! We have been taught before that the “promises” are necessary to encourage us to “keep on keeping on” the narrow way of self-sacrifice.

Then a question was asked: “Brother Johnson teaches the Adamic death process will be plagued out of the willing and obedient. Will the Adamic death process be plagued out of the unwilling?” His answer was an emphatic No! He said it wouldn’t be eliminated from the ‘sinners’ of a 100 years, nor from the goats of the Little Sea­son. He said this question was antagonistic, and ridiculed the word ‘plagued’ – didn’t like the word and thought it was used too many times. He made quite some buffoonery over it, and had his audience laughing. However, we do not “rejoice in iniquity.”

Of course, many of his listeners have probably never read Volume 15 at all; and it seems RGJ is not overly familiar with it himself, or he would not publicly have ridiculed Brother Johnson for using the word ‘plague’ so many times; so we make the generous allowance that “through Ignorance he did it.” But we make the observation here that he often reveals his “foolish virgin” limitations when he casts his puerile jibes at the sifters. On p. 215 of E-15, Brother Johnson says this:

“It is during this period that God by Christ will by resuscitating all the dead destroy hades – the Adamic death state – and will by restitution processes plague the Adamic death process out of existence (Hos. 13:14; Rev. 20:13,14), even as vs. 23-28 prove.”

And in the face of all this sarcasm and frivolity, he had the effrontery to tell the brethren at that Question meeting that the ‘sifters’ teach that those who don’t have the Adamic death process eliminated from their characters would die the Adamic death – and he ridiculed us for teaching such error.

For the record, and the benefit of our readers, we have never made such a ‘fool­ish’ statement; we were attacking his error that the Adamic death process would be eliminated in the goats at the beginning of the Little Season, as he Then was teach­ing. We know, even as all faithful Bible students know, that any one coming back from the death state in the Kingdom cannot again die the Adamic death – but we also know that there will be many who will not submit to the righteous rule of the Kingdom and will never have the Adamic death process (unholy heart’s condition) eliminated from their characters. But, as has often been in the past, he accused us of teaching false doctrine when he himself was the guilty one. In all this he is “reeling to and fro like a drunkard.”(Psalms 107:27)

In one of our papers where we were refuting RGJ’s error that the Adamic death process would be eliminated in the goats at the beginning of the Little Season, we quoted a statement made by RGJ in the Jan-Feb. 1970 Present Truth, p. 15, col. 1, par. 3, and which we now reproduce as follows:

“Note this: If ‘the Adamic death – or dying – process’ would be ‘still present with’ the Goat class in the Little Season, then under that Adamic death process they would still in the Little Season gradually be dying the Adamic death, and would con­tinue to do so as this process would proceed to accomplish its work to a finality.” (This is RGJ’s own statement, and all emphasis by him—JJH)

RGJ was then – in that Jan-Feb. 1970 Present Truth – contending that all restitu­tionists would have the Adamic death And the Adamic death process eliminated at the beginning of the Little Season. Certainly all the willing and obedient will have the Adamic death process eliminated from their characters at the beginning of the Little Season, because all who survive the Little Season will enter it with perfect characters. They would not be able to stand the tests of that Little Season if they did not enter it with perfect characters. But the goats – those who have not obeyed from the heart dur­ing the Kingdom – will not be able to stand the tests, and will be manifested as goats.

And further in this Jan-Feb. 1970 Present Truth, p. 15, col. 1, par. 4, RGJ gives this: “If this errorist’s teaching were correct, that the ‘unholy heart’s condition’ of the ‘goat’ class is ‘the Adamic death (or dying) process still present with them,’ and that ‘those persons ‘defiled’ with it must first be destroyed before the thing can be annihilated,’ then the Ransom would fail in its restitution work of giving full de­liverance from the power of Adamic death (including the Adamic dying process) before placing them on trial in the Little Season for everlasting life or everlasting death ­the Second Death.”

From these quotations from the Present Truth, can there be any doubt that he is the one who was teaching the error that “If the Adamic Death process were still with the goats in the Little Season they would be dying the Adamic Death?” But now – at this Labor Day Convention he reverses himself on this teaching, as he emphatically declares that those who die the ‘sinners’ at 100 years of age, as well as the goats of the Little Season – DO NOT HAVE THE ADAMIC DEATH PROCESS ELIMINATED FROM THEIR CHARACTERS!

And he also quotes from Brother Johnson in his Jan-Feb. 1970 Present Truth the fol­lowing: “Our Lord will operate restitution processes on the race so powerfully during those thousand years as to bring all the obedient to perfection – those obeying only ex­ternally, and not from the heart, to perfection of physical, mental, moral and religious faculty, but not to perfection of character (not having eliminated the Adamic death process from their characters—JJH); and those who obey externally and also from the heart, to perfection of both faculty and character. Thus the entire race will be per­fect when the Millennium is over, and it will be in a better position to be tested for fitness or unfitness for everlasting life than inexperienced Adam and Eve were when they were put on trial for life in Eden (E 2, p. 145).”

And with the above we fully agree, but there is nothing in that statement from Brother Johnson that would support RGJ in the errors he was presenting in that Jan-Feb. 1970 Present Truth. In his confused state of mind he often quotes from the Messengers and from the Scriptures statements and texts that annihilate his own position. Brother Johnson has repeatedly said the Great Company leaders would do just that while they are befuddled by Azazel – and this is just one more sample of it.

He has also revolutionized against the Abandonment process of the Great Company as given on p. 525 of E-15. He sets aside Brother Johnson’s teaching that ALL Great Com­pany members would have to be fully abandoned to Azazel before their cleansing could be effected – those who lost Little Flockship by the ‘skin of their teeth’ (which RGJ so often quotes, indicating he is among that group) and those who escape the Second Death by the same margin. RGJ now teaches this is all wrong – that some of them don’t have to be fully abandoned – all brotherly fellowship and favor withdrawn from them – before they get their cleansing. He tells us that the “Good levites” – he and those Great Company members who agree with him – have an “attenuated” sort of abandonment. However, Brother Johnson didn’t use the word ‘attenuated’ for the Abandon­­ment process in his teaching. He also stated that some of the Little Flock went into the Second Death. While it is true that those who go into the Second Death since Pentecost have at one time been of the Little Flock, but when he makes such a statement as that, it is only a half-truth, because only the Great Company are in danger of the Second Death. The Little Flock are in danger of losing their crowns, if measurably faithful. When a Little Flock member loses his crown, he is first remanded to the Great Company.

It seems most appropriate here to quote from E-15:519-521 on the Great Company while very unfaithful:

“As we saw that there was a progress from good to a mixture of good and evil in their dispositions, the good being the Holy Spirit in them, while they were measurably unfaithful, so there is a progress in their condition of being very unfaithful; for it degenerates into varying degrees of a preponderance of the evil mind over the good mind in the worst of them, and in the preponderance of the good mind over the evil mind in a comparatively few of them – those who almost, but not quite won out in the high calling; and in some it is more or less a case of half of one and half of the other, with consid­erable of see-sawing between them. Yet a double mind is in all of them, as James assures us: ‘A double minded man is unstable in all his ways’ (Jas. 1:8), with very much of vari­ation in the double-mindedness in the individuals, even as we saw above. In their stage of being very unfaithful, the bad side of their double mind works overtime, varyingly, as must always be kept in mind, in various individuals.

“Always they either set aside in revolutionism more or less of the teachings of the Bible and more or less of the arrangements that God has given for His work, or they par­tisanly support others who become guilty as leaders or ledlings of these two forms of rebellion... As these evil qualities grow in them under Satanic manipulation they lead their followers into increasing errors and Satan-given wrong arrangements of the Lord’s work. These revolutionisms arousing the opposition of the faithful, controversies set in, wherein, to defend themselves against the Scriptural truths that the faithful bring against their errors, to maintain a semblance of consistency in their errors, They give up one truth after another; and their sectarian crown-lost followers partisanly support their leaders in these controversies, and thus with them lose more and more of the lord’s truths and arrangements, though they together with the newly adopted errors hold to those formerly held truths and arrangements not involved in these repudiations. With all of this they increasingly lose part of their ability to discern between truth and error. This shows a deterioration in the bad part of their intellects and their intellects’ con­tents, while it still shows that their intellects still retain some of their former abil­ity to see and to retain some truth – doublemindedness in their intellects in varying de­grees....

“As their heads-deteriorate, so do their hearts deteriorate. The very fact that their heads deteriorate is preceded with some deterioration of their hearts, and in turn is followed by further worsening of the heart. Their errors of head certainly par­tially undermine their faith, sear more or less their consciences and put a cloud be­tween them and the Lord, curtailing their spirit of prayer and a lively sense of His favor, fellowship and approval. Moreover, they make them more or less bitterly partisan against the faithful for their opposing their wrong course (reviling them as sifters and renegades from the faith—JJH), whereas they should love and appreciate them all the more for their efforts to rescue them from the snares of Satan.”

At this same Question Meeting, a question was asked: “Do you advise the Lord’s people to go to a psychiatrist?” He answered that they should not – that the Lord is the place to go – with which we agree. However, he did say there were some exceptions ­in cases of legal necessity, etc. We are glad to note, too, that he has come to that conclusion. Perhaps now he himself wouldn’t go to a psychiatrist again, as he did in 1938 when he was manifested as a crown-loser. And that is some improvement.

He complained also about “antagonistic questions” presented in that meeting. All the questions we heard him handle were straight Bible questions, some of which we our­selves offered, and some from others about whom we know nothing. However, just why should any Bible question be ‘antagonistic’? Clearly enough, the answer is they were antagonistic to his errors, but not at all antagonistic from a Truth standpoint.

Those of us who have been in close contact with the measurably faithful New Crea­tures since the demise of the Epiphany Messenger, who are undergoing the experiences outlined above from E-15, are in a position to more fully appreciate Brother Johnson’s faithful teaching on this Class. It is indeed a most pitiable condition for these breth­ren! But there is a brighter side – those who remain in the Lord’s Household will in due time seek to extricate themselves from Azazel’s clutches, at which time the Lord, as well as the faithful brethren, will gladly take them by the hand and assist, help and encourage them to a “better way.” Those who see their sins of teaching and practice, yet tacitly go along with them, are not to be commended – their course is not praise­worthy. “Know you, That he who turns back a sinner from his Path of Error will save his Soul from Death, and will cover a Multitude of Sins.” (Jas. 5:20, Dia.) We do not “rejoice in iniquity,” nor do we rejoice in the Unprofitable Servant’s “Gnashing of teeth... Sorrow, disappointment and chagrin in every sense” (Matt. 25:30 – See Be­rean Comment). However, these brethren still love the Lord, although rejecting His lead­ings and Headship. But when they “cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them out of their distresses” (Psa. 107:13), they, too, will rejoice in the Lord and will “rejoice in the Truth.” They will eventually “wash their robes, and make them white in the blood of the Lamb” (Rev. 7:14), and will be “before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple” (v. 15); and in this we will all rejoice that they have gained the victory, with palms in their hands. (See Rev. 7:9)



Dear Brother Hoefle:

My dear Brother, I have been receiving your monthly letters for a long time, and I want to thank you very much – and ask that you kindly continue sending them to me. I appreciate them very much. I would like for you to send the December 1970 letter on the Memoriam of Brother Russell – “That Servant” – and the June 1971 letter on The Bible, to Brother ------- I liked both of them very much.

Brother, I wish I could write you a letter. I have much I would like to talk to you about, but age is getting me down. You wouldn’t be able to make sense out of it. What I want now is for you to send these papers to Brother .------- I will write to him and tell him that I am having them sent. He, like myself, was in the colporteur work shortly after the turn of the century. He holds pretty much to the Jehovah’s Witnes­ses, but was thrown out by them many years ago. He and two other brothers stayed at my Mother’s home way back around 1910. My Mother brought me into the Truth when I was in my ‘teens.

I cannot go along with the Jehovah’s Witnesses either, but feel they are making many believers in Christ... I believe the Great Company are spirit-begotten, but he be­lieves the Great Company will be human beings on this earth – just as the Jehovah’s Witnesses teach and believe now. I can’t go along with their ideas. Read 2 Tim. 4:2,3. Paul, of course, got a crown of glory, honor and immortality, but there are others who come through the “great tribulation” and get a crown of righteousness, which will be a passport into God’s Heavenly family. – (See Rev. 19:9 and Rev. 7:9)

Please use the enclosed for the good cause. May the Lord bless and keep you!

Your brother ------- (OHIO)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace be multiplied!

You will have received our letter with names enclosed and our answer to your card by now. You probably are back from the Labor Day Convention by now. We await your report, dear Brother Hoefle. Our prayers were with you both as you attended, and we feel assured the Lord will bless your ministry, which we think is very noble. God bless you as you continue to expose the errors as they constantly keep cropping up ­and we know the Lord is with you as you continue to serve the brethren, and in holding fast to the faith “once delivered unto the saints.” Let us stand fast in the liberty “wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of band­age.” And again God bless you! Sister joins with me in sending you and all the dear ones at Mount Dora warm Christian love.

Your brother and sister ------- (NEW JERSEY)