by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 17

My dear Brethren: Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

The November Present Truth has finally arrived and we observe at the outset that it is such a bedlam of error, falsehood and nonsense that it is an insult to Brother Johnson longer to consider it Present Truth – just as the Watch Tower is now an outrage against Brother Russell. Early in the Epiphany Brother Johnson stated that the name Watch Tower had become a misnomer; and we now say the same of the Present Truth.

In the first article, “Some Thoughts Regarding The Fall of 1956”, R. G. Jolly states his belief that the Great Company Attestatorial Service should not cease as of October 31, 1956. Having been such a phenomenal success, how could any one want to call a halt to it! Then on page 90, col. 2 (bottom), he says the “false claim that at September 16, 1914 the entire 144,000 who would constitute the Body of Christ ..... were then reigning in a limited sense” must be error because the entire number had not then been “quick­ened of the spirit, nor yet instructed in the Truth”. Yet a little later on in this same article he states the Great Company Attestatorial Service by a mere handful of them in the LHMM Group is fully justified because of Brother Johnson's teaching – “It seems to be a general Scriptural rule that when many individ­uals of a class are involved and when time types or prophecies are due to be fulfilled in them, the prophetic time marks the beginning, and not the comple­tion of the predicted event.” Consistency, thou art a jewel! However, he is at least forced to admit the success of the Great Company ef­forts “will come in a larger way after Armageddon” – which we have been contending right along –, although he still clings to the ridiculous contention that those engaging in it now were cleansed before 1950; whereas, Brother Johnson repeatedly stated that it was separation from the Priests that would bring about their cleansing – as a class (or Group). We are still wholeheartedly in agreement with Brother Johnson on this teach­ing; and we state again that the dismal failures of the past ten years are a vivid proof of their still uncleansed condition. It should be noted here that during the Little Flock's Attestatorial Service large numbers of antitypical Lot were coming into Present Truth, the Photo‑Drama had phenomenal success, hundreds of newspapers were carrying the Sermons, and thousands were attending the public meetings – none of which has been in evidence over the past two years. The contention of “rich blessings” upon the efforts since 1954 is only a myth designed to mesmerize the “unstable and the unlearned”; and is simply some more of the nonsense R. G. Jolly has been preaching since October 1950.

On page 92, cols. 1 & 2 we note 44 items of “truths that have been strengthened, embellished and defended” over the past two years. Leading up to all this on the prev­ious pages, R. G. Jolly states (and correctly so) that Brother Johnson's expectations were not realized in many important ways; but he goes on with the argument that many of these things had their “beginnings” during this time, one of which is the start of Israel's conversion. Can R. G. Jolly name just one Jew that has been converted to Chris­tianity by his efforts from 1954‑56? If he cannot do this, then what beginning has it had? And when Brother Johnson made his predictions about this feature, was it the date or the conditions he expected to prevail then that prompted his forecast? We have stressed this matter in previous writings, showing how Brother Johnson expected certain works to be done by the cleansed Great Company, but that cleansing would be ef­fected by extreme Fit‑Man experiences during Armageddon. When R. G. Jolly selects the date instead of the prevailing conditions, he makes an arbitrary selection – one that fits in with his contention; but the hard realistic figures of his Annual Reports brand his claims as just some more of his nonsense. It should be noted that his message to the Jews is certainly nothing new in the Epiphany life of the Great Company. That Evil Servant had his “Comfort for the Jews”; so have the Dawns had their “Chosen People” ­the content of both publications being almost identical in substance to the LHMM book­let. Thus, our booklet in itself is nothing new, has started nothing new, and has ac­complished nothing more than did the others because the “due time” had not arrived. At the top of page 92 he says, “Even if others do not take part in this service, or perhaps even seek to discourage us, let us continue to press on.” These words, too, have the same identical ring to them as those of That Evil Servant, many of whose followers were so intimidated by them that they allow themselves to be debased as human billboards on the street corners as they “joyfully” perform the “service of the Lord – Jehovah's Wit­nesses – in harmony with the Lord's Arrangements.” And that same Evil Servant repeated­ly stressed “love for the brethren”, all the while he was slandering our beloved Brother Johnson and other faithful Saints with his flood of falsehoods, underhand knifing and doubleminded doubledealing – preaching one thing today and the opposite tomorrow, just as his convenience seemed to dictate.

Of the items listed on page 92 a number of them are simply a re‑statement of what Brother Johnson said; some are merely repetition of R. G. Jolly's errors. He still has the effrontery to list his “Faithful & Measurably Faithful”, though we annihilated his position and completely silenced him on it; the same with John's Beheading; the same with his “Azazel's Goat fully delivered to the Fit Man prior to 1950.” In our previous writings we have repeatedly and profusely quoted from Brother Johnson's writings to prove this was an impossible thing, yet he still hands the brethren his error on it. As Brother Johnson so clearly taught, delivery to the Fit Man in its second aspects means complete isolation from the Priesthood; and we have asked R. G. Jolly to name the date this occurred to him prior to 1950, and to give the date, too, that it occurred to Brothers Gavin and Eschrich, both of whom thought they were Priests right up to October 1950. We now ask him again to do so. Will he do it?

We also predicted he would soon enough be willing to forget, and have his blind sectarian readers forget the Millennial reign of the Christ in its relation to 1 Cor. 15:24; and he has just about come to the vanishing point on it, only mentioning “the thousand‑year reign”, etc. By way of record, it is stated here that a couple of R. G. Jolly's appointees at the recent Chicago Convention admitted the truth of this matter as we have set it forth in recent months; and we now offer a little more on it from page 123, col. 2 (top) of the August 1949 Present Truth:

“This test (Note: separation of the sheep and the goats) will be accomplished during the time when Satan will be loosed and he will tempt those who are temptable and could be overthrown. Christ will deliver up the King­dom to the Father, in the sense of sitting as God's Vicegerent on God's throne and delivering the sentence and judgment that the Heaven­ly Father Himself will cause to be made; and this will occur; when He shall have put down all rule and all authority and power (v. 24). What is meant by all rule, and all auth­ority and power? We answer, every vestige of Satan's governing, of Satan's claim of right, and of Satan's might; all of this must be destroyed utterly and forever, and this will be done at the end of the Little Season.”

R. G. Jolly told his readers a faulty disc was responsible for the “of” in Brother Johnson's statements in the Herald and in Vol. 17, page 124; that RGJ should have edited this, but had failed to catch it, that the brethren should now change this “of” to “is”. Well, was he also editing the Present Truth during Brother Johnson's lifetime? And does he have another faulty disc as his authority now to correct the above?

From the foregoing it should be readily apparent that this citation should now be corrected, or that R. G. Jolly advised the adherents of the LHMM to Write an error into Brother Johnson's writings when he told them to change the “of” to “is”; and we call upon him now to reconcile his “correction” with the foregoing, or to advise the brethren to eliminate the error from Brother Johnson's writings that he advised them to put in there. If this isn't sufficient to force him to correct his perversion in the Present Truth, then we can offer much more of the same, as we evidence in abundance to support our position.

Before continuing in logical sequence with our comment on the first article in this November Present Truth, we digress to offer some comment on “Revolutionism on Church Organization” as it appears on page 97. Page after page in issue after issue has been expended on this point, when it would seem that one page well directed should have taken care of it in toto. However, if JK is guilty of everything in every way claimed by R.G. Jolly, the brother could not possibly sectarianize the LHMM because he has had no oppor­tunity to do so. Even if he drew away after himself 90% of its present adherents and formed a sect with them, he would still not be making a sect of the LHMM. The only one who has had opportunity to do this – and who has actually done so – is R. G. Jolly him­self. So steeped in ignorance and sectarianism are some of his partisan supporters (sym­bolic kissers of Baal) that they actually “make snoots” during Convention meetings at those with whom they do not agree. Note the violent contrast in this attitude and that taught by Brother Johnson in Vol. E‑6, page 736 (top)!

“On flimsy evidence disfellowshipment is decreed, and is enforced by refusal of even the common amenities of life, such as an ordinary greeting, or a friend­ly look, or handshake. Along this line they are copying the Society policies – `avoid them'. `'The instruments of cruelty are in their habitation.'”

We cannot too strongly urge upon our readers to avoid such conduct as “the pestilence that walketh in darkness”, and which is certain to bring disaster to those infested with it. Should any of you resort to such silly and childish “work of the flesh and the Dev­il”, then the Adversary would have two where he now has only one. Such are to be pitied, but not imitated in even the slightest degree. While R. G. Jolly may disclaim responsi­bility for the conduct of such, and disclaim making a sect of the LHMM, he rebukes others for not adhering to “The Lord's Arrangements” – meaning in effect R. G. Jolly. His con­tention here is simply the “Channel” doctrine dressed in other garb; and this he does while decrying the “Channel” teaching. His self‑evident contradiction in this matter is simply other nonsense since he has been abandoned to Azazel on October 22, 1950. How often we have heard his partisan supporters shriek “out of harmony with the Lord's arrangement” when their only offense was a protest against R. G. Jolly's errors, falsehoods, etc.

On page 93, col. 2 R. G. Jolly indulges in quite a spree of imagination depicting Satan talking to himself. And who should be better qualified to fathom the reasonings of Azazel than one who has been in his clutches for so long! Early in the Epiphany That Evil Servant presented quite a display of rhetoric in describing hypocrites ‑‑ much the same as R. G. Jolly has just done on the mental processes of Satan –; and Brother John­son's comment was that JFR was expertly qualified to define hypocrites inasmuch as he was one of the most obnoxious to put in his appearance during the entire Gospel Age. Now his “little brother” presents a high‑sounding portrayal of the deep mental processes of Azazel. And who should be better qualified to do this than one who has had the “strong delusions” that R. G. Jolly has had during his years in the Truth! “In due time” we ex­pect to make further comment on this matter – just as we expect to do on The Epiphany Solomon and Antitypical Hiram. In passing, however, we take note of his claim that he has made clear the type and antitype of the two Hirams. Yes, indeed; he's made it “clear” – as clear as mud. And we hope he will make still other attempts to make it clear, at which time we shall have quite some more to offer on the two Hirams and their relation to the Evil Epiphany Solomon. We hope he will not defer this matter too long.

As a final plunge into the depths of Azazelian nonsense he states on page 93, col. 2 (bottom half), “They (Note: his so‑called `Sifters') regard it (the LHMM) as unclean ­a house of leprosy... and therefore if they were consistent, they would no longer be in `association with' it, nor encourage others to remain `in association with' it.” Seem­ingly, R. G. Jolly is so befuddled that he fails to differentiate between actual leprosy as a disease and the various forms of spiritual leprosy, as Brother Johnson describes them in Vol. E‑4. On page 291 (bottom) he says leprosy in a house types Great Company uncleanness as they contaminate themselves with sectarianism. This writer and all his house accept none of R. G. Jolly's “leprous house”, the LHMM which he is now “controlling even as Brother Johnson controlled it”; nor do we contend that even a majority in the LHMM are leprous. One of the very outstanding types of Great Company uncleanness is to be found in Miriam as described in Numbers 12. When she became leprous because of her sins against Moses, did the House of Israel follow R. G. Jolly's `consistency', leave their possessions and their God‑given rights to separate themselves from Miriam? Did they? They certainly did not! Rather, she was forced into the wilderness condition until such time as she should be cleansed from the contagion – just as St. Paul forced the brother in 1 Cor. 5 to do the same thing. And we call upon all faithful Youthful Worthies and cleansed Great Company members in our midst to follow this same course with the leprous Great Company members in our Group. Nor can we expect any prosperity from the Lord until that is done. – “I am against them that cause my people to err by their lies, saith the Lord.” – Any who see the sins of Revolutionism, power‑grasping, falsehood, etc., and who calmly say, “leave it in the Lord's hands”, will eventually be given up to their lie, just as Brother Russell predicted would be the fate of such.

For some time now we have realized only too well that R. G. Jolly would be well pleased to have this writer and others withdraw from the LHMM, thus allowing him free scope to run riot with the heritage that is rightfully the dower of all the faithful in the Movement – all the while he blames us and others for his staggering failures, just as did the wicked Ahab with Elijah the Prophet: “Art thou he that troubleth Israel?” (1 Kgs. 18:17) Nor can we find better answer to this than Elijah's words: “I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father's house, in that ye have forsaken the command­ments of the lord, and thou hast followed Baalim.” It should be noted that many who have come at variance with R. G. Jolly since Brother Johnson's death were the noblest and best of the “good soldiers” who gave most freely of their time, their money and their blood to “build the house of the Lord” in this Epiphany time, and to aid the Good Epiphany Solomon in building his own house. Let each think it over and answer for himself, bear­ing in mind that each must eventually “stand before the judgment seat of Christ”, where the palaver of leprous Levites will find no lodging or influence – as each one is “judged according to his works.”

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dear Brother Hoefle:‑

Grace and Peace through our Lord Jesus Christ! I trust you received my letter to you with an enclosed copy of one sent to Brother Jolly from our class here. We got a reply far from what we expected. Part of his answer was “I am sorry you received the Hoefle literature, but others elsewhere received it, but seeing the bad spirit they are not in­fluenced. However, I will consider an answer in the Present Truth.”

Since then we got the January Present Truth. I think we will write to him again, for we are not satisfied with that answer. The representative and Pilgrims are not disposed to interfere with what is happening, so they are not pleased with us. But we are sure God's work will be carried through. I thank God that He has caused you to open our eyes to see the published errors in the Present Truth.

I am enclosing on separate paper some questions sent by Brother Jolly to a Sister to be answered. I would like very much if you would in brief send me an answer to them for my enlightenment. It was given to me by the Sister to have and read, and so I copied it, having in mind to show you. I am glad for your help, for my one determination is to please God if I am even to stand alone ........ Thanks to you very much.

Yours by God's Grace, Sister________


NOTE: This Sister was one of many who wrote R. G. Jolly asking for a clear answer to the slander matter; but none of our informants ever received such an answer from him, his alibi always being “JJH's bad spirit”. After this matter was submitted to the Gener­al Church it was then six months before he came out in the Present Truth, and then only did he do so because of much prodding from various sources. And even then he did not answer the charges made against him, his only defense being further slurs and insinuations against JJH. Nor has he yet vindicated himself on the many lies he has told against JJH – especially, has he completely ignored his gross falsehood that “JJH had full charge of the funeral arrangements” for Brother Johnson. He could not help but know his statement was an unvarnished falsehood, since he himself had made ALL ARRANGEMENTS for that funeral even before JJH reached Philadelphia two days before the funeral, even the newspaper notices having already been published, leaving only the funeral itself on Friday for JJH to conduct. Brother Hoefle.


New York

Dear Sister Hoefle:‑

Received “Present Truth” the 21st, if you want to call it the “Present Truth”. It be­lies its name. R. G. Jolly should change its name, too... I only read his references to Brother Hoefle, and his so‑called refutations. The more he talks the more he involves himself. Many more should wise up soon and begin to see his shoddy tactics of dishonesty and trickery. His glittering personality and holy (?) mien will not always shine out so brightly.

I received .... the August 1 and August 15 articles and they seem the best yet. Bro. Hoefle has the faculty of hitting the nail right on the head every time. Surely the Lord is using him to help His people at this time. I pray daily he may continue faithful and be strong in the lord and in His might .... and I am assured such will be the case. God bless him!....... Give my Christian love to all. I am with Brother Hoefle 100%! He has both courage and ability.....

Your brother in Him _____________



Dear Brother Hoefle:‑

Grace and Peace! You may not remember me, but I met and heard you at a Convention in L.A. before Brother Johnson died. I forget the year. I enjoyed your talks and felt convinced at the time that you are faithful. I remember so well after Brother Johnson had made one of his deep addresses on the graces, telling how we could employ one of the graces to help use some other grace. Well, it was interesting ‑‑ but when you got up after he sat down, you said, “Well, that sounds very simple.” We all laughed and so did he. I am praying the Lord to direct you....