by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 51

My dear Brethren: Grace and peace through our beloved Master!

Since there seems to be considerable confusion on this subject, we believe it opportune to offer some further explanation. Bad levites are those who are guilty of both charges in Psa. 107:11 – “rebelled against the words (teachings) of God, and con­temned the counsel (the arrangements) of the Most High.” “Rebelled against the words of God” means they revolutionize against Present Truth grossly and persistently, which they once saw clearly and accepted. “Contemned the counsel of the Most High” means they hold in contempt God's arrangements for His work in the time in which they live – ­especially so, in Apostolic times and in the Parousia and Epiphany. For a long time Brother Johnson was in doubt about Martin Luther's position in the Christ Company until he came to realize that Luther never revolutionized against any truths that he clearly saw. Thus, any vitiation of truth or arrangements chargeable to Luther were due to the deep‑rooted errors of his time – so gripping that dear Brother Luther just could not extricate himself from them.

Good Levites – especially in the Parousia and Epiphany – are those who “Contemned the counsel of the Most High”; that is, they violated God's arrangements for conducting His work; but they did not revolution­ize against Truth once clearly seen and accepted.

Cleansed Levites would be those of both the erstwhile Bad and Good Levites who had been abandoned to Azazel, had received their fit‑man experiences – had “their hearts brought down with labor” (Psa. 107:12) – had “cried unto the Lord in their trouble” ­had been “saved out of their distresses” – had been “brought out of darkness” (the revolutionistic errors they had embraced). With the great majority now living this cleansing has not yet occurred.

Brother Johnson repeatedly referred to the Good Levites as those who had not revo­lutionized against Present Truth – those in the Epiphany Truth. But at no time did he say they as a Class were cleansed Levites. Rather, he stated “their cleansing is a thing devoutly to be desired”; but he realized full well they must first be abandoned to Azazel to effect their cleansing. That is why he stated some future features of this matter were not clear to him. He did not understand how the Good levites in the Epi­phany Movement would be abandoned to Azazel, since all of them must experience the bit­ter loss of all brotherly help and favor by the World's High Priest. Only by Brother Johnson's death was this made clear to us – an occurrence Brother Johnson could not pos­sibly foresee as the answer to this question.

And any and all once regarded by Brother Johnson as Good levites we would now per se be forced to catalog as Bad Levites if they have grossly and persistently revo­lutionized against those Epiphany Truths they once embraced and held dear. As an ex­ample, let us consider the case of R. G. Jolly: At no time did Brother Johnson publish that he was a cleansed Levite; he viewed him as one of the Good levites. As late as 1943 Brother Johnson clearly stated in the Present Truth that he was not yet cleansed. That was more than 27 years after being a Good Epiphany Levite. His claim now of be­ing a Cleansed levite – with no other argument to support that claim than Brother John­son's death – is just a levitical vagary. At no time prior to October 1950 had he had all brotherly help and favor withdrawn from him by Brother Johnson – had never been dis­fellowshiped by Brother Johnson; and his actions since that date clearly prove he is no longer even a Good Levite, because he has grossly and persistently revolutionized against Parousia and Epiphany Truths he once enthusiastically embraced. It should be remembered here that the course of That Evil Servant was much the same: At one time he was a Saint in association with That Servant; then he fell to the position of a Good Levite, a backward step probably not apparent to many of his Harvest associates in Present Truth. In due course he lost all, became That Evil Servant, “went to his own place” (Acts 1:25) – had his “portion with the hypocrites.” The words of Job 38:2 offer timely query here: “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?” And the answer comes back to us from E‑10‑594:

“The three bad Levite groups and the good levites, the crown‑losers in the Epip­hany Movement, darkeneth the Truth by their teachings without proper knowledge.” R. G. Jolly is a lurid illustration of the truth of Brother Johnson's statement be­fore our eyes at this time, with his Campers Consecrated and the many other errors that he has presented to trusting brethren “by words without knowledge.”


We do well ever to keep in mind that during the Gospel Age – before the Epiphany — ­Tentative Justification and Leviteship were substantially synonymous terms; but this sweeping statement would no longer be true during the Epiphany. During the Gospel Age those who lost their Tentative Justification also lost their levitical standing; but this did not lose for them all hope of a future life. All such who had not pro­gressed to vitalized justification will still experience a “resurrection by judgment.” But not so during the Epiphany with those who lose their levitical standing if they are to be found in the Great Company. Having progressed to vitalized justification, if they now lose out as Levites, they lose all. Thus, their standing as Levites is now fixed; and they must maintain their Leviteship, or all hope for them vanishes – a sit­uation not true during the Age before the Epiphany of those justified believers who progressed no farther than the Court.

Nor should we be foolish enough to believe that those who died in Tentative Justi­fication before the Epiphany will arise in Tentative Justification, as the Present Truth now indirectly contends. Such have “received the grace of God in vain,” never again to secure it in like manner. Their situation is identical with those forced out of the Court in the finished Epiphany picture. These latter also will lose their Tentative Justification in like manner as those who died with it, or lost it prior to death, dur­ing the Gospel Age before the Epiphany – nor will any of them ever again receive Tenta­tive Justification during the Basileia reign.


Inseparably intertwined with the foregoing is the final Gospel‑Age march into Canaan. “To the Reubenites, and to the Gadites, and to the half tribe of Manasseh, spake Joshua, saying, Remember the word which Moses the servant of the lord commanded you, saying, The Lord your God hath given you rest, and hath given you this land. Your wives, your little ones, and your cattle, shall remain in the land which Moses gave you on this side Jordan; but ye shall pass before your brethren armed, all the mighty men of valor, and help them: Until the Lord hath given your brethren rest, as he hath you, and they also have possessed the land which the Lord your God giveth them” – Josh. 1:12‑15. “Inherit­ing the land” for Gospel‑Age purposes means receiving the sphere of the Truth and its spirit. And to all such as have “inherited the land” has also come “peace with God” and the “peace of God”; they have entered into that “rest” (Heb. 4:3‑11) which is alone for the fully faithful people of God.

It should be carefully noted in this picture that the 2½ tribes had received their “rest” east of Jordan before Moses died; so it is clear enough that these would type the fully faithful New Creatures (the Saints), the measurably faithful New Creatures who had been cleansed (the Great Company), and the fully faithful Youthful Worthies. And it is specifically told to these that they shall “pass before your brethren armed” – “armed” with the Truth and the spirit of the Truth to lead their lesser brethren to receive what they themselves had inherited – “until the Lord hath given your brethren rest, as he hath you.” And to such – and to such alone – pertains the “great peace” of Psa. 119:165: “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend (stumble) them.”

Let us observe now how this picture offers an impregnable refutation to the Present Truth's intertretation of Genesis 14 and the “trained controversialists” (the Campers Consecrated) so foolishly written into that picture by R. G. Jolly. If there were one scintilla of Truth in his interpretation, then surely his Campers Consecrated would appear in this picture with the Saints, the Great Cbmpany and the Youthful Worthies as the vanguard of the march into Canaan. But here also this non­existent class is nowhere in evidence – just as it cannot be found in any other Scrip­tures or types setting forth the true elect. Especially do we point out that the other half Tribe of Manasseh is not mentioned here; only that half of Nanasseh associated with Reuben and Gad is given specific notice. “He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.”


Enclosed are samples of three tracts we are now able to offer our readers as an aid to carry to a completion Antitypical Gideon's Second Battle. We have hesitated long before making this move; and we assure all it gives us no pleasure whatever to do so – except as we are convinced we are doing the Lord's will in the matter. Many of our readers have informed us they can no longer circulate any literature with Lay­men's Home Missionary Movement name on it because of the many errors that have ema­nated from that source since our dear Brother Johnson's death. This is our own atti­tude, too – especially so, since many of those errors are now being injected into the Bible Standard. We could not maintain “a good conscience and an unfeigned faith” were we to direct any inquirer to such perversions of the Star Members, writings. The tracts we now offer – Where Are The Dead?, What Is The Soul?, The Resurrection of the Dead – ­are a close reproduction of Brother Johnson's work, although not identically so. They are free upon request, our only restriction being that not more be ordered than can be properly distributed over a period of several months future. Next month we hope to have a fourth tract, The Three Babyions, which we shall present on the same terms.

We believe it is in keeping to state here that it is yet quite out of order to proffer the promise of life extended into the Basileia; no one has such authority at present. The Jehovah's Witnesses have been making such offer since shortly after the Epiphany began; but it is a known fact that many thousands of their adherents have already died who had relied upon their promise. It seems R. G. Jolly is now at­tempting some of the same in his veiled statements that his Campers Consecrated may “pass through the fire” and continue to live right into the Kingdom. His adherents will find themselves badly deceived if they accept his sugar‑coated “narrow Way” in the camp; and we expect “in due time” to present some Scripture explanations that will make this crystal clear to all who do not imbibe his “strong delusions.”

As respects the continuance of Gideon's Second Battle to a completion, we believe it appropriate to quote here from E5‑251: “We exhort those of the antitypical Three Hundred who mingle with the various levitical bodies to concentrate their attention to attacks on these two klng errors of antitypical Midian. Let such do this work, leav­ing to the Levites the work of proclaiming Millions Now living, etc., of canvassing for the Golden Age, of distributing Bible Truth Witnesses on Babylon is Fallen...etc.  Antitypical Gideonites, whether in or out of the Epiphany Truth, let us concentrate our attacks against the doctrines of Eternal Torment and the Consciousness of the Dead.”

In the same spirit and language of the foregoing do we now exhort in like manner, ad­vising our readers to engage in the Bereaved Work in their respective localities, leaving the distribution of Flying Saucers, etc., to those inclined to such Truth (?) work. Since Brother Johnson wrote the above, it should be observed that the Millions preaching, the Golden Age, etc., have fallen into total collapse – just as will be true of the Flying Saucer, and as has already occurred with the $5 Correspond­ence Course. The latter is not mentioned any more in any of the LHNM publications; and we wonder how many – if any – of the Flying Saucer tracts are yet being circulated. When the Basileia work is eventually inaugurated, we may be certain that the typical Moses will have full charge, or at least a major part, in conducting that work. But we do not yet have him to direct us, so we counsel the acceptance of the methods of our beloved departed antitypical Moses. Thus, all those who “continue in the things they have learned, and been assured of, knowing of whom they have learned them,” will not be likely to be led much astray.

In conclusion, what more appropriate words could we submit than those of Jesus – Matt. 7:22,23 (Dia.): “Many will say to me in that day, Master, Master, have we not taught in thy name? and in thy name expelled demons? and in thy name performed nany wonders? And then I will plainly declare to them, I never approved of you: De­part from me you who practice iniquity.”

Sincerely your brother

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim


Letter of General Interest

My dear Brother Hoefle – A Servant of our lord!

Greetings of love and peace in our dear Redeemer's name! We have received papers and are very thankful for obtaining them from you. Dear Sister --------- has been sending them to us and we have enjoyed the reading with satisfaction. We notice that each statement and comment are prompt and in harmnny with the two Star Members. We are more thankful to the Lord for providing a brave brother like you to stand and defend the Truth for the two Star Members and for us, the feeble brethren. God never leaves Himself without a witness – and if any one is high‑minded they can never be a true leader – especially when you are taking on their own account, the blessing of the Lord will not stay. They must be confused, for they are not only graspers but not Truth seekers. They will go like Rutherford as soon as the Lord sees that they are trying to stumble his children. He will know just what to do, for He is doing every­thing now at a quick date. So, dear Brother, be strong in the lord and in the power of his might. The lord bless you and yours and keep you and increase your knowledge more and more in His Truth till your time appointed.

Your Bro. & Sister ---------, Jamaica.


Announcement of General Interest

It is with much grief that we announce the death of our beloved Brother Guy C. Dunnagan on June 17, 1959. He was a true “yokefellow,” and his passing leaves a great void in our midst. Many of our readers will join with us in mourning his departure; and unite with us also in the joyful anticipation that he will appear among the “righteous” in the glorious Kingdom reign.