by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 47

My dear Brethren: Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

During 1958 there appeared a series of articles in the Present Truth treating of the above subject. That the basic concept of those articles can be traced to Brother Johnson needs no argument; nor does it require persuasion to attach to R. G. Jolly the ridiculous and gross perversions interspersed in those articles. Reference to the announcement pages in the back of Volume 15 will reveal that Bro. Johnson planned to present explanations on Genesis, Leviticus and Deuteronomy in his anticipated Volume 16; but R. G. Jolly had a number of nebulous excuses for publishing “The Chart of God's Plan” as Volume 16, one such excuse being the need of The Chart in his Attestatorial Service. The pronounced failure of that Attestatorial Service should be clear evidence of the Lord's displeasure and chas­tisement upon him for his evil course; but that chastening seems to have taught him just nothing – just as his humiliation in 1938 seems to have taught him so little.

On p. 6 of our June 1, 1957, paper we assailed R. G. Jolly for palming off parts of Habakkuk as his own, and we predicted then “there will be more to come – with R. G. Jolly allowing the brethren to believe he is the author... and it will certainly be to his eventual shame.” That our prediction has come so markedly true does not make of us a prophet; we were simply prompted to our statement by Brother Johnson's description of such: “God Himself is against the false preachers, who plagiarize the Truth teachings from His servants, and with changes palm it off as their own.” It seems now clear enough that we can anticipate still more of the same from R. G. Jolly; and we have in mind especially Brother Johnson's thoughts on Revelation, for which we have reasonably good evidence that R. G. Jolly has instructed those at the Bible House – those who had received some of those interpretations from Brother John­son during his last months – not to impart those interpretations to others.

While the foregoing attitude is in itself justifiably deserving of criticism, there is much sharper criticism due him when he injects his revolting perversions (Azazel means Perverter) into the Star Members' interpretations. He accuses us of using “caustic invectives” against him; but it seems such have not been nearly “caus­tic” enough to dissuade him from his evil course. We draw particular attention to the perversion on p. 86, col. 1 of the Nov‑Dec. 1958 PT (17), where it is stated the “unconsecrated ones – Campers” assist antitypical Abraham in recovering from captivi­ty the “Consecrated Epiphany Campers” (col. 2,20). While this contention by itself should be enough nonsense in one article, when we consider it in the light of his other teachings, it becomes nonsense beyond description. By his own contention, there were no Campers Consecrated until 1954. Also, by his own contention, the last member of antitypical Abraham departed this earth in 1950. Yet he has antitypical Abraham recovering Campers Consecrated four years before any Campers Consecrated ap­peared on the scene. And he speaks of these Campers Consecrated as “well‑instructed and trained controversialists.” We wonder if he could produce even one such who can offer a plausible exposition of the Campers Consecrated bedlam. Can he do it? In fact, can any of his “well‑instructed controversialist” Campers present a clear expo­sition on even elementary Truths? Does he have one that is “weaned from the milk”? Up to now none of his Convention speakers that we have heard have given a passing defense of his Campers Consecrated – in fact, they barely mention the subject; nor have we found any of them who could do so privately. The Detroit Ecclesia requested R. G. Jolly himself – or one of his more capable Pilgrims – to come to Detroit to answer questions on this and other items of his “advancing Truth.” That was about eighteen months ago, but he has not yet complied, or evidenced his intent to comply Why? We realize full well that the Gospel‑Age Levites, the tentatively justified, were “given wholly to the priests for the service of the Tabernacle”; and they have given the priests valuable assistance. Also, many good worldly people have contri­buted of money and other things to aid the priests. But none of these ever received the Truth unless they consecrated; thus, they could be – and were – “sympathetic and cooperative,” but none of them could ever be “skilled in handling the word of Truth” which they did not possess. And this would be even more markedly true in the Epiphany, when the Levites embrace the Great Company and Youthful Worthies – all of whom are consecrated, with many of them numbered among the Measurably Faithful, of course.

When these people fall into the hands of Azazel, says Brother Johnson, they talk all sorts of nonsense; and here again is proof multiplied of his sage observation. But to those who supposedly absorbed the sober teachings of Brother Johnson, but now succumb to such nonsense fantastic, we can but quote St. Paul's words: “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?” As Brother Johnson so unerringly taught us, the acceptance of one error eventually forces acceptance of other errors; and this Campers Consecrated is a superb example. To defend his position on this non‑existent class, R. G. Jolly is now forced to pervert almost everything he writes. And his discourse at Chicago Convention last fall on Genesis 14 was even more extreme in its perversions than the article we are now examining. “They that be drunken (with error) are drunken in the night.” And of these gross perversions and vitiations of the Star Members' writ­ings he is crass enough to tell his readers on page 5, col. 2, top: “We have greatly rejoiced in the privilege of setting before the brethren, through the Present Truth various features of advancing Truth.”

It should be noted, R. G. Jolly claims the “cleansed” Levites (meaning his group) are now operating in the place of antitypical Abraham. They are also a part of the “salt of the earth.” He has also contended that their abandonment to Azazel (their wilderness experience in the hands of the Fit Man) is in the same category as the Gospel‑Age Little Flock fleeing to the wilderness. He has them also occupying the place of John on Patmos; he includes them in the “us” class of the New Testament Saints; and has The Measurably Faithful now operating as The Fully Faithful. Also, he is now “controlling the L.H.M.M. even as Brother Johnson controlled it.” To make his position “perfect” he needs yet to put his “cleansed” Levites in the Samson posi­tion – to explain why the “earth” has not spoiled – why the two antitypical pillars of the Philistines have not yet collapsed. All of his claims in these various types are a perfect reproduction of That Evil Servant's transposition of Elijah into Elisha – the only difference being in the work done. Of course, in these Genesis narratives R. G. Jolly does not even change the nature of the work – just supplants Abraham with his “cleansed” Levites. It will be recalled that C. A. Wise, Vice‑President of the Society while JFR was engaging in his strange gymnastics, made the statement ­“Brethren, I don't know myself anymore.” And we wonder now if some in the L.H.M.M. may not be saying the same thing. Ten years after Brother Russell died he would not have recognized the Society as the same organization he left in 1916; and the same could be said respecting Brother Johnson now as respects the L.H.M.M.

In supplanting the Fully Faithful with himself and his adherents, R. G. Jolly has been pursuing a well‑defined and carefully‑studied course of power‑grasping (Baal worship). Nor should we be surprised at this, because his type, King Saul (Saul types the crown‑lost leaders up to Armageddon, according to Brother Johnson), followed ex­actly the same course. In 1 Sam. 13:8‑14 Saul is reprimanded for making a “burnt­offering and peace offerings,” a service which only the priests were authorized to perform. It will be noted in vs. 11 and 12 Saul has plenty of “excuses” for his power‑grasping, but Samuel tells him, “Thou hast done foolishly: thou hast not kept the commandment of the Lord.” It was not allowed Saul to put himself in the priestly of­fice, any more than it has been allowed crown‑lost leaders in the Gospel‑Age to attach themselves to the office of the Star Members and other Saints. But, strangely, so many of them have attempted to do just that – have built up Big Babylon and Little Babylon – and “an evil spirit from the Lord” has troubled them (1 Sam. 16:14). And despite all the experiences of the past – and despite Brother Johnson's clear explana­tion of this remarkable type – yet R. G. Jolly now chooses to follow the course of his “kinsmen in iniquity,” rather than the sober teachings of the beloved Epiphany Mes­senger.

On p. 5, col. 1, last par. of the Jan. 1959 PT there are some general observa­tions – nothing specific – re the 1,000‑yr. reign and his “threefold refutation,” and “it does not seem necessary to treat the matter further.” At various times we have stated how we have silenced him on The Faithful and Measurably Faithful, on Due Truth for all the consecrated, John's Beheading, and numerous other important teach­ings. We made the same prediction re this 1,000‑yr. item, as we have about John's Baptism; and it seems he has now had about enough. He speaks of “other points more or less unrelated”; and we can only assume he means among other things his contention about “Restitution accomplished by 2874.” Let him itemize clearly the points we have evaded for the benefit of the brethren; and at the same time let him answer the “unre­lated” views we have offered. This would be the proper course for any true Pastor and Teacher.

Just glossing them over with “profusion of words to no profit” always has been the method of the pseudo Pastors and Teachers; and now, instead of R. G. Jolly “refut­ing the gainsayers,” the “gainsayers” are refuting him. Let him go back to our Sep­tember 1, 1958 paper, and answer our presentations on Amos 9:13, Due Truth for all the Consecrated, on Revelation 19 – especially with reference to his “mathematical proofs” for 1956. Let him give his present interpretation of Psa. 46, 1 Thes. 4:17 and Zech. 8:10. Let him also tell us whether or not his “mathematics” were calculated for him in 1947 by the “Teacher” (J. W. Krewson) he accepted so willingly for sometime after Brother Johnson's death. He may brush aside all these highly important points as “more or less unrelated”; but plenty of the brethren have – and others yet will – recognize such twaddle as just some more of his “profusion of words to no profit” – “effusive, repetitious, loquacious,” as Brother Johnson has so aptly described him.

We have repeatedly called attention to the parallel that isn't there – at.1954. In E‑5‑442 Brother Johnson states, “The Scriptures place anarchy at about 1954,” Both Stars of Laodicea held firmly to the rule that prophecy cannot be clearly understood until it is fulfilled or in course of fulfillment; yet both of them did violence to their own rule by attempting to pin‑point some future events. It is not our wish to voice sharp criticism of them here; we take the generous view that their consuming “zeal for thine house,” as they strove to bless God's people, just overcame in some instances their otherwise keen and embracive reasoning powers. However, once those mistakes were clearly manifested by time itself, the “watchmen” were quick to discern them; and only those who have not discerned them are they who have lost the oil from their lamps. This is particularly true of R. G. Jolly (the same person who is “brazen” enough to accuse JJH of losing the Epiphany Truth). It is striking testimony to his blind and befuddled state when he proceeded In 1954 to attempt his Attestatorial Ser­vice and institute his Campers Consecrated – just as though 1954 had come with the' “clouds and shouts” which Brother Johnson had predicted.

Leviticus 12 clearly substantiates 1954 in its parallel to 1914; but only as re­spects the developing truths involved – the same being a condition pertaining exclus­ively to the Household of Faith, with the world in general not in the least concerned or involved. If we hark back to 1914, we must conclude that the Little Flock develop­ing truths had all been expounded and proclaimed – although they were not generally aware of that truth – that such developing truths were all in – until sometime later. It was some years after 1914 before Brother Johnson himself realized it; but, even after it became fully clear to him he was unable to add a single new developing truth for the Little Flock. All he could do was emphasize, elucidate and elaborate upon those truths already propounded by That Servant. Those truths were all there at 1914, even though the fact was not recognized immediately by those involved. And this identical parallel prevailed at 1954 as respects the Great Company. All the developing truths for them had been proclaimed by Brother Johnson; and we ourselves have done nothing more with those truths than he did with the Little Flock truths – emphasize, elucidate and elaborate. It seems very few of the Great Company are yet awake to their developing truths; and certainly no group as such has taken any steps to apply those truths to their cleansing. This is pointedly true of the L.H.M.M., which has actually lost large parts of the Truth which had classified them as “good” Levites when Brother John­son was still with us.

We now quote one of the many claims made early in the Epiphany by the crown‑lost leaders in the Society:

“In this prophecy the great antitypical High Priest identifies Himself with the work of the Society, and places in its care... the teachings, understandings of the Word... The Society is the only entity in the world answering to this description... the Seventh Volume of Studies in the Scriptures, divinely provided.”

The foregoing bombast goes hand in glove with similar papal claims, the main exception being that the Roman Church still clings to its moth‑eaten and disgraced errors; where­as, the Society has forsaken its “divinely‑provided Seventh,Volume.” As we look back upon it, those bombastic claims of 1918 – those claims hurled mainly at the faithful Epiphany group – stand out most markedly for what they are, a colossal Satanic hoax. And we predict now that a few more.years will classify many of the present claims of R. G. Jolly, et al, in like manner.

Human beings learn slowly – so very slowly; and that has been markedly true of those to whom have been committed “the oracles of God.” And those who trumpet forth high‑sounding and unsound claims for themselves have invariably gone the way of the Tower of Babel builders. They were the first ones of whom we have any record who were going to construct a gateway to Heaven; and their punishment was swift and demoraliz­ing – a confusion of their tongues. And as each sect came along in the Gospel Age, they, too, received “confusion” as soon as they claimed to be the only true church – ­a gateway to Heaven. Of course, the different Star‑Member movements were made into sects by the crown‑lost leaders, just as R. G. Jolly has done with the L.H.M.M.; and those leaders often meted out dire toll upon their opponents, as instance John Calvin to Miletus Servetus. And they, in turn, were “delivered over to Satan” – abandoned to Azazel – with the woes that come with mounting errors. Brother Johnson having made this all so clear for us, it is no problem to recognize what is now proceeding, and what in a general way will “shortly come to pass.”

With this writing comes the hope and prayer that all who have received the Truth in “good and honest hearts” will “continue in the things they have learned and been assured of.” “Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth,, and having on the breastplate of righteousness.” (Eph. 6:14)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim


 Letters of General Interest

My Beloved Brother Hoefle: – Greetings in His Holy Name!

To the many letters of appreciation you have received from the brethren for your .... good work toward the brethren in the Lord's Name, please accept also my thanks for the “meat in due season” you offered me in the past months. Your unsel­fish devotion, your many sacrifices, in the face of much opposition, will surely be richly recompensed by our Lord.

Of the many truth articles you have written, I cannot select a specific one as the best, because all do contain much important truth; however, allow me to label your recent writing, “The Spirit of a Sound Mind” as most outstanding, timely, well written and to the point.

Being a doctor in my own right, I can assure you that psychiatry has no value, as it is unable to cure any mental illness. While it is not demonism, it is the door leading to demon worship, for the tons of tranquilizers sold daily, the every‑day re­port of suicides, murders, rapes and other crimes by supposedly psychiatric “cured” patients, should convince the most gullible that psychiatry is a demon‑inspired hoax for it is based upon the old, old formula – “A confession is good for the soul”; but why should a Christian confess to a professed atheist?

Thank you again for your Christian love and prayers. I do hope that in the near future you will deem it advisable to give us a writing on ......, a subject definitely related to psychiatry, Christian Science, “Mind Cure,” Faith Cure, Divine Healing, etc., as we want all the elect to be saved.

May our dear Lord bless you and Sister Hoefle richly and guide you in all good words and works. Pray for us. With much Christian love, Bro. ---------, Ohio

Dear Brother Hoefle: – Christian Greetings!

I was deeply impressed with your February article, “The Spirit of a Sound Mind,” and thought I would write and tell you so. It is timely and written direct to the point – and much needed right now. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” Spiritu­alism is rampant, on the up‑grade – whether cloaked in high‑sounding names or not, I have noted this trend from looking at various periodicals, magazines and books at the Library. They are all there to interest the public and captivate them, “the un­wary.” Spiritualists claim 70,000,000 adherents today, and growing. Brazil is show­ing strong spiritualistic influence. They have a hospital, manned by spiritualistic doctors and nurses, where spirit therapy is practiced. Britain is riddled by spiritualistic philosophies – and so is America – both have seats of learning and chairs oc­cupied by gifted professors who teach these occult arts and indoctrinate our youth into these various phenomena. They do not realize they are playing with fire, and seemingly cannot be told. They will not heed the admonition of our Heavenly Father given in Deut. 18:9‑14, and so go on to their own detriment and to its consequences.

Christendom, too, will fall under this influx of spiritualism (demonism), because they are ripe for it. They cling tenaciously to the belief in the natural immortality of the soul – Satan's fundamental doctrine – making them an easy prey. The first seance took place in Eden. The “World Council of Churches” is showing a strong trend toward accepting this doctrine of spiritualism, too. Who knows but what the larger denomina­tions, both Catholic and Protestant – may fall for this strong delusion and become Its victim. This could be a prelude to Armageddon – as iniquity must come to the full. One of our most influential senators sought out a medium and was informed that they (the spirits) were seeking to bridge the gap between science and religion.

But the worst is, dear brother, psychic influences seem to be working strongly among brethren who should know better. Satan is very busy! .....The friends should check up on their leaders. This is where Satan begins. We know how it was In the days of Noah – and Rev. 16:13,14 gives us an inkling to take heed –  “the spirits of devils working miracles” – leading to Armageddon...... Whether we use the names of psychiatry, hypnotism, psychic science, precognition, telekinesis or what not, it is all impregnated with spiritualism and comes from the Devil – a pseudo science. God bless you and ... guide you in all your work to His Name. Your Brother ---------, N.Y.