by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 53

My dear Brethren:- Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

In E‑12‑368 Brother Johnson gives some excellent details on the 70 years’ Jewish captivity in Babylon, and the depopulation of the land during that time – from the fall of 607 B.C. to 536. Then he tells us this is a parallel to the end of this Age when “Satan began the antitypical 70 years’ depopulation of Christendom” – in 1914. Of these 70 years 45 are already past, leaving 25 years still future – to be ended in 1984. The beginning of the Jewish captivity was 2520 years from the end of Adam’s Day; and, just as the Assyrians then began the desolation of fleshly Israel, so the antitypical Assyrians began the desolation of spiritual Israel 2520 years later in 1914, from which time the captivity of spiritual Israel as represented in the nominal church has been growing steadily worse. But, just as the Jews experienced some easing of their bondage in 536 B.C., so we may expect some easing of the present bondage upon Christendom 2520 years later – or, in 1984.

Adam’s Day

It was told to Adam, “In the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:17); and “Adam lived 930 years, and he died.” (Gen. 5:5) From this it is evident that there remained 70 years of Adam’s Day after he died. If the parallel of this situation is to occur in the “restitution of all things” (Acts 3:19‑23), then we need not look for Restitution to begin in even a remote manner before 70 years have elapsed after the Kingdom is set up, which Brother Russell showed from the chronology, the parallel dispensations, and the signs of the times, occurred in September 1914. Adding 70 years to 1914 would also bring us to 1984 – or 2520 years after the Jewish captivity came to an end, and the decree was promulgated to allow them to return to Palestine. Please understand we are making no specific prediction for the year 1984 other than that the stress upon Christendom will be materially eased at that time; but to what extent we cannot now be certain at this early date.


In Deu. 34:8 it is recorded, “The children of Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Moab thirty days”; and it was not until the thirty days were ended that Joshua was told by the Lord to, “arise, go over this Jordan.” In leading Israel from Egypt to Jordan Moses certainly is a most compelling and clearly defined type of the Star Mem­bers in this Gospel Age, who have been leading spiritual Israel from Egypt to the Heavenly Canaan. But the last Star Member died in 1950; and, if there is to be an antitypical weeping for antitypical Moses by God’s faithful Israel, we can reasonably conclude it will be on the oft‑used scale of a day for a year, the end of which will occur in 1980.

At this early date it is not necessary for us to draw minute conclusions for the year 1960; but we do believe we are justified in stating that at least some of God’s fully faithful Epiphany Elect will yet be on earth up to that date to continue the 30 antitypical days of weeping – a year for each day of the type. Who of us who were intimately acquainted with the last Star Members do not experience sharp pangs of grief at every thought of their leaving us! And this grief will surely continue with us until we ourselves have finished our course as they did – “faithful until death.”

The word Jordan means “Judged down.” Among other things, the River Jordan is a type of the human race under the curse of sin and death. Also, in E‑9‑269(18) we are told “the Church’s last Gospel‑Age station was outside but near the nominal church (Jericho) when about to leave this earth for the Kingdom by death (Jordan).” Thus, if Jordan types “death” in this picture, it may be a reasonable assumption that the last of the fully faithful Epiphany elect will have came to the end of their journey preparatory to entering the Millennial Canaan, after which the large Joshua (the glori­fied Christ) will press the march to “inherit the land.” This is in the large anti­type, of course, and should not be confused with the small Epiphany antitype of Joshua.

Carrying the large antitype a little farther, Josh. 3:10 holds forth the promise: “The living God ... will without fail drive out from before you the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Hivites, and the Perizzites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Jebusites.” And Josh. 24:11 tells us this promise was fulfilled under the leadership of Joshua: “I delivered them into your hand.” In E‑12‑516 we find the meanings of these various names as follows: Canaanites – worldliness; Hittites ­– cowardice; Amorites – sinfulness; Etrizzites – siftingism; Hivites – sectarianism; Girgashites – selfishness; Jebusites – erroneous­ness. And there is also the explana­tion that these “dis”‑graces are the opposites of the seven primary graces as we find them given in 2 Pet. 1:5‑7: fortitude, knowledge, self‑control, patience, piety, brotherly‑kindness and love (Dia.). Brother Johnson and Brother Russell have treated all of these qualities in great detail, so we shall offer only limited comment on them here.

These seven primary graces are the total substance of a perfect character, as all other secondary and tertiary graces are embodied in them. They are the complete ex­pression of perfect wisdom, justice, power and love. Wisdom is the proper and correct application of “knowledge.” Justice embraces “piety” and “brotherly‑kindness,” be­cause these graces are a duty as required by Justice. Power is used and expressed in “fortitude,” “self‑control” and “patience.” Love is the heart of (agape) “love.” And these are the opposites of the evils listed in Josh. 3:10 and 24:11. The oppo­site of error (Jebusites) is Divine “knowledge”; the opposite of sectarianism (Hivites) is “fortitude”; the opposite of sinfulness (Amorites) is “self‑control”; the opposite of cowardice (Hittites) is “patience”; the opposite of siftingism (Ferizzites) is “brotherly‑kindness”; the opposite of worldliness (Canaanites) is (agape) “love.”

In the large antitype, the Millennial Joshua will enable the Millennial children of the Christ to overcame the above‑listed evils unto a completion, and to supplant them with the seven primary graces unto perfection. And, when this is done, the possessors of such characters will have “inherited the land” as their everlasting and unchangeable possession – the Truth and the spirit of the Truth. For now, in the small Epiphany picture (which must be viewed separate and distinct from the large antitype) the fully faithful of the Epiphany elect are enabled to wage a “good fight” against these “dis”‑graces, although each one gains the victory in varying degrees, de­pendent upon heredity, application and providential circumstances – with none of them developing the seven graces unto perfection, because they are the capacity only of a perfect man, Jesus being the only one during the Age who possessed them in per­fection and in perfect balance of justice, wisdom, power and love. But the ideal striving of each of us should be to attain them unto perfection, even though that ideal will not be reached until each attains that “better resurrection” that is the sure inheritance of all the fully faithful. And may this ever be the goal of each and all of God’s Epiphany Elect as we “weep” for antitypical Moses!


Furthermore, “the children of Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Moab.” Moab types clericalism, the same being the haven of power. Here it is well to remember we are still in the time of harvest, and “Jordan < all his banks all the time of harvest” (Josh. 3:15) – a type that the evils of the curse would all be accentuated here in the end of the Age. This has been especially true of power‑graspers in politics, business, capital, labor and religion. “Money is power,” says Solomon; and many capitalists have resorted even to murder to secure money, and more money, and the power that money brings. The efforts of the U. S. Congress to curb corrupt and power‑grasping labor leaders is another illustration to the point.

And in religion power‑grasping has sunk so low and become so brazen that we find uncleansed Levites shouting loudly that they are cleansed; and not only so, but they claim also the office of “Pastor and Teacher” – they are the lord’s mouthpiece. This has been true especially in the Epiphany, and more especially since Brother Johnson’s death – the same bearing a close similarity to the corrupt and sullied clergy of the Dark Ages who claimed for themselves true holiness and custodian of the Truth, all the while they were reeking with moral and spiritual degradation and error. Of such we presently quote the lord’s words, “They have their reward”; they enter the same catalog with the “rich men who have heaped treasure together for the last days.” (Jas. 5:3) In due course we shall probably have much more to say about this, but for now we encourage the “Israelites indeed in whom there is no guile” to allow such power to have their “singing minute” all to themselves, as the true follow­ers of the Lord “wept for Moses in the plains of Moab,” the same being a sublime fig­urative expression that we are surrounded on all sides by power‑grasping < as we prepare to “go over this Jordan,” all the while holding in sacred memory the last of the beloved Star Members. And this we shall continue to do until the antitypical thirty days’ weeping for the Star Members are fully accomplished. May God bless their memory!

To all who receive the foregoing with favor we suggest that an excellent way to offer loving tribute to the last Star Members is by a Special Effort in Antitypical Gideon‘s Second Battle from October 16 to November 7 – in harmony with the custom established by Brother Johnson. To all who wish to follow this suggestion we offer the pertinent literature free upon request, and we gladly anticipate your wishes.

In connection with the above, it is perfectly placed here to relate that R. G. Jolly stated from the platform at this last Labor Day Convention at Philadelphia that he has “no objection if any one wants to put forth a special effort from October 16 to November 7”; and the enthusiam (?) with which he made his “concession” gave clear evidence of the heavy “weeping” he has been doing for antitypical Moses. And so far as we can recall, this is the only time he has mentioned the special effort from a Convention platform since our beloved Brother Johnson’s death. In fact, already in October 1953 (only three short years after the last member of antitypical Moses had departed) he already had his Flying Saucer tract with which to replace the “timeworn and threadbare” tracts for Antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle., and was strong in his emphasis that the brethren put forth a “special effort” every day to distribute his latest brainchild – a product which was not even mentioned this time in our hearing – ­so it would seem his Flying Saucer has become “timeworn and threadbare” in about six brief years – just as J. F. Rutherford’s “new” tracts and literature became, which he continued to replace with other sensational “works” until the same happened to them, and so on. All God’s faithful Parousia and Epiphany enlightened brethren know that those “timeworn and threadbare” tracts for use in Antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle are the best for witness against Big Babylon and their gross errors on these two king errors – Eternal Torment and the Consciousness of the Dead (Zebah and Zal­munna). And we again urge the faithful brethren to continue in this “good fight” with the pertinent literature, leaving the Flying Saucers, etc., for those who pre­fer the methods of R. G. Jolly and others who “think for themselves” instead of abiding by the lord’s arrangements for the Truth. Let them cooperate in his “Youth for Christ” adventure with Big Babylon, but let the faithful “continue in His Word and Arrangements.”

It is also worthy of mention that the whispering campaign still continues by letter and conversation that “JJH has a bad spirit,” all the while R. G. Jolly continues with his name‑calling of “Sifter, Errorist, Shyster, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Slanderer,” and such like, while we have used only such descriptive nouns against him as we are fully able to prove. And we have had definite reasons for this; Namely, that we con­sider name‑calling among the cheapest, lowest and oldest of Satanic devices. Name-­calling proves nothing, except the weakness of those who resort to it. And this they are usually driven to do by the truth that is hurled against them, and which they can counter by the only weapon left to them – that is, name‑calling. Several hundred years back the unprincipled priestcraft and priestgraft of that day was yelling “heretic” at the same kind of people that are often branded “sifter” today; and swallowed just about as readily by the gullible dupes. It has been clearly demonstrated over the centuries that the way of uncleansed levites is to deify, laud and lament over the Saints of the past, while they with equal ardor persecute the living Saints of their own day.

In his Sunday discourse on Baptism R. G. Jolly elaborated in excellent fashion (a compliment we are happy to pay him) on Gen. 17:9‑14. Especially do we refer to v. 14 – “the man not circumcised..... shall be cut off from his people.” This text is a perfect support for Brother Johnson’s contention that the unconsecrated (uncircumcised) must be ejected from the Court, and thus their Tentative Justification lapses in the finished Epiphany picture. Here is a clear conclusive proof that much R. G. Jolly has been feeding his trusting readers is clearly contradicted by the Bible, while there is just no Scripture to support this false doctrine, which originated in the foolish imagination of the Jolly‑Krewson twosome. He also said he had been criticized for describing “a narrow way” in the late Epiphany picture. If he refer­red to us in this matter, here is just another of his brazen falsehoods, because we are in full accord that the Great Company and Youthful Worthies are on a narrow way in the Court., though not on the narrow way of the Saints. But once more we also declare it is Levitical nonsense to speak of any on “a narrow way” in the Camp, when Gen. 17:14 states clearly enough that those “not circumcised” shall be cut off from his people (the Household of Faith) – that is, they lose their standing in the Epiphany Court, are remanded to the Epiphany Camp, thus forever losing their opportunity to walk “a narrow way” – in which position they remain as quasi‑elect unconsecrated until another and easier way is opened for them on the Highway of Holiness.

It should be noted, too, that there were ten candidates for immersion, mostly juveniles –; and once more in this same paper we do indeed commend R. G. Jolly for his complete silence on his Campers Consecrated and the false doctrines associated with that vagary. Surely, if ever a time were expedient for his clarification of this spiritual bedlam, that Sunday afternoon before those ten newcomers would have been the appropriate time and place for it – had he himself possessed a sanctified confidence in it. It is an elemental Biblical teaching that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”; and, had this Campers Consecrated teaching been honestly fixed in R. G. Jolly’s heart, he could not have refrained an explanation at such a propi­tious time (especially due to the fact that we have attacked this false doctrine so vigorously). “Thy word was in mine heart, as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay” would have been the attitude of a faithful teacher of a true doctrine.

“Wherefore came out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you.” Let each be persuaded in his own mind whether he desires to “continue in His Word and Arrangements” or whether he prefers the new and sensational doctrines and methods of uncleansed Levite leaders. “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.”

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim


Letters of General Interest

Dated July 14, 1959

My dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace through our Blessed Master!

Your letter dated the 5th came safely to hand. I am very glad to hear from you myself... Sister and I sympathize greatly with the family there – especially with Sister Dunnagan regarding Brother Dunnagan’s death. It came to me as quite a blow. I felt as though he was some near relative. That’s just the way I think of you all there. Praise God we sorrow not as those that have no hope. He will come again in that glorious morning!

I note all you have said in your letter and think you both very kind. God bless you in your appointed way! J W. Krewson is truly going from bad to worse. In his June‑July he is casting a slur on our Lord’s return in 1874 – and if not stopped will dampen or chill the faith of some of the younger brethren. He is becoming a slaughter-­weapon man. We are glad that the lord has promised that the very elect will not be deceived. I think these words are most applicable at this time! We fear for him.

My warm Christian love for you and all the dear ones with you. Please do encour­age dear Sister Dunnagan to bear her great test. The Lord has told her it will not be more than she can endure.

Your Sister by His Grace, Sister Condell (Jamaica)

NOTE: – The above is the last letter we received from our beloved Sister Condell – ­just 10 days before her death on July 24. We do indeed “mourn with those who mourn” in this instance, as we do also cherish the hope that she has finally attained her life’s ambition to hear those most sublime of words: “Well done, good and faith­ful servant.” She was a “good soldier” to the last; and we believe a sober appraisal entitles us to say, “She hath done what she could!” Nor can more glowing tribute be given to the strongest and most prominent of God’s Household.

“O! at close of our day may each of us say,

“I have fought my way through;

“I have finished the work thou dids’t give me to do!”


Dear Brother Hoefle:

It has been some time since I have written to express my thanks for the Truth as you have so carefully arranged for all who would still love the Lord more than life.

It has been years since I have been to a denominational meeting of any kind, but last week my work took me into two services where I was compelled to sit through the entire service. I really had to swallow hard to keep from crying at the “husks” they were trying to feed upon. Their oft‑repeated saying “the hottest fires of the deepest Hell” seemed to sober every one; but when the preacher was through all agreed it was a lovely sermon. My thought kept saying “Him who ye ignorantly preach.”

I am so glad that you are printing some tracts that we can give out to those we meet. For so long I have hesitated to give out any from any other division.

Enclosed please find a small donation for the work, to be used as you see best. Would you please send me – of each of the tracts, to be given away?

I thank our Father from the very depths of my soul that I have the Truth, and my most earnest prayer is that He will never allow me to lose one part of it, regardless of anything I may lose.

Praying God’s blessing upon the work, I am

Your sister in Christ, ‑‑‑‑----- (Texas)