by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 109

My dear Brethren:  Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

In the May-June papers of R. G. Jolly and J. W. Krewson (bimonthly for the brethren, instead of each month as was arranged by the last Star Member) the both of these “cousins” offer some related and similar insidious “sleight-of-hand” in attempted further support of their errors; thus, once more it becomes our unwel­come and unpleasant duty to expose their sophistry, which we shall do sometimes collectively and sometimes individually, as circumstances dictate.

On p. 70 of his paper J. W. Krewson makes the brazen statement that his presen­tation re “the true principles underlying 1 Cor. 6:1-8” has not been “even remotely disproved or refuted.” We wonder if his most biased readers, who have read our paper No. 90 on “The Law of the Lord” (copy free upon request) would agree with him on this statement. At no time has J. W. Krewson offered even a frail effort to answer that paper – although he does continue his unsupported charge about “leaders like JJH regardless of how wrong they are.” If our analysis was so wrong, it should be an easy matter to expose it; but, up to now, not a word from either of the “cousins” on the fundamentals we gave therein. As Brother Johnson said of That Evil Servant, he and others like him just “repeat, repeat, repeat,” knowing that “the unstable and the unlearned” among their readers will thereby be persuaded.  This is the Hitler tech­nique: Make the lie big enough and repeat it often enough (repeat, repeat, repeat, as do these two “cousins”) and a certain element will be convinced thereby.

We call attention now to J. W. Krewson’s statement on p. 68 that “the Lord worked on his mind to look into the Pyramid for corroborations relative to the com­plete glorification of the Church.” We inquire now who “worked on his mind” to pro­duce those 27 computations of error on the Pyramid that appeared it the Jan 7, 1947 PT? It is well understood by all the Epiphany brethren who know them well that they were collaborating together long before Brother Johnson’s demise. R. G. Jolly also, in this May-June Present Truth (actually Present Perverter) appeals to the Pyramid for “proof” of some of his contentions, although he, too, was a dominant figure in those 1947 “Satanic deceptions,” in that Present Truth telling us they were “By R. G. Jolly” (Of course, this was not the first attempt by R. G. Jolly at such “sleight-of-hand.” In his letter of Nov. 15, 1910, published in the Watch Tower, he was already then engaged in such manipulation at top speed; and he evidenced similar enthusiasm in encouraging his “cousin” J. W. Krewson to “go and do thou likewise,” when he pub­lished those articles in 1951 and 1952 “by J. W. Krewson” in the Present Truth. And let us not forget that it was those articles “by J. W. Krewson,” with the full approval of R. G. Jolly, that he – J. W. Krewson – presented as his “credentials” in 1955 when he declared himself to be “Pastor and Teacher.”

We might inquire also who ‘‘worked on his mind” when J. W. Krewson produced “Brother Russell’s Epiphany Parallels,” wherein he magnified R. G. Jolly – with R. G. Jolly’s full and condescending approval? Even J. W. Krewson himself now contends that R. G. Jolly is, and has been for many years (since he and R. G. Jolly had contention over who is “chiefest”), an “uncleansed” Levite (In fact, he was ‘versatile’ enough to later publish that R. G. Jolly paralleled J. F. Rutherford in those years of 1951-52) – the very same person he paralleled with That Faithful and Wise Servant – the very same person who was forced out of the Holy and away from the Lampstand more than 25 years ago. And this latter clause is admitted without exception or attempt at disputation by both R. G. Jolly and J. W. Krewson themselves; thus, none can accuse us here of mere “profusion of words” or vituperous accusation. Let our readers clearly grasp this thought and recall it on every occasion where his interpretations conflict with Brother Russell and Brother Johnson, who remained in the Holy before the Lampstand, “faithful until death’’; R. G. Jolly admits he was forced out of the Holy and away from the Lampstand more than 25 years ago-­in 1938.

Also, let us consider some of J. W. Krewson’s contentions re R. G. Jolly when he was accepting his teachings and leadership: If he was a “cleansed Levite” at that time (at least ‘cleansed’ enough for J. W. Krewson to ‘parallel’ him with Brother Russell!), and has since become uncleansed (as J. W. Krewson now contends), will the Lord abandon such a Levite to Azazel twice, and let him go twice into the wilderness, to effect two cleansings for him? We have no Scripture to that effect nor do we have any teaching from either Star Member to that effect. We do have the clear statement by St. Peter (2 Pet. 2:22), “that there is no recovery for “the sow that was washed, but returns to her wallowing in the mire.” There is no recovery from the second death; so it would seem logical to conclude there is no recovery for those once rescued from Azazel, but return a second time to his poison-laden clutches.

Often have we stressed this truth by Brother Johnson respecting types: “Type and antitype must correspond in every detail.” (E-6:470) If our readers will apply this simple rule to the various interpretations of types in the two papers now being considered, they will then have little difficulty in determining the vagaries and perversions of the “cousins” in their respective analyses. This was the test applied by Brother Johnson to the vagarious distortions of types by That Evil Servant. On pages 65-70 there appears J. W. Krewson’s type – antitype of John the Baptist – in which he says “the deceived among the Epiphany brethren.... were figuratively bap­tized by the Cleansed Nucleus. “His explanation would have us believe this was done without the knowledge or consent of the “baptized.” Now, apply the rule re type and antitype; and we then ask ourselves whether the Jews were baptized by the Prophet John without their knowledge and consent, or did they come voluntarily to him at Jordan? And, did any one announce John to introduce his ministry, or did he himself appear wearing “a mantle of camel’s hair, with a leathern girdle encircling his waist” (Matt. 3:4–Dia.)? And were the Jews then unwittingly immersed by him, or did “Jeru­salem and all Judea resort to him, and were immersed by him in the river Jordan, confessing their sins”? In fact, have the Epiphany brethren, even yet, “confessed their sins” in their perversions of the Epiphany and Parousia Truth? J. W. Krewson states on p. 64, par. 2, that the “number drawn to the Apokalypsis Truth will continue to grow larger.” Why doesn’t he offer some proof of that “growth” over the past nine years? This he should do for the encouragement of his own adherents if for no other reason. On his recent so-called ‘pilgrim’ trip he has called upon several brethren (uninvited, and with the full knowledge they diametrically oppose him); and in none of these intrusions has he gained one in the reports sent to us. If any of his efforts have been a success (toward his opposers), then he should give some evidence of that.


Coming now to p. 42 of this May-June Present Truth: In other parts of this paper R. G. Jolly accuses others of the same trickery and perversions that were practiced by J. F. Rutherford, all the while he himself is a chief offender along this line, and seems to be able to do it much better than any one else we know, which we believe is because he was a personal witness to JFR’s technique – and perhaps is now unwittingly (while in Azazel’s clutches) using much of it because in the back of his mind he remembers JFR’s outstanding success in winning the “unstable and the un­learned.” It has always been a favorite technique of the Adversary to accuse the Fully Faithful of those very things his own dupes practice – as evidence, the accusations of Papacy against Martin Luther, and the accusations of That Evil Servant against Brother Johnson (and we might also add, R. G. Jolly’s accusations against the Epiphany Messenger – see E-10:583, par. 1, and pp. 584-594). In his treatment of 1 Thes. 4:15-17 R. G. Jolly is telling us that Brother Johnson did not clearly understand and interpret this text. That’s exactly what J. F. Rutherford did with Brother Russell’s teachings! In 1918 he was telling his pilgrims (knowing they would circulate it in the General Church) that Brother Russell gained his under­standing of Scripture ‘‘mostly through intuition”; whereas, he arrived at his conclus­ions with the sound hard logic of the legal mind.

And all of us know how “sound” his legal mind was! In that we witnessed a liv­ing example of Psa. 1:1 – “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly (the second-deathers), nor standeth in the way of sinners (the Great Company see Berean Comment on Jas. 5:20). Those who “walked in the counsel of the ungodly” (JFR) have become so confused and changed that they are no longer the same people. As C. A. Wise, Vice-Pres. of the Society under JFR, openly admitted in 1919: “Brethren, I don’t know myself any more!” And this is becoming more and more apparent of those who now “stand in the way of sinners” (R. G. Jolly and his “way” of perverting the Star Members’ teachings – Azazel means Perverter).

He places quite some stress on the meaning of “at the same time” in connection with being “caught up in the clouds”; and he concludes that this has been going on ever since 1878. Didn’t Brother Johnson know that, too, when he told us that the last members of the Body would be “violently seized by clouds”? And didn’t Brother Russell know it, too? But this measurably faithful Levite R. G. Jolly now tells us that these last two fully faithful Principal Men didn’t understand this thing quite as clearly as he now sees it! (Nor did Brother Johnson understand his revolutionisms in 1938 as R. G. Jolly understood them!) And let us ever keep in mind that this Levite, with his alleged clearer understanding, has been out of the Holy, and away from the Lampstand, for now more than 25 years.

He offers the typical saying of Jesus “from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah”; so we now apply Brother Johnson’s simple rule for interpretation of types: “Type and antitype must correspond in every detail.” Abel and Zechariah both suffered violent deaths. Jesus, as antitypical Abel and first member of the Gospel-Age antitype, also came to a violent end. Thus, if the type and antitype are to correspond in every detail, the last member of the Body of Christ must also exper­ience a violent end. This is also clearly portrayed in Elijah’s whirlwind experience; and this, coupled with the Abel-Zechariah picture and the Large Gospel-Age Samson, prompted both Brother Russell and Brother Johnson to conclude violence for the final Little Flock members – “thou (Satan) shall bruise his heel,” the “heel” being the last part of the High Priest to enter the Most Holy as he stooped forward and down to go under the second veil. But all of this is now seen much more clearly by the Levite (R. G. Jolly), as he emits his “flood” against the “treacherous sifters, especially among the Youthful Worthies” (and more particularly against JJH, the one who is “contending for the faith once delivered to the Saints” – the Star Members).

Although John the Baptist was the last of the prophets to be martyred, Jesus ignores him in his prophecy of Matt. 23:35. Brother Johnson has explained this is due to 2 Chronicles being the last book of the Old Testament in former times; but we believe the reason goes deeper than that. Zechariah was High Priest in Israel; and, as such, was properly regarded as the Lord’s mouthpiece (see Berean Comment on John 18:13). He was the last officiating priest in Israel to be martyred by the Jews; and thus he could portray the Gospel-Age priesthood in a way that John could not. Be it noted, too, that Abel (the first member of the type) was officiating as a priest (see Heb. 11:4) when he was slain. But, if “type and antitype must correspond in every detail” – and, since there were other Ancient Worthies who were slain after Zechariah – then why, in the end of this Age, should there not be other priests still to be offered up after the departure of the Epiphany Zechariah? Let us have a clear answer to this by R. G. Jolly – IF HE HAS ONE!

And why did Jesus add the words, ‘‘whom ye slew between the temple and the altar”? This fact is not given anywhere else in the Bible, so it is not a quotation of prev­ious Scripture; it tomes exclusively from Jesus Himself, and – it must be there for a purpose. We have previously explained that that purpose is to tell us clearly that the earthly sacrificing of the Gospel-Age priesthood would not end with the death of the Epiphany Zechariah. All of us know that the brazen altar – in the Court – repre­sented the sacrificial humanity of the Gospel-Age priesthood, just as the Temple repre­sented their glorified condition. And, with Zechariah slain “between the temple and the altar,” we have a clear statement from our Lord that the altar (the sacrificial humanity of the priesthood) would not yet be fully removed after the death of the Epi­phany Zechariah.  We have previously called upon the “cousins” to offer their explana­tion of our Lord’s words – if they have one; but, up to now, not one word from either of them, as they continue to repeat, repeat, repeat their own erroneous contentions.

Also, it will be noted he makes no mention whatever of Zech. 8:10 – “There was no hire for man, nor any hire for beast,” etc.; nor does he treat Psa. 46, which we have used against him with such force in recent papers. Why? Certainly, we have twisted or misapplied nothing here – we have simply quoted the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers.


On p. 38 (11) R. G. Jolly makes the statement: “Do not trust your conscience.” This is certainly good advice so far as he is concerned, because Brother Johnson pointedly wrote of him in E-10:585 that R. G. Jolly has a “bad conscience.” Such a conscience should not be trusted by him; nor should any of the rest of us trust it, We ourselves have learned – since Brother Johnson’s demise – just how really “bad” is the conscience of R. G. Jolly. Since Brother Johnson wrote this of him, he has proceeded from ‘bad” to worse – or “very bad” (after he was fully abandoned to Azazel in October 1950–See E-15:519, par. 1).

However, if his statement is addressed to the General Church, then he demonstrates once again how slipshod and misleading his statements can be. In the Manna comment for November 24 Brother Russell says “our consciences are ready to indicate right and wrong to us”; thus, Brother Russell tells us very clearly that our consciences can be trusted (if we are fully faithful) – a direct contradiction to R. G. Jolly’s unquali­fied contention. If R. G. Jolly is referring to himself – and his “bad” conscience ­he is certainly right, because, according to the record, his “conscience” is not to be trusted – not now, nor when under Brother Johnson’s beneficent influence. If he refers to the great bulk of natural men, he would also be right if properly qualified; because some of them eat each other, without strain of conscience (but is he address­ing the world? or is he addressing the brethren in the Present Truth?). Many others slaughter and maim their fellows in ruinous wars without pangs of conscience; many treat their enemies in their own countries in slanderous and abusive fashion without rebuke of conscience. In fact, only a true nobleman is able to deal with full and impartial justice with those who have unjustly treated him.

But ‘‘we, brethren, are not in darkness.” Therefore, those of us who have properly applied and conformed ourselves to the “good word of God” (the fully faithful, of course – not the ‘‘measurably faithful” of any Class!) will have a conscience that can be trusted. St. Paul states the matter very clearly in 1 Tim. 1:5–”The end (“the ultimate object” – see Manna Comment for March 12) of the commandment” (the good Word of God) is to give us a “good conscience.” Thus, St. Paul says of himself, “Herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offense toward God and toward man.” (Acts 24:16) The underlying thought is that St. Paul had thus developed a “good conscience,” which he was able to trust.  And this same appraisal would apply to any of us who have done likewise – we can trust our consciences. He who discerns clearly teaches clearly; and once more R. G. Jolly reveals how unclear is his discern­ment on many important Scriptural teachings. He is indeed a real good one to accuse others on page 34, col. 1 of the paper under discussion of being “filled with misrepre­sentations (of which Brother Johnson specifically accuses him in E-10:585), falsifica­tions and subtle decep­tions”! “Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee.”

And we again ask the question: Was R. G. Jolly addressing the world or the brethren in the Present Truth under discussion? Even though he had been addressing the world, which has an unregenerate ‘conscience,’ does he advise such to violate their consciences? Certainly, some have very tender consciences in some matters that the Scriptures do not even support – such as abhorrence toward eating meat offered to idols, in which there would be nothing fundamentally wrong; but are any of the worldlings to violate their consciences in such matters, even if not regulated by His Word? Brother Russell repeatedly warned the brethren never to violate consciences (which is our proper guide if regulated by His Word). But when Brother Johnson spoke of R. G. Jolly’s ‘bad’ conscience, he meant that he had violated the principles of truth and righteousness – principles that his own conscience would not allow had it been properly “exercised,” as St. Paul’s conscience had been.

Truly, “God giveth to a man that is good before Him wisdom and knowledge”; but “one sinner (a crown-loser engulfed in Revolutionism) destroyeth much good” (the good and true teachings of the Star Members)–Ecc. 2:26; 9:18.

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



For sometime now there has been considerable demand for a follow-up to our Gideon tracts, so we have prepared “Two Distinct Salvations” for this purpose. A copy is enclosed; and we hope it will commend itself to all our readers. This tract No. 5 is not for general distribution (at Church doors, etc.); it is to be used for interested people – those who inquire as a result of our Gideon efforts, or those who manifest some interest through conversation. It could also be valuable to mail to radio broadcasters, and such like, who discuss related religious subjects. This tract is available to all our readers free, postage prepaid – our only limitation being the request that not more be ordered than can be used, say, for the balance of this year. It comes to our readers with the prayer that it may prove a blessing to him that “waters,” and to all recipients who may be seeking the Truth which shall “make them free indeed.” It is, in fact, a miniature of the Divine Plan.



My dear Brother Hoefle: – Greetings in the Lord Jesus’ Name!

We were very glad to receive yours of April 14, and that with much appreciation....... Glad to know that you have received our Memorial report....... We are glad to learn of the two brothers that were with you at the Memorial service – my only hope is that they would be of some help to you. Re Brother ------, it would be good if you would advise him to go out where our meetings are held, for if he is truly in search of the Truth he would take your advice...... I am truly enjoying the April and May papers. They do show R. G. Jolly in his revolutionary activities. There is no doubt that R. G. Jolly is well fitted into the picture of 1 Kings 12 as one of the small antitypical Jeroboams. But according to verses 15-24 it is of the Lord, and while the Lord is not unkind He deals with His people according to their hearts’ condition.

May our dear Master continue to use you to point out the errors, revolutionisms, and deflections from the teachings of the two Star Members. Please send us some tracts, as we always like to have some on hand.... We do pray on behalf of you and Sr. Hoelfe and the dear ones with you, Sister ------- sends Christian love to you and all with you, as the Lord continues to keep you in His love.

Your brother by His Grace  -------  (TRINIDAD)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

            Thank you for your nice letter received in February. The tracts were received March 8; and it seems like old times – and we deem it a wonderful privilege to serve the Lord in this manner again. May His Name be glorified, and to our good and profit in service.....

Now dear Brother, we know you usually go to Philadelphia Convention, and while it is a little early to mention, Sister ------- and I would love to have you stop off on your way home if it is at all possible. Think it over. We would love to have you and any one in your party. Sister ------- would have a nice dinner prepared; and it would be nice to get together, if only for a short time. Thank you for the invitation... We may be able to do that next year. May God continue to bless you in your every effort to serve the dear brethren.

Yours in the One Hope,  Brother & Sister ------- (NEW JERSEY)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace be multiplied unto you!

Dear Brother, I should have written to you before. I noticed your explanation of the Seventh Trumpet of Rev. 10:6. It proves that the Lord is mightily using you. Brother Russell’s hymn 223 has also borne out the same thought that time will not cease, but will continue.

The Lord is pleased to use you for helping His people in their direst time of need; notwithstanding they are calling you “sifter” and all sorts of unbecoming names. But be of good cheer, and the Lord will strengthen thine heart. Our Lord declared if they called the Master of the House Beelzebub, how much more would they call His servants! I cannot express my appreciation of the two last Star Members, especially dear Brother Russell. I remember the time he came to Colon and Panama, and the great blessing I received from his presence. On his return we took him down the wharf and waved to him as he moved along.

At times we wonder how brethren who have been in the Truth for so long have failed to note the time we are now living in – after having so much enlightenment from these great men of God........ My love to you, Sr. Hoefle, Sisters Wells and Dunnagan, and the dear ones with you.

 Yours by His Grace Sister ------- (JAMAICA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Christian love and Greetings!

I am writing to say thank you for the three books I have received safely, I am interested in reading them...... My dear Brother, may the Lord continue to give you grace, health and strength so that you may continue in pointing us to the Truth.

May the Lord bless thee and Sister Hoefle.

Sincerely your brother ------- (PORT OF SPAIN)


Dear Christian Friends!

Thank you so much for the two tracts you sent me. I am looking forward to reading The Three Babylons, too. Since I just received your letter and tracts I have not had time to read them, but after reading the tract, Where Are The Dead, I feel sure that they will be a blessing to me in my Christian growth.

In your letter you asked me to send some information as to my religious background. First of all, I will tell you a little about myself. I am a young man of 18 years, single, and am planning to go to college if the Lord is willing. Just this past summer I went through a time of wrestling with the Lord while I was at a Baptist Assembly (Caswell Baptist Assembly, Southport, N. C.) as to whether I should give myself wholly to Him in my lifetime service. On the way back, I came to the decision that I should submit myself, and up until this time I have been growing spiritually in my church and daily life.

As most young people who have not come from a strong Christian background, I have been faced with many trials. Sometimes my doubts waver my thinking away from the will of the Lord, and I am inclined at many times to lean toward the psychologi­cal viewpoint to life. Now as I sit here at the typewriter, I know that these things are only half-truths. But sometimes I fall back into the same line of thinking as before. I read my Bible daily, and in an organized way. But the church which I be­long to is headed by a pastor who, although a true Christian, is limited in knowledge of Christian Doctrine, I know that evangelism is a necessity in this sinful world, but I believe before one can be a very effective witness, he must know about what he is to say.

So I ask you now as my Christian brothers, help me in finding the real Christian Truths that lie plainly in the Bible. Any tract or other help which you can send me will be deeply appreciated and used for the glory of the lord. And thank you again. ------- (NORTH CAROLINA)


Note: The following letter was written to a Jehovah’s Witness, and may be a help to our readers. We not only witness to Big Babylon with the Gideon tracts, but also to Little Babylon, where opportunity presents, aside from the refutations given to the LHMM and others:

Dear Sister: – Christian greetings!

When we visited you last Thursday it was our intention to invite you and your husband to our Memorial service Thursday evening, but the reception you gave us persuaded us to refrain. However, in accordance with our promise, we enclose our paper No. 106 of April 1, 1964 in the hope you will read and be enlightened by it. From what you say, you just can’t be bothered with reading “old stuff,” such as the Six Volumes of Scripture Studies by Brother Russell – although I remind you that the founders of your present endeavor (JFR, et al) all once read and professed to believe those volumes to be the Harvest reaping sickle of Rev. 14:15; and the facts indisputably prove they were the Truth that accom­plished the reaping feature of the Harvest work. And any who now cast those truths aside do so in direct violation of St. Paul’s counsel in 2 Tim, 3:14, Dia.; “But do thou continue in the things which thou didst learn and wast convinced of, knowing by whom thou hast been instructed.”

It seems, too, you are much impressed by the numbers and great works of your organization. If I were impressed by such outward show, I would immediately embrace the Roman Catholic Church, which has easily one hundred times as many numbers as the Jehovah’s Witnesses.......

Furthermore, it seems you have never heard of the Ancient Worthies, so I suggest you read the llth Chapter of Hebrews to inform yourself somewhat about them. Back around 1920, when Judge Rutherford wanted me to become his private secretary, he was making much ado about the Ancient Worthies in his prediction that they would be resurrec­ted in 1925 and begin their Kingdom reign then...... During our very short talk you placed great stress upon Matt. 24:14, so I would like to ask you: (Questions follow)..

Sincerely in the Master’s service, ------- (Florida)

(Note: We have received many encouraging results from our witness work against Big and Little Babylon – in our witness work with the Gideons & Babylons tracts JJH)