by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 112

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

In 2 Thes. 2:10-11 there is the prophecy, “Because they received not the love of the Truth... for this cause God shall send them strong delusion’’ – ‘an energy (frenzy) of delusion,” according to the Diaglott. That this prediction by St. Paul is pertinently applicable to the time in which we are living is clear enough from verse 8: “Then will be revealed the Lawless One (the Mystery of Iniquity, the Man of Sin), whom the Lord Jesus will consume with the breath of His mouth (by a clear revelation of the Truth), and annihilate by the appearing (the Epiphany) of His (second) presence (Parousia).” And the context Is clear enough, too, that this “energy of delusion” will come upon those who once professed to accept the Harvest Truth, but who failed to receive “the love (agape) of it” – the love which places the Truth first in their lives, as being the representative of God Himself, and who failed to ingraft that agape love into their hearts and minds.

Clearly enough, there are two classes who have failed to “receive the agape love of the Truth.” They are the Great Company and the second-deathers. Both of these groups have two main divisions – those in the nominal church, and those in Present Truth. The second-deathers in the nominal church are described by St. Paul as “those that know not God” (never having understood His “glory,” His glorious char­acter of Wisdom, Justice, Power and Love in perfect proportion), and those that “obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ” (those who outwardly embraced the Harvest Truth, but refused to “receive the love of that Truth”) – 2 Thes. 1:8; 1 Pet. 4:17. The Great Company also have similar division: Those in the nominal church who “loved the praise of men more than the praise of God” (John 12:43) – those who continued to “sit in the gate of Sodom”; and those who joined the Harvest Move­ment. The latter groups have now gone mainly back into Babylon (Little Babylon, which they built), thus demonstrating clearly that they also !received not the love of the Truth.” Note the Berean Comments especially on 2 Thes. 2:10,11: “Great delu­sions are just before us, and some of these may come closest upon those possessing the most light of Present Truth.”

Viewed in the overall comprehensive sense, such as are now in Babylon are typed by Lot; and Gen. 19:1 states that “two angels came to Lot at even” – the evening of this Gospel Age. And the “two angels” (Messengers) who have spoken to antitypi­cal Lot at the end of this Age have been the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers. Some members of antitypical Lot did hearken to their voice, and fled from “that city which is called, spiritually, Sodom” (Rev. 11:8) when the figurative fire and brim­stone began to fall in 1914, and joined the Truth movement. But others of Lot’s kinsmen (“sons-in-law,” Gen. 19:14) yet remain in Big and Little Babylon unto this day. “The end (the ultimate object) of the commandment (the good Word of God) is (agape) love” (1 Tim. 1:5); and all those in God’s Household here in the end of the Age who failed to achieve that “end” are the ones described by St. Paul as those who “received not the love of the Truth.” Let us keep this truth clearly in mind: ALL who lost their crowns during the reaping time did so because they failed to receive “the love of the Truth”; and such are bardly in a position to discuss and clearly define something they do not have. Let us consider now some of these:


We shall pass by the five Harvest siftings, and their respective slaughter­weapon men (Eze. 9:2), considering mainly the sixth slaughter weapon of Revolution­ism, because it has been by this last that the “energy of delusion” fully appeared. This Revolutionism slaughter-weapon has also made “manifest the counsels of hearts” – ­the means of revealing crown-losers to those who “continue in my word.” The first “energy of delusion” by J. F. Rutherford was his counterfeit “smiting of Jordan” in 1917-18, which resulted in a tenure in Atlanta penitentiary for him and seven of his confreres through their publication of The Finished Mystery – a work which they declared to be Jordan’s first smiting, but which was in reality the second smiting.

After their release in 1919 came then the real deluge of delusion, beginning at Cedar Point Convention after Labor Day in 1919. It was there that the ‘‘Golden Age’’ drive was initiated. We were there at the time, and many of the details are quite vivid with us to this day. JFR had it all minutely figured out how his trusting col­porteurs would secure four million subscriptions in one year at $1 per. We said at the time that his figures would not bear analysis – based upon his own statements, his anticipations were impossible. And time proved our conclusions correct. By the time his year was expired the sales of the Golden Age were so negligible that the newsstands would no longer allow them space, although the magazine was placed there on consignment, with no cost except space to the vendors.

Then followed his “Millions Now Living Will Never Die,” with the date fixed at 1925. And at about the inception of this second “delusion” came also the boast from JFR: “If I had a million dollars, I’d break the Devil’s back in one year!” Of course, such “profusion of words” could come only from one who had “received not the love of the Truth”; and by the time 1925 had clearly manifested his “strong delusion,” there had also come with it a flood of error – vitiation and perversion of one fundamental doctrine after another, until C. A. Wise, then Vice-President of the Society under JFR, was saying, along with others, ‘‘Brethren, I don’t know myself any more!” All this became worse and much worse until That Evil Servant’s death in 1943. Howbeit, JFR’s first fatal doctrinal Revolutionism was his perversion of Tentative Justifi­cation, followed eventually by his “Jonadab” spiritual hybrids – the same being the bosom comrade of R. G. Jolly’s perversion of Tentative Justifica­tion and his ‘‘Conse­crated Epiphany Campers” hybrids, the only difference between the Jonadabs and Campers being the name by which they are designated.

We quote the following from Brother Johnson on this fundamental faith age teaching:

“Knowing from Scripture that he would repudiate one truth after another until his understanding of his pet theories of God’s Word would be utterly darkened, we knew that we would not wait in vain for him to give his ‘darkness’ on the Tabernacle for light; and true enough, the June 1, 1920, Tower contains his con­fusion on the Tabernacle. He actually offers that which flatly contradicts our Pastor’s view on the subject as a progressive development (this ‘progressive’ development has a familiar sound as we review R. G. Jolly’s “Advancing Tabernacle Truth” in his July-August 1959 PT – See our Sept. 1, 1959, No. 52 for refutation – JJH) of that Servant’s thought! From such progress may the dear Lord deliver us!...... Indeed, the only reason for his article appearing seems to be to undermine confidence in our Pastor’s teaching on Tentative Justification. And to maintain his evident error, the tabernacle teachings must be twisted and distorted. It is unnecessary for us to treat further of Tentative Justification..... We refer to the matter here in order to emphasize the fact that JFR’s error on Tentative Justification is causing him to be confused on many Scriptural subjects, among others, on some of the symbo­lisms of the court and its gate. If we remember the foundation error of the article under review, we will have no difficulty in seeing that his superstructure must be false.” (See E-6:190-191)

All of this fits R. G. Jolly as though Brother Johnson were ‘refuting’ him and his present contentions on Tentative Justification, and on Tabernacle types, and his “justification” outside the linen curtain – outside the righteousness of Christ. (Please see May-June 1959 PT for RGJ’s delusion – “Progressive Tabernacle Picture”; and see our July 1, 1959, No. 50 Answer.)


Jesse Hemery also attended that Cedar Point Convention in 1919; and wholeheartedly endorsed the Golden Age, The Finished Mystery, and kindred delusions. This he contin­ued to do until 1926, when even he could no longer endure the “energy of delusion” that was coming from JFR. So he made open break – to promulgate his own “energy of delusion”­ claiming, as he did, that the Society was “That Servant” up to the time he left it in 1926. He then later contended that the whole Harvest movement, with its supporting chronology and prophecies, was a thing yet future. How he ever reconciled such views we have never learned; and we must limit our own statements herein to measurable hearsay. If we are correctly informed, he died in 1963 at age 96. An identical twin. to the Rutherford-Hemery debacle was born in the Jolly-Krewson controversy after 1952. J. W. Krewson also contended R. G, Jolly was “cleansed” until he began to withdraw from him in 1952; after which J. W. Krewson began leading his “cleansed nucleus,” declaring Jolly uncleansed.


Since Brother Johnson’s death the LHMM has been in charge of R G Jolly, an admitted crown-loser – which admission also carries with it the indisputable fact that he likewise is among those who “received not the love of the Truth.” This statement needs no elaboration, because those who received that agape love could not possibly lose their crowns. “Put on love, which is the bond of perfectness,” says St. Paul in Col. 3:14. And this should alert us to expect an “energyofdelusion”  fromhim (R.  G. Jolly), in keeping with what has come from others of his kind. In fact, we should be very much surprised if such were not the case; just as we should be greatly surprised if other crown-losers also did not manifest the same “leprosy.” And, as we might expect, those crown-losers engulfed in “energy of delusion” have a definite dislike for each other. “The poor (spiritually) is hated even of his own neighbor.” (Prov. 14:20–See E-11:638, par. 1) Thus, it is no surprise at all that R. G. jolly has met with such abject failure in his “Attestatorial Service” toward his kinsmen in other Truth groups. They !now him from way back – just as Jesse Hemery and others knew J. F. Rutherford well.

And much the same may be said for J. W. Krewson, and his “energy of delusion,” In his paper No. 57, pages 97-105 he engages in considerable diatribe against JJH. Once more on p. 98, par. 1, he impeaches our Pilgrim status, despite Brother Johnson’s clear statement in E-10:249, bottom, that he had authority to appoint Epiphany Pilgrims. And it was by that authority that he gave us our pilgrim appointment – just as he also gave J. W. Krewson an evangelist appointment by that same authority. It will be re­called that J. W. Krewson made quite some ado about his Evangelist appointment “with the seal of the LHMM” – until we produced our pilgrim appointment carrying the same seal. Up to that time he had been flaunting his “written” credentials – all the while he was writing letters privately intimating we were a fraud, never having really re­ceived a full pilgrim appointment at all from Brother Johnson, because he thought we couldn’t produce a written proof of our appointment. This he also accentuated In some earlier papers. He has never since been quite brazen enough to cite his own (Evangelist) “appointment”; he merely contents himself with berating our pilgrim appointment. And this should be clear proof to all what manner of person he is. For any one with not quite so much “air” in his tires, our refutation of his drivel would have caused him to hide his face in shame. For our part we answer him: What you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say. And in the face of all this, with his own limited appointment by the Epiphany Messenger, and the loud claims he now makes for himself, he has the unmitigated gall to quote us E-11:370, top, from Brother Johnson re “grasping for powers not given by God,”

And much the same may be said for his contentions re 1 Cor. 6:1-6, as givenon p.103, par. 2, of his No. 57. Of course, in this particular instance we realize only too well that J. W. Krewson is forced to more than his usual “profusion of words” here in his effort to appease his gullible supporters who financed his legal fiasco with R. G. Jolly. They’ll probably need ‘‘profusion of words,” and then more of the same, before they’ll be induced to finance further his “dreams. In all of this he offers irrefutable proof that he is R. G. Jolly’s close “cousin.”

“Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” (Luke 12:1) Brother Russell’s observation on 1 Sam. 15:13 is that Saul manifested consider­able hypocrisy (See Berean Comment) – a character quality to be found in those who “received not the love of the Truth.” The Truth is designed to produce just the opposite in the Fully Faithful: “The end of the commandment is love, from a pure heart (good intentions), a good conscience (without offense toward God and toward man), and an unfeigned faith” – ­an open countenance “without hypocrisy” (Jas. 3:17). But to all in whom “the command­ment” fails, God “will send them an energy of delusion,” after they lose their crowns (New Creatures) – or lose their Class standing before God in the case of unfaithful Youthful Worthies.

On p. 102 J. W. Krewson once more makes futile attempt to answer us on the correct date for the Memorial; and in this he uses the same technique as his “cousin” Jolly: He cites a “Proof” from Brother Johnson which offers a direct contradiction to his own contentions. In that 1933 Present Truth to which he refers Brother Johnson states with­out equivocation that the correct date for the Memorial is a Great Company developing truth, J. W. Krewson says in his answer to us in his Nos. 44 and 45 papers that it is a Little Flock developing Truth. In that paper Brother Johnson clearly admits that all previous Harvest dates for the Memorial were almost always one day wrong in the calcu­lation – and he humbly admits his own previous failure in that respect. J. W. Krewson ignores this item completely in his answers – a thing he is forced to do by his own contention that the purification of the date is a Little Flock developing truth. If his statement were true, this matter of the one-day difference would have been presented and “purified” by Brother Russell.

In that same 1933 Present Truth Brother Johnson also says the Memorial should be held “NEVER BEFORE THE VERNAL EQUINOX.” J. W. Krewson ignores this entirely in his present answer to us – and for good reason: He and “cousin” Jolly held their Memorial before the Vernal Equinox two years ago. But Brother Johnson had adequate reason for his conclusion: In the time of Christ the Passover was always kept when the sun was in Aries; and at that time the sun reached Aries at the Vernal Equinox. That is why the Jewish Encyclopedia states that the Passover is a Spring festival; that is why Brother Johnson says it is a Spring festival. That is why Brother Johnson said “Never before the Vernal Equinox.”

And be it noted that the “cousins” (Jolly-Krewson) are the only two persons of record in the entire Gospel Age who ever contended the slaying of the Passover Lamb could have a winter observance – as they had it two years ago. Therefore, by offering his ‘‘Proof’’ from Brother Johnson, J. W. Krewson is either deliberately falsifying, or he even yet does not understand what Brother Johnson wrote. In either case, he is a fine specimen of a “Pastor and Teacher”; and his false statements, and ignoring of certain truths, is sufficient for all to view with suspicion anything he may present on any subject. As we have previously written, “cousin” Jolly doesn’t hesitate at all to tell a falsehood any time it suits his convenience; and it would seem “cousin” Krewson is similarly afflicted. Here is one instance where our readers can prove for themselves who is the true, and who is the false: Just go back and read Brother Johnson’s article in 1933.

Yet, in the face of the foregoing, J. W. Krewson has the brazen effrontery to say we have “not been able to even remotely overthrow” his contention. We realize, of course, that this remark is for “home” consumption – to hoodwink those of his readers who do not read our papers. Thus, it is little wonder he strongly urges his readers not to read what JJH writes: They just might learn who is telling the Truth! But we are happy to report – in spite of such insistence by him – that some of his “cleansed nucleus” have actually solicited us to send our papers to them, assuring us that they do read them. We wouldn’t be one bit surprised if his feeble efforts in his last paper may have been prompted as a cover-up for some pointed questions that have come to him on this and other subjects.

In this paper J W. Krewson again resorts often to his favorite bit of spiritual “sleight-of-hand”: What one does through another he does himself. And we submit that almost any kind of spiritual distortion can be accomplished with that sort of inter­pretational contortion. But there is at least one Scripture he has not been able to pervert with his favorite slogan; namely, v. 8 of our text: “Whom the Lord Jesus will annihilate with the Epiphaneia of His Parousia.” Inasmuch as the Man of Sin still remains intact, there is one impregnable proof that we are yet in our Lord’s Epiphany. Many times have we presented this text to the “cousins” – and J. W. Krewson in particular; but up to now he hasn’t attempted any of his “sleight-of-hand” to answer us. Why not? Inasmuch as J. W. Krewson now contends that the Epiphany is already completed, he is hard pressed to assert that the “Lord Jesus” will also accomplish this “through him” (after his – JWK’s – Epiphany period is over); this ‘‘annihilation’’ just wasn’t accomplished in J. W. Krewson’s Epiphany period.

Now appears before us two “would-be” leaders, who were once under the benevolent influence of the last Messenger (and incidentally under his restraining hand until the Lord removed him from our midst in 1950) who are now revolution­izing against this clear Scripture describing what the Epiphany period would accomplish. They have openly and persistently revolutionized against this Harvest Truth, given to us by That Servant, and further elaborated upon by the Epiphany Messenger. Is it any wonder that such would be consumed with further and more pronounced “strong delusion” – ­“Seeing thou hatest instruction and castest my words (the faithful teachings of the last two Star Members) behind thee?” (Psa. 50:17)

“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord way have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you: But the Lord is faithful, who shall stab­lish you, and keep you from evil.” (2 Thes. 3:1-3) “Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of His goodness, and the work of faith with power.” (2 Thes. 1:11)

Sincerely your brother,

 John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



My dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace!

I am better and have used up all my amunition. I would like some of “Where are the Dead” and ‘‘Resurrection” tracts.... I have only one copy of the Resurrection left, and should have sent for more sooner.

Your last paper is helpful, and I am grateful. I do not know whether Bro. Jolly knows he is wrong or not, but he is, I think.

By His Grace ------- (CONN.)


Dear Brethren:

After reading your literature I’d like for you to send me copies of The Resurrection of the Dead, The Three Babylons, and others.

Sincerely, -------  (NORTH   CAROLINA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

Would you kindly forward tracts: 500 Where are the Dead 500 What is the Soul, 500 Resurrection of the Dead and 200 The Three Babylons? Enclosed is check for for the Truth fund.

Sister..... and I will no doubt serve some at the churches at the Shore during the summer months, D.v....... We are looking forward to going and hope the weather is good. With the 400 you sent we served some of the largest churches in ------- and the people received them very nicely, and Sister ------- and I enjoyed being able to do this all important work; and we thank God for the privilege. We want to remind you of our deep appreciation for your articles which we receive monthly, and for your lovely letters. They do help to strengthen us in the Way and give us renewed courage to press on. Be assured of our prayers on your behalf as we approach the Throne of Heavenly Grace that God will grant you strength to carry on this great work to His Honor and Glory, and for our good and profit......

Sister ------- joins in sending you, dear Bro. & Sr. Hoefle, and all the dear ones there with you in the Service our Warmest Christian Greetings.

Your Brother and Sister by His Grace, ------- (NEW JERSEY)


Dear Sir:

Your pamphlet of The Three Babylons was most welcome – also your answer re – The immaculate Conception, Jesus, could he ever die on the Cross as Son of God, etc. Your answers tell me of your deep study in Bible explanations, probably many years of personal devotion to that deep Book. To me the Bible is ever new, daily, hourly – as there is no past – no Future – in only this moment in which we live. So the Bible must be understood and lived by each hour of our existence. Correct?

Please tell me of your understanding of the years of Jesus from age 12 to 30.  Did he wander East – preaching, meditating – converting the people living in the far East? Thank you, Sir. Please also forward me the Divine Plan of the Ages. That would be most refreshing, spiritually.

Your thankful.friend -------  (CALIFORNLA)


Dear Brother Hoefle:

May Grace and Peace be your continued portion, through Him whom we love and serve! Your monthly papers are a delight and the special edition of “The.Herald of the Epiphany” – Two Distinct Salvations” is excellent for volunteer work. Sister and I would like a few for distribution also some of The Three Babylons tracts. We still have a few left of the others. Some have acknowledged them – some saying they would read – whilst others have returned them with no comment.

We are amazed to find brethren holding the erroneous view of R. G. Jolly on Psalms 46 against the clear views of Brothers Russell and Johnson on Psalm 46. These brethren must be like the Jehovah’s Witnesses – no time to read the Star members’ writing; much too busy ‘on the work.’ We know the answer to some will be Matt. 7:22-­24 – Diaglott.

Yesterday –– pounds posted to Bro -------. Our continued love in the Lord to you, Sisters Wells and Dunnagan and all in the Faith, with our prayers; and asking for a continued remembrance in your prayers. Thank you.

Your brother by His Grace, -------(ENGLAND)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Christian greetings in the Name of our Blessed Lord!

Again it is my great pleasure to write you – also must acknowledge the receipt of --- pounds from Bro. -------. The July and August received and read with much satisfaction. They are compiled with such food for strength and life – and satisfies as nothing else could do. It pains our heart to see such brethren.who once were enlightened with Parousia and Epiphany Truth to talk such nonsenses.... Many who are in the LHMM do not believe the strange fire of Campers Consecrated... Christian love for yourself, Sr.  Hoefle and all.

Bro. ------- (JAMAICA)