by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 121

My dear Brethren: - Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

With the great upsurge in recent years in activity and increase in numbers, we believe it timely to offer some comparisons between the Roman Catholic Church and the Jehovah's Witnesses. In this we do not cherish the hope of influencing many in either of those organizations; our purpose mainly is to enlighten our own readers on a number of points. However, we strongly urge our readers to offer every courtesy and civility to any Witness they may meet -bearing in mind that at least some of them are members of the Household of Faith. Thus, those members would be our brethren -confused and misguided brethren, yes, but brethren nonetheless. Therefore, the words of St. Paul would be quite appropos: "let us do good unto all men as we have opportunity, and especially unto them who are of the Household of Faith." Hence, if occasion should arise, we counsel our readers to present this paper to such Witnesses as may have a "hearing ear"; and we shall be happy at all times to provide more copies of this issue free. This do "in meekness … perhaps God may give them a change of mind, in order to a knowledge of the Truth" (2 Tim. 2:25, Dia.)--even as we also have received the Truth, "through the goodness and the philanthropy of God," Tit.3:4,Dia.

The first point of similarity between these two systems is their claim to ancient origin. The Roman Church claims to be the first Church of the Christian Era in point of time. "Thou art Peter, and on this rock will I build my church," say they, "and our Popes are the direct successors to St. Peter. To us are committed the keys of the Kingdom." And in identical fashion the Witnesses claim to be the first Church of origin in the Harvest period -the successors to Pastor Russell, the "Channel" for the "advancing Truth" of this latter day. All other groups that have arisen since 1917 from Pastor Russell's movement are simply dissenters (Protesters) from the Truth -a part of "That Evil Servant" of Matt. 24:48-51 (according to them), etc. Their claim has the same familiar ring as does that of the Roman Church against the dissenters -the real Protestants -that have arisen since Martin Luther's deflection from them.

The second "twin" resemblance between the two systems is found in their claim that they adhere scrupulously to the Truth as offered by their progenitors -all the while they do the very opposite. It is no exaggeration to declare that the Roman Church has counterfeited, or perverted, every major feature of God's Plan of the Ages; and it is no exaggeration to declare the Witnesses have counterfeited, or perverted, every important feature of the Harvest Truth as explained by Bro. Russell. And the tragic feature in all this is that it is almost impossible to find a laymen Catholic who really knows what he believes -just as it is well-nigh impossible to find a lay Witness with a clear and comprehensive understanding of their beliefs. It is purely a matter of credulity in both sects--close the eyes, open the mouth, and swallow what is put therein by those who "sit in the Chair of St. Peter” -all the while contending vehemently their adherence to the teachings of their respective founders.

In our paper No. 120 (copy free upon request) on Justification we made the charge that the perversion by the Witnesses of the doctrine of Justification had forced them also to reject completely the book "Tabernacle Shadows of the Better Sacrifices," the basis of all important Harvest Truth. Hardly had we completed that paper on Justification when we entered the home of a Witness, who immediately declared they adhere closely to the teachings as propounded by Brother Russell. In only a matter of minutes, however, the lady said one of our associates had recently given her "that book, which is against the Witnesses' teachings." When shown the book it proved to be "Tabernacle Shadows"; but the lady did not even know the frontispiece carried the inscription, “Written by Charles T. Russell in 1879"--although she claimed to have accepted the Harvest Truth in 1915 from Brother Russell's ministry. In fact, that book contains the foundation truth for every one of the six volumes of Studies in the Scriptures that came from the pen of Brother Russell in the years following 1879 (although the Witnesses no longer use these books either). Here, then we have direct proof that their claims of adherence to Brother Russell's teachings are hollow and completely without foundation (just as all error is without foundation)--just so much "strong delusion." Their "new light" has replaced the basic structure of the Harvest Truth as given to us by "that Wise and Faithful Servant" (which the Seventh Volume, distributed by the Society in 19l7, expressly states is Pastor Russell).

And let us consider, too, the "twin" similarity of their claims regarding those who reject them. The Roman Church -at least until 1799 "issued great swelling words" concerning the fate of the "heretics": Theirs would be eternal damnation in Eternal Torment. Question not our teachings, they said; Reading is doubt, Doubt is heresy, and Heresy is Hell (the lake of fire and brimstone)! And the Witnesses offer exact "twin" to their older and greater "twin" in their explanation of the Parable of the Sheep and Goats (Matt. 25:31-45), a parable which they claim is having its fulfilment in this our day. Note what they say:

"The goats who are to be executed as cursed persons will include the religionists who stay inside Babylon the Great till she is destroyed forever; also the religionists who are the modern-day part of the composite man of lawlessness, the son of destruction; also, the symbolic tares, that is, the weeds, the sons of the wicked one (Matt. 13:25-30); also, those political kings, their military commanders, their cavalrymen, the freemen and the slaves, the great and the small, all of whom are lined up at Armageddon, but not on the side of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords--Rev. 19:18-2l. (Truly, "the Witnesses will not only have stirred up antitypical Jehu--conservative organized labor--to bring the Roman and Greek Catholic Churches gradually to their destruction in Armageddon, but will have done the same with him as to the Protestant Churches"--; and will also have stirred up Jehu against the political powers that be -See 1 Kgs.9:l.-37--JJH) The goats would also include those husbands and wives who have believing marriage partners but who, in spite of the good example of their believing marriage mates, are found to be still unbelievers (in Jehovah's Witnesses!) in the day and at the hour of the execution of God's judgment against this enemy world; also, the children of a believing parent or-the children of believing parents (fathers and mothers), -which children were once holy -as minors, as unresponsible – children – but who have grown up to responsible years and have refused to become dedicated, baptized believers by the time that divine execution upon the goats begins. In other words, at the time of the execution of the divine judgment the goats would be all those persons, young and old, who have not become sheep and who have not been gathered into the one fold under the one shepherd, where the small remnant of the Shepherd's spiritual brothers are." (The "one fold" in this quotation refers to Jehovah's Witnesses, of course!)

Clearly enough, this means all who are not aligned with the Witnesses when Armageddon occurs. And say they, all such "go into the symbolic everlasting fire prepared for the Devil and his angels (Matt, 25:41)...Such goats...being destroyed by fire, they will have no resurrection."

This "Gospel" (their "Good Tidings”) must bring some of their adherents great joy and as much comfort as did the Roman Catholic Church offer to their faithful adherents in connection with their relatives and friends who did not, and would not, become "dedicated" Catholics; but many of these adherents remain in their respective organizations through fear of the wrath of God (which would prove to be more terrible than described for others for themselves should they depart), as they bask in the promise of bliss for themselves as they stand afar off and enjoy the destruction of their former friends, relatives, and even their own "undedicated" children- in many instances their only sin being they are just unable to accept the "Channel" teaching. A real happy day that is to be for all the faithful "dedicated" and the "remnant”! All of this has the familiar ring of the Roman Church (particularly during the "Dark Ages") prior to 1799, when they were vehemently pronouncing doom upon all who did not accept them (and had the "heretics" burned at the stake, or put to death in some other torturesome manner)--the Roman Church and the Witnesses once again "twins" to the letter!

Consider, Brethren, the case of the poor Heathen: Because it has not been their good fortune (1) in this present "drive" to hear about the Jehovah's Witnesses, they, too, must go into "the symbolic everlasting fire"; they will have no resurrection, (Even should they reach these Heathen, their "Tidings" would be about as joyous and comforting to them as were the Missionaries from Christendom, who taught them they could be "saved" themselves if they accepted Christ, but that all those of their relatives and friends who hadn't -and didn't do so here and now -would spend an eternity in torment.) And the Witnesses make such contention all the while they quote 1 Tim. 2:4--"God will have all men to be saved, and come to a knowledge of the Truth." Apparently, the Witnesses would have us believe this statement does not mean quite what it says! It would seem that God makes statements and promises that are on a par with politicians' statements and promises (according to the Witnesses' understanding and teaching on this text). And in this they also mimic their great "twin," who also thought to "change times and laws" (Dan. 7:25).

Another similarity of the "twins" is their gloating over the great numbers who accept them. The Roman Church makes great play upon the multitudes who follow them (even though our Lord called His followers a "little flock")--more by far than any of the 'heretic' protesting sects in Christendom. So also the Witnesses boast of their superiority in numbers over any of the sects in Little Babylon (those religious groups that have developed since Brother Russell's death). One of our readers questioned a Witness who had been recently baptized, asking why he went with the Jehovah's Witnesses (since it was apparent he didn't know what he believed). His reply: One of the members took him to New York to one of their Conventions, and when he saw so many people who had accepted them, he knew all that many people couldn't be wrong! So he joined them and was baptized then and there. He was told that he should join the Roman Catholic Church if he thought numbers are the criterion, as they have a hundred times more members than the Jehovah's Witnesses.


It is a fair and proper appraisal that much of the "new light" (actually mud splashes of error) that the Witnesses' leaders have produced has been actuated by a frenzied effort to cover up some of their colossal blunders. When eight of their leaders were sent to Atlanta prison in 1918, they quickly ascribed this to "persecution" -all the while it was simply their pathetic blundering attack on patriotism, at a time when the United States was at war, that contributed largely to their incarceration.  In that debacle they themselves sadly distorted secular truth—not religious truth; thus, were outside the pale of the inspired counsel to "preach the word."

By the Grace of God, they were released from Atlanta in 1919, after which they were greatly extolled for "suffering for righteousness" -which was partly true, of course. World War I did give their Babylonish opponents an opportunity to compensate for the wounds the Truth had inflicted upon them all during the Harvest period under Brother Russell. "A bond has been created between those eight brethren that will continue throughout all eternity," said C. A. Wise, Vice-President of the Society, and Executive Director when J. F. Rutherford and the other seven were in prison. But hardly a year had passed before Frederick Robinson (one of those eight men) deflected, denying many cogent truths he had at least supported by his silence, and he embraced Universalism -some of the "pestilence that walketh in darkness." He teamed up with a man named Knock, who was a member of antitypical Balaam, advocating "Concordant-Versionism." A little later another of those eight men, George Fisher (who supervised the writing of the Ezekiel section of Volume Seven, The Finished Mystery) left them; and we ourselves received a letter from him then in which he stated: "Any one that does not recognize J. F. Rutherford as That Evil Servant of Matt. 24:48 is just that much out of Present Truth."

At the Cedar Point Convention in September 1919, Joseph F. Rutherford, flushed by his unexpected release from Atlanta (through the Petition drive, which dumped a whole freight carload of names on the Washington lawn demanding -and accomplishing-the release of the eight brethren), was going to "do great works, win great numbers, gain great favor." With a million dollars he would break the Devil's back in one year, he said. His slogan then was "Advertise the King and Kingdom"; and he did it with all the fanfare of a high-pressure worldly Sales Convention--in sharp contrast with our Lord's methods. (Be it remembered he was one of those who considered Brother Russell a 'bungler' -and he would now put some real zip into the Harvest work.)

At that Convention he announced The Golden Age magazine, and his plan would gain 4,000,000 subscribers in one year. We then took his own figures, analyzed them with some of our own figures -to show how impossible were his calculations -and we immediately became very unpopular with the Society brethren. However, within one year instead of four million clamoring subscribers -the Golden Age was so little noticed that the newsstands would no longer allow it space, even on consignment.

About that time the "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" drive was also organized. The Ancient Worthies would be back by 1925 (an elect Class taught by Pastor Russell and detailed in Hebrews 11 in the Scriptures, which the Witnesses no longer mention-and concerning which their new adherents seem to know little or nothing), the Kingdom would be set up, and the people then living would not need to die (a much more desirable prophecy, and actually less error, than what they teach now: Now, according to them, most of the living will not only die--those not associated with the Jehovah's Witnesses--but will die eternally, never to be resurrected, or awakened, according to their latest "new light"). The Witnesses still have the same closely-related spiritual flapdoodle under a different label -instead of 1925 as the deadline, it's-now Armageddon --and they-still fool the same kind of people,-"the unstable and the unlearned."

With the complete collapse of the Golden Age Drive, the 1925 date, and other fundamentals, it was imperative that much "new light" be brought forth to divert the attention of “the dear brethren" from the tremendous bungling failures of the past six years. Thus, their "new light" told them there was no such thing as Tentative Justification; "Tabernacle Shadows" was just a mass of error; the "new light" on Rev. 10:6 (“there should be time no longer") was produced (this "new light" based upon the very faulty and erroneous translation of the King James version, in a frenzied attempt to offset the 1925 debacle). The pyramid was no longer "the great stone witness in the land of Egypt" (Isa. 19:19, 20); and all those who denounced the past bungling errors were a part of "that evil servant." It worked then, and it still works with a certain type of people -just as their Roman "twin" still uses the words of spiritual "Witchcraft," --"Thou art Peter, and on this rock will I build my church." (Spiritual witchcraft means especially deceptive false teachings-I Sam. 15:23--such as the deceptive twist given to Rev. 10:6).

It is well to recall at this point that the debacle of 1925 was the result of their erroneous calculation respecting the seventy Jubilee Cycles. They had offered a mathematical calculation, which indisputably' "proved" that the Ancient Worthies would be resurrected in 1925 and would establish the Kingdom. (Now, it seems, the Ancient Worthies aren't needed for the establishment of their Kingdom!)

J. F. Rutherford even 'sweetened' the hoax by building a palatial residence in California, which would serve as a sort of 'Hitler hideaway' for him, but which would await the occupancy of the Ancient Worthies (mentioned in Hebrews 11) when they returned from the grave in 1925. This mathematical certainty (?) created an unbelievable frenzy of activity to "Advertise the King and Kingdom" (much the same as had occurred in the previous 100 years with the Adventists, who had offered positive fixed dates for the Lord's second advent, when "every eye would see Him"). But, when 1925 arrived, and not one scintilla of evidence appeared to "prove" that date, it then developed a second frenzy of activity among J. F. Rutherford and his leading subordinates to present a great array of "new light" to 'sugarpill' the terrible blunder, and to set new goals and objectives for the "faithful." 'that "new light" gradually evolved the present Armageddon deadline to join them or else--or else be numbered with the "goats" and be forever lost. Truly, Figures don't lie, but liars do figure!


Much of what we say herein has been instigated by reading the March 15; 1965, Watch Tower, and we quote now from page 167 respecting Cain:

"Cain was the murderer who spilled the blood of righteous Abel. Jesus thus classed Cain in with those Scribes and Pharisees who were liable to the judgment of Gehenna....The Sacred Scriptures hold out no hope of a resurrection for Cain." (Yet in this very paper we now review the Witnesses stress God's Justice·-"an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, life for life.")

There is nothing whatever in the record to show Cain was encouraged to his evil deed by anything other than his own envious murderous disposition. Therefore, if Cain's death is now eternal, Justice has been fully satisfied in the death of Abel -a "life for a life." How, then, shall we reconcile this with Jesus' words in Matt. 23:35--"Upon this generation (living at that time) may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias"? Why should the generation in Jesus' day atone for Cain's sin if Cain himself had fully atoned (paid) for that sin by forfeiting his own life forever? All Truth is harmonious with itself, with all Bible texts and with God's Character; and the foundation of His throne is JUSTICE. Error is never harmonious with itself, with Scripture and with God's character!

And how can we reconcile the Witnesses' contention re those Scribes and Pharisees also suffering the fate of Cain, when St. Peter said to those very Jews (Acts 3:17); "I wot that through ignorance ye did it, as did also your rulers"? Likewise St. Paul's statement (1 Cor. 2:8), "Had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory"? Furthermore, how shall we reconcile the Witnesses' contention re eternal oblivion for the Scribes and pharisees with Jesus' words (Luke 13:28), “Ye shall see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sitting in the Kingdom (the Ancient Worthies of Heb, 11 occupying earthly visible rulership of the Kingdom at Jerusalem), and you yourselves cast out"? And also with the words of Jesus (Matt. 26:64): "Hereafter shall ye see the Son of Man Sitting on the right hand of power"? If those Jews are forever gone, just how will the words of Jesus be proven true? Certainly, they didn't see these things then! And, if those people did those things, "through ignorance," just when will they come to "an accurate knowledge of the Truth" -the heritage St, Paul says God has arranged for all? And, if all must come to a "knowledge" of what the Witnesses teach, which “new light" will save them -the "new light" they offered 45 years ago, or the "new light" they are offering now, or perhaps the "new light" they will present in the years ahead?


Not to be one whit behind their "twin," the Jehovah's Witnesses also must have their own Bible! We use the words "own Bible" advisedly, for such it is not even a reasonable translation, but a mere paraphrase, in many instances simply expressing what the Witnesses' writer believes the text should mean. Their Catholic "twin" established the precedent for this late in the 16th century, when their "Douay" version was produced, the history of which the Catholic Encyclopedia records after this fashion:

"It became of the first importance for the English Catholics to be furnished with a translation of their own, on the accuracy of which they could depend, and to which they could appeal in the course of argument. The work of preparing such a version was undertaken by the members of the English College at Douay, Flanders."

Their first edition was published in 1582, reprinted at Antwerp in 1600 and 1621; and the fourth edition was issued at Rouen in 1633. Then it was allowed to rest for almost a century, when a fifth edition, with some slight changes appeared in 1728. A sweeping revision was produced by Bishop Challoner in 1749-52. "His object was to meet the practical want felt by the Catholics of his day of a Bible....with notes more suitable to the time. The changes introduced by him were so considerable that according to Cardinal Newman, they almost amounted to a new edition -to call it any longer the Douay or Reimish version is an abuse of terms. It has been altered and modified until scarcely any verse is as it was originally published." Clearly enough, the "accuracy" of 1582 was not 'accuracy' at all by l749--just as the "accuracy" of 1920 is no longer 'accuracy' with the Witnesses in 1965!

To give our readers some practical ideas on the foregoing, we mention Gen. 42:38--"Jacob said....if mischief befall him (Benjamin) by the way in which ye go, then shall ye bring down my gray hairs with sorrow to the grave." "The grave" in this text is from the Hebrew Sheol, the same occurring 65 times in the Old Testament -31 times translated grave, 31 times translated Hell, three times translated pit in the King James version. It actually means the death state, oblivion. But the Catholic-translation states it thus: "Then shall ye bring down my gray hairs with sorrow to Hell." Knowing that Jacob is in the Sacred record as beloved of God ("Jacob have I loved"--Rom. 9:13), the Catholic translators were alert enough to recognize how ridiculous it would be to have Jacob contemplating eternal torment for himself (over his sorrow in losing Benjamin) as his fate after death, so they made this footnote: "This word sometimes means Hell, and sometimes means the grave." However, they offer no authority for such a statement. And, realizing the inadequacy of their comment, the statement has been revised in more recent editions to read: "To that place where the souls remain."

Another instance of their erroneous application is Ec. 9:10--"Neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, nor knowledge shall be in Hell, whither thou art hastening." In this text the King James version translates Sheol as "grave."


In many places the Witnesses' Bible is even more extreme than the Roman Douay; in fact, much of their Bible would be better described as an expression of religious fiction, their translation of Phil. 2:8-11 is an excellent illustration: "the death of the Cross" is rendered by them "death on a torture stake.” No reliable lexicon extant offers any justification for such a construction; the expression is purely a piece of fiction, designed to convey the thought that Jesus was not crucified, but was impaled. (In due time we hope to treat of this, and many other perversions, of which there are legion even in the one Watch Tower of March 15, 1965.)

However, one more example should have our attention here: On page 192 they advertise one of their latest pieces of "new light": "All Scripture is inspired of God and Beneficial." The expression has its base in 2 Tim. 3:16, a text we have treated in detail in our paper No. 96. Briefly, we would here state that the word "is" cannot be found in any of the older manuscripts. It should read, "All Scripture given (not "is given") by inspiration (God in-breathed)" – thus, "all Scripture that is God-Inbreathed is profitable" Scripture in the broad sense is anything written; but, even if we accept the narrowest Webster construction as applying to our King James translation of the Bible, the Jehovah's Witnesses' statement is still transparent nonsense. There are many words, phrases, and often whole sentences in the King James version that all scholars of any note agree are not in the original text, or so badly distorted by the translators that they make a shambles of the true thought. Thus, it is not even a truthful statement to declare that "all Scripture" found in the King James Bible is "by inspiration"; quite a lot of it is "by imagination," or "by aberration"--just as is also true of the Witnesses' Bible. And in all of this it seems the Witnesses are also –Closely mimicking their older "twin," because they already have produced a 1961 "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" -probably also "more suitable to the time" and more readily adaptable to their "new light" of more recent years.

The danger of such presumption should be apparent, even to the novice. If the compiler be permitted to ignore completely the original Hebrew and Greek wording, offering merely what he believes the original inspired text to mean, such a position can lead to no end of mischief. The Lord, knowing aforetime that such "Evil Men and Imposters will make progress for the worse" (2 Tim, 3:13, Dia.), had a special warning placed in the last book of the New Testament: "If anyone add to the words of this book, God will add to him those plagues written in this book. And if anyone take away from the words of the-book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the word of life, and out of the Holy City"--Rev, 22: 18, 19. Surely, the Witnesses have been much tormented with "those plagues written in this book," and we predict yet much more similar torment as their future portion. Well may we consider, "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of this prophecy"--Rev. 19:10, Dia.; and let us remember, too, that some of "the plagues in this book" of Revelation are those "seven vials of wrath" detailed in Revelation 16, the same being those Volumes of Studies in the Scriptures produced in large part by Pastor Russell, but no longer being of any practical use to the Witnesses (as these Volumes make null and void all their manufactured "new light").

Their Bible is quite in keeping with much of their other "new light" they have discovered in the past fifty years--their "new light" this year often making completely obsolete their "new light" of last year (and with this in view we need not be surprised to see another translation of the Bible by them to replace their 1961 "new translation"), often the double-talk of a man in a drunken stupor. Therefore, it is little wonder that C. A. Hise, mentioned aforegoing, made the statement about 40 years ago: "Brethren, I don't know myself any more! Things are changing so fast that we no longer believe this year what we believed last year; and we probably won't believe next year what we believe this year." Yes, they are "ever learning, but never able to come to knowledge of the Truth." (2 Tim. 3:7). Today they have a "Remnant" which is the result of one piece of "new light" (chicanery) after another. Their first expression on this matter came in March 1918, when their "new light" discovery declared their "Remnant" would allow no more; the select number was then sealed.

This was later negated by other "new light,” which placed the date at 1923 (if we remember correctly). But later on another flash of "new light" gave them the date 1931 -with none of them at all sure now that their "new light" on this subject is final and determined--the postponements of 1923 and 1931 having been prompted by the "requirements" of the time. And we could cite instance after instance ad infinitum similar to the foregoing, but we spare you -for the present, at least. Perhaps more of this in a future paper.

Odd, isn't it, that Pastor Russell needed no new Bible to deliver such telling blows at the errors of Great Babylon? Indeed, he took their own "sword" (as did David with the Philistine Goliath—1 Sam. 17:51) and gave them such "plaguing" that the prophecy was almost literally fulfilled toward them, "They gnawed their tongues for pain"--Rev. 16: 10.


In conclusion, we would offer the Bible explanation for such turmoil that applies not only to the "Twins" discussed herein, but to many kindred situations during the Age. In Gen. 11:4 men said to one another, "Let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto Heaven"; but God confounded their language. Wherefore, the "tower" became known as Babel, or Babyl, meaning "Confusion," And this same plague of "confusion" has been visited upon each group during this Gospel Age who would declare they had exclusive access to the Tower to Heaven -that is, Salvation can come only through them. The first so plagued was the Roman "twin" discussed aforegoing; and in lesser degree the same occurred to all the Protestant sects who made similar claim. And the last pronounced group to arise has been the Little "Twin" of the Roman Church -the Jehovah's Witnesses -who now tell us Salvation cometh only through them - all outside their organization being the "accursed Goats" (that is when Armageddon occurs). They arouse much tumult about "Babylon the Great" –all the while they themselves have more confusion, in a shorter period of time, than any other organization on earth today. They are the modern-day Apostles of Babyl (confusion) in about every utterance they make; and they use the magazine Watch Tower to manifest and broadcast their confusion.

When Brother Russell named his journal the Watch Tower, it was truly "Mizpah"..Watch Tower, Height (of the Watchmen) -and never once in all his glorious ministry did he ever declare that he alone, or his select group of adherents, held the "keys to the Kingdom" -never were all "lost" who did not join him. His "Mizpah" was indeed a channel of Truth; whereas, the Witnesses' Watch Tower has become a real Babyl since 1917. Thus, there was no "confusion," no "Babyl," during his life; a confusion of "new light" developed only after his death when the claim was voiced that the ''Watch Tower" and its supporters alone hold the keys of Salvation – another "successor to St, Peter" -they were the Channel.

Therefore, to our readers -and to all with the "spirit of a sound mind" -we offer the counsel of St. Paul (2 Tim. 3:5-7): "From such turn away. For this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women ...ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth"--their "new light" is never the same for very long; no use to learn it this year, because it will be different next year.

"They that forsake the law praise the wicked; but such as keep the law contend with them. Whoso walketh uprightly shall be saved: but he that is perverse in his ways shall fall at once." (Prov. 28:4, 18)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in our Redeemer's Name!

Your good letter of April 2 was received with much appreciation and thanks. It is helpful to know that you are always ready to encourage us and admonish us to be faithful. We celebrated our Lord's Memorial on April 14... Twenty-three friends partook. Brother ---delivered a most inspiring address quite appropriate to the occasion. The other brethren officiated otherwise.We all join in sending warm Christian love to you, Sister Hoefle and all the friends there.

Yours by His Grace,  ...Secretary-Treasurer (TRINIDAD)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings of love in the Master's Name from Sister & myself!

We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ-praying always for you. (Col. 1:3) I have received the June paper, for which I am most thankful, concerning Justification in its two kinds taught in the Bible. I enjoy reading it. Great testings always come to the Lord's people after the death of His special Mouthpiece Servants -even after the death of the Apostles right down through the Age some crown-lost leader always perverted the teachings of the Star Members; and that is just what is taking place in this Day of the Epiphany! Perversion of the teachings of the two last Star Members is what we are seeing in these last days. And so, my dear Brother, we believe that the Lord is pleased to use you to point out the errors to those perverters, and to earnestly "contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the Saints." (Jude 3)

We trust that you and Sister Hoefle and the others with you have been blessed in your celebration. The friends are all in good spirit, though some are not well physically. Loving regards for the dear ones with you. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen (2 Pet. 5:16)!

Your brother by His grace,...(TRINIDAD)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace be multiplied unto you!

We are happy to inform you that six of us participated in the Lord's Memorial service. It should have been seven, but due to distance and old age, Sister... found she was unable to attend -so had to observe it at home.

We did and are still enjoying the blessings we received from the preparation and celebration. Your Memorial article was greatly appreciated. It gave us much food for our preparation -also your most inspiring letter of ....  We read Joshua's farewell address with much encouragement from the Lord –since we have proven He has never failed us in anything-no never! We now, dear Brother, commend to you that of Moses to-Joshua and -all Israel, Deut. 31:3-8.

Heartily we join in sending you, dear Sister Hoefle,and the other dear ones with you, our warm Christian love and the assurance of our remembrance of you at the Throne of Grace.

Sincerely your brethren,........... (JAMAICA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace!

The June writing came and it is excellent. We both agreed that anyone reading it would surely understand Justification so well that he could no longer believe in consecrated Campers. The article is so thoroughly Scriptural and in perfect harmony with both Star Members' teaching on the subject. How could anyone fail to understand? I do not know how many LHMM members read your papers, but I hope many of them do. R. G. J. surely can't answer this one - I mean refute it. Your answer to ... was good-very good! Maybe he is taking heed.

Much love and daily prayers, (KANSAS)

(We hope and trust that the brethren will now understand that Tentative Justification and election go hand-in-hand; that so long as Tentative Justification is available, Youthful Worthiship is also available -as taught by both Messengers"-JJH)