by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 123

My dear Brethren: – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

On August 15, 1955 we distributed our first paper against the sins of teach­ing and practice of R. G. Jolly and others of his “kinsmen”;  and little did we realize then the work that lay ahead of us. However, we humbly make open con­fession of gratitude to our good Heavenly Father for the strength that has been ours to keep up “the good fight” – physical, financial and spiritual strength, combined with the faithful and steadfast cooperation and encouragement of many faithful brethren, both in our own house and among those scattered throughout the United States and many foreign countries. Thus, all our “needs” have been met on every occasion. At the time of Brother Johnson’s funeral in October 1950 we entertained not the slightest desire, nor the faintest expectation that our sit­uation would change so drastically in five short years and would continue as it has over the past ten years. Prior to 1950 we believe the testimony of many good and faithful brethren would attest to our general course toward God’s people in an earnest endeavor to “follow after the things which make for peace, and the things wherewith one may edify another” (Rom. 14:19), so that our present acti­vities are not of our own choosing – “for necessity is laid upon me” (I Cor. 9:16) to pursue the course that has been ours over the past ten years. However, during the years since 1950 we had entertained the fond hope that R. G. Jolly would even­tually repent and recant of his present deflections – as he seemingly had honestly done after his 1938 debacle with Brother Johnson; and, while clearly enough our charitable appraisal has been awry up to now, we yet have not abandoned all hope in this respect.

Nor would we claim that during that time we have avoided all mistakes, be­cause such is not the case. Hindsight is always better than foresight; but the Lord has allowed His most faithful, capable and prominent people of this Gospel Age to make distressing mistakes, so it hardly seems reasonable that we should be spared. Thus, we accept the failings of the past as among the ‘‘all things for good” (Rom, 8:28) – although we just as readily declare that they have not been “for best.” But we express gratitude, too, that none of our mistakes have been degrading in character, or unjust toward those with whom we have to do; there­fore, we confidently declare with the great Apostle Paul, “I am free from the blood of all men.” At no time have we made the mistake of disfellowshiping brethren to cover up our slanderous actions toward them; nor have we made the mistake of slandering or disfellowshiping any who have honestly and decorously disagreed with our teachings.

Neither have we attempted to restrain our readers from reading the writings of others.  Rather, of those who have the time and inclination we have heartily encouraged them to place our paper side by side with other opposing works, then determine for themselves wherein lies the truth – to “prove all things, and hold fast that which is good.” And in similar spirit we have never counseled those in sympathy with us to “avoid them” that do not agree. Instead, we have encour­aged those well instructed in Parousia and Epiphany Truth to seek out those in other groups in an honest effort to “show them a better way.” Over these past ten years many have disfellowshiped us for no other reason than that their leaders instructed them to do so. Certainly, this is to their shame, and gives clear proof that they are sadly among “the unstable and the unlearned” – so much so that they lack the ordinary courtesy of a commonplace greeting upon meeting. Such a course is morally and Scripturally wrong – is quite contrary to Brother Russell’s teaching in Vol, 6 – but in exact harmony with the conduct of J. F. Rutherford toward Brother Johnson and other faithful brethren.

This “path of error” (Jas, 5:20, Dia.) was first advocated among Truth people in 1917, at the beginning of the Epiphany, when J. F. Rutherford stressed the “avoid them” policy toward all who resisted his evils of teaching and practice (See E-6:513). It presents vivid reminder that we are still in the Epiphany, which is ‘‘making manifest the counsels of hearts” (1 Cor. 4:5), and offers sad evidence that there are yet many of like mind as was JFR, who were once instructed in Parousia and Epiphany Truth. And, while we may take solid encouragement in noting that these are forced to “avoid” us because of their own incapacity to defend their beliefs, yet it is a truly sorry spectacle to see that so many we once considered “established in the PRESENT TRUTH” (2 Pet. 1:12) must now be de­scribed by St. Paul’s words in Heb. 5:13, Dia.: “Every one partaking of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness; for he is an infant.” A paragraph from That Servant in the July 1, 1909 Tower (Reprints 4429) is very fitting to the case:

“If others lose their hold and claim that they can no longer thus see with us, our pity should be for them that the light that they had has gone from them. Let us not smite the blind, but rather be kind and generous toward all. The greater the number of the blind, the greater is the blessing and privilege of those who do see. Let us remember the Master’s words, ‘If the light that is in thee become darkness, how great is that darkness.’ Such are in a more pitiable condition than the world who never saw. Let us remember, too, that all kinds of blindness are more or less contagious and let us guard our spiritual sight as one of the most precious boons given of the Lord.”

The true power of God’s people lies in their sound understanding and skillful handling of the Word of Truth, which is able to refute all the gainsayers – “eloquence and wisdom, which none of your adversaries shall be able to gainsay nor resist.” As we have refrained from advancing any new doctrines, we have never been forced to pervert or completely cast aside any of the Harvest Truth that has been provided (by the last two Principal Men) for this “evil day”; whereas, those who have not adopted this course have been forced to offer “strange fire” (false doctrine), and to cast aside large portions of that Truth which once sanctified them. In more than one sect of Little Babylon do we hear vociferous acclaim of adherence to Brother Russell’s teachings, all the while they are forced to ignore completely large parts of the Parousia Volumes and Watch Towers articles – ­just as many since 1950 are doing with Brother Johnson’s teachings, all the while they are forced to ignore large parts of the Epiphany Volumes and Present Truth articles.

Those who have invented a quasi-elect consecrated class – in direct repudia­tion of Brother Johnson’s clear teachings (See E-lO:209) – can no longer teach large parts of Epiphany Volumes 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12; as they must likewise abandon large parts of Volume 3 because of their perversion of the Elijah type. Also, because of their complete disregard for the “abandonment process’’ of Azazel’s Goat, both the “cousins” must now tacitly ignore substantial parts of Vol. 15 (See E-15:519, 527). Yet these people unashamedly insist they adhere closely to the Epiphany Messenger’s teachings – such claim being nothing more than open and blatant fraud. (The legal meaning of Fraud is – Misrepresentation of a material fact, or concealment of a material fact.) And for such a course they are without excuse, because we ourselves have repeatedly directed their attention to Volume 15, and other basic and fundamental Parousia and Epiphany Truth, and have stressed its Scriptural veracity and our own harmony with it – ­the only response from them being the charge of “sifter, errorist,” etc., hurled at us.

Justification is one of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible, being as it is inseparably linked with the doctrine of the Ransom. The two cannot be separ­ated, it was this thought that prompted us to produce the Justification article in our No. 120 on June 1; and the ardent response that has since come to us from many sources has encouraged us in the belief that there are still substantial numbers of faithful brethren who “continue in the things they have learned, and have been assured of, knowing of whom they have learned theme” We are assured that many are solidly confirmed in their rejection of Campers Consecrated – just as all of us were persuaded of the non-existence of J. F, Rutherford’s “Jonadabs” by Brother Johnson’s annihilative refutations. And being blessed by the Lord of a clear understanding of Justification and kindred doctrines, it has never been necessary for us to resort to any of the spiritual “witchcraft” (especially de­ceptive false teachings) that is so prevalent on every hand. And for this we are also deeply grateful.

The worst culprits of all in claiming to be what they are not are the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their claim of adherence to the teachings presented by Brother Russell has no foundation whatever in fact; rather, they have perverted, or totally denied, every Harvest Truth he proclaimed. As one outstanding example, they have twisted the Bible chronology out of all recognition to the way he pre­sented it, their claim now being that “the six thousand years are about up.” Thus, they are almost one hundred years wrong on the chronology; in fact, they are even wrong on the way J. F. Rutherford gave it some forty years ago. At that time he and his associates published a commendable defense of the true chronology against the 19-year error that the PBI-Dawns attempted to Inject into it. Whether he then later gave them their present error we do not know. This one Instance of “believing as Brother Russell did” is an identical twin to the average nominal churchgoer who claims also a wholehearted belief in the Bible, all the while he ignores or distorts the major part of it. Their perversion of the chronology has also forced them to abandon completely the “parallel dispensations.”

It is well that we keep clearly in mind that it is the crown-lost leaders and their like-minded Youthful Worthy associates during this Epiphany period who have been the chief offenders in the perversion of the Harvest Truth (Azazel means Perverter) – and we refer now specifically to those who once claimed to be in “Present Truth.” It has been the crown-losers all during the Age that have done the same thing with the Stewardship Doctrines of the Star Members – with all of them loudly proclaiming their rigid adherence to the very Truth they were mutilating.

During the Parousia most of those who were sincerely “established in the Present Truth” (2 Pet. 1:12) were so thoroughly schooled in its various features that they had no difficulty in refuting all the gainsayers; none of them were forced to run away from their opposers – rather, it was just the reverse: The gainsayers soon learned they were up against the razor’s edge when in conflict with the “Russellites,” and few of them needed more than one such experience to make them very wary thereafter. But today we see just the reverse: Those most loudly claiming they are in full harmony with Brother Russell or Brother Johnson need only to see those of us approaching, who really do adhere closely and faithfully to the Harvest Truth, for them speedily to change direction and quicken their steps to avoid contact. We have had many such personal experiences from various groups. Truly, “Every one who does vile things hates the light, and comes not to the light, that his works may be detected. But he who does the Truth comes to the light, so that his works may be manifested that they have been done in God.” (John 3:20,21¾Dia.)

By this recitation we do not mean to set forth the belief that everything has been wrong that these crown-losers have done.  True, they have all been “double minded” (See E-15:519, bottom, and p. 520, top); and we here once more stress the fact that the evils they have committed have been motivated by that part of their double minds that fostered the designs of Satan – such evils being usually in their relations to God, Christ, the Little Flock, the Youthful Worthies, the Tentatively Justified, and with one another – those specifically in the House­hold of Faith. And such evils have not been clearly apparent to the unskilled eye of the world about them. Rather, the world generally has been much more im­pressed by their good deeds, because many of them have wrought mightily in “re­proving the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment” (John 16:8) – they have preached vociferously against immorality, against the tobacco and alcohol evils, drug habits, etc. To all outward appearances they have been ‘agin sin’ – ­so much so that the great bulk of Christendom has mistaken them for the Very Elect, even as they gave misjudged second rating to those who will actually be first in Kingdom honors.

And let us not overlook that the Good Word of God specifically charges those who now receive the chief honor from “the unstable and the unlearned” are the very ones who all during the Age have “hated and cast out their (fully-­faithful) brethren” (Isa. 66:5). We have the assurance, too, that all those of “good and honest heart,” skilled and well-schooled in Harvest Truth, are not misled by the clamor of the majority, but rightly discern the “profitable ser­vants” from the “unprofitable servants.” The clear evidence is however, that the “great multitude” and their numerous followers have been consistently wrong – ­just as wrong as was the crowd before Pilate who kept shouting, “Crucify Him.” In this our day many worldlings are much impressed with the profuse quoting of Scripture by the Witnesses – notably so, the Russian atheist Commune – such not having the discernment to realize that almost every text they quote is partially or completely perverted or misapplied. Satan himself has also quoted Scripture in the same erroneous fashion. (See Matt. 4:6)

As we observe the situation presently before us, we are so often impressed by the words of Jesus: “Many will say to Me in that day, Master, Master, have we not taught in thy name? and in thy name expelled demons? and in thy name performed many wonders? And then I will plainly declare to them, I never approved of you. Depart from Me, you who practice iniquity.” (Matt. 7:22,23 – Dia.) This point is so clearly revealed in the situation with Israel (typing Christendom) and their King Saul, whom they chose in favor over the noble and fully-faithful Sam­uel, and shouted with gusto, “Cod save the King!” (1 Sam. 10:24)

To illustrate this clearly: For the past 35 years we have been very well acquainted with a member of antitypical Saul, and were invited to attend a testimonial dinner for him some fifteen years ago. The President of Chrysler Motors Corporation presided at that meeting. Also present were Edgar A. Guest, world-famous poet, as was also Detroit’s leading preacher, known throughout the United States, along with many other outstanding citizens of the locality. This member of antitypical Saul had been heralded by certain prominent people as ‘‘One of Detroit’s two most useful citizens”; and during his acceptance address that evening he made quite some play on his great performance in 1926, at which time he had raised $6,5OO,OOO for the YMCA there. And during all that time the members of antitypical Samuel were not even noticed by the people who were shouting, ‘‘God save the King!”

It is indeed a sad commentary that the world’s standard of values is so much askew. “Bond-servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not men-pleasers, but in sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord.” (Col. 3:22, Dia.) Even in the case of Jesus Himself the Jews certainly shunted Him to the background in favor of the preachers of “the letter of the Law.’’ ‘‘When we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.” (Isa. 53:2) And all during the Age His faithful followers have received similar treatment, the plaudits of the multitude going to the “preachers of righteousness,” with very little being accorded those who truly did “bear witness unto the Truth” (John 18:37), and “followed in His steps.” (1 Pet. 2:21) There have been notable exceptions, of course, such as Martin Luther, Thomas Cranmer, John Wesley, and a few others of whom, because of their special ministry, the world also took some note.

During the past ten years some have resented our efforts, but that is to be expected. We would “think it strange” if it were not so. But others have heard us gladly, so that the number of our brethren whose eyes have been opened to “the pestilence that walketh in darkness” (Psa. 91:6) has steadily increased, the num­ber at present being more than double what it was in 1955. And, while this in­crease brings a certain satisfaction, we take far greater pleasure in the quality of those who have wholeheartedly responded. We mention specially Sister Condell, of Jamaica, and Brother Roach, of Trinidad – both of whom were among the most highly regarded of Epiphany brethren before their open denunciation of R. G. Jolly. And we could make mention of quite a few other similar cases of brethren still living, which precludes mention of their names – brethren whom Brother Johnson mentioned to us personally as standing high in his good estimation as fully-faithful. And, if they were among the fully faithful up to 1950, then they are yet so, regardless of any other rating a self-admitted crown-lost leader and his ‘cousin’ may now give them. It is not our wish to place a strain upon modesty, yet we feel impelled to record here – as did the Apostle Paul in defense of his ministry – that at no time did Brother Johnson ever offer the slightest hint that we were among the unfaith­ful or the measurably faithful. Rather, on at least one occasion he wrote us after this manner: ‘‘Because of your faithfulness, I do many things for you, my dear brother, that I have not done for others.” In reverse fashion, however, manifested crown-losers have quickly proceeded to besmirch the fully faithful when no longer restrained by the Star Members – notable examples of such calumny resting on the doorstep of J. F. Rutherford, R. G. Jolly, et al.

However, It is well that we keep in mind that this is the day of small things, and that “there is no restraint of the Lord to save by many or by few.” In some instances we have continued to send special articles (after a period of waiting) to sect-bound brethren who have requested their name be removed from our mailing list; and in a few cases we have had gracious response, once they realized the true situation – although getting much private and public reviling from our opponents for our course, the very same course that was pursued by the Epiphany Messenger toward such brethren. However, we have of our own volition removed quite a few names from our list, and have declined to add some who have made request through others, realizing from their ‘fruits’ (conduct) – the lack of courtesy and appre­ciation of the Truth we uphold and defend – that we can do them no good in their present condition. And this will continue to be our practice as we receive silence on the part of some, and indifference and ingratitude for the good we have tried to do them. As Brother Russell has pointed out, we are not looking for wolves, dogs, etc., but only for the lambs and sheep – neither are we “greedy of filthy lucre.” Our only ambition is “to be faithful to the Lord, the Truth and the Brethren,” as we endeavor to “quit ourselves like men” in the “good fight” of faith we are waging.

Brother Russell stated his case nobly and well when he counseled that each of us should proceed in the Lord’s service as though the whole responsibility rested upon us individually, but consider in our hearts (in His “rest”) that the entire responsibility rests with the Lord. This is our own attitude, and we ponder in this connection the parable of Jesus as most fitting to the occasion: “The King­dom of the Heavens resembles a dragnet, being cast into the sea, and enclosing fishes of every kind; which, when it is full, they draw to the shore, and sitting, down, gather the good into vessels, but throw the useless away.  So will it be at the end of the Age. The messengers will go forth, and will separate the wicked from among the righteous; and I will throw them into the furnace of fire; there will be the weeping and the gnashing of teeth.” (Matt. 13:47-50, Dia.) It should be noted that the words in the last clause of the foregoing are identical to those Jesus stated regarding the “unprofitable servant” of Matt. 25:30, the same being the Great Company. And, since the Great Company are factually a “great multitude,” it should not surprise us at all to see them attracting many who think as they do; truly, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Once seeing this situation clearly, it should not disturb us in the least. Rather, let us all the more determine to “Walk as children of light (Truth).... You were indeed formerly darkness, but you are now light in the Lord.... The fruit of light is in all Goodness, and Righteousness, and Truth.” (Eph. 5:8,9 – Dia.) “All things being reproved are manifested by the light... Therefore, awake, 0 sleeper! And arise from the dead, and the Anointed One shall shine upon thee.” (Eph. 5:13,14 – Dia.) And to this we would add some very appropriate comments by Brother Russell, found in Reprints 3142:

“It is not the approval of the ‘wolves’ in sheep’s clothing or without it, that is to be courted by the under-shepherd. He will, however, have the approval of the Chief Shepherd, sheep who have their senses exercised by reason of use.... And since the holy Spirit gave special warnings that in the end of the Age evil men and leaders astray” would wax more and more bold .... is it not due time for all the sheep to recognize these facts, and not to be deceived by ‘feigned words’ and ‘fair speeches’?.... Not only did the Apostle Paul thus direct the under-shepherds, but he points out the advisability of this to the flock, since it is thus that the Chief Shepherd leads and feeds and keeps His flock.... Let us stand fast, therefore, in that liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free – allow­ing no one to pen us up by human creeds; neither allowing any to lead us out be­yond the bounds fixed for us by the Chief Shepherd, into liberties, licenses and speculations that He never authorized (such as Campers Consecrated, tentative justification outside the linen curtain – Christ –, errors on the general doctrine of justification, gross perversion of the truth on all elective classes and free grace salvation for Restitutionists, errors on the time, length and purpose of the Epiphany, etc., etc. – JJH). Let us abide in Him, keeping ourselves in the love of God, as saith the Apostle.”

Sincerely your Brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



QUESTION: – It is my understanding that all in the Court in this Faith Age are Levites; that the Tentatively Justified consecrated, as well as the unconsecrated (in the Court) are also Levites – although ‘tentatively’ so; but that the Great Company are actually Levites. If this is true, then couldn’t it be possible there would be a Class of the Tentatively Justified in the end of this Age in the Epiphany Camp, although not Levites?

ANSWER: – You are right that all in the Court are counted as Levites, although Brother Johnson did not mean the Tentatively Justified consecrated, or unconsecrated, when he referred to transitional Levites and Levitical error here in this Epiphany; he especially meant crown-losers, a fixed class of Levites – that is, fixed after they have cleansed themselves in the ‘great tribulation’ and washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb (Rev. 7:14).

But, until that time, the Great Company are portrayed as specially “leprous” when they teach error or corrupt arrangements in their ministry toward each other and the tentatively justified (See E-4:276, 32). The Tentatively Justi­fied unconsecrated and the Youthful Worthies are, as you suggest, only ‘tenta­tive’ Levites, because they can lose their standing in the Court and be remanded to the Camp without experiencing the second death – which is not true of the crown-lost Levites. If the latter leave the Court condition, they are eternally lost. But we must remember that Levites and the Court type Tentative Justifica­tion, and when one ceases to be a Levite, and is remanded to the Camp, he also ceases automatically to be Tentatively Justified (See E-4:322). We must remember that Tentative Justification is for Gospel-Age purposes. The faithful Youthful Worthies, however, are different from the unconsecrated Levites in the Court ­they retain their standing and will be of the Gershonite Levites in the Kingdom. The unconsecrated Tentatively Justified who fail to consecrate while in the Court, lose their opportunity for consecration until the Highway of Holiness is opened up for Restitutionists, when remanded to the Camp, and leave the Household of Faith entirely in the end of this Age –  in the finished picture of the Epiphany. They will have their opportunity under the New Covenant in partnership with the true quasi-elect Jews and Gentiles of former times.  These true quasi-elect are antitypical Miriam – the believing Jews who in the Old Testament times were not faithful enough for Ancient Worthyship.. and believing Gentiles during the Gospel Age who, while faithful unto death in justification, did not consecrate (See E-11:293). These are the quasi-elect – the unconsecrated – as set out in no unmistakable terms by the Epiphany Messenger. However, the faithful Youthful Worthies will have the “Better Resurrection” in partnership with the Ancient Worthies described in Heb, 11.

As to there being a tentatively justified Class in the Camp, there is no such Class, except those referred to as respects their former standing in the Court. If they retain their good character qualities, they will have the same position of those during the Gospel Age who were faithful unto death in their justification – although bereft of the Grace of God which once sanctified them for consecration for elective purposes in the Faith Age. These are referred to as the “truly repentant and believing, but not consecrated Jews and Gentiles” (E-10:209). There is no ‘narrow’ way in the Camp; and absolutely nothing to show a consecrated class In the Camp in this Faith Age.

Another Reason why they cannot consecrate now (in the Camp) is because Jesus’ merit does not extend to the Camp – tentatively or in any other way. And without that merit no one can be acceptable to God in consecration in this Faith Age! If we keep the Tabernacle picture in mind, we won’t go too far astray. “The Bullock was slain in the ‘Court,’ which we have seen typified the condition of faith in and harmony with God, the highest attainment of the flesh, the human nature. Jesus was in this condition, a perfect man to God” – the bullock in the type (Tabernacle Shadows, p. 54, par. 3). ‘‘And Aaron shall offer his bullock of the sin-offering which is for (represents) himself, and make an atonement for himself (the members of His body – the under priests) and for His house (all believers, the entire ‘Household of Faith’ – the Levites).” (Tabernacle Shadows, p. 55, par. 2) So Jesus did not offer Himself for any one outside that Court during this Faith Age (including the Epiphany period and the “finished picture”); but only for those in the Court – the Household of Faith. “During the Epiphany (those who fail to consecrate in the Court –JJH) cease altogether to be of the Household of Faith, having used the grace of God in vain” (E-4:406). The Epi­phany Messenger’s teaching is directly opposite, and antagon­istic, to what R. G. Jolly teaches – namely, that his Campers Consecrated ARE of the Household of Faith. and are walking a ‘narrow’ way in the Camp! But we have the blessed assurance (in the faithful teachings) of both Messengers that this Is just some more Levitical error and nonsense – “leprosy.”



Dear Brother Hoefle: “The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”! (and Rom. 8:6)

Your issues of June and July have been gratefully received, and I thank you in the name of our dear Lord for His Truth.......... I enjoy your July item, as I can pass it on to my Israel friends. The Jehovah’s Witness item is of great interest in Israel, and since 1959 this group has been of great interest to a group of Israel students – I mean on the JW you are writing about. To inform you, in 1959-61 The ........ of the Hebrew University has a group of scholars who study the various aspects of the existing relations between the United States and Israel. Professor M------, the Director... also directs this study group....... As a member of this, Dr. J------- has been assigned to study the relations between the various Protestant groups, etc., and specially in this connection Dr. M------- was studying the attitude of Pastor Charles T. Russell, to the Problem of the Restoration, and to the emergence of the State of Israel. I kept visiting the office of Dr. M-------, as I was well acquainted with Dr. W------- same office rooms. Our Six Volumes and Towers I placed in their service, until now I am a visitor on these and other Truth items. I feel this article, in the light of history of our day, may be welcome – as I am sure it will be. If you would mail three or four, I shall see to it that they get into the proper hands, as I shall call their attention to your letter to our free brethren.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are at work here, but can’t get any following – since 1958 just a little group. But the Arab country they are welcome, and make – we are told – many friends, only because of their teachings against Israel, Gentiles – all churches – Yes, even Bible Students of all kind of groups, have made themselves ob­scured. Too bad they have not heeded Brother Russell’s advice (specially not to preach Christ to Jews, nor to try to convert a Jew). Brother Russell had learned well how to make friends with Jews, and not to pull the “veil” before God Himself will remove the veil – except those who are inquiring or called of God even now ­but this is my own observation by experience; it remains to be seen.

A special calling remains in Israel, and those of the Elijah still remaining well may be able to understand. But here in Israel our God is present in the hearts of remaining true Israel, searching for faith and Truth. But we have to receive the key to this Truth...... I am sure is taking place in Israel, for the Truth will again come from Israel. To be of comfort in Israel is my calling for quite a few years – ­making friends to meet God’s remnant (Acts 3:25). Will mail you a book if you will receive it for your labors – a little appreciation from Israel.

Somehow I felt an urge to write this letter.... and yet am so very busy in my little service in Israel, as I am being blessed just following His leading me. I am richly blessed to meet God’s Israel He is calling..... Your letter of July 1 may be a special blessing to Israel Watchers in Zion, as the JW’s in the Arab lands have given them in their hatred a “Bible” answer for the complete annihilation of Israel. So I hope your letter in the proper hands here will give the Truth for and from Israel.  God bless your mind and heart! (Prov. 16:1,2,3)

------- (ISRAEL)


The following is a copy of our letter to a Jehovah’s Witness re our No. 121.

Dear Brother ------- Christian greetings!

It is my understanding that you called by with the specific intention of visiting with me, and I am quite sorry I was not here; but I am told that about the last remark you made when leaving was that you are in complete harmony with the teachings of Brother Russell. You may be sure I am very glad to hear this, because that is my own position, and it certainly makes you and me brethren “in the faith, as we have been taught.” I would be quite happy to have another visit from you most any time if you will telephone me first, so I will be sure to be here. Or, I could call to see you if you would rather have it that way. But for now, I quote below a paragraph from the July 1, 1916 Watch Tower by Brother Russell, which will offer an excellent basis for discussion when we meet:

“The Apostle Paul in his writings lays special emphasis upon the fundamental importance of correct doctrinal teaching. It made no difference whether Paul or Apollos or even an angel from heaven taught anything, it must be in harmony with the foundation doctrines which had been given them by the Lord. (Gal. 1:6-12) He assured the church that what he had taught them was from God, and that even if an angel should bring them another Gospel, it would be a proof that such angel had de­flected from loyalty to the Lord. That Jesus Christ died to secure the redemption ­price for Adam and his race is the foundation doctrine of the church, which was received from Jesus Himself and from His faithful mouthpiece and which was shown in the Divinely-given types of the law. Whoever taught this fundamental truth faithfully was a real help to the people of God. Yet even such a teacher might help them to build, even on this proper foundation, a faith and character structure which would not stand the tests of the great day of the Lord; for the fire of that day would surely prove the nature of this structure. Consequently, both teacher and pupil would suffer loss and be saved only ‘as through fire.’”

With this comes my Christian brotherly love and cordial good wishes for your spiritual welfare, with the hope that this may be the beginning of a mutually help­ful Christian relationship.

Sincerely your brother,  John J. Hoefle (July 5, 1965)


NOTE: – From the Sister’s letter, quoted on p. 8, it would seem the Witnesses are also setting aside the Scriptural Truth concerning the Jew – as they have done with about every truth in the Bible. Isa. 2:2,3 is so clear it seems incon­ceivable that those once instructed in Brother Russell’s clear teachings concern­ing the Jews could now go so far astray: “It shall come to pass in the last days (of this Gospel Age, into which we have already entered) that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains (above and dominating these present Gentile Governments – mountains) .... and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall say, let us go up to the mountain (Kingdom) of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob (often in the Old Testament “Jacob” is used to desig­nate the natural Jews – in contrast with Israel, the spiritual, or Gospel-Age chosen people of God – true Christians)... for out of Zion (spiritual Israel) shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem (from the resurrected Ancient Worthies).” This is stressed by-St.  Paul in Rom. 1:16: “The power of God for salvation to every one believing; both to Jew and to Greek” – “first to the Jew, and then to the Greek.” (Rom. 2:10)

These Scriptures clearly ascribe a priority to the Jew, regardless of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ claims concerning themselves – and regardless of R. G. Jolly’s claims ascribing a priority to his present Campers Consecrated (above all other quasi-elect, including the Jews!).


The July-August Present Truth arrived late, as usual – some days after we had mailed our August paper, and a few days after this September paper had been prepared for the printer. However, we assure our readers a detailed and conclus­ive answer to the July-August Present Truth by October 1, D.V.