by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 115

My dear Brethren: Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

It is with much interest that we review the year just past, and offer some analysis of future events, as coming events usually do cast their shadows before them. In times past we have made little comment on the world’s scientific accom­plishments; nor shall we do so now other than with respect to agriculture. In this phase the advancement has been so pronounced that we offer the observation that, had the human race advanced proportionately, the improvement would be diffi­cult to describe. In the United States at present nine per cent of the people produce twice as much food as the entire populace consumes – quite a contrast to Russia, where forty per cent of the people engaged in agriculture are unable to produce even enough for the remaining sixty per cent. And the quality of what is now produced has improved proportionately. Harking back to the days when we were a boy on an Ohio farm, it was then difficult to find apples, peaches and similar fruits that did not have at least one worm in them. Now it is a rarity to find even one piece of such fruit thus contaminated. And just within the past few years the same improvement is to be found in sweet corn – hardly an ear now comes to market containing such objection. Along with this advance, the back-breaking labor, the drudgery that contributed to the development of the slave industry some centuries back, has been almost completely eliminated – all of this having come since 1874, when the Millennial morning arrived. Thus, the prophecy, “The morning cometh, and also the night” (of trouble) – Isa. 21:12. With this brief observation we shall pro­ceed to those three essentials usually considered in our New Year paper:


The tremendous decay in the paper currencies of the various nations continues apace, although it is only in very select circles that discussion of this creeping con­tagion is seldom heard. In fact, it is largely hush-hush, because those who do rec­ognize clearly the staggering truth also are astute enough to realize that much agi­tation of the subject could easily bring down the roof upon their own heads. The English pound has been in considerable stress in the year just past – so much so that it required the help of outsiders to keep it afloat in the financial marts. Just after the British election on October 15 a member of the Canadian Parliament asked the Prime Minister if Canada had been supporting the British pound. The question apparently took that official so much by surprise that he replied he would answer the next day – which he did by saying Canada had indeed been supplying props for the pound, and had done this in return for a similar favor from Britain several years back when the Canadian dollar had been in trouble. Seemingly, the new Government in England had also been well aware of this, because the new Cabinet was scarcely in office before it imposed a 15% “import duty” on all goods coming into the Country. This is in reality a 15% tariff politely labeled “import duty” to camouflage the disconcerting realism that desperate measures were long overdue.

Two years ago we discussed the silver situation, stating at that time that violent upheaval in that metal could not be long delayed. Before we had opportunity to mail out that January paper, President Kennedy announced that the fixed price of 91¢ per ounce would no longer be maintained. This occurred at 5 p.m.; and the silver market opened the next morning at 1.05 per ounce. The price has been steadily increas­ing, until it is now at the practical “ceiling” of 1.30 per ounce. It is now at the stage of “between-the-devil-and-the-sea” point, because if the price goes above 1.30 per ounce, it will then be profitable to melt silver coins into bullion. This pre­sents a real dilemma: The world is now consuming over one hundred million ounces more of silver each year than all the silver mines are able to mine. The situation has become so acute that Detroit business men are sometimes given only one “roll” of quarters each day, and told to get along with that as best they can. With the great increase in vending machines, the “cramp” is becoming steadily unbearable. Since people cannot now legally own gold in the United States, many people have taken to hoarding silver – the only “hard” money they may now possess. In one establishment in Detroit there is a sign in the window “Kennedy half dollars 87¢” – a premium of 74%. Thus, silver may present a very prominent problem before 1965 has passed. Any Small matter could easily precipitate a world-wide financial crisis on very short notice; and a word to the wise should be sufficient!


 Sharp political upheavals in the United States and England during 1964 have elicited gloating and dismay in the opposing factions; but the real crux of the analysis lies in the character of some of the personalities who have come into office lately. The moral issue in England had somewhat abated as an election issue there in October; and the moral issue in the United States was partially ignored and partially ‘lied’ into the background, but it is a matter not to be lightly considered. Govern­ments, like trees, die in the top first. “Where there is no vision (in the leaders), the people perish.” (Prov. 29:18) Too much prosperity in general, and too much prof­ligacy in leaders have been the direct causes of the fall of all the prominent empires of the past. “Pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness” is the terse charge against Sodom (Eze. 16:49). And of Belshazzar it is recorded that he and his lords were eating and drinking themselves drunken, and profaning the holy vessels captured during the sack of Jerusalem, when the Medes and Persians turned aside the River Euphrates in one night, and overthrew the Babylonian Empire (See Daniel 5). Much the same history is given concerning the Medo-Persian, the Grecian and Roman Empires.

We have information directly from principal persons involved that some thirty years ago the radical elements in American society pondered the formation of a third political party – The Labor Party; but extended deliberation convinced them that such a party would get just nowhere with the working element. They then determined upon the strategy of “moving in” with the Democratic Party, as the more liberal and vulner­able of the two old-line parties here, gradually infiltrate its inner circles, and eventually take over its top offices. Thus, we find at this time a situation quite analogous to the one that existed during the fifteen years of the prohibition era in the United States: During that crime-ridden time the bootleggers, the hoodlums, the prostitutes, and the beggarly elements in general were heartily joined with the Pro­hibitionists, such as President Hoover and kindred personages, to prevent the repeal of the prohibition amendment in the Constitution. Likewise now, the flotsam and jetsam of the American populace – the bartenders, the prostitutes, the Mafia and other criminal elements – are wholeheartedly joined with many well-meaning people of respect­able standing in their communities, as they vote with them side by side as good and staunch Democrats. In this last national election on November 3 Norman Thomas, many-time candidate for the Presidency on the Socialist ticket, said there was really no point in running again as a Socialist – he would vote the Democratic ticket, because it offered about everything for which he has been contending in past elections. Much might be offered by way of conjecture here, but we believe it would be much better just to “wait on the Lord’’ to see what the future may produce.

 Such deep-laid plans of “mice and men” may cause some to conclude that the plans of the Lord are being hindered or deferred; but such is certainly not the case. The clear statement of the “sure word of prophecy” declares, “The vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because ii will surely come, it will not tarry.” (Hab. 2:3) Through out the Age God’s people have always been too eager in their expectations. Even the inspired Apostles for a time thought the Lord would return in their generation; and even here in the end of the Age expectations have repeatedly been much too far ahead of that “vision which is for an appointed time.” Clearly enough, we should be much more concerned with the Lord’s prophetic exhortation, “He that endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved.”


Our readers are all probably more or less familiar with the “shifting sands” of present-day Papacy their wooing words to their beloved Protestant brethren – ­their conciliation with Combinationism, since they now realize only too well that if ‘‘we do not hang together, then we shall all hang separately!” In October Cardi­nal Cushing even went so far as to advise his people to attend the meetings of Evange­list Billy Graham: “I am 100 per cent for the Evangelist,” said he. Only urgent extremity could evoke such a compromise from “the one true Church,” the successors to St. Peter. Indeed, the prophecy is clearly made, “They shall surely gather together, but not by me” – Isa. 54:15. Other Cardinals have expressed themselves in favor of “sweeping away all that is archaic in nuns’ lives, including medieval-style robes that cause ridicule In the street .... and be allowed to act like adult women.” Thus, “that woman Jezebel” is not only busy at the “beauty parlor” (2 Kings 9:30), but is now also toying with the idea of employing an up-to-date tailor.

 And, while it is well that we observe the ripening of such fruitage of the “vine of the earth,” we believe our primary concern outside ourselves is with those of our kinsmen in various Truth groups. Except in the case of those of them who have become fully renegade (and in most cases we cannot yet be fully certain of those who may be eternally lost from their class standings), all consecrated believers in all the groups are definitely our brethren, some of whom are certainly among the Fully Faith­ful, even though they be temporarily led astray by scheming unreliable leaders. There­fore, our criticisms at all times should be planned with a view to helping such improve their positions; and this is decidedly our own attitude. Two persons may read exactly the same words; but the attitude of heart and mind of those same persons, and the in­flection of their voices, places much different meaning to what is read. Instance the case of Pilate’s answer to Jesus’ declaration, “Every one that is of the Truth heareth my voice.” (John 18:37) “Pilate sayeth unto Him, What is Truth?” Some incline to the belief that Pilate asked his question with a sneer, implying the conclusion that Jesus was making ridiculous tribute for Himself. Others conclude that Pilate was so im­pressed by Jesus’ noble bearing and the gracious words He uttered that a measure of contrition seized him at the time. Indeed, A few minutes later he openly declared to the Jews assembled there, “Behold the man” – a finer specimen is not to be found in all your land. Thus, we assure our readers that our criticisms of others are never prompted by a mean or destructive spirit, the harshness of our statements being often actuated only by the conduct and degree of error displayed by those we criticize.

Considering then the conflicts with those of our erstwhile Epiphany brethren, we observe that the Epiphany is the time for manifesting persons, principles and things ­“to bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and make manifest the counsels of hearts.” (I Cor. 4:5) this work has been going on for fifty years in the various Truth groups; and it would be ridiculous in the extreme for us to conclude the same process would not follow with those in the LHMM. Thus, if we now see them going into error, which in turn reveals a reprobate feature of their characters, which had not been previously apparent, we may conclude that this Epiphany period is also manifest­ing them from every viewpoint.

Clearly enough, some are now closing their eyes and stopping their ears to truths they once wholeheartedly accepted, and this enables us to determine with no uncertainty that such have ‘‘admitted not the love of the truth” (2 Thes. 2:10¾ Dia.) – ­for the present, at least, regardless of what the future may hold in store for them. Notice, as an example, 2 Thes. 2:8, Dia., the clear statement that our Lord will destroy the Man of Sin during the Epiphany of His second presence. Here is a clear statement of fact; yet J. W. Krewson has the Epiphany period ended in 1954; whereas, the Man of Sin is still with us ten years later. And R. G. Jolly is measurably in harmony with “cousin” Krewson, although he admits the Epiphany is still with us, but now subrogated to the Basileia. But Brother Russell and Brother Johnson are in full dis­agreement with both of them in their understanding of this subject, as note the following from Reprints 5526, par. 6:

“The present terrible war (1914-1918 – JJH) is not the great time of trouble in its fullest sense of the word, but merely its forerunner. The great “time of trouble” of the Scriptures (The Epiphany period in its fullest sense, which includes the main features – Armageddon, Anarchy, and Jacob’s Trouble – JJH) will be brought on by Anarchy..... every man’s hand against his neighbor, no peace to him that goeth out or to him that cometh in – Zech. 8:10.”

A lame attempt is made by R. G. Jolly to reconcile his position by declaring we are now in the “overlapping” period of the Epiphany-Basileia (whoever heard of an over­lapping containing most of the main features of a period except one who is fully abandoned to Azazel – one who is so befuddled that he talks such nonsense? – JJH); and in the same statements he refers to his 1914-1954 40-year “parallel”! Either he does not know the meaning of the word “parallel,” or he thinks his readers do not know the meaning of the word. The overlapping of the Parousia-Epiphany was just 25 months – from September 1914 to October 1916; but R. G. Jolly’s “overlapping” is already more than ten years gone, with the end not even remotely in sight. If this goes on much longer, his “overlapping” will loom as large as his Epiphany proper – ­if not larger. When these people fall into the hands of Azazel, they talk all sorts of nonsense, says Brother Johnson; and R. G. Jolly’s “overlapping” is just one more excellent example in proof of that statement. And we observe also that those of his supporters who “aid and abet” him in such nonsense, thus become “partaker of his – 1 Tim, 5:22 (either by failure to resist him, or by acceding to his errors through  fear of losing favor with the brethren).

On previous occasion we have stated that, if he really believes what he is preaching, he should change the name of his paper to The Present Truth & Herald of Christ’s Basileia. At the Chicago Convention in 1963 he offered the puny excuse in answer to this question that the public does not know the meaning of Basileia, which is why he hasn’t changed it. But, is his Present Truth intended for the public? And, if his newly-won Campers Consecrated do not know the word’s significance, might it not be an excellent thing for them to ask him, that he might pass on to them the enlightenment he now claims in connection with his 25-month ten-year-plus “parallel” – ­a parallel which has produced just nothing akin to what took place in 1914-1916?

 Be it noted that it is those whose works are based upon such “parallels” that are specifically described as failing in those works: “If the work of any man shall be consumed, he will suffer loss; he himself, however, will be saved, but so as through  a fire”--l Cor. 3:15, Dia. The Berean Comment makes clear enough that this text has to do with crown-losers, whose works will be burned. This should not cause us to conclude, however, that all the works they do are bad; such is not the case – but there is so much of bad in them that the Lord summarily consigns all of it to the burning flame. Note now the contrast with the works of the Fully Faithful, those ‘‘who die in the Lord (as a part of His Bride), they rest from their labours (their arduous burdens in the heat of the day, amid severe persecutions – especially from their brethren); for their works follow after them. – “Rev. 14:13, Dia. Thus, the contrast is very clearly drawn: The works of the Fully Faithful follow after them (“I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands” – Isa. 49:16); the works of the Measurably Faithful are burned up.

 It is little wonder that the latter have been so much wrong in the treatment of their brethren, even though they have been a “great multitude.” But it is worthy of note that those described in Isa. 66:5 as casting their brethren out by disfellow­shiping them) have always been in error – have always been wrong – as they cast out their fully faithful brethren in their (cruel) disfellowshipment proceedings. This conclusion allows of no argument, because it required a majority to disfellowship their brethren (even as it required the majority – urged by their leaders – to crucify the Lord of Glory); otherwise, they would not be “Cast out.” Thus, the minority in such cases (of the Fully Faithful) has always been right, and the majority has always been wrong – an indisputable contradiction to the vagary that “The voice of the people is the voice of God.”


The figure forty is often mentioned in the Scriptures in connection with severe trials upon God’s people. This is so very clearly marked in the case of Israel at the First Advent; at the end of that 40-year Harvest the Romans under Titus not only destroyed Jerusalem and subdued all Judea, but they inflicted excruciating hardship upon those hapless Jews. When they had finished the siege of the city, there was a circle of crosses around it, with a dead Jew hanging from every one of them. Thus, the Lord took them at their word, “His blood be upon us, and upon our children.”

The number forty appears also in the life of Moses: During his forty Years he dwelt in the king’s palace as the adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter (See Heb. 11:24), and it was truly a great come-down for him to leave such environs and ac­cept the life of a humble shepherd in the forest of Midian. He continued in this second state for another forty years, at which time there came to him even a more severe trial than at the end of the first forty years. In this second experience God had told him to go back to Egypt, where he was “wanted” for murder, and not only vindicate himself, but to deliver the entire nation of Israel from Egyptian bondage. It is little wonder that this same Moses, who had no army, no arms, and no visible means of securing either, should quickly exclaim, “Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt.” (Ex. 3:11)

But Moses also met this second trial successfully and victoriously, Israel was delivered, and the third forty years of Moses’ life was consumed in leading them through  the Wilderness of Sin, up to Jordan at Jericho, preparatory to their capture of goodly Canaan land. Then came a third trial to Moses – more severe than the other two combined: He would now die, with the fruits of victory at his very feet, at a time when life was still full and sweet to him, “Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died, his eye had not dimmed nor had his freshness fled.” (Deu. 34:7. Rotherham) It is a sharp truism that self-preservation is the first law of nature; and the love of life urges men to superior courage and strength when their vital forces are at their peak, And this was Moses’ physical condition: He could still read without glasses (his eye was not dim), and his natural strength was not abated, when he was told that he had come to the end of his earthly course. It is little wonder that St. Paul tells us in Hebrews 11 that Moses and many simi­lar characters ‘‘all died in faith”; and the last trial of Moses – at the end of his third forty years – was severest of all.

 We believe also that his experiences are indicative of the experiences of God’s people here in the end of this Age, Moses delivered God’s people from the grip of Pharaoh (a type of Satan); Jesus, as antitypical Moses came in 1874 to deliver spiritual Israel from the grip of Satan. At the end of the first forty years (1914) came a very severe trial to God’s people, as events failed to materialize as many had expected, and many fell by the wayside. But the stronger hearts, with more faith, took up the journey of a second forty years, believing, as they did, that 1954 would bring what 1914 had not – namely, the full overthrow of Satan’s empire to the glory of God. Instead, there came a second severe trial upon God’s people; the figurative “heavens” were shaken. Now we are already ten years into the third forty years; and we may confidently predict a third more severe trial at the end of this period, as set out in the like of Moses. (See Berean Comment on Matt. 24:34) The full type of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt will be exper­ienced at the end of the Little Season; but we may View here a sort of prototype of Moses’ life’s experiences from 1874 to 1994. However, the detailed nature of the experiences ahead may not now be clearly seen, because no experiences that involve trials are evident in advance; otherwise, the trial would be greatly mini­mized or eliminated entirely.


From 1914 to 1954 (the second forty-year trial time) there arose a Little Babylon from the solid structure of the Truth movement that had been supervised by That Faithful Servant during the first forty years. And in some respects this Little Babylon is even more ‘confused’ than was true of Big Babylon when That Servant began his ministry about 1870. Not only are the various divisions of former Truth people in disagreement with each other, but many of them also have marked and fundamental differences in their own group. As instance, the Dawns are now openly split on the close of the High Calling. If we are correctly informed, one class of about 150 split exactly in two parts not too many months back. The same discord exists among them respecting the chronology. Here again, if we are correctly informed, one large class began the study of Parousia Volume 3, but the contention and discord became so pronounced that the study had to be abandoned.

The leaders in many of these groups attempt to construct the philosophy that you may believe as you wish so long as you do not create an uproar about it – quite a contrast to the first forty years, when the first permanent Little Flock movement through out the entire Age was established, and when all in Harvest Truth had come “to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God.... to the measure of the full stature of the Anointed One.... no longer infants, tossed and whirled about with every wind of that teaching, which is in the trickery of men.” (Eph. 4:13, 14¾Dia.) Indeed, the contrast then (1874-1914) and now is a sad commentary on those ‘‘who admitted not the love of the Truth.” (2 Thes. 2:10) – a constant accusa­tion against all such,

 Other groups are in disagreement among themselves on the Sin Offering, on the Tabernacle types, on the parallel dispensations, the times and seasons, etc.; but we now direct our attention to the marked disagreement among the leaders in the LHMM on the false doctrine (“strange fire”) of Campers Consecrated. Of those prominent ones with whom we have talked privately, a decided majority have no con­fidence at all in R. G. Jolly’s teaching on the subject – with some of them more or less openly dissenting, as others more or less passively disagree. But none can dispute that here is definite and clear ‘confusion’ – Babylon – as considered from any viewpoint; and we believe the words of That Servant for the February 4 Manna Comment are as pointedly appropriate now as they were when he first wrote them in the year 1900:

“Whoever are worthy the name ‘My people,’ will hear and obey the Lord’s voice and come out of Babylon and ‘receive not of her plagues.” And then Brother Johnson’s comments for the same day: ‘‘Where have God’s people been than in these sects, and upon what will God’s plagues come with more severity than upon these sects?.... In a secondary sense this passage well applies to the Lord’s people coming out of Little Babylon.”

Nor would we consider this treatise complete without quoting from the Epiphany Messenger re judging out of season (E-5:505, 506):

“One of the severest tests of all to both these classes (the Faithful and the Measurably Faithful) is the Epiphany teaching that manifested Great Company breth­ren are by the priesthood to be pointed out as such. On this being done, they im­mediately recall that Servant’s Parousia-applying teaching that brethren were not to be pointed out as Great Company members. The error in which they are is that they do not rightly divide the Word of Truth on this subject..... Our Lord came in 1874 and His second Advent has three stages of manifestations and thus three judg­ing stages: (1) the Parousia, when His judgments manifested the Tares and the Second Death class as separate and distinct from those who retained the Holy Spirit; (2) the Epiphany, when His judgments manifest the Little Flock and the Great Company as such, separate and distinct from one another; and (3) the Basileia (Kingdon), when His judgments will manifest the Sheep and Goats as separate and distinct from one another. This passage forbids our judging in any of these periods any as be­longing to its manifested classes until He has first manifested them in their perti­nent classes; but this passage commands us to accept the manifested individuals in their proper class after He has manifested them as such.”

All the sects in Little Babylon violate God’s commands and arrangements as above set out. The Dawns, et al, deny the Epiphany period and its judgments, and profess at the same time to continue in the Parousia Truth (and now use Parousia – applying teaching that brethren are not to be pointed out as Great Company members). They contend (falsely, of course) that they are continuing in the teachings of That Ser­vant, while ignoring his teaching that there would come a time when such Great Com­pany members would be clearly manifested as such – namely, the Epiphany – which they refuse to accept and heed. The Jehovah’s Wit­nesses lean too far in the other direc­tion and are now selecting and separating the Millennial Sheep from the Goats, a Basileia work forbidden before the Mediatorial reign begins. The same forbidden judging is being attempted by the LHMM in their “strange fire” (false doctrine) of Epiphany Campers Consecrated, as they seek a Consecrated ‘‘narrow-way’’ Restitution Class here in the Epiphany’s forbidden selection and separating – thus, both (the JW’s and LHMM) saying in their hearts, “My Lord Delayeth.” Since we cannot hope to improve upon the foregoing teachings of the two Messengers, we conclude our dis­cussion of this subject for the present.

With these reflections on retrospect and prospect we convey to all our readers the Lord’s blessing for all of 1965 that “thou mayest prosper and be in health” – ­physically and spiritually. We reciprocate in cordial good wishes the many Holiday greetings that have come to us, and to assure one and all that we are still your brother and servant as our time and strength and providential circumstances may allow; and we add also some of the words of Brother Johnson on a similar occasion: “Dear Fellow Pilgrims on the narrow way, we feel for you an earnest brotherly love, and to remind you that the amount of blessing that shall come to each of us will depend almost entirely on the course we shall pursue in seeking those blessings. It will not depend on God; for He sets us at rest on that point, by assuring us in advance of His willingness to help and bless us along certain lines which He has foreordained. He thus throws the responsibility upon us.” And to this we would add the final message of David before the elders of Israel at his time of departure: “I know also, my God, that thou tryest the heart, and hast pleasure in uprightness. As for me, in the uprightness of my heart I have willingly offered all these things: and now I have seen with joy thy people.... keep the thoughts of the heart of thy people, and prepare their heart unto thee.” (I Chron. 29:17,18)

Sincerely your brother, John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim


Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in His Name!

Your letter of July 15, with kind invitation to attend a little get-together in the home of ------- has been received; and, no doubt you have been wondering why you haven’t had an answer before this. This is the reason:

Every year for some time my folks have taken my wife and me to -------; and it works out pretty good of late years, because I don’t meet any Truth friends any­more until we come up here. So it seems good that the brethren in ------- come to see us, and we can talk over things to do with the Kingdom. We stay here until they pick us up again some time by the end of September, or the first of October. I had hoped this year it would be by the first of Sept., but I see now it is out of the question.

I am trying to go along with Bro. Johnson’s motto, “Yes, Lord,” but His answer is No. Only in spirit can I get to ------- I really would love to meet you all and hear what you have to say, as well as to ask some questions. I might say you will be glad to know the ------- brethren are with us and Brother Russell on the brethren consecrating between the Ages (most of them), Reprints 5761 – Because it is only fair, if these dear ones are suffering for Righteousness’ sake, which they cannot do in the next Age, for they are out of step with the main thoroughfare of today. Yet, it is either Heaven or Hell – No Restitution; and they don’t like us when we tell them that will be the day and place the thief will be with Christ. Yes, these dear ones are still in the Epiphany period – still in the Court as Levites, and will come up under the Mediator, and like some of the Ancient Worthies, will have to have some parts of their character made right. Is this your thought, too?

How do we know one is a Holy Prophet? Is it not because he speaks of the Times of Restitution? Just so these dear ones of today are doing the same thing, etc. Can I get in a question here? Bro. Johnson claimed to be Zecharias. Was this a class?

I understand one anyway of the teachers under Brother Jolly is teaching if any of the old brethren hold to the thought they are a Little Flock member it will lead them to the Second Death – and told one old Sister (93 years old) this. Can you think of a Scripture that will teach this? (NOTE: No, there is no such Scrip­tures this is just some more Levitical nonsense. With all the brethren in the various Truth groups, who claimed vehemently that they are of the Little Flock, but with Brother Johnson clearly proving from the Scriptures that many of them must be crown-losers, Did Brother Johnson ever once as much as hint that such would go into the Second Death – (just because they made such claim?¾JJH)

 As for the next Age, I go along with Bro. Jolly that the world of mankind will be in the Camp with a new arrangement set up for their cleansing. (Ezek. 36:24) (Yes, the new arrangement will be the Highway of Holiness – not a Narrow Way in the Camp¾JJH)

 Well, I guess this will be it for this time, and again thanks for your kind invitation. Kindly give my Christian love to all. As ever your brother -------


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace be multiplied!

Further to your letter of Oct. 1 re the talk, between Bro. ------- and RGJ: Bro ------- called last week, and he told Sister the following (Bro. was away from home): R. G. Jolly and Brother ------- did talk on the 40-80 days of the cleansing of the mother after birth of a son or daughter. RGJ did agree that the cleansing of the mother in the 40 days after the birth of a son types the cleansing from all error of the Little Flock developing truths by Bro. Russell from 1874 to 1914 (but RGJ insisted his group of the Great Company are cleansed). Brother ------- said that the Great Company, at least in Babylon, were not cleansed, and also that while sin was still in the ascendancy there was hope for consecrators now to become Youthful Worthies, and against his Campers Consecrated. (See Epiphany Vol. 4, page 337 and page 342¾JJH) R. G. Jolly quoted Rev. 22:11 and that they, the 60th Group, were cleansed and doing the attestatorial work Bro. Johnson told them to do. He kept repeating this. Brother ------- told RGJ he did not believe the Basileia had commenced; and his reply was that the brethren had taken it too literally – the overlapping period.

Brother ------- quoted Israel and the New Covenant in operation at the beginning of the Basileia, and told him he thought it would be a marked time, like 1914, with the world then realizing a change in the order of things. We’re sending a copy of this to Brother -------, and as far as Sister discussed this with him, it is the factual story. Of course, we know the tactics of RGJ to bolster up his views to keep his followers.

Thank you for November papers. The Lord bless you is our prayer for you both, and the continued confirmation of the Truth that the Lord has shown to the Watchers. Our love to you both and the dear ones with you. Psa. 34:10; Psa. 36:9,10.

Brother and Sister ------- (ENGLAND)

NOTE: At the Philadelphia Labor day convention R. G. Jolly related his discussion with a brother in England, and how he had completely overthrown his arguments; but the above certainly gives the matter a far different light. This causes us to wonder if RGJ told his audiences in Europe how he vanquishes his opponents here in the United State – when the truth of the matter is that one by one of the faithful brethren (who were with Brother Johnson) are getting their eyes opened, and are recognizing the perversions of RGJ (Azazel means Perverter) through  the help they receive from our papers (just as was the case of faithful Brother Roach in Trinidad, who could no longer tolerate the gross doctrinal deflections emanating from the LHMM¾JJH)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace!

We have just written to Brother ------- in Jamaica, sending --- lbs. Bro ------- had a wonderful discussion with a Plymouth brother..... He thought Restitution marvelous; was amazed about the Soul theory, the Trinity and the Holy Spirit not being a person but the power or influence coming from God.... to those who are con­secrated to Him.... He gladly accepted the Two Salvations and Resurrection of the Dead. We are sending him Tabernacle Shadows...

Our love to both you and the other dear ones. 1 Cor. 15:58; Heb. 10:23. Brother ------- send his love.

Brother and Sister ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings of Christian love in the name of our Blessed Lord!

Sr. Hoefle’s letter, together with the PT which contained Bro. Johnson’s Biography came to hand..... I must thank you most graciously, for it was timely and served the purpose. I notice you were preparing to go to Chicago to attend the Convention. As to the service of the two Star Members, we had a rich time. Fourteen were present. In their testimonies they all paid tribute to the two Star Members, which brought so much spiritual blessings to all. (Ps, 112:6) I spoke of the two Servants from the standpoint of antitypical Eleazar (Num. 4:16) and antitypical Ithamar (Ex. 38:21), and we did receive a rich blessing.

 I have received the Nov. paper. Thanks much! A few days before I had received the PT of Sept-Oct. from the LHMM, in which I noticed, among other thing, RGJ’s Questions and Answers of General Interest – “Trusting One’s Conscience.” I said to myself, It seems as though he has built up a very strong fortress against you on that question. But after I received your paper I said to myself, When RGJ reads this paper he will be sorry he undertook to answer such questions – for he has received a good flogging from you; and he got another flogging on the Zechariah and Altar Question. He would have to reconcile quite a few things in Bro. Johnson’s teachings, such as Rev. 19:5 as given in E-5:420,421. Again Jesus’ work as God’s Executive. I think you do well to refer him to E-11:591. Let him clear himself if he can. The friends ask me to tender you both their greetings and the dear ones with you, always making mention of you in our prayers. Brother ------- (TRINIDAD)