by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 137

My dear Brethren: Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

According to our custom, we once more attended the LHMM Convention over Labor Day this year; and we were bemused – and saddened – by the perversions, the falsehood, and the jugglery again so much in evidence. While much could be said concerning the sad inadequacies of the meetings in general, we shall confine the present comments to the Question Meeting by R. G. Jolly on Monday morning.

1954 AGAIN: In response to certain questions, he once more stressed 1954 from the type in Leviticus 12, offering this as “proof” that entrance into the Gospel-Age Tabernacle Court is now permanently closed, thus ending opportunity for further Youthful Worthies to enter that Elective Class. This he does in the face of our repeated quotations from both Star Members’ teachings that such entrance will be available between the Ages “until Restitution sets in.” Of course, there isn’t one word – not even a remote inference in Lev. 12 for such conclusions; but that doesn’t restrain R. G. Jolly. He can see it there anyway – even if it isn’t there! Note Brother Johnson’s sound summation of this type In E-4:99:

“The purifying of the mother during these 80 days types two things: (1) the ridding of the Truth (in its application to the Great Company, etc.) of all error attaching to it; and (2) the purifying of the faithful and measurably faithful servants of the Truth of such defilements as would unfit them for their place In the Millennial Age, as well as for a special attestatorial service from October, 1954, onward.”

Not one word in the foregoing respecting entrance into the Court, or end of the Youthful Worthy call; and R. G. Jolly’s reading such things into it is in exact cast with his kinsmen all during the Age who have done likewise – to such an extent that they have often forced respectable thinking people to cast aside the Bible, thus producing the conclusion that the Bible’s best ‘would-be’ friends have often been its worst enemies.

In this same connection, he attempts to make a case for his Campers Consecrated by stating that the general group of Restitutionists will be represented in the Camp in the Millennial Age. Yes, they will indeed! The Camp of the Millennial Age Tabernacle will represent the world undergoing restitution. But in the sane meet­ing – in answer to another question – he stressed that we are self-evidently still in the Gospel Age – with which we agree. Why then attempt construction of another Tabernacle now? In E-11:591 Brother Johnson clearly states that of the Gospel-­Age, Epiphany and Millennial-Age Tabernacles only one can operate at a time. The Epiphany being the last special period of the Gospel Age, and this special period being still with us, it is self-evident nonsense to attempt inauguration of another Tabernacle. Of course, Brother Johnson has told us that when these crown-losers fall into the hands of Azazel, they talk all sorts of nonsense; so we should “think it not strange” to see his conclusions demonstrated before our eyes. Our only sur­prise is to find it operating so close to home. This we had never surmised before October 1950.

 Some of the other speakers also stressed 1954, and the accompanying Attestator­ial service; but none of them pointed to one iota of proof that their efforts from then to now have accomplished even one mediocre deed. In fact, since that date R. G. Jolly has been steadily losing the support and approval of some most highly regarded by Brother Johnson – as instance, Brother Roach in Trinidad, Sister Condell in Jamaica, Brother Baxendale In England, and others here in America. Nor can he point to one newcomer in the LHMM who could even by strained analysis be consid­ered capable of replacing those he has lost. His only accomplishment during the past twelve years has been the immersion of some children, and a few adults, and the printing of a ‘great’ multitude of new tracts (as is the usual procedure of antitypical King Saul – type of the crown-lost leaders up to Armageddon). Even his Present Truth (the name now a misnomer) subscriptions have shown a considerable decline.


Along this same line, the Question was asked as to when the Great Company and Youthful Worthies would receive Epiphany Truth for their cleansing. And what was his answer? Why, he says they don’t need Epiphany Truth for their cleansing – ­quite a few had died without receiving it! (Yes, quite a few Saints died without receiving Parousia Truth before such time that it was imperative they receive the Truth if among the Very Elect—JJE). Such an answer as this repudiates large parts of what the Epiphany Messenger taught, and actually belittles the Epiphany Truth and Messenger. Of course, he in forced to this position because his Attestatorial Service has not been bringing them into Epiphany Truth – nor into the LHMM. This is in keeping with his contention also that his Campers do not need a Laver to walk a ‘narrow way.’ In this connection, consider now Brother Johnson’s comment in E-10:114:

“1954 is the date that the last member of the Great Company will get his first enlightenment that will bring him Into the Truth by Passover, 1956.”

Just what “Truth” was Brother Johnson discussing here if it is not Epiphany Truth? Also, when the Epiphany Messenger said the crown-losers in Big Babylon wouldn’t be cleansed until after Armageddon, didn’t he mean that the events must occur before the “last member of the Great Company will get his first enlightenment that will bring him into the Truth by Passover, 1956” (believing as he did that 1956 would witness the beginning of Anarchy)? The outbreak of the Time of Trouble was exactly what occurred with the Little Flock in 1914-16; and let us not forget that 1914-16 was pointedly corroborated by that Trouble upon the world then. And to have 1954-56 parallel fit at all, similar details (“signs of the time”) would of necessity have had to occur then. Did they occur then? No, of course, not! Thus, it is self-evident nonsense to stress the “parallel,” with not one scintilla of support­ing “signs of the times” to substantiate it. Only one befuddled by Azazel would assume such a ridiculous position.

Following is Brother Johnson’s answer to a similar question:

Question: Wherein does the cleansing of the crown-losers consist?

Answer: Properly and clearly to answer this question we must distinguish between several things: (1) between the things in them that must be cleansed; and (2) between individual cleansings up to the time of their class cleansings as such. There are two distinct classes of things from which crown-losers must be cleansed: (1) sin, selfishness and worldliness, and (2) error. Crown-losers as individuals up to the time that crown-losers as a class obtain their cleansing, have had to be purified from the first set of things, i.e., sin, selfishness and worldliness; for if they would not in this life have been cleansed from these in the sense of overcoming them, they would have to die the second death. But this class of crown-losers do not necessarily in this life have to cleanse themselves from the second set of things, i.e., errors; for if this had been the requirement, the vast bulk of the crown-losers would have died the second death, e.g., the various crown-losers who all through the Age died in Babylonian errors (the same as many Little Flock members also died in Babylonian errors until such time as it became necessary for all – as a class – to receive Parousia Truth—JJH); the spy-members of both Harvests, and the bulk of the crown-losers in the Epiphany Levite groups, who have died without getting the Epiphany Truth. Almost all of the just-mentioned kinds of crown-losers died without getting the meat in due season, and would thus have gone into the second death, If as a part of their cleansing God had required them to get rid in this life of their errors and accept the Truth due in their times (which also sets aside R. G. Jolly’s unqualified conten­tion that the due Truth is for all the consecrated—JJH) Hence for the saving of their lives God has required of them merely to cleanse themselves in this life from the spots on their garments consisting of sin, selfishness and worldliness. The time of the cleansing of such from error and of their getting the Truth as due will be after their resurrection as spirits (Rev. 7:17). This view of the two­fold cleansing of such crown-losers is necessary, or we would have to conclude that all crown-losers who did not in this life get the cleansing of both sets of evils above-mentioned died the second death, which would put the vast bulk of these into the second death. But the case will be different with the class cleansing of the crown-losers, which is to set in shortly after the 60th Epiphany post is erected. They will have to cleanse themselves from their errors (including R. G. Jolly and his intimate kinsmen—JJH) and accept Parousia and Epiphany Truth, as well as overcome their sins, selfishness and worldliness. (E-4:146-147)

And below we present some more of the same:

“Let the Levites (1) submit to their being sprinkled with the water of separa­tion, the Epiphany truths on the divisions of the Lord’s people in their respective groups. This means: Let them accept the Epiphany, the separating truths, in part literally and in part typically and antitypically set forth In the seasonal meat on the Little Flock. Great Company, Youthful Worthies, Second Death class, the World and Chronology, as these lines of Truth are now going forth (the basic Epiphany Truths—JJH); (2) let them by the sharp razor of Epiphany truths and exposures shave themselves clean of their symbolic hairs, powers that do not belong to them and (3) let them wash their robes, both in the blood of the Lamb and the water of the Word (Rev. 7:14; Nun. 8:7,12). This threefold process will cleanse them; and will greatly inure to a peace and unity that will be pleasing to God and helpful to the brethren. It will spread the Christian spirit of true liberty, equality and fraternity in real peace and unity. Will the Levites do these things? Not now, but later; for they need more experiences both at the hands of the fit-man and of Azazel, for the destruction of their flesh. And while we know that means sufferings for them, in which they have our sympathy and prayers; yet as the indispensables of their cleansing we pray the Lord to give them such experiences, that their spirits might be saved in the day (the Epiphany period—JJH) of the Lord Jesus (1 Cor. 5:5). Increasingly will this enable them to appreciate and spread Christian liberty, equality and fraternity in Christian peace and unity. Grant it in Thy Grace and Mercy, 0 Lord!” (E-6, pp. 163-164)

And more of same from E-4, pp. 70-71:

 “Azazel means averter, perverter, and is Satan (1 Cor. 5:5) in his capacity of using the Great Company to avert and pervert the Lord’s Truth and arrangements (as we witnessed at the Philadelphia Labor Day Convention—JJH); i.e., to work REVOLUTIONISM, which the High Priest (through His members) attacks and resists by Scriptural teachings, Reason, and History; i.e., by an exposure of the acts of the Revolutionists.... The sprinkling with the water of separation represents their cleansing from more or less Adamic corruption, while the washing of their robes Implies their ridding themselves by the Truth of evil qualities which their measurable willfulness developed..... in order to remove their rebellions against the Lord’s Truth and arrangements.”



Quite a few of the Questions were beyond R. G. Jolly’s comprehension; and with such he simply indulged in voluminous prattle, at which he is quite adept. He can always be depended upon to express a sentence in two or three paragraphs ­especially when he is trying to cover up something, confuse the brethren, or evade the issue. And yet he is brazen enough to offer as his “proof” E-10:114, which DIRECTLY contradicts his whole contentions – makes a shambles of his entire “house built upon the sand.” Thus, once more we quote from Brother Johnson respecting such:

“Why do they so often quote passages to prove points positively disproven by those very passages? Is it not because they are in Azazel’s hands. and are thus blinded by him, and at his discretion palm off his errors on the dear unsuspect­ing sheep of God’s flock.”

Other ATROCITIES: In answer to another Question, he attempted to berate the “sifter” for reporting his statement in Chicago last October that his Campers Con­secrated are now inscribing their names in the Book of Life. According to him, we misrepresented him by reporting he said All Restitutionists were now inscrib­ing their names in the Book of Life. This is another falsehood. Any of our brethren who wish to check his statement with what we did say in our No. 126 paper, pp. 3-4, may do so, which we quote in part:

“There was also the Question: Do the Youthful Worthies and the Consecrated Epiphany Campers begin to inscribe their names in the Book of Life at their conse­cration in this life? To this R. G. Jolly answered, Yes – for both classes – and gave quite some elaborate “proof.” Well, here is Brother Johnson’s dis-proof of R. G. Jolly in answer to what is meant by names being written in the Book of Life.”

We had seen the Question before the brother put it in for R. G. Jolly’s answer, so we were specially alerted for the answer, which was an unqualified “Yes” – they are now inscribing their names in the Book of Life. His attempt now to evade his error, and actually accuse us of evil and misrepresentation, as he grossly misrepre­sents us, is characteristic of him, and reveals the caliber of man he is. Little wonder Brother Johnson considered it necessary to warn the General Church that R. G. Jolly has a “bad conscience,” and is a “false-accusing Epiphany crown-loser.” (See E-10:591, par. 1)

In a desperate attempt to whitewash himself on this “Book of Life” issue, he then proceeded to claim that his Campers Consecrated have their names “prospectively” in the Book of Life – “the same as the Youthful Worthies now have theirs ‘prospectively’ therein” (in direct contradiction to what the Epiphany Messenger taught as quoted in our paper No. 126—JJH). Thus, he simply adds confusion to his former confusion (“confusion worse confounded”) – caused, of course, by his persistent attempts to couple his “non-existent” Class with a Class clearly defined in the Scripture.

He was also brazen enough to tell the brethren that no one could detect the difference in Epiphany Campers Consecrated and Youthful Worthies (between the elect and non-elect!), the difference was so slight! We agree as to his Campers Consecrated and the Youthful Worthies who have imbibed his “strange fire” (false doctrine), that so long as they are enmeshed in these errors there is probably very little difference, if any, between them. This condition will exist until they are cleansed from these errors. Let him produce one Scripture anywhere to prove a Campers Consecrated Class here in the end of this Age! And while he is consider­ing that, let him also explain Brother Johnson’s teaching of the present Youthful Worthy standing, who are now of the Elective Salvation in the Court – quite in contrast to his Campers Consecrated that he himself admits are of the Free-Grace Salvation. To attempt any consolidation of these sharp contrasts is simply some more of his Azazelian nonsense to support his offering of “strange fire” before the Lord. Note now the following by Brother Johnson (which we have already given on p. four of our No. 126 paper, but is now set aside by R. G. Jolly):

“The Ancient Worthies begin and Youthful Worthies also at consecration begin to inscribe their characters into the earthly features of the Oath-bound phase. If faithful, they will have their names written in heaven (Heb, 12:23) at the beginning of the Little Season, for they are among the antitypical Millennial-Age first born (Levites) who had no inheritance In the land (a status that will never be attained by any of the quasi-elect—JJH).... Thus all the elect classes will ultimately have their characters inscribed into the all-embracing Abrahamic Covenant in one or another of its features. In the Millennium, the non-elect, the Restitution class (including all the quasi-elect—JJH), will have to develop their characters in harmony with the NEW BOOK OF LIFE, the New Covenant revelations, which will then be given. As they progress up the highway of holiness, they will be symbolically writing their names in this OTHER Book of Life – inscribing their characters into the New Covenant.”

A quotation from Brother Russell also applies quite well here: “While Satan is represented as being the great arch-anemy, he also is accredited with using agents. Chief amongst his agents, according to the Bible, are those fallen angels of whom he is the prince – ‘the prince of devils.’ As Jesus declared, ‘His servants ye are to whom ye render service.’ In consequence of this rule, we understand that many are professedly servants of God (all the Azazel Goat class are professedly servants of God, but while in Azazel’s clutches they are actually his servants in their evil acts—JJH) who are deceiving themselves, who are really the servants of the wicked one; for his works they do, as Jesus said. They co-labor for the upbuilding of unrighteousness, iniguity, injustice, and in holding down the Truth (such as R. G. Jolly is doing in casting aside the Star Members’ teachings on the Book of Life, the quasi-elect, etc—JJH), and in misleading the people...... In the great Time of Trouble that is approaching, apparently Satan and his servants will be overwhelmed in that trouble in a manner not expected by them.” (May 15, 1915 WT, Reprint 5693, top, col. 2)


Again, this “false-accusing Epiphany crown-loser” accused us of contending there are still Saints living on earth “to gain a following.” Those acquainted with the facts (and R. G. Jolly certainly is acquainted with them!) know that we have never lived off the Truth; that through our generosity the Truth has lived and prospered off us, as we ‘paid’ for the Truth in faithfulness thereto. “Buy the Truth” has always been uppermost with us as we have adhered to its doctrines and principles – nor have we ever ‘sold’ it for personal advantage, to “gain a follow­ing,” nor to “follow a multitude to do evil” (See Ex. 23:2). And R. G. Jolly him­self has certainly “eaten of our bread”; but we have never eaten any of his. Therefore, his charge against us is simply malicious and slanderous falsehood, an act of desperation to divert attention from our annihilative refutations of his perversions (Azazel means Perverter).

And what more need we say about his many perversions, his revolutionisms, his falsehood, name-calling and trickery exhibited from the platform at this Labor Day Convention! He entertained himself quite extensively – along with the ‘like-minded’ in his audience – about “wishy-washy” brethren. And he is always at his most “loquacious,” most “repetitious,” most “effusive,” “false-accusing” best when he’s ‘entertaining’ before an audience of his smiling and approving henchmen – when he’s sure he’ll be safe. (See E-10:591) But whenever he sees us without his ‘army’ with him, he moves very rapidly in the other direction. Of course, he had only his own opinion to substantiate his words; but we have the authority of God’s Word on all crown-losers – members of his Class (Jas. 1:8; 4:8; 1 Cor. 5:5; 1 Tim. 1:19,20—See Berean Comments), as well as the teachings of both Star Members. And it is well to recall that the same tactics were employed by That Evil Servant against Brother Johnson and other faithful brethren. According to him, the faithful ones who felt duty-bound before the Lord to refute his sins of teaching and practice were “the opposition,” “sifters,” “second-death deceivers,” “tools of the Adversary,” etc. His pet text early in the Epiphany was, “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.” (1 John 2:19) In this accusation, however, he was for once telling the truth – those who left him were indeed not “of” his class! Back in 1918-1925 at times he actually shed copious tears while addressing the brethren because the class he mislabeled as “That Evil Servant” were “vilifying” him. We now offer a few comments by Brother Johnson on wishy-washy people of the Class of R. G. Jolly (See E-4:88-93):

“The Great Company (and R. G. Jolly admits being one of them—JJH) have usurped the office and persecuted the persons of their faithful brethren (p. 88, top).... By their double-dealing fail to qualify for the Bride of Christ; and their condition would be pitiable indeed, unless the Lord should arrange some other salvation for then (p. 90, middle).... Their course toward the Lord, the Truth and the remainder of the Lord’s people has not been a praiseworthy one (p. 92-6).... Altogether as a class they have been more or less wayward (p. 93, top).... through false teachings they corrupted the wells of Truth (p. 93, middle).”

With such a description of him, and his kinsmen, staring him in the face from the pen of the Epiphany Messenger (Truths he was zealous to uphold before he himself was manifested as a crown-loser), he is indeed well qualified (?) to orate on “wishy-washy” people.

Brother Johnson also had this to say of R. G. Jolly’s kinsmen early in the Epiphany: “What are the forms of priestly fellowship wherein no one else shares? Do they not consist of the exclusive use of the privileges of the antitypical Lampstand, Table of Shewbread and Incense Altar, while the Church is in the flesh?”

This furniture in the Holy is no longer available to those forced out of the Holy because of their revolutionisms. Therefore, any attempt by such “rejects” to present advancing Truth is simply adding impudence to their other sins – especially so, if they by their new “truth” (?) set aside the sound interpretations of the Laodicean Star – such teachings as a consecrated class in the Camp here in the Gospel Age, Justification outside the linen curtain of Christ’s righteousness, the half tribe of Manasseh west of Jordan typing such Campers, etc. The mere fact that R. G. Jolly has been ejected from the Lampstand presence (and he himself admits this fact) is sufficient cause for us to reject any tampering he may attempt with the teachings provided by the Laodicean Star. And as he proceeds boldly to do this, we pity him, and we fear for him. We may say more about this in a future writing.

Those of us who are recipients of such abuse from him may well comfort our­selves with the thought that such attacks are always meted out to those who faith­fully walk in the Master’s footsteps. Even our beloved Epiphany Messenger received some of the same abuse from both the GOOD and Bad Levites. (See E-10, pp. 585-594 and 645-646) “It is enough for the disciple that he be as his Master, and the servant as his Lord. If they have called the Master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of His household?”—Matt. 10:24-25. (We-should not forget that it was the ‘cleansed’ religious leaders of our Lord’s Day who made such charges against Him—See Matt. 12:24) Brother Johnson has this to say about such:

“Whenever religious errorists and frauds cannot meet the exposures of their false doctrines or evil practices by argument, Satan fills their mouths with false and malicious slanders against their exposers.... this propaganda being united with oral warning not to read our writings” (just as R. G. Jolly and his companions in conspiracy have been doing with us—JJH). This is in accord with the Apostle’s prophecy in 2 Pet. 2:2: “And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of the truth shall be evil spoken of.”

“Do you therefore, Beloved, being forewarned, be on your guard, lest being led away by the deceit of the Lawless, you should fall from your own stability; but grow in Favor and Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and for the Day of the Age.” (2 Pet. 3:17-18, Dia.)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle,



Dear Mr. Hoefle: I acknowledge with many thanks receipt of your various publications and the book which you so kindly sent me. Being Interested in all published material dealing with the Christian attitude to the Jewish Restoration, I appreciate indeed this material.

Yours sincerely, ------- (JERUSALEM)


Dear Dear Brother Hoefle; Greetings in our dear Redeemer’s Name! Your last letter was received with much appreciation and thanks. I have received the two papers – Sept. and October – they are indeed great! On page 102 of the book entitled “Let God Be True,” reading from par. 1, Who is Ransomed? The man Adam is not Included in those ransomed. Why not? Because he was a willful sinner – was justly sentenced to death, and died – and God would not reverse His Just judgment and give Adam life!..... Such is the teachings of “The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society” – a complete denial of the Ransom....

But these Ransom-deniers did not come to such a conclusion at one bound. It was by putting aside one bit of Truth and replacing it with the false – and by perversion of certain Scriptures, and a wrong condition of heart. And so if the leader of the LHMM continues to pervert the Star Members’ writings, and continues to offer “strange fire” (false doctrine), I fear in the long run he will also deny the Ransom completely.

I am out of tracts. Please send us the specified ones for our Special Effort in antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle...... A short biography of my life follows:

Born October 15, 1903 – symbolized consecration August 1922. After recog­nizing that the Watch Tower in 1925 was going in for teaching error and malpractices, I there and then withdrew from them. It was in 1932 that some one sent my name to Brother Johnson – and from that time I came to understand the Epiphany Truth – which I then accepted. Now since Brother Johnson’s demise, again I have had to withdraw ­this time from the LHMM in 1962 – because the leader began his teaching of error and malpractices.

As I was writing this letter I received your letter of August 9. Thanks for the books that are on the way to me. All the dear ones this way ask me to send their Christian love to you, Sister Hoefle and the dear brethren with you – and ask that you remember them in your prayers, even as they remember you in their prayers.

Your brother by the Lord’s Grace ------- (TRINIDAD)