by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 75

My dear Brethren: - Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

On page 92 of the 1960 Nov‑Dec. Present Truth R. G. Jolly again revels in some more of his name‑calling and loud talk about the “teacher of sophistry” and “this errorist” (referring to JJH in both instances); and once more does he offer a vivid illustration to prove that those in Azazel's hands lose their ability to discern between Truth and error, and offers an irrefutable example in proof of Brother Johnson's words in E‑4:128 (9):

“For the most part they (the Great Company).... see only counterfeit light, i.e., such as never was on the antitypical lampstand, and thus partake of un­clean bread, i. e., such as never was on the antitypical table.... As a re­sult their new creatures are famished, weak, sickly and asleep.”

In this they offer striking contrast to the good Youthful Worthies, “Who are privi­leged to see and appreciate every truth except such truths as the Lord may desire to be limited to the priests.”

In view of the foregoing, it is little wonder that R. G. Jolly screams forth his “counterfeit light,” and contrasts it with the real Truth that we presented on the Gospel‑Age Sons of God, pointing to our presentation as ”sophistry” and “error.” And in this he will fool the majority of his readers, those whom the Lord wishes to receive buffetings similar in nature to those meted out to uncleansed Great Company members during their abandonment to Azazel – those dwellers in Laodicea who are “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” (Rev. 3:17) So confused is R. G. Jolly in his answer to us that he fails to see any difference in the Old Testament “sons of Jacob” and the “sons of Levi” and in the New Testament “sons of God.” And in the face of this he is crass enough to refer to himself and his cohorts as “cleansed good Epiphany Levites”!

Be it noted in Malachi Chapter 3 that it is Jehovah Himself who is the speaker, and He is sending His Messenger (our Lord Jesus) to accomplish a certain work among the “sons of Levi.” If these are the same as the New Testament Gospel‑Age “sons of God,” why does not Jehovah refer to them as “my sons,” as He does elsewhere when addressing the Fully Faithful? Even R. G. Jolly's own quotation from Brother Russell at the bottom of p. 92, col. 2, says, “These sons of Levi, in the antitypical sense, are the household of faith.” Is R. G. Jolly willing to accept this statement for just what it says? If so, then he must include in it all the tentatively justified, plus his Campers Consecrated. Is he now trying to put them also in the Gospel‑Age “sons of God”? Be it understood that we are not now trying to complicate this issue with “profusion of words,” so we hasten to explain that Brother Johnson shows from his various statements that it is new creatures here in the end of this Age that are specifically being “purged” – although the purging applies in a secondary and limited sense to all members of the Household of Faith. The criticism we now offer is that R. G. Jolly should have made such explanation if the matter were clear to him, because “he that discerns clearly, teaches clearly”; but we realize he does not discern clearly, so it is impossible for him to teach clearly – even when he has the Truth on a subject (although he is the one now in full error on the “sons of God!”).

It will be noted in E‑5:118 (28) that Brother Johnson says, “The sons of Levi (the “justified” in contrast to the “unjustified” – JJH)... represent the Lord's people in and out of the Truth.” Further, in E‑5:137 (62): “Who will be able to stand when He appeareth (when He makes all His people manifest, i.e., in the Epiphany, Mal.3:2)?” And in E‑5:395 Brother Johnson explains that the “sons of Levi” even refer to the first Advent “in a secondary application.” Further, in E‑5:415 (22), Brother Johnson tersely states, “By the sons of Levi in this text the Little Flock and the Great Company are meant”; but there is not the least hint in this expression that those “sons of Levi” are synonymous with the New Testament “sons of God.”

In support of our statement aforegoing, we now offer something from Brother Russell in Z Reprints 4574, col. 1, bottom: “Notice how distinctly the Scriptures differentiate between the church class (the 'little flock’ of underpriests, and the 'great company’ of antitypical Levites) and the remainder of mankind. 'Ye’, 'we,’ and 'us’ are terms Scripturally applied to those 'called’ during this Gospel Age to be sharers with Christ in the high or heavenly calling ... Christ's members over whom He is the Head – the bride class, of whom He is the Head or Bridegroom.”

Complementing the above is this in E‑3:213: “Thus the Little Flock here proves to be the salt of the earth and the stayer of the second phase of the Great Tribulation (Armageddon – JJH) in order to the completion of her work toward Azazel's Goat.”

This leaves not the least doubt but that Brother Russell and Brother Johnson diametri­cally contradict R. G. Jolly's determination to put himself and his lesser lights into the “light,” “salt” Class of the New Testament; for our Lord clearly states, “Ye (those mentioned by Brother Russell above) are the light of the world; ye are the salt of the earth.” If the last two Star Members are right in their interpre­ta­tion of these texts, then R. G. Jolly displays some more impudent Levitical presumption in his brazen attempts to put the Great Company (cleansed or uncleansed) into the same Class with the saints.

Brother Johnson lends confirmation to the foregoing in E‑12:275, where he speaks of “Christ and the Church,” which term he applies exclusively on this page to the saints, the “us” Class, in contrast to the Great Company: “There is still another difference between the sufferings of the Great Company and those of the Church” (the Little Flock, the “us” Class the “salt” and the “light” – JJH).

Once more we quote from Brother Russell from Z Reprints 2481, col. 1, par. 1, in order that all may clearly discern what manner of personä R. G. Jolly is, and what credence they may place in any of his “counterfeit light”:

“The Lord's wrath is come on the _children of disobedience’. Who are these children of disobedience? Are they the wicked, the worldly, the unregenerate? No, none of these; for they are not 'children’ at all, The reference evidently is to those who have become children of God by His legitimate arrangement of (1) justification and (2) sanctification  through faith in Christ. He is referring to those who are of the class 'called to be saints,’ but who fail to make sure their calling and election to joint‑heirship with the Lord, as members of the Kingdom 'Little Flock’ ...... He refers to the Great Company.”

In this July Bible Standard is an article on “The Christian Walk,” and on p. 51, col. 1, he offers some comments in pars. 2 and 3 which demonstrate once more that “his eyes are dim, that he cannot see” (see 1 Sam. 4:15 and 3:2, where Eli types a certain section of the Great Company who “cannot see”). The Berean Comment for Col. 3:6 states clearly and specifically “the Great Company” are the “children of disobedience”; yet R. G. Jolly applies this text to other classes in his usual foggy and misleading manner. Had he even a glimmer of understanding on this text, then we know full well he would not have offered his bracketed comments (although his comments are indeed the Truth): “Be ye therefore not partakers with them (the children of disobedience; do not take part with them, fellowship with them – in such evil things; do not seek their company, or feed on literature they produce).” Certainly, the Lord's faithful people are strongly admonished to follow explicitly the foregoing counsel while the Great Company are in Azazel's hands. in harmony with Brother Johnson's advice that we should stoutly resist “Combinationism,” we also counsel the Lord's faithful people in general not to seek the solace of fellow­ship or instruction in any of Little Babylon's groups – although those “rooted and grounded” in Epiphany Truth may do so on propitious occasions in the hope of helping such as have “ears to hear.” This may often prescribe a lonely way, but it is cer­tainly the only safe and proper way. We here direct attention to our readers that Combinationthoism is the third Slaughter Weapon; thus a worse evil than Sectarianism, which is not classified as a Slaughter Weapon at all, and is being rapidly swallowed up in Protestant groups by the Combinationism Slaughter Weapon. It is something to behold how this “Perverter” (Azazel means Perverter) of Scripture (R. G. Jolly) strives to replace himself into texts which were once his (the salt, light, etc.), but from which he has eternally been ejected, and to remove himself from those texts which specifically refer to him, such as “the children of disobedience.”

Before leaving this feature, we feel we would be remiss if we didn't draw atten­tion to his par. 1 on p. 50, col. 2 of July Bible Standard. This entire paragraph is 100% correct if the “we” he is discussing are the saints. But, if he includes himself in the “we,” as “not having the spirit of fear,” then again he offers abject perversion of Heb. 2:15: “(The Great Company)  through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” (See Berean Comment for a very clear explanation by That Servant..)

As Brother Johnson informs us in E‑15:525, these “disobedient” ones are eventu­ally formally disfellowshiped by the Fully Faithful, during which time they are to be abandoned to Azazel “for the destruction of the flesh.” This means God also temporarily abandons them – much the same as an earthly father disinherits a wayward son for his reformation. There are a number of things such people lose when they fall from the priesthood: They lose their crowns, thus being forever removed from the Body of Christ, the Bride Class; they lose their anointing, which is never regained; they lose the spirit of understanding, which prevents them from thinking clearly and correctly on Scriptural subjects while in Azazel's hands; they lose some of the “exceeding great and precious promises” which once were theirs; and they lose their standing as “sons” in God's Household during the Gospel Age – although they will become daughters in God's Household after their cleansing. In fact, while they are in Azazel's hands – and until they reform – they also lose that “Liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free” (being “bound in affliction and iron” – Psa. 107:10), and lose their favor of God (although many of them still receive great “praise of men,” but are Scripturally designated as “sinners” against their Covenant by Sacrifice). All this is inferentially stated by Brother Johnson in E‑9:155 as follows:

“We hail it as the day when our bound and Azazel‑controlled brethren will come to the liberty of God's daughters (2 Cor. 6:18).” Thus, clearly enough from Brother Johnson's conclusion, they are no longer considered “sons of God” (as R.G. Jolly claims) – are not even considered as “daughters” during their abandonment – but are relegated to the position of “daughters” after their full recovery from Azazel.

Companion to the foregoing, we offer corroboration from Brother Russell in Parousia Vol. 6, p. 378: “Those begotten again to this new spirit or disposition, the Spirit of God, and having become pupils in the school of Christ to learn of Him and walk in His steps – these, and these alone, can be safely put under the Law of Liberty. if they lose the spirit of sonship, they cease to be sons, cease to be under this Law of Liberty.” While the Fully Faithful have ever been scrupulously careful not to abuse that “Liberty wherewith Christ hath made them free,” not so the Measurably Faithful. They have not only abused that Liberty to the extent of losing their crowns and “grieving the Holy Spirit of God, whereby they were sealed” (Eph. 4:30), but many of them prescribed a liberty of their own (after the restraining hand of the Star Members were removed from them), which has caused them to talk all sorts of nonsense and present much of the false doctrine that has been foisted upon the Household of Faith during this Gospel Age.

Note Brother Johnson's comments in E‑13:87: “He (Satan) used the speculative minds of the second, third and fourth centuries' crown­-lost leaders as the means of palming off his counterfeit of our Lord's natures and His office. The mental twists and contortions ... had the hardest kind of mental gymnastics to perform in their efforts to harmonize even seemingly the teachings of St. John .... with their God‑man theory.”

In his letter published in the November 15, 1910 Watch Tower, R. G. Jolly admitted the same sort of “mental gymnastics”; and we believe those of our readers who read with unbiased mind will conclude he is now hard put with more of his “mental gymnastics” in his determination to put himself and his cohorts into the “light,” the “salt,” the “us‑we‑ye” Class of Gospel‑Age “sons,” in direct contradiction to the clear teachings of the last two “Principal Men.” Once more – in this Epiphany period, which is mani­festing persons, principles and things – Satan is using the “Speculative minds of crown‑lost leaders” to reinstate themselves into those positions forever lost to them among the fully faithful Christ Company.

Some more of Brother Johnson's teaching pertinent hereto is to be found in the Question and Answer on p. 155, col. 2 of the October 1935 Present Truth:

Question: Are Jesus' wilderness experiences typical?

Answer: Their forty days represent the time during which the Church, like Jesus during the forty days, spent much time in study of the Truth for its proper use as to self and others. His fasting typing the Church's self‑denials during the Parousia, and His temptations during the forty days representing the Church's Parousia temptations. As the three great temptations of Jesus came after the forty days, so the three great temptations of the Church have come after the Parousia, in the Epiphany. Jesus refusing to use His miraculous powers for self‑indulgence – a thing in which the Great Company contemporaneously failed. Jesus refusing to use faker methods to attract attention of the world types the Church refusing to give up the Lord's arrangements for doing His work and keeping to the methods given in the Parousia – a thing in which the Great Company failed, as witness the changes in the Lord's arrangements, in seeking to attract the multitude by sensational methods and messages, e.g., high‑powered book selling, regional directors, Millions Now living, etc. (also Flying Saucers; $5 correspondence courses; Combinationism –such as Youth for Christ, a Babylonish method; beckoning to the world to consecrate now as Campers Consecrated, similar to J.F.R's “drives” of various kinds – JJH). Jesus refus­ing for the price of serving Satan to take powers that were not His (the kingdom of this world) types the Church refusing for the price of serving Satan to grasp for power and Lord it over God's heritage (Baal worship, such as disfellowshiping saints and pronouncing them second‑deathers only because they continued to hold their _glorious hope’ – JJH) – a thing in which the Great Company, in leaders and led, failed, as wit­ness the power‑grasping and lording and partisan support of such power grasping and lording in the Great Company.”

Now follows a list of those New Testament texts relating to “sons of God”; and we offer the observation that every one of them refers to the “very elect,” the saints, with not a single one of them including the Great Company:

John 1:12 – As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God (see Berean Comment). Rom. 8:14 – As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God (see also Rom. 8:19). Phil. 2:15 -‑ That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God.

Heb. 2:10 – Bringing many sons to glory (Note Berean Conmentä – “glory, honor and immortality”).

1 John 3:1,2 – Now are we the sons of God (Note Berean Comment for v. 1: “us” – Christ's joint‑heirs).

There are many other texts containing only the word “sons”; but these, too, substan­tiate the above quotations. As said in our Paper No. 63, the Great Company will eventually again become “sons of God,” though on a lower plane than the Fully Faithful “sons” of this Gospel Age; but this offers no justification whatever for terming them “sons” at the present time, when the best appellation allowed them after their cleansing is that of ”daughters,” according to Brother Johnson.

Pertinent to this situation is the teaching of Brother Johnson in E‑11:369:

“Then God adds a final prohibition that in approaching The Christ as God's Altar, either in this or the next age...... one should not with vaunting ambition exalt himself by grasping for powers not given him by God and by lording it over others (neither ... by steps). Whosoever so does, now or Millennially, will fall into sinful practises against God's arrangements and into false teachings against God's Truth, and will be exposed unto shame is such (that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon).”

Be it noted that R. G. Jolly has arrogated to himself a position in many texts that apply only to the Saints, with different words but substantially the same thought as J. W. Krewson's contention, “What one does  through another, he does for himself.” Thus, the “cousins” give lurid proof of their kinsmanship in thought and technique. There is yet one outstanding type in which R. G. Jolly has not attempted to inject himself, and that is the large Gospel‑Age Samson. On that he has been conspicuously silent, as it is a clear and irrefutable contradiction to his teaching that Brother Johnson was the last Saint. With the two antitypical pillars of the Philistines' temple still standing, he is hard‑pressed indeed to fit this situation into his many perversions – his “nakedness is being fully discovered.”


Related to the foregoing is R. G. Jolly's teaching respecting the “humanity” of Azazel's Goat. Going back to his statement in the March 1956 Present Truth, p. 28, col. 1, he correctly states that the bullock (of Lev. 16) represents the humanity of Jesus, that the “Lord's Goat” represents the humanity of the Little Flock, and that Azazel's Goat represents the humanity of the Great Company; then he proceeds to say that the humanity of Azazel's Goat was not cleansed by the wilderness experience. In this latter he is talking some more of his nonsense. If the humanity of that Goat is completely destroyed in the wilderness, just what would be left for the Great Company to “offer unto the Lord an offering in righteous­ness”? Certainly, any novice in Present Truth knows that none of the three princi­pals in Leviticus 16 sacrifices the New Creature! Therefore, if the New Creature is not sacrificed – and if the Old Man’ is destroyed, just what would Azazel's Goat Class have left (after their wilderness experience – designed for their cleansing) to “offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness”? Our Lord Himself had nothing but His human body to sacrifice. Without that body, He could not have accomplished His mission to “give His (human) life a ransom for many.” “Sacrifice and offering thou wouldst not, but a body hast thou prepared me” (Heb. 10:5); and “He taketh away the first (the animal sacrifices of the Tabernacle services), that He may establish the second” (the sacrifice of Himself primarily, and His Body Members secondarily –Heb. 10:9). All any of us have to offer in sacrifice is our human all – primarily our bodies as “living sacrifices” (Rom. 12:1) willingly and not as a thing to be forcibly destroyed by Azazel (because of measurable faithfulness). Had R. G. Jolly discerned this teach­ing clearly, he would have taught it clearly; but his statement as recorded in his 1956 paper, when taken just as it appears, is very misleading to say the least, if not  actually grossly erroneous.

Brother Johnson offers a clear and correct elucidation of this matter in the June 1950 Present Truth, p. 50, Question and Answer: “According to the word (1 Cor.5:5)  both their fleshly minds and fleshly bodies (of the Great Company) are to be destroyed … Evidently their fleshly minds will be largely destroyed some considerable time before  their fleshly bodies, because this will be necessary before they can in an acceptable  manner render the service.that they will perform after their cleansing, and before they leave the flesh (Num. 8:21,22)."

This is quite a different explanation than the one offered by R. G. Jolly, who  on occasion has made the public statement, “Let the humanity be destroyed in the  wilderness; it has to be destroyed anyway" (but the Little Flock’s humanity is con-  sumed alS they willingly use their human all in obedience to His Word and Arrange-  ments). But, according to Brother Johnson, if their humanity is completely destroyed  in their wilderness cleansing, there would then nothing remain for an "offering unto  the Lord."

Were R. G. Jolly "fully persuaded in his own mind" concerning the things herein  discussed, why is he not stressing the cleansing and proper place and work of the  cleansed Great Company, as did Brother Johnson? The Fully Faithful have a three-  fold mission in this life, according to Brother Russell and Brother Johnson: First,  to make sure the attainment of their own goal; Second, to help others of their  brethren to do the same thing; Third (and incidental to the other two), to witness  a good confession to the world "for Sin, for righteousness, and for judgment."  Therefore, the obligation of R. G. Jolly and his kinsmen is primarily their own salvation and share in the Church of the Firstborn, after which it is their Obligation  to aid other Great Company members to evaluate properly their true condition and the  Lord's requirements for them. All this talk about converting Israel or winning  "Consecrated Epiphany Campers" (a non-existent class) is merely remotely incidental to the other two requirements we have outlined. Quite often the Truth is unpleasant  to those whose toes it cramps; but we ourselves accept the edict to "preach the word"  whether it be a "savor of life unto life, or of death unto death" (2 Cor. 2:l5)--not  that we specially find pleasure in offering corrective teachings against the wayword  course of our brethren in iniquity, because we believe we are in full harmony with St. Paul's precept, "Love rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the Truth." It would give us pleasure supreme to see such "turn back from their path of error"  (Jas. 5:20--Dia.); and it is our prayer that our efforts may prove a real assistance  to them to that end.

"But the king shall rejoice in God; everyone that sweareth by him shall  glory: but the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped ;" Psalms 63:11

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dear Sir or Sirs:  

You or one of the members of your "society" have recently sent me a copy of  The Herald of the Epiphany. I cannot answer to the person who sent it, for it was without return address. If you would kindly read what I have to say about some things I would be very delighted … What you are doing is calling the Bible a liar. You go around telling people there is no such place as hell. Well, I wonder why the rich man looked up from hell and begged for a drop of water to quench his tongue. He was tormented in flames … You only teach the verses you pick out … One of these days the people who teach these lies will look up from hell and beg for water. And I would like to tell you that YOU can't put anybody's soul in a nutshell. You can't, but maybe God can! Please-read your Bible and study it more carefully. Be sure and get you a real Bible and not a Bible that is especially prepared for the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses … To end my letter I would like you to ask your friends not to send me anymore trash. A friend and believer in the  Bible---Florida   


Dear Brother Hoefle:  

Greetings in our dear Lord's Name! Received your letter of May 15 and was pleased to hear from you, but sorry to hear that Brother Wells is so seriously ill. I hope by now he is better and well again.  Thank you for the reference of Psa. 149:6-9. I had studied it before and had it all marked. Had no trouble in finding it. I studied it two or three times since you wrote and was greatly blessed by the Lord in so doing. It is very enlightening and it also has become much clearer to me.

I met Brother------and his wife on Sunday as I went to visit the Dawn. He spoke on the "Harvest." I had a talk with both on the Harvest and the "Door" being closed. Some of the friends were up and were very nice to me. I sent some Babylons tracts to some of them.

I think the last paper No. 73 would be good for the two elders of the Dawn.

Please send some tracts - Where are the Dead and What is the Soul, and the Resurrection. I am thankful that we are on the Lord's side. Praise His Name!

With Christian love and prayers to all. Thank you for tracts … Sr. --- Pa.


Epiphany Bible Students Ass'n Dear Sir:

I got a copy of the Herald of the Epiphany today. It was a special edition, printed Aug. 1, 1959. I have never heard of The Epiphany Bible Students Ass'n and don't know how you got my name. But I did enjoy it very much … Since I had just buried my son (51 years old) who died suddenly of heart attack …

I would like a copy of "What is the Soul" - "Where are the Dead" and “The Three Babylons" - or anything else you have that would help me bear my loss.

Sincerely yours, -------- Kansas


My dear Brother Hoefle: - Grace and peace in His dear Name!

Please send me … "The Resurrection of the Dead" - Enclosed is $_ for the Lord's service. Please let me know if you receive this -- being a shut-in it is the best way for me to help in the Lord's service to send money.

In the Lord's service, Sr. ----Conn.