by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 150

My dear Brethren: Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

At the Labor Day Convention there was presented a number of perversions – a tragic revelation of the true heart condition of so many now loudly claiming “full harmony” with Parousia and Epiphany Truth. One of the speakers, in his hour discourse on Baptism, emphasized that those who required John’s Baptism never received the Holy Spirit before they had been immersed – with which we are in agree­ment. Then he cited the case of Cornelius in Acts 10:44-48 to “prove’’ that those who received the Christian Baptism always received the Holy Spirit before immersion. The speaker stood before the Convention as an Auxiliary Pilgrim (by RGJ’s appoint­ment, of course); but it would seem that a mere babe in Present Truth should have known better. The Originator of Christian Baptism, our Lord Himself, was baptized by John at Jordon before He received the Holy Spirit; and the same was true of those twelve in Acts 19:1-7. This is just one sad example of the perverted teach­ings that have become increasingly prevalent since Brother Johnson’s demise – and a revelation of the shallow thinking of those who would be teachers.

Of course, such things as the foregoing are the direct result of the “outer darkness” (Matt. 25:30 – see Berean Comment) into which RGJ has been cast since his abandonment to Azazel in 1950; and his own discourse at the Convention on the New Covenant gave ample evidence of this. In his attempt to explain Exodus 19, wherein is explained the typical Law Covenant, he placed much stress upon Ex. l9:12: “Whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death.” Then he proceeded to declare that this was finding fulfillment now in those Youthful Worthies who oppose him – that they would surely “be put to death,” lose their Class standing.

Had he first read the true interpretation of the matter in Epiphany Vol. 9, pp. 87 to 157, it is just possible he might have been sufficiently sobered and enlightened to shy away from discussing a subject that points directly at his own evils and limitations. In this citation is found a discussion of Miriam’s afflic­tion with leprosy, the same being a type of Great Company uncleanness; and it is well that we keep in mind that RGJ readily admits he is a part of antitypical Miriam; and his letter in the Nov. 15, 1910, Reprints p. 4716, is ample proof of it, too. Here he admits that he had wasted a year in not keeping close to the Lord and His Word – yet just recently he has stated that he has “always lived very close to the lord” in his oral statements as well as in the Present Truth. Truly, “A double­minded man is unstable in all his ways”! On. p. 125 of E-9 it is stated:

“Not only is goodness of heart needed to get the Truth initially, but it is also necessary to get it progressively, and it is the one needed to retain the Truth received. The reason why people who once had the Truth lose it is that they have lost these heart qualities.” Further, on p. 134 there is this: “It will be noted that while God has given the non-star-membered teachers of the General Church..... visions and dreams, He has never given them to see a thing new a doctrine. This privilege is limited exclusively to our lord acting in the star members. Any attempt on the part of non-star-membered teacher or of a non-teacher to work out a doctrine (such as Campers Consecrated—JJH) would be speculation, and would, therefore, not result in uncovering a new truth, but would result in error.”

Although RGJ’s speculations under Brother Russell was doubtless a contributing cause toward losing his crown, it seems it taught him just nothing in a fundamental way, or he would not have attempted to foist his new doctrine of Campers Conse­crated upon the Church shortly after 1950. In so doing he has produced a class of spiritual hybrids in exact keeping with the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ “Jonodabs,” or pseudo “Great Multitude.” Nowhere in their writings do the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers even hint at a class in the end of this Age who would receive Tentative Justification outside the linen curtain of Christ’s righteousness (although they did teach an unbegotten class – Youthful Worthies – for the period after the High Call­ing until Restitution begins). Only a speculating Levite would attempt such a thing! Not only have the Messengers not taught such a thing, but their teachings clearly contradict such a doctrine. See Epiphany Volume 4, pp. 337, 342. And there is a clear contradiction to it in the January 1950 Present Truth, p. 3, col. 1:

“This represents the sacrifice of the Christ, Head and Body, as viewed by those who are justified in the court. The laver in its foundation and shaft repre­sents the Old Testament; and its bowl wherein the water was found represents the New Testament. This laver was used for all to wash therein; the justified who were in the court could wash in it; the consecrated of the Little Flock... the Great Company could also cleanse themselves in this antitypical laver. The anti­typical laver, therefore, is a matter of Importance for the cleansing OF ALL OF THE CLASSES THAT ARE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.” (All emphasis ours—JJH)

Here is some more on this general subject of speculation from E-9:127: “Many a Priest, speculating on matters not yet due in the Holy and on things in the Most Holy, and by such speculation seeking to set aside things due in the Holy, have lost their crowns and occasioned ‘many’ others to do the same, and thus they perished as Priests and thus became of the Great Company. This we see exemplified on all sides in the Epiphany. Some of these have continued their speculations to such a degree as to cause themselves and others to perish as Great Company Members. Youthful Worthies have speculated themselves into perishing as such, have fallen back into the antitypical Camp (with RGJ’s Campers Consecrated!—JJH), died as Youthful Worthies. Vs. 21, 22, 24 show that all these classes can do this evil thing – ­speculate – and reap its consequences – perish. V. 22 urges that especially the priests sanctify themselves, separate themselves from this evil of gazing. This corresponds to the many warnings given the antitypical Priests in the Parousia and the Epiphany not to speculate lest the Lord unpriest them.”

In confirmation of the foregoing, an elder of a Michigan Ecclesia announced at the Philadelphia Convention that their special effort this Fall would be with RGJ’s tracts – Comfort for the Jews and Evolution. The Epiphany Messenger’s arrangement for these Special Efforts in the Fall and in the Spring was to partici­pate in Antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle – the fight against the two King Errors – ­Consciousness of the Dead and Eternal Torment. So the tracts, Where are the Dead, What is the Soul, and the like, are for these Special Efforts – if we are in harmony with the Epiphany Messenger’s arrangement. We believe some excerpts from E-9:344, 346 would be most appropriate here:

“As an opponent of Babylon’s errors, Bro. Russell’s chief exploits consisted of his attacks on the doctrines of eternal torment and the consciousness of the dead... One of the best ways in which we can continue one phase of his work, and thus co­operate with the Lord in fulfilling the prayer, God bless his memory, is vigorously to prosecute antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle.... Will we not, dear brethren, one and all, do our utmost so to celebrate our dear Pastor’s annivarsary, as a most fitting way of increasing the blessing of his memory to the glory of God and of Christ in freeing others from the above-mentioned errors, in attacking of which our beloved Jashobeam freed so many, including almost all of us?.... Who is on the Lord’s side in this matter? May we all answer, ‘Here am I, send me!’” And in E-5:251, there is this: “Let such do this work, leaving to the Levites the work of pro­claiming Millions now Living, etc. (Campers Consecrated, etc.—JJH),... let us concentrate our attacks against the doctrines of Eternal Torment and the Conscious­ness of the Dead!” (If we listen to some of the prominent Evangelists in Big Baby­lon we must realize that the Battle is not over—JJH)

But now since the Epiphany Messenger is not with us, the LHMM has set these Epiphany arrangements aside – just as other Levitical groups have done with the arrangements of That Servant. And these Special Efforts are now to not only honor That Servant, but also includes the Epiphany Messenger! The “blind leading the blind” into more and more error and violation of Parousia and Epiphany arrange­ments! Yet they loudly proclaim “full harmony” with Parousia and Epiphany Truth and arrangements!


Recently we received a letter from the brother who wrote the letter on p. 6 in our No. 149; and we now quote this follow-up letter by him:

“Mr. Hoefle: I don’t know why you sent your letter (written to Brother........ to me. But in so doing, you only confirm what I said in my letter to the Brother about your writings. You did not state truthfully when you said I called you names. My statement was made against your writings, and not in respect of you, the man.

“You state that your No. 148 no doubt discomfited me. That is impossible, because I did not read it. Anything coming from your pen I commit to the flames WITHOUT READING. I do so because you were disfellowshiped by the LHMM, and on that account I consider you as an heathen man and a publican. (Matt. 18:7) This is our Lord’s instruction, and as such I will not read your writings. (Emphasis ours—JJH)

“I consider this correspondence closed, and I don’t want you to use any gangster method in forcing your letters on me. I remain -------” (TRINIDAD)

This brother says in the above letter that he refers to our writings and not to us, “the man” – yet in that very same letter he says, “Anything coming from your pen I commit to the flames without reading” And his reason for this, he says is, “because you were disfellowshiped by the LHMM” (Manifestly not because of our writ­ings, which he hasn’t read!); and on this account, he says, “I consider you as an heathen man and a publican.” It seems to us that it is “the man” here that he refers to – just any ‘man’ the LHMM disfellowships – and not our writings! Or is disfellowshiping writings another new (?) truth since 1950? Self-evidently, this brother is very much mixed up when he can make two opposite and contradictory state­ments in the same letter and expect us to believe both of them!

So long as RGJ has “friends” like this, he doesn’t need any enemies. Compared to this, his enemies would be “a cup of cold water.”

Many of the partisan Society brethren did the same thing to the Epiphany Messenger perhaps just as foolishly as described above – “just because the Society disfellow­shiped him”! (the Lord’s will for them!) So, they, too, considered Brother Johnson “as an heathen man and a publican.” In both instances such brethren are Baal Kissers. Brethren persisting in such conduct lose their class standing, if we are to accept the Epiphany Messenger’s teachings. Clericalism and Sectarianism are great sins. Their motto is – “My party, Right or Wrong!” The faithful Youthful Worthies are counted as victors over both these evils.

However, that is not true of the Great Company as a class (although they must as individuals finally overcome, if they retain their class standing). In E-5:229, the Epiphany Messenger tells us that they are not counted as overcomers of these two evils – Clericalism and Sectarianism – as they are among the main forms of their Revolutionism, manifesting their Leviteship. (This, of course, is also true as respecting measurably faithful Youthful Worthies.) “Hence the type very properly contains no representation of their activity against Sectarianism and Clericalism.” (E-5:229) But of the Youthful Worthies he says, “On the other hand, from the type we infer that the Youthful Worthies overcome in their own characters the spirit of Sectarianism and Clericalism, and are thus privileged to have their verbal battling against the prince errors of antitypical Midian accounted as their capturing and executing them.” And we trust the exposure of such evils in our brethren of the LHMM will inure to the good of all, and to the cleansing of the pertinent brethren of these two prince errors, and accounted unto us as a part of the “verbal battling” in “capturing and executing” Oreb (Sectarianism) and Zeeb (Clericalism). Please see Epiphany Vol. 5, pp. 226-229, on Oreb and Zeeb.


On pages 78-79 the above paper gives an account of the Philadelphia Conven­tion – the same Convention we have reported aforegoing. Among other false state­ments, RGJ says JJH and wife “continued to seek to ingratiate themselves with others, including especially ‘babes’ in the Truth.” The ‘babes’ to whom he refers approached us; we did not approach them. And in not a single instance did we ask for an address, offer any of our literature, or attempt to discuss controversial Truth sub­jects. We simply gave them the common courtesy we would offer to any man in the street after they had been introduced to us. Therefore, RGJ was either misinformed, or he is offering one more display of his “bad conscience and not a few misrepresen­tations.” (See E-10:585, top) As for ourselves, we are not at all solicitous of acquiring the plaudits or homage of any who would embrace a character of “bad con­science – many misrepresentations – loquacious, repetitious and false-accusing.” (See E-10:591, par. 1) Our mailing list has been growing rapidly with names whose vision embraces a better level. As will be noted from our contradictions of RGJ’s statement on pages 78-79 concerning us, his accusations are in the main simply some more of his falsehoods – falsehoods probably instigated by the crushing refutations we have given his errors on Isa. 41:19 and 1 Cor. 15:24. As Brother Johnson has stated in E-4:221,222: “Whenever religious errorists and frauds cannot meet the exposures of their false doctrines or evil practices by argument, Satan fills their mouths with false and malicious slanders against their exposers.”

RGJ says the Convention “was filled with many precious blessings from the Lord, both in the Truth and in the spirit of the Truth.” In our account of the Convention we recorded some of the errors on Baptism by Bernard Hedman, and the errors of RGJ himself in his discourse on “The Inauguration of the New Covenant.” Describing such errors as “precious blessings from the Lord” has become common per­formance during this Epiphany period – now so rampant with “the pestilence that walketh in darkness.” (Psa. 91:6) Recently faith-healer Oral Roberts held sessions in Detroit with as many as 5,000 in attendance. One man told us he had come all the way from Nova Scotia for the “precious blessings from the Lord.” The same expression is also frequently forthcoming from innumerable members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses after any of their conventions. Truly, “the human heart is deceitful above all things.” (Jer. 17:9)

MORE ON ISA. 41:19

On pages 74-75 of this same paper RGJ offers his usual “profusion of words,” and his usual name-calling, in a verbose attempt to offset our refutation of his error on Isa. 41:19; and he endeavors to show that Brothers Russell and Johnson agree with him. As we pointed out in our June paper No. 144, Brother Johnson’s application of this text to this Epiphany period points out three groups of uncleansed crown-losers. This one statement should have sobered RGJ in his attempt to pervert this text (Azazel means Perverter). Whenever a prophecy has more than one fulfillment – the same as a type which has more than one fulfillment – the various fulfillments have a similarity of operation. Therefore, to apply v. 19 to uncleansed crown-losers now, then make it apply to perfected and righteous persons at another period is just some more of his nonsense – and reveals once more that the “oil in his lamp” (the spirit of understanding) has gone out, and that he is now reaping the reward of “outer dark­ness” of the “unprofitable servant” of Matt. 25:30 (see Berean Comment).

It should not require an astute mind to recognize that the unsaved world will arise in the same “desert” condition of moral depravity with which it entered the tomb. “As a tree falleth, so shall it lie.” Nor should it require a savant to recognize that all the Elect – including the Christ Company – will be absorbed in eliminating that “desert” quality from the human race. Thus, were we to accept RGJ’s talk here, we could with equal propriety place the glorified Christ in the “desert” condition, too. Note that Brother Johnson’s explanation points out three uncleansed groups of Levites here on earth; whereas RGJ now wants us to accept at least one per­fected group in Heaven in his Millennial interpretation. We repeat that there is no symmetry, no similarity, to his second application of the text – that it is just some more of his nonsense.

There was sound reason for Brother Johnson to apply this text to the three groups of uncleansed Levites here in this Epiphany period, because they are afflicted with the pestilence that walketh in darkness” (Psa. 91:6). Thus, they are truly in the “desert” condition – SPIRITUALLY – just as the unsaved world is in the “desert” condition physi­cally, mentally, morally and religiously. Very evidently, RGJ does not see this clearly – being himself in Azazel’s clutches – or he would not have attempted the per­version that he has of this text. We can look forward with joyful anticipation to the time when the most of them will be cleansed – when they will no longer be in a leprous “desert” condition; especially so, when they have reached spiritual perfection. But it should not require great illumination to understand that it will then be the extreme of nonsense to describe their grand spiritual state as a “desert” condition. And for now, only one in a very confused spiritual state of mind would attempt such eisegesis. Indeed, RGJ was hard put in his attempt to drag Brother Russell and Brother Johnson to his support, as neither of them ever offered us such vagary. In the citation he offers from Brother Russell there is not the slightest hint that he would place the perfected spiritual Great Multitude in a “desert” condition.

Aforegoing we have quoted Brother Johnson to the effect that any attempt by a crown-loser to bring forth a new doctrine would be “gazing” (Ex. 19:21), and would result in error. If we keep this thought always in mind, we shall have little trouble with RGJ’s errors. This present error is simply an attempt on his part to substantiate his previous error of Campers Consecrated (a class he says can have justification, righteousness, outside the linen curtain, without Christ’s righteous­ness); thus, we should conclude without much research, that his contention cannot possibly be right; i.e., if we accept what Brother Johnson has told us re “leprous” Miriam. Nor will it be necessary for us to resort to any name calling to prove our point.


At top of p. 79, col. 1, RGJ says his 1966 Philadelphia Convention “was not a disfellow­shipment action by a General Convention, as JJH falsely alleges in his paper.” Then on p. 78, col. 2, line 10 from bottom, this same RGJ says “they (JJH and wife) are not welcome at any of its meetings, especially its general conventions.” And at top of p. 79, col. 2, par. 1, there is this: “John J. Hoefle and his wife at our general conventions.” (Underlining  ours) If the 1966 Philadelphia Convention was not a general Convention, just which of his meetings does RGJ describe as “general” Conventions?  As Brother  Johnson has so ably stated, When these people fall into the hands of Azazel they talk all sorts of nonsense! And here is simply another example of it. And this sort of double-talk RGJ defines as “precious blessings from the Lord” – with himself as “an undershepherd for the Lord.” What tragic abuse the Lord has tolerated from those in Azazel’s clutches! And what bedlam they attempt to palm off on the sheep as “PRESENT TRUTH”!


On p. 75 of the Sept-Oct. Present Truth, RGJ presents a treatise on Seven Saved Classes of Mankind. As most of our readers know, Brother Johnson taught Six Saved Classes from among mankind; and he used Scriptural logic and Scriptural proof for his teaching. Six is used in many instances to designate evil ­especially in connection with the world under the curse – 6,000 years. So we should expect Six Saved Classes from the world of mankind, the number of those saved from the curse – the seventh saved class to be the recovered fallen angels. RGJ also once taught only Six Saved Classes from among mankind, which we quote below from his Nov-Dec. 1957 Present Truth:

“Thus we find indicated in Heb. 3:17 the following six classes: Fleshly Israel – the fig tree; the Great Company – the vines; the Little Flock – the olive; the non-elect world – the fields; the Youthful Worthies – the flock; the Ancient Worthies – the herd. Five of these (the four elect classes and the Quasi-­elect) are the classes which will more particularly cooperate in the blessing of all the families of the earth, and the sixth, the non-elect world, is the one which (aside from the faith classes) will be blessed during the Millennium under the great promise made to Abraham, though the sheep among them will also join in bless­ing others (Matt. 25:31-40); Comp. Joel 2:28 – ‘daughters shall prophesy’). These six are the six saved classes from among mankind, pictured also in Joel 2:28, 29 (see E Vol. 17, Chap. 2). In Joel 2:28, believing Fleshly Israel and, subordi­nately, the persevering unconsecrated faith justified ones of the Gospel Age (who are of the Quasi-elect – see P ‘55, pp. 20-23, 41-44; ‘56, pp. 20-27) are repre­sented by the ‘sons.’ Likewise, in Hab. 3:17 these faith justified ones of the Gospel Age seen to be included, subordinately, with believing Fleshly Israel.”

Compare the above with his present teaching in the Sept-Oct. 1967 Present Truth. Of course, crown-lost leaders can always see a new (false) doctrine that the Star Members couldn’t see – they contend “the path of the just is as the shin­ing light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day” – so they must set aside the teachings of the Star Members and replace them with their ‘advancing’ light (?). The Jehovah’s Witnesses are very adept at this, and it seems that RGJ is learning fast. As we have repeatedly quoted, the two Messengers taught there would be a class of unbegotten conse­crators in the end of the Age – from 1881 until Restitution sets in – who would be the Millennial Associates of the Ancient Worthies in reward And service. For walking a narrow way during the reign of sin and evil – which is indeed a very difficult way – they would be rewarded with the ‘better’ resurrection, etc. Restitution has not set in yet, and we see no reason to set this teaching aside for a new doctrine invented by a crown-lost leader, or by Jehovah’s Witnesses. We prefer to “continue in what we have learned and been assured of” – knowing of whom we have learned these Truths. Let those of ‘like mind’ join with the Campers Consecrated, the “great crowd,” or the Quasi-elect consecrated, but let us who would be faithful to the Lord, the Truth and the Brethren, fight the “good fight,” and earnestly contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints.


Beginning on Friday, October 27, the first testimony meeting was held at 2:00 p.m. – just seventeen years to the day and hour – Friday October 27, 1950 – when Brother Johnson was entering the grave. And, with some of those present at this Convention who had been in tears at Philadelphia that sorrowful day, we were especially interested to note what testimonies would come from those people. But, sad to say, not one word about the Epiphany Messenger from any of them. All were ardent in their praise of present blessings – under the leadership of a Levite. And once more we were painfully reminded that it has been ever thus, all during the Gospel Age – Israel chanting the praises of antitypical Saul while ignoring anti­typical Samuel. Also, we were reminded of the words of the Lord in the type to downcast Samuel: “They have not rejected thee, they have rejected Me.” (1 Sam. 8:7) Indeed, it is little wonder that the Lord allowed such to be led into error after error under the leadership of antitypical Saul (King Saul is a type of crown-lost leaders up to Armageddon); and especially so has this developed during this Epiphany night. “And He gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul.” (Psa. 106:15) And this is all the more lamentable when we remember that substantially all we have today of Present Truth came to us through the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers – a part of antitypical Samuel.


When RGJ was discussing Ex. 19:19-21 at the Philadelphia Convention, he was emphatic that the Youthful Worthies who now criticize him – or criticize any other member of the Great Company (his “higher class”) – were violating this text – were “gazing” – and thus would perish as Youthful Worthies. According to the defini­tion of ‘gazing’ given us by the Epiphany Messenger, it means the attempt of under­lings in God’s Household to interpret those Scriptures which only the Star Members should analyze and clarify. Even the ledlings among the Priesthood could become guilty of this, which, if persisted in, would demote them from the Little Flock to the Great Company; which, if then further persisted in, would eventually send them into the second death. It should be noted from the foregoing that there is not the slightest hint that any one is “gazing” merely because he criticizes other members of the Household, even though the criticism be wrong, and directed at a higher class, including the Star Members themselves. Therefore, at no time did Brother Johnson charge “gazing” to the most acrimonious critics of Brother Russell, even though they criticized him unjustly. But of those who attempted to produce a new doctrine, or explain intricate types, etc., he charged them with “gazing” – they were guilty of this offense. And he was most pronounced in attacking the crown-lost leaders in Little Babylon who attempted to produce a new doctrine, or offer interpretations of types they did not understand (“gazing”). Nor did he ever reprove or criticize us (a Youthful Worthy) for our positive stand against such “gazers” and perverters; in fact, he advised us personally – being a Youthful Worthy Pilgrim – that we should offer such resistance. Often did he commend us for resisting such “gazers” in our encounters with them (the crown-lost leaders in Little Babylon). And RGJ himself requested us to attend a Little Babylon Convention (where we were not welcome!) and make such resistance – which we did; and he was high in his praise of us for the victorious resistance we made – and that to the brethren gathered at one of his General Conventions in Philadelphia. But that was before he became part and parcel with his kinsmen in Little Babylon in such perversion and gazing.

We digress a little here to quote RGJ’s comment at the Sunday morning Question Meeting at Chicago regarding the Dawn leaders’ ‘proof’ that the High Calling is still open: “He knew because two were consecrating to the High Calling that very after­noon – and he knew they could understand “spiritual things” (which the natural man cannot do). RGJ said ‘a brother’ had related that incident to him. Well, let all be informed that we ourselves are the ‘brother’ who told him that; and he asked us to relate our experience from the platform at the Philadelphia Labor Day Conven­tion the year Brother Armstrong of England first visited America after Brother Johnson’s demise. Some may read this who were then there, and we stated that the Dawn brother’s logic simply reminded us of the small backstreet shopkeeper who placed a sign in his window: “Don’t go elsewhere to be cheated; Come here.” Be it noted that RGJ approved our course in resisting the errors of the crown-lost leaders then, but now he not only disapproves of such a course by Youthful Worthies against crown-lost leaders, he teaches they will lose their class stand standing for so doing – although we are pursuing the same course now that we did then – the course advised by the Epiphany Messenger (as well as by RGJ then).

Applying this now to our own situation, our worst opposers cannot honestly accuse us of presenting a new doctrine (although we are “contending earnestly” for the doctrines given to us by the Star Members); but it cannot be disputed that RGJ has certainly done so with his Campers Consecrated – tentative justification outside the linen curtain – outside the righteousness of Christ. Just because we criticize a Levite, that would not stigmatize us as a “gazer.” Thus, once more RGJ is guilty of perverting another teaching of the Epiphany Messenger – the truth on “gazing” – and Azazel means Perverter! As Brother Johnson has stated, one error forces acceptance of other errors to support it – a course which RGJ is forced to pursue here to bolster his “strange fire” of Campers Consecrated. Thus, it is he who is doing the “gazing” – not JJH. Of course, this is in keeping with Brother Johnson’s observation that such perverters usually accuse others of what they them­selves are most guilty of doing. The Truth is slowly – but surely – catching up with him, as it will also do with all these pseudo leaders before this Epiphany has ended. The Epiphany is for the very purpose of “making manifest the counsels of hearts.”


At the Question Meeting it was asked: “Brother Johnson taught that new Youth­ful Worthies would be won after Armageddon. Are you in harmony with this teaching?” After quite some flimsy flapdoodle about the dishonesty of the Question, he then proceeded with profuse detail to explain that Brother Johnson once held that view ­– a view which he later changed after he saw Armageddon would not arrive at 1934, as he for a while thought. RGJ then cited p. 114, of Vol. 10 (which was published in 1941) and the interpretation of Numbers 12 to ‘prove’ Brother Johnson had later changed his mind on the matter.

Well, so far as we know, the only place Brother Johnson made the statement involved in the Question is on page 672 of Volume 10 – the very same Volume RGJ cited for his ‘proof’ (except further on in the book). Thus, his statement is not before what is contained on p. 114 of that book; it is rather much later on. Of course, this won’t influence his sleepy adherents – even if it is pointed out to them; but we state it for the record and for those whose eyes are not closed in deep sleep. Here is what the Epiphany Messenger says: “In addition to those implied in the preceding points, which apply to the Lord’s Truth people, there will be a large work: (1) whereby our non-Truth Great Company and Youthful Worthy Brethren, and new ones not yet consecrated, are to be won for the Truth, some of whom will be won before Babylon is destroyed and others of them afterward.” (E-10:672) And further, “the Epiphany Camp, which will consist of the loyal justified and the converted loyal Jews” (after Babylon is destroyed in Armageddon—JJH)

Another Question: “Did Brother Russell or Brother Johnson ever ask a General Convention to endorse a resolution to disfellowship sifters?” Here again he engaged his usual ‘sleight-of-hand,’ never at one time answering the question – although he did set up several straw men, which he proceeded to dissem­inate with his cunning words. He even offered the falsehood that he himself had never offered such a resolution, so we now quote from his Nov. 1966


Laymen’ Home Missionary Movement Held at its International Headquarters..... September 3, 1966 – 8:00 p.m.

“After introductory remarks by the chairman, the following resolution was presented to the general assenbly.... THAT the dismissal from the Pilgrim ser­vice and the disfellowshipment of John J. Hoefle by the Trustee, with the statement that he is no longer in any sense a representative of or for the Movement, as recorded in The Present Truth magazine, March 1956, page 33, be and hereby is fully endorsed and supported.... David Lounsbury, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, moved that the above resolution be adopted by the Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement. This motion was seconded by William Eschrich, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; John Treble, of Miami, Florida; and others. After due consideration and discussion, and after the resolution was again read by the secretary before the assembly, the motion for its adoption was passed unanimously.”

There were many other questions and answers (?) we could comment on here, which we leave for a future writing, believing the above is all sufficient for our present needs.

On Sunday afternoon – October 29 – we listened to the testimonies of various brethren who were so wonderfully blessed by the Convention. One brother mentioned that the Conventions get “better and better” as time goes on. This brother was at many Conventions conducted by the Epiphany Messenger – the last Star Member ­yet he finds conventions conducted by a Levite who proclaims most noisily that there are no saints there (nor anywhere else!) are “better and better” (than those con­ducted by the Epiphany Messenger when saints were present among them). Yet he must surely know that the Messengers taught there would be a dearth of the Truth and its Spirit – among the consecrated as well as among the mere professors – after the Church is glorified. So as far as crown-lost leaders are concerned (who pervert the “faith once delivered to the saints” – to the Star Members), this state­ment is received joyfully. How can any Convention – where no saints are present ­be “better and better”? Though corruption in all Little Babylon will become more and more prevalent until the “fires” of Armageddon will consume the present ‘heavens’ (religious powers in Big and Little Babylon) is a Truth all should know who are rooted and grounded in Parousia and Epiphany Truth.

But it was the same when That Servant was removed. The majority gave the same praise for JFR – that his Conventions were “better and better” (than That Servant’s Conventions)! And the Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to give forth this kind of praise for their “System of Error.” History does indeed repeat itself.

Our cordial good wishes to all our brethren for the Holiday Season. And may “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it” be your portion – with peace through Jesus.

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



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Mount Dora, Florida

Dear Sirs:

Would you kindly send me a copy of the following pamphlets:

No. 1 – Where Are the Dead? No. 2 – What Is the Soul? No. 3 – “The Resurrection of The Dead”; No. 5 – “Two Distinct Salvations”; No. 6 – God’s Great Sabbath Day.

Very sincerely,

Pastor -------

Zion Lutheran Church   (KANSAS)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in the Master’s name!

Yours of Sept. 13 has been received, and we are glad to learn that you and Sister Hoefle attended the September Philadelphia Convention. Also in the same letter your enclosure of Question and answer, and the advice. Brother ------- sent me a copy of his answer to you. He is a sectarian to the bone. As you have said, ledlings rarely rise above bad leadership. It was the spirit of sectarianism that was with John Calvin (caused the hate) that caused the death of Servetus – and that to the stake.

We have also received the 300 more of No. 7..... Enclosed is a list of names for tracts.

Warm love to all the dear ones, to you, Sr. Hoefle and the Bible House family, from the brethren here. We remember you in our prayers and ask that you remember us. The Lord make his face to shine upon thee, and give thee peace.

Your brother by the Lord’s Grace ------- (TRINIDAD)


Dear Brother Hoefle and Beloved of the Lord: Grace and peace!

It is my great privilege to write you a few lines on the way you stand for the Truth. Dear Brother, when we look at the Divine Plan of the Ages, pp. 241-242, we see some things also. May God bless you! Daily Manna, Sept. 25 – Truly He is able and willing to save to the uttermost all that come unto God by Him!

May God bless you all! Brother -------. (TRINIDAD)


Dear Brother: Grace, Mercy and peace from God and our Lord!

Your letter to hand. The point I was trying to make is that the Lord’s reign (Mediatorial) has not begun, because the Present Evil World keeps going. Satan, the prince or ruler of this “present evil world” must be bound for a thousand years... The great High Priest after the order of Melchisedec – King of Peace – will then reign. It requires all of the Gospel Age to complete the sacrifice of the Atonement before the blessing begins to go to the world. The Ransom price is for the use of the faith class now – the elect – and as soon as that is finished, the blessings of the world will then begin.... I could say a lot more, but please see the refer­ences given.

Your brother by His Grace ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and Peace!

I want to tell you that I very much enjoy your good writings – both the letter and the spirit of them. I feel that you are doing a work of great value to the whole Church. By the whole Church I mean all truly consecrated to God ­whether spirit-begotten or not.

For the past several months I have two copies of your monthly papers. Previously I had received but one. Two copies are not needed.... There is now no other Truth brethren in the city or community, to my knowledge, with whom I could share one. There were others in the past, but they have moved away. So now I have no class association as I had for many past years. There are the J.W’s in the city, but I am acquainted with none of them. Sometimes younger members call to hand out tracts or sell books. I doubt they would be interested in your regular paper, but might accept a special edition...... Brother Johnson died on my birthday. As I am not affluent and am retired on no income but Social Security, I am not in position to make much of a contribution..... but I am sending you a check to help out in a small way on postage and other expenses.

I pray that God will bless you, your work and coworkers, your family and all the Church of God everywhere.

Your brother by His Grace ------- (MISSOURI)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace be multiplied!

Your good letter received, and we thank you for the infor­mation on the Convention – and also the blessings you enjoyed on your visit with the dear brethren in Conn. and Mass. Yes, Brother we did know about the sale of the Tabernacle. We subscribe to the PT.

We shall be anxious to hear from you first-hand on the trouble in Detroit... We have read with deep interest your October article, No. 148. You certainly have taken care of RGJ. That ought to hold him for awhile. But will it? We shall see.

We thank our dear Heavenly Father daily for His rich blessings to us – temporal, spiritual and His Providential overruling and guidance from day to day; also for your encouraging letters we receive monthly. Dear Brother, truly we are living in a wonderful time when all these things are happening in the world, and to think and to know of the past and present. But the glorious future that awaits the whole human race! How appropriate is our Lord’s Prayer today. May our dear Heavenly Father continue to bless you richly, dear Brother Hoefle, as you stand fast for the Parousia and the Epiphany truth. Sister ------- joins me in sending you all at Mount Dora warmest Christian greetings, and the Lord’s richest blessings in your service to all the brethren.

Your brother and sister by His Grace. ------- (NEW JERSEY)


Dear Brother Hoefle:

Thanks very much for the Prayers, Christian good wishes for my better health and welfare. I took your letter with me to.... to share with dear Sister ------- She is not getting any younger – like myself, failing in physical strength – but mentally happy, having the Heavenly Father’s teachings for living. It keeps us in an everlasting calm mind for living with our surroundings of Ills and afflictions.

Please hold my mall until I send a new address. I will write as soon as I can. Dear Sister ------- and Sister ........... send their Christian love and best Christian love and prayers to all our dear brothers and sisters there with you.

Lovingly, Sister ------- (CALIFORNIA)


Dear Brother Hoefle:

It is with much pleasure I am writing to tell you of how richly the Lord blessed me last Sunday. Early in the morn­ing I attended class where we studied E Vol. 11 (Exodus) after which three of us sisters went to an Episcopal Church with the Gideon tracts – also to a Methodist Church which was nearby. As usual a few refused the literature, but in the main they were graciously received.

In the afternoon we attended a Martin Luther program (picture), which was very good. It was in the Civic Center and put on by two Lutheran ministers. After the program we gave out the Reformer tracts and every one was so pleased ­even asked for more.

Oh how we do thank the Lord for the privilege of rendering a little service! It was indeed a great blessing.

May the Lord continue to bless you in your work is my prayer.

With Christian love to you and to Sr. Hoefle, Sister ------- (KANSAS)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace!

I have been waiting for the November letter, as I have been anxious to see the report of the Philadelphia Convention. You folks must have been present all right according to the Present Truth I received yesterday and read with much interest. I see you have Bro. Jolly quite worried! I was amused at his attempts to answer you on Isa. 41:18-19. All he said was O.K. if the verses pertained to Millennial con­ditions (Brother Russell) – and any Truth person could agree. Bro. Jolly has a great faculty for talking all around a question. Notice that he did not attempt to answer the first part of the June 1967 paper on Jolly’s suggested changes for E Vol. 17. He can’t do that and he crawled away from that issue.

I received the November paper yesterday and sure enjoyed every bit of it. Also glad to see the new format of the monthly letters, as it will save paper and postage, and the Lord’s money; and if you make a larger issue, it will not be too hard to put out.

I would stress the fact that Bro. Jolly is perverting the doctrine on the Seven Saved Classes, as taught by Brother Johnson, a Star Member. Mankind has been imperfect since the Fall. Six is an imperfect number, signifying the imperfect six classes of mankind. Joel 2:28-29 is a Scripture to the point. So this is a case where unclean Levites try to pervert the teachings of the Star Members.

Have been wondering if you ever hear from Brother .......... Is he in any way favor­able to you? Also, have you heard from Brother ......... ? Hope he is still favorable. Also I’m wondering who the sister is from Michigan that wrote the letter in the November circular....... I am wondering if I know her. It was a nice letter, but you needn’t answer if it would violate a confidence.

How are the oranges (crop) this year? Sister hasn’t been feeling too well lately. Hope Sisters ------- are well. Give our love to them. I think we will stay home this winter.

With much Christian love, Your brother in Him ------- (MICHIGAN)


Epiphany Bible Students Association

Mount Dora, Florida 32757

Dear Friends:

Will you kindly change the following address from Dr ------- West Market Street

Methodist Church...... to Dr ------- Editor......  Thank you!



Secretary to Dr. -------- (NORTH CAROLINA)