NO. 148: 1 COR. 15:24 AGAIN

by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 148

On page 56 of the July‑August Present Truth R. G. Jolly (hereinafter for convenience referred to as RGJ – Just as Brother Johnson referred to J.F. Rutherford as JFR) attempts to answer our presentation on the above text in our paper No. 144, July 1967. And revealing once more his “bad conscience” (E‑10:585), he resorts to his usual name‑calling, slander and railing accusations. It may seem strange to some that he does not resort to such tactics when discussing the errors of Jehovah’s Witnesses; but there is sound explanation for this: Against the Witnesses he has the Truth and is refuting error, so he has no need for mud‑slinging – the Truth is more than sufficient for his purposes. But, in his altercations with us the situation is reversed – so much so that vilification is about the only weapon left to him, as he attempts to defend his errors.

All of our readers will readily admit that Brother Russell and Brother Johnson were not infallible; but they both had the humility and nobility of character to admit mistakes when they made them – just as David and other outstanding Bible personages did with their failings. But do we find RGJ admitting any of his mistakes? Certainly he has made plenty of them since 1950, so that he comes well within the scope of Brother Johnson’s declaration that “Bungling is the usual and natural activity of the Great Company.” In proof of this we offer just one instance – the 1954 Attestatorial Service. This activity was begun with much fanfare, even producing Volumes 18 and 19 (mix‑numbering them 16 and 17 ahead of the order in which the Epiphany Messenger had arranged them) as special material for the occasion. It would be most interesting to know if he has sold enough of these two books even to pay for the original cost of setting the type. Will he answer this? It will be a pleasant surprise if he does’

But further – and more important – relating to the same is his own record for that Attestatorial Service: According to his Annual Report for 1954 (see page 11 of the January 1955 PT), he had 1422 subscribers to the Present Truth; and for 1966 (see page 10 of the January 1967 PT – the Annual Report) he had only 934 subscribers to his paper. So, for that “special effort” he lost ‘only’ 488 subscribers to the Present Truth, or almost 30% of his readers. It is probably in order here to say that we have gained much more than 30% in the readers of our paper that we have been issuing since that time. Is it any wonder that he has an inordinate urge to talk – to talk when he has just nothing to say? “Loquacious and repetitious” (E-10:591) – repeat, repeat, repeat! His Attestatorial Service since 1954 should cause him to hang his head in shame for “running ahead of the Lord” – if he has any shame in him.


In his answer to our presentation on 1 Cor. 15:24, RGJ offers copious citations from Brother Russell and Brother Johnson, coupled with his usual name calling of us, and his own profuse comments to prove us wrong. Did he know all this in 1949, or is this something just new to him? And, if he did know it back there – and Brother Johnson knew it, too (as he now claims) – why did the both of them make such a tragic oversight when they proof-read the Herald of the Epiphany for November 15, 1949? Since Brother Johnson is not here, RGJ will have the privilege of speaking for himself on this query. Will he do it? And why is it that he was completely silent on our analysis of Rev. 20:13,14: “Death and Hell were cast into the lake of fire”? Can it possibly be that he Just overlooked it (although we allowed a copious paragraph for it on the first page of our paper No. 144); or is it that he has no answer, leaving silence as his only retreat? Here is a clear Scripture with a direct bearing on the discussion a Scripture necessary to the analysis if the whole truth on the item is to be obtained. Therefore, will we now hear from him on it?


Death and Hell cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death” – Rev. 20:14. In a broad and accommodated sense it may properly be stated that the “lake of fire” has existed all during this Age, and that a certain specific few have been cast into it – beginning with Judas. The same situation will also prevail under the Kingdom reign with those “sinners a hundred years old, who shall be accursed.” (Isa. 65:20) But “the lake of fire prepared for the Devil and his angels” (Matt. 25:41) is much more exclusive, having only one time setting – at the very extreme end of the Little Season. And the Scripture is very explicit that “death and Hell” are also cast therein at the same time. And, so far as we know, there is only one type, or other Old Testament reference, to this grand drama, the same being the destruction of Pharaoh and his Egyptian hosts in the Red Sea as they were pursuing Israel.

This is all very graphically and detailedly explained in E-11:245‑296; and at the bottom of page 252 there is this statement: “Satan will use this doctrine deceptively, by ignoring the fact that the thousand years will end lappingly just as they began lappingly, in various stages – 1874, 1878, 1881, and 1914, and by reiterating in his tempting suggestions that it ended in 2874” – Just as one now in Azazel’s clutches is also contending for 2874. On page 250 it is stated that Satan, the fallen angels and apostate restitutionists will enter the Little Season with perfect faculties, but not perfect characters. Before 2874 the “sheep” will not recognize the “goats” – just as was true during the Parousia for the Great Company as such. It was then not known which were Little Flock and which were Great Company so long as they conformed outwardly at least to the Harvest Truth; and this will be the identical situation between the good and bad restitutionists up to 2874. But the testings of the Little Season will make this revelation; and will gradually educate the faithful for the antitypical Red Sea experience which will annihilate the unfaithful at the full end of the Little Season.

But their destruction is not what is meant by “death and Hell” being cast into the lake of fire, the antitypical Red Sea – although these will occur simultaneously – at the full end of the Little Season. In this connection, Volume E‑8, pp. 603‑620 present an excellent analysis of the Gospel‑Age and Millennial‑Age Passovers, with their pertinent applications and meanings to the firstborns and the afterborns. The afterborns are classified as the “defiled” ones during this Gospel Age (Num. 9:9‑14), who must cleanse themselves during the next Age – must have this cleansing completed before the start of the Little Season – otherwise, they will fall in the Little Season test.

On page 608 is the following: “The defilement and its condemnation lasting seven days types the fact that one must undergo actual or reckoned cleansing of the Millennial Age, the antitypical seventh day, in order to be rid of the Adamic defilement and condemnation” – the Adamic death Process  (sin, error and selfishness). And further on page 616: “If he (the defiled one) leaves any of these – (Christ’s right to life and life rights) unappropriated, he enters the Little Season with an imperfect character and thus will fall in the final trial during the Little Season” – he will be cast into the lake of fire, the antitypical Red Sea, along with the Devil and his angels at the full end of the Little Season. Note, please, how clear it is from the foregoing quotation that Brother Johnson considered the “defiled” ones as entering the Little Season still contaminated with the Adamic death process (sin, error, selfishness) – which, therefore, cannot be destroyed until its possessor is also destroyed. ‘‘That final trial will be the last stand that Satan, sin and error and all in sympathy with them will ever make; for oppression (of Satan, sin and error, with their concomitants of dying and death – the Adamic death process – JJH) shall not rise again.” (E‑11:268)

Lest any misunderstand us, we emphasize that 1874 is clearly marked in the Bible, as is also 2874, and would properly be designated as the Kingdom day the time during which “all that are in their graves shall hear the voice of the Son of Man, and come forth” (John 5:28, 29). It was Brother Russell’s surmise that the awakening of all the dead race might occur within the first five hundred years of that Day. This we do not attempt to dispute, but merely to observe that it will perforce have to be fully accomplished by 2774 (100 years ahead of 2874) if “the sinner a hundred years old” is to have his hundred‑year opportunity. However, at whatever time, when the last one leaves the tomb, that day will also mark the end of Adamic death state; no more will be contained in the Adamic death state, no more can ever enter it. That enemy will be destroyed that identical day – many years before 2874. That being true, and since it occurs at least a hundred Years before the start of the Little Season, it should be readily apparent to all that the tomb, the death state, cannot possibly be the “last enemy” to be destroyed. Thus, there is left only one other fleshly enemy – and that is the Adamic death process ‑ that last enemy to be destroyed.

On page 57, col. 2 (top), of the article under discussion, R. G. Jolly quotes from an early Present Truth by Brother Johnson:

“The Present Truth stands squarely and sincerely for the Parousia Truth, as basic for all further development of the Truth. Thus it heartily embraces the system of Truth which is presented in the writings of our beloved Pastor, as well as holds to its principles and spirit. Whenever he gives two or more harmonious views of a Scriptural passage or doctrine, we accept all; whenever, as in a few instances in the great system of Truth which he presented, these cannot be harmonized, we accept the latest expressions, unless they are manifestly not so harmonious with the Scriptures, reason and facts as earlier ones.”

Then R. G. Jolly says for himself, “This is still the policy of THE PRESENT TRUTH, and we apply the same rule to Brother Johnson’s writings.”

It will be noted that on the previous page we quoted from Epiphany Vol. 8, page 608; and we call attention to the fact that the first nine volumes of Epiphany Studies (including Vol. 8, of course) were first published in 1938. Would R. G. Jolly tell us now that this Vol. 8 is also a “later expression not harmonious with the Scriptures,” and that this is his reason for rejecting also this part of Vol. 8 – as he also now tries to do with the Herald of the Epiphany of Nov. 15, 1949?


First of all, we offer again the Nov. 15, 1949 Herald, identically as we gave it in our paper No. 144:

“He (Christ) shall have put down all rule and all authority and all power (every vestige of the governorship and of the Pretended authority and of the pretended might of Satan, all of this will be put down by the almighty hand of Christ, the head, and the Church, the Body, using God’s power as that almighty power in their hand). For He must reign until He hath put all enemies under His feet (thus we see that not only persons are these enemies, but also things. The Adamic death in the sense of the dying Process is this last great enemy; and, because of His faithfulness, Jesus became the One who will after the close of the Millennium finally destroy it.”

If we should now agree with RGJ about that ‘faulty’ disc, and change the “of” to “is” as he demands, just what difference would it make in the above statement of explanation by Brother Johnson? The only logical change to be made here – if indeed a change is required – would be to eliminate the entire statement we have just quoted, and declare that statement to be the real mistake. Clearly enough, he didn’t dare do that – even some of his sleeping readers might then have become aroused.

But we offer some more from E-11, Chap. IV, wherein is described the deliverance of the afterborn, the full accomplishment of which occurs at the full end of the Little Season. On page 274 Brother Johnson treats of Rev. 20:10, 14 and 15. We gave a detailed analysis of some of this in our paper No. 144, declaring that “death” in Rev. 20:13, 14 refers not to the Adamic death state, but the ADAMIC DEATH PROCESS; and on page 274 Brother Johnson offers exactly the same interpretation that we do. And let us keep in mind that this Revelation Scripture is probably the outstanding companion text of 1 Cor. 15:24, because the “death” in both texts is from the Greek ‘thanatos’; and means the same in both texts. Therefore, we now ask – is RGJ also now casting aside Rev. 20:13, 14, and branding Brother Johnson’s interpretation on that text wrong, too? Volume 11 was published in 1948 – at least a year before the Nov. 15, 1949 Herald; and we all know the material had to be prepared for publication sometime before 1948.

Next we offer another quotation from Brother Russell (Reprints 5293, col. 1, par. 2):

“While the sprinkling of the blood upon the Mercy Seat on behalf of all the people takes place before restitution begins, or before the right to live can be given to any of the Ancient Worthies, nevertheless, those who would get God’s blessing, His uplifting influence, must become Israelites – that is, become believers in God, by believing in the Mediator, who will be God’s representative. This law will be applicable to the whole world. If mankind would get everlasting life, they must accept Christ and join themselves to this earthly Kingdom class. Christ’s Kingdom must rule until all the wicked are destroyed. – 1 Cor. 15:24‑26”

Here is some more that RGJ is now ready to toss into the waste basket. Certainly, it needs no large amount of Present Truth to know that the “wicked” of the foregoing are the “goats” that will be destroyed at the end of the Little Season, along with their defilements of the Adamic death Process (sin, error and selfishness). And, since RGJ has branded our presentation in No. 144 as “sifting literature...from Satan,” it would seem he must now also do the same thing with large parts of Brother Russell’s and Brother Johnson’s writings. He should certainly make himself clear here.

Inasmuch as the Adamic death state will be eliminated by 2774 at the very latest, it should be clear to all that it cannot possibly be the “last enemy” of 1 Cor. 15:24. Israel’s escape across the Red Sea makes this all crystal clear: With Pharaoh typing Satan, the Egyptians type the “wicked” mentioned above by Bro. Russell; they are the typical “goats” of the parable, even as the fleeing Israelites are the typical “sheep” of the parable; and the Red Sea saving the “sheep,” and at the same time destroying the “goats” is the typical Lake of Fire of Rev. 20:14. Speaking of those “goats,” Brother Johnson says on page 125 of Vol. 17:

“By the trial during the Little Season at the Millennium’s close, their (the ‘goats’– JJH) unholy heart’s condition (the Adamic death process – JJH) will become manifest, and they will perish in the Second Death – everlasting destruction (Rev. 20:7‑9, 15).”

Inasmuch as those entering the Little Season do so with perfect faculties, it should require no great argument that the “unholy heart’s condition” of the “goats” is the Adamic death process still present with them. That is why the Adamic death Process is “the last enemy”: Those persons “defiled” with it must first be destroyed before the thing can be annihilated. Thus, Brother Johnson’s statement in the Nov. 15, 1949 Herald that “not only persons are these enemies, but also things” is correct, and must stand as he gave it. The “persons” in his statement are the same as “the wicked” in Brother Russell’s statement, the same as the “goats” in the parable – to be destroyed when “cometh the end” – the “end of the Little Season.”

It should also be evident from the foregoing that the “goats,” with their perfect faculties, could have rid themselves of their “unholy heart’s condition” which they were physically able to do, but simply willfully refused to do it. This is in strict keeping with the Harvest of the Jewish Age: the “wheat” accepted Christ, and were physically able to make their “calling and election sure,” even as the “chaff” of that nation were consumed in the fire of destruction by the Roman Army in the year 70 AD. The “wheat” were physically able to gain salvation; thus, the “chaff” also could have gained it had they willed to do so. And in the Harvest of this Age the “tares” are to be burned, as the “wheat” is gathered into the Heavenly barn. The “wheat” were physically able to do what was required of them to gain their objective; and, while the Great Company were also physically able to do the same thing (to do all that the Lord required of them), they refused through measurable “unholy heart’s condition, “and must also pass through the ‘fire’ of this Age – though not to their destruction, but to their cleansing. This they will also be physically able to do; and those who do not do it act from choice – just as will the “goats” who choose to go into the Lake of Fire at the full end of the Little Season.

In view of the foregoing, it should be evident to any ‘babe’ in the Truth that the pursuing Egyptians were the Jews’ enemies, and that those enemies are antityped by the wicked, the “goats” that go into the antitypical Red Sea – the Lake of Fire – the second death at the full end – of the Little Season. This then makes the Lake of Fire, the second death, the friend of the “sheep,” because it forever separates them from their enemies. It is well to remember, however, that, while Satan and his angels also go into the Lake of Fire, it may not be strictly correct to speak of them going into the second death, because they never came under the Adamic condemnation. The consummate result, however is the same – they go into eternal annihilation, just as do the “goats,” who may properly be described as going into the second death. Once more this analysis sets out the “last enemy” as the Adamic death process operating in the “goats” because of their unruly heart’s condition – impregnated with sin, error and selfishness, which would actually do violence to the “sheep,” and probably will really do so with the Worthies by perhaps murdering them. It would appear that the “goats” will perish in exact manner as did Nadad and Abihu when “there went out fire from the Lord, and devoured them.” (Lev. 10:1‑2)


In the August 15 1967 Watch Tower the Witnesses also treat 1 Cor. 15:24, giving it the exact interpretation offered by RGJ in his August 1967 Present Truth although in this instance the Witnesses simply present their views without calling others “sifting errorists,” etc., who may differ with them. However, the Witnesses are emphatic that they are “The Channel” for the Truth – the same claim that is made also by “cousin” Krewson. Therefore, RGJ has two “Channels” in full agreement with him, and he should be able to answer our views with greater ease, now having the assistance of these two great “Mouthpieces.”


In closing, we would say to our readers that we do not consider an incorrect understanding of 1 Cor. 15:24 to be a sifting error. Such a mistake will not cause any one to lose his Class standing – any more than would the improper date for the Memorial cause any one to lose his Class standing. A few years back, when we were diligently endeavoring to present the correct method to determine the Memorial date – to keep it as a Spring festival, as the Jews have always done with their Passover – the “cousins” (Jolly‑Krewson) offered much ridicule in their attacks against us. However, at no time did we suggest dire consequences for them – or for any one else – who did not agree with us; nor did we recommend disfellowshiping any one because of it. That is also our attitude on 1 Cor. 15:24. Not so, however, with RGJ. He, true to his past record – “loquacious, repetitious and false accusing” (E‑10:591) – is profuse in his name‑calling: “sifting errorist sifting literature – from Satan.” Brother Russell and Brother Johnson were never forced to stoop to such tactics. Almost invariably, during this Epiphany period, when intricate texts have come under examination, the real sifters never have the Truth on them – the Lord does not show them such favor. See 2 Thes. 2:11 Berean Comment.

Although we feel none of us are warranted in disfellowshiping others because of a differing opinion on either of the above subjects, nevertheless we, as Truth people, should seek to know the Truth on every Bible passage, and particularly on such teachings as prominent as are “the last enemy” and the correct Memorial date. It is for that reason we go into quite some detail to offer the Truth on these teachings, believing that by so doing it will enable our readers to grow in Grace and in the knowledge of our Beloved Lord Jesus. Our fond wish to all on these, and on all Truth matters, is that “thou mayest prosper, and be in health” Spiritually and physically – “even as thy soul prospereth.” (3 John 2)



QUESTION: – Brother Krewson gives 1975 as the beginning of Armageddon – and the end of the “hour” of Rev. 17:12, What is your opinion of that?

ANSWER: – As most of our readers know, we presented some figures, too, on that “hour” of Revelation – but we haven’t been dogmatic about it. We still adhere closely to the teaching of Brother Russell and Brother Johnson – that prophecy in its details cannot be understood until it has been fulfilled, or in the course of fulfilment. On this premise we could not unreservedly endorse, or categorically dispute, any attempt to interpret prophecy – unless, of course, it is completely out of line with Scripture, Reason and Fact.

However, we are here confronted with a very intriguing situation, because the Jehovah’s Witnesses are also giving the fall of 1975 for the beginning of Armageddon’ Just as does J. W. Krewson. So we have the Jehovah’s Witnesses claiming to be “THE Channel” for advancing Truth since 1916 (after the demise of That Servant), and J. W. Krewson claiming to be “THE Channel” for advancing Truth since 1950 (after the demise of The Epiphany Messenger) with both “Channels” in agreement on the Armageddon date of 1975, even though they arrive at this date by widely divergent methods of calculation.

It would be seemly to observe here that “Great minds run in the same “channel.” And we also observe that the Witnesses have a million or more readers, and a worldwide propaganda “witness” work, compared to a mere handful of readers for J. W. Krewson. Should their (JW’s and JWK’s) prediction prove correct, it is not too difficult accurately to “predict” who would receive the general acclaim – it would be the JW’s not JWK! It will be most interesting to observe their future comments on this.



Dear Brother Hoefle: We received your manuscripts and enjoyed reading them. We moved here 8 years ago from Milwaukee.... I lived in or near Milwaukee 65 years and went to the Milwaukee meetings since 1912 – saw Bro. Russell the first time in 1913 – and saw him two or three times each year until he died. He was in Milwaukee three weeks before he died. A wonderful man he was! I believe Brother Russell was right in all his teachings – except the trouble is traveling much slower than what he at one time thought it would. He saw by the end of 1913 that not everything could take place by 1914.

I went to the Bible House in the fall of 1919 and wanted to make that my life’s work – but I was fed up with the way Rutherford did things – fed up in a short time. I was there when he gave Bro. Fisher a tongue lashing right at the table for almost nothing. The Fishers left the Bible House, and I didn’t blame them. Later on the JUDGE threw the 7th Volume over – just because Geo. Fisher left the Watch Tower. (See note below – JJH)

If you want to know what worldly men say about J. F. Rutherford get Charles S. Braden’s book and others …. One writer calls Rutherford the CZAR of the Witnesses. The strange thing about these writers, they say what type JFR was, but do not say anything against Bro. Russell. Frank Mead said in his book that Rutherford was the HIERARCHY type. (It is remarkable how some of the worldly men come to a correct conclusion on some of these people – particularly That Evil Servant – JJH). It would be nice to have a booklet or manuscript to give to the Witnesses to show how often the Judge changed his views; it might get some of them to see their wrong way.

There are many things I could talk with you about. But it is hard for me to write. We do not say “I am of the Dawn or of the Herald”; we like all the Bible Students who believe in “to us the SCRIPTURES CLEARLY TEACH.” If you should ever get near us, do stop in.

I would like to have you mail your manuscripts to my brother – also to my wife’s sister, as follows...... I do thank you for mailing us your writings – and may GOD bless you! I am your brother in Christ, ------- (ARKANSAS)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace be multiplied!

Brother thanks you for your letter of June 18 – and we are pleased about the favourable response you are having with the No. 7 (Great Reformer tract); and in His providences we trust it will awaken some of our British brethren and Protestants. We will do our best to distribute, and if we can use more, will be glad of your offer. It will be interesting to read the letter of the Evangelist who has his own Television and Radio programs in America..... We often feel we are unprofitable servants – especially now not physically able to do what we were able to do when younger. Sisters D and R had a day with us and Sr. D. said she would love to contribute something during this year. She asked if it was possible to send you a subscription.

Your monthly papers are appreciated and the tracts you have published. We are glad to be associated with you – and pray the Lord to continue to prosper you and all at the Bible House as you seek His Will and Purposes. Your prayers are much appreciated. Brother is improving – and he knows the Lord will give strength unto His people. Christian love to you, Sr. Hoefle and all from Brother and Sister ------- (ENGLAND)


NOTE: About 1926, after George Fisher had left the Society, he wrote us personally that any one who could not recognize J. F, Rutherford as That Evil Servant was Just that much out of Present Truth. And Brother Johnson told us personally that the Ezekiel section of Vol. 7 (compiled by Brother Fisher) was much superior to the Revelation section compiled by Clayton Woodworth.


Dear Brother Hoefle:

I am writing for a friend of mine who is interested in receiving your writings. His name and address ------- Would you kindly send him the same as you send to me?

Yours in His service, Bro. ------- (NEW YORK)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in our dear Lord’s Name!

I am thankful for your good letter .... I received the tracts and the box was broken again. But the tracts were in good shape. I have put all out except about 22.....

I am very sorry to hear that your brother‑in‑law died so suddenly, but we are here today and gone tomorrow. I was thinking very much of you and Sister during this trouble in Detroit – and was hoping you would be in Florida at the time. I was also thinking of Brother and Sister ------- in New Jersey.

Please send me some more tracts – send some of all the numbers.

Your sister in the Truth, ------- (PENNSYLVANIA)



In harmony with the arrangements the Epiphany Messenger made for the Epiphany, we suggest Sunday, October 15 through Sunday, November 12 for our Special Effort in Antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle. The Battle is not over – and we honor the memory of That Servant (who finished his course October 31, 1916) for his valiant fight against the two King Errors – Eternal Torment and Consciousness of the Dead – antitypical Zebah and antitypical Zalmunna (see Epiphany Vol. 5, pp, 236‑245); as we also honor the memory of the Epiphany Messenger (who finished his course October 22, 1950) for his faithful pursuit of these two King errors all during his faithful ministry. (Rev. 2:10)

It would be well to note here that there are many brethren in the various Truth groups who continue to “bear witness” to these basic Truths – Truths that will eventually annihilate the God‑dishonoring doctrines of Eternal Torment and the Consciousness of the Dead. And for this appreciation and faithful service we heartily commend them.

Our No. 1 tract (Where are the Dead), No. 2 (What is the Soul) and No. 3 (The Resurrection of the Dead), are especially adapted for this service – and we suggest that the literature be ordered in time if you wish to participate in this “good fight.” The tracts are free – postage prepaid.

Although our No. 7 tract – The Great Reformer – is not part of Antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle, we believe its distribution paves the way for the Gideon tracts, and other Truths, now at a time when Christendom and the world in general are acclaiming this great Reformer. The No. 7 has received favorable comment and aroused considerable interest in many quarters thus far – both from the Truth groups and Protestant quarters in Christendom. With the help of our faithful brethren we have accomplished a widespread witness work, both in the United States and quite a few foreign countries.

As we seek to “bear witness” to these timely Truths, we honor the Lord, as we honor those whom He honors (1 Sam. 2:30); therefore, we invite all our brethren of like mind to join with us in this Special Effort – and also to join with us in the prayer, God bless their memory!” (1 Tim. 5:17)