by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 83

My dear Brethren: ‑ Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

Early in April we received the 'Macedonian Call' from our beloved brethren in Trinidad to “Come over and help us” (Acts 16:9); whereupon we, accompanied by Sister Hoefle, proceeded immediately to pursue the privilege at hand. We left Mount Dora April 19, returning April 26, during which time we ministered person­ally for the first time to the Lord's people in the Island of Trinidad – the same being about 2,500 miles from our home and headquarters in Mount Dora.

There we found many sincere, studious brethren, well grounded in Present Truth, but sorely disturbed by the errors that have been presented to them by R, G, Jolly and others. During our stay in Trinidad about 75% of all the brethren there attended one or more of our gatherings; and we heard not one dissenting voice after they had listened to our presentations on various topics now in controversy – including the latest disputation on the correct date for the 1962 Memorial Service. Thus, we believe our efforts will result in much good to those dear brethren individually and collectively, and to all the brethren everywhere. Psa. 133:1


Our pilgrimage to Trinidad was prompted in large part by various letters that came to us from our beloved Brother L. F. Roach, and a few other faithful brethren. We reproduce several of these letters below; but first we wish to apprise our readers of a brief history of Brother Roach and his experiences in the Harvest work, a brother whom we consider one of the Lord's Fully Faithful followers, and a true yokefellow – ­just as we reported of our beloved departed Brother and Sister Condell of Jamaica.

Brother Roach came into Present Truth under Brother Russell before the “great tribulation” began in 1914. As the errors of That Evil Servant became more numerous and repulsive, he withdrew in a measure of confused isolation – until the Lord brought him into contact with Brother Johnson in 1931. The relationship was immediately cemented and prospered to the extent that the Fully Faithful Star Member (Brother Johnson) promoted Brother Roach in March 1938 to be the representative of the Laymen's Home Missionary Movement in the Trinidad area – which office he held until he was dis­missed and rejected as such just 24 years later in March 1962 by crown‑lost leader R. G. Jolly. Markedly appropriate in this instance is the comment of Brother Johnson in E:6‑280, par. 1:

“Our experience in this respect is the experience of God's Priesthood, especially its leaders, and most particularly its Head, from the days of Jesus until now, as we see in the case of Jesus, the Apostles, the angels of the five churches between the Harvests, our Pastor and now ourself. We comfort our heart with the reflection that we are privileged to go the same way as they. Pertinent is the saying of Is. 66:5: “Hear ye the Word of the Lord, ye that tremble (that reverentially stand in awe) at His Word: Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for My name's sake, said, Let the Lord be glorified (we hate and cast them out for God's glory); but He shall appear to your joy; and they shall be ashamed!'”

The breach between Brother Roach and R. G. Jolly was gradually widened by the errors on Campers Consecrated and other deflections; it was not the result of sudden or ill‑considered emotional conclusion – nor did it involve any ill will or disdain of personality by Brother Roach: It was exclusively a clash between Truth and error. During the altercation R. G. Jolly at one time advised Brother Roach “not to agitate” – ­the inference seemingly being it would be all right to reject his errors re Campers Consecrated, etc., so long as Brother Roach kept his convictions to himself. This causes us to wonder how many more of the L.H.M.M. leaders have been given similar instruction by R. G. Jolly; and we think it apropos to ask our readers if such con­duct is in accordance with the principles expressed by Brother Johnson during his time as head of the L.H.M.M. Could any of us believe that Brother Johnson would have continued in the pilgrim service any who told him they could not in good conscience teach the Youthful Worthy doctrine? Can there be the slightest doubt that Brother Johnson would immediately have counselled such a brother to withdraw from the pilgrim service until such time as he could understand the Youthful Worthy teachings? Why shouldn't R. G. Jolly have the same high standards regarding his representatives if he himself were fully persuaded in his own mind that Epiphany Campers consecrated is a true doctrine?

We remind our readers that Brother Roach was highly commended by Brother Blaine at the last Philadelphia Convention over labor Day, as one approaching 90 years of age, but with a mind still very clear on Epiphany Truth. It is indeed to the com­mendation of Brother Blaine that he himself still possesses enough of the 'Spirit of Understanding' that he could appreciate in some measure at least the capacity of another brother who has retained those things which he has “learned and been assured of, knowing of whom he has learned them” – that Truth received through the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers. Brother Roach's letters now follow:

“Dear Brother Jolly: – May our dear Lord's grace abide with you! I received your letter of 12th instant in which you want me to believe that you have not received an answer to yours of October 5, even one subsequent. I can assure you I have no time nor energy to worry now. Did I not tell you more than once that it was partisanship that brought the separation at Crofts Hill Jamaica? Did I not tell you that in Berean studies I could not get Campers Consecrated fitted in E.V. 17, page 37 top? Did I not tell you that I accepted Brother Johnson's teaching that the Epiphany in its narrow sense is from 1914 to the end of Jacob's trouble? That if any one is now enjoying opportunities of restitution, then you and I should not be here on earth? (E.V.6, page 481). Further did I not bring to your attention that you have departed from principle by trying to get me to believe that suffering for righteousness' sake is not necessary for Youthful Worthyship. (See 1 Pet. 1:11; E.V. 17, page 96, par. 1; Z 5184, col. 1, par. 8) Were it not for that false doctrine of Campers Consecrated you would not be in this strait.

“The only time feature I found myself in jam with was the “Time of the End” when I did not see things work as I had always expected; but, lo and behold I got it over by E. V. 17, page 284, par. 3, where Brother Johnson says that it is from 1799 to establishment of the Kingdom. Is that why you now move away 1956? You should let it remain for a landmark.

“As concerning that letter which appeared in Brother Hoefle's paper, you are against my addressing him as Brother and his wife as Sister. Why? Is it because you forbid them to attend your meetings, and if peradventure they should attend they must do so after the meeting starts and leave before it ends. Does the New Creation teach us that disfellowshipped brethren are our enemies? Are brethren forbidden to correspond with one another? I also noticed what you did to them was without the cooperation of anybody. Then you tell me that I must repudiate that letter! From the tone of your letter I can see rage. Since about 1958 I was reading Brother Hoefle's papers. I told you so, too. We have had very little correspon­dence except one letter when you introduced an extra “narrow way.” Seeing they were inquiring for information which I had, and which I thought would be helpful – and in which my activities in the Lord's service were involved – I gave it, of course. Z 3205, col. 1, top. They are the Lord's as well as we, regardless of what you say or do.

“You said I wrote to Brother Hoefle without having tendered my resignation. Resignation from what? I belong to no party. That is why I came out of Jamaica with a clean slate (1 Cor. 3:3‑5).

“Now I am asking you kindly in the interest of Truth and the brethren here in Trinidad to read Z 5284, Caption – “Doctrine more or less Important.” I would like for you to consider it and do not put any yoke on the dear ones' neck. I am not supporting you in doing so.

“As Executive Trustee I kept nothing from you – but things you considered against your wrong teachings you passed over in silence. Finally you demand an immediate financial report. Thank God I have a letter about a year ago from you thanking me for my liberality in finance to the Movement. My honesty is well known locally.

“As you will be with us in March this year – and to help your ministry to suc­cess this matter will be a secret unless circumstances force an exposure.

“Another fundamental set aside, “Restitution to follow the establish­ment of the Kingdom.” Aug. 15, 1906, p. 3845, col, 1, par, 2; Z4571, col. 2, par. 3. Of course somewhere must now be provided for your Campers! My sympathy goes out to you.  I pray that you see the error of your way and reverse by His Grace!

            Signed: L.F. Roach – dated Jan. 24, 1962 – Trinidad

“P.S. Have no fear for your money. You are going to get every cent (He says in a subsequent letter that he did not mean dishonesty on my part – L.F.Roach 3/27‑62). (2) I accept not anything that contradicts the Star Members' teachings, even by a comma.


“Dearly beloved Christian Brethren – Trinidad Ecclesia:

Greetings in our dear Redeemer! A bit of information until I be with you on the first Sunday in next month, D.v. From April last year I had to be out­spoken with Brother Jolly because of false teaching which he produced and which are contrary to those of the Laodicean Stars. At one time he wanted me to com­promise by telling me that if I am not in harmony with the other elders I should not oppose them. My only reply was Acts 5:29. Things calmed down a bit until I got to know that secret ministering on Campers consecrated was active. Acting on John 5:44, I wrote Brother Jolly a very blunt letter, to which he replied (judging from its tone outrageous), telling me that he was suspending me. Why suspend? Why not dismiss? No compromise with the Truth!

“Let me close with these comforting words, dearly beloved: We are living in the Epiphany when God is making manifest persons, principles and things according to Mal. 3:1‑3; and if we were to be left out, that would be proof positive that we are not His children. Let us then set aside sectarianism, partisanship, etc., for it is that among other things that brought the separation at Crofts Hill in Jamaica in 1957. If we are to be kept united, let it be on the basis of James 3:17. I can look with joy and comfort on my having my heart fixed upon Jehovah and Him alone. Psa. 57:7 I came out with commendation from both separate parties in Jamaica.

“By God's grace I hereby promise you that I am prepared to be as faithful to my Trust as I have always been. This is my second experience of this kind in the Truth. The first was when I was with the Society after that Servant died, with Rutherford; and (2) after the Epiphany Messenger died with Brother Jolly. Errors must be repudiated. New doctrines under Jesus are the exclusive privilege of Star Members. E.V.XI, page 495 bottom. Brother Jolly is trying to make you believe that I am giving you teachings from Brother Hoefle, but each of you can testify that I have proven all I ever said by reading the Truth Volume to you.

            Yours by His Grace, L. F. Roach – Dated Feb. 13, 1962‑ TRINIDAD”


“Dear Brother Hoefle: – Greetings in the Beloved!

I know that you are interested to learn the result of Bro. Jolly's visit to Trinidad. He left yesterday. Acting on the advice of That Servant in Z Reprints 5183, Feb. 15, 1913 – THE ARCH-ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD – ­I attended none of his meetings (save, of course, the one kept in my house on the 13th inst., according to program). He arrived just in time, shook hands, and after the meeting we had about two to three minutes chat. Next day he sent a special messenger to arrange a private talk. I told the messenger to refer him to the above‑mentioned article; and, therefore, I want no conference. Because of objec­tion which the Class had taken because of his visiting us at this time, I sent the accompanying long question, which I learned caused almost every one tears. They felt sorry for him. Also, the attached list of typewritten questions. (NOTE: R.G. Jolly suspended Brother Roach, then began to request conferences. This is illustra­tive of much of his conduct since Bro. Johnson's death – so often thinking in reverse. Surely, Bro. Roach's correspondence with 'Hoefle' was not in itself sufficient cause for suspension. R. G. Jolly should have requested his conference with Bro. Roach before suspending him; and not after. Because of this high‑handed conduct by R.G. Jolly, Bro. Roach was quite within the bounds of propriety and approved Christian conduct to refuse to sit at the feet of R. G. Jolly in any meeting he conducted – whether it be a Memorial service, or any other meeting. This would be particularly true in view of Bro. Roach's decision that he could not in good conscience longer represent R. G. Jolly – and did not wish to offer any appearance of approval of his errors of doctrine and wrong practices – JJH)

“The Class observed that he was in a dilemma. I had already caused some to read the references before, so they were the judges. They are all trying to pre­serve the unity of the Class; but I am telling them it can be only on the basis of James 3:17.

“I am given to understand that in a testimony meeting he told them how he tried to keep me from reading your papers – that you are teaching that the High Calling is still open. At one time I thought your criticisms of Jolly were too severe; but I am satisfied now that you are fully justified in so doing.

“I would like to have you pay us a visit during the Easter Holiday, as Sister -------. will then be on vacation. Of course, you will come on the same condition you first intended, as we are all poor people. Let me hear from you as soon as possible, so that I can announce it.

“I am tired now and must close. With warm Christian love for one and all I received all the papers you recently sent; and, where they were duplicated, I gave to whom I think can benefit from them. I remain, dear Brother, Yours by His Grace.

            Signed: L.F. ROACH – Dated March 20, 1962 – TRINIDAD

NOTE: Now follows the Questions mentioned in par. 3 of the above letter:

“Do you not think you are doing the Class a great disservice by visiting us at this solemn season of the year, and bringing such disturbing and controv­ersial questions as Campers Consecrated and No more Youthful Worthies after 1954, and having them passed as though they were in harmony with Star Members' teachings? And the brethren only saying before your face, Yes, I agree – you well knowing that Brother Johnson on page 209 of E. Vol. 10, says that in the finished picture the Epiphany Camp consists of truly repentant and believing, but not consecrated Jews and Gentiles?

“Why treat us like that? Is it because, as I am told, you look at us as being ignorant, or of short memories? I can assure you that next month, whether or not I am down for a discourse, I am going to expose this thing. You are the one to officiate at our Memorial service. Shame! Are Nicolaitanes (Rev. 2:14,15) people who care little for the spiritual welfare of others?

“(5) Brother Johnson admitted fallibility in many things, so why are you now, without one jot of evidence, forcing 1954 upon us? See E Vol. 7, p. 290, par, l.

NOTE: Now follows a paragraph from the Feb. 15, 1913 article by Brother Russell: “St. Paul shows that the most subtle attacks of the adversary are to be expected through human agencies. Satan works in the hearts of the 'children of disobedience' (the Great Company, per Berean Comment; Col. 3:6 – JJH); and the more honorable they are, and the more closely identified with the Lord and His people these 'children of disobedience' may be, the greater service they may render to the Adversary. (The 'double minds' of the Great Company serve partly the Lord, and partly Azazel – ­Azazel means Perverter – and especially so while they are abandoned to Azazel – JJH) For this reason, Satan presents himself as an angel of light, and not as a messenger of darkness; for well he knows that error and sin will repel the children of light.”


“Dear Brother Hoefle: The note on the other side of this paper will show how things were. Considering him not a fit man and proper person to conduct the Passover service, knowing conditions according to your paper of December 1961, I celebrated with six others at home. This is the brother who believes there are still Saints here –

                                    Signed: L. F. Roach – March 20, 1962

Here is note referred to above:

“Dear Bro. Roach: – I am sent here chiefly to try to persuade you not to observe the Memorial at St. James apart from the general body, which savors of a division. I personally would advise against it – despite doctrinal differences which Bro. Jolly thinks are major, and not minor, I think differently. on the doctrinal points that count, you are both at one. I give you the above in writing because of your physical handicap. Dated March 16, 1962 – ­Signed: Bro ------- Trinidad”

Now follows a list of Questions by Brother Roach to R. G. Jolly:

“Having accepted your teaching that the Kingdom started in 1954, will you tell us, When did the cataclysm of trouble which is to precede it take place – and the then present order swept away in its entirety? (Z Reprints 5650 – March 1915, col. 1, par. 6)

“(2) Seeing that some such as the Jonadabs, Campers Consecrated and Quasi‑elect Consecrated are enjoying restitution blessings, does that mean that the embargo which was placed upon Jesus' merit when He became our Advocate is now released and applied on behalf of the world for them? (Z Reprints 5666, April 1, 1915)

“(3) Seeing that up to today a lot of stress is being put on the four exhortations of Rev. 22:11, which were to be given by the Epiphany Messenger in 1954, but who died in 1950, Who eventually gave them – and with what results? Also, Why do you ignore Brother Johnson's teaching on page 672, par. 2, E. Vol. 10, where he says that Youthful Worthies can be won up to and after Babylon is destroyed? Furthermore, who are the disobedient ones of Col. 3:6? (See Berean Comments on Col. 3:6 – JJH)

“(4) In E. Vol. 17, p. 37, top, Brother Johnson coupled the sons and daughters of Joel 2:28, and told us that they are to be developed during the Millennium. Why have you now separated them, and bring forward the sons into the Gospel Age? By what authority?

“(5)  Will sacrificing be possible, or required, in the coming Age, as now (Z 3845, col. 1) and, (2) will Restitution precede or follow the establishment of the Kingdom?

“(6)  On p. 614, top, par. 1, Vol. 8, Brother Johnson says that the signal that Restitution salvation is operating will be the return of Ancient and Youthful Worthies. When was that signal given?

“(7)  We are told on p. 581 of E. Vol. 6 that the anarchists will terribly persecute spiritual Israel, who will be violently caught up in the clouds, according to 1 Thes. 4:17. who are spiritual Israel there referred to?

Follows now a letter from Brother Roach to R. G, Jolly:

“Dear Bro. Jolly: – Greetings in the Beloved!

Your letter to the Class re my suspension as the Movement's representative has caused quite a commotion, coupled with the fanfare, sheer necessity, given to the acting holder, I was forced to cause a letter from me to be read at the same time, in which I said this is my second experience of this kind in the Truth.

“(l) In 1918, after America had entered the first phase of World War 1, and Rutherford unnecessarily interfered by advising men eligible for enlistment not to enlist, and he and his associates were cast into prison, I here in Trinidad was in a fairly high semi‑military office, I was reported to the Governor as being a Russellite, and therefore was false to the Government. I was then told that I must disassociate from Russellism or be dismissed. I had no other means of liveli­hood; I recalled Daniel's similar position in ancient days. I told the Governor that I cannot disassociate from those people, for I find them the only Christians. I was born and bred in the Anglican Church, of which the Governor was a member. Well, I do not know what went on secretly in the Governor's office, but I know that I was in service five years longer, when I was eligible to retire on a pension, which I now deem a salary in the Lord's service. During those five years, waiting for the Lord's decision, which I felt absolutely certain of, I had to refute Ruther­ford's false teaching, attempting to bring forward the New Covenant to 1918, hence “Millions Now Living Will Never Die, 'Virgins Fair,' 'Sheep and Goats prophecy operation now,' (A similar doctrine to Campers Consecrated – JJH), and a lot more tommyrot.

“(2) I came into contact with Brother Johnson through his writings in 1931.

Right away I saw the unbroken link of Truth, for which I had already undergone a victorious test. I then hunted up all old Bible Students, whom I knew had left the Society, and under Brother Johnson formed this Class in Trinidad, which is now undergoing their first Class testing, similar to what I underwent from 1918‑1925. Bringing forward time features (See one instance, if no more, 1 Cor. 4:8). Brother Johnson says in Vol. 17, p. 37, that the sons and the daughters of Joel 2:28, will be developed during the Millennium. You are now pleased to separate them, and bring forward the sons into the Gospel Age Restitu­tion started in 1954, etc.

“In your letter you place me in Satan's hands. I can assure you that there is the same amount of Truth in that condemnation as there is in the Pharisees ascribing Satanic powers to Jesus – Matt. 12:24‑28.

“I told you before, and I tell you again, it is no use worrying with one another, because we are on the opposite end of a pole. I tell you now positively I do not want to be reinstated as Your representa­tive, for I want no honor from man, but from God only – John 5:44.

“In the early portion of this letter I said that your acting representative is from sheer necessity. After all, somebody must represent you.

“What I am going to say is in the interest of the Truth. If you look up your office file, you will see in one of my letters of 1959, when this brother was going to St. Vincent and Bequia, that he would have been well advised not to repeat things which he cannot prove from the Bible, because the people were not as backward as he may think.

“I am told that on the day he read your letter to the Class he said that you are Divinely appointed and cannot make a mistake. (Brother Roach has now informed us the Brother has made humble apology for this statement, for which we commend him – JJH) – Well, I need not tell you that I refuted that stoutly, by quoting the history of Saul, who was also Divinely appointed, but was finally re­jected because of 'disobedience.'

“On your first visit to Trinidad (after Brother Johnson's death) in 1951, 1 told you that we are looking to you as a pointer to point to Star Members' writings. Many of the brethren still remember those words; but, seeing you are now pointing in an opposite direction, there is no alternative but to forsake you.

“Wishing you all that is good, with the full assurance that no creature can thwart the Eternal Plan, I remain, Yours in His Grace, – (Signed) L. F, Roach ­Dated March 12, 1962 – TRINIDAD”


We now call upon R. G. Jolly to present public answer – without evasion or subterfuge – to Brother Roach's questions set out above. And with this comes our prayer that this controversy may result to the blessing of God's Fully Faithful people everywhere; and the reminder once again that “the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable.... without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” – (Jas.3:17)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



My dear Brother Hoefle:

My heart's prayer for you both is one of thanksgiving for your service and prayers, which have been answered the past weeks of my husband's sickness by the supplies of strength and loving kindness. It may even open a door to service in my own town, as the ... minister called on him in the hospital, and was assured by him that his wife knew all about the Bible (slightly exaggerated) and the minister said he would call on me.....

I am enclosing a clipping sent me from Brother ------- which might interest you and arouse your sympathy. It hadn't occurred to me that many ministers may be con­fused re the virgin birth.... I have received a parcel of reading matter from Hebrew Christian Bible class..... I intend to send the Jewish editor “Where are the Dead” and the Resurrection tracts,...

The cards continue to come weekly urging me to get in touch with the P.T. editor – from Florida, Burmington, Glendale, Cal. One amusing thing was a letter from an aging southern sister asking if I was the one sending them, and if so she would refuse them, etc. I could honestly tell her “Not Guilty.

Your sister in the love of and faith in the Blessed Word ------- MASSACHUSETTS


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and Peace unto you and yours!

I enjoy your paper very much. One thing I cannot understand in Bro. Jolly's writings – I do not see any Epiphany Consecrated Campers; and there can be no consecration outside the Court or linen curtains, as Brother Russell plainly taught in Tabernacle Shadows. I've never heard Bro. Johnson mention it in any of his Present Truths.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and Sister Hoefle in His love.

I remain your Youthful brother ------- NEW JERSEY