by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 86

My dear Brethren: Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

On page 50 of the paper under review, under the caption ‘‘Gathering or Scattering – Which?” R. G, Jolly again “makes manifest” what manner of person he is by directing Scriptures at others that correctly apply to him. That Evil Servant did exactly the same thing, and aroused substantially the same comments from Brother Johnson that we have on numerous occasions expressed toward R. G. Jolly. One case in point is Rom. 16:17,18, “mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned.” Let R. G. jolly make clear once and for all when, where, and from whom he learned his doctrine of “Consecrated Epiphany Campers.” We have repeatedly asked this question, with each time Silence as the only answer. And we may be certain of the same Silence once more.

In col. 1, par. 1, p. 50 he speaks of “developing and perfecting His (the Lord’s) Consecrated Epiphany Campers” since 1954. In E:10-114 Brother Johnson clearly teaches that when the time arrives to apply Rev. 22:11 (which time he then in 1941 thought would be 1954), “it would be useless to exhort the tentatively justified to consecrate and sinners to repent.” R. G. Jolly sets that aside, of course, and substitutes some teaching (errors) of his own since 1954 – all the while screaming at others for teaching “contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned.” The basic cause of the turmoil in Trinidad this year stems directly from the “strange fire” (false doctrine) of R. G, Jolly’s ‘‘Consecrated Campers’’ since 1954, an error which Brother Roach and others there refuse to swallow – just as we have refused to do it – so it Is he (R. G. Jolly), and not_they, who is respon­sible for the Trinidad division; and the text “mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned” rightly applies to R. G. Jolly (which motivated Brother Roach in his course toward R. G. Jolly, who is the real culprit in causing divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine he has learned from the Star Members).

But, just as did That Evil Servant, R. G, Jolly accuses the Faithful of guilt for aberrations that are solely his responsibility. And for this he will surely receive the “shame” (Isa. 66:5) which the Lord has reserved for “brethren” of his strain. As Brother Johnson has so correctly stated in E:3-190, the chief wrongdoing of such crown-losers are in their ‘‘relations to God, to Jesus, to His prospective bride and to one another.” And R. G. Jolly offers vivid and compelling proof that Brother Johnson spoke the truth. His conduct since October 22, 1950 toward the Faithful up to his present and latest attack against the Faithful Bro. Roach of Trinidad clearly reveals that he has not overcome this evil, which he will surely have to do before he ever becomes a cleansed Levite.

When R. G. Jolly accuses Brother Roach of influencing others to a separate Memorial this year, it would be well if he offered proof for his accusation, be­cause we have Brother Roach’s testimony that it is completely false – just another Jolly falsehood – unless we admit that Brother Roach’s faithful magnetism was that “influence.” We were informed by those brethren who attended that meeting that they went to Brother Roach’s home for the Memorial without any Invitation from him – without even previously informing him of their intentions; they were impelled by the “example of the believers” which they have witnessed in Brother Roach over the years, and they were determined to minimize the abuse he was receiving from a “leprous” Levite. (See E:4-243-302)

And be it noted that Brother Roach has never gone “contrary to the doctrine which he has learned” from the Star Members – although R. G. Jolly has flagrantly done so with his self-styled Campers Consecrated, his errors on tentative justi­fication, on Rev. 22:11, on the abandonment process for Azazel’s Goat (See E:l5­525, par. 1), etc., etc. And this perverter (Azazel means Perverter) now vilifies and stigmatizes a brother because he refuses to ‘‘wallow’’ in those errors – a brother who insists upon retaining the “doctrine he has learned” from the Fully Faithful Star Members, as he rejects the “strange fire” emanating from an uncleansed Levite leader.

When he complains that Brother Roach received us, why does he single out Bro. Roach for the occasion? Many of his more prominent Auxiliary Pilgrim-Evangelist representatives have no hesitancy in giving us brotherly greetings at R. G. Jolly’s own Conventions; and they do this openly before him. Self-evidently these breth­ren are persuaded by the exhortation and warning of the beloved Epiphany Messenger:

‘‘Among many Truth people, therefore, clericalism is one of the burning questions. It is almost everywhere rampant. In Little Babylon we have a little presbyterial system of church government – the rule of elders. In its work-director we have its ecclesial bishop..... In the Society pilgrims we have the little cardinals, and in the Society’s president we have the little pope. Trampled under the feet of these clericalists the democracy that in Brother Russell’s day exercised the autonomy and independence of the ecclesias, varyingly in the organizational Levite subdivisions, is being destroyed. Some of the brethren have been aroused to appropriate action in this matter; some are very timidly resisting.....

‘‘And to you, dear Epiphany-enlightened brethren, we would address a suit­able exhortation: ‘Stand fast, therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage.’“ (See E:8 pp. 349-350 for the complete warning and exhortation)

These brethren give us such brotherly fellowship because they have known us over the years; they also know that Brother Johnson never exposed us before the General Church as “loquacious, repetitious and false-accusing” (E:10-591), nor as “unfair and unkind,” as he has done with R. G. Jolly; and they refuse to be­come partakers of his sins. Such Youthful Worthy brethren who resist R. G. Jolly’s clericalism are participating in the battle against clericalism and sectarianism in Little Babylon, and if persisted in to the end will be counted as overcomers of these two sins with the faithful Youthful Worthies (See E:5-226-229 – battle against Oreb and Zeeb). The Great Company Class will not be counted as overcomers in this battle, because it has been the Great Company all during the Gospel Age who actually perverted the Star Members teaching and started the various sects to build up Big Babylon – just as it was the Great Company who started the various sects in Little Babylon to build up Little Babylon.

This is probably the real reason R. G. Jolly has made such pronounced effort to expel us from his Conventions; he cannot persuade those brethren to ignore us.... those brethren who still retain the “spirit of love and a sound mind” which is now so sadly deficient in R. G. Jolly himself since his full abandonment to Azazel in October 1950, and is readily apparent by his “strong delusions,” one after another. Therefore, he fulfills the prophecy of Jesus in John 16:2,3, “they shall put you out of the synagogues.” Yes, we pity him, poor little man that he is! He will probably make even more desperate efforts to exclude us from the Conventions just ahead, in an attempt to cover up his blundering on this 1962 Memorial date, and the stinging defeat he has suffered in Trinidad in keeping with the King Saul antitype. (Please-see our No. 76-A, November 1961 on “Samuel and Saul.”)

On p. 60, col. 2, bottom, there is this statement by R. G. Jolly: “A good conscience, properly regulated by the Scriptures and the teachings of the two star-members, could not lead one into an act of revolutionism against the Lord’s Truth and arrangements, causing him clericalistically and rebelliously to over­ride the prerogatives of the local ecclesia.” We are in full accord with that statement as it stands! But we do reflect upon the record of these two (Brother Roach and R. G. Jolly)! At no time did Brother Johnson have occasion to announce Brother Roach as a clericalist, a revolutionist – nor did Brother Roach ever seek to seize control of the Lord’s Mouthpiece; and we now ponder how and when R. G. Jolly came to know the meaning of a “good conscience.” Brother Johnson clearly tells us on p. 585 of Vol. 10 that R. G. Jolly had a “bad” conscience, and often “misrepresented” Brother Johnson – just as he is now “misrepresenting” Brother Roach. Notice also on the same page 585 that Brother Johnson openly accuses R. G. Jolly of being “unfair and unkind”; and R. G. Jolly reveals nothing now at this late date to indicate he has rid himself of these evil characteristics. He is now “unfair and unkind” in his vicious “misrepresentations” of Brother Roach – just as he did with the Epiphany Messenger himself, and just as he has done toward us on numerous occasions.

It is because Brother Roach does have a “good conscience” in that he properly refused to sit at the feet of a proven perverter in the solemn Memorial service. Had R. G, Jolly himself shown the proper humility and “love” for Brother Roach that he professes, it would have been a simple matter for him to allow another to offer the Memorial discourse. That would have placed him in a much better position, because it is not for individuals, generally speaking, to disfellowship each other – ­just as we pointed out Fred Blaine’s disregard of Scriptural teaching in his error for personally disfellowshiping us, when we had done nothing whatever to him per­sonally (contrary to his false accusation against us on p. 47 of the May-June P.T.); and no ecclesia had disfellowshiped us – nor had R. G. jolly himself disfellow­shiped us at the time. So there was no precedent for such conduct set out in the Scriptures, in the Star Members’ writings, nor even by his uncleansed Levite leader (R. G. Jolly himself) at the time.

Yes, “bad” consciences, “misrepresentations” and “unfair and unkind criticisms” seem to be just as prevalent evils now as they were when Brother Johnson was harassed and bruised by them, which he recorded for the protection of all of us in faithful­ness to the Lord, the Truth and the Brethren, that we all may be forewarned against such sins (such record otherwise being unnecessary, if not to protect others while serving as chastisement to correct these evils in R. G. Jolly). Clearly enough, there are many who claim to be “in the Truth”; but the Truth is not in them!

And it seems apropos now to point out that Brother Johnson tells us these crown-losers (of which R. G, Jolly is a part) “Repetitously” boast of their right­eousness (just as R. G. Jolly is now doing in his letter to Brother Roach), and they criticize and pick Brother Johnson to pieces, demanding his attention (just, as R. G. Jolly is now doing to Brother Roach), “They profess that they did not seek to intimidate nor oppress him (Bro, Johnson)” – just as R. G. Jolly claims for himself in his latest attack against Faithful Brother Roach. (Please see E:10-586 for complete details of the references cited,) Be it noted, R. G. Jolly claimed to be a crown-retainer when he was a crown-loser; he is now claiming to be a cleansed Levite when he is a very UNCLEAN Levite, as is clearly manifested by his continued evils and perverted teachings. Also he by act claims that a “cleansed” Levite leader stands in the same relative position of a Star Member in that he has boldly foisted upon God’s people a new doctrine (actually offering “strange fire” before the Lord). In all his “loquacious foolish effusions” now, just as was the case under Brother Johnson, he by his acts clearly reveals his inferiority (his uncleansed condition) by his sins of teaching and practice, while repetitiously voicing his “superiority” over the faithful while comparing his course to theirs (just as revealed in his letter to Brother Roach). Nor should we be surprised that he denies such evils, all the while he repeatedly indulges in such wrongs. That Evil Servant, and the Pope in Big Babylon, have done precisely the same thing, as they repeatedly requested all to behold their “cleansed” and righteous condition. “Why call ye me Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

Now follows Brother Roach’s answer to R. G. Jolly’s letter as published on page 58 of the July-August Present Truth:

Dear Brother Jolly: - Christian greetings!

In your letter of May 29 you write me some 4,000 words which you crowd into six pages of closely written typing – full of repetitious effusions and “false­accusing” sentences; and I am now beginning to appreciate from painful personal experience with you why Brother Johnson felt it necessary to describe you in Vol. 10, p. 591, as “loquacious, repetitious, false-accusing and pouring out foolish effusions.” Please know that I have no wish to follow your example in my answer to you.

A number of times you refer to a “sifter and open active enemy of the Truth and arrangements”; but you leave me to guess this “sifter’s” identity, because you do not give me his name. You have attacked more than one ‘sifter’ (?) in your publications before the brethren, so that it would be well for you to resolve to be honest and clear in all your accusations against them, making clear and concise statement so that all the brethren will not become more befuddled than they are already as to your contentions. In this same letter you also repeatedly refer me to the example of Brother Johnson. When discussing such people as leaders in various groups, did Brother Johnson ever leave us in doubt as to their identity? Of course he did not! When attacking the evil course of such prominent ‘mis’leaders, Brother Johnson left us in no doubt as to their identity. He always clearly identified the errorists so that all the breth­ren would be properly informed and forewarned.

You are also telling me I even refused to have conference with you when you sent a special messenger to arrange one. Yes, I did refuse and requested him to draw your attention to “Arch-enemy of God’s People” on page Z 5183, where That Servant advised to keep away from you, thereby rebuking you for applying Scriptures out of their time features. Knowing the brother as I do, I believe he did it.

In our Berean Study in preparing for this year’s Memorial when we got to p. 469) Vol. Six, par. 1, you were discussed in connection with your conduct on page 555 of E. Vol. Ten, with that Youthful Worthy widow in comparison to 1 John 3:17. There were only five or six of us, and I requested that it should not be made public. I next considered 1 Tim. 4:12, that one who claims to be at the head of a religious group should be an example of it.

When I also remember your animosity against Brother and Sister Hoefle in which you left America and showed here in Trinidad, I felt I would be a hypocrite of the darkest hue to sit at the same table with such an one. I am glad to know that we are not enemies, and that I can drop you a note sometime if necessary.

I rejoice in Brother Russell’s advice to keep the prize always before my eyes. Page Z 5082, col. 1. par. 5-7. I cannot see why you accepted that letter from Bro. Krewson in your January 1952 Present Truth.

On p. 3. par. 2, you say Brother Johnson’s teachings “include the Consecrated Epiphany Campers.” Please give me some references where he teaches such a class.

You use many more ‘words’ about my failure to attend certain meetings arranged by the Trinidad brethren. You are well aware that I have not supported you in the false doctrine of Epiphany Campers Consecrated – nor have I supported you in any of your gross revolutionisms against the Truth and its Arrangements; nor have I acted hastily in withdrawing from you entirely. As you know, I am now fully persuaded that you are presenting ‘strange fire’ before the brethren, because I well realize that no crown-lost leader can receive any new doctrine from the Lord; that they can only receive such “due Truths” from the Star Members. Until you have ‘purged’ yourself of these sins of doctrine and practice, please consider me strong and firm in my stand against such a course. My only proper course as a faithful “overseer of the flock” (Acts 20:28) is to stay away from your meetings and follow St. Paul’s counsel, “from such turn away” (so long as you continue in the “error of your way”). Be assured that there is nothing ‘Personal’ against you in my decision, because I am fully persuaded that I must take a firm stand against such errors of doctrine and practice if I would be faithful to the Lord, the Truth and the Brethren.

When you accuse me of having a separate Memorial and inviting various brethren to partake with me, you make a false accusation against me (just as you did under Bro. Johnson against others). Certain brethren who came to partake with me came of their own volition, without any coercion, invitation and arrangement on my part. I now request that you correct the misrepresentation you made of me on this matter in your May-June P.T. in your next Present Truth. (Emphasis ours–JJH) If you have the ‘love’ for me, the Truth and Righteousness that you profess, and that you should have, then it will be your pleasure to make this correction and vindicate my course in the eyes of the brethren.

Among other things you say the Memorial Season is a time to purge ourselves of the ‘leaven’ (false doctrines being one of the vital issues mentioned). I have faith­fully continued in the fundamental doctrines of the Star Members; nor have I accepted any ‘new doctrine’ given by any crown-lost leader. It would have been a great bless­ing to you and others had you ‘purged’ yourself from this ‘strange fire’ of Epiphany Campers Consecrated at this past Memorial Season. It is my hope and prayer that you will yet see your proper course and “turn from the error of your way” while it is called TODAY.

The Lord has dealt bountifully with me over the past fifty years, especially under Brother Russell and Brother Johnson. He has “guided me with His eye” in the way I should go, even as He has promised the Fully Faithful. I am now past 90, and I am thankful there is no record made (by either Star Member) of any revolutionism against the doctrines or the arrangements at any time. (Yes, this beloved Brother was loved and respected by both Star Members because of his faithfulness; but now when he is past 90 years this self-claimed ‘cleansed’ Levite leader finds him a clericalist and a revolutionist because he resists his errors – just as he resisted similar crown-lost leaders in-the beginning of the Epiphany –JJH) Since I have been placed in a prominent position, such deflections would have been made manifest – ­especially during this Epiphany. The Epiphany Messenger would not have hesitated to record such serious deflections (revolutionisms, etc.), had there been any – even as he did in cases of other prominent brethren serving in similar positions under him. Ever since the Epiphany Messenger’s demise, I have continued to persevere in faith and obedience to the Lord and His Truth, without that “fear of man which bringeth a snare.”

Since Brother Johnson found it necessary to record a few of your serious deflec­tions, as well as to record some of your characteristics (“loquacious effusions” etc.), I find it my duty, painful though it may be, to exhort you to forsake such devious methods (such as your six-page letter reveals) and seek to speak forth the Truth in clear and unmistakable language, abandoning all “foolish effusions” and repetitions of ‘‘Words to no profit.”

There is much more I could say, but this should suffice for now. if you can accept the above exhortations, then I shall appreciate a clear and brief answer to the various questions I have asked you herein.

Yours by His Grace, (Signed) L. F. Roach

June 26, 1962

It is our hope and prayer that the facts set out above will vindicate the faith­ful course of Brother Roach in contrast to the evil course of R. G. Jolly against him as set out in the July-August Present Truth on pp. 58-62; and that if possible for R. G. Jolly, he will turn from his evils, repent and call upon the Lord in sincerity and in Truth. (See Psalms 107:10-13)

Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.” (Psa, 60:12)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



My dearly beloved Bro. & Sr. Hoefle: – Grace be multiplied!

Your very sympathetic letter received and I was put in a state of inactivity for the balance of the day. When I think of Bro. Jolly saying in this so-called Present Truth that I enticed brethren to celebrate the Memorial with me, it is some­thing to behold. Oh, yes! It was the very thing I purposely avoided. I will give you an instance. One of the five or six brethren who used to attend the Passover B. S. in Vol. Six with me, and to whom I used to give a regular gift out of my small pension (knowing she is a penniless widow and would need money to pay her taxi fare), wasn’t offered this help at the time. I had the amount ready to give her the moment she asked for it, but I did not offer her the money lest she feel that I was paying, or enticing, her to come..... Lo and behold the very thing I thoughtfully refrained from doing is the very thing Bro. Jolly says I did! Well, well, well! ..............

I thank you for the reference to Bro. Cranmer in E. Vol. 8. My dear brethren, I have to close right now, as tears are darkening my sight. I ask help from you both and from the other brethren by prayer. May God bless you!

Yours by His Grace Bro ------- TRINIDAD


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and peace through our blessed Lord and Master!

Yours of June 16 and the July and August articles are duly received. We are glad to receive these rich blessings. it certainly brings pain to our hearts to see how befuddled these uncleansed Great Company members are. I had to speak harshly to one of R. G. Jolly’s able Pilgrims, who – after my efforts to prove Campers Consecrated as a false doctrine from Volumes and Towers of Brother Johnson – ­actually refused to hear the volumes read. Certainly, we fear for them!

I have also received from Brother ------- a few days ago ...pound on your behalf; also Brother Roach has written to me a very encouraging letter. Oh! we thank the dear Lord for such faithful brethren! Although advanced in age, I believe the Lord has much work for him to do, so may we pray the Lord’s continued blessing to rest with him and the dear ones in Trinidad.

The dear brethren here are all still fighting the “good fight” – although not all physically fit. We believe the good Lord has a work for all His faithful to do, and all must accomplish that which the Lord desires of them. So may you in His ser­vice be one found worthy to share in God’s eternal blessings!

May our love and prayers for you, Sister Hoefle and the dear ones with you, bring much blessings as you all continue to be faithful. Hymn 13.

Yours by His Grace....... Bro ------- JAMAICA


Dear Brother and Sister Hoefle: – Loving greetings in Jesus dear Name!

I am late in thanking you for the nice folders. Thank you very much.

I think ------- wrote you about them, but I ought to myself if possible. The trouble is I have so little good eyes to see what I have written. I guess I had better let M .... do it for me after all.

Lovingly, Sister ------- OHIO


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Grace and Peace!

Pertaining to your Pilgrim trip, accompanied by Sister Hoefle, to our dear Brother Roach and the Brethren in Trinidad, as related in your message of June, No. 83, it is interesting indeed re Star Members’ teachings, doctrines and Truths... Divinely supported, and your part therein, enabled by His sanction so to do, to offset the errors.... I would herewith enclose a small remittance to enable our pursuit of Zeba and Zalmunna, ever with the wish and prayer of upholding “Truth and Righteousness.”

With hearty Christian love and prayers for all the brethren in your vicinity.

By His Favor, Brother ------- NEW JERSEY

Note: The following letter has just been received from Brother Roach (Aug. 10, 1962), which we would have included in the general exposure of R. G. Jolly had we received it in time. However, since R. G. Jolly makes such public attacks upon us through the letters of others about not publishing his side, we now ask why he would fail to publish Brother Roach’s letter in the July-August, 1962 P.T., especially since it was the one he was answering, dated May 5, 1962? We believe that this letter from Brother Roach will help clear up some of the false accusations made against him by this Levite leader, therefore we now give it to the brethren for their information:

Dear Brother Jolly: – Grace be multiplied!

Your letter dated April 21, 1962 re my dismissal as Auxiliary Pilgrim of L.H.M.M. received with thanks. You will not see with me, but I can only say from a human stand­point it is somewhat late.

From the tenor of your letter it is easy to see that certain facts are concealed from you, I am going to tell you them as Brother Martin gave them to me, as from the so-called emergency meeting: Brother Nelson had a secret talk with you at Piarco Airport. He, Brother Nelson, left you and went for Brothers Khan and Robertson and the three of them came to him where it was agreed that I should be made to apologize to the class before serving them in any form, and if I had succeeded in having things my way, that they, the elders would walk out of the meeting. This was on the night of the 29th of March. Brother Robertson was to give me personally a notice. I never got that notice. When I took the chair to lead a Berean Study they pounced upon me, giving me no chance. See Z 5740, col. 2, par. 5 & 6. Of course as I am the one to be gotten rid of, it does not matter. (This is the only Brother that we recall that was praised so highly by Fred Blaine at last year’s Labor Day Convention–JJH) When I pressed and told them that even among heathen justice is not denied, I was told that I held a separate Memorial Service without the Class’ permission, Please see Z 5501, col. 2, par. 5.

Three days before the so-called elders meeting, that is on the 26th of March, Nelson was foolish enough to go to Brother Martin seeking advice how to put the case to the class about my holding a separate Memorial, among other things he told Brother Martin how he had suffered a lot at the hands of Brother Roach and now it is his turn to come back.

In 1960 in the slander case, I fought it alone for Brother Robertson was in full sympathy with Nelson, in so much that when you gave instructions for the second apology Brother Robertson instructed the apologizer to do so during a prayer and testimony meeting, and those who knew nothing about the matter had to ask questions, The idea of turning a prayer meeting into a business meeting to honour a slanderer! (And these are the brethren R. G. Jolly thinks are ‘fitted’ to take care of the spiritual interests of the brethren in Trinidad! Why? Because they go along with him in his revolutionistic course, and with his false doctrine of Epiphany Campers Consecrated! –JJH)

You, Brother Jolly are to be blamed, for you know the man and when he, as an individual, brought his charge you should have seen vengeance behind it, as did dear Brother Martin who refused to be a party to it, and shut down all L.H.M.M. meetings at his house. Dear Sister Walcott, at St. James, has done likewise.

I call the whole business a dirty plot, and I quote Isaiah 51:17: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.”

Brethren are coming one by one inquiring what is happening. A certain one said he is sorry he has left the Anglican Church.

In closing, I deem it appropriate to you that I am told many things you said to the discredit of dear Brother Hoefle, so I thought it only fair to invite him to come to Trinidad and defend himself, which he did with marked success.

I am in the Household of faith and challenge the two clergymen and laymen who could not even allow the case to be put to the vote to explain to inquirers. However, the situation is unique still!

Yours by His Grace, L. F. Roach - May 5, 1962.


Note: We make special emphasis to the praise Fred Blaine made of this brother, because it was timely and true, when he said this brother, although up in age, was so very clear in the Truth. And we say Amen to that statement. – JJH