by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 106

My dear Brethren: - Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

Because zeal for thy house hath eaten me up, And the reproaches of them who have reproached thee have fallen upon me.” (Psa. 69:9 – Rotherham)

It has always been a characteristic (one of their “besetting sins”) of all Great Company leaders to expend their main zeal toward “saving souls,” beckoning to the world (in contrast to the Faithful Little Flock who obediently “separated themselves from the people of the land” – Ezra 10:11; Luke 6:22; 2 Cor. 6:17) – ­instead of following in “His steps” and remaining dead to self and alive toward God (seeking the Master's path). Their love for popularity – “do great works, win great numbers, gain great favor” (E-15:525) has taken the place of the “zeal for mine house” (for the Household). This has been true of all Great Company leaders throughout the Gospel Age up to the present – this Epiphany period – and the visible result has been the construction of Great and Little Babylon.

Immediately after Brother Johnson's demise, R. G. Jolly began manifesting pro­nounced characteristics that he himself is “not one whit behind” the chiefest of his soulmates of the past and present in his endeavors to ''win great numbers'' and gain the popularity that such crown-lost leaders crave. To do this he must cut the supply of the Household down and enlarge the supply for the world! So he did just the reverse of what Brother Johnson (the faithful Star Member) had set up: he cut down the Present Truth to six copies a year, and increased what was formerly The Herald of the Epiphany from six copies to 12 copies each year. And to make his appeal to the world more attractive he changed the name of The Herald of the Epi­phany to The Bible Standard, and “doctored” the covering (many such crown-lost leaders have a “D.D.” back of their name, proclaiming to all that their divinity has been “doctored”).

Nor do we find too much fault in his making the paper more attractive. The fault we do find is that in changing the Arrangements (as set up by The Epiphany Messenger for the Epiphany period) he started on his downward career of “feeding the poor world” and starving the Household – or at least putting them on a starva­tion diet of Truth mixed with error to fit his own program of “consecrating the Restitutionists,” instead of seeking those who have a yearning to serve God sacri­ficially, and feeding them with their God-given promises of the elect to enable them so to do. Naturally, as did the Jehovah's Witnesses, he had to present a doc­trine to fit in with his “Restitution Consecration” – hence his Epiphany Campers Consecrated who, he says, will also be “princes in all the earth,” although they won't have the Resurrection of the Just – but will receive the Resurrection of the UNJUSTI­FIED (Resurrection by judgment). And in this deceptive mirage there is one “small” item he fails to tell them; namely, they won't receive their “princeship” inheritance at the same time the real princes receive theirs – they will have to await the begin­nings of the general resurrection, perhaps many years after the real princes begin their reign (even according to his own presentations, if there were such a consecrated class here in this Epiphany; but such is not the case, as this class is as non-exister as the Jehovah's Witnesses' crop of 'dedicated' Restititionists).

At the same time he is giving us the “sleight-of-hand” that they are Tentatively Justified (a faith justification for a faith Age only), and are also walking a narrow way”! And we emphasize that he himself teaches that they will not receive the Resur­rection of the JUST(IFIED)! And with this program well on the way (since 1954) he is giving his “burning zeal” – his choicest portion – to the world. Indeed it seems that he may yet “sell all that he has to feed the poor” world. Self-evidently, he “sold the Truth” to the extent that he lost his crown; and there is grave danger that he any “sell all” and lose his standing in the Great Company. This would indeed be a sad ending for one who has managed to stay in the Household as long as he has, even though the greater part of that occupancy has been as a 'loser' (a self­admitted 'loser' since 1938) – a crown-loser.

But the record of the fully faithful has been just the opposite to the course of the Great Company leaders – from Jesus down to the least member in the Body of Christ – including the last elect class, the fully faithful Youthful Worthies. He uses his time and energy to think up new ways to appeal to the world; and in putting out new tracts, of which there seems to be no end! He tells his sectarian adherents, Keep busy; distribute the tracts, etc., etc., but by no means seek to 'argue' with the 'sifters' (the Hoefleites). As was mentioned in a letter from one of his chief representatives: they have sharp minds and are too much for you! We agree that the Adversary does indeed have a 'sharp' mind, but not sharp enough to overthrow the fully faithful who have received the ''wisdom from above'' (His Truth and its Spirit). And the Lord's faithful people can rest in the assurance of His promises: “For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.” With that promise in mind, we do not advise the fully faithful to “flee from the gainsayers.” Nor do they do so in any instance of which we know. It is the 'gainsayers' who flee from the presence of the faithful ­the Epiphany-enlightened brethren who have “continued in what they have learned and been assured of” – for they know of whom they have learned the Truth (from the faith­ful teachings of the last two Star Members). So when the adherents of these Little Babylon sects inadvertently come to us, they are sure not to make that mistake again – ­although at no time do we treat them with any discourtesy; we strive to give them brotherly help. They are permitted to do much of the talking. It is usually the questions we ask them that cause their discomfiture. But we “think it not strange” that these persuasive Great Company leaders can 'teach' their adherents that their faithful (?) presentations just won't hold up with these Epiphany-enlightened brethren, so the Lord's “arrangements” for them is to “flee from them”!

Repeatedly R. G. Jolly has told the brethren from Convention platforms that they should get out in the service – especially with his Bible films – and approach the people in the churches in Big Babylon. He says the people are becoming more and more interested in learning the Truth! This is the exact opposite to what Brother Russell and Brother Johnson taught: they repeatedly taught that the world in general would become more and more confused with error, and would be unable to receive the Truth less and less until after Big Babylon's destruction in Armageddon. We do agree that people are becoming more interested in some “form” of religion, because the times are indeed perilous. They have reached that stage where they are hiding “in the dens (secret societies, beneficial societies), and in the rocks (the fortresses of Society, civil and ecclesiastical) of the mountains (Kingdoms); and saying to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us (Epi, over or about, to cover and protect us; the common view that wicked men will get enough faith to pray for the literal mountains to fall, is absurd), and hide us (through our show of outward religious inclinations) from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne... For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?” (Rev. 6:15-17 – see Berean Comments). But it is also mani­fest that they are interested in any hokus-pokus under the name of Christ rather than the Truth. The Adversary has seen to that, and he uses the 'speculative' minds of the Great Company to furnish a great deal of this 'hokus-pokus' – as well as relying upon their approbativeness and love of money, popularity, etc. So while in Azazel's clutches they do much to build up Little and Big Babylon, instead of participating in the work assigned to the fully faithful – that of ‘separating’ themselves from the nominal mass. While R. G. Jolly has delighted to apply such titles that belong only to the Little Flock to himself (such as “us, we,” etc.) – yet he doesn't emphasize too much the instructions to the “us” class. Instead of going “to Him without the Camp,” he emphasizes to “go to them in the Camp,”

We surely do not mean by this that the Lord's people are not to bear witness to the Truth beside all waters; but they should first seek to develop themselves in every good word and work; and, second, sacrificially help their brethren to do likewise by 'laying down their lives' for them; and, third, bear witness to the world of “sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment (to come).” – John 16:8

As previously stated, R. G. Jolly has a large supply of tracts for general distribution, as is noted on his tract table at Conventions. We are happy to note, tho, that he still continues to display the various Studies in the Scriptures by the Star Members on another table. For this we commend him. But along with this display of elevating teachings, he also has his Present Truth (which is now most improperly named. – is a misnomer – being in reality The Present Perverter); and at this last Philadelphia Convention he had a nominal-church book also displayed – ­“In His Steps.” We have read this book and find that the instructions on “In His Steps” are just in reverse of what our Lord's footstep followers would do, as recommended in the teachings of the last two Principal Men. We don't believe that any one except a Great Company leader befuddled by Azazel would be so foolish as to recommend the faithful teachings of the Star Members, and at the same time recommend the teachings of “foolish virgins” in Big Babylon – which is in direct opposition to the Truth in the Scripture Studies by both Messengers (and written by persons never blessed with “Present Truth” and its Spirit!). “A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways.” (Jas. 1:8) Such tactics certainly manifest that he (R. G. Jolly) is not what he claims for himself – to be a 'cleansed' Levite – but rather prove that he is exactly what he is: he still has his fleshly mind (double minded)! At this same Convention one of his 'newcomers' in the LHMM (possibly one of his Epiphany Campers Consecrated) was enthusiastically recommending this book (“In His Steps”); said it was so inspiring! She didn't mention any of the Studies in the Scriptures. Perhaps she hadn't had time to read any of those – probably hadn't had time to read anything more than a sermonette in the form of “Flying Saucers,” and the like.

If any of our readers have read this book – “In His Steps” – and have observed R. G. Jolly's course in seeking to proselyte and 'consecrate' a Restitution Class – then they can see the harmony of his program to the instructions therein. But we offer here a few comments from That Servant's pen as a gauge to “discern between good and evil,” and to discern “between Truth and Error”:

“I give them credit, I think, for all they claim themselves, but as for teaching sanctification of the spirit and faith in the precious blood of Christ, I do not think many of them pretend to be doing that (R. G. Jolly still claims – ‘pretends’ to be doing that, even while proselyting Restitutionists: he claims now that is the only class to be proselyted! – JJH); I do not think many would say that was their true mission, and what they are trying to do. (Brother Russell, of course, had not witnessed the ‘doublemindedness’ of crown-lost leaders in Little Babylon at that time – JJH). On the contrary, they would say that they must go after the people, save the masses from something .... Our Lord when He spoke to the Apostle Peter did not say anything about going out and catching some wolves and putting sheep's hair on them, and finding rattlesnakes, and fixing them up and making them look like sheep. You take care of the_sheep, and the lambs, and the Lord will take care of how they got to be sheep and lambs. He is to do the drawing.” (Question Book, page 295)

Also, in direct dispute of what R. G. Jolly is telling his sectarian devotees about the people now being “ready for the Truth,” Brother Russell predicts (in harmony with the Scriptures) for this our time the following in Parousia Volume 4:

“The shaking of the symbolic ecclesiastical heavens mentioned in the same con­nection has somewhat to do with these lights of Christendom coming to a lower plane of public teaching. (R. G. Jolly ‘teaches’ they are being elevated to a ‘higher’ plane of teaching; that some of them are teaching the Divine Plan of Ages in their pulpits - using it as a textbook! – JJH) This shaking would signify just what we see on every hand – a shaking up of the creeds and dogmas of Christendom, which, because of their admixture of errors, produce confusion whenever referred to – as, for instance, the doctrine of elect and non-elect infants; the doctrine of the eternal torment of all who are not saints, overcomers, etc.

''As a consequence, many of the worldly-wise men who are starring before the public are already making every effort to distract attention from all such subjects. What other subjects can they find than either the true or the false doctrine of election; and the true or the false idea of God's provision for the future life of mankind?.... They can abandon spiritual themes wholly, and descend to the plane of the natural man, to moral and political reform questions. They can go ‘slumming,’ and preach the anti-slum gospel. They can join in Christian-citizenship Crusades, etc. These things will more and more engage these pulpit stars; while others will create sensations by outdoing the most celebrated infidels in statements of what they do not believe; in making sport of the Bible record of an Adamic fall into sin, and the idea of being saved out of something which is a myth, according to their Evolutionary theory.” (pp. 595-596)

As the Berean Comment for 2 Thes. 2:11 so aptly states: “Great delusions are just before us, and some of these may come closest upon those possessing the most light of Present Truth.” Certainly R. G. Jolly is the No. 1 example of a leader who received much “light of Present Truth,” and who has succumbed to the “strong delusions” mentioned by St. Paul.

We well realize that our pointed criticisms of R. G. Jolly are distasteful to many. This we regret, of course, just as we also regret even more the necessity for such exposures. But this should also offer convincing proof that our course is not prompted by a desire to “draw away disciples” unto ourselves; otherwise, we would be using ''words smoother than butter, words softer than oil” (Psa. 55:21), as did That Evil Servant and others of like character, such as the Papal 'diplomats,' etc., have done for centuries.


In 1 Kings 12 there is recorded the revolution in Israel after the death of Solomon, with the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin remaining with Solomon's son Rehoboam, and the other ten tribes deflecting to Jeroboam. Knowing full well of the compelling appeal to all Jews of the many things held sacred by them in Jerusalem, Jeroboam said to himself (see v. 26) that his now office was on a fragile throne, and moved to protect himself by designing two golden calves, placing one in Bethel and one in Dan. “Behold thy gods, O Israel,” he said to his adherents. No longer would it now be necessary for them to climb the toilsome ascending roads to Jerusalem for worship – just stay at home, and do it the easy way. “And this thing became a sin” (v. 30). For Gospel Age purposes these two golden calves type Clericalism and Sec­tarianism; and the enormity and deep-rooted evils of these two deflections from the Word of Truth are seen in their repeated condemnation in the Old Testament record. Of the kings in Israel that followed Jeroboam it is stated at least seventeen times that they walked in the way of Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, which made Israel to sin, thus directing our attention for this Age that one sect after the other in Christen­dom would find Clericalism and Sectarianism practised by their crown-lost power­grasping leaders.


The evils of crown-lost leaders, as described aforegoing are still glaringly apparent in our day, the latest manifestation being that of R. G. Jolly. In 1 Kings 12:31 it is stated that Jeroboam ''made priests of the lowest order of the people” – a second evil made necessary by his first evil in constructing the golden calves. Here is just one more proof of Brother Johnson's teaching that rejection of one truth always forces rejection of other truths in the desperate effort to uphold and defend the first error. R. G. Jolly's clericalism became immediately apparent when he also “made priests of the lowest of the people.” He rushed to elevate J. W. Krewson to a position out of all keeping with what Brother Johnson had recognized in him. He also “laid hands” on others as speakers for his Convention programs that Brother Johnson recognized not at all for such purposes, because their deficiencies and incapacity were only too glaringly apparent to him. This is also in keeping with the course of That Evil Servant, who failed to correct corrupt and erring brethren so long as they approved of him. In addition, he and R. G. Jolly, and others of kindred spirit, have denounced the true people of God as errorists, and exhorted them to give up their “errors” (See E-13:14) – in reality the Truth which R. G. Jolly and others have been unable to meet.

Note now what Brother Johnson says of such in E-14:472: “An exhortation will go out to invade the teaching, spirit and service of the Great Company in the Truth as guilty of double rebellion, once in the nominal church, then in the Truth.” We have repeatedly pointed out R. G. Jolly's revolutionisms of various truth he once accepted and commendably preached with enthusiasm – truths against which he now rebels (revolutionizes) and supplants with his own erroneous inventions. In our January 1 paper we detailed the teachings of Brother Russell and Brother Johnson re Psa. 46, in which they show it is ridiculous to expect the Church (the Little Flock) to leave the world before Armageddon. This truth by both Messengers R. G. Jolly now rejects. And why does he do so? He does so because Brother Johnson died in 1950! And in this he becomes ridiculous in the extreme, for he attempts to set aside the inspired Word of God just because a certain man died. Surely, here he is guilty of “double rebellion.”

As we have repeatedly stressed in our papers, When crown-losers fall into the hands of Azazel, they talk all sorts of nonsense. And we have here a pronounced example of nonsense deluxe: A crown-loser arbitrarily casting aside the inspired Word of God in Psa. 46 – and the interpretation given that Psalm by both Messengers just because a human being died. And R. G. Jolly accentuates this nonsense by plac­ing great stress upon his error, while never once mentioning the Psalm itself, thus presenting an opiate to his trusting readers. It is little wonder he warns them to “avoid” us! Some of them might just begin to think a little bit if we confronted them with the Truth as expressed herein. Thus, he never tells them to “continue in the things they have learned, and have been assured of” by the last two Principal Men; he advises them to “continue in the error he is giving them,” as they ignore in toto certain pertinent Scriptures. This has been a prevalent trick of the Adver­sary all during the Age.

The same may be said for his “double rebellion” against Tabernacle truths -­truths he now sets aside to make way for his Campers Consecrated. He preaches Rom. 12:1 to them and invites them to “sacrifice,” without offering to them the blessings God promised to such. Rom, 12:1 is decidedly only a Gospel-Age text; it can have no application whatever to Restitutionists. Sacrifice under present evil conditions, without a compensating reward is contrary to all the fundamentals of God's character, because Justice is the foundation of His throne.

Our text is primarily a prophecy of our Lord. It was His zeal for God's House, the House of Sons (“Christ as a son over His own house, whose house are we” – the Fully Faithful Little Flock, Heb. 3:6) – that did fully consume Him. Secondarily, the application is for the House itself in their loving zeal “to lay down their lives” for each other. The text is the Manna for November 22, used in due course over the years past as the basis of the weekly testimony meeting. Thus, it has become one of the “ancient landmarks” for Truth people; and Solomon pointedly admonishes such: “Remove not the ancient landmarks, which thy fathers have set” (Prov. 22:28) – those old truths which have come to us by the teachings of That Servant and his faithful pilgrims – as R. G. Jolly and others of his kinsmen have done. May our readers all take heed lest they fall under the penalty of Deu. 27:17 – ”Cursed be he that removeth his neighbor's landmark.”

Sincerely your brother

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dear Brother Hoefle – Grace and peace through our Beloved Master!

Would you kindly forward 400 tracts for distribution at church doors. We have served all the churches in .... and vicinity years ago, but we could again start as there are a lot of new and young people that we can reach. Again, Sr. ------- joins me in expressing our deep appreciation to you for standing fast in defense of Parousia and Epiphany Truth. May God continue to bless your every effort to this end. We also send our Christian love to Sister Hoefle and all the dear friends there with you. Sincerely your Brother ------- ( N.J.)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Christian greetings to you and yours!

I must here acknowledge a letter from Bro ------- with two lbs. enclosed. We have entered the second month of a New Year of much joy in the Lord – and although with no less trials as the past, yet we have the assurance of His Word “My Grace is sufficient.”

We are in receipt of your monthly papers, which have been gratefully received. I pray the Lord's continued blessings on you while you strive to serve Him faithfully. My sincere love to you, Sr. Hoefle and the dear ones with you. Yours by His Grace, Brother ------- (JAMAICA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Christian Greetings!

Although we have your name in our Manna, I had not specially noted the fact of your birthday being so near at hand. Of course, the fact of my present physical condition has something to do with these omissions of late. However, I do my best and must leave matters with the Lord who knows only too well our shortcomings and weaknesses. This past two weeks I have not been able to endure this very cold and foggy weather....

I am sending a birthday card tomorrow, along with two calendars which I had hoped to send to Sister Wells and Sister Dunnagan before this date.... God bless and keep you and Sister Hoefle secure In His great love. Our love to you both and to all the dear ones with you. May the Lord's love and peace be with you all is our constant prayer. Faithfully your Bro. & Sr ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Brother Hoefle: – Loving greetings!

In my haste to answer your latter – in my joy of hearing from you – I seemed to have failed to mention the brethren. They are all well and steadfast in the Truth as they have learned it....... I think the winter will soon make its farewell and will bring with it a little better health for the older brethren. Sr ------- wrote during the Christmas Holidays and I felt with her in the loss of her husband...

We ask that you send 200 tracts. We are a bit late in placing our order, and ask that you mail as early as you can. Please remember me to the others with you – and I still ask that you continue to pray for me.

Sister ------- (JAMAICA)