by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 153

It is a sad commentary upon human history that, while religious truth brings out the best in the faithful few, it almost invariably brings out the worst in the unfaithful many. Or perhaps it would be better stated that the evil qualities of the unfaithful are forced to the surface, and their true characters revealed by the Truth wielded against them. This was so strongly impressed upon That Servant’s mind – especially toward the end of his life – that we find many of the Towers largely occupied with warnings to the faithful not to be overcome by the spirit and inclinations of the Great Company. When the expectations of some were not fully realized in 1914, they once again cast longing eyes toward antitypical Egypt – just as did some of the Jews in 607 BC, after Jerusalem had fallen to the Chaldeans. And to those Jews who would “go down to Egypt for help” Jeremiah had prophesied, “Now know therefore certainly that ye shall die by the sword, by the famine and by the pestilence, in the place whither ye desire to go and to so­journ.” (Jer. 42:22)

The antitype of the foregoing is explained in considerable detail in E-14, pp. 439-442: “The Great Company would die by the sword (controversy), the lack of Truth as food (famine), and crazing sifting errors (pestilence).... They have been refuted by the Truth in controversy (sword), lacked the advancing Truth and lost much of the Parousia Truth (famine), and have been spiritually crazed by sift­ing errors (pestilence).... He (God) would cause Azazel, the ruler of confusion.... to establish his authority over these truths as they would be used by the Great Company in their uncleanness.... and by them establish a false church as a part of the visible phase of his kingdom (as the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been busily do­ing now for some years—JJH).... would cause them to be refuted in controversy, by giving them error to defend which Truth teachers would refute (as instance the Lay­men’s Home Missionary Movement with their Campers Consecrated, Justification in the Camp outside the linen curtain of Christ’s righteousness, attempting to find Seven Classes of saved human beings in Isa. 41:19—JJH).

And concerning such the Lord Himself had given us proper warning in Matt. 10: 16-21: “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves.... Beware of men, for they shall deliver you up to the councils (By introducing motions of disfellow­shipment in General Conventions, as antitypical Jezebel has done, as the LHMM is now doing, and as the J. W.’s are also doing in their local ‘councils’), and they will scourge you in their synagogues (by making false accusations and insinuations in a futile effort to ‘make excuse’ for their “strange fire” – false doctrines ­such as Campers Consecrated, etc.).... and brother shall deliver up brother to death (by killing their good influence among the brethren, as was done after Brother Rus­sell’s death throughout the Truth movement, and as has since been done after Brother Johnson’s demise).... but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” “Whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service”! (John 16:2)


Excommunication, boycotting, slander, “whispering campaigns,” warnings, etc. ­all these “weapons” were used by JFR against the Epiphany Messenger and his asso­ciates. RGJ has also used these “same weapons” against us and our associates. JFR accused Brother Johnson of being a sifter, a second-deather, etc.; RGJ has ac­cused us of being a sifter, dead as respects our class standing, etc. JFR warned his adherents not to go near the Epiphany Messenger, not to read his papers, etc.; RGJ warns his adherents not to speak to us, not to read our papers, etc.

We now produce a letter written by RGJ in 1924 to Brother Johnson when he himself received much the same treatment from the Society that he is now using against us. But he had the Truth on his side in those days, and he could then use the same methods toward them that we are using today against him:

“Dear Brother Johnson:

“I feel that I should report conditions as I find them here in Cleveland, Ohio, where I had the privilege of serving the friends in two meetings today, numbering in attendance 15 and 26 respectively. The brethren had mailed announcements of our meetings to some of the Society friends, whose addresses they had, and were wishing they could get word to the rest, when the Society Elders came to the rescue, mimeographing and mailing the following letter to their adherents in general:

“April 22, 1924

“Dear Brother or Sister: – The Apostle says, ‘In the last days grievous wolves shall enter in, not sparing the flock,’ and to protect the Lord’s sheep against such that the following be brought to your attention: There has been a meeting advertised for next Friday afternoon and evening, at the Labor Temple, the speaker to be ‘Pilgrim Brother Jolly.’ He is working against the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, and this meeting is not be­ing held under the auspices of the Cleveland Ecclesia of the I.B.S.A. For your guidance in the future, all notices of meetings will be signed by the Secretary, C. T. Gilchrist, or announced from the platform at the B. of L.E. Furthermore, in regard to literature, please note that all our reading matter bears the name of the International Bible Students Association, or The Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society.

With Christian love, your brethren,


“By means of this letter, in which the Adversary overstepped himself, at least three Society friends came to our meeting; one saying that she proposed to stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ had set her free, another speaking of the Catholic-like actions of the elders in the Society Class, and another say­ing that when he got the elders’ letter telling him not to come, he thought that was just the reason why he should come and see what it is that the Society friends are so afraid of. He rejoiced in the ‘pure truth’ he heard, and from which others had been trying to turn him, and handed me $5.00 for the Lord’s work, also promis­ing carefully to study any TRUTHS we might send him.  The others also expressed deep interest. But what astounded me the most, dear Brother, was the truly Papal spirit, which like its pattern – the Catholic Channel – this Little Catholic Chan­nel is more and more showing. They capped the climax by posting ‘spies’ at our door to warn friends not to come into our meetings, and to spot those who did so. Different ones came in reporting how these Society deacons (one in the afternoon and two in the evening) had tried to persuade them not to attend our meeting. I sent a brother out to invite them to come in. The one in the afternoon railed against us, calling the brother a Judas and adding that he was there to warn friends against us, and that he did not think we would have much of a crowd. No doubt they succeeded in scaring some away. But some who recognized that ‘the spirit of fear’ is not the spirit that the Lord hath given us, but comes from Satan and is one of his best tools (used in spirit by the Society today, as by the Catholics in the Dark Ages) to keep others in subjection to bondage, broke through the Society guards and later testified that the Lord had blessed them with truth as a result. It almost seems impossible, dear Brother, that Truth friends could fall so low as to resort to the spirit of fear and intimidation and to such methods of the Dark Ages, in an effort to hold their flock. (We echo the same sentiments of RGJ in his “path of error” today: It almost seems impossible!—JJH) Surely the darkness hates the light. Not being able to refute the truth, they fear it. They have good reason to fear it, and to fear a loss of their members who might investigate it, and see how it puts to flight their many errors. But how can they so fall from grace as to use the same methods and tactics that Satan has always used, and which methods the Lord never used nor instructed His people to use? Alas! How are the mighty fallen!

Your brother  in  His  love  and  service,

R. G. Jolly”

Be it noted that the very intolerance which is decried in the foregoing letter is the very same intolerance – identically the same – now being practiced by the present leader of the LHMM (R. G. Jolly himself, the writer of the above letter!). His watchdogs even go so far as to come out onto the public sidewalk to interrupt our conversations, to draw aside those with whom we are speaking, and warn them against even so much as a few minutes’ conversation with us. Yet, in 1924 (before RGJ was manifested as a crown-loser), when he was wielding the Truth – under the benign influence of the Epiphany Messenger – he condemned such action as “Catholic-like actions,” the “truly Papal spirit,” “by the Catholics of the Dark Ages,” “the spirit of fear and intimidation.” (Be it remembered that Brother Johnson has often observed that these crown-losers did much better before they were manifested as such than they did afterward – and verily has this been true of RGJ!) This is indeed the spirit of error – not the spirit of Truth; so it should not require further argument from us for each unprejudiced mind to determine who is going into error, and who is retaining and upholding the Truth. RGJ admits he is a part of the “unprofitable servant” of Matt. 25:30 (the Great Company Class – See Berean Comment), the one who is cast “into outer darkness” (error). Surely, the Scriptures apply here with pointed excellence: “Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee.” (Luke 19:22), and “Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, then art thou taken with the words of thy mouth.” (Prov. 6:2)

The tactics of the Society leaders in 1924 – and now the tactics of the LHMM leaders – are indeed “the truly Papal spirit,” the tools of Antichrist; and any one who picks up such tools openly admits that he is part and parcel of Antichrist in spirit, at least. Let us consider that such tools have depraved and kept in ignorance the people in all countries where they have had full sway – Italy, Spain, Mexico, the South American and Latin American countries. All those countries lack even the progress of the Heathen Japanese; and should be a strong warning to all to avoid such methods as coming directly from the Evil One. It is a fact not to be disputed that the Protestant countries are the most progressive, the most en­lightened. These pretty well dominate the world today, although they constitute about one-sixth of earth’s population. It is in these countries that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, prevail. “The entrance of thy word giveth light”; and it is a correct observation that those who have most of that “light” are most willing to have their teachings examined in detail. That Servant always counseled his readers to prove what he presented to them; told them never to distribute any of his literature until they had first read it themselves, and had convinced themselves of its veracity. The Epiphany Messenger did the same thing. We advise the same thing to all our readers. Nor do any need feel they should make any apology to us for reading the presentations of others. Rather, we encourage all to “Stand  fast  therefore  in  the  liberty  wherewith Christ and to look with suspicion upon any who teach otherwise.

It is quite in keeping with the foregoing to remind our readers of a little experience told about himself on numerous occasions when RGJ was doing colporteur work under the superb supervision of the Star Members: He was then working a small town in the South, when the preacher of the prominent church there upbraided him for distributing such ‘heresy’ and saying he would thoroughly expose it in his next Sunday service. At the hour of service RGJ walked boldly down the middle aisle, took one of the front seats, and sat there looking the preacher squarely in the eye – much the same as we do with him at his Conventions. If the latter had really intended to orate against the ‘subversive’ literature, he changed course – said not a word about it. Now let us consider that the Executive Trus­tee (RGJ) had contributed not one penny to build or maintain that church which he so openly occupied that Sunday morning – quite a different position for him than the one we now occupy in attending LHMM meetings. Neither he, nor any of his staunch supporters have individually contributed one-half financially toward con­struction of the LHMM under Brother Johnson than we have done. Yet he has the temerity to decry our presence – “we should know better than to attend his meet­ings,” he says! Since we are told we are not welcome we should not go there! He wasn’t welcome at the church above described – not even a former member – yet he hesitated not (and properly so) to attend the meeting.

Just a little reflection should convince any one that he is now decidedly a different person than he was back there; and we need not look far for the answer: Back there he was armed with the Truth and the strong conviction of his cause. To­day he is floundering in error – his hybrid Campers Consecrated, his elimination of all saints from the earth, his rejection of the Truth that Youthful Worthies would continue to be won until after Armageddon (See E-10:672; E-4:337, 342), Tentative Justification in the Camp where there is no laver – all these he has been teaching since his abandonment to Azazel in 1950. Therefore, his own condition today is probably much the same – if not worse – as was true of that Pastor whom he defied so courageously when he had the Truth, and the conviction that always goes with the Truth. Error often makes good runners of so-called Christians; but it never makes a “good soldier” of any of them. But, regardless of that Pastor’s condition, it is accepted teaching by Epiphany-enlightened brethren that the Society leaders in 1924 were definitely in Azazel’s hands; and RGJ now treading the exact footsteps of those crown-losers back there places no strain upon the imagination for us to con­clude that he now also has the same teacher as they did then – AZAZEL!

“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, 0 God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. 0 continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee; and thy righteousness to the upright in heart.”(Psa. 36:7,10)

Sincerely  your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



QUESTION: – What is your opinion of the new set of Pyramid figures now offered by Brother Jolly in his Jan-Feb. Present Truth, to prove the last saint was glorified in 1950?

ANSWER: – Our opinion of his present figures is the same as our opinion of his Previous figures in the January 1947 Present Truth, p. 7 (upon which we have commented many times in past papers).  In that 1947 PT, under the head­ing “Some Pyramid Corroborations of Epiphany Dates,” there is set forth some six pages plus (the same number of pages as now appear 21 years later in this January 1968 PT), and 27 intricate mathematical calculations to ‘prove’ 1956 as the date for the glorification of the last saint. In this 1968 January paper RGJ numbers only 25 paragraphs of calculations, leaving the last two unnumbered. Had he numbered those two, then there would now be exactly 27 deductions to refute those previous 27 calculations back in 1947. And all of this he does from the same Pyramid.

The foregoing should be more than enough to establish our opinion of this present set of figures, but we offer some more detail – to leave no doubt in our readers’ minds. The 1947 calculations were prophetic because they presented future events; and all of us know that time itself completely and indisputably proved all 27 of those computations to be nothing but effervescent nonsense. When Brother Johnson died in 1950, it left no doubt whatever about the fallacy of RGJ’s figures for 1956; and it would seem that one such lesson should have been more than enough for him to leave the Pyramid alone. But the Lord referred to some virgins as “foolish” because they are “foolish”; the Lord never makes mistakes. But that is no reason at all why the rest of us need also to be “fool­ish.” When he presents 27 paragraphs now to disprove completely, and without any doubt, that his 27 paragraphs 21 years ago were all just “sinking sand,” we should evaluate his present views with the same measuring stick in both instances.

As all of us know, many sad mistakes have been made by tampering with the Pyramid – mistakes prompted by wishful thinking, or instigated by influence from brethren pressured by sentiment, or what not. Brother Morton Edgar was even per­suaded to find corroboration in the Pyramid for the colossal hoax of “Millions Now Living Will Never Die,” but later came to see – to his sorrow – that time itself also made him appear very foolish. We cannot know if this dear brother was one of the saints or not – although this mistake was not a revolutionism against any Truth that he had previously received. All of us make mistakes, and this de­ters us from excessive criticism of others who also make mistakes. However, when RGJ openly admits that he has lost his crown, this automatically manifests him as a part of antitypical “leprous” Miriam. And the same thing is proven in that he has revolutionized against one truth after another that he at one time accepted and presented with emphasis. Thus we believe we are not unduly harsh when we use a more critical appraisal of his mistakes than we would of others who have not grossly and persistently revolutionized against the truth which once sanc­tified them.

In all of the six pages in this 1968 January PT RGJ is attempting to ‘prove’ 1950 as the date when the last saint left this earth. Yet on page 4, col. 1, par. 2 he says this: “It should be remembered that we do not use the Pyramid as a source and rule of our faith, but simply as a symbolic corroboration of that Truth previously derived from the Bible.” If he really means that, why does he not show us where 1950 is pointed out in the  Bible; the same for 1954; the same for 1956. When Brother Johnson was refuting a “foolish” virgin on his 1943 date as the time for the complete glorification of the Church, he was very emphatic that the Pyramid is only a “witness” (which indeed is all that it is), that the year 1943 is nowhere pointed out in the Bible. Thus, the one he was refuting had reversed the order of things: Instead of proving the Pyramid by the Bible, he was attempting to prove the Bible by the Pyramid. This is exactly what RGJ is now also doing.

Concerning dates, the Bible clearly reveals 1874; it clearly reveals 1914, and other important dates. (See Parousia Volumes 2 and 3) But the only reason we have for accepting 1954 and 1956 is the parallel which Brother Johnson thought would occur, but which time itself has clearly proven to be wrong; and we are persuaded that Brother Johnson himself would have been the first to declare it wrong – even as Brother Russell was probably the first to declare his own mis­taken expectations for 1914, which he did some years before 1914 (and we believe this would have been true of Brother Johnson had he lived a few years longer: he would have seen that 1954-56 would not witness Armageddon, much less Anarchy) ­also some of Brother Russell’s mistaken expectations for the complete glorifica­tion of the Church. But even in Brother Johnson’s mistakes regarding the paral­lel, he himself did not make the mistake of the 1950 date being the time for the last saint to be glorified – never tried to prove that date from the Pyramid or the Bible. But leave it to one now abandoned to Azazel to do that, although it seems he has learned at least a little something from his 1947 fiasco; he now waits un­til the date is past before finding it in the pyramid, instead of attempting to tell us things future from that Great Stone Witness.

It is well in order here to consider the following from Epiphany Vol. 4, p.   132: “It is revolutionism or its partisan support against the Truth and its arrangements, and only revolutionism (emphasis by Brother Johnson him­self) or its partisan support against the Truth and its arrangements, that mani­fests crown-losers as such. The great touchstone of manifesting Leviteship is revolutionism or its partisan support, and nothing else.” And further from E-9, p. 140:

“In all cases antitypical Miriam’s leprosy has manifested itself in per­sistent revolutionism against either the Lord’s teachings or arrangements, or against both.” Now RGJ is telling us that is all wrong; the death of a man, says he, is the touchstone by which we may recognize crown-losers. But we say: Here is just one more time he is revolutionizing against that Truth he once accep­ted and taught; and all who support him either are sadly mistaken, or are his partisan supporters in this revolutionism. Thus, his “first advancing truth”(?) that he presented on October 27, 1950 – the day the last Star Member’s last re­mains were removed from the Epiphany Tabernacle – was not only not “advancing truth,” but was a clear revolutionism against Epiphany Truth.

In 2 Tim. 2:18, Dia., St. Paul tells us about Hymenius and Philetus “who missed the mark (were crown-losers) with respect to the Truth, saying that the resurrection has already happened; and they are perverting (Azazel means Per­verter) the faith of some.” And now another crown-loser – R. G. Jolly – is also “perverting the faith of some” by declaring that the first resurrection has al­ready happened. Nor should this surprise us, because the siftings of the Jewish Harvest are paralleled here in the Gospel-Age Harvest, so we should expect to find the same technique if we will just look for it.

Let us note specifically from 1 Tim. 1:20, Dia., that St. Paul had “deliv­ered up Hymenius to the Adversary (had abandoned him to Azazel, sent him off into the wilderness at the hands of the fit man—Lev. 16:21), that he may be taught not to blaspheme (not to revolutionize against the Truth).”

Let us remember that immediately after Brother Johnson’s funeral RGJ had one million leaflets printed to declare his great “advancing truth” (that came to him in a ‘sudden flash’ at 4:00 o’clock in the morning the day after the Epiphany Messenger’s demise). And what do we find to be the result? Why, there are fewer people believing it now than believed it when he first declared the last saint had departed from our midst. And many to whom those leaflets were given did not know even that there had been a Harvest, or that there is a difference between the Elect and the non-elect; did not even know the meaning of ‘saint.’ It was just another “foolish” virgin gesture – “words to no purpose.” Even of those Truth groups who claim to know Harvest Truth, have any of these groups yet accepted his “advancing truth” (?) and now declare themselves crown-losers – now EIGHTEEN years later? There is no doubt at all in our mind that some who accepted the ‘edict’ were in fact crown-losers; their subsequent gross and persistent revolutionisms have clearly attested to that. But we believe it to be equally true that not all who then inclined to believe him are no longer in the Body, just because they were tempor­arily “overtaken in a fault.” We know of a number who have since disavowed that belief into which they were more or less cudgeled at the time under stress of the great loss that had befallen us. RGJ places great stress upon Rev. 19:6,7, Dia.: “I heard as it were a voice of a great crowd (the Great Company of crown-losers), and as the sound of many waters (especially the various Truth Groups), and as a noise of mighty thunders (something that would be heard very pronouncedly), say­ing, ‘Hallelujah, Because our Lord God the Omnipotent reigned.’ We may rejoice and exult.” Do we find anything approximating this proclamation, even Eighteen Years after 1950? Of course not! None of the Truth groups have joined with him; none not one – have lamented, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” (Jer. 8:20) But – there is none so blind as he who will not see!



Our Memorial date for this year is April 10 – and we suggest for our Special Effort in Antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle Sunday, March 31 through Sunday April 21 for our volunteer and sharpshooting in the slaying of these two King Errors ­Zebah (Eternal Torment), and Zalmunna (Consciousness of the Dead). This can be done individually as opportunity permits, or serving at church doors or other religious services. Our tracts – No. 1, Where are the Dead, No. 2, What is the Soul, and No. 3, The Resurrection of the Dead are especially designed for this “good work”; and we suggest the pertinent literature be ordered in time to par­ticipate in this Battle. All literature will be sent free and postage paid. We believe all our faithful brethren will want to join with us in this Epiphany Arrangement to the extent of their abilities and circumstances.



Dear Brother: Christian greetings!

By this letter you will know I am still trust­ing in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – in His Goodness and Mercy. I must say it is truly wonderful what our Lord had done. Glory to His name! As it is written in John 12:32, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me,” you can boast that you have drawn me (into the Truth) – and I in turn am trying to draw others. I feel your prayers at times. I am not prosperous in wealth, but in health and Grace. It is said they that love thee shall prosper.

I wish you more strength and grace, and a prosperous New Year. May the Almighty give you Grace and Strength to carry out the task that lies before you.

With Christian love, Brother ------- (TRINIDAD)

Dear Brother Hoefle: A HUGE THANK-YOU for recent paper. I read it several times ­also made some notes. Then I mailed it to a Labor Leader in -------.

We have been close friends for a number of years. In fact, I took the Truth to his precious mother – had a weekly study with her for several years. He was most gener­ous with cash when we were building ‘THE BALL’...... Enough said! At her death son Samuel requested I take full charge of her funeral. She had a host of friends and relatives – some from California and several from Canada....

You have mentioned Rev. 7.... Psalms 45 supports this.... that meaning shook me considerably.  But we were taught the Watch Tower was God’s Channel. I do believe it was for The Household of Faith under That Faithful and Wise Servant. The ‘Servant’ is singular and not plural! Over 20 years ago at St. Louis, The Children of the King were born. All young children sat near the front rows. Later they stood, raised their hand, as they promised to be good children, obedient to parents, etc., etc. I wondered IF children could be brought forth BEFORE the marriage was completely ful­filled.

It has been their contention that our Lord would use the Watch Tower throughout the 1,000-year-reign – to print books, etc. (New World Publishers). What would they do with the 70 Prophets and Judges – and what would they be doing (the Princes in all the earth!!)? The Watch Tower rejects God’s Oathbound Promise to give Abraham and his seed after him the possession of Palestine, etc. J. F. Rutherford wrote “Comfort for The Jews” – then later repudiated it. Wonder why?

Blessed are the meek – for they shall inherit the earth! Truly God is loving unto every man – and His Mercy is over all His works. As the anthem sings, “O! my God, How great Thou art!” My heart rejoices always! Thank you for your patience.

Christian greetings for a blessed New Years From Sister -------- (MICHIGAN)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and Peace in Jesus dear Name!

Thanks to you and Sister Hoefle for the Christmas good message. Brother, thank you so much for your good letter.... It is helpful and comforting to me. I received the January paper and enjoyed reading it. I was thinking I may send the part on Tentative Justification to Sister ------. We have talked on this subject and others. She goes to the LHMM classes. I don’t believe she really understands ­but is a very earnest and kind and friendly person.... I noted what you said about the minister quoting from What is the Soul. I am sure all of us have sent tracts to the various ministers from time to time. Got a good feeling that I may have sent this one.

Thank you again for all your good helps to me – and with good wishes for you, Sister Hoefle, Sister Dunnagan and Sister Moynelo for a blessed New Year.  With Christian love to all.

Your sister by faith -------- (CALIFORNIA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Christian greetings to you and Sister Hoefle!

Your most welcome letter of December 28 so much enjoyed – also “Retrospect and Prospect” – the Jan. 1, 1968 No. 151. It arrived at the most welcome time, as I had time to think of the deep reports of past Truth of God’s word and to be very happy I had the blessing of God’s teaching.... of His precious son’s sacrifice for our sins for 33 years. I’m so thankful I met and was acquainted with dear Brother Johnson. I was baptized during his visit in Los Angeles – October 4, 1947 (his natal day anniversary)........ I was surely blessed with the event, but to sadness some short years later. After his death the disfellowshipment for R. G. Jolly and the split with others. I am always thankful for the Truth and Proof of God’s Plan. God bless each and every one of your household! Sr. ------- (CALIFORNIA)