by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 175

Another year gone – with the outstanding secular event being undoubtedly the land­ing on the moon. This event was so phenomenal that words are not adequate to portray it clearly to man’s mind. In fact, there seems to be quite a few people here in the United States who refuse to believe the fact; they surmise it was simply a monstrous hoax to overly impress the general public. This thinking, of course, is semi-moronic; there is no real reason to doubt that those astronauts did traverse part of the moon’s surface; and the ingenuity and precision which entered into the performance are staggering to behold. As one professor put it: We are living in an age that overwhelms mere mortals. When those men returned to earth’s atmosphere, they were traveling at the rate of about 18 miles per second. Assuming that the gravitational pull extends for about 100 miles up, it would mean they would reach earth’s surface in about six seconds. At such terrific speed, it was necessary to hit the air cushion at precisely the right angle, or they would plunge into land or water to precipitate disaster. Or, if they hit it at too slanting a contact, it would have set them off into space again to certain dis­aster also. Such absolute contact could only have been made with the aid of the most delicate instruments – instruments which have only recently been developed. Thus, even ten years ago the mission could not have been successfully manipulated, because the in­struments were not then available. Truly, “in the time of the end..... knowledge shall be increased.” (Dan. 12:4)

The same awesome “increase in knowledge” is to be noted also in agriculture, and in the invention of useful and destructive instruments – although the pace here has been of a more gradual rate, so that the average man has accepted it as part of every-day life. At present in the United States it is stated that one skilled farm worker, with up-to-­date equipment can produce enough food for about 45 other people. As we reflect upon this, we readily conclude that we are living in the best of times and the worst of times some have too much, some have too little. And the have-nots cast hungry and greedy eyes at those with more than they need, so that social unrest is pyramiding upon every hand.  Well do we recall that as a boy on the farm in Ohio we faced back-breaking labor from dawn to dusk and without complaint; all our neighbors were doing the same thing, and it was the accepted order of the times. Today most of that strenuous “sweat of the brow” is no more; the crops are perhaps three times as plenteous; with the price of the pro­duce perhaps three times what it was then. This also because “knowledge has been in­creased.” The progress in agriculture has been one of the marvels of this generation.

Another feature of progress has been in air travel. We were resident of Dayton, Ohio when the airplane was invented, and we were reasonably well acquainted with Orville Wright, one of the brothers who invented it – just as we were quite well acquainted with Charles F. Kettering, who invented the self-starter for the automobile, and many other useful items. These men worked in sheds in their backyards, little realizing as they did so what they were contributing to the vast sum total of knowledge. Vividly do we recall the afternoon that the first airplane flight was to occur over Dayton – in a con­traption that looked somewhat like a large orange crate, with a motor inside, the pilot sitting on a board in the open air. And many were the men who sacrificed their lives to bring the airplane to its present grandiose state, with travel now at the safe and luxurious pace of 600 miles per hour for ordinary commercial travel. Indeed, “Truth shall spring out of the earth (the present social order); and righteousness shall look down from heaven.” (Psa. 85:11)

Much the same may be said for the automobile. In fact, “knowledge has been in­creased” along general encyclopedic lines, embracing great details on the greatest vari­ety of topics, and comprehending the sphere of theoretical and practical subjects.  Especially has this been true of useful appliances and destructive implements and agen­cies. As one pundit has stated it, Never before has man had such enormous power placed in his hands by technology to injure himself, his fellow man and our society in general. All of which offers unanswerable proof that we are “in the time of the end.” And with it all comes a corresponding increase in selfishness and hatred between the classes, leading to violence unparalleled, and a proportionate diminution of the joys that should accompany such progress. Truly, “a morning cometh, and also the night.” (Isa. 21:12)


The deterioration of the financial structure has been in direct reverse ratio to the progress in inventive, agricultural and scientific genius. The overall debt in the United States today is estimated at 1½ trillion dollars. This includes the Federal, State, Municipal, corporate and private debt. Much of this is merely paper, with nothing more to guarantee its eventual dissolution than the “promise to pay.” Many are the debtors who rely upon these paper promises, and who will eventually find themselves in much the same position as the one who “built his house upon the sand... it fell: and great was the fall of it.” (Matt. 7:27)

This past year the fragile condition of our paper money was glaringly revealed by a jury trial to foreclose on a certain mortgage, in which the Justice refused to accept two $1 Federal notes. He said they were not acceptable because there was “no consideration” involved in their intrinsic value. The Federal Reserve System “wrote off” the $14,000 mortgage, rather than try to prove to a Justice how two American bills can qualify as money under the law. The Justice proceeded with this comment: “Federal Reserve notes are already counterfeit, and ‘in contemplation of law’ the same as if they never existed.  The truth is that U.S. money comes forth out of nowhere (being merely a product of the printing press—JJH). It needs only pen and ink, some engraving plates, and Aladdin’s lamp.” Certainly a very sorry evaluation of those $20 bills you may now have in your wallet, believing they are “sound.” In this connection, one commentator said it this way: “We face a repetition of 1929.  Some delay is possible.  Don’t count on it, tho.”

“GIANTS IN THE EARTH” – “As the days of Noe were, so also shall the presence (see the Diaglott translation) of the Son of Man be.... they were eating, and drinking.... and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away.” (Matt. 24:36-39) The emphasis Jesus was intending here was the ignorance – “knew not” – of humanity in general as to the real significance of the great “Time of Trouble”; but other things also merit our consideration. In Gen. 6:4, it is related: “There were giants in the earth in those days” – just before the great flood – and “the wickedness of man was great in the earth.” It is a historical fact that man is readily corrupted by an easy life; and an easy life usually comes with plenty of money. And today we see financial “giants” on every hand; millionaires today are regarded as very ordinary people. It is only the billionaires, or those with hundreds of millions that elicit much public attention today. And, since “money is a defense” (Ecc. 7:12) – a fact readily recognized by those that have it – it is only logical that those possessing it would have their appetites whetted for more of that “defense.”

Such ambition cannot fall to bring the money makers into the Government business; and we are told of one national figure who accepted a one-dollar-a-year position as adviser to President Wilson at the outbreak of World War 1, who had then just one mil­lion dollars, but who came out of that war’s end with two hundred million.  And, concerning the crash in October 1929, one writer states it this way: “It was not as financial writers often comment, ‘a sharp technical reaction,’ resulting from an over­bought position. It was the long-incoming housecleaning. Actually, it was the cal­culated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World-money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of the supply of call money in the New York market.” And says this same writer about conditions today: “Let us not fool ourselves. The wealth, freedom and liberty of the American people are being stolen and nibbled away. Today, as easy suckers, we are buying many over-priced political ‘benefits’ – all paid for, of course, with our own hard-earned money.”

Then this writer continues: “Obviously, the real objectives of the One-world Gov­ernment leaders and their ever-close bankers, are most devious. They have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the United States of America, via the creation and establishment of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. They now plan to uproot and to gradually destroy the Spiritual background of all peoples.  Initially, Christianity is the prime target, then Judaism, then all other religions. That bleak program is absolutely necessary for them to complete, if possible, before they can reach godless power – aimed to benefit a few, but to make assembly-line puppets out of us, the many “

Then further: “I was not surprised also, when Mr. ------- gradually became the best symbol of vast world money power. Even when sitting on an open bench in a public park, feeding pigeons, while dispensing advice, his observations could readily mold long-range Government policy. His words reflected great financial power – power of such magnitude and extent that is seldom heard of – not even dreamed of by most Americans.” Yes, “money is power”!

Another paragraph: “What a fine team the two turned out to be in our (US) Treas­ury.  What a perfect ‘front’ they made as a financial figure! It couldn’t have been worked out better for the powerful New York and Overseas bank group. They successful­ly managed to have them and their close associates to hit ‘pay dirt.’ Over a period of time, this situation caused the loss of most of our gold reserve in Ft.  Knox. It was planned toward that end before March 4, 1933.” And this is how well they have succeeded by January 1, 1970: We have about ten billions of gold left in Fort Knox; and there are at this time at least forty billions of foreign deposits in the United States – PAYABLE IN GOLD. Thus, the money system could erupt any time within a few hours.

And more of the same: “What sort of plan might be evolved whereby the U.S., acting under ‘War Emergency Powers,’ even after the war’s close (in 1945), could make a selected group of Europeans very rich, along with many of their close friends here in this country? Such a plan, of course, must be so designed that the American taxpayer would not be aler­ted to the dilution of his money and to the contemplated heavy raid on the US Treasury thereby uttering loud cries of protest. This high-level ‘money-plate plan’ was doubtless one reason the US was maneuvered into World War II, when most US citizens wanted no part of it. It was a clever deal – a costly one for you!”

For the information of our readers, this same group of money men planned and built up “the revolutionary-tinged NAACP, cleverly designed to distort racial issues to create civil discord, resulting in occasional violence among segments of our citizens ­the deception employed in the health of FDR (the late President Roosevelt), and, finally, Pearl Harbor.... exploiting Negro citizens, often using them as ground breakers for a planned one-world program. Money-control, in underprivileged nations and other purposes are not overlooked by that group.... the effective control of World Money World Poli­tics, and most necessary in that aim is the elimination of all religions

One more quote from this same writer: “The final act of Bretton Woods, which gave birth to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the Dumbarton Oaks Conference which created the United Nations and all its agencies, the Havana Conference which pro­duced the General Agreement in Tariffs and Trade, and many similar assemblies of hand­picked functionaries were not incubated by hard-pressed Governments engaged in waging war, but by a Supra-National Money-Power which could afford to look ahead to the shap­ing of a post-war world that would serve its interest.”

It is estimated that it required forty million dollars to elect Mr. Nixon to the US Presidency, so the “giants” are in politics, too – certainly not for glory or love of the country. But perhaps the greatest “giant” of them all now is the Vatican Empire, whose worth is estimated at 4½ billion dollars, with a strangle hold on much of Italy’s utilities, courts, and giant industries – of which we may say more in a future paper.

IN POLITICS – It is well to remember that politics and money are always closely allied, and as one goes, so goes the other. As stated aforegoing, there is now about forty billions of foreign accounts in the United States that are payable in gold upon demand – with only a little more than ten billions of gold with which to pay. Self-evi­dently, a call for gold by these foreigners would be embarrassment no end, so the politi­cians have manipulated the interest rates to abnormally high figures to assuage the for­eigners from asking for gold. Of course, these high interest rates result in just that much more paper accumulating each year, with the end nowhere in sight.

Over the past ten years or so this has been the easy way out – the way the politicians always take. They reason they will be either dead or out of office before the crisis comes; and – politicians seldom act before a crisis develops. How long this can continue is any­body’s guess; but the high interest rates are rapidly bringing the building of homes and investment properties to a standstill. Thus, the words of the Wise Man are well consid­ered: “In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider: God also set the one over against the other, to the end that man should find nothing after him... Wisdom strengtheneth the wise more than ten mighty men which are in the City.” (Ec. 7:14,19)

As one commentator has put it, For the past two thousand years politicians have been the lowest form of insect life. When one politician was asked just what is the differ­ence here in the US between the Republicans and the Democrats, he answered, All the dif­ference in the world – They’re in, and we’re out! It is accepted policy for political speakers to deceive their listeners; and the one most skilled in this respect is the one most likely to be elected. Thus, it is simply raw burlesque to conclude that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Never was this more clearly proven than when the Jew­ish mob yelled, Crucify Him, and give unto us Barabbas!

Most of our readers have at least some knowledge of the conflict between England and Rhodesia – a difficulty precipitated by the white segment in Rhodesia insisting upon re­taining their ruling powers over the black majority. When Rhodesia cast off the English rule, the United Nations voted sanctions against that African country; a trade boycott was agreed upon by most of the member nations, including Russia. The only real reason for this move was so the politicians could mollify the black minorities in their respec­tive countries – especially so, here in the United States. In due course it became known that Russia and Rhodesia were the principal producers of the world’s chromium. Almost immediately Russia raised the price o f chromium 44%; then stealthily ‘bootlegged’ Rho­desia’s chromium through a roundabout route in East Africa. Thus, the boycott boomeranged upon those countries that needed chromium in their industries; they simply hit themselves in their own pocketbooks by a 44% raise in the price of the metal. Yet, in the speeches on the floor of the United Nations the palaver is often heard, Gentlemen, Gentlemen, let us be gentlemen!

IN ITALY – The Italian political picture is so closely related to the Church of Rome that it could just as easily be examined under the heading of Religion. We now offer a few excerpts from an article dated July 23, 1969: Today Communists can claim support of 8½ million votes, nearly 27% of the total electorate. They have been growing so rapidly that it is now very difficult to form any kind of government there without their cooper­ation.  Says one 33-year-old waiter: “I’m fed up. Any government is better than no government, but the politicians we now have are crooks. At least the Communists are hon­est. They worry about little people like me.” Perhaps the Communists are concerned more about the little man because they know that is the surest way to win his vote.

Adding other radical parties to the Communists, they have about one-third of the Italian total; whereas, the Christian Democrats hold only 39%. This latter is the Roman Catholic party;’ and the Papacy is not unmindful of the growing surge of radicalism. Says one of them who was once prime minister, “no government can ignore them”; and he favors some form of cooperation between the radicals and his own Christian Democrats. Of course, the two are as far apart as the north and south poles; and the Communists will ‘cooperate’ only until such time as they are strong enough to rule without cooper­ation from the Papal party. “The people are asserting their will,” says the editor of Italy’s most important Communist daily newspaper, and he has not the least doubt that the rising tide will sweep the reds into power.

The waiter mentioned above complains that his cigarettes have gone up 25% lately, and he is afraid to eat chicken because they may be fattened on illegal hormones.  Gen­erally he leaves churchgoing to the females in his family, and he takes a cynical, al­most anti-clerical, view of the church and what it might do for him. “For months I wait for my money back from the government for doctor bills,” he says, “and I am still wait­ing.” He says his employer is a slave driver, who forces him to work 60 hours a week. Thus, he never makes a mistake on his meal checks that is not in his favor. He already has four children, and he would like very much to have a Fiat 600 for his own; but he cannot have the auto if he has any more children. The wife says avoiding more children is contrary to the rules of the Roman Church, but she is willing to go along with it if her husband finds out from the Communist Clinic what the procedure should be. That way she will not have to hear her confessor accuse her of sin; and her husband won’t hear about it either, because he does not visit the confessor. Birth control clinics are il­legal in Italy, as might be expected under Catholic rule; but the “pill” is advertised in some magazines as a “cure for acne.” It is estimated that 10% of the Italian women resort to the pill; and, if it prevents child birth, that is a bonus that can be accep­ted without violating Roman Catholic regulations, as they find a cure for their “acne.”

A decade ago the Catholic Church condemned Communists in no uncertain terms.  Today that attitude has softened considerably, and most confessors in Italy no longer tell people it is a sin to vote Communist. Here again we have Jezebel in the beauty parlor (See our tract No. 7); the Church readily adapts itself to any situation that seems expedient – whether religious, political or social. The Pope is ready enough to take lessons from the Communists if it seems politically ‘proper.’ In May of 1969 the Pope celebrated Mass with 134 cardinals (the basic number should be 70, in keeping with the 70 who aided Moses—Num. 11:16,17; and the 70 of the Jewish Sanhedrin, but here again the Pope considers it politically expedient to have more than 70). During that Mass the Pope stressed the necessity to help the poor and needy – as the Communists are already doing, and winning more votes all the time away from the Catholic Church.


THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH – From reports that reach us from all parts of the world, it is quite apparent that this institution is rapidly coming apart at the seams. In May a news item said this: “The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines is in a restless, revolutionary mood. The clamor for reforms within the church has reached its highest crescendo since Spain brought Christianity into the palm tree islands 400 years ago and made the tropical Philippines the only Roman Catholic country in Asia. Roman Catholic university students have exchanged their books for placards to demon­strate in front of the office of Cardinal Rufino J. Santos, the archbishop of Manila. A group of priests has formed a corporation aimed at launching dialogue among the church hierarchy, the clergy and the faithful.... The church appeared an inevitable target for students because of its role in Philippine society as the nation’s single most powerful unifying force apart from the government itself.”

HOLLAND – And much the same is reported from Holland: “The most startling revo­lution in the Roman Catholic Church is raging in tiny Holland. Almost everything that Catholicism has meant to millions of people for hundreds of years is being overturned, questioned or given new meaning in the Netherlands. The nature of Christ, the virgin birth, the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the authority of the Pope – all are under scrutiny in Holland. Private confession, the rosary and forms of Marian wor­ship have largely gone by the board. The Mass has been radically transformed, priests have put on business suits and many are clamoring for the right to marry.... This has drawn the Dutch church into the most potentially dramatic conflict with the Vatican since Martin Luther flung down his challenge to the church of Rome in the 16th century and launched the Protestant Reformation.”

In the UNITED STATES similar things are occurring. It is reported that cookies and coke are now being used for the wafer and the wine in home gatherings among Catho­lics; and in Detroit the Catholics are rising in open revolt against some of the pol­icies of their newly-appointed Cardinal Dierden. Many of them are refusing to make further contributions to the church there, and are very open and emphatic in their an­tagonism.

And, recognizing the trend of the times, some priests and nuns have joined hands with “the beggarly elements” in their lawless activities. We cite just one instance in Detroit: Eighteen grape boycott demonstrators, including a nun, a priest and nine chil­dren, were arrested Saturday (July 18) and charged with taking groceries from a super­market as part of a “reparations” action. The group took the groceries from the Kroger market in retaliation for what they called the store’s breaking of the nation-wide boy­cott of California grapes. They just went in and told the manager that if he didn’t take the grapes off the shelves, they would take some merchandise.... They were to appear before Recorder’s Court on Monday to face possible charges of conspiracy to commit lar­ceny.

Much the same criticism may be charged to PROTESTANTISM. In the General Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian Church at Mobile, Ala., the news report says:

‘‘A surprisingly subdued debate showed how far the church had come from more funda­mentalist days. Four previous assemblies, dating back to 1886, had vigorously denied that man could claim animals for ancestors. But with little opposition, the commission­ers approved a judicious statement acknowledging that the Genesis account of creation and the theory of evolution are ‘non-contradictory.’ Sighed one progressive church official: ‘We had to wipe the embarrassment from our books.’”

Perhaps some comment here is also in order regarding Martin Luther King. The man was assassinated in 1968, and it is certainly not our wish to detract one whit from his stature as a man, a minister or a reformer. We shall let the facts speak for themselves. If we are correctly informed, he received a salary of $75,000 per year, plus expenses, from the NAACP, and it is not difficult to imagine most men to be willing “crusaders” for such compensation. We allow others to speak, quoting small parts from one paper under the heading, POLITICAL HYPOCRISY:

“The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1968, and the aftermath, constituted a sordid chapter in the history of the United States of America. Uncon­trolled violence begets violence, as events proved to be true. The Negroes aspire to equality with the white man, but by rioting, burning and looting, following King’s death, they only demonstrated their inequality with the white race. President John Kennedy was also assassinated, but white people did not react by demonstrations of un­controlled thievery and destruction.... King, whom a number of substantial politicians made a show of honoring by their presence at his funeral, was a known associate of Com­munists. In the Congressional record for September 13, 1962, a detailed account of the background of Martin Luther King, Jr., was given and this was quoted in the editorial entitled ‘The Rising Flood’ in DESTINY for December 1962 (p247). Ample evidence was therefore a matter of official record and readily available to our governmental lead­ers.... King – known to associate with Communists, having as his chief lieutenants sex perverts and identified Communists – an ordained Baptist minister who openly denied in The National Observer the Baptist doctrines he said, when ordained, that he believed. He went on record as not believing the doctrines of the virgin birth, the Deity of Jesus Christ, the substitutionary atonement of Christ, the literal resurrection of Christ and other basic doctrines he confessed before Almighty God to believe and accept...

It is little wonder that we find the Christian world in turmoil!

A little nearer ‘home’ we give passing notice to the Truth section of the Levites, especially the LHMM and its self-admitted crown-lost leader. As Brother Johnson ob­served concerning some of these same people earlier in the Epiphany, They inherited gold, and quickly turned it into ashes. The Present Truth was quick to come out with “Brother Russell’s Epiphany Parallels” after the demise of the Epiphany Messenger; but not one single thing emphasized in that article came to fulfillment as expected. In fact, there is not the slightest evidence of any fulfillment at all, so it is little wonder the whole idea is quickly forgotten – just as the Roman Catholics and others are glad to forget their past sins of teaching and practice, and to plead for ‘brotherly love,’ as they ignore the wretched past. In fact, after the Chicago Convention we ob­served that it was not beyond consideration that RGJ was willfully deceiving his audience on the ‘‘Abandonment process,” and who the “unprofitable servant” is, and other items. If so, he is thus not only a part of the Epiphany Jambres, but he would also be included in the Parousia Jannes, which name carries the meaning of “he deceives.” We sincerely hope for his sake that the impression he created is not his heart’s attitude, because we would then be forced to conclude that all hope for him is gone.

It would seem that almost all the Levites who were one time indoctrinated with Present Truth have gone astray on the chronology in some form or other. First, the PBI, very early in the Epiphany, determined that Brother Russell had made a 19-year mistake ­a ‘correction’ which they borrowed from a “foolish virgin.” At that time the Society (now the Jehovah’s Witnesses) made valiant defense of the Truth against that error; but by this time they are now so far astray they do not seem certain of anything that has chronology connected with it. “The 6,000 years are almost up,” according to them. This would prompt the logical conclusion that our Lord’s Parousia has not yet occurred; then must follow the second step that there has not yet been a Harvest. Yet they are now heralding Brother Russell as their founder, whose entire ministry was primarily the Harvest work.

Back there the PBI error was not only refuted by the Society, it was also more thoroughly disproven in the Present Truth published by the Epiphany Messenger – so com­pletely, in fact, that every mouth was stopped. Yet they continued right on with their error, which logically moved the end of the Gentile Times 19 years further along – to 1933.  Well, 1933 came and went – and not one scintilla of proof appeared to support their ‘correction.’ Yet they went blithely on, allowing those who had accepted their ‘correction’ to provide their own answer to the vacuum that appeared.

More lately, the LHMM offered the foolish conclusion that they were ‘paralleling’ the overlapping of the Parousia into the Epiphany – a period of 25 months. But their ‘overlapping’ is just transparent nonsense to all except those who are so blind they simply will not see. For a few years after Brother Johnson’s death – and before the parallel should begin to operate – both the “cousins” (RGJ & JWK) made great play upon the approaching parallel; but it seems, now that time has annihilated every vestige of their predictions, they too would be most willing to have the whole thing forgotten ­just as was true of the PBI and others in 1933. Indeed, the mills of the Gods grind slow, but they grind exceeding fine. The merciless barometer of time itself is making glaringly ‘‘manifest the counsels of hearts,” as the Epiphany continues to manifest per­sons, principles and things in very exacting fashion.


One bit of most interesting news has come to us this past year; namely, it is now quite clearly determined that the Bering Straits that lie between Alaska and Siberia were one time more dry than the Isthmus of Panama is now; and it is now defi­nitely concluded that the North American Indians came to America across those then dry Straits. It has been our belief for a number of years that the “ten lost tribes of Israel” were the ancestors of the North American Indians; and this opinion would now seem to find confirmation in the news item we herein repeat.

“The Harvest is the end of the ‘‘world’’ (Matt. 13:39); and we offered copious proof on page 1 that we have come to that “end.” Therefore, we have the strong assurance of Scripture that the Truth will triumph over all its opponents; and those who have the Truth may abide in the comforting thought, “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.” Thus, we may rejoice as we ‘‘meditate on thee in the night watches.” But there is the opposite viewpoint also that “Jordan overfloweth all his banks all the time of Harvest.” (Josh. 3:15) Jordan was a type of the curse upon the world in sin; and its rapid downward course to the Dead Sea gives a clear picture of the deeper and deeper depravity of the human race over the centuries, which is accentuated “in the time of harvest” – “overfloweth all his banks.”

Just one instance of this is to be noted in the intense hatred that is developing among the various classes in the larger cities of America. This cannot be fully appre­ciated unless one is present and gains a close-up familiarity through personal contacts. It is not enough that men are robbed in midday on the principal streets; they are also usually brutally beaten along with it – for no reason at all, as many of the victims make no attempt at resistance. We have known personally perhaps half a dozen of such cases, so we do not repeat hearsay. Truly, “The land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence.... destruction cometh: they shall seek peace, and there shall be none.... mischief.... and the hands of the people of the land shall be troubled.” (Eze. 7:23-27)

To all our readers we extend cordial good wishes for the year 1970, and we recipro­cate also all the expressions of good will that have come to us over the Holidays.  “The tie that binds” is indeed blessed, and we give assurance once more that we are your brother and servant as occasion may arise. If any be overtaken in the tumults of the times, we offer the heavenly consolation, “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” (Isa. 30:15) “The wicked flee when none pursueth,” but – they make better time when somebody’s after them. This condition will never befall any of the Lord’s fully faithful, for we have the firm promise, “Thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory (over death and the grave) through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim




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