by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 195

Despite Brother Johnson’s repeated and emphatic remonstrances against “gaz­ing,” RGJ continues to “gaze,” his latest performance being found on pages 37-41 of the May-­June Present Truth. In view of the disastrous “gazing” he did in the Parousia – as recorded in the Nov. 15, 1910 Watch Tower – and in view of his 27 “mis”-calculations as recorded on pp. 7-14 of the Jan. 1, 1947 Present Truth (in which he also produced corroborative ‘proof’ from the pyramid that the last saint would be with us until Oct. 1956), it would seem he should have had more than enough of “gazing.” But not so! When 1950 indisputably demolished his “house of sand” on the 1956 dates, he immediately produced a new set of figures from the pyramid to substantiate 1950 for the last saint gone – although that date is to be found nowhere in the Bible, which should have deterred him from attempting to shackle on his readers something from the “Witness” as though it were a Bible teaching. It seems that “gazing” (making pictures and types) is one of his besetting sins; and we would strongly urge him to take heed to the words of the Apostle Paul: “Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us” and continue in his class standing. It is a fearful thing to offer “strange fire” before the Lord – admitting as he does that he has been ejected from the Holy. We write this in the fervent hope that he will speedily recover himself from this “besetting sin.”

Comes now some more on “The Nethinim” to ‘prove’ his Campers Consecrated, along with which he mixes his “gazing” on the half tribe of Manasseh and the hill Ophel, which will now have our consideration. He reiterates his “gazing” that the “half tribe that had its inheritance west of the Jordan types the Consecrated Epiphany Campers,” although the ONLY proof he offers for this is that they had the same name as the other half of the Tribe east of Jordan – a very meager foundation upon which to build any type. It has been emphasized in Epiphany writings that type and antitype must correspond in every detail, so we ask – Just what is there in the type that corresponds to his antitype? Let us keep in mind that the half tribe west of Jordan did not even have territorial con­nection with the half tribe east of Jordan. Nor did those west of Jordan have one iota of position or inheritance over the other nine tribes about them. As has been stated in Epiphany writings, the tribes of Reuben, Gad and one-half of Manasseh east of Jordan type the Elect – The Little Flock, the Great Company and the Youthful Worthies. And there is plenty of substance in antitype to prove this.

But we find just the reverse to be clearly proven from Scripture regarding his “gazing” type west of Jordan. Note Josh. 17:12: “The children of Manasseh could not drive out the inhabitants of those cities; but the Canaanites would dwell in that land.” Here is a clear description of Gospel-Age crown-losers – the measurably faith­ful, because they do not overcame their enemies. Yet, in spite of this clear rebuke, RGJ says his Campers Consecrated non-existent class is as fully faithful as the Youth­ful Worthies You can’t tell the difference unless you ask them what date they first accepted Present Truth. He makes this statement despite the fact that both Brothers Russell and Johnson taught that there is a very clear demarcation between the world of mankind and the Household of Faith – between Restitutionists and the Elect. And let us not forget that Brother Johnson made no such distinction for the half tribe west of Jor­dan. He said the half was to be taken for the whole, thus giving ten tribes of Israelites as typical of all restitutionists – ten being the number of classes lower than the Divine.

At the top of p. 38, col. 2, he again emphasizes the fall of 1954 for the end of the Epiphany period in its “restricted sense,” although he has not produced anything from the writings of the Epiphany Messenger to support him. This also is just some more of his “gazing.” As Brother Johnson said of some of his kinsmen earlier in the Epiphany, they repeat, repeat, repeat in brazen parrot-like manner – thus hoping to recruit some of the unstable and the unlearned to their cause.

And in that same paragraph he offers this: “In the fall of 1954 those tentatively justified ones who had not consecrated ceased to be tentative Levites, in the Court; and since then those among them who have continued to believe in Jesus as their Savior and to practice righteousness have their standing in the Camp as tentatively justified ones. There they have been joined since the Fall of 1954 by many newly tentatively justified.” Brother Johnson has unequivocally stated that all who are forced from the Court here in the end of the Age lose their tentative justification, calling them merely “faith justi­fied.” And he had good reason for this: There can be no justification outside the linen curtain of Christ. They must wait for their due time – wait until the New Covenant is in­augurated and the Highway of Holiness opened up for them.

But the most revolting babel of this statement lies in the words: “Many newly tenta­tively justified” since 1954. Just how “many” has he won since 1954? Or, is he now re­ferring to Billy Graham? Regardless of that, he repeatedly relies on the explanation of Rev. 22:10,11, as given on p. 114 of E. Vol. 10; and that tells us: “After 1954 no more persons will enter the tentatively justified state.” It seems it doesn’t bother him at all if he contradicts himself, as he joins hands with That Evil Servant in presenting a non-existent class here in the end of the Age. When the latter offered such a class, that should have put us all on immediate guard to look for the error in it, because he offered not one scintilla of ‘new light’; rather, he perverted or rejected completely every im­portant feature of Harvest Truth – just as the Pope in Big Babylon has done with the Truth over the years. This one thought alone should have sobered RGJ before plunging into such bedlam; but, having been abandoned to Azazel in 1950 – as was JFR in 1917 – by the com­plete removal of the restraining hand of the Priesthood, we should expect much the same performance by him on any ‘new light’ he attempts to present.

In previous papers we have emphasized our full agreement with the interpretation of Rev. 22:10,11, as given in E-10:114; but we have also stressed that time itself has re­vealed that the time setting for the application of the text was wrong. In this connec­tion, even Brother Johnson himself has warned us about being too positive about 1954, as note the following from E-4:52:

“Some years after the fall of 1956, when the probable lapping of the Epiphany into the Basileia will likely be ended. (Even RGJ admits that the lapping did not end in 1956—JJH) It will thus be seen that on some phases of this sub­ject we cannot as yet speak with positive assurance.”

However, now that 1956 is fifteen years behind us, we certainly can speak with posi­tive assurance on the fact that much of what was expected then did not occur. Yet RGJ proceeds just as though it had occurred – much the same as an intoxicated man is certain he can see two lamp posts, when only one is there. “They that be drunken are drunken in the night” – the Epiphany night.


RGJ has now also added the Hill Ophel to his “gazing” technique, claiming that It also types his Campers Consecrated; but the fundamentals of the situation also clearly refute him here, too. At the time of David and Solomon the City of David (Jerusalem) was surrounded by a wall these two rulers erected; and this wall definitely restricted the City to include only Zion, Moriah and Ophel, and the southern portion of the Tyro­poeon Valley. A second wall eventually included the Hill Acra; but Mount Bezetha did not come within the scope of the City until after Christ, being completed not long before the overthrow of the city in the year 70 AD. by Roman Emperor Titus. This is in full harmony with the truth that the Youthful Worthies (typed by Bezetha) are the last elect class to appear during the Faith Ages.

In a previous paper we stated that the Hill Ophel typified the Jews if it has any typical significance at all; and this conclusion is confirmed by the original terrain of the city as it emerged through the efforts of David and Solomon – at which time the Jewish nation reached the pinnacle of its Old Testament glory. With Zion typing the Elect Little Flock, Moriah the Ancient Worthies, the only other application of Ophel would be to the Jews, because they were the only ones there during David’s reign. The Ancient Worthies had already been there through Abraham; and the Christ Company were there anticipatorially as a part of the coming Massiah through the line of David. “He hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world.” (Eph. 1:4)

St. Paul tells us in Rom. 1:16 that “salvation is to the Jew first”; and all Truth people accepted this application throughout the Parousia. It is only since 1916 that some have attempted to change this – the two principal perverters being the Jehovah’s Witnes­ses and RGJ. Both of these now claim their non-existent hybrids will supersede the Jews in the salvation process; thus, RGJ is in real good company indeed when he joins hands with the Jehovah’s Witnesses in perverting this outstanding truth – all in order to sub­stantiate his “gazing” invention of a new class outside the linen curtain of Christ’s righteousness in a Faith Age.

It should be recalled that much stress was placed in 1954 about the Truth people then starting the work of filling the Epiphany Camp with RGJ’s newly-invented class; but this feature of the ‘plan’ is not mentioned any longer because of the miserable failure of the efforts to accomplish this program. And we mention once more Brother Johnson’s teaching on this subject:

“The Epiphany Camp in the finished picture (have we yet reached the ‘finished picture’?—JJH) is the condition of the truly repentant and believing, but not consecrated Jews and Gentiles” (E-10:209).

There is also at least one other hill in the city proper – the Hill of Evil – south of the Valley of Hinnom and directly opposite Mount Zion, where Judas is said to have bar­gained for the betrayal of his Lord. Upon this slope is the traditional Aceldama, “the field of blood.” RGJ should have some antitype for this hill, too, if he has one for the Hill Ophel. Of course, Brother Johnson knew about these hills when he wrote that the four peaks – Zion, Moriah, Acre and Bezetha – typed the four elect classes, with the ele­vations (such as the two hills just mentioned) typing the quasi-elect, while the lower levels typed the restitutionists in general. We accept his explanation, as we allow others to follow the Jehovah’s Witnesses and RGJ.

Of all the groups emanating from the Harvest Truth Movement we know of only two who downgrade the Jews in their Kingdom standing – only two who claim their newly-invented non-existent classes will have precedence over the Jews – these two being the Jehovah’s Witnesses with their “great multitude” and RGJ in the laymen’s Home Missionary Movement with his Campers Consecrated. And they both do this in direct contradiction to the clear Scripture teachings and their interpretations by That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger. So far as we know, all the other prominent Truth groups still adhere to “the things they have been taught” on this subject regarding the Jews; It is little wonder, when we see such distortion of the Truth in our very midst, that St. James warns against these “sin­ners” and their “path of error” – crown-losers perverting the Truth—Jas. 5:20, Dia. (See Berean Comment) And we would consider it a dereliction of duty on our part should we not sound an appropriate warning to all who “have an ear to hear.”

Also entering into this discussion is the statement on p. 25 of the Berean Topical Index: “A type must not be used to teach a doctrine, but merely to illustrate one that is already taught in plain terms.” If we how ignore RGJ’s types – the half tribe of Manasseh and the Hill Ophel – as That Servant clearly states we should do in such cases, just what Scripture do we have to support Campers Consecrated? The answer very clearly is – NOTHING!


On p. 47 RGJ pursues further the attitude of Brother Brown on some errors that have emanated in the Present Truth since 1950 – says he is doing this “to defend his name against the false impression that is being circulated, which implies that he finally es­poused errors that he had formerly rejected.” This apparently is aimed at us – in typi­cal devious manner of a doubleminded man – implying that we have been guilty of false­hood in what we published in our February paper No. 188. For the record, we wish to say that so far as we know Brother Brown continued to believe Brother Johnson was the last saint, as he also continued to reject Campers Consecrated. We have a number of letters in our file that will support this. In our paper No. 188 we simply published what Brother Brown wrote us – and that shortly before his death – which letter we have in our file. We offer now a letter from the Brother dated Dec. 29, 1969, in which he is profuse in his apology for the letter RGJ published from him in 1969:

“My dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in the precious name of Jesus our Lord! I am sending you just a few loving words for calling you a sifter. Now, all you say to me in your letter is right. I should have used other words, and not ‘sifter.’ So par­don me. I say, pardon from my heart. I am sorry I used that word. Jesus said forgive a brother 7 times 70 times – 490 times. So please forgive me. I read all that – very sorry. Pardon me! I am very sorry... I will not murmur nor repine at what the Lord’s providence may permit... I say, pardon me. It is only that slip I made. In closing, I am very, very sorry. Hymn 78, 205... Must close with love, and the New Year opened with love. Brother Johnson says, be sincere. Plenty love to dear Sister Hoefle and wishes for the New Year. Poem of Dawn 275 and 279. The Lord bless you! Poem 124; Heb. 13:20,21. Pray for me, as I do for you both. I remain to you both the same as I was in 1957. Bro. Brown, Pilgrim—2 Tim. 2:7.” (All emphasis by Brother Brown)

It will be noted the Brother mentions 1957, which was the year we first visited Jamaica at the invitation of Sister Condell and a number of other brethren in that local­ity. We have given details on that visit in other papers, so do not repeat them now. However, at that time Brother Brown was very warm and friendly – was so happy that he had lived to meet us personally. He told us then that he was persuaded he had lost his crown – had come to that conclusion even before Brother Johnson died, because he knew of flaws in his character unknown to others. We know from Scripture (Jas. 1:8) and from the writings of both Messengers, that all crown-losers are doubleminded, unstable in all their ways; but it causes us much sorrow now to emphasize this about a brother who is no longer here to answer for himself; and we assure our readers that we do so only because of the wretched tactics of RGJ to force the issue against a member of his own class standing. It has become a matter of self-defense with us.

We scrupulously try to adhere to the Truth as we have received it – and also to principles of the Truth – as we seek to serve the Lord, the Truth, and the Brethren in sincerity and in truth. Clearly enough, the self-contradictory letters to RGJ and to us make glaringly manifest a double mind – just as RGJ often has manifested (The Epiphany is the special period for manifesting persons, principles and things.) At one time the Brother wrote us that he was then writing to RGJ to tell him he could not accept Epiphany Campers Consecrated – that he could not accept such a doctrine, as there was no Scripture to support it. Whether he wrote that letter we do not know definitely; but RGJ should be able to tell us if he has such a letter in his file. Of course, we know from Brother Johnson’s writings that RGJ has a bad conscience, that his statements are often unreliable, and false-accusing, and must be regarded accordingly. Whether or not Brother Brown wrote the letter to RGJ, we do have a letter that he wrote to us at a later date, some of which was quoted in our No. 188, and which we reproduce here:

“I don’t teach Consecrated Epiphany Campers, as the Camp represents the world of mankind in sin and needing atonement, and desiring it. I see now the world of mankind must wait their ‘due time’ – must wait till the reign of Christ begins.... Again I say, he who distinguishes clearly teaches right.”

And we might add here that both RGJ and Brother Brown taught right to the general public as long as the Epiphany Messenger was with us. However, in view of Brother Brown’s advanced years (some claim he was 104 when he died), we make generous allowance for his instability, even as Brother Johnson did for R. G. Jolly when he was with us ­although it seems Brother Brown had the decency and morality to the last to admit a mistake when he was caught in one, and to follow the instructions of his Lord in such matters ­and we know the Lord will reward him accordingly. Thus, we still harbor fond and benev­olent memories of Brother Brown; and we regretfully wish we might say as much for all other crown-losers in this Epiphany period. From the record he must have been one that lost his crown by the “skin of his teeth.”


In this same Present Truth is an article with the above caption; and on p. 36, col. 2, last par., is this statement:

“Mankind’s dominion over earth will not be fully restored to them by Christ until the end of the Millennial Age, after the ‘little season,’ when He will say to the righteous of mankind, ‘Come ye blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”

This statement is indeed the truth, a truth which we have repeatedly stressed – and proved from indisputable Scripture – a truth which RGJ strenuously disputed, embel­lished with his usual name-calling. It seems he is now accepting the truth we gave just as though he had never been in error on it. A Levite abandoned to Azazel is indeed a sad spectacle to behold!

However, on the same page, col. 1, par. 4, he gives this: “This restoration of the obedient of mankind will not be completed until at the end of Christ’s mediatorial reign, ‘for He must reign, till he hath put all enemies under His feet.’ Then He will deliver up the kingdom to God. (I Cor. 15:24-28).” Considering both of these statements togeth­er, it would seem RGJ is now teaching that the mediatorial reign will continue until the end of the Little Season. Will he make himself clear here?

“Blessed be that God of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spir­itual blessing in the heavenlies, by Christ.... which He caused to overflow towards us, in all wisdom and intelligence.. in order that we might be for a praise of His glory.... That the glorious Father may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of Him.... that you may know what is the glorious wealth of His inheritance among the saints.” (Eph. 1:3,8,12,17, Dia.)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle , Pilgrim



QUESTION: – In Acts 1:7 Jesus said, “It is not for you to know the times or seasons which the Father appointed by His own authority,” – but in 1 Thes. 5:1 St. Paul said, “Concerning the times and the seasons, Brethren, you do not need to be written to; for yourselves know accurately.” How do we harmonize these seeming con­tradictions, and what is meant by “the times and seasons”?

ANSWER: – The statement by Jesus must be read in like manner as His statement in Matt. 24:36: “No one knows concerning that day and hour (when Jesus would return again, and the Kingdom be set up); no, not the angels of the Heavens, nor the Son, but the Father only.” At the time Jesus was speaking He truthfully declared that He did not know, but He does not say that He would never know; and subsequent Scripture clearly teaches that Jesus eventually did know, and that His faithful followers would also know. There is no point at all in giving prophecy if it is never to be understood; and even when it is understood by some, there is no indication that it would be under­stood by all. “Only the wise shall understand.”

The word ‘times’ in both texts is from the Greek chronos, and forms the root of our English word ‘chronology,’ which word means the science of assigning to dates their proper events. The word ‘seasons’ means a season, or due time. To gain a clear understanding of these expressions it is well to remember That Servant’s teaching that prophecy cannot be understood in detail until it has been fulfilled, or is in course of fulfillment. That being true, we come to the logical conclusion that God’s people can “know accurately” only those times and season that apply to their particular day. As instance, at the First Advent the Apostles and a very small select group recognized that Jesus was the Christ – although the great majority did not. Therefore, Jesus said of that majority, “Thou didst not know the season (kairos) of thy visitation.” (Luke 19:44—Dia.) And, while the Apostles and others did then know the “season of visitation,” they did not know clearly the times and seasons of the generations that followed them. Therefore, St. Paul said the Ransom for all would be “testified in due time”—1 Tim. 2:6.

In Noah’s day the times and seasons – of due Truth – predicted the coming flood, but the great majority understood not. And in the destruction of this “present evil world” Jesus said there would be a similar condition, “They understood not till the de­luge came, and swept them all away.” However, those in the Parousia Truth Movement understood very clearly – many years before 1914 – what was coming – they knew the times and seasons pertinent to their own welfare. That Servant was acutely aware of this sit­uation, as note his comments in Parousia Vol. 3, p. 124:

“While each of the time prophecies accomplishes a separate and distinct purpose, the central object of their united and harmonious testimony has been to mark, with def­initeness and precision, by either direct or indirect evidence, or corroborative testi­mony, the date of our Lord’s second advent, and of the establishment of His Kingdom in the earth; and also to mark the various stages (the times and seasons—JJH) and means of its establish­ment, during the harvest period.”

Brother Russell also realized that a specific work would be due to be performed at each proper time and season: “The present is the time (written in 1890—JJH) for the sealing of the servants of God in their foreheads, before the storm of trouble bursts (Rev. 7:2,3)... before the night cometh and the door of opportunity to labor is shut.” (Par. Vol. 3, p. 211) But he also saw “through a glass darkly” a future “time and season.”

“After this (reaping) period the dark night of the world’s tribulation must find place... Observe that, when this night cometh, when the reapers must cease their labors; it will prove that this final work of the Gospel Age is accomplished.” (Par. 3, P. 211)

In Mal. 3:1-3 we find perhaps the clearest of Scripture concerning the time from 1874 to the end of Jacob’s Trouble, and in this we are told that “the Messenger of the Covenant” would during this time “sit as a refiner and purifier (polisher) of silver (the Truth): and He shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold (the Little Flock) and silver (the Great Company), that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” The Prophet tells us that this period is broadly divided into two per­iods: “The day of His coming” and “when He appeareth” (maketh manifest). The day of His coming was the forty-year period from 1874 to 1914, during which time the world in general knew almost nothing at all of what was going on. At that time “The Messenger” did not “appear” to them.

But the situation changed acutely in 1914, when the great trouble started. The Messenger not only then proved His presence to the “Watchers,” but He began to be revealed to the world in general in the fires of that day. In July 1916 That Servant dis­cussed this text, and we quote some of what he said:

“The Scriptures call this day ‘the day of the Lord,’ ‘the day of Jehovah,’ ‘that great and notable day,’ etc... This prophecy of our text is still in process of fulfillment.. Those who have been teaching errors will soon be ashamed, while the fire of this day will only manifest the Truth to all... The Apostle Paul in his writings lays special emphasis upon the fundamental importance of correct doctrinal teaching.... This day means the shak­ing of society in a manner and to an extent never before known (as is now in process—JJH), and as thoroughly that another shaking will never be necessary... The hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies (Hail, hard cutting truths—JJH)... and only God’s truly consecrated church would be in the light (in Present Truth—JJH) and not be taken unawares.”

From this it should be clear enough that the leaders among God’s people should “earnestly con­tend for the faith” (the Truth) to the full extent of their ability and providential cir­cumstances; and should be fully informed as to “the times and seasons” and to “know ac­curately” the times and seasons in which we now are.

That That Servant could not foresee the length of this day is not to his disparage­ment. He clearly understood the times and seasons of his own lifetime, and spoke in gen­eralities of what has followed since his death; but the details and the length of time he could not see. However, this does not mean that we who now live cannot see them; in fact, it is our special privilege to see them very clearly. Yet here again we do well not to attempt to speak too emphatically about the years ahead – when the special times and seasons of future years will speak for themselves – just as clearly as we see present hap­penings.

That Servant was definite in his teaching that the Epiphaneia, or Apokalypsis, would be synonymous with the time of trouble – the day in which we now are. And in the quota­tion given above on Mal. 3:1-3 he also stated that the Great Company would be specially revealed in this period, because their House “built upon the sand” would topple over as their erroneous teachings were graphically exposed. A text pointedly pertinent here is 2 Tim. 4:1: “Jesus Christ shall judge the quick and the dead at His appearing (epiphaneia) and kingdom (basileia).” Re-arranging just a little – Jesus shall judge the quick at His epiphaneia, and the dead at His basileia.

There is no dispute at all among the various Truth groups that the basileia (kingdom) is a period of time, though many of them declare that the epiphaneia is not a period of time. However, by analagous reasoning, if the basileia is a period, it would self-evidently fol­low that the epiphaneia must also be a period of time; and St. Paul says that in the epi­phaneia judgment day the “quick” would be judged. These “quick” would be the fallen angels, who have never been under the death sentence, plus the new creatures in Christ “you hath He quickened.” Crown-losers have been judged all during the Age as individuals perhaps millions of them; but they could not be judged as a class until here in the end of the Age, when there was a clear cleavage between them and the Fully Faithful. This Epiphany, then, is their judgment day as a class. “He shall purify the sons of Levi” when “the Mes­senger shall suddenly come to His temple” at His coming and manifestation—Mal. 3:1-3; and we have been witness to these “times and seasons” (the chronos and the kairos) since the antitypical fire and brimstone began to fall upon “the great city, which is called spiritually Sodom and Egypt, where also the Lord was crucified.” (Rev. 11:8) And these “times and seasons” will continue to a completion – until all has been accomplished that they are destined to accomplish.

Another feature of the “times and season” of this Epiphany period is to be the de­struction of the Man of Sin – “whom the Lord Jesus will consume with the breath of His mouth, and annihilate by the appearing (epiphaneia) of His presence (parousia)”—2 Thes. 2:8. So long as the Man of Sin continues to flourish we may be certain that the Epi­phany is still with us, because he is to be annihilated during that period; he is to be annihilated by the epiphaneia of His parousia. This judgment of the quick, and the de­struction of the Man of Sin during these epiphany “times and season” seem to attract little notice from many of the Truth groups; and even those who once claimed to be in­formed on these “times and seasons” have now lost a considerable part of their under­standing on them. Some of them claim the Epiphany is already completely behind us, while others say that it ended in a “restricted sense” in 1954 – despite the clear fact that the Man of Sin is still with us, and despite the fact that the three major items of the Time of Trouble are also still future.

The emphasized teaching of That Servant is that the epiphany and the apokalypse, as an act and as a period of time, are synonymous; and they are also synonymous with the Time of Trouble. Thus, to declare that the Epiphany in any sense at all ended in 1954 is a direct contradiction of that teaching, as it forces us to conclude that the Time of Trouble also ended in a “restricted sense” at that time; whereas, “the nations as the vessels of a potter shall be broken to shivers” (Rev. 2:27) is an act still fu­ture. Never before has the Apostle’s counsel been more timely – “rightly dividing the word of Truth.” But if we follow his advice, then “you yourselves know accurately... When they may say, Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction impends over them... and they shall by no means escape.” (1 Thes. 5:1-3)



Dear Sirs:

I have just read a copy of the Herald of the Epiphany with an article entitled, “Where Are The Dead,” and I wondered if I could get another copy? I would like also to get a copy of each of the following: What Is The Soul? The Resurrection of the Dead and The Three Babylons – and others that you might want to send to me.

What church organization are you from or connected with? Thank you and may,

YAHWEH bless you ------- (OHIO)


Sirs: Please send Where Are The Dead? The Resurrection of the Dead, The Three Babylons and the Great Reformer.

Thank you! ------- (FLORIDA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace be your continued portion!

Your letter is to hand, and I have written to Brother ------- (enclosed copy). If he can come up north, we will welcome him. Yes, please send a few No. 192, The Bible. Will distribute them to addresses we have. The Christadelphian brethren we have had contact with have left Teeside and gone back to ------- They are interested, so I send their address.

We look forward to your papers each month – they are so sound! God bless you! The brethren join us in Christian love to you, Sister Hoefle and all with you.

Your brother ------- (ENGLAND)



In harmony with the arrangements given us by the Epiphany Messenger, we suggest Sunday, October 17 through Sunday, November 14, for our Fall Special Effort in antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle in the “good fight” against the two King Errors – Eternal Tor­ment and the Consciousness of the Dead – antitypical Zebah and Zalmunna. All who wish to join with us in this good work should order the pertinent literature in time to par­ticipate therein. Our tracts – Where Are The Dead? What Is The Soul? etc., are espec­ially adapted for this service. Our literature is free – postage paid. This season is for a Special Effort in serving the Lord and honoring His two Messengers – Brothers Russell and Johnson. We also invite all like minded brethren to join with us in the prayer – God bless their memory! (1 Tim. 5:17)