by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 188

“But ye are come unto Mount Zion, and unto the city of the Living God, the heaven­ly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the first-born, which are written in Heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect.” (Heb. 12:22,23) While it is not our purpose to discuss all of this Scripture in detail, we shall quote it from the Diaglott: “You have approached to Zion, a mountain and city of the Living God – the heavenly Jerusalem (Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all—Gal. 4:26); and to myriads of angels – a full assembly; and to a congregation of first-borns, having been enrolled in the Heavens; and to a Judge Who Is God of all; and to spirits of the right­eous made perfect.” The last clause would be more literally translated: “Ye have ap­proached... God the judge of all, even of just men perfected in their spirits.”

Specifically addressed in this text are those living here in the end of the Age, portraying as it does the Time of Trouble, which we have not only “approached,” but are involved in the very midst of it – when everything that can be shaken will be shaken ­all will be shaken out except that which Is unbreakable. “Every man’s work will be made manifest, and the day (this present day) will declare it, because it will be re­vealed by fire” – by the destructive influences now in operation. Those who have built their “house upon the sand” will see it demolished by the rain, the floods and the winds (Matt. 7:27) – by the “fire” of this day. But of the fully faithful it is written, “Here is the patience of the saints – those who keep the commandments of God and the faith (faithfulness) of Jesus... From this time blessed are those dead who die in the Lord... they may rest from their labors; for their works follow after them.” Thus, there are only two unshakable things brought to view here: the Kingdom and the “fine linen” the unimpeachable characters – of the saints. Often we hear it stated, You can’t take it with you; but the Revelator tells us that the saints can, and do, take their works, their superb characters, with them.

St. Paul likens all this to the inauguration of the law Covenant at Sinai, when all the people heard the thunderings, and the noise of the trumpets, and saw the light­enings and the mountain smoking; when Moses “drew near unto the thick darkness where God was”; and Moses went up into the mountain. All of this was typical, of course, representing the inauguration of the New Covenant. And, as we have so often stressed, every antitype is greater than its type; and the things which the Jews saw, and at which they trembled, pictured in very small fashion the larger and grander things trans­piring now, and yet to come. If the people trembled then, how much more do we now see “men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking on these things.” (Luke 21:26)

Presently, we are approaching the General Assembly (the complete gathering) of the Church of the first-borns, included in which will be Christ, the Head, and all the faith­ful of this Age – all who have made “their calling and election sure,” and those who failed to do so, but who were saved so as by fire – all new creatures who attain the “first resurrection,” and those others – the Great Multitude – who publicly serve before the Throne. All of these must have finished their course before the “marriage of the Lamb” and the wedding supper can occur.

St. Paul also states we are approaching the place where “the spirits of just men” will be made perfect – just men perfected in their spirits, or disposition, characters. Self-evidently these are not a part of the church of the first-borns, or the Apostle would not have made separate mention of them. These are properly catalogued in Heb. 11:39, 40: “These all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us (the fully faithful of this Gospel Age), that they without us (the fully faithful class – the saints) should not be made perfect” perfected in their bodies, minds and hearts. These all, the Ancient Worthies, are still waiting – “sleeping in the dust of the earth” – waiting for the marriage supper of the Lamb, after which they will appear in physical perfection as the first children of that marriage. But then they will only be men made perfect – human beings and not spirit be­ings. And this perfection will at first be only physical.

It should not require great intellect to recognize that Samson, for instance, who slew more in his death than he did in his life, would not come forth from the ruins of the Philistine temple with the love of God in his heart and mind for those whom he had just destroyed. Nor of Samuel, one of the grand “Old men” (Joel 2:28) of the Old Tes­tament, who “hewed Agag in pieces before the Lord.” (1 Sam. 15:33) St. Paul gives quite a list of these in the 11th Chapter of Hebrews, but says there are many more whom he does not specifically name. But of all of them, known or unknown to us, not one is said to have been a pacifist. They were counted “Just” because of their faith. It was left for Jesus to be the first of the fully faithful to preach the doctrine “love your enemies.” But the present-day Youthful Worthies (the young Men” of Joel 2:28) have been well in­structed in this matter; thus, from that standpoint they will enter the Kingdom superior to the stalwarts of Old Testament record. All of the “Old men” were of “the just,” will have a “better resurrection,” though none of them even closely approached the perfection of character attained by The Elect of this Age – the Little Flock. Thus, Jesus said that “the least” of these latter would be greater in the Kingdom than the greatest of those Ancients.


It has been properly stated that the Tabernacle in the wilderness reveals the entire Plan of God; and, as is true with so many types, that Tabernacle has a number of anti­types, chief of which is the Gospel-Age antitype. Let us keep well in mind that a place in that type invariably represents a condition in the antitype. Thus, the Camp in the type represents the rebellious nominal people of God in the Gospel-Age and in the Epi­phany antitypes. These people desire some association with God, but not enough for them to do His “good and acceptable, and perfect will” with “all the heart, mind, soul and strength.” If this conclusion be true, then we may reach a further conclusion – namely, so long as we have with us the rebellious nominal people of God, just that long shall we also have the assurance that the definition of the antitypical Camp must remain constant; it should not be changed in any particular.

And the Court of the type represents for the faith Age, the place where the “Just men” would have their standing – the tentatively justified. Of course, in the case of Abel, Noah, Abraham, etc., they lived long before the Tabernacle in the wilderness was constructed; but they were reckoned as having their standing there, God counting those things that are not as though they are. Those men believed God and it was counted, reck­oned, to them for righteousness. Because of their faith, they were “counted” (reckoned) just; counted as having their standing in the place where all the just of this faith Age have had their standing.

When JFR first coined his “Jonadabs,” he could not logically put them in the Court; there were then still too many good Bible Students who knew the truth on the subject from Brother Russell, and they would not swallow such an invention. This and other errors eventually forced him to drop the Tabernacle entirely as a type, so the Witnesses no longer study Tabernacle Shadows, or regard it as a part of their belief. Similar con­siderations forced him also to reject Elijah & Elisha as types; and his was an outstanding example of the truth that one error usually forces its proponent to accept other errors ­to patch up the ‘hole in the roof.’ And now that RGJ has rejected the true antitypical Camp, he likewise is forced to the same course – not to the same degree, however, but he is definitely headed in that same direction with his Campers Consecrated. He has now cor­rupted the proper interpretation of the antitypical Camp.

He has emphasized that his Campers perform in every particular just as do the Youth­ful Worthies – they are so much alike you can’t tell them apart unless you ask them what date they fully accepted God, so he says. But he also contends that they cannot be counted with the “just men” discussed aforegoing – their names have never been written in Heaven. And in this he directly contradicts the clear teachings of the Epiphany Messen­ger on this subject. Early in the Epiphany, when the status of the Youthful Worthies was being vehemently debated, this statement was given in E-4:330 to prove that the Youth­ful Worthies could, and do, receive similar recognition and treatment from God as did the Ancient Worthies:

“Both classes show the same spirit of faithfulness amid the same hard con­ditions under the handicap of there being no Ransom merit available for their use (which truth also applies to RGJ’s Consecrated Campers – if there is such a class, and they have the faith of Abraham as he contends—JJH). The unchangeableness of God’s holy character in view of His oath to the entire faith class (and RGJ contends they are a ‘faith class’—­JJH) guarantees a similar reward to those who were similarly faithful under similar diffi­cult conditions and who were subject to a similar handicap in a similar inavailability of the Ransom merit for their benefit.”

And further on p. 332:

“It is reasonable and Scriptural to expect for the Youthful Worthies, as well as for the Ancient Worthies, that they will receive ultimately a higher reward than they could have on this earth. As the Ancient, so the Youthful Worthies would be everlastingly degraded instead of being everlastingly rewarded for their Millen­nial service and suffering for the world, and their post-Millennial service for the faith­ful of the world, and for their post-Millennial suffering for righteousness at the hands of the Second Death class, if they would remain on the earth forever; for since all human beings found worthy of everlasting life will henceforth be equal (Matt. 25:34; Rev. 21: 24), it would follow that the Youthful, as well as the Ancient Worthies, from being the Millennial superiors would be degraded to being the eternal equals of the world of mankind, if as human beings they remained eternally on this earth. Thus God would not only not give them any reward for the Millennial and post-Millennial service and suffering, but post-­Millennially give them no more than He will give to those who would not serve Him, but did serve Satan, sin, error and death, during the period that these were in the ascendancy and domination among men. The Divine attributes do not reward such faithfulness by eternal deg­radation.”

If the above is the correct teaching for Youthful Worthies, it would also now apply with equal force toward his Campers Consecrated — if such a class is now being developed. To avoid the force of this logic by the Epiphany Messenger, RGJ is now falteringly at­tempting to stammer a certain “more honorable” position for his Campers Consecrated than will eventually be the reward of the “sheep” after the end of the Little Season; but his contention carries no conviction whatever, because he can find nothing in Bible logic any­where to support it — nor in the Parousia or Epiphany writings.

At the Chicago Convention he offered quite some detail on the Hill Ophel in Jerusa­lem as a type of his Campers Consecrated; but it will be recalled that when Brother John­son taught that the Hill Bezetha typed the Youthful Worthies, he also produced many con­vincing Scriptures to support his contention. This RGJ has not been able to do for his Campers Consecrated. If that Hill Ophel has any significance at all, it would typify the Jews, for we have the clear statement in Rom. 1:16 that “salvation is to the Jew first” ­not to Campers Consecrated, or to Jonadabs, or to Quasi-elect Consecrated first, but to the Jew first. And any one with even a smattering of Present Truth should be able to see the logic of this. Certainly those Jews in Jerusalem that survive Jacob’s Trouble would automatically be the first to be blessed under the new Kingdom, after which it will grad­ually extend to others.

So far as we know, there are only three groups in Little Babylon – or anywhere else, for that matter – who have invented non-existent classes in this Epiphany period. And the three that comprise this newly-developed ‘Trinity’ are the JW’s (Jehovah’s Witnesses), RGJ (Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement), and JWK (the self-styled Apoka­lypsis Messenger).

There is yet another crushing refutation to his error to be found in Epiphany Vol. 8, p. 10: “In the second typical feature the 12 tribes represent those people of the 12 denominations who do not consecrate, but who hold measurably to the Ransom and right­eousness, and who form the transitional camp, i.e., the Camp bridging the period between the Gospel and the Millennial Ages.”

This same teaching is given in slightly different wording in E-10:209. Certainly, we are not yet in the Millennial Age – from the Kingdom standpoint; in fact, the 12 denominations are still intact as such in the transitional Epiphany Camp. Thus, the Camp as outlined in the foregoing quotation must still be with us; and RGJ is now put­ting his Campers Consecrated right in the same position as the twelve denominations. He has not yet explained this to his Campers Consecrated. He is now telling us that the Epiphany Messenger did not understand this matter, so he himself will give us the Truth on it. If the Epiphany Messenger were wrong on his understanding of the Epiphany Camp, then it would logically follow that he was also wrong on the remainder of the Epi­phany Tabernacle. Let those accept such error who wish to do so; as for us, we shall continue in the things we have learned, and been assured of, knowing of whom we have learned them.”

Certainly no one with just ordinary understanding of Present Truth would believe that the twelve denominations are not still in the Epiphany Camp. Therefore, it follows that the “finished picture” has not yet begun to appear; yet RGJ has us in it with his Campers Consecrated. The finished picture will begin to appear after Armageddon, at which time the truly repentant and believing (the quasi-elect), but not consecrated, will constitute the Epiphany Camp, even as all others will be forced therefrom, and take their places with the Heathen. When that occurs, and antitypical Hophni and Phineas are no longer with us, many who are now rebellious nominal Christians will no longer be rebel­lious, but will become receptive to the Truth. We stress that the ‘signs of the times’ will make very clear to us when that time arrives; yet RGJ is now following in the foot­steps of That Evil Servant, who was ever running ahead of the Lord, and making one co­lossal blunder after another, so that now the Witnesses have the Kingdom already with us, and they are separating the sheep from the goats. Given time – if RGJ doesn’t turn from the “error of his way” – he will be forced into some such spiritual bedlam, as he also repeatedly attempts to run ahead of the Lord. Immediately after Brother Johnson’s death, he began his “foolish” course by presenting his Do-You-Knows – a full million of them were printed. It would be very interesting to know how many of them he has left, and just what results were secured by those that have been distributed. Indeed, we are witness to the truth of Brother Johnson’s statement: Bungling is the usual and natural activity of the Great Company!

Had 1914 come and gone, with nothing in the signs of the times to pinpoint that date, we may be certain Brother Johnson would not have taught that the Time of Trouble and the Epiphany were then with us. Yet, with just nothing in the signs of the times to establish 1954, RGJ now clings to that date as though the corroborating evidence were fully there.

One more point may well be mentioned here: In several places the Epiphany Messen­ger has warned us that any attempt by a crown-loser to bring forth a new doctrine would be “gazing,” would be offering “strange fire,” which would consequently be error with­out further ado. Therefore, we could – if we were inclined – automatically reject such teaching as error; but we offer Scriptural refutation of it to strengthen the faith of our readers, so they may know the real foundation truth on this subject. There are cer­tain principles laid down in the Bible, which we need to grasp and apply them to our daily lives that we may be “established in the Present Truth.” A primary foundation principle is justice, which must be recognized and practiced before we can build the principles of love, mercy, etc. We need to learn what justice means – as it is dis­cussed in some of the quotations herein. Then we shall be in a strong position “by rea­son of use to discern both good and evil” (Heb. 5:14) – to discern clearly between Truth and error on every important point – and to be courageous and uncompromising in declar­ing the Truth.


On pages 87-91 of this paper the Chicago discourse on Ophel is further considered ­with the usual presumption that RGJ injected into it. Again he offers Rev. 22:10, 11 as ‘proof’ of his teaching, and refers his readers to E-10:114 for corroboration. We have used this very citation so repeatedly against him in crushing manner that only one fully in the clutches of Azazel would have the brazen effrontery to use it again. However, we now repeat it again in refutation: “Only when J expounds connectedly the entire book of Revelation will it be due to say, ‘Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book.” So we now inquire, Has J “expounded connectedly the entire book of Revelation?”

Then on p. 114:

“After 1954 no more persons will enter the tentatively-justified state,” But, since 1954 RGJ has been feverishly attempting to bring people into the tentatively-­justified state – clearly in contradiction of this statement, and this very statement he is now citing to ‘prove’ his present activities. As the Epiphany Messenger has observed about similar crown losers – Why is it that they offer citations that directly contra­dict their position? Is it not because they are in the clutches of Azazel, and cannot think clearly as long as they are in that condition?

And concerning this spiritual bedlam, RGJ says this on p. 90, col. 1, par. 4: “We know that it, like all other parts of the advancing Truth, will come under special at­tack by the Adversary. Satan has always opposed the ‘meat in due season,’ given by our Lord to supply the needs of His people.” To those of us familiar with the early Epi­phany, these words have a very familiar ring to them; they are almost an exact duplicate of the wails and whines of that Foolish Shepherd. He, too, had an ‘Adversary’ to oppose his ‘advancing Truth’ – it was the sword (sharp opposing real Truth) that was upon his arm and upon his right eye. (Zech. 11:17) It is indeed an old Jesuitical trick to hurl at others the very truths that apply to them – just as did that Foolish Shepherd. And, Hitler like, they also realized that if you make the lie big enough, and repeat, repeat, repeat, a certain element will believe it.

It is apparent on every hand that we are in the Epiphany period when “the Lord will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the heart” (1 Cor. 4:5); and time itself is one of the major factors in producing that mani­festation. Early in the Epiphany a great division occurred over the chronology, some con­tending there was a 19-year mistake in our understanding of it. That error was clearly and forcefully refuted in the Present Truth; but many who had accepted the error either did not read the Present Truth, or were overly persuaded by their leaders to ignore it. However, time itself made manifest the error. When 1933 came, not one thing occurred which would mark that date as the end of the Gentile Times; but in nineteen years it had been sufficiently glossed over and given the silent treatment, so there was no prominent mention of it. But it was there just the same!

Time Itself is also slowly, but surely, making manifest RGJ’s folly with respect to his 1954 date. Let us not forget that he obtained his initial impetus on Campers Conse­crated from J. W. Krewson, whom he now brands as a rank errorist. Nor has JWK made much effort since that time to defend the teaching – leaving that now to RGJ. But time is making it appear more foolish every year. And the same is true of his Attestatorial Ser­vice – a service which has produced as near to nothing as anything that Evil Servant foisted upon his gullible followers. And many of RGJ’s ardent followers, including some of his prominent leaders, have shown little or no enthusiam for the Service, with inter­est in it also diminishing as each year passes. Even RGJ himself is not nearly so loud and garrulous about it as he was ten years ago, because even a babe in the Truth can readily recognize that there is just no ‘parallel’ at all between the 1954 effort and the true Little Flock attestatorial service in 1914-1916. Of course, many of his new­comers know nothing about the 1914-1916 effort from their personal experience, and prob­ably many of them have not even read about it.

Then, concerning this latest ‘advancing Truth’ regarding the Hill Ophel, RGJ says Brother Johnson laid the foundation for this to come in due course. Those quotations we have offered aforegoing from E-10:113,114 certainly don’t reveal any such foundation; but it is well to keep in mind here, too, that this is also an old trick of Azazel. The Roman Catholic Church tells us that St. Peter laid the foundation for their present er­rors; and the Jehovah’s Witnesses state with equal vehemence that Brother Russell laid the foundation for their present efforts and errors. Even the most innocent tyros with RGJ have no difficulty In recognizing the falsity of the Witnesses’ claims, even as they are at the same time completely blinded to the grime on their own doorstep. And with such evidence before us, we may resign ourselves in the strong assurance that time itself will eventually “make manifest” the Truth and the error on such controversial questions; and we offer a few stanzas from the poet along this line:

Serene, I fold my hands and wait,

Nor care for wind nor tide nor sea;

I rave no more ‘gainst time or fate,

For lo! my own shall come to me.

The stars come nightly to the sky;

The tidal wave unto the sea;

Nor time, nor space, nor deep, nor high,

Can keep my own away from me.

Previously, we made mention of the “gazing” activities of crown-losers; and we now offer some quotations in corroboration: “Nor are the Levites to seek to discover ‘new light’ (note RGJ’s statement aforegoing concerning ‘advancing Truth – new light—JJH) and spread it before the Church, as this would be attempting to go into the Holy, from which they have been excluded, and would result in their offering strange fire, as the Society and other leaders have done in Vol. VII, the Tower, etc.” (E-7:138)

And all of us are witness to the tumult and mischief that have resulted from these efforts. We quote further from E-9:134: “It will be noted that while God has given the non-star-membered teachers of the General Church and the more prominent local elders vis­ions and dreams, He has never given them to see as a thing new a doctrine. This privi­lege is limited exclusively to our Lord acting in the star-members. Any attempt on the part of a non-star-membered teacher or of a non-teacher as the first one to work out a doctrine would be speculation, and would, therefore, not result in uncovering a new truth (as RGJ has been attempting to do with his Campers Consecrated—JJH), but would result in error.” We now quote from E-11:495: “None of these brothers (prominent Little Flock teachers—JJH) were the first to see new doctrines, which under Jesus is the exclusive privilege of star-members.”

And summing up, concerning those attempting to “gaze,” there is this in E-11:383: “God will put such an one into such controversial disadvantages that amid them to de­fend his errors he will be continually surrendering formerly held truths (such as the truth on the transitional Epiphany Camp, Justification only in the Court, etc.—JJH) that impinge against his new errors, as was done with all the six sets of harvest sif­ters. Thus does God punish such invasions, which are usurpations.”

To those who have their senses properly exercised (developed) to discern between truth and error, the above quotations are more than sufficient to enable them to recog­nize that any new doctrine proposed by a crown-loser is self-evidently “strange fire” (false doctrine). The Epiphany Messenger has presented this matter most unmistakably clear in this Epiphany (bright shining) period for our protection against such perver­sions as Campers Consecrated, Quasi-elect Consecrated and Jonadabs; and any who cast aside such important Truth that he gave us are indirectly denying that he was indeed the Epiphany Messenger, and the last Star Member to produce a new doctrine. And, once this matter is made clear, we may be sure that only those who persist in being misled by it will be those who never were “established in the present (Epiphany) truth.”

As respects the resurrection, we are definitely told that there will be a resurrec­tion of “the just” – as such; separate and distinct from all others of the human race. But there is no mention anywhere in the Scriptures of a resurrection of the Quasi-elect as such – whether they be consecrated or not. Thus, if any of his Consecrated Campers should die before the inauguration of the Mediatorial reign, they will have no prece­dence whatever over their fellows who will be raised at the same time they are – except, of course, any good they have developed into their characters now. However, the Jews in Jerusalem who survive Jacob’s Trouble, will certainly have precedence over others of the human family who will also survive Jacob’s Trouble. Just how many years it will be be­tween the resurrection of “the just” (faithful Abraham and his kind) and the initial awakening of the first unjust, we do not know; but we believe it is a reasonable conclu­sion that it will be more than one or two years, because the restoration of order in the earth will by no means be a simultaneous or instantaneous matter everywhere. Thus, when RGJ claims his Campers Consecrated “are blessed with faithful Abraham,” he is at least sadly lacking when he fails to explain just what he means by that. It is reasonably cer­tain the “just men” of Heb. 12:23 will all receive their resurrection when Abraham re­ceives his; therefore, they will of a surety be “blessed with faithful Abraham”; but such a conclusion cannot logically be made of any of the Quasi-elect, and RGJ’s state­ment becomes extremely strained and needs a lot of clarification. He that discerns clear­ly, teaches clearly. Would any one conclude that RGJ discerns clearly in this instance?

In keeping with the foregoing, we consider it timely to offer same more from Bro. Russell and not from us personally: “In thinking of the nature of the tribulation at the end of this Age, we are first of all to remember that it is a tribulation coming upon the world and the hypocrites. The Lord tells us that if we are faithful, we shall not come into the condemnation coming upon the world. The intimation is that those who are not faithful enough to get Into the Little Flock will come into this condemnation, with the world. So the Lord tells us of some who will get their portion with the hypocrites. Matt. 24:51” (Reprints 5256) These are described in Matt. 25:30 as “the unprofitable servant,” the Great Company (see Berean Comment), who are cast “into outer darkness” (er­ror), which is so much in evidence among the leaders and the mis-leaders of God’s people at this time.


On pp. 82-84 of this same Present Truth is an article by Brother Russell. As we should expect, the article is an excellent one, and would embellish any paper which car­ries it – whether that paper be Roman Catholic or RGJ’s Present Truth; so he is to be commended for reproducing it. But he would merit even more commendation if he himself would take the teachings of that article to heart, and practice them himself – particu­larly those parts of it that treat “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just. “

“I will hear what God the Lord will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly. Surely his salvation is nigh them that fear him; that glory may dwell in our land...... Righteousness shall go before him; and shall set us in the way of his steps.” (Psa. 85:8,9 & 13)

Sincerely you brother,

John J. Hoefle Pilgrim



Dear Brother Hoefle: Fond Christian love to you and all with you!

I noted what you said about Brother Brown, and I agree with you. He was not one to swallow a doctrine without proving it to be reasonable and Scriptural – nor was he easily influenced by those who told him not to read another’s writings.

The service we had for the Messengers was a praise, prayer and testimony meeting, and Brother ------- from Kingston gave a lengthy testimony. He also mentioned that Bro. Brown was a good friend from Parousia times, even before he embraced the Truth for himself. He thought Brother Brown was an example of a good profession of the believ­ers. After the service he told us Brother Brown’s son said he was 97, but that he was sure that Brother Brown was around 104.....

Warm Christian love for all. God Bless you!

Sister ------- (JAMAICA)

NOTE: Yes, Brother Brown had many rich experiences in the “narrow way” under both Brother Russell and Brother Johnson, and he gave us many of the details of these experiences in the lengthy correspondence we have had with him since we first met him personally at Kingston in 1957. He was warm and gracious to us at that Con­vention despite all the vicious diatribe hurled at us by RGJ then – and continued warm and friendly to us until his death. He told us at that Convention that he praised the Lord for the privilege of living to meet and greet us. In one of his letters he wrote: “May it please the Lord to make you a blessing to yourself and all who will hear. ‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.’ (John 14:27) Love and good will to you and Sis­ter Hoefle. I am, As ever your Brother Brown.”

Be was very definite about his refusal to accept the Campers Consecrated doctrine. He said: “I don’t teach Consecrated Epiphany Campers, as the Camp represents the world of mankind in sin and needing atonement, and desiring it. I see now the world of mankind must wait their due time – must wait till the reign of Christ begins....... Again I say, he who distinguishes clearly teaches right.” And in his last letter to us: “Must close with love, and the Lord Bless you! I give you Poem 124 and Heb. 13:20-21. Pray for me as I do for you both.” This was received a short time before he died in 1970. We do indeed, with others who knew him well, treasure his memory as a warm, lov­ing and zealous brother.


Dear Brethren:

Thank you for sending me Epiphany truth. I find it very helpful and enjoy read­ing the truth. I am 79 years old........ Please notice my new address. I am a widow, and please accept my small help.

I am your sister in Christ ------- (WISCONSIN)


My dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace Divine be yours!

We are indeed glad to receive your papers. They are refreshing – especially in the struggle of our present day. I greatly enjoyed your paper, “Jesus The Christ.”

With Christian love in Jesus’ dear name, Your brother ------- (JAMAICA)



The Memorial this year may be celebrated any time after 6 p.m., Thursday, April 8. The moon comes new at the 30th Meridian East, Jerusalem time, at 9:24 p.m. March 26, thus establishing 6 p.m. March 26 as Nisan 1, Bible reckoning. Counting to Nisan 14, we reach 6 p. m. April 8; and any hour after 6 p.m. that evening would be correct for the service.