NO. 213: THE CHICAGO CONVENTION - OCT. 27-29, 1972

by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 213

QUESTION MEETING – Sunday Oct. 29 – In an hour and a half RGJ did not “have time” to answer nearly all the questions that had been presented; but some of those he did try to answer made him uncomfortable enough to display clearly what manner of person he is. We shall report on just a limited number of those questions now:

No. 1 – Is Tentative Justification in the Court and in the Camp the same thing? (we are not giving the questions or the answers verbatim, but our paraphrase gives the general idea – truthfully.) This question caused RGJ to go into quite a tantrum about it being a “tricky question”; but the only trickery we could see was in the an­swer he gave. He immediately resorted to his usual confusion of issues, and his “Lo­quacious, repeti­tious and false-accusing foolish effusions.” (E-10:591) Then he pro­posed the question, Do those in the Court have the same justification as those in the Holy? Well, we would answer that in the Epiphany Court there are two classes of peo­ple – those tentatively justified, and those vitalizedly justified. The vitalizedly justified are the crown-losers – those new creatures ejected from the Holy; but they still have the same vitalized justification they had when their new creatures were in the Holy – and will have it so long as they remain in the Court under the imputed merit. Thus, his answer was simply “profusion of words” to becloud the issue; there is no analogy whatever between his illustration and the question. Nor can it be argued that his answer was produced just on the occasion. He had at least a day to think it over; and for him to offer such a response after studied consideration merely offers tangible proof that he is going blind on the Tabernacle truths.

Also, we know that Jesus was asked many tricky questions; but never once did He complain about that. Rather, He took the occasion to demonstrate His own wisdom ­so much so that no “man from that day forth durst ask Him any more questions.” (Matt. 22:46) But His responses were far removed from the confusion and complaints dis­played by RGJ. The only people that appeared foolish before Jesus were the tricksters themselves.

No. 2 – What does Romans 16:17 mean – “Mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” His answer: It means just what it says! We rather opine that he himself put this question in ­to give him a chance to offer tirade against the “sifters.” Be that as it may, this text has been a handy tool throughout the Age for the worst characters in the church to use against those who opposed their sins of teaching and practice. It was used by the Roman Church to inflame their servile sectarians to murder the saints. It was used by JFR repeatedly after 1917 to inflame his servile sectarians to excommunicate those that opposed his errors. And the Witnesses command their dedicated devotees, “Don’t even speak to him,” when they meet one on the street who has been ejected from their midst. He used it effectively against RGJ himself at a time when he was under the benevolent influence of the Epiphany Messenger, at which time he had enough cour­age and clarity of Truth to go to their meetings, just the same as we now attend his meetings.

Now RGJ is using this same Scripture, in the same way, and for the same purpose, as did That Evil Servant – although we have previously pointed out in our writings that this is a gross revolutionism against Parousia and Epiphany Truth. Both Messengers recognized that such application of Romans 16:17 would surely deprave the characters of their followers – and this neither of them wanted. On occasion in the past, when it seemed convenient for that time, RGJ has related the conduct of Brother Johnson with E. A. Williamson, when he met him on the street. He not only spoke to him; but, when Williamson extended his hand, Brother Johnson accepted it with the remark, “Well, Ed, for old times’ sake.” It will be noted he did not address him as Brother, but he did give him the common courtesy that he would give to any “heathen man.” (Matt. 18:17)

At Jamaica in 1957 RGJ went out of his way to approach us and shake hands when that seemed the political thing to do – although he himself had disfellowshiped us some­time previously. However, even there it soon became apparent that his gesture was simply a hypocritical performance; as he denounced us from the Convention platform as Devils, etc., and warned his audience not to recognize us. It is to the commendation of many of them, however, that they ignored his blustering antics; But his conduct there did not surprise us, as we know “a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways.” (Jas. 1:8) As the Berean Comment on Matt. 27:21 states it, “Religious fanaticism is the deepest, wickedest and most conscienceless of hatreds.” We mention, too, that his “cousin” Krewson commands his sectarian adherents “not to read anything from us.”

On Oct. 29, 1972 RGJ also quoted the Scripture, “They went out from us, because they were not of us.” (1 Jno. 2:19) In his application of this text he either re­veals that the “oil in his lamp has gone out” – has lost the spirit of understanding (Matt. 25:1-10) – or presents a willful wresting of the Scriptures. “The uninstructed and unstable (doubleminded) pervert, as also the other Scriptures, to their own destruc­tion.” (2 Pet. 3:16, Dia.) JFR also played this text to a frazzle after the separa­tion in 1917 – against RGJ himself, and against others who exposed his errors. But Brother Johnson did not “go out” from him; he was “cast out” (Isa. 66:5) – just as we also were “‘cast out” by RGJ; and this text did not apply to Brother Johnson then, nor does it apply to us now – as we “continue in the things we have learned and been assured of,” knowing of whom we have learned them. Actually, the facts are clear, that many of those who voluntarily “went out” from JFR were so much like him – and worse in some re­spects – that they left because they were “of him” – rogues who could not tolerate one another. As one instance, we cite the case of the “Standfast” Movement, as recorded in E-6:722-748, where we have a record of their “cruel disfellowshipments,” refusal of ordinary commonplace greetings on the street with those they had “cast out,” etc. Our readers would be well advised to read that record. As we consider the sober and super­ior schooling those people received under That Servant, it is tragic to note that they could sink so low; and we are forced to the sad conclusion that they were “in the Truth, “but not much of the Truth was in them. And it depresses us much to reach the same conclusion now concerning many of our brethren who were taught by the Epiphany Messenger, who also now “pervert the Scriptures, to their own destruction.” (2 Pet. 3:16, Dia.)

In this connection, we now quote from E-4:277, bottom: “In every case of Great Company leaders they have been guilty of power-grasping and lording. When we pass them one after the other in review we will see this to be the case. From first to last they want more than the Lord gives them (such as trying to re-enter the Holy to secure “new light” – and such as claiming to be equal with God’s mouthpiece – E-10: 585—JJH); hence under Satanic temptation they grasp for power and lord it over God’s heritage, which makes them fall under God’s disfavor.”

No. 3 – Where do the Youthful Worthies consecrate in the Court? Again his an­swer was filled with “foolish effusions.” (E-10:591) Were there more than two goats tied at the first veil? he asked. Here again he revealed his confusion on Tabernacle types. There was excellent reason for having but two goats and one bullock on the Atonement Day performance: the Bullock and the Lord’s Goat for the “sin-offering” and Azazel’s Goat (the live goat) for the expiation of the world’s willful sins. In fact, when his “cousin” Krewson came up with his “new light” (?) that the Worthies shared with the Great Company in this “expiation of willful sins,” this Atonement Day type clearly refuted his error. But RGJ would do well to inform himself with the text, “Thou shalt have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country.” (Lev. 24:22)

There is only one place in the Tabernacle where consecration is pictured – and that is at the first veil. But, since 1881, those who came to that veil had no as­surance that they would be admitted into the Holy. Once any one came to that veil after 1881 it was then up to the Lord to determine what his standing would be. How­ever, if he did not receive admittance into the Holy, then his consecration could be accepted for other elective purposes – namely, as a Youthful Worthy. Nevertheless, such consecrators came to the first veil just the same as those whose new creatures entered the Holy; and what would apply to a few would apply to all – not represented in either of the goats, of course; but in essence their course up to the first veil was the same as that of those who entered into the Holy. We assume RGJ once knew that; so here is just one more point on which he is going blind on the Tabernacle types.

When asked how much the Youthful Worthies should deny themselves of earthly pleasures, Brother Johnson answered that their consecration is no different than that of the Little Flock – and that would mean “one manner of law for the stranger-: “They (the Youthful Worthies and Little Flock) make the same vows (tie themselves up at the veil, the door—JJH) of deadness to self and aliveness to God. The difference is, therefore, not in the obligations that they take upon themselves, but the use God makes of their consecration: the consecration of some is accepted by God through the begettal of the Spirit and that of others is not. But the same antitypical Passover doctrines and practices both classes are to live out – one statute to the stranger and to the one born in the land. But as the Youthful Worthies now do these things, not as the parts of a trial for life, but of faith and loyalty, they will unto a completion do these things Millennially and in the Little Season as the parts of trial for life.” (E-8:620)

The Gospel Age, including its last special period – i.e., the Epiphany – is the only time for a consecration “unto death”; and the only place (picturing forth a con­dition in antitype) for such consecration is in the Court where the merit is imputed. Any consecration made in the Camp will be “unto life” under the New Covenant – and the “way” is not “narrow,” but a Highway of Holiness. There are two distinct salvations –separate and distinct, as was taught by That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger.

“There is not the slightest intimation in the Scriptures that those who consecrate too late to have a crown assigned them; but before the highway of holiness is opened, make a different kind of a consecration from those whose consecration was accepted by the begettal of the Spirit.” (E-4:422) As Brother Russell has said, “after he ties himself up at the Door of the Tabernacle he has done everything he can do. The next thing must be done by the Lord...” And this from E-8:532: “Both tentative justifi­cation and vitalized justification are acts performed in Heaven.” (Heb. 9:24)

From his unclear comments on the goats, it would seem RGJ believes that the anti­typical Lord’s goat is in the Holy; but neither the antitypical bullock nor the Lord’s goat ever enter the Holy – only their new creatures, as represented in Aaron, are in the antitypical Holy. Their humanity still remains in the Court – sacrificed on the brazen altar – so long as they continue faithful. When they become sufficiently un­faithful, they lose their crowns and are ejected from the Holy; and their humanity also makes a coincidental move – from the Court into the wilderness to be buffeted at the hands of the fit man (unfavorable circumstances and persecuting persons). He that discerns clearly teaches clearly; so we can but conclude that he not only has lost the “spirit of understanding” on a place in the tabernacle picturing forth a condition in the antitype, but this is just one more part of the Tabernacle types on which he seems to be going blind. The faithful Youthful Worthies, however, continue in the Court in their new wills and in their humanity until they finish their earthly course.

We have selected just three of the questions treated in that Sunday morning meet­ing – although there were many more. Some of the answers deserve some criticism, while others deserve some commendation. He was not floating around in space with all his an­swers; especially was this true where he could adhere to the teaching of the Messengers on subjects that didn’t impinge against his newly-invented errors.


On pages 84-90 of the above paper is an article on FAITH, which is by Brother Johnson – a superb treatise on the subject, which we are happy to praise. It gives this PT a superiority, which any one schooled in Present Truth will readily concede.

Then there is an article on pages 90-93 on UNEQUALLY YOKED, which is mainly a quotation from an article by Brother Russell through the second paragraph of column two of page 92 – after which RGJ injects his tirade against those who oppose his errors, the same including some caustic remarks about “another sifter,” which is a reference to us. In this he goes into quite some detail about his “avoid them” policy toward the “grievous wolves” of Acts 20:29. If he had wanted to be fair in his comments, he would then have included also the comments by Brother Russell on page 1559 of the Reprints (written just three months before the “Unequally Yoked” article) – where he defines “wolves in sheep’s clothing, who would not spare the flock while selfishly seeking their own temporal advantage.” Had he quoted this, even the sleepiest of his readers might have been aroused to make some inquiry.

Those familiar with our record over the past fifty years are well aware that our pursuit of the Truth never brought us any “temporal advantage.” Nor is there anything in the Epiphany writings to dispute this. Thus, we freely invite close examination of our past performance in comparison with the record to be found there about RGJ. In fact, we offer now RGJ’s own comments about our past, as he published it on page 70 of his September 1952 Present Truth:

“Bro. John J. Hoefle, of Detroit, Mich., was one of Bro. Johnson’s special assistants in a more potent way than most of the brethren realize. Throughout most of the Epi­phany, and even to the end of his life, Bro. Johnson leaned on Bro. Hoefle in special ways, finding in him an ever ready and willing helper, often under very exacting con­ditions that involved much sacrifice and self-denial. Probably the largest financial contributor to the Lord’s Epiphany work, he came to Bro. Johnson’s relief in times of special need, making possible the purchase of plates and other materials for various books that were published, donating the Bible House property free from debt to the work and additionally donating thousands of dollars, to the exhaustion of his finances, in the spirit of the Lord’s instruction in Matt. 6:19-21. He also ably helped Brother Johnson in legal and general executive matters. E.g., in 1937 he started action in the courts which resulted in the LHMM obtaining income-tax-free status, donations made to it by others now being free from taxation and deductible in individual income-tax-re­turns. This has resulted in quite an increase in funds for carrying on the work, and has served as a precedent in obtaining for the LHMM more favorable positions and decis­ions, e.g., in connection with various bequests, deeds, U.S. Customs, U.S. Courts and other agencies, employment tax exemptions, tax-free services, lower rates, etc. In 1947 ‘at a most inopportune time’ he left everything to serve at Bro. Johnson’s bedside, assisting ­in correspondence work, etc. Bro. Johnson spoke of him as ‘my real son Timothy’ and later wrote him: ‘I love you because of your personal good qualities, which I appreciate, and because of the great service you have been to the Epiphany Truth.’ Bro. arranged for him to act as executor for himself and Sr. Johnson, and made special request that he serve at his funeral. Indeed, Bro. Hoefle, who also served as a Pilgrim, was one of Brother Johnson’s seven special helpers.”

From the foregoing it should be crystal clear to all that not even RGJ himself believed we were “seeking our own temporal advantage” up to 1952; and we have the testimony of many faithful brethren that we have not done so since that time either. We opine that RGJ would not think so now were we not exposing his revolutionisms against Parousia and Epiphany Truth; and this we shall continue to do so long as we have the physical and financial strength to do so. And in so doing, we rest secure in the blessed promise that “God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love” (Heb. 6:10); but we now know from sad experience that an uncleansed Levite is sufficiently unrighteous to forget that work.


On page 93 of the article mentioned aforegoing, attack is once more made upon us regarding our “sophistry” on the saints’ reign. We had rather concluded that RGJ had cleared the cobwebs from his mind on this subject – inasmuch as he himself had made statements in his magazine that are in exact agreement with what we believe and teach about it. But it seems he is so befuddled by Azazel that he does not know from one paper to the next just what he does believe. In this present paper he says,

“The Scriptures and the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers teach that the saints must first live, i.e., have part in the first resurrection before they can reign with Christ.”

Now let us compare the above with what he says in one of his previous papers:

“We agree fully with Brother Russell and Brother Johnson that the Christ’s thousand-­year-reign (the thousand years when Satan is bound) began in 1874, even though the only part of the Christ that will by 2874 have reigned the full thousand years is Jesus; thus as a class, including Head and Body, the Christ’s reigning as well as living dates from 1874 onward.”

Note the direct contradiction of these two statements! Which statement would he have his readers believe? We know the Scriptures distinctly teach that the saints will reign with Christ one thousand years. (Rev. 20:4) Here again, he is reeling to and fro like a drunkard!

We now quote from E-6:427, bottom: “Please note: this work (of dealing with Azazel’s Goat) belongs exclusively after the entire Christ is won, i.e., in the Epi­phany, hence on the Church’s wedding day (Col. 3:4; Rev. 19:7,8) AFTER THE ENTIRE CHURCH HAS BEEN WON (emphasis by Brother Johnson), when, from God’s standpoint, every part of the Church in the flesh is in the kingdom. This is similar to God’s viewing Aaron in beauty and glory at the time of consecration typing how He looks upon the faithful as a class at their consecration, i.e., as though they were in glory, in view of what they will become.” The World’s High Priest was not in position “to execute the judgment written” until September 1914 – at which time those in Glory and those on earth cooperated as one complete unit in dealing with Azazel’s Goat, and “binding their kings with chains.”

Complementing the above is the following from E-4:11,12: “St. Paul seems in Timothy to address the Lord’s people generally,... encouraging them to be faithful, until that period of our Lord’s return which He here calls His appearing, Epiphany (which period did not begin until September 1914—JJH).... Which He will manifest in its separate time periods when, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He takes to Him­self His great power and prepares to reign in Millennial glory over the earth (Rev. 20:4-6)

In no place does either Messenger teach that the Church began “living and reign­ing” in 1874; that is just RGJ’s invention – and a slipshod invention at that. Here is a quotation from Brother Johnson re 1 Cor. 15:24, which we have used in previous papers, which we now quote again so that our readers will have the subject clearly in mind:

“What is meant by all rule, and all authority and power? We answer every vestige of Satan’s governing, of Satan’s claim of right, and of Satan’s might; all of this must be destroyed utterly and forever, and this will be done at the end of the Little Season.” (And RGJ’s “faulty disc” wouldn’t help him much on this quotation—JJH)

This is further emphasized and confirmed by the Berean Comment on Rev. 20:14, the part that RGJ omitted in his answer to a question on this text at the Labor Day Convention – which would have nullified his whole contention there had he done so (please see our p. 1, No. 210, Dec. 1, 1972 paper): “And death... Including aches, pains, mental and moral imperfection of every sort” (the “mental and moral” imperfec­tions, which are not overcome by the goats – plagued out of them, as Brother Johnson states it – at the beginning of the Little Season—JJH). The “aches, pains,” etc., will be plagued out of all the willing and the unwilling, but the “mental and moral,’ imperfections, or deflections (the Adamic Death Process) will never be eliminated from the unwilling – the goats of the Little Season – until they are cast into the Lake of Fire. Then it can be said that “Death and Hell were cast into the Lake of Fire. This is the second death.”

The following quotation from Brother Russell is also directly to the point: “He who now holds the scepter, whose right it is to rule, will at the expiration of the Gentile Times receive the crown also; and ‘unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.’ The scepter, or title to ‘all power in heaven and in earth,’ was given unto Him at His resurrection, but He awaits the Father’s appointed time, the limit of the Gentile Times, before He will take His great power and begin His glorious reign.” (And, as King of kings, and Lord of lords, He will evict these Gentiles – and the saints will also reign with Him – Rev. 20:4—JJH)

According to the above quotation, Jesus did not even have “The crown” – the right to reign – until the expiration of the Times of the Gentiles in 1914. And in corroboration of this, we quote now from Reprints 2739, col. 2, bottom:

“The Scripture declaration respecting the saints, the ‘overcomers’ is, ‘They lived and reigned a thousand years.’ The reign of the saints cannot be properly said to begin before all the ‘jewels’ have been gathered, nor before the ‘Times of the Gentiles’ end, in 1914. Nor is it said that their reign will be no longer than a thousand years (The thousand years is from 1874 to 2874, but “a thousand years is promised to the saints,” as the Scriptures clearly teach, and as That Servant has said—JJH) After the thousand years’ reign, Satan shall be loosed and the above trial shall ensue; but the reign of Christ and the church will evidently continue long enough after the thousand years to destroy all found unworthy in that final test, and to thus complete the work for which this reign is instituted; for, as expressed by the Apostle, ‘He must reign till He hath put all enemies under His feet.”

Further, a quotation from the 1915 WT, Reprint 5632: “The Kingdom of God Set Up – Our thought is that we should look for still further evidences that the Gentile Times have ended, and that God’s kingdom (Christ and the Church—JJH) has begun its work... The present step is the war of the nations. The next step will be Socialism – ­an attempted Socialism – among the people. Then the third step anarchy.. The Time For Judgment is Ripe – We believe that the Times of the Gentiles ended just on time.. The hand of justice is now doing the breaking – the nations shall be broken as ‘a potter’s vessel.’.. We believe that the time for the setting up of the kingdom was on Septem­ber 21, 1914. At that time, when it was due for our Lord to take up His great power and reign, the nations were already angry... The due time for the wrath (the Epiphany—JJH) was September 21... Now the restraining hand has been removed. The time is ripe.” (The time was ‘ripe’ for the Judgment of the Nations – and the time will be ripe for the Judgment of the individuals when the New Covenant is inaugurated—JJH)

Much of the present outburst in the LHMM is a vicious attempt to substantiate the newly-invented doctrine of Campers Consecrated, so we offer this observation concerning that: The Epiphany Messenger was one of the fully faithful Elect who had not been ejected from the Holy, yet he never attempted to produce a new class; he merely elaborated on the unbegotten class that That Servant had already taught – a class of consecrators “between the Ages” that would be associated with the Ancient Worthies in reward, honor and service in the Kingdom reign. It was likewise his privilege to pre­sent and clarify many pertinent Scriptures and types on this class. He also elabor­ated on the Great Company, and gave us much additional light on this class, which has become so prominent in this Epiphany – the same being another class That Servant had taught and dealt with at great length, especially during the final years of his life.

Thus, both Messengers classified all the Elect, and made a clear demarcation be­tween the Elect and the non-elect, the Court and the Camp – the just and the unjust ­the faith salvation and the works salvation. But comes now a crown-loser – one who no longer has access to the Holy – to mix the two salvations – the faith Age with the works Age – and tells us it is difficult to discern the difference between his newly ­invented restitution class in the Camp and the elect class in the Court. Neither Mes­senger could see such a class in the Scriptures, but he has no difficulty in seeing it. And in offering his “strange fire” before the Lord he discards a well-established doc­trine – one emphasized by St. Paul and the two Messengers – namely, the preeminence of the Jews in the Kingdom: “to the Jew first,” even as it was to the Jews first in the High Calling salvation.

Further, he has the effrontery to become viciously vituperative toward any one who refuses to accept his “advancing truth” (?). Likewise, That Evil Servant was similarly abusive toward all who refused to accept his error and revolutionisms, and his newly-invented Jonadab class, etc. Here we have a real parallel in fact set be­fore us by two crown-lost-leaders. And to this we would simply quote St. Paul: ‘When for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.” (Heb. 5:12)

“And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; that ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sin­cere and without offense till the day of Christ. Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.” (Phil. 1:9-11)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Please excuse the delay in letting you know that I received your two parcels of tracts quite safe, which I shall by the Grace of God make good use of.. Also, your November article, which gave me the answer to something I couldn’t understand: Why some who came into the Truth, through the doctrines as given to Pastor Russell from above, then later gave out part of the Truth themselves, but end up with something quite different. It isn’t as if one is judging them, but we cannot help but notice the change. They appear to be so kind, and have a great belief in our Heavenly Father and His Son (Many hypocrites in high religious office show the same characteristics—­JJH); and yet, as you mention, God does permit these things to happen, and for a good reason. How plain it is to me now, for I can see it is the heart and character that finally shows up, for we are all on trial once we consecrate ourselves to God, and there must be something of the world that makes them change so much.

In one of my letters I mentioned going occasionally to a meeting of Brother ------- class; but it was not my intention to become a member and attend regularly – which they seem to think was my intention to do. However, I thought it best to stop going, as it was so confusing. One can hardly believe his ears to hear some one who was called into the Truth, teaching from the Plan of the Ages, then ending up by telling his congregation to look up to the time coming soon when “every eye shall see our Lord coming in a cloud,” when in the twinkling of an eye they shall all be changed and caught up to meet our Lord in the air, and taken to their Heavenly home to be with the Lord in Glory. I’ve received a letter from him saying “he hopes I haven’t stumbled.” I hope by the Grace of God it was my last stumbling when I ‘stumbled’ into Pastor Rus­sell’s teaching and Brother Johnson’s teaching, but I do believe all their teachings will come back again in God’s “due time.” In the meantime, I hope you and all the brethren with you, will continue to be able to carry on the Lord’s work.

Your sister by His Grace, ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Brethren:

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Our prayers for all those who “continue in His Word,” and who appreciate these fundamental Truths given to us by the two Messengers – that they may have blessed ex­periences in all their efforts to serve Him in Truth and Spirit.