by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 210

In the Question Meeting at the above Convention this question was presented: “Death and Hell were cast into the Lake of fire. This is the second death (Rev. 20:14). When does this take place, during the Kingdom, or in the Little Season?” With RGJ’s usual “profusion of words” he placed great emphasis upon the Berean Com­ment by “That Servant himself”: “Were cast – Gradually, from the beginning of the Millennial Age to its close.” Then he proceeded to elaborate that the Millennial Age began in 1874 and will end in 2874; and that one of the Epiphany ‘sifters’ is now teaching contrary to this sound doctrine. Since he was resorting to Berean Com­ments to demonstrate his point, why did he not also use the Comment on 1 Cor. 15:24: “Then – Having finished the work of redeeming the race, of bringing many sons to glory, of destroying the reprobate and of filling the earth with perfect human beings.”

Is he now telling us the destruction of the reprobate (goats) will be an accom­plished fact by 2874? If he meant what he said on Labor Day morning, then it is very clear that he does not understand the meaning of these texts at all – or the Berean Comments that explain them. The Comment on Rev. 20:14 (to which RGJ resorted with much verbosity) says “gradually, from the beginning of the Millennial Age to its close.” We are now almost 100 years into the Millennium; and none of this has had an infinitesimal beginning, Thus, its beginning is still future. But, if RGJ under­stands the text, why did he not explain that “death” means the Adamic death process, and that “hell” means the Adamic death state? “Hell” is the exact Greek equivalent in the New Testament of the Hebrew “Sheol” in the Old Testament.

And when will Hell (Hades) be destroyed? We are told that Brother Russell once offered the surmise that all would be raised from the grave in the first 500 years of the Mediatorial reign. There is no proof for this, so we do not argue the point; but we do know it will be an accomplished fact at least 100 years before 2874. How­ever, whenever any human being is raised from the dead, in that very instant “Hell” (the Adamic death state) is cast into the lake of fire insofar as he is concerned. And, once the last person is raised from the tomb, at that very instant Hades will have been cast into the lake of fire. The Adamic death state will have been forever eliminated. This is a gradual process.

The Adamic death process – death – will also be a gradual process with the sheep class, but they will have the Adamic death process plagued out of them by the begin­ning of the Little Season. In the case of the “‘goats” that condition will continue with most of them until the end of the Little Season – although many of the “sheep” will have eliminated it as individuals some hundreds of years before the Little Season even starts. The Adamic death process will be plagued out of the willing and obedient, but not out of the incorrigible. Had RGJ understood this, he would have explained; but he apparently is in a fog concerning these terms, and he confuses his hearers as much, or more, as he himself is confused. This is clearly revealed by the way he contradicts himself from one session to the next. On this subject he is “‘reeling to and fro like a drunkard” even as he screams “sophistry” at JJH for giving the Truth on it.

All the descendants of Adam have been born with the Adamic death process in their very beings (“I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.” – ­Psa. 51:5), which consigns almost all of them to Hades (the Adamic death state) in due time. Ecc. 9:10 tells us “there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wis­dom in the grave (Sheol – the Adamic death state), whither thou goest.” One transla­tion says “whither thou art hastening.” The Adamic death process, which all have in­herited, “hastens” to place all into Hades, the Adamic death state, from which condi­tion all will be saved in the Mediatorial reign. This will indeed be a gradual pro­cess for the entire race; but an instantaneous event for each individual. At each awakening Hades will be cast into the lake of fire for that particular person, although the Adamic death process will continue with each one until perfection of physical being and of character is reached, or the punish­ment of the goats is meted out – to some during the Mediatorial reign (the “sinner a hundred years old, who is accursed”), but to the majority at the end of the Little Season, when “death” (the Adamic death process) is cast into the lake of fire – wiped out of existence forever through destruction of the goat class at that time.

In line with the foregoing we now offer his statement in May-June 1971 Present Truth, p. 36, col. 1:

“Mankind’s dominion over earth will not be fully restored to them by Christ until the end of the Millennial Age, after the ‘little season,’ when He will say to the righteous of mankind, ‘Come ye blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”

And on the same page, col. 1, par. 4 is this: “This restoration of the obedient of mankind will not be completed until at the end of Christ’s mediatorial reign, ‘for He must reign, till he hath put all enemies under His feet.’ Then He will deliver up the kingdom to God. (1 Cor. 15:24-28).”

Considering both of these statements together, it would seem RGJ is in this May-June 1971 Present Truth teaching that the Mediatorial reign will continue until the end of the Little Season. Will he make himself clear here? In our September 1, 1971 paper we asked this question, but we have no answer as yet.

In the January-February 1970 Present Truth, RGJ has this to say: “The Adamic death process (emphasis by RGJ) was not in Adam when he was created, nor will it be in mankind when fully restored. This was provided for in Christ’s Ransom.”

We fully agree with this statement, because all the Restitutionists when fully restored will have perfect characters, and will receive eternal life. However, the goats of the Little Season – and those who die during the Mediatorial reign – will not be fully restored; will not have the Adamic death process eliminated from their characters. “Hades” will have been cast into the lake of fire for them, but not “death” (the Adamic death process) – but all of the goats in the Little Season will be fully restored physically, and have perfect faculties, but they will not have perfect heart condition – perfect characters – not having the Adamic death process plagued out of them. Only the willing and obedient will have these evils plagued out of them.

He also quotes from Brother Johnson on this same page, col. 2, top of page:

“Our Lord will operate restitution processes on the race so powerfully during those thousand years as to bring ALL THE OBEDIENT to PERFECTION – those obeying only ex­ternally, and not from the heart, to perfection of physical, mental, moral and relig­ious faculty, but not to perfection of character (will not have the Adamic Death Proc­ess eliminated from their hearts – JJH); and those who obey externally and also from the heart to perfection of both faculty and character. Thus the entire race will be perfect when the Millennium is over (in 2874 – JJH), and it will be in a better posi­tion to be tested for fitness or unfitness for everlasting life than inexperienced Adam and Eve were when they were put on trial for life in Eden. (E 2, p. 145)”

He emphasizes that the Adamic death process was not in Adam when he was created ­with which we are in full agreement. Is he here contending that all will be restored to Adam’s condition before he sinned, including the goats of the Mediatorial reign and the goats of the Little Season, by the beginning of the Little Season? Brother Johnson says, “The human salvation implies actual justification, or restitution to all that was lost in Adam and redeemed in Christ.” (E-8, p. 662) It is an elementary truth that all will have opportunity to receive actual justification, or full restitution, but the goats of the Mediatorial reign and of the Little Season will not avail themselves of that opportunity – they will not submit to having the Adamic death process plagued out of their characters. It will be plagued out of the willing and the obedient by the be­ginning of the Little Season, and the sheep will enter the Little Season with perfect faculties and perfect characters; but the goats will enter the Little Season with un­holy hearts (the Adamic death process still in their characters). They will not re­ceive full actual justification, or full restitution.

If what RGJ now contends is the truth about the Adamic Death process – that those who possess it will be dying the Adamic death – then the Adamic Death Process will be eliminated from each individual as soon as he is delivered from the tomb – delivered from Hell (Hades) – because we know that none of the Restitutionists will die the Adamic death after they are resuscitated from Hell (Hades). So, with such reasoning, we will have to set aside Brother Johnson’s teaching that the Adamic Death Process will be plagued out of the willing and the obedient but not out of the unwilling and disobedient.

In his January-Feb. 1970 magazine, RGJ cites many references from That Servant. We now quote from Reprint 5031: “It is understood that people will be more or less in the Adamic death during the thousand years and will rise gradually out of Adamic imper­fection and death to the perfection of human nature.” Also he cites Reprint 5780, par. 1, from which we now quote:

“It will be a grand work. The promise of Jesus is that eventually there shall be no more sighing, no more crying, no more dying; for the former things of sin and death will have passed away and He will have made all things new, as the great King of kings and Lord of lords. – Rev. 21:4,5; 19:16; 1 Cor. 15:26,54.”

As we all know, there will be another siege of sin and evil during the Little Season. And during that siege there will be sighing, crying, grief and sorrow. Certainly, not until the end of the Little Season can it be said, “there shall be no more sighing, no more crying, no more dying; for the former things of sin and death will have passed away and He will have made all things new, as the great King of kings and Lord of lords.”

In our December 1969, No. 174 paper we quoted from E-8:608 as follows: “The de­filement and its condemnation lasting seven days types the fact that one must undergo actual or reckoned cleansing of the Millennial Age, the antitypical seventh day, in order to be rid of the Adamic defilement and condemnation (the Adamic death process, sin, error and selfishness—JJH).”

And further on p. 616: “If he (the defiled ones—JJH) leaves any part of these (Christ’s right to life and life rights—JJH) unappropriated, he enters the Little Season with an imperfect character (hasn’t been willing to have the Adamic Death Process plagued out of him—JJH) and thus will fall in the final trial during the Little Season (he will be cast into the lake of fire, the antitypical Red Sea, along with the Devil and his angels at the full end of the Little Season—JJH).”

Note from the foregoing how clear it is that Brother Johnson considered the “defiled” ones as entering the Little Season still contaminated with the Adamic death process (sin, error, selfishness) – which, therefore, cannot be destroyed until its possessor is also destroyed. “That final trial will be the last stand that Satan, sin and error and all in sympathy with them will ever make; for oppression (of Satan, sin and error, with their concomitants of dying and death (the Adamic death process—­JJH) shall not rise again. The final trial and its outcome will leave a universe forever free from sin, error and their effects.” (E-11:268)

Follows now a very clear statement from the Nov. 15, 1949 Herald of the Epiphany: “He (Christ) shall have put down all rule and all authority and all power (every ves­tige of the governorship and of the pretended authority and of the pretended might of Satan, all of this will be put down by the almighty hand of Christ, the Head, and the Church, the Body, using God’s power as that almighty power in their hand). For He must reign until He hath put all enemies under His feet (thus we see that not only persons are these enemies, but also things. The Adamic death in the sense of the dy­ing process (a thing and not a person—JJH) is this last great enemy; and, because of His faithfulness, Jesus became the One who will after the close of the Millennium finally destroy it.”

And be it noted that the Jehovah’s Witnesses also treat 1 Cor. 15:24, giving it the exact interpretation offered by RGJ, in his August 1967 Present Truth, in their August 15, 1967 Watch Tower, which to say the least is quite a coincidence in timing and in doctrine. However, in this instance the Witnesses simply present their views without calling others “sifting errorists,” etc., who may differ with them.

And in keeping with the above, we quote from E-17:124-125: “Then cometh the end (the end of the Little Season, when He shall have ruled over all the earth and given every man the opportunity to gain eternal life, which His Ransom-sacrifice, a corre­sponding price, enables Him to give), when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father (for God will be the final judge over the earth and will exer­cise His judgment through Christ, the Head, primarily, and secondarily, the Church, His Body, as His Vicegerent); when He shall have put down all rule and all authority and (all) power (every vestige of the governorship and of the pretended authority and pretended might of Satan, all of this will be put down by the almighty hand of Christ, the Head, and the Church, the Body, using God’s power as that almighty power in their hand). The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death (thus we see that not only persons are these enemies, but also things. The Adamic death in the sense of the dying process is this last great enemy; and, because of His faithfulness, Jesus be­came the One who will after the close of the Millennium finally destroy it).”

The Judgment Day for the world of mankind as individuals begins with the inaug­uration of the New Covenant and will end with the Little Season, the Harvest of the Millennial Age. There was a Harvest at the end of the Jewish Age, and a Harvest at the end of the Gospel Age. The Epiphany is the last special period of the Gospel Age. Just as the final separation of the Great Company and the Second-Death class occurs in the Epiphany, the final separation of the Millennial Sheep and Goats will occur in the Little Season. We realize that some of the Lord’s people know these things, but we also realize that “in the last days perilous times shall come” when “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” We are assured that all those who have received the “love of the Truth” will appreciate our efforts to reassert the “faith once delivered unto the saints.” We are not discouraged by those who prefer other “‘voices” with “new light” subversive to the true faith.

Another question on Matt. 7:20: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Since the Bible says we are not saved by works, how could this be harmonized? RGJ’s answer: “The Bible does not say we are not saved by works.”

However, we would emphasize that the Bible does say, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Eph. 2:8) “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” (James 2:17) Works in this text refers to character develop­ment, according to the Berean Comments. RGJ refers to the “fruits” of the spirit as service, just as his “cousin” J. W. Krewson referred to it regarding those who continued in their High Calling Hope after the edict “Last Saint Gone” was given by RGJ. JWK said of them that they were not showing any “fruits of the spirit” because they didn’t order tracts and distribute them (service). The same was said about the faithful who did not go along with JFR’s errors. Rutherford immediately disposed of the “‘fruits of the spirit” in his works’ salvation – and to this day the Jehovah’s Witnesses are manifest to one another by their “works” (the hours they spend in ser­vice). This is another elementary Truth, and should have been learned at the outset that the Lord judges His people by their character development and not by how many hours of service they spend in distributing literature from the group they uphold. Brother Russell’s comments on Hosea 6:6 in the September 3 Manna is pertinent to our subject:

“Behold to obey is better than sacrifice, is a lesson which should be deeply en­graved upon the hearts of all the sanctified in Christ Jesus. To have the spirit of obedience is necessary, too, and whoever has the spirit of obedience will not only obey the Divine will, but will seek to know the Divine will more and more that he may obey it. It is of this class that the Scriptures declare, ‘His word was found and I did eat it’; and again, in the words of our Lord, ‘I delight to do Thy Will, 0 My God; Thy Law is written in My heart.”

Matt. 7:21 tells us, “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?”

There are quite a few in Big and Little Babylon who can say they have done many “wonderful works” in building up their quarters (sects). The Great Company leaders have always emphasized service – works. They often draw attention to their wonder­ful works – which will eventually be burned. They try to keep their adherents so busy they won’t have time to “study, to show themselves approved before God,” or to question the errors that are being fed to them.

Then this question: Will the Youthful Worthies have to receive their instructions from the erring Great Company leaders after your demise? RGJ answered that he did not think there would be any Great Company living after he dies. It seems he believes he will be the last Great Company member to leave the earth. He also said that the Great Company has a call – and that it is a ‘sifting error’ that there is no call for the Great Company – as the Bible taught they had a call.

Well, this ‘sifting error’ was repeatedly and emphatically taught by That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger, and we have only reasserted their teaching. The Berean Comments on Rev. 7:9 says, “Could number... Is able to tell; not foreordained or fixed number because no one was ever called to be of this company.” One of the be­setting sins of Great Company leaders is to come up with “new light” and spread it among the brethren.

“Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.” (Acts 20:30). Commenting on this text in the September 15, 1897, Reprint 2221, That Servant says: “These, he says, will speak perverse things; that is, they will distort the truth, to make it harmonize with some theory which they have accepted and which they wish to impress upon others, thereby exalting them­selves as the discoverers of new light. No less than five of these false teachers who arose in the Church of Ephesus, some before and some after, are mentioned in the Apostle’s epistles to Timothy, – Hymenus, Alexander, Phygellus, Hermongenes and Phi­letus. (I Tim. 1:20; 2 Tim. 1:15; 2:17)”

The Lord loves the Great Company, and the Great Company love the Lord – although not sufficiently enough to forsake all and faithfully follow in His footsteps. They “re­ceived not the love of the truth, that they might be saved” (2 Thes. 2:10) in the High Calling, to which they were called. Since the Lord gave them every assistance to re­main in that “Call,” there is no excuse for them to become castaways, as Brother Rus­sell so often stressed. In the August 1910, Reprint 4655, there is this: “These are not hypocrites, however, but since the Time of Trouble is properly for the hypocrites, they will have their portion with the hypocrites.” All of them have double minds (E-15:519), which necessitates that they have their fleshly minds destroyed. So the Lord abandons them and permits them to undergo many rough experiences at the hands of the “fit man” – in “great tribulation.” When they become truly repentant, and “wash their (spotted) robes in the blood of the Lamb,” God will then “deliver them who through fear of death (the sacrificial death) were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” (Heb. 2:15) Then God will wipe away their tears, and will provide a place for them. He calls them “blessed” after they have renewed their vows and resolves, which (indeed they are: “Blessed are those who have been invited (not called) to the marriage sup­per of the Lamb.” (Rev. 19:9, Dia.)

We “think it not strange” for RGJ to come up with “new light” on a ‘call’ for the Great Company, since he previously came up with a ‘call’ for Restitutionists to become Campers Consecrated. In both cases his “new light” casts aside the True Light taught by That Servant. He now has two ‘calls’ for the Epiphany. We have quoted Brother Russell’s writings on ‘no call for the Great Company,’ but he complains that this is a ‘sifting error.’ We reassert his teaching because we believe it is required of us, if we would be faithful, and in harmony with the following Manna Comments for Sept. 23:

“Our good fight of faith consists in a considerable measure in our defense of the Word of God... This will mean our willingness to stand for the Truth at any cost and against any number of assailants – against the creeds and theories of men... As the Apostle again says, ‘I am set for the defense of the Gospel.’ We can do no less than defend the Truth. The Truth is God’s representative, Christ’s representative, and hence our standard, and as true soldiers we must defend our standard, even unto death.”

Another question – In Micah 4:2 it says the Word of the Lord will go forth from Jerusalem. Will the Jews receive this ‘Word’ first and become zealous missionaries, or will the Epiphany Campers be there to receive it first?” His answer – Neither one would receive it first – said the Ancient Worthies would be the first to receive the ‘Word,’ and referred to Joel 2:28 for his proof.

The question was on the missionary work – the ‘Word’ going forth from Jerusalem. Of course, with his present error of demoting the Jews, it was a difficult question for him. But with his usual “sleight-of-hand” he came up with the Ancient Worthies. Surely all of us know that God’s earthly representatives receive the ‘Word’ that goes forth through them. It will ‘go forth’ from His Mouthpieces – “to the Jew first.” (Rom. 2:10)

The Berean Comments on Rom. 2:10 are: “To the Jew first – During the Millennium, as a natural result of his training under the Law.” And the Berean Comments on Micah 4:2 are: “The God of Jacob... Natural Israel; Walk in His paths... ‘All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth’... ‘They shall return even to the lord and He shall be entreated of them and shall heal them’.... Go forth of Zion... The spiritual phase of the Kingdom, the glorified Christ, Head and Body... ; Word of the Lord... Divine mes­sages, through the ‘Princes’...; From Jerusalem.... The seat of the earthly representa­tive government in the hands of the ‘Princes.’“

“I will go in the strength of the lord God: I will make mention of thy righteous­ness, even of thine only. I will also praise thee with the psalter, even thy truth, 0 my God: unto thee will I sing with the harp, 0 thou Holy One of Israel.” (Psa. 71:16,22)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



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Thank you for your Special Edition of What is the Soul? and Where are the Dead?

I would like to have Nos. 3, 4, 9, 10 and 121. You are doing a good work! Thank you again – and God bless you!    Sincerely ------- (NORTH  CAROLINA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace!

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We hope this will be the end of our company until later. Ralph has inventory and tries to have things quiet at home, since he has to work Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays. But I find time to study, because I entertain the boys while I work forenoons, and they usually go some place afternoons, town or swimming.

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I was given a copy of No. 194, and I would like more information if I may have it. I would like to read literature exposing the Jehovah’s Witnesses – also expos­ing the Watch Tower since Rutherford died.

It is shocking, but worth knowing about. Hope to hear from you. Thank you kindly.

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I trust you have my letter in which we requested some books. I forgot to mention that we are completely out of tracts and would like to participate in the Special Effort in Antitypical Gideon’s Second Battle. Kindly let us have an assorted number of tracts suitable for the occasion. You may include others, as we have none here.

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You will never know how happy and thrilled I was to hear your voices Sunday morn­ing. I haven’t words to tell you – and the song sounded so pretty. Every word came through so clearly ........ Of course you had a good time at the Convention, and we were glad to hear about it......

The last portion of Brother ------- recent letter is as follows: Brother Hoefle men­tioned the number of Watchtowers published each month – a little over 15,000,000, but he did not speak of the number of the Awake! magazine published each month, which is also about 15,000,000. Then there are the many books which are published each year and brought out in their summer assemblies. I believe that upwards of 500,000 each of them are published each year.

The JW’s have visited me from time to time for several years. They at first were interested in my Reprints, and the fact that I had been in the Truth in Brother Rus­sell’s time. They have urged me at times to return to “God’s Organization,” that is, to accept their teachings, etc. They are warning that it may soon be too late to ob­tain eternal life in the Kingdom; the world is now being judged, and the Sheep are be­ing separated from the Goats, they say. Also the time of Armageddon draws near, when the evil institutions of the world and the Goat class (all who do not accept the JW’s teachings) will go down to utter destruction. They set that date as 1975. Although they teach that Jesus gave Himself a Ransom for all, it is clear that not “all” will have the opportunity to receive eternal life, except as they see it.

At present the world population is estimated to be 3.7 billion. At their Memorial service in 1971 they reported a world-wide attendance of 3,453,542. And this number is hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the world population. So if they expect any great numbers to pass through Armageddon in 1975 into their New World, they will have to do a lot more witnessing than they are now doing, and bring in many more converts ­which they claim is around 200,000 a year.

May the Lord bless and keep you is my prayer.

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