by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 216

On pages 25-30 of the above-mentioned paper is an article entitled “Special Favor to Abraham’s Seed,” which is replete with “sifting errorist” name-calling, the same referring to us, of course. RGJ is greatly aroused because we continue to refute his error concerning his Campers Consecrated, as he continues to revolu­tionize against the teaching of St. Paul, Brothers Russell and Johnson, that the Jews will be ‘chief and first’ of the Afterborn, in the Kingdom arrangement. The Firstborn of the Millennial Age will be the Worthies, who will be “princes in all the earth.” On p. 27, col. 1 (13) he makes this statement:

“If God makes an exception to the general principle ‘to the Jew first’ in the case of the Youthful Worthy class, who come in under the New Covenant but are main­ly of Gentile lineage – as this sifting errorist himself admits – there is surely no reason why He cannot make an exception of another consecrated class – the Conse­crated Epiphany Campers (a class RGJ admits will be of the Afterborn—JJH), who will come in under the New Covenant but are mainly of Gentile lineage – which class like­wise is faithful while sin is still in the ascendancy.”

In the foregoing RGJ is quite certain – “there is surely no reason” against his conclusion; and we would reply that there are several good reasons – that his “reason” is some more of his ‘foolish’ reasoning, which we classify as nonsense. When the New Covenant is inaugurated the Youthful Worthies will occupy a front-row seat at that roll call, as one of the elect classes – and of those who receive the “better resurrection,” the resurrection of the Just; whereas his Campers Consecrated will receive the resurrection of the Unjust. Most, if not all, of his Campers Conse­crated won’t even be there to answer at all; they won’t be there at all as such. For a time RGJ taught that his Campers Consecrated would receive the resurrection of the “Just,” – because, he said, they are a “justified” class; but our refutation of that error was so decisive that he has been forced to recant. He now tells us that those quasi-elect Jews who will be right there in Jerusalem when the New Covenant is inaugurated under the leadership of the Worthies, will not be immediately blessed ­will not be the ‘chief and first’ of the Afterborn – as the Messengers have taught; but they will have to take a back seat to his Campers Consecrated – who will not be there at all!

And it is certainly in order to ask here, Why did RGJ not consider the “excep­tions” in the Ancient Worthies? Has the “oil in his lamp” gone so far out, or is he “willingly ignorant”? The first three names by St. Paul in the 11th chapter of Hebrews are Abel, Enoch, Noah, who were certainly not Jews, so God made an “excep­tion” there, although we know the large majority of the Ancient Worthies were Jews; and they were the first elect class to appear among the human family. Yet the “first” of that class were not Jews, so we could not say of the Ancient Worthies – “to the Jew first.” Abraham, the father of the faithful, was a direct descendant of Noah, who definitely was not a Jew. Isaac, too, was a direct descendant of Noah; and there may have been others up to that time not named in the Bible. (Heb. 11:32) However, in all of this, numbers are not the determining factor – it is “Who comes first.” That is the issue RGJ is raising.

Furthermore, we remind our readers that Brother Russell and Brother Johnson were acutely aware of the Worthies, but they mentioned no “exceptions” when they stressed “to the Jew first.” That is because both of them clearly understood and adhered to the clear Bible distinction between the elect and the non-elect, between the Firstborn and the Afterborn – between the Just and the Unjust, and the Two Distinct Salvations. Of course, neither of them had been instructed in RGJ’s “advancing Truth,” so they did not recognize that there would be two classes of consecrators “between the Ages”: Youthful Worthies in the Court, and Campers Consecrated in the Camp – with a “narrow way” in the Camp as well as in the Court.

The emphasis, of course, on ‘to the Jew first’ is with the Little Flock – and then to the Restitutionists; although it was ‘to the Jew first’ under the High Calling, the 144,000 being mainly of Gentile lineage – just opposite to what it was with the Ancient Worthies: to the non-Jew first, but the majority of that class Jews. So far as we know, the majority of all the elect classes have been Gentiles, with the exception of the An­cient Worthies; and that one class was certainly not ‘to the Jew first.’ The large majority of Restitutionists will be Gentiles, too – but it will be ‘to the Jew first,’ as taught by the Apostle Paul and the two Messengers.

The High Calling – the Great Salvation – was ‘to the Jew first,’ and the Restitu­tion blessings – the Common Salvation – will also be ‘to the Jew first.” ‘To the Jew first,’ will place them in the forefront as the chief of the Afterborn; they will become the first missionaries of the Kingdom. The reason for this, as That Servant has said: “This condition of affliction in which the Jews have been throughout the Gospel Age, in addition to the overthrow of their nation in the year 70 AD., has really been a favor from God. All the tribulation through which this people have passed during the en­tire ‘seven times’ of chastisement, will finally be found to have been to their advan­tage, preparing them for the blessings of Messiah’s Kingdom.... Subsequently all nations will come into Divine favor and blessing, becoming members of Israel.”

The Gospel-Age experiences of the covenant-keeping Jews have been strikingly simi­lar to those of the Little Flock; but this is not true of many – perhaps most – of the Gentile quasi-elect. Many of these Gentiles have been honored and favored for their Christian principles. As instance, we might mention such men as John Wanamaker, J. P. Morgan, the various compilers of concordances, Bible translators, and the like. Many of these have received much of their reward in this life, some having attained consider­able wealth and respect in high places. But such will yet be blessed in the Kingdom reign – as quasi-elect, repentant and believing Gentiles.

Yet, in spite of the foregoing, Brothers Russell and Johnson both emphasized that the New Covenant is to be made with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah (Jer. 31:31-34) – with Jacob, natural Israel, who have attempted to keep the Law Coven­ant. In Epiphany Volume 11 there are two complete chapters on the Firstborn and the Afterborn – Chapter 3 on the Firstborn, and Chapter 4 on the Afterborn. In these two chapters Brother Johnson made a distinct cleavage between the Firstborn and the Afterborn – between the Just and the Unjust. Our readers would be well advised to read those chapters to fortify themselves against “the pestilence that walketh in darkness.”

Let us note also that every Gentile who came into the Little Flock during this Age has been forced to accept the teachings of the twelve Apostles – all Jews; thus, they became part of the twelve tribes of spiritual Israel. (“An hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel”—Rev. 7:5) And, as both Messengers have so clearly taught, every member of the Afterborn in the Kingdom will be forced to accept the teachings that come through the Jews - forced to become a member of one of the twelve tribes of fleshly Israel before they can receive any blessings at all under the New Covenant, because that New Covenant will be made primarily and ex­clusively with fleshly Israel (Jacob) – under the princeship and tutelage of the Wor­thies. And this will apply to all the Gentiles – whether they be quasi-elect or not: the New Covenant is Israelitish.

The main difficulty with RGJ’s presentation is that he apparently does not clearly understand the difference between the elective and the non-elective salvations – his confusion probably being the result of the punishment inflicted upon those who are in the hands of Azazel. “God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” (2 Thes. 2:11) As brother Russell has said, the Devil also probably first de­ceived himself before he tried to deceive Mother Eve.

When the Apostle Paul and the two Messengers taught “to the Jew first,” there is no question at all but that they were referring to fleshly, natural Israel. However, when we refer to any in the elective salvation we do not designate them ‘natural’ Gen­tiles or ‘natural’ Jews; we properly include them all under the heading of the Elect ­with each one in his respective class. And in presenting what we do now, RGJ says this “sifting errorist” is attacking the presentations of Brothers Russell and Johnson. Well, as we have repeatedly stated, the Star Member says that the Epiphany Camp “in the finished picture” will contain the ‘not consecrated” (See E-10:209); whereas this crown-lost leader is now telling us the Epiphany Camp in the finished picture will con­tain the consecrated – his Campers Consecrated. Hence, we offer the simple thesis: Let those who wish to accept the vagary of this crown-loser, do so; but, as for us, we shall continue to adhere to the clear and sound teaching of the crown-retainer and Star Member.

As That Servant has faithfully taught, “After the Jews have thus received mercy through the complete and glorified Church of Christ, they will indeed be used as the Lord’s instruments for blessing all the families of the earth, and so the Abrahamic promises will be fulfilled to both the seeds, both that which is according to the flesh, and that which is according to the spirit...! To the end that the promise might be sure to all the seed; not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham.’—Rom. 4:16.”

The following from Reprint 4575: “The justification of the Millennial Age will not be a faith justification, but an actual-justification, gradually attained under the New Covenant conditions, ‘Do and live,’ but also under the merciful provisions arranged through the Mediator of the New Covenant.” And further from Question Book, p. 205:

“The Ancient Worthies appear and Israel under the New Covenant arrangements, when they are established (the Ancient Worthies as princes, and the Jews as ‘chief and first’ of the Afterborn—JJH) the other nations will see their blessings and pros­perity under God’s supervision, and will see that they (the Jews—JJH) have the Ancient Worthies, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, etc.,... They will see that the only way for them to get God’s blessing will be by coming in under the New Covenant arrangements through Is­rael.”

By their newly-invented classes, the JW’s and RGJ cast aside That Servant’s teaching as set out above. They grossly revolutionize against the teaching of the in­spired Apostle – “to the Jew first.” They are “Such as sit in darkness... because they rebelled (revolutionized) against the words of God.” (Psa. 107:10,11) “Because they re­ceived not the love of the Truth... God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” Both Messengers saw a class of consecrators between the Ages who would, if faithful, share in honor and service with the Ancient Worthies; but neither saw a second class of consecrators who would precede the Jews in Kingdom standing. RGJ ‘sees’ such a class, although he doesn’t dispose of the Jews altogether as did JFR; he just demotes them, thus making null and void the inspired teaching of the Apostle Paul.


The Scriptures make clear and distinct cleavage between the Firstborn and the Afterborn; between the Elect and the Non-elect. As the Epiphany Messenger taught, the resurrected Worthies will be the Firstborn of the Millennial Age, which places them in a class to themselves – perfect physical specimens. None of the Afterborn will have the ‘better resurrection.’ Those who receive their resurrection gradually are the Afterborn – and all the others, aside from the Worthies, will be included in this gradual process – including the quasi-elect Jews and quasi-elect Gentiles. How­ever, the Kingdom blessings will go ‘to the Jew first,’ the first of the Afterborn to come under the New Covenant after the Worthies have been established as the visible rulers of the Kingdom. Both Messengers have emphasized the fact that there are two distinct salvations – one for the Just and one for the Unjust. RGJ ignores this dis­tinction to make room for his Campers Consecrated – which he admits are of the After­born.

On p. 27, col. 1, par. 3, he says – “It should be reiterated that it was Bro. Russell’s and Bro. Johnson’s teaching that some present-day consecrated believers of Gentile lineage (counted by God as Israelites) would be given precedence over the fleshly Israelites in general in the Kingdom – therefore in railing against this teach­ing as reaffirmed and defended in our day in the PT and otherwise, this sifting error­ist is really railing against Bro. Russell and Bro. Johnson.”

When did we “rail” against Brothers Russell and Johnson, or any one else, for teaching that the Youthful Worthies precede the Jews and all other Afterborn in the Kingdom? Of course, all Firstborn will precede all Afterborn! RGJ understood this at one time, we believe. The Youthful Worthies do not walk a “narrow way” to become Restitutionists! They endure the rigors of a “narrow way” during the ascendancy of sin and evil because of the promise of a reward above restitution blessings. As Bro. Johnson has taught, none of us could faithfully carry out our consecrations under such conditions without the promises. When he says the Youthful Worthies are “counted by God as Israelites,” why doesn’t he tell us that the Youthful Worthies will be the Gershonite Levites in the Kingdom, and will have no inheritance in the land? All the Afterborn – all Restitutionists will have “inheritance in the land.”


To give emphasis to the foregoing, we now quote from E-11:495: “None of these brothers (Little Flock members—JJH) were the first to see new doctrines, which under Jesus is the exclusive privilege of star-members. As non-star-member scribes instruc­ted unto the Kingdom of God, they have been privileged to find new confirmations of doctrines previously made known by Jesus to His star-members.”

Even Little Flock members not Star Members would be guilty of the forbidden “gazing” (Ex. 19:21) if they went contrary to this teaching, and would cause them to lose their class standing if they persisted in it. How much more, then, would it apply to those in other classes! Yet, we have before us a crown-lost leader who is telling us this teaching does not apply to him. He does not state in so many words that he is the 50th Star Member, as does J. W. Krewson – but he is actually putting himself forth as an equal to the Star Members when he produces a “new” doc­trine to foist upon the Lord’s people. However, we should ‘think it not strange”, when he and the other “good” Levites did the same with the Epiphany Messenger when he was living. (See E-10:586-594) “Apologetically they asked, knowing that they were presumptuous in attempting to read God’s mouthpiece their lectures and largely false criticisms, to be endured somewhat, and would then teach J. in (alleged defense of God – v. 2), declaring that they would draw their knowledge from far-off Bible teach­ings, and thus ascribe justice to God – v. 3.” (E-10:591) Campers Consecrated is some more far-off Bible teaching!

All this from the “good” Levites – with RGJ usually J.’s main opponent – “And R. G. Jolly again was J.’s main opponent...” (E-10:585, bottom, and p. 586, top) It may be possible, if not probable, that in some instances crown-lost leaders have found “new confirmations” of doctrines previously made known by Jesus to His star ­members, but the record is clear that they all have been guilty of “perverting” the stewardship doctrines of the Star Members before them – and also guilty of setting aside true doctrines for false doctrines of their own. In the case of JFR he per­verted the “Great Multitude” from a heavenly class to an earthly class; and RGJ with his second class of consecrators “between the Ages,” has perverted the teachings of both Star Members before him – telling us that his “new set” of consecrators will not receive a reward in honor and service with the Ancient Worthies. The two Messen­gers did not see such a class of consecrators, but RGJ “sees” such a class, which con­firms the teaching of the Apostle Paul in 2 Thes. 2:11: “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”

RGJ admits that he was forced out of the Holy some thirty-five years ago, so he is not even of the Little Flock – but that doesn’t seem to bother him as he makes desperate effort to foist his “strange fire” (false doctrine) upon the Lord’s people. This one point should be sufficient for any of us to reject such an erroneous presen­tation. Nor is it surprising, with such a wretched cause to defend, that he is forced to resort to name-calling, both in his writings and orally, to offset the devastating Truth presented against such error.


On p. 210 of E-4 we are given the seven steps involved in the abandonment pro­cess of Azazel’s Goat:

1 – Confessing the sins: a declaration of the willful sins of organized Christen­dom by the World’s High Priest.

2 – Loosing the Goat: The World’s High Priest giving the Great Company a measure of Liberty: by taking away certain truths (such as “to the Jew first,” – the prohibited “gazing,” etc.—JJH), and by removing Providential hindrances to their measurable freedom of action.

3 – Leading to the Gate. The World’s High Priest resisting their revolutionism.

4 – Passing it through the Gate: The High Priest withdrawing priestly fellowship.

5 – Delivering to the fit man: The High Priest delivering them up to unfavorable circumstances and persecuting persons.

6 – Leading to the wilderness: Unfavorable circumstances and perse­cut­ing persons giving them distress.

7 – Letting go in the wilderness: Unfavorable circumstances and perse­cut­ing people putting them, through occasioning them to commit willful sins, into a condition of utter loss of the favor and help of God’s Real or Nominal people – ­i.e., the loss of their brotherly fellowship, because of their coming in matters of faith and practice into the control of Azazel, who uses them to further his purposes.

RGJ contends that the foregoing does not apply to him either, or to those crown-losers in the LHMM, because they are “good Levites,” and it happened to them only in an “Attenuated” manner. But the Epiphany Messenger teaches that it applies to every crown-loser without exception – whether they missed the Little Flock by the skin of their teeth, or whether they escaped the Second Death by the same margin – that they all must have brotherly fellowship withdrawn from them by the World’s High Priest before they can be cleansed. (E-15:525) Thus, we have here one more instance of No. 2 above – “taking away certain truths through permitting errors to blind their former understandings.” By his own admission, he tells us that the large majority of crown-losers in The Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement did not even have priestly fellowship withdrawn from them during Brother Johnson’s lifetime – although he does ad­mit that he had that experience meted out to him personally.


In referring to this hill by name, RGJ would have us believe he is bringing forth some “new light” here; but the only thing he is telling us that Brother Johnson did not say is simply in the name itself. Here is the statement in E-12:526 – after describ­ing the typical significance of Mount Moriah, Mount Zion, and the Hills Akra and Be­zetha:

“The valley between these eminencies symbolizes the Restitution class – the higher parts the quasi elect, believing Jews and faithful faith-justified, and the lower parts the unbelieving Jews and Gentiles of this life.”

Brother Johnson knew there was more than one hill in the City; but he did not attempt to name any one of them individually, but simply grouped them as “the higher parts” being those Restitutionists that had made some progress in character attain­ment before the New Covenant was inaugurated. So far as we can recall, RGJ has not given us any reason at all for selecting the Hill Ophel to type his Consecrated Camp­ers. It would be quite interesting to know what distinguishes it from the Evil Hill, or other “higher parts” of the City.


At the top of page 30, col. 1 (36), and (37), we are told that when Brother Rus­sell wrote Volume 1 he believed that the Ancient Worthies would remain on earth for­ever – along with the remainder of the “sheep,” but that he later came to see this was not a logical deduction, with which we agree. When he later came to see that they would obtain the spirit nature at the end of the Little Season, we are presented with just one more instance of ‘The path of the just shining more and more unto the perfect day.”

Then RGJ proceeds to apply Brother Russell’s analysis of the Ancient Worthies –before he saw that they would be rewarded with spirit nature – to his Campers Conse­crated. He says Brother Russell’s opinion in Volume 1 “applies very well in the case of the Consecrated Epiphany Campers, whose important part and labor of love in the great blessing work of restitution will never be forgotten by their grateful fellow men.” It is indeed very strange that RGJ should ignore Brother Johnson’s opinion on this very point, as he has it in E-4:332 (26):

“As the Ancient, so the Youthful Worthies would be everlastingly degraded in­stead of being everlastingly rewarded for their Millennial service and suffering for the world, and their post-Millennial service for the faithful of the world, and for their post-Millennial suffering for righteousness at the hands of the Second-Death class if they would remain forever on earth; for since all human beings found worthy of everlasting life will henceforth be equal (Matt. 25:34; Rev. 21:24), it would fol­low that the Youthful, as well as the Ancient Worthies, from being the Millennial superiors, would be degraded to being the eternal equals of the world of mankind.”

If what we have underscored above – all human beings, etc. – means what it says, then we have here just one more open contradiction between the priestly Star Member and the crown-lost Levite. And again we advise – Let each one decide for himself which teaching he will accept. When Brother Johnson said “all human beings” he cer­tainly had in mind the quasi-elect, because he himself was the first one to emphasize such a class in the Kingdom arrangement. And the opinion expressed by the Epiphany Messenger regarding the Worthies would also apply to RGJ’s Campers Consecrated – because they, too, would receive nothing more than the rest of the Restitutionists in the final accounting; they would receive nothing for walking a “narrow way” during the ascendancy of sin and evil. God requires no one to sacrifice during this Age in order to gain restitution. Such faithful consecrators who faithfully endure the rigors of a ‘harrow way” will receive more than restitution.


For many months past we have been using the statements in E-10:114; E-10:209; E-10:672 and the Four-Fold Tabernacle Picture as given in the 1940 PT, pp. 13-14 against RGJ’s errors on his Campers Consecrated – even though he has used the same ref­erences on occasion to mislead his sectarian devotees. Using such quotations that clearly contradict his position, is an Age-old trick of the confidence man; it is one of the prime ruses of Azazel. Early in the Epiphany RGJ’s kinsmen employed the same technique; and here is what the Epiphany Messenger says about them in E7:370:

‘We ask, Why do they so often quote passages to prove points positively dis­proven by those very passages? Is it not because they are in Azazel’s hands, and are thus blinded by him, and at his direction palm off his errors on the dear unsus­pecting sheep of God’s flock?”

Therefore, so long as we see him mimicking his kinsmen of some fifty years ago, we may be certain he is being dominated by Azazel – just as they were. Surely all who have the “spirit of a sound mind” and have “continued in what they have learned and been assured of” can readily see that the references cited above clearly dispute his errors, instead of supporting them.


On page 32 of this same Present Truth is a further statement under the above heading, in part of which says: “These circulars (of JJH) abound also in his usual misrepresentations, twisted, perverted and one-sided applications and definitions, half-truths, quotations from the Truth writings favorable to his purposes with omis­sions of unfavorable ones, re-statements of old errors... which from Scripture, reason and facts we have refuted thoroughly.” Yes, he has “refuted thoroughly” with such mater­ial as we mentioned foregoing – items which directly contradict his contentions, although he palms them off to his readers as his “proof”; he also cites his previous errors to “prove” his present errors.

He further states that we “pervert the statements in E-4:53 and E-11:473.” Well, for the benefit of our readers, we accept these two statements just as they are, ex­cepting the time features involved. For emphasis we quote once more E-4:53 (51):

“The expression, The Time of Trouble, is used in two senses. In its wide sense it covers the period from 1874 until the end of anarchy and Jacob’s Trouble. In its narrow sense it covers the period from the beginning of the World War in 1914 until the end of anarchy and of Jacob’s trouble. It is in the narrow – the second – sense of that that we use it in our subject. We understand that the special tribulation period and the Epiphany as a period are one and the same thing.” There is no hint or suggestion in this statement about the Epiphany in its ‘narrow’ or ‘restricted’ sense. That is something RGJ has been tenaciously trying to read into it – and foist upon the unsuspecting brethren. This effort on his part is simply a trick of Azazel! We accept the statement just as it is in the book – because we believe what the Epi­phany Messenger taught about the Time of the Trouble and the Epiphany being one and the same period; but RGJ no longer believes this Truth, as he injects his own words into it. Yet he has the effrontery to accuse us of “perverting” it.

On p. 34 of the same book there is this statement: “THE TIME OF TROUBLE AND THE EPIPHANY ARE ONE AND THE SAME PERIOD.” RGJ IS NOW TELLING US THAT THE EPIPHANY ended in its “restricted sense” in 1954. If so, then the Time of Trouble also ended in its “restricted sense” in 1954. Further from p. 15 of Epiphany Volume 4, we have this: “The Epiphany... is the time of trouble – the time from 1914 onward for a con­siderable number of years yet.” Then at the bottom of the same page: “since the tribulation began – 1914, and will increase and finally come to a climax at the end of the Epiphany – “the end of the Time of Trouble.” However, we now offer some mod­ifying thoughts from this same volume, p. 52, middle: “On this subject (“the time features”—JJH) ‘now we know in part’ only. Later we trust to know perfectly on this line of thought... Therefore, in discussing this matter let us be cautious not to be positive in our statements. Until the advancing light will justify a more positive statement, let us confine ourselves to such sobriety of speech as leaves the details of this time feature as they have been set forth in this article, which as above stated are a matter of inference and not of positive proof.” (Emphasis by Bro. Johnson)

“The details” (of the time features of 1954-56) in the above “inferences” were manifestly incorrect when 1954-56 arrived – just as some of Brother Russell’s expec­tations for 1914-15 were proven incorrect when the time arrived. But the “time fea­tures” of these events do not change the doctrinal Truths of the Time of Trouble ­even though RGJ insists that we accept 1954 for the ending of the Epiphany in its “re­stricted sense,” as if the expected events had occurred – just as though the violent fea­tures of the Time of Trouble had taken place, as the Epiphany Messenger expected.

For some years the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been telling their “great multitude” of Rev. 7:9, that they will live right on through Armageddon and never die. Sensing the great appeal such a message has upon the “unstable and the unlearned,” RGJ has been leaning toward the same error. Note his statement on p. 28 (21) of this March-April PT: “The third class to benefit from the ransom will be the Consecrated Epiphany Camp­ers class – typed by Medan, Keturah’s third son – in members who will then be living. (Emphasis by RGJ) Then in par. (22) he tells us about the fourth class – the quasi­-elect fleshly Israel. Even if his statement may be accepted as the Truth, it still leaves much to be answered for those of his Campers Consecrated who do not survive the trouble. He has admitted they will not receive a “better resurrection”; but it is not clear to us whether he is telling them they will be the first – exclusively first to return from the grave, or if they will come back as one great unit. He should have an answer for this if his teaching on this class is the Truth. But, as we have repeatedly stressed, his contention is a direct revolutionism against the teachings of the Apostle Paul, That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger. Therefore, we say once more: Choose ye this day whom ye will serve!

“The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea than the mighty waves of the sea. Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, 0 Lord, forever.” (Psa. 93:4-5)

Sincerely your brother

John J. Hoefle , Pilgrim


CORRECTIONS: (1) We wish to correct what we inadvertently stated in our paper No. 212, Feb. 1973 on p. 1, par. 3 – that RGJ no longer refers to the 1940 PT, etc., in his present perversions. He quoted the 1940 PT in the same paper he perverted these Truths by his errors – in an attempt to deceive his readers into believing the Epiphany Messen­ger supported his sins of teaching and practice.

(2) Also, in our No. 215, May 1973, please change on p. 4, par. 5, line 2, from “The Amramites (Moses, Aaron, etc.)” to read, “Aaron and his sons, the Priests, Amram’s descendants, to the east of the Tabernacle.” Likewise, change line 5 of the same paragraph from “the Amramites (no longer Levites in any sense)” to read, “Aaron and his sons (no longer Levites in any sense).” Please note these corrections on your papers.