by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 223

As we enter another year we would once more extol the scientific achievements of the year 1973. International Direct Distance Dialing is now fully available to telephone users in the United States. Direct calls may be made to Australia, Bel­gium, British Isles (special rates applying to England to encourage greater use of this remarkable service), Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Venezuela. Direct calls may be made to most stations also in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

A construction steel has just been developed, which oxidizes itself to an attrac­tive brown simply by exposure to the weather; and the material never requires paint­ing or cleaning. An airplane has been developed, which flies from Washington to Paris in 3½ hours. It took Columbus about three months to make the trip from Spain to the West Indies – a trip which can now be accomplished in about three hours. “In the time of the end many shall run to and fro.” (Dan. 12:4) Not only has the speed of travel increased enormously, but the number of people engaged in travel for busi­ness and pleasure has likewise increased greatly.

But by far the outstanding scientific feat of the year (written November 20) was the 59-day performance in outer space of the space laboratory. And in connection with that performance we are told that the men who were directing it from Texas were equipped with instruments so delicate that they measured the heart beat of the three men in that space laboratory. The airplanes now in general commercial use are de­scribed as whisper jets, because the passengers are barely aware of the tremendous force of the engines in silent operation. We were a boy in Dayton, Ohio in 1903, when the airplane was invented by the Wright Brothers; and in 1917 we were employed in an airplane factory there. Thus, we are acutely aware of the great progress that has been made in aerial equipment since that time. Compared with today’s jet planes, those early airplanes would bear the description of an orange crate, bound together with bailing wire.


The financial decay of the nations is in reverse order to the great scientific achievements; and it is finally making itself felt in the financial markets and in the gold valuation. In 1973 the price of gold reached as high as $127 per ounce, as against $20.67 an ounce in 1914; and people who claim to know their values are pre­dicting much higher prices for it in the immediate future. We ourselves have no firm opinion on this item, other than to state that the amount of paper money that has been generated is beyond the grasp of human reckoning. The national debt of the United States Government now borders on a half trillion, with no end in sight. The overall debt – federal, state, municipal and private – would probably go three times that amount just for the United States alone, to say nothing of other nations. A dollar bill today is simply a “promise to pay nothing”! We offered much detail on this situation in our January 1973 paper, so we shall not repeat it here. However, we suggest a re-reading of that paper as a supplement to this one.


Political scandal in the United States has pyramided during the past year; and it is tending to shake the very foundations of our Government. This was graphically predicted by St. Paul in 1 Cor. 4:5, Dia.: “Therefore, judge you not anything before the proper time, till the Lord come, who both will bring to light the secrets of dark­ness, and will make manifest the purposes of the hearts.” A companion text to this is found in Mal. 3:2: “Who shall stand when He appeareth?” A better translation would give the text this way: “Who shall stand when He maketh manifest?”

The signs of the times, secular and religious, prove that we are now in the time when the foregoing tests apply. The Bible shows that there would be certain secular and religious events enacting when these texts have their fulfillment; which becomes increas­ingly apparent each year since 1874, about which date the first commercial type­writer came upon the market. The first hand carpet sweeper was invented just five years before that in 1869. At the end of the Civil War there were no telephones, no automobiles, no airplanes, none of the excellent farming and labor-saving building equipment. We catalog some of the main secular signs of the time: Increase of travel and knowledge (both in speed and number of travelers); exposure of the evils of Satan’s empire in the form of vice, poverty, education, statecraft and politics, aristocracy, capital, business, finance, labor, society, power, home; great calamities, as prophe­sied in Luke 21:11 by Jesus (“In various places there will be great earthquakes, and famines, and pestilences; there will also be fearful sights and great signs from Heav­en.”); Israel’s return to favor (Rom. 11:25-27) and to Palestine; great war prepara­tions (Joel 3:9-11); World War in its two phases (I Kings 19:11; Rev. 7:1); conflict between capital and labor; bundling of the tares (Matt. 13:29, 30, 40, 41); general unrest (Luke 21:25,26); widespread conviction that an unmanageable crisis is upon us (Luke 21:26; Isa. 29:14).

The Bible also foretells of certain religious signs that would go hand in hand with the secular signs, some of which are: The Gospel preached among all nations (Matt. 24:14); extensive religious error (Matt. 24:24); great increase in wickedness (Matt. 24:12); scoffing at Christ’s Second Advent as having set in (2 Pet. 3:3); fall­ing away in the churches (2 Tim. 4:3,4); federation of churches (Isa. 8:9-11); Roman­ism and Protestant­ism approaching each other for mutual help (Rev. 6:14); false Christs and prophets, with claims of miraculous healing of disease, etc. (Matt. 24:24); lucid revelation of the “Man of Sin” and his impending destruction (2 Thes. 2:1-9); general expectation of the Kingdom by members of the Church (Matt. 25:1-12). The clear revelation of the secular and religious signs of the times is much more pronounced than any of us would have imagined even fifty years ago.

In Josh. 3:15 we are told that “Jordan overfloweth all his banks all the time of the harvest.” The River Jordan typifies the curse, the downward course of the human race. Thus, evils of all sort would multiply when the time (the “Harvest”) would set in. All of the four universal empires – Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome – became increa­singly corrupt and indolent at the top, which eventually brought about the over­throw of all of them; and this same condition is glaringly apparent now in the United States especially, but in lesser degree in almost all other governments; and such conditions always increase the dishonesty, immorality, etc., of the average citizen. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Prov. 29:18)

It is reported that threats on the life of our President are increasing – which has resulted in a great increase of the Secret Service protection afforded him. And, if we think the Watergate affair is exclusively United States antics, here is what one reporter writes about Italy:

“In Italy wiretapping of people in all walks of life and in every phase of busi­ness is a common occurrence. The so-called Watergate episode is child’s play compared to what goes on in Italy all the time.”

Also, some of our readers will certainly recall what happened in Russia about twenty years ago, when they presented our Embassy there with a beautiful wall decoration of a molded head of an American bald eagle, a close examination of which by our people re­vealed a “bug” in the beak of that cast, which would have enabled the Russians to over­hear every conversation that was carried on in our Embassy in Moscow.

“THE FOUR WINDS OF HEAVEN strove upon the great sea.” (Dan. 7:2) These “four winds” are the fallen angels (the demons that were given such frequent mention at the First Advent); and the “great sea” refers to the restless masses of humanity. As a result of this we are told that four great beasts came up from the sea: The first like a lion, and had eagle’s wings... a second like to a bear... after this another like a leopard... after this a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly.... it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.” Here is portrayed much the same picture as is given in the metal-man image of the four univer­sal empires in Daniel 2:36-45.

The difference in these two pictures is found in the classification, or rating, given the governments of earth. The metal-man picture portrays earth’s universal em­pires as viewed in great glamor by fallen man; whereas, the four beasts of Daniel 7: 2-8 give them as they are viewed from the Divine standpoint. Thus, the golden head in the first picture is represented by a lion in the second picture; the arms and breast of silver in the first are shown as a bear in the second; the belly of brass in the first by the leopard in the second; and the feet of iron and clay by the “dreadful and terrible” beast of the second. It is to be noted, too, that the fourth division of the first picture shows ten toes; whereas, the fourth beast of the second had ten horns, the toes and horns in each representing the ten language nations of Europe that are the remnants of the old Roman Empire.

Both of these pictures give us a hint at the efforts of men in ‘This present evil world: (Gal. 1:4) to set up some satisfactory form of government; and their failure to do so is revealed in the spasmodic changes that have occurred in the various governments over the past 3,000 years. Rome had eight forms of government over the centuries, none of which influenced to any great extent the Constitution of the United States. The men who drew up that grand paper were mostly English; and they were influenced in very great degree by events in England in the few centuries preceding the establishment of the original thirteen colonies that were moulded into one government after the close of the Revolutionary War; and we trust it will be enlightening to our readers to give a brief summary of some of those early happenings in England:

There the religionists were very active in the affairs of State – so much so that they applied the most repressive and brutal measures against those who disagreed with them. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth – often designated Good Queen Bess because of the good features of her government by those who agreed with her. Her government had its terribly wicked features also. In 1575 two Baptists were burned at the stake, and another in 1579 – with the concurrence of both the civil and the religious leaders in the government. Then from 1579 to 1600 the Anglican Church through Elizabeth furthered the Royal Supremacy idea, which may be summed up briefly in the conclusion that “The King Can Do No Wrong.” This was accomplished over the protests of the Puritans, Bap­tists and Congregationalists, and made the Church of England the servile supporter of the tyrannous government. This action fostered the Divine right of kings, clergy and aristocracy; and made conditions so unbearable for those who dissented that it was di­rectly responsible for the Puritans embarking for New England and their historic land­ing at Plymouth Rock in 1620. This was some 155 years before the beginning of the Revolutionary War. During Elizabeth’s reign many ‘nonconformists’ were imprisoned and hanged. And at that time those that were hanged were probably much better off than those in prison, because the authorities made no attempt to feed or clothe the prisoner. Thus, they were reliant upon friends to relieve them, and many of them partially starved, and were otherwise physically neglected to the permanent injury of their health, etc. And during all of this there was determined effort to combine church and state.

The conflict raged intently – so much so that the Archbishop, head of the Anglican church, prevailed upon Queen Elizabeth to forbid Parliament to pass certain laws that were contemplated, and which the majority favored. She also persuaded the House of Lords to issue a severe rebuke to the House of Commons for even considering any curtailment of the Queen’s powers. Thereupon they passed new measures which forced the Puritan ministers to vow loyalty to the Episcopate, the Prayer Book and the 39 Articles, or they would find themselves out of a job. But those advocating separ­ation of church and state (The Separatists) renewed their attack with vigor, for which six of them were hanged, many imprisoned (of whom 26 died from prison severities), and hundreds exiled to Holland, whence many of them eventually came to New England.

Then from 1616 to 1646 others became involved in the fight over the Divine right of kings and clergy, which resulted in four of their leaders having their ears cut off and their noses slit because of their opposition to autocracy in state and church. James I succeeded Elizabeth and approved of her policies in tyrannous manner, but his rule was short-lived. In 1625 he was followed by his son Charles I. The son had mar­ried Henrietta, daughter of the French king, and a very bigoted and autocratic Roman­ist. She prodded him to be a ‘real king’ – like her father, which he tried to do, and which resulted in increased tyranny, gross hypocrisy and dishonesty with parliament and the people. He prevailed upon the Anglican hierarchy and clergy to preach the Divine right of kings and clergy. He also dissolved parliament for refusing to sanction his illegalities; he imprisoned four leading members of parliament in the Tower of London, and proceeded to rule eleven years without parliament.

The Anglican church leaders vigorously joined hands with the King in most auto­cratic fashion, and developed a counterfeit of the 70 ‘secondarily’ prophets in the archbishops and bishops. This, of course, was merely an attempted take-off of the Jewish Sanhedrin (theoretically composed of 70—Num. 11:24,25), and the Roman College of Cardinals (also theoretically composed of 70). In all of this the most corrupt political play was used in England especially, which left a lasting impression upon many of the English people. Also, at substantially the same time (1618-1648) Romanist Austria and Spain combined to pursue the Thirty Years’ War against various Protestant countries, in which the English King gave the Romanists moral support. He also allowed many privileges to Romanists in England, which had been taken from them under Elizabeth. In addition, the bigoted Queen Henrietta had her finger in the ointment of instigating the Irish massacres, in which Ulster alone 154,000 were massacred or exiled. She also absconded from England with the royal jewels, the proceeds of which she used to hire Romanist soldiers to invade England in an effort to help her husband against the parlia­ment’s army.

From 1646 to 1660 the Congregationalists gained much power in England under the able leadership of Oliver Cromwell, who was one of England’s greatest – as warrior, statesman and ruler – although he too at times violated features of England’s constitu­tion and laws. However, during his time the Presbyterians succeeded in establishing their teachings as the state religion, substituting the Westminster Confession for the Anglican Church’s 39 Articles. They authorized a law to put to death deniers of the Trinity, Christ’s Divinity, the resurrection of the body and free-will asserters; also to imprison deniers of Presbyterianism. Here again the church was playing politics to the extreme, arousing the opposition of Cromwell, who foiled much of their effort by the use of his army. The Congregationalists then tried Charles I for tyranny, and had him beheaded.

After Oliver Cromwell’s death his son Richard succeeded him as Protector of the English Commonwealth, as the English Government and nation were called under Oliver Cromwell; but the son bore no resemblance to his illustrious father as a statesman or executive. His weakness soon opened the way for friends of Charles II (son of Charles I) to return to England and receive the crown. However, his character was one of the most depraved of English kings. He had 16 known mistresses, many of whom he ennobled and loaded with costly favors at the expense of the state; had at least 13 bastard children, most of whom he ennobled, as he neglected and mistreated his legiti­mate wife. Most of his youth and early manhood (he was 30 upon his return to England) he spent in profligacy in France; and upon his accession to the throne headed the most unchaste, blasphemous and frivolous court ever to reign in England, which in turn de­filed many of the nobility and other higher classes in England.

To gain the throne of Scotland this renegade professed Presbyterianism; and to gain England’s throne he professed Anglicanism; whereas, secretly he favored Roman­ism, harboring special enmity toward all Puritans – Presbyterian, Congregational, Baptist and Quaker. Immediately he gained England’s throne he ordered the trial and execution of all those concerned with his father’s death, allowing them no defense, of whom he hanged fourteen, who were drawn (their vital organs torn out and burned in their sight), and quartered (their yet living bodies cut into four quarters), Charles II himself watch­ing the scene – much the same as Nero watched the Christians being fed to the lions. He also cut off all Puritans from public office.

Then in 1662 he caused the Act of Uniformity to be passed, whereby non-con­form­ing ministers to his type of religion were to the number of over 2,000 driven from their pulpits and parsonages, and were forbidden to be teachers, even of secular subjects, which reduced them to abject poverty. Following this he passed the Conventicle Act, whereby assemblies of five or more were forbidden, unless the Anglican Common Prayer were used. This not being enough, he added the Five Miles Act, which forbade Puritan ministers to come within five miles of a church in which they formerly preached. These two Acts brought prison sentences to some of England’s best men and some true saints, one of whom was John Bunyan, held in prison for a period of twelve years, during which time he wrote his memorable Pilgrim’s Progress. George Fox, founder of the Quaker Church received similar treatment, and he was specially singled out along with his sup­porters, so that 12,000 of them were placed in durance vile within a few years. All of these were released in 1672 through the Declaration of Indulgence.

Secretly he entered into The Treaty of Dover with the French Louis XIV, for which he received an annual pension from France of 3,000,000 francs, with the understanding that he would deliver England to Romanism as soon as conditions developed sufficiently to permit it. The various moves he made were designed to be primarily politically and religiously favorable to Romanism. His abominable perfidy extended over a period of about ten years. By 1673, however, enough Englishmen saw through his Romanist schemes to stir up counteractive measures; and within five years they were successful in passing a measure, which disqualified all Romanists, except the Duke of York (brother of Charles 11) from sitting in parliament – a law that debarred all Romanists from member­ship in either house for 150 years. During the years that drove many Englishmen to American shores it seems England repeatedly went from one extreme to the other; and the present instance was no exception. At the instigation of Lord Shaftesbury a bill was worked through parliament that disqualified all Romanists from sitting in either sec­tion of parliament, which then resulted in the trial and execution of many prominent innocent Romanists – just the reverse of what the Romanists and others had often done to Puritan Protestants.

Following this the new parliament passed the Habeas Corpus Act in 1679, one of the three great liberty Acts of England; but this aroused Charles II so much that he dis­solved parliament in 1679, again in 1681, and from 1682 he ruled as an absolute monarch. During this time he accomplished the execution of five innocent nobles on the false charge that they had plotted his death.

At his death in 1685 he was succeeded to the throne by his brother James II, who was a most arbitrary, stubborn and unreasonable ruler and a zealous Romanist; but his deter­mination to make Romanism the state religion worked in reverse. The liberty-loving Eng­lish brought about the “Glorious Revolution,” by which civil and religious liberty for Protestants, and the repression of Romanism, became dominant British policy. But be­fore that was accomplished he arranged a rigged court under the supervision of the in­famous Chief Justice Jeffries, who sentenced 300 of the King’s enemies to be hanged –many of them on the flimsiest of charges. He then commissioned Col. Kirke to execute without trial any one against whom suspicion was raised; and, in offering rewards for such information, he caused hundreds of innocent persons to be hanged. His rule became so unbearable that a party of Englishmen invited William of Orange, ruler of Holland, to bring an army to England to unseat the king, which he eventually accomp­lished, caus­ing James to flee to France, whereupon England installed William to operate the govern­ment.

Much more could be related similar to the foregoing, but we simply remark here that more or less unbearable conditions continued in England, and against the American Colo­nies, which led the latter to rebel and cut all ties with the mother country. We have gone into considerable detail to acquaint our readers with the underlying causes for framing our Constitution as it is, and for the establishment of a Republic here in Amer­ica. Theoretically, our Constitution was the finest paper ever conceived in the estab­lishment of any nation up to that time. The incidents set out aforegoing were then very fresh in the minds of those who signed the Declaration of Independence and who framed the Constitution, which determined them to have freedom of speech, freedom of re­ligion, and rigid separation of church and state. For that time, the paper was undoubt­edly the best that could be seen, and was perfected from the noblest and most honorable sentiments; but they could not foresee radio, television, jet transportation, etc., which things have called for some wide changes in our government, with 25 Amendments to the Constitution already being attached to it. And it is tragedy indeed to have the po­litical mess now prevalent in American politics. How fitting are the words of St. Paul for this our day: “They all shall wax old as doth a garment; and as a vesture shalt Thou fold them up, and they shall be changed.” (Heb. 1:11-12)


Erosion from within and without in our various religious sects is keeping pace with the political decay. This is what one writer has to say about it:

“Priests and preachers may not become Communists, but it is estimated that some­thing like 30,000 Communists have become priests and preachers and are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ inside the organized church.”

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE – A news item: “It has apparently been kept a well-guarded secret, but Christian Science, founded by the late faith healer Mary Baker Eddy, may be rapidly disappearing. In San Francisco, for example, this column has discovered that during only the past seven years, the Sixth, the Tenth and the Twelfth Churches of Christ Scientist have all become defunct and their buildings sold... In Malden, Mass., at the First Church of Christ Scientist there were only three people that looked younger than 60 or 70 – the virile and hirsute young soloist and two admiring young fe­males. The total attendance at this main Sunday morning service was 35 – in an attrac­tive Gothic church founded by Mrs. Eddy herself and built to seat at least ten times that number.”

ROMANISM – Another news item: “The Vatican has another Martin Luther on its hands, and doesn’t quite know how to handle him. His name is Hans Kung. Like Luther, who launched the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, Kung is a stocky, stolid, stubborn Catholic priest who teaches theology at a German University... He is profoundly dissatisfied with the present state of the Roman Catholic Church... He does not wish to leave the Church, which he loves. He wishes only to reform it, to make it more like what he believes its founder intended it to be... He is no more willing than Luther was to compromise, or recant opinions which the Vatican regards as highly heretical.... To many observers, it seems the question of what the Vatican will do about Fr. Kung has ceased to be ‘what?’ and has become ‘when.’“

Maybe Communism is at the bottom of the following, although we do not state it as a fact: “We could say Florida has been lucky because we have been able to note the mode of operation of Cesar Chavez in California several years before he officially came to Florida in August of 1971. His mode of operation in Florida has been similar to that of California. He has been active in getting church and college ‘support groups’ going in Florida. These groups develop the youngsters who do the picketing at stores in relation to the boycott and also in the fields where Chavez is attempting to organize workers. The two principal church groups associated with Chavez in California were, and still are, the Roman Catholic Church and the California Christian Migrant Ministry. In Florida, it is the Florida Christian Migrant Ministry and the Roman Catholic Church.. The Roman Catholic Churches’ involvement in California directly and through the so-called ‘Bishops’ Committee is well known... The involvement of the church and other interested groups at organizing Florida’s agricultural workers is going to continue.”

UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH – Also in the news: “When Eugene Carson Blake left the helm of the United Presbyterian Church in 1966 to become head of the World Council of Churches, he and his church were in the middle of the principal move­ments of the decade. His proposal to unite Protestants into a big new church had attracted ten denominations with 25 million members, his prospering Presbyterians had just fashioned an up-to-date creed, and their ample, well-financed bureaucracy was in the forefront of the social crusades of the 60’s...

“Last week Blake’s successor as Stated Clerk (chief executive), Kansas Lawyer William P. Thompson, grimly told the denominations General Assembly in Omaha that mem­bership has fallen to 2,917,000 – about where it was 18 years ago. The most telling sign of the times is the budget. Presbyterians are giving more money than ever to their local churches, but they sent only $22.6 million to the national program last year, compared with $31.2 million in 1967. Some analysts figure that grassroots revul­sion over just one action by the national staff, a $10,000 church grant to Angela Davis’ defense fund, cost millions in revenue.

“The financial crunch is hitting hard at headquarters. The church is selling off its eleven-story Witherspoon building in Philadelphia and consolidating its offices in New York City as part of a top-to-bottom organization. The national staff, half as big as it was under Blake, is now being slashed in half again. It is the worst in years.”

GENERAL – There was government scandal in England during the past year; and mar­tial law has been necessary in Athens to quell general upheaval. Early last summer one publication carried this short item:

“The government in Chile is chaotic. Even the radical that was elected cannot satisfy the extreme radicals.” (Since that was written the Chilean government has been overthrown by a military coup.)

Then there is this concerning Australia: “Australia is as close to industrial anarchy as you can get... The problems with the maritime industry alone are like some­thing out of Gilbert and Sullivan... The frequent disputes and strikes make it almost impossible to do any long-range planning. I think the only reason the labor situation hasn’t scared away potential American investors here is because sitting back in the States they couldn’t possibly realize how ludicrous it is. At about the time the am­bulance drivers rejected their meat pies, Sydney’s 50 lifeguards pulled down their safety flags and walked off the beach; the fleet of ferries stopped running, leaving thousands of commuters stranded; high school students were planning a strike to pro­test ‘the barbaric system of corporal punishment’; garbage collectors were out; 760 jail wardens quit work without forewarning, leaving 2,850 inmates locked in their cells; the petroleum industry was crippled by a strike, etc.”

Surely “the great sea” of surging humanity is tossing to and fro in most irre­sponsible fashion in many places (“the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard” ­Isa. 24:20); and the recent suicide – or assassination – of Chile’s premier vividly brings to mind the report that not one of the leaders in the various movements of the French Revolution lived through that upheaval. Some advocates of change are too radi­cal, and some not radical enough – with none of the leaders able to please a major sec­tion of the populace. Thus, we would counsel our readers to consider in silence the uproar that is so apparent on every hand. Here we are reminded of the expression, “The Word of God, like no other instrument at our disposal, supplies man with the knowl­edge of his ignorance.” Also, “He who thinks right and acts accordingly is usually out of harmony with the world.”

For all of our readers we pray the Lord’s richest blessing throughout the year 1974; and we are persuaded such will be ours if we follow the counsel, “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” (Isa. 30:15) We wish to thank our brethren for the confidence they have expressed, and for the loving zeal they have manifested in their efforts to “bear witness to the truth.” Also, we are grateful for the Holiday greetings that have come to us, and we heartily reciprocate their good wishes, love and prayers. “The Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men... to the end that He may stablish your hearts unblameable in holi­ness before God.” (1 Thes. 3:13)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, pilgrim




Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings to you and all in the name of our High Priest!

Due to my physical infirmities I have failed to write you. I am going up in numbers (years) – nevertheless God blesses me. To live to see and hold to this Epiphany Truth, is a wonder in itself! Some weeks past I saw Brother ------- and his wife. I hope the Bible House family keeps well, and that you don’t have too much worry in their being sick.

We think of you as one of God’s servants, because of the Truth you uphold and teach. When our Lord left the City Palace to visit the Jews, the Grace of God could be seen by all who were “of the Truth” – that He was God’s Messenger. I never saw Brother Russell, but did see Brother Johnson – and I believe I will see you. Could you oblige me and send some more tracts for me to serve?

May the Lord God bless and keep you to do His will, that you may build up the brethren who will accept your advice and teaching. We of the Epiphany Truth want you to serve us.

Your brother by His Grace ------- (KINGSTON, JAMAICA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace!

I was glad to receive your card of the 21st – and I will be happy to receive your report of the Conventions, as your reports are quite reliable – truthful and un­biased, which we sure need in these Epiphany times – the Great “revealment” time in the history of the Gospel Age.

I am enclosing $--- as a little contribution and encouragement in your good work. Hope this finds all well at the Bible House. With much Christian love, I am

Your brother in Him ------- (MICHIGAN)