by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 236

Due to serious illness and a death in the family, it was not our privilege to attend the Labor-Day Convention in Pottstown; but we did attend the one at Niles, IL., and we now offer some comments on things, actions, and expressions as we saw them there.

It is never our intention to attend any convention for the sole purpose of criti­cism; and we are always more than happy to hear a discourse that is uplifting, and in harmony with what we have “learned and been assured of” from the faithful Star Members. It gives us pleasure to express praise where praise is due – in harmony with St. Paul's words, “Love rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the Truth.” (1 Cor. 13:6) Therefore, we are pleased to give excellent rating to R. G. Jolly's Saturday evening discourse, “The Heathen For An inheritance,” having its setting in the second Psalm, and in full harmony with the teachings of the two Messengers.

Also, at the Question Meeting on Sunday morning there was a refreshing absence of RGJ's usual vitriolic rancor; and we hope for him that this is evidence of permanent improvement in cleansing himself from some Great Company defilements. And quite a few of the questions were well answered with the Truth, although his usual “partly wise effu­sions” (E-10:591) were in evidence, so that he did not “have time” to answer quite a number of questions that had been presented. We believe they could have been answered had he used the proper brevity on some of those he did answer. He said also that he was pleased that the questions had all been presented by Saturday evening, which gave him time to secure some of the answers from the various writings. We emphasize this point because we do have some criticism for a few of his answers which were either par­tially or totally in error; and the excuse for these errors cannot be established on the contention that his remarks were snap judgment.

It would seem, however, that he did make some unintentional erroneous statements. For example, his statement that General Allenby captured Jerusalem from the Turks just two weeks before the Armistice was signed on November 11, 1918, the same being a fulfillment of Jesus' words that Jerusalem would be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. Here is what one encyclopedia says about the mat­ter:

“In June 1917 (seventeen months before the Armistice was signed—JJH) General Allenby took command of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force. He... won a decisive vic­tory over the Turks at Gaza November 1917 (a full year before the Armistice—JJH) leading to the capture of Jerusalem December 9, 1917, and a victory at Megiddo (Sept. 19, 1918), which, with the capture of Damascus and Aleppo, ended Ottoman power in Syria.” This inaccuracy by RGJ was undoubtedly not intentional.

Then the question was asked whether it would be proper for a Truth person to par­ticipate in a Catholic wedding. His answer was that it would depend upon the circum­stances. However, we believe his answer is not in harmony with the Truth – probably due to his not being informed on the matter. If a wedding is performed in the church, then it is one of the seven sacraments recognized by the Roman Catholic Church; and at all such sacraments the mass is always performed and served to the active partici­pants. We are certain that RGJ would not advise his adherents to partake of the mass under any conditions.

Some one presented the question that the Berean Comment says Jesus and the Dis­ciples ate the Passover one day ahead of the Jews, and is this correct? He was em­phatic that this is right because no Jew would have left his house during the night after eating the Passover because he would have died had he done so. Jesus and all the Disciples left the house after they ate it. Did any of them die that night? This is a complicated and intricate question; and RGJ apparently is not clear on it. We suggest he read the Reprints and the Present Truths for the correct thought.

However, we would say there are some pronounced differences between the actual Passover that night in Egypt and the subsequent memorials – just as there are sharp differences in the antitypical Passover (Christ our Passover) and the memorial which we keep (the Lord's Supper). In the type itself the lamb was taken up on the tenth day of Nisan; but this was not done in the Memorials. Also, there was no blood sprinkled on the doorposts in the memorials; therefore, since none were under the blood, none could go out from under the blood. They had nothing to fear if they went out that night after they had participated in the memorial. Also, there is no mention of wine in the type – whether they drank it or not; but in the memorials there were four dif­ferent cups from beginning to end of the supper; and it was the last of these cups that Jesus used to institute the memorial of His own death. The Passover memorials were occasion for rejoicing, as the Jews recalled their delivery from Egyptian bondage and the various incidents connected with it.

We may be certain there was no deviation whatever by Jesus in observing the memor­ial. “Think not that I am come to destroy the law... Verily I say unto you, Till heav­en and earth pass, one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (Matt. 5:17,18) What method the Jews used for determining Nisan 1, we can­not be certain; but the date was proclaimed by the High Priest, and all Jewry accepted his finding.

Some of the confusion in this matter may come from not clearly understanding the difference between the Passover itself and the Passover Festival, the latter extending over seven days, making eight days in all. At the memorial the lamb was the thing stressed (although unleavened bread was eaten that night); but in the Festival the un­leavened bread was emphasized. They could eat any clean meat during the seven days, but only lamb was to be eaten the night of the memorial.

“In the first day (of the Festival, following the day of the Memorial) there shall be an holy convocation, and in the seventh day there shall be an holy convocation to you; no manner of work shall be done in them, save that which every man must eat, that only may be done of you. And ye shall observe the feast of unleavened bread..... in your generations by an ordinance forever.” (Ex. 12:16,17) It so happened at the cru­cifixion that the Jewish Sabbath (Saturday, which began at 6 p.m. Friday) was also the first day of the Passover Festival, which required doubly strict observance by the Jews at that time.

It is noted that St. John (18:28) is the only one of the Apostles to mention the hesitancy of the Jews from entering the residence of Pilate that early morning; but this is no cause for doubting the accuracy of what he said. However, had the matter been of real importance, it would seem the other Gospel writers would have made some comment about it. However, the rigid restriction against leaven during the Passover Festival of seven days would almost certainly restrain the Jewish leaders from enter­ing any house where leaven would be available; and this would be good reason for them to refuse to enter Pilate's residence.

The question was asked, “Where is vitalized justification represented in Taber­nacle types?” RGJ made no clear answer to the question, but went into quite a bit of detail about tentative justification represented in the Court, consecration at the first veil; and when consecration was accepted, they passed into the Holy. His com­ments were nebulous and misleading, so that the questioner probably knows less now than he did before the foregoing answer.

Seemingly RGJ does not understand the subject, or he would have given the proper answer. The answer is, Vitalized Justification is represented in the Court. Justi­fication means to make right – reckonedly, of course. But what is reckoned right? It is the humanity of the consecrator; and the humanity of none of the Gospel-Age con­secrators ever entered the Holy at all; the new creature is represented there. Wheth­er one be tentatively justified or vitalizedly justified, it has to do with the human­ity – and represented in the Court. This is clearly manifested by the animals on the brazen altar, which represented the humanity of the vitalizedly justified. Although those animals were led to the door of the Holy before they were killed, none of them were ever taken into the Holy. While RGJ's remarks were correct concerning consecra­tion, the question concerned vitalized justification. He read the question and then talked about the general setting of the Tabernacle. We repeat: Tentative Justifica­tion and Vitalized Justification are pictured in the Court during the Gospel Age – and they are represented in the Court during the Epiphany.

Only the sanctified were permitted in the Holy – the new creature. During the Epiphany, sanctification, as well as justification, is also represented in the Court for the Youthful Worthies and manifested crown-losers; and will continue to be repre­sented there until the last one has finished his earthly journey – although it would still be represented in the Holy for crown-retainers.

As both Messengers have stated, if one remains clear on Tabernacle types, he is not likely to go far astray in the general Truth – nor will he offer “strange fire” (false doctrine) before the Lord. Among the very first of JFR's deflections was his confusion on the Tabernacle, causing him to deny tentative justification. In a short time he was forced to reject the Tabernacle entirely to make way for his Jonadabs. And now RGJ is revolutionizing against Tabernacle types to make way for his Campers. He does not reject the Tabernacle completely, as did JFR, yet his revolutionisms of tentative justification – the Camp and the Court – are leading him into consider­able confusion. “Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth. Yea, I think it meet, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to stir you up by putting you in remembrance.” (2 Pet. 1:12,13)

It grieves us much to report once more that the spirit of rabid sectarianism still motivates the great majority of RGJ's supporters; and we offer a few quotations in the hope it may help some of them to recognize this defiling influence: “Jewish sectar­ianism, like all sectarianism, is of Satanic origin, and as such is the antitype of Pharaoh's daughter.” (E-11:19) “The leprous houses of Canaan are used to represent the Great Company sects;.... their sectarianism, their partisan support of power-grasping and lording leaders.” (E-4:290, top) “Sectarianism is a great sin; for it does not act from devotion to the Truth, the Truth arrangements and the Spirit of the Truth, but from devotion to partisanship.... Their actual, though not verbal motto is: 'My party – ­I stand for it, right or wrong.' Therefore they support their sect and leaders regard­less of how wrong they are.” (E-4:292,293) “Sometime these friends will recognize these evils as committed by them, but the faithful recognize them already. And this uncleanness will more or less remain in them until the end of the Epiphany (until even) a gradual matter, coming by the end of the Epiphany.” (E-4:299,300)

From the foregoing, as well as from the writings of That Servant, against the evils of sectarianism, it is self-evident that the faithful teachers in the Church did all in their power to discourage sectarianism in their supporters; whereas, the pseudo Truth teachers are inclined to encourage this evil, especially when they are in danger of los­ing some of their adherents if they read literature other than their own. It will be noted that this evil will be eliminated by “the end of the Epiphany” in those who are contaminated with it; and any who die in this condition, will lose their class stand­ing if they be Youthful Worthies, or life completely if they be new creaturely leaders.


On pp. 69-78 of the Sept.-Oct. 1974 P.T. the Editor offers quite some detail on events of the past hundred years, in which he also attempts exposure of certain Dawn errors, accusing them of using “Satan's methods of deception.” (p. 71, col. 2, par. 2) However, he does just that himself in the article under review – in a most cunning and deceptive manner. For instance, on p. 71, col. 1, par. 1, he offers this quotation from That Servant concerning those who would consecrate between the Ages, but for whom there would be no opportunity to enter the Body of Christ after that Body was complete:

“But note his (Brother Russell) words in Z 5761, col. 2, pars. 1,2: 'It is our thought that with the closing of the 'door' of this Gospel Age there would be no more begetting of the Holy Spirit to the spirit nature. Any afterward coming to God through consecration, before the inauguration of the restitution work, will be accepted by Him, not to the spirit plane of being, but to the earthly plane. Such would come in under the same conditions as the Ancient Worthies who were accepted of God. The Ancient Wor­thies came in, no call being opened to them – the high calling being not yet open, and the restitution opportunities not open. But they freely gave themselves up to God with­out knowing what blessings their consecration would bring, except that they had the inti­mation that they would, in the future life, have a 'better resurrection' than would the remainder of the world.

“Our thought is that whoever under such conditions as these would make a full conse­cration to the Lord, to leave all to follow in His ways, and will live up faithfully, loyally, to that consecration, may be privileged to be counted as a similar class to those who preceded the Gospel Age. We know of no reason why the Lord would refuse to receive those who make a consecration after the Gospel Age high calling and before the full opening of the Millennium.”

Any one reading the above would certainly conclude that RGJ is in complete harmony with it; whereas, as of this date, he is as much out of harmony with it as the Dawns ­perhaps even more so than they, because he himself has invented a new class to take the place of those mentioned in the quotation after 1954, and before “restitution opportun­ities” are open – a class he terms Consecrated Epiphany Campers. It will be noted in the above quotation that Brother Russell teaches that opportunity to enter this class would be available until “THE FULL OPENING OF THE MILLENNIUM”; but RGJ is saying it ap­plied only until 1954. The Jehovah's Witnesses and the LHMM are the only two groups emanating from the Harvest Truth that have invented a new class here in the end of the Age, so far as we know. Thus, whatever of fault may be hurled at the Dawns, they have not been guilty of offering “strange fire” (false doctrine) before the Lord to replace any mistakes they have been making; whereas, RGJ is clearly revolutionizing against the Truth he quotes from Brother Russell.

And this is not the first time he has followed this technique: he has done the same thing with his handling of the Jewish question. To the Jews he is in full har­mony with Brother Russell – they are to be the people under the New Covenant; but he tells his Campers Consecrated that they will have the preeminence at that time. Of course, this is just some of his symbolic witchcraft (especially deceptive false teach­ings). Truly, “A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways.” (Jas. 1:8 – See Be­rean Comments)

As stated previously, RGJ' attitude toward the Jews in relation to his Campers Con­secrated is the same as the Jehovah's Witnesses' attitude toward the Jews in relation to their “Great Crowd.” RGJ says any Jew who becomes a Campers Consecrated will be among the “chief and first” in the Kingdom arrangements – although he is more generous than the Witnesses in his teaching that the faithful covenant-keeping Jews who do not become Campers Consecrated will have a secondary place in the New Covenant arrangements. The Witnesses also teach that any Jew who will become a member of their “Great Crowd” will have a part in the preeminence of the Kingdom arrangements – but they have no place whatever for the faithful covenant-keeping Jews: all those that don't join with them will be annihilated in Armageddon. The Truth on the subject is: If any of the Restitutionists, including members of the “Great Crowd” and Campers Consecrated, desire to come into harmony with the New Covenant arrangements, they will have to become Jews. The New Covenant is Israelitish. The Gentiles were never under the Old Law Covenant ­nor could they be blessed by it unless they became proselyte Jews; and the same condi­tion applies to the New Covenant.


However, we would not have our readers believe that we condemn all that RGJ says, because we are in full agreement with some of his statements. One of these points is the Bible Chronology, as it is given in Parousia Vol. 2, pp. 33-62. This we accept exactly as it is given there; and we believe the “signs of the times” clearly desig­nate 1914 as the end of the Gentile Times.

And just as there was a Big Babylon up to 1914, so there is now a Little Babylon among the various Truth groups that have arisen since 1917 – two of which are the Jeho­vah's Witnesses, and the Laymen's Home Missionary Movement since 1950. These two groups are probably the most sectarian of any that have arisen since 1917. As most of our readers know, Babylon means confusion; and it is self-evident that confusion pre­vails among the various Truth divisions – even if some among them should retain Parousia Truth in its purity. To carry the analogy a little further, most of God's true people were to be found in the sects of Big Babylon at 1874; and it is our opinion that this is also true of the sects now in Little Babylon. There is a reasonable chance, we be­lieve, that there are many of these people with the Witnesses.

It was told to us that Brother Russell once made the statement near the end of his life that he expected to find most of his followers back in Babylon again before “this present evil world” passes away. Note we say this statement is merely hearsay, so we do not state it as a fact; but we now recognize the statement to be a fact in actual operation – whether or not he said it. Some did go back to Big Babylon, but the major­ity built up a Babylon (confusion) of their own.

In this connection, we point out that the sects in Big Babylon were emphatically sectarian up to 1914 – all of them actively determined against the Truth; but they have now degraded to Combinationism, which makes them worse in some respects than they were up to 1914. The various Truth groups have since 1917 become the sectarians ­some more, some less – the Witnesses and the LHMM being two that are 'moreso.' In some of the other groups we find a much better spirit prevailing; and it is probable that quite a few of their members are not sectarian at all – which we state to their praise. In fact, we have had pleasant personal contact with some of these brethren, so we say this because of our own personal experience.

Another item with which we are in full accord with RGJ is that the High Calling was closed in September 1914; and we would stress herein just two of the many proofs to substantiate our contention. First, in Rev. 7:3 there is this statement: “Hurt not the earth (the present social order), neither the sea (the lawless elements of society), nor the trees (the prominent persons in Christendom), till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.” Certainly no one will dispute that all these classes were seriously “hurt” by the outbreak of the war in 1914; therefore, the servants of God had to be sealed in their foreheads by the time the war broke out in each nation.

A second item: Fire in the Bible usually types destructive forces in the antitype. In the Tabernacle type, when the burnt offering was presented “a fire came out from be­fore the Lord” (Lev. 9:24), which manifested God's acceptance of the sacrifice. This same thing occurred in the Day of Atonement sacrifices, which demon­strated the success­ful completion of the Sin Offering that day. In 1914 the great destructive features of the war also demonstrated that the Gospel-Age Sin Offering was then fixedly complete, although not actually so – will not actually be complete until the last member of the Lord's Goat has been fully sacrificed.

While we agree that the Gospel Age had a technical ending in 1874, we believe the Gospel Age is still with us, even though it has overlapped into the Millennium for a hun­dred years. The word gospel means good news – good news of the High Calling to such as had a hearing ear; and, so long as any of those who have responded to that call are still with us, we must conclude that the Gospel Age is also still with us. This would include crown-losers as well as crown-retainers – they are all a part of “the church of the firstborn.” (Heb. 12:23)


Much has been argued back and forth about this subject; and we would offer the Berean Comment on Rev. 11:17,18: “Hast reigned – In a sense from 1878; actually from 1914. And the nations were angry – as a consequence of the reign begun.” In Matt. 28:18, Dia., there is this statement by the risen Jesus: “All authority has been imparted to Me, in Heaven and on earth.” From this it is clear enough that Jesus then possessed the “authority”; but there is no evidence that He was then exercising that authority; and this has been true throughout the Age until 1874. But at 1874 the Scriptures reveal that the great antitypical Jubilee began, at which time Jesus also began to exercise His authority. In Rev. 14:14, Dia., there is this: “Son of Man? having on His head a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle” (the Harvest reap­ing message). The golden crown would be evidence of kingly authority; and at that date He began to exercise that authority in a very positive manner, the first feature being the beginning of the binding of Satan.

If there are those who wish to contend that the reign also began at that time, we would answer that certainly not one of the saints were reigning “with Him” at that time. And even when they were resurrected in 1878, not a one of them had anything what­ever to do with raising themselves, or any others of the Christ Company. And that sit­uation continued throughout the Harvest. As each one died he did not raise himself, nor did the risen saints have anything to do with it. As each one was “caught away in clouds, for a meeting of the Lord in the air” (1 Thes. 4:17, Dia.) the marriage of the Lamb with that particular one was consummated, at which time they also joined in exer­cising His authority with Him.

And at successive dates that authority was broadened in scope: After 1878 the next date to appear in the parallel dispensations was the complete casting off of Big Babylon in 1881; then still much more of it in 1914, when “the stone cut out of the mountain without hands” (the completed Christ company) – Dan. 2:45 – began its smiting work; “to execute the judgment written.” (Psa. 149:9) Inasmuch as “this honor have “all the saints,” it should be clear enough that all of them were fixedly in the Body, although quite a few of them were still on earth, but they are actually in the Body when the last one joins that Company as a Divine being. These statements are fully corrob­orated in various places by Brother Russell, some of which we now quote:

“Apparently this matter of when the thousand-year period should be reckoned as fully beginning and fully ending will be an open question until the close of the Millennial Age. It is our expectation, from Rev. 20:8,9, that the obscurity of this question will have something to do with the final test of loyalty and obedience to God, which will come upon the whole world of mankind who will have enjoyed the blessings of restitution throughout the Millennial Age, and have attained perfection at its close.

“The Scripture declaration respecting the saints, the 'overcomers,' is “They lived and reigned a thousand years.' The reign of the saints cannot be properly said to be­gin before all the 'jewels' have been gathered, nor before the Times of the Gentiles end, in 1914. Nor is it; said that their reign will be no longer than a thousand years. After the thousand years' reign Satan shall be loosed and the above trial shall ensue; but the reign of Christ and the Church will evidently continue long after the thousand years to destroy all found unworthy in that final test, and thus complete the work for which this reign is instituted; – for, as expressed by the Apostle, 'He must reign till He hath put all enemies under His feet.. And when all things shall he subdued unto Him (some by conversion and some by destruction), then shall the Son also Himself be subject unto Him (the Father).'“ (Reprints 2739-40) It is perhaps well to remind our readers here that no prophecy can be clearly understood until it has been fulfilled, or is in course of fulfillment.

And in Reprints 5631, col. 2, par. 4 (Feb. 15, 1915) there is this: “What time then is signified by the expression 'in the days of these kings,' when the Kingdom of God was to be set up in power? To our understanding the first step in the setting up of this Kingdom was the raising of the sleeping saints of the Gospel Age, which we believe was in the Spring of 1878. Then began the glorification of the Church. The work of setting up the Kingdom has, we understand, been progressing from that date, and is now merely lacking the last members of the Church class. When these shall have taken their places as members of the Church in Glory, the Kingdom will be fully set up.

“This does not signify that there may not be a part of the Kingdom work begun while some of the members of Christ are still in the flesh.... We read 'Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud upon their beds.' ... The Scripture goes on to say that they have a two-edged sword in their hands – this is the word of God. They use it as the sword of the Spirit. This would not be true of them on the other side of the veil.

“The final phrase, 'to execute the judgments written,' would seem to imply that there would be something for the saints to do this side of the veil in connection with the execution of the judgments upon the nations.” Then in the same article under the heading THE KINGDOM OF GOD SET UP, there is this:

“Now is the time for God's Kingdom to displace them (the Gentile kingdoms—JJH); but they will not willingly resign their crowns and scepters; they are in defiance. Therefore, force is required to destroy them. Their 2520 years of rule are in the past, and they must now submit to a complete overthrow...

“The Lord has at this particular time especially to do with the affairs of the nations. And this war was allowed to occur at about the end of the Times of the Gen­tiles, at the appropriate time when they are to be dashed to pieces with the iron rod of the iron rule. (Psa. 2:6-12) It is our judgment that we shall see more of this iron rule and its breaking influence, not only upon the nations, but upon society at large. Now in this great day of the Lord everything that can be shaken is to be shaken to pieces and shaken out, to the intent that nothing unrighteous or unworthy shall remain. God Himself is doing the shaking.

“We believe that the Times of the Gentiles ended just on time, as shown in Vol. 2 of Studies in the Scriptures. The hand of justice is now doing the breaking – the na­tions shall be broken as 'a potter's vessel.' .... We believe that the time for the set­ting up of the Kingdom was on September 21, 1914. At that time, when it was due for our Lord to take up His great power and reign, the nations were already angry. They were at war over a month in advance of the time, because so angry. The due time for the wrath was September 21. We are expecting to see this wrath still more manifest.”

“We see that there is no throne yet established and that there is no bride now.” (Reprints 4990, col. 1, par. 6 – March 15, 1912)

On p. 427 of the Question Book there is this (year 1915); “We do not believe that the Kingdom was fully set up in 1878. These saints are glorified in that they have now their glorious spirit bodies; but their spirit bodies do not constitute the King­dom. The Kingdom is the reigning power. The Bible intimates that Jesus is to take to Himself His great power and reign before the great destruction of the present Order comes about... We have pointed out in the Watch Tower the possibility of the last mem­bers of the Body of Christ remaining yet for a little while. You remember the words of the Psalmist: 'Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth and a two-edged sword in their hand.' .... This seems to imply that there might be some of the saints during this time of smiting the nations who would be exercising power while still in the flesh.” This quota­tion is one of the very latest statements by That Servant on this subject.

While the expression “Christ” often refers to the Head and the Body, when Rev. 20:4 says the saints reigned with Christ it is presenting two different entities ­Christ and the saints; and, when RGJ says the part here (the individual Christ) is to be taken for the whole, he is simply revolutionizing against some more Parousia and Epiphany Truth.

In Rev. 2:26, 27, Dia., the record states: “He who conquers... I will give to him authority over the nations; and he shall rule them with an iron sceptre (as the earthen vessels it is breaking them together).” Certainly this “breaking them to­gether” – the “iron sceptre” – did not begin until 1914; and it is still continu­ing as respects the nations; and will continue unto a completion – after which the “iron sceptre” will apply to the individual restitutionists – during the entire Medi­atorial reign.

“He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.” (Rev. 2:7) “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.” (Hos. 10:12)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dear Brothers in Jesus our Savior: May Grace and Peace be multiplied to you!

First, forgive me for not writing to you in English.... I am looking for Brother J. J. Hoefle. He is an American Brother who differs with The Laymen's Home Missionary Movement, managed by R. G. Jolly. RGJ teaches that since 1954, justification as being in the Camp. But I know, through articles of Brother J. J. Hoefle, he refutes the error, and he teaches as does Brother Russell. This is why I would like very much to find him.

Who can give me his address? Who would give me his address? Maybe you are the one, so dear Brother, if you know Brother J. J. Hoefle, for the love of the Truth taught by Brother Russell, I ask you to give me his address so that I can write to him. Waiting to hear from you, for which I thank you with all my heart. (Numbers 6:24-26)

My very best brotherly love, ------- (BELGIUM)


Our Memorial date for this year is March 25, after 6:00 p.m., and we suggest for our Special Effort in Antitypical Gideon's Second Battle, Sunday, March 16 through Sun­day April 6, for our volunteer and sharpshooting in the slaying of the two King Errors Zebah (Eternal Torment), and Zalmunna (Consciousness of the Dead). The Special Effort is an Arrangement made for the Epiphany by the Epiphany Messenger. The “Battle” is not over – nor is the Epiphany over.

Our tracts – Where are the Dead, What is the Soul, and The Resurrection of the Dead, as well as the First Volume, The Divine Plan of the Ages, are pertinent literature for this work. The tracts and books for this Special Effort will be sent free, postage paid, to all who request them. We invite all of like mind to join with us in this Special Effort. Please place your orders early if you desire to join with us in this “good fight.” Be assured of our special prayers that all may have blessed experiences in so doing.