by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 248

At the Question Meeting on Monday morning a large number of questions had been presented; and, true to his usual performance, RGJ said he would have to be very brief, then gave his practiced “profusion of words” to avoid answering the majority of them. Some of those he answered he handled quite well; but some of them were so loosely handled that we are forced to conclude that he either never had the Truth on them, or that he has lost it since he was abandoned to Azazel.

Question 1 – Does the Great Company share in the sin offering? We shall not analyze his “profusion of words” on the question, but try to expose his erroneous understanding of the matter. In Lev. 16:11 we are told “Aaron shall bring the bul­lock of the sin offering... and shall make an atonement for himself and for his house.” RGJ stated, “The blood of the bullock... representing the merit of our Lord Jesus Christ's humanity that was sacrificed for us, namely, the Little Flock, the Body members of the World's High Priest – and then for His House, representing the Great Company, the house of Levi.” On p. 13, of the 1940 Present Truth, Brother Johnson outlines the Gospel-Age Tabernacle picture – in which he states the Court contains the tentatively justified.

And here's what we have in Tabernacle Shadows, p. 55: “And Aaron shall offer his bullock of the sin-offering which is for (represents) himself, and make an atone­ment for himself (the members of his body – the underpriests) and for his house all believers, the entire 'household of faith' – the Levites).”

When He offered Himself, the bullock, there was no such Class as the Great Com­pany – so He offered Himself for all who were spirit-begotten in the Gospel Age, in­cluding the crown-losers. When they were begotten they were members of His Body ­crown-retainers. There is no special “spirit-begetting” of the Great Company as such – all New Creatures were primarily begotten into His Body! Is RGJ now contending that they are begotten again when they lose their crowns – begotten to be crown-losers?

Inasmuch as Aaron was contaminated with sin – as were his sons, and all Israel ­he did actually make atonement for himself personally; but this was certainly not true of antitypical Aaron. St. Paul makes this very clear in Heb. 7:26-27: “An high priest became us who is holy... separate from sinners... Who needed not daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sins, and then for the people's, for this he did once, when he offered up himself.” Inasmuch as Jesus was “without sin,” and needed no atonement, the offering “first for his own sins” could not apply to Him personally, but must refer to the members of His Body – typified in Aaron's sons and the “house” would thus include “all believers,” the entire 'household' of faith the Levites. The Levites in that picture typify the tentatively justified of the Gospel Age. The Great Company and the Little Flock are of the Gospel-Age Church of the Firstborn – and they were all begotten as members of His Body – thus “for Him­self” includes all the spirit-begotten at consecration – under the High Calling.

It is quite clear that RGJ is now going into increasing darkness on the Taber­nacle. At one time he was apparently clear on the Most Holy, the Holy, the Court, the Camp, and the Wilderness. But he has now grossly REVOLUTIONIZED against the Truth on the Holy, the Court and the Camp. He who discerns clearly teaches clearly – and it is now evident to all instructed in Parousia and Epiphany Truth – especially on Tabernacle Shadows – that he is not now “teaching clearly.”

The foregoing paragraph also applies to another part of his answer to the same question: He says, “The justified humanity of Azazel's Goat was not a part of the offer­ing that was pictured in the Lord's Goat. The humanity was to be destroyed!” Here again he makes much ado about the 'humanity' of the Great Company in the wilderness. He says they don't want their fallen humanity saved. “Let it be destroyed! It is the New Crea­ture that is to be saved!” Well, well, the humanity of the Little Flock is fallen also, but covered by Christ's merit – in the Court – not for destruction in the wilderness. The humanity of the fully faithful is all they have to offer in sacrifice, and they do this gladly, in loving submission as a sacrifice upon the altar in the Court. The hu­manity of all the fully faithful is in the Court. The Epiphany Messenger often stresses – the fit-man experiences of Azazel's Goat are for the purpose of destroying their flesh­ly minds. Of course, in the process of destroying the fleshly mind while in the clut­ches of Azazel, some of their justified humanity will also be destroyed – but certainly the fit-man experiences are not for the purpose of destroying all their humanity! After the destruction of their fleshly minds, they are then cleansed and they will use their humanity in the Court to “offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” (Mal. 3:3)

While undergoing their fit-man experiences in the wilderness they are all double­minded – out of the good side of their minds they try to serve the Lord; but out of the bad side of their minds they serve Azazel. “As these evil qualities grow in them under Satanic manipulation they lead their followers into increasing errors and Satan­-given wrong arrangements for the Lord's work. These revolutionisms arousing the oppo­sition of the faithful, controversies set in, wherein, to defend themselves against the Scriptural truths that the faithful bring against their errors, to maintain a semblance of consistency in their errors, they give up one truth after another.” (E-15:520, middle). This has been markedly true since 1917; and is still clearly manifest in the present­-day controversies.

It is self-evident that here is another picture of the tabernacle on which RGJ is either not clear, or is now revolutionizing against it. If he is now cleansed, as he claims, he would not gloat about his humanity being destroyed in the wilderness; he would know that his humanity has been returned to the antitypical Court, where he could, and would, use it as an “offering in righteousness” unto the Lord. And we are fully persuaded that he would not now be “offering” such nonsense that the 'house' represented the Great Company during the Gospel Age: that “Himself” was for His Body, and the “House” for the Great Company! And if he were no longer in Azazel's clutches he would not have “offered” the other errors he did at this Question Meeting.

This thought is confirmed in Mal. 3:1-3: “Purify the sons of Levi... that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” The “offering in righteousness” is performed by crown-losers after their purification – after the destruction of their fleshly minds; but, if that purification would result in physical death, the only “offering in righteousness” would then have to occur in Heaven, which is ridiculous, of course – confusion worse confounded! Their humanity also suffers in these experiences, but not to the extent of bringing them to death. This is clearly shown in the case of the Corinthian brother (1 Cor. 5:1-5), who eventually returned to the congregation after his cleansing. (2 Cor. 2:1-8) However, RGJ once more made quite a stage performance of how much he desires the humanity to be destroyed in the wilderness. But after they are cleansed their humanity is eventually restored to the Court condition, with the humanity of all the faithful, if they are to gain life at all; otherwise, their New Creature is not saved. “To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh (the fleshly mind – not the humanity!), that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus,” (1 Cor. 5:5)

Question No. 2 – Brother Russell says in the 1913 Watch Tower that Christ must reign until all the wicked are destroyed. When the Goats enter the Little Season, are they counted among the wicked?

Answer: “I don't think the Lord would render a decision on them before the trial of the Little Season, Would He? I think this question would suggest something back­ward. If the judge would pronounce sentence and say you are condemned to go to the electric chair before the trial the man would say, Well, aren't you going to give me a trial first? If the Goats are counted among the wicked when they enter the Little Sea­son, this would imply that the reign ends in the final sense at the beginning of 2874 ­at the beginning of the Little Season - and that's not correct!” The balance of his voluminous words occupy more than two typewritten pages, so we shall not consider all of it – the little bedtime stories, innuendoes, etc. – the part just quoted being suffi­cient for our purpose. Bedtime stories may be amusing and appreciated if the sober Truth is given to the questions submitted first – but to take up time for this sort of meeting, when he has to leave many questions unanswered because of the time for such anecdotes, is not appropriate for the sobriety of a Bible Question and Answer meeting.

Before comment, let us remind our readers that RGJ has been most emphatic for many years that “the end” of 1 Cor. 15:24-26 comes at the beginning of the Little Season ­and in this teaching has strong support from a reliable (?) Channel – the Jehovah's Wit­nesses also teach that “the end” of 1 Cor. 15:24-26 comes at the beginning of the Little Season. He even palmed off a “faulty disc” to prove his contention. Now he is openly contradicting that, and telling us “the end” is the end of the Little Season, with which latter we agree. However, it seems that RGJ doesn't know from one year to the next what he does teach and believe. Of course, this is in keeping with the Epiphany teach­ing that part of the punishment meted out to those in Azazel's clutches is that the Lord gives them error to defend. “On this account the Lord will send to them an energy of delusion, to their believing the falsehood.” (2 Thes. 2:11, Dia.)

However, when RGJ says that the wicked have not had their judgment before enter­ing the Little Season, we reply that all who enter the Little Season will do so with perfect organisms, with the Goats lacking only a righteous character – also all the Restitutionists will be fully instructed in righteousness by the time they have at­tained perfect organisms. It will only be due to their refusal to have the Adamic Death Process plagued out of their characters, that they will have unholy heart's con­dition at the end of the Mediatorial reign, and the beginning of the Little Season. Here again RGJ is revolutionizing against Parousia and Epiphany Truth, which we will prove from quotations from That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger.

Consider now John 5:28,29, where the resurrection and trial time are clearly ex­plained in the Berean Comment: “those that have done evil (the goats, etc.—JJH)..... the resurrection of damnation; krisis, by judgment, gradually, under the disciplines and rewards of the Millennial Age.... If raised to instantaneous perfection... there would be no need of a thousand-year trial day”. Apparently, RGJ is now telling us this “trial day” does not include the Goats of the Little Season.

Brother Johnson also agrees with That Servant. He tells us that all who enter the Little Season (the Goats) with unholy heart's condition will not be able to stand the tests of the Little Season. “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life (whoever will not have conformed his character to the New Covenant regulations during the Millennium) was cast into the lake of fire (utter, complete and eternal an­nihilation; comp. Rev. 21:8)” (E-17:425, bottom)

Also, “The Goats placed on the left hand represent those who externally reform during the Millennium, but who neglect to do good from the heart – the old men who have not filled their days with good – and who as a result fall more and more into the Lord's disfavor, until at the end of the Millennium they will be in His complete dis­favor, fully on His left hand...

“That those who are found in the King's full favor are in such favor because of the good they will have done, is evident from verses 24-40.” (E-16:179, past middle ­also see E-16:184,185)

Certainly the Goats – those who enter the Little Season with unholy heart's con­dition – will not reform during the Little Season; neither will those who enter the Little Season with good heart's condition fall in the tests of the Little Season: the Sheep have inscribed their names in the Book of Life during the Mediatorial reign. Each Class will make clearly manifest in the tests of the Little Season what their true condition was when entering the Little Season. This is also true during the Epiphany in regard to the Great Company – they make manifest during the Epiphany their heart's condition when they entered the Epiphany: they were crown-losers at the beginning of the Epiphany, but not manifested as such until later in the Epiphany when the tests were applied.

As with the courts of our land – trial, conviction and sentencing do not all occur at one time. The execution of a criminal may not occur for many months after his sen­tencing to death; but the delay does not in any way enter into the trial, conviction and sentencing. And this is exactly what will happen with the Goats. By the end of 2874 their eternal future will have been set – even though it will not become manifest un­til the testing of the Little Season. As Brother Johnson says, the “old men who have not filled their days with good” – and who as a result fall more and more into the Lard's disfavor, the Little Season simply reveals – makes manifest – that destiny, and carries out the execution. “God hath appointed a day” – from 1874 to 2874. (Acts 17: 31 – see Berean Comments)

The Little Season is the final separating time, just as the Epiphany is the final separating time of the New Creatures – as well as the final judgment of all the elect. Just as in the case of the Second-Deathers of the Parousia and the Epiphany, God had already sentenced them before they were made manifest as such by denying the Ransom, etc. Also, all the Great Company had lost their crowns by September 1914, and none of them can regain their crowns in the Epiphany – so the judgment was final at that time between the crown-losers and the crown-retainers. Even though this judgment was not known to us, it was certainly known to God. They were all sentenced as such by the be­ginning of the Epiphany, but their condition as such was not revealed to us until the bright shining of the Epiphany manifested them. So it is with the Goats of the Little Season, “the old men who failed to fill their days with good” during the Mediatorial reign will not be counted among the “friends of God”: they are the enemies of God and He keeps no record of them. All those who refuse to have the Adamic Death Process (the unholy heart's condition) plagued out of them by the benevolent influences of the Medi­atorial reign, will continue with such a character into the Little Season when they will be “cast into the Lake of fire.”

All during the Kingdom reign the “sheep” will be inscribing their names into the Book of Life as they progress up the Highway of Holiness, just as the Youthful Worthies are now inscribing their names (character) into their Book of Life as they faithfully walk a “narrow way”; but not so with the “goats”: their names will not be found in the Book of Life, as are the Sheep, at the beginning of the Little Season – and it will then be too late to do that once the Little Season has fully arrived. As Brother John­son clearly explained, it is during the Mediatorial reign - the trial day – that all names ever to be recorded in the Book of Life will be there; but none will be added after the beginning of the Little Season.

Also the Sheep, who inscribe their names into the Book of Life during the Medi­atorial reign, are the friends of God (Rev. 20:12 – See Berean Comments) – while the Goats, the 'old men who did not fill their days with good,' will not be recorded: God keeps no record of His enemies. If God did not consider them of the wicked, their names (character) would have been inscribed in the Book of Life at the begin­ning of the Little Season.

Question 3 – In attempting to answer a question as to whether the New Covenant will be made with the Consecrated Epiphany Campers or the Jews, RGJ gave quite a dis­course – went over in detail the same errors he had previously presented in the Present Truth. His answer was “BOTH”! Had he given the Truth on this question, as taught in the Scriptures and by the two Messengers, it would annihilate his position that Campers Consecrated come first in the Kingdom blessing. His answer was confusing, and left some of his sectarian devotees just as confused on the subject as they were before. But we believe some of the brethren could see through his “profusion of words,” and “sleight of hand” – especially those who are reading, with unbiased minds, the clear teachings of the two Messengers on the subject. They both taught that the New Covenant will be made exclusively with the Jews – the natural Israelites who have been faithful to the Law Covenant insofar as they are able. All others who come under the New Covenant will have to become proselyte Jews! So his answer, to be in harmony with the Truth, should have been, With the Jews; and all who are in heart harmony with the New Covenant arrangements will have to become Jews if they are to receive the New Covenant blessings. As stated in previous papers, a “New” Covenant could be made only with those who had been under the “Old” (Law) Covenant; and this is clearly set forth by That Servant in Reprint 4575, some of which we quote as follows:

“Under the new regime of the New Covenant and its Millennial kingdom (in the hands of the antitypical Moses, the Mediator of the New Covenant), the Law will go forth from Mt. Zion (spiritual Israel) and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem (nat­ural Israel). The result will be wonderful blessings – mental, moral and physical uplift, freedom from pests, the elimination of disease, etc. The start on the high­way of holiness will there be made and the blessings of the Lord will fill the whole earth. Many nations will perceive and take note and desire to share those earthly good things with Israel. But the New Covenant will be made only with Israel. And the only way in which the other nations can receive a share of those restitution fa­vors will be by becoming Israelites – coming under the laws, regulations and disci­plines of the New Covenant... (col. 2, par. 2)

“The justification of the Millennial age will not be a faith-justification, but an actual-justification, gradually attained under the New Covenant conditions......... With the conclusion of the Millennium all mankind will have reached the condition of actual justification, or perfection through the merit of Christ applied as Mediator of the New Covenant through Israel. And all the world of mankind then perfected will be Israelites, just as all nationalities come to the United States and here become citizens. Thus all nations during the Millennium will gradually flow to Israel and come under the obedience to the New Covenant regulations and thus become Israelites in­deed on the earthly plane.” (col. 2, par. 4)

“And so all Israel shall be saved; as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.” (Rom. 11:26) And the Berean Comment on this - “From Jacob... The natural seed of Abraham first.” Yes, all nations, all quasi-elect, including Epiphany Campers, will be able to come under the New Covenant – but not as Campers Consecrated: they will all come under the New Covenant as JEWS! In all his “much speaking” on this question he clearly manifests his gross revolutionism against Parousia and Epiphany Truth – because at one time, before inventing his non-existent Class of Campers Consecrated, he taught the Truth on the Jews and their God-given promises to the brethren. And when he taught the Truth on the Jews and their promises, he was quite forceful in his attack against the non-existent Class of the Jehovah's Witnesses – Jonadabs, or Great Multitude.

As stated, there was a large number of questions, regarding which RGJ said he “would have to be brief”; but he apparently forgot that promise. As Brother Johnson tells us, the Good Levites, of which RGJ was a part, were “loquacious and repetitious.” And in E-10:588 is this: “Then these crown-losers proceeded to read more lectures to J., who in silence let them go on, knowing all the while what they did not know – that they were crown-losers and he was the Divine mouthpiece..” And in many of his answers to the questions on Labor Day, we believe it is a sound conclusion that, after his volu­minous discoursing, many in his audience did not even know what question he was discuss­ing.


At the Question Meeting at the Chicago Convention the same situation prevailed as at the Labor-Day meeting – RGJ just did not “have time” to answer a large number of the questions; but he did handle two questions (probably put in by himself) that corrected some of his errors at the Labor-Day Question Meeting. One asked was where the New Crea­tures of the Great Company are shown in the Gospel-Age Tabernacle; and he correctly stated that they are not shown anywhere in the Gospel-Age picture, since there was no Great Company as a class during that time; they were all counted as priests in the Holy. At the Labor-Day session he had said that Aaron making atonement for “his house” (Lev. 16:11) pictured the Great Company. We have given details about this on pages 1 and 2 of this paper.

The second question asked was with whom the New Covenant will be made. To this he also answered correctly – in keeping with the teaching of both Messengers – that it would be made with Israel. At Pottstown he had said it would be made with the Jews, the Con­secrated Epiphany Campers and all nations, etc. In the March-April 1973 Present Truth RGJ raised quite some dust about “this sifting errorist” (meaning JJH) for attacking his errors on this subject; but it would seem he is now agreeing with our contentions. His cleansing on these subjects is indeed fondly welcomed by us.

In the 1973 Present Truth he said we were attacking both Brother Russell and Bro. Johnson's teaching that “present-day consecrated believers of Gentile lineage (counted by God as Israelites)” would be given precedence over the fleshly Israelites in the Kingdom; but he has never-produced any statement from either of them to prove his con­tention. Nor will he be able to do so. There is nothing anywhere in their writings that would even hint that consecrated Gentiles in the Epiphany Camp are viewed as Jews; although they both taught that such consecrated Gentiles in the Court during the entire Gospel Age are viewed as spiritual Israelites. This is clearly corroborated in Rev. 7: 4-8.

As respects the Jews in the Kingdom, he discussed Isa. 19:23-25: “In that day there shall be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria... Israel the third with Egypt and Assyria.” He said Egypt here referred to the world in general, and Assyria to the quasi-elect. In E-6:558 we have this explanation: “Egypt here standing for heathen, Assyria for nominal Christians, and Israel for Jews in the Millennium, when only these three classes will become God's people.” RGJ cited “Amos 5:5,” which was probably an inadvertence; it should be Micah 5:5,6. In explaining this text in E-10:114 Brother Johnson states that the Assyrian refers to the errorists of the entire Gospel Age. These were to be found chiefly in the nominal church, which also has contained the quasi-elect; and, while it is true that the quasi-elect have been among the nominal Christians, it is just as patently not true that every nominal Christian has been one of the quasi-elect, because the hypocrites, politicians, etc., in the nominal church have been legion – there only for selfish reasons.

Here are some questions that he should “have time and space” in his Present Truth to answer for the benefit of his readers:

1. Are you revolutionizing against Epiphany Truth (See Epiphany Vol. 15, p. 261) when you teach there will be a tentative justification during the Mediatorial reign? If not, Was Brother Johnson teaching Epiphany error when he said there will be neither a tentative nor a vitalized justification in the Millennial Age?

2. Death and hell were cast into the lake of fire (Rev. 20:4). Does this occur at the beginning or the end of the Little Season?

3. Both Messengers taught that the Merit would be on embargo in the Court until after the Great Company finishes their course in complete physical death. Is the em­bargo now lifted while the Great Company are still in the flesh, and the Merit now available in the Epiphany Camp?

It should not put too much of a strain upon RGJ to answer the foregoing questions concisely and clearly in his Present Truth – especially for the benefit of his faithful adherents, that they may be “always prepared with a defense for every one demand­ing an account of the hope that is in” them (1 Pet. 3:15, Dia.)

He has been telling us that those Jews who become Consecrated Campers will be among the first in the Kingdom – but the real truth is that those “Consecrated” Campers who become proselyte Jews in the Kingdom will be among the first to receive the New Covenant blessings – after that Covenant has been made with faithful fleshly Israel in Palestine, and after they have “cried unto the Lord.” (Psa. 107:17-20)

It is a gross revolutionism against Parousia and Epiphany Truth to mix the two salvations; it is joining hands with the nominal church that has attempted to do this all during the Gospel Age, which has resulted in Babylon – CONFUSION! There is no doubt but that Brother Russell considered Cornelius a consecrated person long before the visit of St. Peter in Acts 10; but it is also equally clear that the consecration of Cornelius could not win for him any visible recognition from God until “the due time.” Even the Jews who were the intimate followers of Jesus could not receive the Holy Spirit and induction into !he Christ Company until the due time – namely, at Pentecost. What­ever of error may be found in other Truth groups, so far as we know, none of them have attempted to mix the two salvations except the Laymen's Home Missionary Movement, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and possibly J. W. Krewson.

It is our hope and prayer that our efforts to uphold and defend the “faith once delivered unto the saints” on the Two Distinct Salvations, as well as the God-given promises to natural Israel, etc., will better enable the faithful brethren to “rightly divide the word of truth.” (2 Tim. 2:15) “But when he seeth his children, the work of mine hands, in the midst of him, they shall sanctify my name, and sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and shall fear the God of Israel. They also that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine.” (Isa. 29:23,24 – See Be­rean Comments on Isa. 29:22,23)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dear Brother Hoefle: Loving greetings in the name of our Dear Redeemer!

We are sending ten pounds to Brother ------- for your use, two pounds of this is from Sister ------- Sister wishes to thank you most sincerely for your lovely “get well” card.... She is now at home with her natural sister, and walking with the aid of a stick, discarding the double aid for hands. Sister ------- is her natural sister, and they both do the best they can to cope with the daily work. Sister ------- goes to see them whenever she can.

Sister ------- has asked if we can supply her with the Berean Comments, which we have sent to her. In her letter she said she would be sending to us for you the “widow's mite,” so we quoted Mark 12:41-44 and Vol. 6, “The New Creation,” pages 343­-345 to her. She mentioned that you were sending her “Life-Death Hereafter” booklet.

Brother ------- mentioned in his last letter to us that the Epiphany is lasting longer than we expected, and quoted the end might be in 1994..... So it is in the second presence of the Son of Man, and we must be watchful and faithful – and wait on the Lord. We have everything to thank the Lord for – the Knowledge of His Divine Plan, seeing the prophecies being fulfilled in front of our eyes..... Our King is marching on!

Your papers are well written and appreciated by us. Your defense of the Truth against the Error, is right and just. The Lord bless you richly as you seek to honor His Name and Plan. Sister joins me in love to you and all with you, and our prayers. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf! hymn 340.

Sincerely your brother, ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace in the name of our Beloved Master!

I do not know how you got my name and address, but I prayerfully hope it was in answer to my most earnest prayers for guidance in the Truth. My parents were led to the Truth many years ago and, as a child, I was thrilled and excited by the banner across the doorway of our third-floor meeting place in Erie, Pa. The banner pro­claimed “Millions Now Living Will Never Die!” And I still thrill to the message of the Truth. However, my parents, my husband and two of my children have already been eliminated from that “million.” I am so everlastingly grateful that our Beloved Mas­ter has been gracious enough to enrich my life with His Truth.

I must admit to being extremely puzzled. When I was in high school, the name was changed from International Bible Student's Ass'n to Jehovah's Witnesses. I would truly like to aspire to being recognized by Him as being one of His Witnesses, but I know I am so very human and so unworthy that I cannot insist that I qualify – but must only pray that He grants me that designation. I remembered being taught only a short time before to “add not to the borders of your garments,” and I feel they not only added to their borders, but they created a whole new garment cut out of whole cloth to a strange new pattern. So for a number of years I did not attend classes. I don't know the steps of the transition to the Laymen's Home Missionary Movement. Some time after my marriage, my husband and I joined a Bible study conducted by my father, and we were happy in our studies. (This was after Mother died.) Since then, Dad has died and there was no one to lead the studies. My husband and I moved to Arizona and he died three years ago.

In the meanwhile, I have been adrift, searching for guidance in the Truth – and being amazed at things like bumper strips proclaiming “Honk if you love Jesus,” and “In case of rapture, this car will be driverless....... I even heard Ted Armstrong, who, at least, emphasizes the true state of the dead, seeming to proclaim the “meet­ing in the clouds.” I surely would like some enlightening on that!

I am enclosing a small check to be used in your work and will try to send more as the Lord sends me. I must work to support myself, and am selling real estate, so I have no regular income, and my donations will be spasmodic. Please send some of your literature to the following names and addresses.

Is there an existing class meeting in Phoenix? May the Lord bless you richly in your work!

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I received the packet of Herald of the Epiphany and appreciate very much your sending them at Sister ------- request. I am both enjoying them and learning from them – ­find them very easy reading. Your meanings are always clear, and well expressed.

In appreciation for your kindness in sending me such fine material and in order to help, in the only way I can, I am enclosing a check to help defray the expenses of carrying God's message to a chaotic, troubled world.

Best wishes to you and all the brethren there. May you remain in His love and care.

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