by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 260

On pages 84‑91 of the Nov.‑Dec. 1976 Present Truth, there is an attack upon J.W. Krewson because of his claim to being the Pastor and Teacher of God’s people. R. G. Jolly ridicules and castigates JWK for seeing himself in the Scriptures; then becomes quite voluminous in making the same claims for himself. Also, he attempts to cast John J. Hoefle in the same caldron with JWK; thus it seems timely that we should also become involved in this difference.

It is hardly necessary to remind the great bulk of our readers that RGJ is a self‑admitted crown‑loser; so we do him no injustice when we refer to him as such and in this instance we fully agree with him. Nor will it be necessary to offer proof for a subject in which we both agree. At least we have a common starting point. And, while he admits to being a leader of a Great Company group, he also contends that he is the Pastor and Teacher of God’s Household because of his appointment to the office of Executive Trustee for the LHMM. There is no more substance for this claim than was the claim of Judge Rutherford, that he was the Pastor and Teacher because he became the President of the Society. He claimed great honors for himself, with the Society being the Channel for God’s people. For both claims there is no solid foundation. Both – JFR and RGJ – claimed something that emanated from the “bottomless pit” – error.(Rev.20:1) Nor could That Servant or the Epiphany Messenger “see” from the Scriptures who would be God’s mouthpiece after their demise. If they could and did, then the Lord’s people would have no trial of faith after their demise: they could be satisfied with the succeeding “pope” as all faithful Catholics would be. But the real test of any Pastor and Teacher is whether he is teaching the Truth, and the manner in which he teaches it: “By their fruits you will discover them.” (Matt. 7:20, Dia.) Nor is there any Gospel‑Age precedent for RGJ’s contention. Never at any time during the entire Gospel Age did God ever appoint a crown‑loser to be Pastor and Teacher. If RGJ disagrees, let him produce just one Scripture to prove it. All the Gospel‑Age princes (Numbers 7) crown‑losers – perverted the truth (stewardship doctrines) entrusted to their care.

The Levites (crown‑losers) have always been divided into two classes – the good and the bad Levites, the distinction being that the good Levites revolutionized against the Arrangements only, whereas, the bad Levites revolutionize against the Arrangements and against the Truth also. And, when we see this, we can then know the real standing of such people. “By their fruits you will discover them.” Note the following from E‑4:132 (13): It is revolutionism or its partisan support against the Truth and its arrangements, and only revolutionism or its partisan support against the Truth and its arrangements, that manifests crown‑losers as such. The great touchstone of manifesting Leviteship is revolutionism or its partisan support, and nothing else.” (Emphasis ours)

And let us emphasize here that the Levites have had some of the brightest minds among men during their time, or any other time. We instance John Calvin, who had one of the sharpest intellects of the Age; and, specifically, “St.” Augustine – considered by some capable men as having the greatest intellect of the fallen race since Adam although neither of them were the Pastor and Teacher of God’s household. We repeat, let RGJ produce just one Scripture to contest this statement. On the other hand, we believe we make a very conservative statement when we declare that these very men have taught the Little Flock, which RGJ disputes in his over‑all statement when he declares that the greater (Little Flock) should not be taught by the lesser. Couldn’t any capable and faithful Youthful Worthy “teach” this “higher class” (the Great Company) the Epiphany Truth – not only the Great Company in Big Babylon, but also the Great Company in the Truth groups who have not been instructed in Epiphany Truth? Thus according to him, the Youthful Worthies should not be teaching the Great Company; and the Great Company should not be teaching the Little Flock. Should this “higher class” teach the Youthful Worthies that the High Calling is still open? And should the Youthful Worthies accept their teaching?

We raise the question now: All during the Epiphany, did not RGJ himself teach the Little Flock in his services to the various Churches? Of course he did! And he did that with the Epiphany Messenger’s approval – at a time when the Epiphany Messenger knew RGJ was a crown‑loser; and even after RGJ was manifested a crown‑loser in 1938, he was permitted to give discourses at Conventions – and in some of these discourses he gave some good instructions for all Classes, including the Little Flock, the Great Company, the Youthful Worthies and the Tentatively Justified. “Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel.” (Gen. 49:4)

And this raises a second question: When RGJ gives speaking appointments to his Campers Consecrated, are they not in a position to teach not only their own Class but all the Classes ‘higher’ than they? And of those Youthful Worthies that RGJ accepts with open arms, do they not all teach the Great Company when he gives them opportunity at the various Conventions? Is it not true that RGJ would send them to instruct (teach) the Great Company in the various groups, and even in Big Babylon where opportunity presents itself? We assume that RGJ still accepts the teachings of the Epiphany Messenger regarding the Youthful Worthies who came into the Truth between 1881 to 1916 – that they were privileged to bring many of the saints out of Babylon. How could they do that without instructing (teaching) them? These faithful New Creatures in Babylon were left there for a purpose until their “due time” to hear the call, “Come out of her.” But as soon as they were taught (instructed) in “present truth” they immediately came “out of her.”

It is always proper for a Truth‑enlightened Youthful Worthy to teach the Truth to those in error – refute the error and instruct them in the Truth, if they will receive it – in harmony with St. Paul’s counsel in 2 Tim. 2:24‑26, Dia.: – “…that they may be recovered from the snare of the enemy (Azazel), who have been entrapped by him for his pleasure.” To teach such persons is not only the privilege, but the duty, of any Truth persons – whether a Youthful Worthy or not. This applies to any group teaching error including the LHMM. Surely any Truth‑enlightened Youthful Worthy who opposes the errors emanating from the LHMM would gladly assist and bless their brethren in every way possible in harmony with Luke 24:47 – “beginning at Jerusalem.”


As most of our readers know, we have never attempted to magnify ourselves by claiming to be the Pastor and Teacher, nor by being pictured in the Bible; we have never thought it necessary. Our teachings are our credentials: If we are teaching the Truth, that will be sufficient to attract God’s faithful people who read our papers. In fact, our presentations have been sufficient to attract the attention of quite a few of the best supporters of Brother Russell and Brother Johnson; and we are sure they ask no more of us than that – the Truth! In this connection, we apply E‑7:186 to RGJ: “It is singular to those only who, failing to realize that all the Great Company leaders, as graspers for power and lords over God’s heritage, have the same spirit, and, like their kindred‑spirited brethren, prominent in the nominal Church (Lot seated at Sodom’s gate, place of prominence, Gen. 19:1) all through the Gospel Age, when their power was threatened, have found fault with the faithful shepherds of God’s flock (Abraham’s shepherds found fault with by Lot’s shepherds, Gen. 13:5‑13), and persecuted them because of their interfering with their selfish plans and works against God’s Little Flock.”


At no time since Brother Johnson’s death have we claimed any official standing before the Church other than that given to us by the Epiphany Messenger himself; but that authority is clearly set forth in our Pilgrim appointment, dated October 11, 1942 part of which we quote: “This authorization gives the said John J. Hoefle the right and privilege of preaching the Gospel and lecturing on the Bible in any country in the world.” And in the letter which came with the Pilgrim appointment there is the following: “You can be assured that in this service you will have the special opposition of the adversary and those who have his spirit (specifically Azazel’s Goat – the crown losers while they are in Azazel’s clutches – JJH), and thus will have severer trials. On the other hand, remember the Lord is on our side and will give you special help and blessings, if you use faithfully your privileges of service.” Although during Brother Johnson’s life we had no special trials in connection with our Pilgrim appointment, the trials began in 1950 after the Epiphany Messenger’s demise – and more particularly in 1954 and 1955 when it became crystal clear that it was our duty to refute the errors emanating from the crown‑lost leader of the LHMM in his “path of error.” (James 5:20) The last specific instance along this line is our complete refutation of RGJ on his contention about Cornelius. (See our paper 241 for details.)

As Brother Johnson has so ably stated, When these crown‑losers fall into the clutches of Azazel, they talk all sorts of nonsense; and RGJ’s present condition and contentions clearly confirm this. He questions our authority for teaching the Truth to the Household of Faith, which includes the Little Flock, the Great Company, the Youthful Worthies and the Tentatively Justified. Apparently he has forgotten that we taught all these classes by discourse at Conventions, with the pilgrim appointment and approval of the Epiphany Messenger when he was with us. our pilgrim appointment gave us authority to preach the Truth in any country in the world, so RGJ’s statements concerning our authority to do so are simply some more of his antitypical “witchcraft” (especially deceptive false teachings). We have never claimed any more than being a preacher of the Truth – for the benefit of any one who wants to hear it.

And, when we see him talking such nonsense, we have the strong assurance that he is still befuddled by Azazel; otherwise he wouldn’t be making such foolish statements thereby making his condition manifest to all who still abide in the Truth. Even though the Youthful Worthies had no special leader while Brother Johnson was with us, he having charge of the Great Company, the Youthful Worthies and the Tentatively Justified who were with him during his ministry, he distinctly tells us in E‑13:31: “By the time this fruitfulness (‘the Lord visited Hannah’) will become the antitype of the finished picture there will be born three clean general Great Company and two clean general Youthful Worthy groups (bare three sons and two daughters).”

When Brother Johnson was with us the enlightened Youthful Worthies were with him, and the others were with other groups. According to the above quotation, there will be two clean Youthful Worthy groups and three Great Company groups. The Great Company groups, of course, will have Great Company leaders, and the Youthful Worthy groups will have Youthful Worthy leaders. Just how can any clean group – be they Little Flock, Great Company or Youthful Worthies – engage in any general activity without a leader? RGJ is now revolutionizing against this Epiphany teaching.

However, RGJ’s first revolutionism against Epiphany Truth was the night of October 27, 1950 after the funeral service of Brother Johnson that afternoon. At that meeting he confessed he was bewildered and confused by the death of Brother Johnson – because it occurred in 1950 instead of 1956, the time Brother Johnson had believed his death would occur. But RGJ received a ‘flash’ at four o’clock one morning before the funeral which told him that when the Epiphany Messenger left the earth there were no more crown retainers on earth – that Brother Johnson was the last Little Flock member to be glorified. So he pronounced the edict that all New Creatures who survived Brother Johnson were crown‑losers! He continues to teach that the death of a man manifests crown‑losers, instead of revolutionism – a gross and persistent revolutionism against the Epiphany Messenger’s teaching that only Revolutionism is the gauge to determine whether New Creatures are crown‑losers. It is the Truth and its Arrangements that manifest New Creatures as crown‑losers – the Truth and only the Truth, or its Arrangements. Heb. 4:12 corroborates this teaching: “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two‑edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner (manifester – see Berean Comments) of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” So Brother Johnson was not presenting this doctrine of revolutionism on a parallel that didn’t mature – or on types but on the direct Scripture from the Word of God, as interpreted by That Servant.

Another ‘manifester’ was at the Jacksonville, Florida, Convention in 1955. RGJ was specifically asked at that time, Did Brother Johnson ever withdraw brotherly fellowship from you? His answer was an emphatic No! That was indeed the Truth! As long as Brother Johnson was with us he never withdrew brotherly fellowship from RGJ; he always gave him brotherly help, although he did withdraw priestly fellowship from him. So it is very clear now that ‘brotherly’ fellowship as distinct from ‘priestly’ fellowship, was never withdrawn from RGJ during Brother Johnson’s lifetime. As all brethren in the LHMM know, ‘priestly’ fellowship was withdrawn from RGJ when he openly manifested himself as a crown‑loser in 1938 – and we know, too, that Brother Johnson continued to give him brotherly fellowship and help after that.

The last resort of the abandonment procedure, which all crown‑losers must receive before they can get their cleansing, is to have brotherly fellowship and favor withdrawn from them. RGJ was never disfellowshiped from the LHMM, so this was not done in Brother Johnson’s lifetime: this was only done when God removed the Epiphany Messenger from our midst October 22, 1950, at which time all brotherly fellowship and favor were withdrawn from him. Since that time he has been on his own: he no longer had the restraining hand of the Epiphany Messenger to hinder him from drawing pictures and making types to suit his fancy. He immediately ostracized all brethren from the LHMM that still held on to their High Calling hope; which did him more spiritual harm than it did them. The New Creatures who continued with him had to admit to being crown losers, otherwise they wouldn’t be very comfortable with the brethren in the LHMM.

The Epiphany Messenger had warned the brethren that he couldn’t appoint a Pastor and Teacher – that only the Lord could do that. However, he saw from the Scriptures that RGJ would be a leader of the good Levites. But this didn’t mean he would be the Pastor and Teacher of the Household, anymore than the leaders of the bad Levites would make them the Pastor and Teacher. Any nominal Church preacher is regarded as Pastor and Teacher in his own congregation. When Brother Johnson was with us, he considered the Levites in his Movement to be good Levites, but that didn’t mean they would continue to be ‘good’ Levites if they were led astray by erroneous teachings. We can say the same for That Servant when he died: he left the only clean Truth Movement in the world. Was the Society a ‘clean’ Truth Movement when Judge Rutherford took over? However, That Servant’s death, as well as the Epiphany Messenger’s death, did manifest that all who said “Lord, Lord” were not the Lord’s faithful people. Good Levites can become bad Levites, just the same as those who lost Little Flockship by the skin of their teeth, can also escape the Second Death by the “skin of their teeth,” if they continue their downward course.

RGJ also emphasizes in this same Present Truth that the Youthful Worthies should take instruction from him. Would he have us believe that the Youthful Worthies should follow him even after they are aware of the fact that he has been leading them into error? He certainly did not believe that in 1951 when he specifically asked us to go to the Dawn Convention in Detroit, and do what we could to present Epiphany teachings (instruct them) so that they would be able to come into “present truth.” “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”! (James 1:8). He is now not only revolutionizing in this particular instance, but against many sound teachings of both Messengers, more of which shall follow; but here we would insert something from E‑4:129: “After the Levites’ (Great Company – JJH) cleansing, they will doubtless partake of the Epiphany truths that are for them; for then they will be somewhat like the good Youthful Worthies, who are privileged to see and appreciate every truth except such truths as the Lord may desire to be limited to the priests… Now the understanding of the priestly matters pertinent to leading Azazel’s Goat to the Gate, delivering him to the fit man and abandoning him to Azazel, is withheld from them.” This probably accounts for the answer RGJ gave at the Jacksonville, Florida Convention in 1955. Apparently he then didn’t understand that he would have to have brotherly fellowship withdrawn from him, as a last resort before he could get his cleansing. And it may be that he does not yet understand the Abandonment process, despite the fact that we have made several attempts to explain it to him, and despite the fact that it is clearly set out in E‑15, page 525:

“As in none of the Great Company do these two forms of the rod prove sufficient fully to free their Holy Spirit from the bondage of developed worldliness, selfishness, error and sin,… the Lord resorts to a second set of untoward experiences,…He delivers them over to Satan,… for the destruction of the flesh,… Their delivery to Satan implies that they come into such a condition as the priests disfellowship them, and thus withdraw all brotherly help and favor from them.”

We continue to hope that he will make sober and sincere study of E‑15 on the Abandonment Process for all Great Company members, which includes himself – also as a companion study it would be well for him to study prayerfully the chapter on Two Houses Built and Tested (the wise and foolish builders) in Epiphany Vol. 5, pp. 473‑529

Following is a quotation from E‑16:125: “The crown‑losers falling into Azazel’s hands quickly upon the Priesthood’s withdrawal of all brotherly help and favor (which in RGJ’s case did not occur until the Lord removed Brother Johnson from our midst in 1950 – JJH); and in his hands they are being led into such excesses of revolutionism as will eventually make it undeniable even by themselves that they have been wrong in their whole course.” That the foregoing is at least partially true regarding RGJ is revealed by his own course: Just a day or two after the Epiphany Messenger’s demise, a “flash” came to him at four o’clock in the morning that there were no more saints left on earth. And he was so determined that his “flash” should be accepted as Truth by all, that he informed Pilgrim Eschrich that he must either accept this teaching or withdraw from the pilgrim work. And Pilgrim Eschrich, as is recorded of his kinsmen with respect to Jesus, “they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God” (John 12:43), he succumbed to RGJ’s ultimatum: he is still one of RGJ’s pilgrims, and joined him in his revolutionism.

RGJ’s revolutionisms against the Tabernacle are even worse – if possible. He now has tentative justification in the Camp – in a bedlam of confusion. The Gate to the Court is closed so far as new ones entering the Court is concerned; and in his Camp he has three different classes of people; namely, the nominal Church members, his consecrated Campers, and those that have been ejected from the Court – with no chance for any of them ever coming into the Court during the remainder of the Gospel Age. He also has a “narrow way” in the Camp – a new and weird teaching never seen by either Messenger.

Of course, all of the foregoing is a blanket revolutionism against the Two Distinct Salvations, which both Messengers taught must be kept separate if we are not to become bogged down in hopeless confusion. It is simply a replica of the confusion that existed in Big Babylon during the reaping period of the Harvest. mere is an elect salvation for the faith Ages, and a works (common) salvation for the next Age – after the New Covenant becomes operative.

It should be kept in mind that JWK is Pastor and Teacher to those who accept his errors; the leaders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses are Pastors and Teachers to their “dedicated” followers; and RGJ is Pastor and Teacher to all who accept his errors; and all of these Pastors and Teachers have the same identifying stripe of black drawn plainly across their chests: The Witnesses are instructed to refuse to accept any reading matter from us; JWK has instructed his followers to refuse to accept any of our writings; and RGJ has told his trusting henchmen to do the same. As for us, we read reasonably carefully the writings of all of them; and we grant our readers the same privilege if they are inclined to do so. We counsel our readers to place their writings alongside ours, then determine for themselves which they consider to be right. Not only on this point are these three movements alike, but also on each having a consecrated, or “dedicated,” class of Restitutionists sacrificing – the only reward they receive for such sacrificing will be restitution blessings, which all the world will receive if obedient and faithful during the Kingdom, without sacrificing.

Brother Johnson adopted the same course as we do now. When we first became acquainted with him in the early twenties, he knew we were reading the Watch Tower; and never once did he advise against it. Brother Russell even counseled his staunch supporters never to distribute any of his writings until they had first read them and had convinced themselves that he was teaching the Truth. And he was “that wise and faithful servant.”

Furthermore, RGJ has revolutionized against the teachings of both Messengers, who taught the “works” (Kingdom) salvation would be “to the Jew first.” Neither of them ever hinted at any other arrangement. But, according to RGJ his newly‑invented Campers Consecrated will be first under the New Covenant – after the resurrection of the Worthies. Of course, the only way RGJ can see his Campers at all is in his newly‑discovered “types”; and it should be kept in mind here that a type is never used (according to That Servant) to introduce a doctrine; it merely corroborates one already taught. This should not surprise us, when we read RGJ’s letter to Brother Russell in the Nov. 15, 1910 Watch Tower, wherein he admits his folly in manufacturing types; but it is clear enough he never did correct himself; he went right on with his “strong delusions.” After the Lord removed the restraining hand of the Epiphany Messenger, he has been permitted to make pictures and types – also receive ‘flashes’ to support his newly‑invented doctrines.

1951, 1952 OR 1976 ‑ WHICH?

On pages 86, 91 of the paper under discussion RGJ makes animated charges against JWK’s teaching activities; and on page 90 there is this: “The book of Ruth shows clearly that the Great Company is a higher class than the Youthful Worthies and that the executive, pastoral and teaching office has been given to the Great Company... in that Naomi directed and instructed Ruth – and not vice versa.” It would be most interesting to know just when this “flash” occurred to him – because this is a complete reversal of what he taught in the years 1951, 1952. We direct attention to pp. 9‑12 of the January 1951 Present Truth, where RGJ published a letter from JWK, wherein JWK is teaching every one who reads it, including RGJ himself. We would say the same for page 93 of the June 1951 Present Truth, where the question is raised about the validity of the Pyramid and JWK’s teachings on that subject. Here is what RGJ himself said about that statement: “Those who reject God’s word as to the Epiphany Messenger being the last member of the Little Flock would naturally also reject anything else God might use to corroborate it.” It is certainly clear enough that RGJ was accepting JWK as his teacher then! There is considerably more on this same subject in the July 1, 1951 PT, pp. 99‑105 under the caption “The Pyramid Witness,” etc.

Coming now to pp. 9 and 14 of the January 1, 1952 Present Truth, we call attention to a letter to RGJ from JWK, labeled as follows: “Bro. Russell’s Epiphany Parallels.” This letter makes great play upon RGJ being the Epiphany parallel to Brother Russell; and this is RGJ’s comment about it: “The Lord must have had a purpose in revealing this to Bro. Krewson, and he did the proper thing in presenting it to us. After careful study, meditation and watchfulness, amidst much prayer, and in view of many letters received from the brethren inquiring along these lines, we feel it to be the Lord’s will that we share it with the brethren, and therefore we do so, with the prayer that it may be a blessing to the Lord’s dear ones as it cheers their hearts and strengthens their faith and increases their joy at this further evidence that the Lord is with us and has not forsaken His people... We realize that the above letter and comments will bring added ridicule and persecution upon us individually and collectively, but we will count this all joy that we may faithfully do God’s holy will and have His smile of approval (Matt. 4:11,12).”

In September 1955 we wrote RGJ the following: “You said you would rather die than accept Brother Krewson as a teacher. Inasmuch as you accepted so much of his teaching for a few years, were you heading toward death then? Also, you accuse him of pre‑arranging dates, then planning his course to make them fit his parallels. Since he told you that you were paralleling Brother Russell for the balance of the Epiphany, can it be possible you yourself did any of that same arranging of parallels especially arranging your trip to England with the Bible Films in 1954, and feigning surprise when Brother Armstrong spoke of the 1914 parallel (See Sept. 1954 PT, p. 71, col. 1, par. 2) – although Brother Armstrong himself had already called it to your attention in 1953, so you had plenty of notice of it long before you even started for England?

It should be mentioned here also that during those few years after Brother Johnson died, when RGJ was blindly swallowing the “teachings” of JWK, he was then likewise being “taught” by JWK that he was “antitypical Zerubbabel,” and that he (RGJ) would have to defend every important feature of the Parousia and Epiphany Truth from attacks from other groups; and this also he greedily gobbled up – only to learn later on that that was all mirage. It is our understanding that JWK now has another close associate whom he has named as antitypical Zerubbabel.

It would seem to be in order here to quote from E‑10:588 (top): “The Epiphany crown‑losers also made such statements as make vs. 18‑30 applicable to the three Levite groups, as well as to the nominal church, and that because they constitute Little Babylon.” To be coupled with this is the following from E‑13:744: “They who dash the little sects of both Babylons against the doctrines of the Truth would be favored of God.”

Such teachings as the above actuate us in much of our exposures; and our efforts are in great disfavor with those whose evils we expose. However, we are assured of the Lord’s favor, and we regard this more highly than “the praise of men.” We have no wish whatever to follow a “multitude” to do evil. (See Ex. 23:2) As we review the record of RGJ over the years since 1955, we observe that he has suffered one crushing defeat after another, the last one being his hodge‑podge on Cornelius. His claim to be “Pastor and Teacher” has no standing, even to be mentioned, on the same pages with the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers, who gained victory after victory over their gainsayers. Surely, Isa. 54:17 fits them like a hand in a glove: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that is raised against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”


So far as we know, both “Pastors & Teachers” still recognize the Epiphany Messenger as such, although they cast aside large portions of the fundamentals of his teachings, when it suits their purposes. One we specifically emphasize here is the Epiphany as a period of time. The Epiphany Messenger was very pronounced in telling us that the Epiphany and the Apokalypsis are identical – as acts and period of time they are synonymous. (E‑4, Chapter One) With this we are in full agreement, not just because the Epiphany Messenger said so, but because it is a clear Scriptural teaching. We quote 2 Thes. 2:8 from the Diaglott: “Then will be revealed the lawless one, whom the Lord Jesus will... annihilate by the appearing (Epiphaneia) of his presence (Parousia).”

It is our conviction that no sound Bible student would contend that the “lawless one” has already been destroyed. But, if he is still with us, then the Epiphany must also still be with us; because it is in this period – the last special period of the Gospel Age – that the destruction must occur. Yet one of these Pastors and Teachers (JWK) says we are now in the Apokalypsis as a separate period from the Epiphany, while the other one (RGJ) says we are now 22 years in the Basileia; but neither of them can harmonize his teachings with those of the Epiphany Messenger. “Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel: For the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the earth.” (Hos. 4:1) “Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? prudent, and he shall know them? For the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them; but the transgressors shall fall therein.” (Hos. 14:9)

Let us keep in mind that, when the Time of Trouble broke forth in 1914, the Epiphany was “in our midst,” even though there was an overlapping of 26 months by the Parousia into the Epiphaneia. Certainly there is no relationship whatever between that 26 months than the more than 22 years of RGJ’s overlapping; nor is there any harmony with JWK’s contention that the Epiphany as “the last special period of the Gospel Age” is now a complete thing of the past. If RGJ’s reasoning is correct, then we are 22 years into the Basileia – just as we were actually 26 months into the Epiphany when the Parousia ended. Also, his Consecrated Epiphany Campers was not announced until we were actually into the Basileia according to him; so why doesn’t he call his newly‑invented (non‑existent) Class “Consecrated Basileia Campers”?

It has never been our wish to “sound a trumpet before us as the hypocrites do... that they may have glory of men” (Matt. 6:2). At the outset we made honest endeavor to publish the “wisdom from above... without partiality and without hypocrisy” (James 3:17); and that has been sufficient to attract to us some of the very best supporters of Brother Johnson. We instance Brother Roach of Trinidad (who had been Brother Johnson’s representative in that country from 1931 to the time of Brother Johnson’s demise); also Brother Cotton, who told us personally he was with us “all the way,” and would write a letter to that effect, but he died before he could do that. And there are several others we do not give personal mention because their relatives might feel sensitive about it. However, the following quotations from letters Brother Johnson wrote us have encouraged us to “keep on keeping on,” and which needs no elaboration from us:

“This explanation is given to you in confidence, with the distinct understanding that you will not give it to others. My confidence in your integrity and loyalty to the Lord’s word has moved me to give you what I would not even give the Church Class now... I do many things for you, my dear Brother, because of your faithfulness to the Truth, that I have not done for others.” (Oct. 31, 1947) And further from a letter of March 16, 1948: “Dear Brother, don’t worry about this matter from any standpoint. You know I love you, and I know you love me.”

Our Lord tells us, “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:31,32) “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.”



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