by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 279

In the above-mentioned paper RGJ has some Questions and Answers on pp. 45-47 in which he is attempting to answer our April 1978 paper No. 274 – although he doesn’t iden­tify the paper or the “sifter.” There is method in his madness, however, for if he were to identify the paper and the “sifter” he is castigating, some of his readers might send for the paper to read for themselves what the “sifter” had to say. Similar to JFR who told his followers to send Brother Johnson’s papers back: “Don’t read them or burn them – just send them back unopened”!

Such sleight-of-hand and bombasity are always sure proof that the Truth this “sifter” is using against his errors is hurting him; and, as Brother Russell has so aptly said, When such people resist the Truth, they always go deeper and deeper into error; and RGJ is a living example of that truth! Our papers have undoubtedly stung him deeply, which has elicited his attitude toward us. When we refuted RGJ so effec­tively with quotations from That Servant on his contention that Cornelius was not “re­pentant and believing” before the Door to the Gentiles was opened, he no longer mentions the subject; and we had the fond hope that our refutation of his pseudo class of Camp­ers Consecrated would silence him there also – thus “turn back a sinner from his path of error... save his soul from death.” (James 5:20, Dia.) But with all the annihilating refutations that Brother Johnson used against JFR’s non-existent class of Jonadabs, or “great multitude,” he just continued to repeat, repeat and repeat his error – “Deceiv­ing and being deceived.” (2 Tim. 3:13) His new class set aside the Youthful Worthy class completely; while RGJ’s non-existent class only partially sets aside the Youthful Worthy class.

RGJ sets aside That Servant’s teaching on an unbegotten class of consecrators to be won between the Ages – “until restitution begins” – a class, if faithful, that will be rewarded in honor and service with the Ancient Worthies. He tells us that his Camp­ers Consecrated are the ones to be won from 1954 “until restitution begins.” And he also teaches that his Campers Consecrated walk a “narrow way” in the Camp – although they will not receive any reward above restitution. Of course time itself is making glaringly ap­parent R. G. Jolly’s folly – just as time is also giving the Witnesses nervous sweats. It is a similar comparison to JFR setting aside Tentative Justification altogether, with RGJ not setting it aside – just perverting it. He now has Tentative Justification in the Epiphany and Millennial Camps. Here is another Truth taught by both Messengers, as well as taught by himself before 1950, that he has cast aside – to replace with his “new light” – actually “new error.”


In his first question on p. 45, it seems that RGJ would have his readers believe that the “sifter” (JJH) is teaching that Gentiles would have to become NATURAL Jews be­fore they can receive the blessings under the New Covenant. We want to make it clear to all our readers that we have NEVER said such a thing, or even hinted such a thing. He asks: “Will all Gentiles have to become ‘proselyte (natural) Jews’ in order to re­ceive the blessing of the New Covenant?” We have underscored the ‘natural’ in parenthe­sis in this question, because we want to make it clear to our readers that RGJ is insinu­ating that the “sifter” is teaching such foolishness. He is using some more of his jug­glery and sleight-of-hand to deceive his readers. Surely any twelve-year-old school boy knows it is not possible for Gentiles to become blood descendants of Abraham – but all Truth people should know that all Gentiles will have to become “proselyte Jews” if they receive the blessings under the Covenant – which is Israelitish.


In his reference to our question as above stated, he attempts to make a comparison between JJH and JFR’s “Character or Covenant – Which?” But his comparison simply reveals the unsound condition of his mind. JFR was pitting one sound Scriptural doctrine against another; and Brother Johnson had no trouble in refuting the contention; but in our question we have just one ­sound doctrine – The Jew First – and one gross error, Campers Consecrated. This latter ­expression is not to be found anywhere in the Bible or in the writ­ings of That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger; it is a pure invention of RGJ – and a direct contradiction of both Messengers. He has Tentative Justification operating in the Epiphany Camp and in the Millennial Camp. Here is what Brother Johnson says about it:

“During the Millennium there will be neither a tentative or vitalized justification, since both of these kinds of justification operate on the basis of the imputed ransom merit, as distinct from the applied ransom merit; and the Millennium will have no imputed, but an applied ransom merit operating.

In the above statement the Epiphany Messenger based his teaching on the clear teach­ing of That Servant: “Those who do not get the imputation of Christ’s merit now, as the church, will never get it (the “imputed” merit—JJH); but instead will get the benefit of the New Covenant. The effect, however, in either event, will be a life or death trial and a life or death sentence.”

RGJ’s answer to the question on p. 46 is honeycombed with his expressions of “tenta­tive justification” for his Millennial restitutionists; but both quotations given above clearly and emphatic­ally contradict his teaching. However, that does not make any difference to RGJ anymore than it made any difference to JFR: he knows more about this matter than both Star Members!


Here he speaks of “Some differences in the sheep class”; and at the top of p. 47 col. 2, he says, “All kings are not equal in every respect, but in some ways differ con­siderably.” Here again he is making himself appear ridiculous if he is making a compar­ison to the kings of this earth. Some kings during this Age have been idiots; they should never have been on any throne anywhere. Is RGJ contending that that same condition Will prevail at the end of the Little Season – when the “kings” inherit the Kingdom? when they are fully restored to what Adam was before he sinned?

In our paper No. 274 we asked whether Campers Consecrated were Spiritual Israelites or proselyte (natural) Jews, the Jews to whom the promise is made – “to the Jew first.” The question was clear enough, but we now revise the question for RGJ’s benefit: Are Campers Consecrated Spiritual Israelites or prospective proselyte Jews when the New Coven­ant is inaugurated? Salvation is of the Jew – and the Gospel-Age elect are Spiritual Is­raelites – whether Jews or Gentiles. The same condition applies to the Kingdom – to re­ceive the blessings of the New Covenant Gentiles will have to become Israelites. When im­migrants come to the United States and become citizens, they become Americans the same as those born in the land.

There is no hint – or teaching – in the Scriptures that the faithful orthodox Jew would have to walk a “narrow way” in the Epiphany Camp to receive the promise, “to the Jew first”; they don’t have to walk a narrow way now, nor will they have to walk a “ narrow way” in the Kingdom. A “narrow way” is for the Elect only – the Highway of Holiness is for all restitutionists. The “repentant and believing,” who are faithful in practicing righteousness be better prepared to walk up the Highway of Holiness ­just as was true of Cornelius who was prepared to walk in a “narrow way” when the “way” was opened up for the Gentiles to become Spiritual Israelites. God kept his prayers in remembrance until the “due time”; and the same will be done for the quasi-elect.

At one time RGJ was loudly saying regarding the “Jew first,” That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger “made an exception of the Worthies – the most of the Youthful Worthies being Gentiles, etc.” We answer – Neither Messenger made any exception “to the Jew first” of any Restitutionist. The Worthies are elect classes, and are excepted the same as the Little Flock and the Great Company. He also said in another PT that the Worthies were to be the first of the Restitution Class to receive the Kingdom blessings. Here is what the Epiphany Messenger says about the Youthful Worthies:

“The Youthful Worthies as a class are pointed out in various Scriptures... 2 Tim. 2:20: ‘in a great house (the great house of the typical Aaron, Lev. 16:6; Num. 17:2,3; 3:6-9, consisted of his sons and the three typical classes of Levites – the Kohathites, Merarites and Gershonites; accordingly in the great house of our Great High Priest, there are four classes antitypical of these)”....(E-17:39,40)

“And all three classes of Levites in the type were given special locations about the Tabernacle (Num. 3:23,29,35), separate and distinct from the Israelites in general, who encamped in their twelve tribal groups at a greater distance from the Tabernacle, so these three classes of antitypical Levites are given an inheritance separate and dis­tinct from the world of mankind, the Restitutionists...” (E-17:41)

Even though the Epiphany Messenger sets out all Levites as “separate and distinct” from Restitutionist, RGJ tells us they will be the first to receive the Kingdom blessings as part of the Restitution class! So, according to RGJ the Jew will be first after the Worthies and the Campers Consecrated. And his types prove that, even though plain Scrip­tures “dis”prove” it.

“This errorist obviously makes an unwarranted and wrong conclusion, for, as we shall see, Bro. Johnson did not mean by his statement that post-Millennially all humans would be equal in every respect,” says RGJ. (p. 47, col. 1, par. 1)

We “obviously” quoted Brother Johnson’s opinion without drawing any conclusions of our own. There is “obviously” no reason for our own conclusion when we quoted Brother Johnson’s conclusion as follows:

“All human beings found worthy of everlasting life will henceforth be equal. (Matt. 25:34; Rev. 21:24) Thus it would follow that the Youthful, as well as the Ancient Worthies, from being the Millennial superiors, would be degraded to being the eternal equals of the world of mankind, if as human beings they remained eternally on this earth. Thus God would not only not give them any reward for their Mil­lennial and post-Millennial service and suffering, but would post-Millennially give them no more than He will give to those who would not serve Him, but serve Satan, sin, error and death, during the period that these were in the ascendancy and domination among men.”

If the Worthies would be equal to those who practiced sin in the Faith Age, but became one of the sheep in the Kingdom, it is “obvious” that Brother Johnson distinctly said more than one time that at the end of the Kingdom all Restitutionists would be equal. We will continue to accept what the Messengers have given us, unless we have a clear Scripture, or time itself, proving different. We take their opinions in pref­erence to our opinions when we have no Scripture to support our opinions. That was Brother Johnson’s attitude toward That Servant.

“Star differeth from star,” says RGJ to prove his teaching of his superior resti­tutionist in the “new earth.” He says, “like the heavenly classes, they will have differ­ences in character, office, honor, glory, service, etc.” Neither of the two Messengers give us this information regarding the restitution­ists in the “new earth” – nor do we know of any Scriptures that give us such information. RGJ must get his information from some other source besides the Bible – otherwise he would have cited the Scripture for his “advancing light.”


If RGJ will answer the following questions he might clarify his present teaching for his readers: Is the Abrahamic Covenant Israelitish? Are God’s people in this Faith Age Spiritual Israel­ites? It seems that he wants the Scriptural teaching, “To the Jew first,” changed to the Consecrated Epiphany Campers first – whether Jews or Gentiles. He castigates us for our Scriptural reference as well as for the many quotations we have presented from That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger. Here are a few more quotations from That Servant:

“And when it comes to the blessings of the New Covenant, the opportunity will come to the Jew first.” (What Pastor Russell Said, p. 165)

“Any Gentile that came under the Law, became a Jew. There was a specified way in which they became Jews. There were some Gentiles who did become Jews. There is a record of them in the Scriptures – numerous places. When they became Jews, they had all the rights and privileges of Jews, as far as we have any knowledge.” (What Pastor Russell Said, p. 286)

“Furthermore, the blessed privilege of that New Covenant will not be confined to those of Jewish birth, but all the nations of the earth will be privileged to become ‘Israelites indeed,’ without guile..... but to the Jews in the next Age and through them to all nations.” (What Pastor Russell Said, p. 133)

“Since the Mediatorial work or the Millennial Kingdom is to be accomplished through natural Israel, and since all the families of the earth are to be blessed through them, it follows that nothing can be done until Israel shall have been recovered from their present outcast condition. Then the blessing of the Lord will go forth and the Media­torial work will be accomplished through natural Israel.” (What Pastor Russell Taught, p. 204)

“But we are not to understand that any one will become an Israelite unless he has the faith of Abraham, sincere faith, trust in God, faith that will be manifested by obedience..... The New Covenant is not to be made with any others than the Jews, for no others were in Covenant relation­ship with God” (What Pastor Russell Taught, p. 205)

It seems according to RGJ that Pastor Russell “obviously” meant to say Consecrated Epiphany Campers. The “repentant and believing” Jews and Gentiles scattered about ­then living – will be among the first to be blessed under the New Covenant, but “ob­viously” the faithful orthodox Jews in Jerusalem will be the very first to be blessed. When they cry unto the Lord, He will “send his word, and heal them, and deliver them from their destruction.” (Psa. 107:19)

Self-evidently, “proselyte Jew” has become an anathema to RGJ, although it is a Scrip­tural expression. In Acts 6:5 when naming some natural Jews, reference is made to “Nic­olas a proselyte of Antioch.” “Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stran­ger, as for one of your own country: for I am the Lord your God.” (Lev. 24:22) The stranger in this text refers to those Gentiles who had become proselyte Jews. Apparently, RGJ realizes that “proselyte Jews” makes a shambles of his erroneous teaching on Campers Consecrated.

If we accept RGJ’s teaching on Campers Consecrated for Restitutionist, then we might as well say “Court Consecrators” for the elect in this Faith Age – instead of Spiritual Israelites. On p. 46, col. 1, par. 1, RGJ says that this “sifting errorist” beclouds the issue by stating that ‘all restitutionists will have to become proselyte Jews.’ The only “issue” we “becloud” is RGJ’s issue; we certainly don’t ‘becloud’ the issue of the Scriptures. We don’t ‘becloud’ the issue of That Servant as quoted above. Where is RGJ’s Scripture that tells him Restitutionists must become “Consecrated (Epi­phany or Millennial) Campers” if they are to get those blessings? “Salvation is of the Jew.” (John 4:22) According to RGJ our Lord should have said, “Salvation is of the Court and Camp.” RGJ’s expression is clearly a fantasy created in his mind; and he has found types and pictures that teach him this!


In his Nov. 15, 1910 letter (Reprint 4716) RGJ says: “I sought to make pictures and draw types from nearly every chapter in the Bible .... Finally I came to the point where it became quite difficult for me to distinguish between truth and error; and I was in danger of losing my appreciation of the truth and devoting myself to the fanci­ful. Nor did I realize the great danger I was in until ... the Lord used our dear Bro. Saphore to point out to me my mistake .... Most of my Bible study for a whole year was not only of no account, but of a negative influence not only to myself, but to those I may have influenced. Signed: R. G. Jolly.”

It seems that his weakness then – as well as now – is not being able to “distinguish between Truth and Error,” and between good and evil. According to his own admission he did not know it was wrong to withhold help from a starving sister (E-10:585, 586) – he wasn’t acquainted with 1 John 3:17: “But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?” He did not know he had revolution­ized against Epiphany Arrange­ments until the Epiphany Messenger pointed it out to him – although he had been in the Epi­phany Truth for 20 years.

The following is RGJ’s letter in the Feb. 1951 PT, p. 31, consoling Brother Havi­land: “I realize what trials you have been going through and I know just how you must feel, for I went through it all myself .... I think the Lord gave it to me in a marked de­gree so that I could really sympathize with my dear new-creature brethren. I can truly say that I recognized no willfulness in anything that I did, for I verily thought I was doing only the Lord’s will, but the Lord gave me to see through our dear Brother Johnson’s assistance that a motion that I made in the Philadelphia Church was really contrary to the Epiphany arrangements.”

Isa. 66:5 is an accurate description of such brethren: “Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name’s sake, said, Let the Lord be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed.”

Excerpts from Brother Haviland’s letter: “God has watched over me and protected me through my 77 years. He has blessed me with the Epiphany Truth. He has given me the seven witnesses of the Spirit (E 15); and to realize now that I have not been suffi­ciently faithful to maintain my place in the Lord’s Body is the greatest sorrow I could have.” (Feb. 1951 PT, p. 31)

Brother Haviland’s sin, according to RGJ was to be living after October 22, 1950! He made this edict the night after the Epiphany Messenger’s funeral: All New Creatures now living are crown-losers – a man’s death manifested them as such! The Epiphany Mes­senger taught that the only gauge for manifesting crown-losers is REVOLUTIONISM – revo­lutionism against the Truth or its Arrange­ments. But RGJ had a “flash” at 4 a.m. while in bed that told him this truth! So he set aside the Epiphany Messenger’s teaching on the subject. Self-evidently, he thinks he can cast out any teaching of the two Messen­gers, as well as any Scripture, that conflicts with his present errors.

In all our writings we try to keep close to the expressions used in the Scriptures, as well as the expressions used by the last two Messengers; and we don’t find the ex­pression Epiphany Campers Consecrated in any of their writings or in the Scriptures. Brother Johnson did not “see” any new class – he only elaborated on the classes set out by That Servant; and it has been our policy to keep close to the “faith once delivered unto the saints.” In Jude 3 he exhorts us to “contend for the faith,” and in this same text he mentions one of the doctrines we are to contend for:

“I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints.” It was no accident that Jude mentions the common sal­vation. It is a text that applies to this Epiphany period. The “lost coin” was not found until the Parousia – and the “common salvation” was grossly perverted in this Epiphany. It was first perverted by JFR early in the Epiphany when he produced his non-existent class of Jonadabs, or Great Multitude. He discarded the Youthful Worthy class for a Restitution class. And later in the Epiphany RGJ produced a non-existent Restitution class and discarded the Youthful Worthy class to be won between the Ages ­“until restitution begins” and substituted his Campers Consecrated to be won from 1954 “until restitution begins.” This is the class to whom the promise is made, says RGJ ­not “to the Jew.” Of course the Jews may become Epiphany Campers Consecrated, and walk a “narrow way,” as well as Gentiles who consecrate in the Epiphany Camp and become Epi­phany Campers Consecrated and walk a “narrow way” in the Camp. However, Restitutionists do not walk a narrow way in the Epiphany and do not walk a narrow way in the Kingdom. The Highway of Holiness is their “way.” Jude 3 tells us to “contend” for the common salvation “once delivered unto the saints.” The Errorists pervert the common salvation, but the faithful contend for the common salvation.

A few years back we had some extended correspondence with a Jew high up in the min­istry of Religion in Jerusalem. He was a great admirer of Brother Russell – had all the Studies in the Scriptures and was well grounded in Parousia Truth. He sent us some of his papers where he had refuted the Jehovah’s Witnesses on their pseudo class – and we doubt that any Truth Brother could have handled it better. As he stated, God made the promises “to the Jew,” and to no one else – unless they became a Jew of the Abrahamic faith. He was a brilliant man, had written many books and was in the process of writing another book. He asked us if he might use excerpts from some of our papers. Of course we gave him per­mission. We planned to visit him, but he died before that visit could be arranged. We never asked him if he had accepted Jesus as the Messiah – whether he was known there as a Jewish Christian or an orthodox Jew. However, we assumed that like Josephus, he recog­nized Jesus as the Messiah. He was heartily against the pseudo classes of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the LHMM who claims their classes will supplant the Jewish promises.

Another brother saw the error in RGJ’s teaching of a class consecrated in the Camp before he had ever read any of our papers. He wrote us that it was hard for him to op­pose RGJ, as he had been good to him – introduced him to the Parousia Truth, etc. But, he said, I must be faithful to the Lord and His Truth. He, too, planned to visit us in Florida, but died before he could make the visit.

Does RGJ contend that all Jews who accept Christ as their Messiah are Epiphany Campers Consecrated, even though they teach eternal torment and many of the errors of Big Babylon? We have some of these Jewish Christians on our mailing list, and some of them are good people just as some of the nominal Christians are good people – but self-evident­ly, they are not “of the Truth.” (John 18:37) The “god of this world has blinded the eyes of them that believe not, lest the glorious gospel will shine therein.” (2 Cor. 4:4)

There is no place in any of the Parousia and Epiphany writings, or the slightest hint, of consecration in the Camp during the Faith Age – nor is Consecrated Campers a Scriptural term or Scriptural idea. The “idea” is in RGJ’s mind – and he manufactured types and pictures to corroborate his idea. He has written copiously about such a class, with Berean questions for his followers to study. When Brother Russell wrote Tabernacle Shadows – the greatest “little book” that was ever written – he had clear Scriptural doc­trines which the types in Tabernacle Shadows illustrated and corroborated; and these types and shadows have strengthened the faith of God’s people. Types do not teach a doctrine, only illustrate and corroborate a doctrine clearly taught in the Scriptures. That Servant and the Epiphany Messenger both emphasized this Truth.

It is our opinion that type-making and picture-making are some of RGJ’s besetting sins – and we base our opinion on his Nov. 15, 1910 letter. He said he wasted one year in such type-making and picture-making in the Parousia; and it has been many times more during the Epiphany that he has wasted time in type-making since 1954. And when he wasted a lot of time and energy to present false figures for 1956 in his Pyramid findings, he did the same thing before 1954. And when these figures proved to be false, he immediately accepted the Pyramid findings of JWK to prove 1950. He also accepted Brother Russell’ Parallels and presented them in the Present Truth. Of course, he had no idea that JWK was using these articles as a “proof” that God had appointed him as Pastor and Teacher for Advancing Truth. Much of this “advancing truth” by JWK was set aside by him after their separation. RGJ should have exercised more caution about Pyr­amid findings after his fiasco of 1947. It should be mentioned here that many paral­lels, types and Pyramid findings predicting future events have been wrong.

When the Star Members were convinced that their expectations were correct for a certain date, they welcomed a parallel or type that confirmed their expectations. But their expectations were not realized when time itself proved them incorrect. Brother Russell expected the Time of the End to culminate in 1914 – and published a parallel that corroborated his expectations. However, he lived to see that this date didn’t work out. Brother Johnson had many types and parallels which he believed confirmed his expectations, but again time itself proved that the Time of the End and the Epiphany didn’t end with 1954-56, as he expected. Both Messengers taught, with Scriptural proof, the events that would occur before these periods ended. 2 Thes. 2:8 proves that we are still in the Epiphany, therefore still in the Time of the End and the Time of Trouble. If we abide in God’s Word we will know the “time of visitation.” (Luke 19:44)

However, these mistakes in expectations based on types and parallels should not cause us to lose confidence in these faithful mouthpieces of God, as such mistakes are permitted for a “trial of your faith.” As said, they both taught correctly, with Scrip­tural support, the events to occur in these periods. So we have their teaching, as well as the clear Scriptures, to guide us in this Epiphany period. We also mention Brother William Miller who had expectations for events that did not mature on the expected date, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a faithful mouthpiece of God – a Star Member.


Most Bible Students accept 40 in the Bible to represent a trial period – although this doesn’t mean 40 days or 40 years every time. In the case of the wilderness exper­ience of the Children of Israel it was 40 years, and in the Temptation of Jesus it was 40 days. It is reasonable to accept the reign of Saul, the reign of David and Solomon to symbolize trial periods: the reign of Saul, the Jewish Age – the reign of David, the Gospel Age, and the reign of Solomon the Millennium – all of 40-year duration. If this is true, the 40-year reign represents much longer periods than 40 years. Much the same can be said of a Day and night in symbology. In the large picture, the night of sin is 6,000 years long, and the Day of the Millennium is 1,000 years long. Also the Jewish Harvest was a day of 40 years, and the Gospel-Age was a night – a much longer per­iod. So the Day and Night are not usually the same length in symbology.

As said, Brother Johnson wrote profusely and elaborated on Parousia Truth, yet not producing a new class – just made the truth clearer on the four elect classes, the quasi-­elect and the world of mankind. But we now have a self-admitted crown-loser who boldly foists a new class on the brethren – and castigates any one that opposes him. He es­pecially attacks us for our refutations of his errors – especially for the Truth we quote from the Messengers that makes a shambles of his errors. And his main weapons against us are name-calling – “sifting errorist” and the Devil’s emissary, etc., etc. He has cast us out, even as he has done to others who do not agree with him. He does not use the same expression, “Let the Lord be glorified,” when he casts his brethren out – but when he says he does this because it was the Lord’s will for him, it means the same.

QUESTION 4 - P. 47

He has this question: “Rev. 22:11 – When Fully Applicable?” And he quotes Bro. Johnson: “1954 is the date that the last member of the Great Company will get his first enlightenment that will bring him into the Truth by Passover, 1956.” Then RGJ makes his analysis of this statement: “Not necessarily into the Parousia or Epiphany Truth, for some of them are still in Babylon and have been dying since 1956, but suffi­cient Truth to enable them to make sure their final standing in the Great Company; Passover, 1956 parallels Passover 1916.” Parallels to be true parallels must have a general similarity. So we ask, When Passover 1916 came, did large numbers of the Little Flock still continue in Babylon, or did they come into the Truth movement? And what Truth did the Great Company have after 1956 that they did not have prior to 1954? And when we speak of any one “coming into the Truth,” haven’t we always meant the real Truth – that Truth given to us by Brother Russell and Brother Johnson? And isn’t that what Brother Johnson meant when he said the last member of the Great Company would “come into the Truth by Passover 1956”? That sort of mumbo-jumbo is not palatable; and it reveals the desperate situation in which RGJ now finds himself. JWK has a different story for the Great Company “coming into the Truth by Passover 1956” – equally as foolish.

As most of our readers know, RGJ has written us out of the Household in a desper­ate effort to save face with his supporters. At no time have we done this to him. He is now past ninety; and we have entertained the idea that the Lord may be keeping him here so long to give him an opportunity to cleanse himself. As we have said on other oc­casions, those who have the Truth are always more lenient with the errorists than the er­rorists are with them. And there is good reason for this – the brethren with the Truth do not become antagonized with disputations when they have the strong assurance that they stand on the solid rock, and not on sinking sand. It may truly be said that Truth and Love are two of the most powerful things in the world; and when they both go together they cannot easily be withstood. “Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.” (1 Cor. 13:8)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



Dear Brethren:

Please can you communicate with me how many Churches or Assemblies you have of the Bible Students Association. When was the Association organized? For your answer, many thanks.

With friendly greetings, your brother ------- (GERMANY)


Greetings Brother Hoefle through our mutual love for Christ our Lord:

Thanks for the many pamphlets you have sent me for the past several months – all have been enlightening. I am wondering if you have an article on the age-old issue of the date for the “Passover” meal – that is, the 14th or 15th of Nisan. If so I would be very pleased if you would send a copy to me on your next mailing.

By His Grace, Brother ------- (CALIFORNIA)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Greetings in Jesus Name!

Thank you so much for your kind and informative letter. I really appreciate your kind words. I am so hungry for the real Truth. And I was very perturbed with the dif­ferent groups – and then I got your literature – so the best thing to do is to inquire about it. Thank you so much for sending the tracts and the article on The Three Babylons.

I don’t know Sister ------- and I can’t find her phone number in the directory. Will you please send me her address?

Yes, I know the Dawn teaches the High Calling is still open, and I know what Bro. Russell and Bro. Johnson teaches on that; and I can see the Big Babylon errors that came in at Brother Johnson’s death.

My experience in coming into (as much truth as I have) when I was still going to my own church, God began to tear out the false from me. I kept asking the Pastor’s wife if she had really ever studied about hell. She said No, because I am not going there. But that didn’t satisfy me, for I carried the world on my shoulders – I didn’t want any one to go there! So I prayed all night long for every one I knew and every one I didn’t know.

When I was studying the Bible History, I began to see that the Catholic Pope had started the doctrine of Hellfire, as well as other false doctrines. I began to realize the resurrection was different from what the churches taught. I kept telling my friends..

Then when I ordered Brother Russell’s and Brother Johnson’s books ... so many Scrip­tures became clear to me..... Then we have gone to the LHMM meetings – they are a lonely people – just a few there..... Thank you for all your time and for the articles you have sent.

Much Christian  love ------- (ARIZONA)