by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 305

In the July-August 1980 Present Truth, pp. 61-63, there are a number of questions and answers, attempting to substantiate the error – “strange fire” – of Consecrated Epi­phany Campers, which we now analyze.

Admittedly by the Editor, these Campers are not to be found in the Epiphany Taber­nacle Court; which means they must have a Tentative Justification in the Camp. How­ever, neither Messenger ever taught there was a place for Tentative Justification outside the Court in the Gospel-Age or Epiphany Tabernacles. Therefore, the present teaching of this PT that Tentative Justification is now to be found in the Camp is pure invention; and such a course always presents sore difficulties for supporting such a teaching by its inventor – since it is a gross revolutionism against both Parousia and Epiphany teaching.

The Epiphany Messenger gave the following on the Epiphany Tabernacle in the January 1940 Present Truth, p. 13, col. 2: “For the Gospel-Age picture the most holy represents the condition of the Divine Beings; the holy represents the condition of the embryo New Creatures, regardless of whether they are crown-retainers or crown-losers: the Court represents the condition of the faith justified; the Camp represents the condition of the nominal as distinct from the real people of God, while the territory outside the Camp represents the condition of those who are either not even nominal people of God or are excommunicated ones.

‘‘For the Epiphany the most holy represents the condition of the Divine beings; the Holy in the finish picture represents the condition of the crown-retaining New Creatures; The Court in the finished picture represents the Great Company and the Youthful Worthies; the Camp in the finished picture represents the formerly faith-justified ones who hold on to the Ransom and practice righteousness, and converted Israel; while the territory out­side of the Camp represents the condition of those who were the Gospel-Age Camp, or who are excommunicated ones.”

However, the only change in the Court in the Epiphany Tabernacle before the finished picture, is that it contains manifested crown-losers together with the Tentatively Justi­fied unconse­crated, as well as the Tentatively Justified consecrated – the Youthful Wor­thies. The Camp continues the same, representing the condition of the nominal as distinct from the real people of God. But in the finished picture the Court contains the consecrated only, and not the Tentatively Justified unconsecrated. The Camp changes in the finished picture, and contains the formerly faith-justified, or the “repentant and believing,” and converted Israel.

And, here is another quotation that is in direct contradiction of the contention in this Present Truth: “The Gospel-Age Camp is the condition of the unjustified people of God, while the Epiphany Camp in the finished picture is the condition of truly repentant and believing, but not consecrated Jews and Gentiles.” In no place does either Messenger either modify or correct this clear statement. Let our readers note well this point. The only place either of them found for Justification was in the Tabernacle Court! Yes, the “repentant and believing” can consecrate, but God does not accept their consecration. God does not accept Restitutionists’ consecration in this Age or in the next Age – not until our Lord delivers up the kingdom to Him. (1 Cor. 15:24) The consecrations in the Kingdom will be to The Christ when the New Covenant is inaugurated.

However, the “repentant and believing” resolve to live righteously, and if faithful they will become missionaries in the Kingdom with the natural Jews. But this does not mitigate against the promises to the Jew – “to the Jew first.” The New Covenant will be made with the Jews (Jer. 31-31-33), so all Gentiles will have to become Jews if they re­ceive the blessings of the New Covenant. But the “repentant and believing” will be ahead of mankind in general: they will share with the Jews in blessing the residue of mankind with the Truth. The New Covenant will be similar to the Law Covenant, in that any Gentile who became a proselyte received in blessings and instruction of the Law the same as the natural Jew. It was indeed the “schoolmaster” that brought many to Christ. (See Gal. 3:24-25) When the natural Israelites accepted Jesus as their Savior, they be­came Spiritual Israelites; and so it was with the Gentiles – when they accepted Jesus as their Savior, they became Spiritual Israelites also. In John 10:1 there is this: “He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold ... the same is a thief and a robber.”

The “door” and the “gate” to the Court are practically synonymous – the only place, or condition, for consecration during the Gospel Age, including the last special period – ­the Epiphany. The “door” and “gate” fit in with the words of Jesus on the night before He died: “I am the way, the Truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (John 14:6) During the Gospel Age, before the door to the High Calling was closed, the “gate” to the antitypical Court was the only “way” for the Very Elect (Matt. 24:24); and it is the same today after the Very Elect has been chosen. Consecration during the ascendancy of sin and evil is made in the Court. Not until the New Covenant is inaugur­ated will consecrations be accepted in the Camp. The consecrators in the Court after the door to the High Calling is closed, if faithful, will be rewarded in honor and ser­vice with the Ancient Worthies. They will be made princes in all the earth. (See Psa. 45:16) Their reward will amply compensate them for their obedience and faithfulness in walking a “narrow way.”

And so it will be with the residue of the world during the Kingdom – the Restitution­ists – they, too, will receive all that they ever hoped for, and more than they have hoped for. The “repentant and believing” will seize every opportunity of knowledge and service, and walk rapidly up the Highway of Holiness (Isa. 35:8) – and will help others do the same. See the Parable of the Sheep and Goats in Matt. 25:31-46.


The sacrifices subsequent to the “Day of Atonement” sacrifices – during the Kingdom by Restitutionists – are to be presented to the Priest – The Christ – at the gate of the Court. The Priest then offered it in the Court, which would mean that the animal thus offered represented the one offering it. As in the type, the “Day of Atonement” sacri­fices preceded all others, and were a basis for the general forgiveness and acceptance of all Israel with God, but were followed by other sacrifices by individuals after that day, termed “sin-offerings,” “trespass-offerings,” “peace-offerings,” etc.

The Atonement-Day sacrifices represented the cancellation of Adamic sin by the sacrifice of the Christ. But while the benefits of the atonement are being applied to the world, during the time they are being gradually restored to actual perfection and life in harmony with God, errors will be committed for which they will be in some measure re­sponsible. For such they must make some amends, accompanied by repentance, before they can again come into harmony with the Kingdom regulations. Such offerings might be of cattle or sheep or fowl (turtle doves or young pigeons) or of fine flour – the article offered depending upon the ability of the offerer. However, these offerings are the antitypical offerings in the Kingdom and not the typical offerings which the Jews made after the typical Day of Atonement.

Again the comments in the Present Truth stress that “consecration is always in order”; and we have no argument with that. But in the Jewish Age offerings, no Jew was required to offer sacrifice if he did not consciously violate the Law. His only obligation under the Law Covenant was faith in God and obedience to the Law to the ex­tent of his ability. But the Present Truth has stated on various occasions in the past that the Consecrated Epiphany Campers make identically the same consecration as did Jesus. But Jesus knew that His consecration was for Him to “Pour out His soul unto death.” That is certainly a far step from what was required of the Jews then; or what will be required of mankind in general during the Mediatorial reign. In fact, there is no com­parison at all! Nor is there any comparison with the consecrations made by the Lord’s faithful footstep followers all during this Age, who also suffered great persecution un­to death for their faith – a thing that none of the Restitutionists will experience in this Age or the next Age.


There can be no comparison between the Ancient Worthies and Consecrated Epiphany Campers. The Ancient Worthies lived above the Law, and no Restitutionist is required to do more now than were the Jews under the Law of Moses, and under the New Covenant that will be established in the Kingdom. God’s Justice would prohibit such requirement. The Ancient Worthies will receive a “better resurrection,” which is readily admitted that Consecrated Epiphany Campers will not receive for their walking a “narrow way” in the Camp. There is no narrow way in the Camp now, nor will there be under the New Cov­enant. The only comparison that can be made is with a class in the end of the Age that will receive the same reward and honor with the Ancient Worthies. The consecration that is always in order is simply to covenant to do God’s will; and those who covenant to do God’s will while sin and evil are in the ascendancy, and faithfully carry out their coven­ant, will be rewarded in honor and service with the Ancient Worthies, just as both Messen­gers have taught. His will now is vastly different from what it will be in the next Age. The Ancient Worthies were faithful to John the Baptist, before the antitypical Court came into existence; but anticipatorially they were in that Court. Surely there is no dis­pute that the Ancient Worthies will be represented in the antitypical Court when the New Covenant is inaugurated! Even the Editor of the Present Truth will agree that his new non-existent class is not represented in the Court now, nor will they be in the Kingdom.

On p. 62, col. 2, last par., it is contended that the Consecrated Epiphany Campers have no embargo on Christ’s merit; and with this we heartily agree. And to substantiate this statement we are told the Ancient Worthies had no embargo on Christ’s merit; and with this we agree, because, there was no merit then, such as we have now in the Court. But once that merit was provided on the cross, the situation was very much changed. In E-4:342, middle, there is this: “Through Tentative Justification alone can God now deal with this class (the Youthful Worthies) in preparing them for association with the An­cient Worthies.”

The paper under review cites E-4:336-354 as proof of its claim for the CEC. Then on p. 62, col. 2, last par., there is this: “The fact that the CECs have no embargo on Christ’s merit does not prevent their existing now any more than similarly the fact that the Ancient Worthies had no embargo on the merit prevented them from existing.” As stated, there was no merit as such in their day; but in E-4:355, first five lines, it is stated: “The Youthful Worthies are tentatively under an Advocate through their Tentative Justifica­tion.” It would seem to us an elementary conclusion that, if they are tentatively under an Advocate, the merit would also have to be available for them, thus placing an embargo on that merit.

But that merit has never existed outside the Court – not now or at any other time during the Gospel Age. Therefore, just what standing can we give the CECs who are not in the Court? They have never passed through the Gate, or the Door, or the Way. All this is foreign to them according to the teaching of their leaders.

Following in a quotation from E-4:344 (45): “Every important feature of God’s plan, illustrative from the standpoint of the At-onement, is symbolized in connection with the Tabernacle; hence the Lord has taken care to symbolize Tentative and Vitalized Justifi­cation by that curtain of the goats’ hair which was doubled in the forefront of the Taber­nacle, the part visible to those in the Court typing Tentative Justification, and the part visible to those in the Holy typing Vitalized Justification.”

More at the top of E-4:345: “The eleventh curtain (of goats hair—JJH), the uncov­ered curtain, i.e., that which was doubled in the forefront of the Tabernacle, represents not the Church’s Justified humanity, but Justification by faith, the part (as stated above) visible to those in the Court typing Tentative Justification, and the part visible to those in the Holy typing Vitalized Justification.”

It should be emphasized here that that “eleventh curtain” – the one visible to those in the Court – was not visible at all to those in the Camp. This would mean in the anti­type that those in the antitypical Camp would not be able to see it. Thus the question logically arises: If those in the antitypical Camp could not even see that curtain (that is, understand its meaning), how could it possibly be applied to them? The Camp­ers Consecrated, being now in the Camp, would be just as blind to that curtain an were the Jews in the type.

Then on p. 346 (47): “The doctrine of Tentative Justification as operating from the time of Abel, Enoch and Noah (Heb. 11:4-7), until restitution begins, is a Scrip­tural one, and will remain so despite the denials of the counterfeit channel for sea­sonal meat for priests.”

The Epiphany Messenger in this chapter on Youthful Worthies was telling us that so long as Tentative Justification was operating, that Youthful Worthiship was also available. Prior to Moses there was no typical Tabernacle; but those Ancients who lived before that time were reckoned as standing in the Court. Of course, that did not make them actually righteous; it was simply “counted to them for righteousness.” Who will contend that those Ancient Worthies were not in the Court condition?

Both Messengers clearly taught that those coming into the Household here in the end of the Age “until restitution begins” – and whose consecrations are accepted – would be among the elect Worthies, rewarded in honor and service with the Ancient Worthies. We accept their conclusions on this matter without reservation; and we would offer our opinion that there will be many such – both in the various sects of Christendom and among Truth groups. And of those who are accepted, they are now, and will continue to be, if faithful, in the Court, the place where all are to be found who become justified, because there can be no justification outside of the antitypical Court. Brother Johnson tells us in E-4:406, that those who are ejected from the Court are no longer of the Household of Faith.

However, those who come into the Household now, and perform more than the required “repentant and believing” acceptance, it seems to us to be elemental that God would give to them something more than just Restitution. Both Messengers held this same view. Those who revolutionize against these basic teachings taught by God’s faithful mouth­pieces are simply setting aside God’s Word for doctrines of their own concoction.

We repeat that in the faith Ages the only place for Justification is the Tabernacle Court. And all the places in the typical Tabernacle represent a condition in the anti­type. The question may now arise with some: How about those Ancients who lived before the Tabernacle was constructed by Moses, and before the antitypical Tabernacle appeared? We answer, that they were anticipatorially in the Tabernacle Court; but in the Millen­nial Tabernacle they will be actually in the Court. The writer of the Present Truth ad­mits that the Consecrated Epiphany Campers are not now in the antitypical Court, and we would say they never will be in that Court unless they come into it before the finished picture. At that time the Court will contain only the consecrated, and the Camp will con­tain the “repentant and believing.” Thus, the promises held out to them for sacrificing now are simply based upon thin air – not on the solid Rock.

The teaching of the LHMM puts them in a very fragile position, as respects other Truth groups. They are telling us that all New Creatures are now out of the earth, and the Youthful Worthy call is also sealed; therefore, their only incentive now is the CECs; and it is little wonder that the other Truth groups will give them a hearing ear.


However, we commend the LHMM for their efforts toward the Jews, for, so far as we know, they have given them the Truth on “to the Jew first,” as taught by St. Paul and by That Servant. But we cannot sanction their teaching to the Consecrated Epiphany Campers since 1954, that they will be chief and first when the New Covenant Kingdom is inaugurated. Up to now – so far as we know – all their Camper converts have been Gentiles. Had they been able to win one Jew to their fictitious class, we are convinced we would have heard about it.

Nevertheless, by this we do not teach that no Gentile will readily join hands with the Jews to promote the Kingdom “knowledge of the Lord.” We know that the truly “re­pentant and believing” Gentiles will become proselyte Jews, and quickly do that when Christ’s Kingdom is established. Not only the Epiphany Camp’s “repentant and believing” will join with the Jews in missionary work to others, there will be many others who will gladly receive the “knowledge of the Lord” and join them. But there is no Scripture that supports a class of Consecrated Epiphany Campers in the finished Epiphany picture. Just the reverse, the clear Tabernacle picture definitely disputes it. The Conse­crated Epiphany Campers are a fitting companion for the Jehovah’s Witnesses “great crowd,” another non-existent class. Even the Witnesses saw the vagary of Jonadabs, the name they gave their converts several years ago, and have not mentioned that name for many years now. They have substituted the name “great crowd” to be the chief in the Kingdom.

We repeat, the restitution class is not required to sacrifice – in this Age, or the next Age. If any consecrators are accepted by God now, they will be included in the Youthful Worthy class, if faithful – regardless of whatever name errorists may call them; and they will be rewarded in honor and service with the Ancient Worthies. And, as stated previously, we are persuaded there will be many such in the sects of Christendom and in the various Truth groups.

At one of the LHMM conventions some years ago the question was presented: Do the CECs have their names now inscribed in the Book of Life? to which RGJ promptly answered, Yes. Then some one must have informed him that his answer was directly contradicted by his own teaching that his Campers would not receive “a better resurrection”; so he quickly reversed himself on that error. Four – and only four – classes of consecrators from Abel to the present time are among the Elect – two of which will be princes in all the earth – and only these four have their names inscribed in the Book of Life.

Of course, to entice their CECs they have joined hands with the Witnesses by telling them they may survive the Time of Trouble, live on into the Kingdom and “never die.” The Witnesses have been toying with such humbug since about 1920, changing the name of Jona­dabs to Large Crowd, etc., to sugarcoat the error; and it would seem the LHMM should have learned something from such erroneous jugglery. Sixty years ago the idea was vo­ciferously propagandized, “Millions Now Living Will Never Die.” And some good sound Truth people admitted the possibility of such an occurrence, but also then warned that it was a premature teaching, and should not be taught to the general public. Time itself has substantiated such protesters; and we say now that time itself will also condemn the Camp­ers teaching, and put the stamp of approval on those now objecting to the doctrine.

It is our hope and prayer that the LHMM will speedily recognize their error in this matter, and thus lessen their humiliation later on. Let them teach the Truth to the Jews as they have received it from our beloved Pastor, as well as the Truth to their new con­verts, and thus avoid the “weeping and gnashing of teeth” that will be the reward of such teachers. (Matt. 24:51) There is only one Scripture that gives hope to the good world who seek meekness and righteousness – Zeph. 2:3. (See Berean Comments)

Now follows a quotation from Reprints 3418: “We would be sure that Divine love and care would be over them just as surely, and that failing a place in the elect church through no fault of theirs, these would be given some good portion which would more than re­ward and satisfy them.”

And further from Reprints 4836 (1911): “But suppose that some should present them­selves after the close of the acceptable time, what would be their status and God’s deal­ing with them? Since God is unchangeable, we must assume that He would always be pleased to have His creatures devote their lives wholly and unreservedly to the doing of His will, as He was pleased with the faithfulness of the Ancient Worthies to lay down their lives before a covenant of sacrifice was in force. We may reason that as God has promised human perfection to those Ancient Worthies (See Hebrews, Chapter 11) who laid down their lives, He would be willing similarly to reward any who might follow the same course after the completion of the Church – after the ending of the acceptable time of sacrifice.

“Quite likely, therefore, there will be some in the end of this Age who, although faith­ful unto death, will not have been begotten of the Holy Spirit and not attain the spirit plane of being in the resurrection, but who will come forth members of the same class as the Ancient Worthies, who were developed before this Age began.

“In view of these facts, our advice to all who love the Lord and who desire to be in complete fellowship with Him is the same message that has gone forth throughout this Age – ‘We beseech you, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies living sacrifices’ .... We can tell them, too, that to our understanding the Scriptures teach that the Ancient Worthy Class (of which they may be a part if they fail to be accepted to the new nature) will be highly honored by God, perfect on the human plan and made the ‘princes in all the earth.’“

And in Reprint 5344, col. 2, par. 2, there is this: “The reward of the Ancient Worthies, however, will be glorious.” And in Reprint 5182, col. 2, par. 1: “We cannot think of any greater reward than to bestow the spirit nature upon these faithful Ancient Worthies. Long ago they proved their loyalty by choosing to suffer rather than to in­dulge in sin... The fact that this tribe had no inheritance in the land seems to imply that the Ancient Worthies will have no earthly inheritance. (par. 2)

“Since the heavenly Father has been pleased to arrange for the Great Company a place on the spirit plane... we are inclined to think that He may have something more for the Ancient Worthies than will come to the remainder of mankind. So far as we can per­ceive, the Great Company class has not demonstrated that they are any more loyal to Him than were the faithful Ancient Worthies. (par. 3)

“Furthermore, in Gen. 17:8, God said unto Abraham, ‘And I will give unto thee and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God. Two thousand years later, St. Stephen said that God never gave Abraham so much as a foot of the promised land (Acts 7:5); but he implied that Abraham will yet receive that land and afterward leave it to his posterity. If the land is to be given to Abraham and his coadjutors, and then to be left to his seed and mankind in general, the thought would seem to be implied that the Ancient Worthies will pass to the spirit nature.” (par. 4)

However, we commend the LHMM for the good work they are doing toward the Jews, and so long as they continue to present our Pastor’s teaching on the subject, they will have our approval. But they are telling the Consecrated Epiphany Camper converts privately that they will supersede the Jews in the Kingdom arrangement; and this we definitely re­ject and oppose. That Servant stressed Rom. 1:16: “TO THE JEW FIRST.” It was “to the Jew first” in the Christian Calling, just as it will be in the restitution salvation.

In Matt. 10:3,6, Jesus told His Apostles: “Go not in the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” And the Apostles scrupulously followed this command during the 3½ years that Jesus was with them; and for the 3½ years after He died. Then St. Peter was used to bring Gentile Cornelius and his house into the Christian salvation. [Acts 10:22­48) And it should be noted here that for seven years the Christian salvation was “to the Jew first.” And the same situation will apply when the Kingdom is established. When the Worthies are installed in office as the ruling power in the earthly phase of the Kingdom, it will be “to the Jew first,” including the “repentant and believing” Gentiles – who will become Jews, just as all mankind will become Jews if they receive the blessings of the New Covenant. We repeat, the New Covenant will be made with the Jews. (Jer. 31:31­34)

It is written, “I have constituted thee a father of many nations” (Gen. 17:4); and further, “Thy seed shall be as the sand of the seashore” for multitude. (Hosea 1:10)

And with all the quotations we have given from the two Messengers, it is clear that they never taught Tentative Justification in the Camp, a new class of consecrators in the Camp, etc., and we know they would refute such errorists with God’s Word just as we are doing. As we seek to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3) – the faithful mouthpieces of God – it is our pleasure to do so for them that have “an ear to hear,” even though few they may be. “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power,, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Tim. 1:4) We know, too, that in the last days perilous times shall come. (See 2 Tim. 3:1-5) “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure .... The Lord knoweth them that are his.” (2 Tim. 2:19)

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid.” (Psa. 27:1)

Sincerely your brother,

John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim



QUESTION: – What is meant by the expressions, clean Youthful Worthies, and, unclean Youthful Worthies?

ANSWER: – These terms are used somewhat, but not altogether, like the expression clean and unclean Great Company members. By a clean Youthful Worthy one is meant who either never spotted the tentative robe of Christ’ righteousness or, having spotted it, has washed it white in the blood of the Lamb and in the water of the Word. By an unclean Youthful Worthy one is meant who has spotted the tentative robe of Christ’s righteousness by either doctrinal or moral deflections, and has not washed it white in the blood of the Lamb, and in the water of the Word.

The only difference to this: That whereas some Youthful Worthies do not spot their robes, ALL Great Company members do spot their robes. However, in the beginning when they make their consecrations, they have a pure heart and make a sincere consecration to do God’s will, otherwise the Lord wouldn’t have accepted them.

We should note this point very carefully – the Great Company members were already remanded for spotting their robes when they were in the High Calling. They had spotted their robes to such an extent that they were ejected from the Holy, and from the “more than conquerors.” They can never again regain that Class standing. However, the Youthful Worthies who spot their robes and cleanse themselves are not remanded from their Youthful Worthy standing – but they lose their superior position, and do not regain that. Nor are we to be too hasty about concluding all those who have gone into various errors are of this class. Some of them may not have spotted their robes to the extent of los­ing their more favorable standing in the Youthful Worthy Class: some of them have been deceived, and will eventually recognize this and cleanse themselves from these errors. Their hearts had continued right before the Lord; they make mistakes of the head, but not of the heart, having been unduly influenced by their leaders for a time.

By a clean Great Company is meant one who has washed his robe white in the blood of the Lamb and in the water of the Word. (Rev. 7:14). They will gain victory as is attested by the “palms in their hands.” (Rev. 7:9) Sectarianism in those who are other­wise noble characters – in both the Great Company and Youthful Worthies – has caused many of their doctrinal deflections. The Youthful Worthies, too, will become overcomers in their class standing. Although neither class will be among the “more than conquerors” (Rom. 8:37), and receive the chief resurrection. But they will receive the resurrection of the Just (Acts 24:15), which will be glorious indeed. They inscribe their names in the Book of Life (Mal. 3:16 – See Berean Comments) during the time of the ascendancy of sin, therefore whatever they have suffered for Righteousness will be amply rewarded. “For He is faithful that promised” (Heb. 10:23); “God is not ashamed to be called their God.” (Heb. 11:16)



Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace!

I sure was very glad to receive your very welcome letter with the enclosure of the United Israel Bulletin which was read with great interest. A little later I expect to send him a donation, as I think his is a good cause. Also Brother Robert’s article was quite good. It may be a sign of the cleansing of the LHMM – especially in re Salva­tion to the Jews first instead of Jolly’s Campers. Who knows but what the cleansing of other groups may come also. God’s promises are sure, so let us pray for their cleansing.

Sure would be glad to receive a copy of the book – A Gentile With the Heart of a Jew. I am very glad that you are preparing an article on the 70 Years Desolation of the Land. I think it is needed. I failed to send you the list of names in my last letter, so I am enclosing it now.

Well, I must close for now, but am sure glad that you are much improved in health ...... I remember you all in my prayers. With much Christian love, Your brother in Him.



Dear  Brother  Hoefle:

Many thanks for your special post to let us see the Israel Bulletin containing your good article on Zionism. I am wondering what sort of circulation the Bulletin has, but feel sure that the Lord’s hand is working mightily to bring about the desired ends of this world’s accounts, and the establishment of the Kingdom on earth.

I think Brother Cyril would like to have a copy of the Bulletin. We did not see him last week as we had a quick trip to London to meet my nephew and wife... It certainly is a time of ­running to and fro. Who can doubt that it is the closing page of this present world’s history.

Many thanks for your circulars. Some of the letters are most interesting. Keep up the good work! We pray the Lord’s blessing upon you and all the co-laborers. Trusting this finds you all in reasonable health.

With Christian love, ------- (ENGLAND)


Dear Mr. Hoefle:

Thank you for the monthly papers. I would like to obtain the rest of your past issues. Since this is a large request, I am enclosing my check for postage. Should this not be enough, please let me know.

In the October 1980 issue, No. 304, you mention a book you recently received that slanders Pastor Russell. Could you possibly give me the title and author of such a book?

Thank you! ------- (Virginia)


Dear Brother Hoefle: Grace and peace in Jesus’ dear Name!

Thank you for your good letter to me. I will be happy to have the book by C. Doug­las Young... Thank you for thinking of me. I am sure Dr. Young will be glad in the resurrection when he sees the blessings on Israel and the whole world.

I am glad you are quite well. My sister broke her hip... It doesn’t seem to pain her, but it probably would if they would set her in a chair... I know that all the true ones of God are so much hoping for the Kingdom. Yet we know certain events have to come to pass to make all work out right.

Yes I have the United Bulletin. Mr. Horowitz sent me two. I sent one to Sister ------- If she has an extra one she can give it to some one, or whatever she wants. I am glad you have had some correspondence with David Horowitz. I am sure he can see how futile man’s efforts are to solve the problems of earth. They are trying very hard at the UN, but there are a large number spend a lot of time hating Israel.

Take care! God bless and be with you all in Jesus’ dear Name! With Christian love to you both, and to Sisters Maude and Augusta from Sister ------- (CALIFORNIA)