by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 354B

REVIVAL OF THE DEAD SEA, by Dr. Claude Duvernoy

“Many are those, including Jews, who reject the fact that Israel is a chosen people. The fact that Israel was chosen by G‑d has nothing to do with racial, national or even religious superiority. However, Israel was chosen for a purpose: to reveal G‑d’s will to a world of superstition, greed and violence, mostly through her prophets. This means that  Israel’s history was linked with the divine revelation of establishing the Kingdom of  Heaven on earth. And this is why Israel remains an indestructible nation.

“One of the consequences of being a chosen people – and this is a privilege which Israeli politicians apparently ignore – is that Israel’s history has been programmed, black on white, by biblical prophecies: the Temple was destroyed, the Jews were dispersed, yet they started to come back under the pressures of tribulations and  persecutions and the State of Israel was established in spite of ferocious opposition. In the 21st chapter of Luke in the New Testament, Jesus himself  prophesied the reunification of Jerusalem a perfect parallel to the prophecy of  Zechariah (chapter 2) which was read in the synagogues in June 1967.

“But world politicians, church leaders and theologians remain blind. The  government of Israel has adopted a project which has just been launched to link the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. It will take seven years, cost well over $700m. and  create enormous problems in many fields, including the ecological balance of the  region – not to mention the opposition of the Arabs in the area.

“Yet Prophet Ezekiel, in chapter 47, verses 1‑12, presents another plan, this one free of charge. He tells us that soon, a huge tremor will shake the Jordan Valley and the Mount of Olives, and a stream of fresh water will spring forth from  the Temple Mount and revive the Dead Sea – all this, as I said, free of charge.”


“Israel’s Christian missionaries, or as they prefer to be called, evangelicals, who bear witness to the Jews about Jesus, are coming out of the closet and openly stating their intentions for the first time. ....Rev. Ole Kvarme is unhappy about the  words ‘missionary ‘ ‘proselytizing’ and ‘conversion.’ ....Kvarme rejects a recent statement by American TV evangelist Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority that there should be more freedom for missionaries in Israel. ...Kvarme, whose institute runs a study program for Jewish believers which in some cases could lead to a full‑time ministry, estimates that there are between 1,000 and 1,500 adult Hebrew Christians in  Israel. ...Dr. George Iankumakis said, ‘As a historian and scholar however, he views the growth of the Christians of Jewish background with interest. For the first time since the early Church, they want to keep their Jewish identity as much as they can,  he says. In the five years that he has lived in Jerusalem, he has observed the Jewish  Christians becoming bolder. ‘At first they were fearful of any form of confrontation. Now they are more open as to what they believe. ....

“Jews do not try to convert others, says Lippel, and others should understand such feelings and not try to convert. ‘I am happy to say that practically the entire Christian establishment in Israel understands this. I am sorry that a few Jewish converts and foreigners work to destroy this understanding.

“Dr. Geoffrey Wigoder says, ‘On the world scene, there is the tendency of the Church to drop its missionary stance, especially in view of the Holocaust. Such changes have been made by the Catholics, the Anglicans and more recently to  some extent, the Lutherans.’ ....

“‘In conclusion, ‘ Wigoder says, ‘it is important to keep a sense of  proportion. A tiny number of Jews accept Christianity while hundreds of Christians  convert to Judaism in Israel every year.”‘

The above reminds us that some of those nations who claim to be Christian  persecute, and in some cases slaughter the Jews. This is not the teaching of Jesus  as is clearly set out in the New Testament. We all know what happened to the Jews during the Dark Ages at the hands of professing Christians, which should have been a  lesson to all Christians in this enlightened age. They – the so‑called Christian nations during the Dark Ages – did the same to many faithful Christians.

In THE SHALOM LETTER FOR NOVEMBER 1984, there is this: “It has been parroted with incessant fury that the Jews stole Palestine from the Arabs. Joan Peters’ widely‑read book From Time Immemorial (Harper & Row, 1984) has devastated that lie. Palestine was never an Arab nation nor was Jerusalem ever the capital of an Arab  country. Jews have simply clung to the land from time immemorial and, even under the  boot of cruel oppressors and subjugated as ‘DHIMMIS’ (protected pagans) by the Muslims, Jews have always lived in Israel. They are the only people to have achieved independent sovereignty there. Peters points out that it was AFTER large Jewish immigration into Palestine in the past one hundred years that Arabs migrated into Jewish developed areas in search of a higher living standard. Rather than being banished by Jews, a great number of Arabs are newcomers in comparison with Jewish pioneers. This neglected fact needs to be heard from pulpit, bema, political platform, and professorial lecture.

“And what was the catalyst that brought about Israel’s rebirth? Certainly not the British who controlled Palestine, currying Arab leaders’ favor and deliberately preventing Jews fleeing Nazi‑controlled Europe from reaching the only land where they would have been safe from Hitler’s genocide. While Great Britain locked Jews out of Palestine and the world locked them out of safe sanctuary, Hitler locked them into the mobile killing vans, gas chambers and  ovens. And most of the world’s clergy, politicians and citizens remained silent  while Jews burned’ One‑third of the world’s Jewish population disappeared from  the earth. Over six million Gentiles were also slaughtered, proving that those who kill Jews today always choose other people tomorrow.

“Many Jews did survive and no longer looked to the world for help. They  knew they would have to fight for their freedom, and perhaps that is why many  people have never forgiven Menachem Begin and organizations like the Irgun  Zvel Leumi for daring to fight – especially the mighty British. And to beat them? After the British had armed the Arabs and deliberately disarmed the  Jews? This was not being a ‘good Jew.’ A wandering Jew would be accepted. A  frightened and lonely Jew walking to slaughter was also accepted. But a determined band of fighting Jews waging war against one of the greatest  military powers on earth? What chutzpah’

“So they labeled Begin a ‘terrorist’ and used Deir Yassin to ‘prove’  their point. The constant harping on that incident merely magnified the fact  that Jewish fighters primarily aimed at military targets – not helpless civilians – which are the primary targets of the PLO.

“Worn down by Jewish courage and bulldog tenacity, the British backed  down – and out. After the war of independence, the infant nation of Israel was attacked by five invading armies. She won against all odds. Thus began her neighbors ‘war of attrition,’ with the major crisis being the 1956 Suez affair where the Jews again came out on top.”

“For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.” (Isa. 41:13)I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his Word do I hope.” (Psa. 130:5)

NOTE: This article could not have been written without the help of our good brethren. Not only have whole items been contributed, but also many of the news items were furnished by our brethren. The Bible House Ecclesia wishes to  express appreciation and gratitude to our brethren who gave us this good  help.


THE NEW BEDFORD (MASS.) STANDARD SAYS: “Charles T. Russell, editor of  ZION’S WATCH TOWER, and author of several volumes of theological writings, five of which are included in his MILLENNIAL DAWN series, has issued a new volume of Bible study, THE AT‑ONE‑MENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN. Mr. Russell clings close to the Bible, as he interprets it, and endeavors to offset the theory of the evolutionists that, as no fall occurred, no redemption and atonement are necessary, by teaching the cross of Christ.”

THE JACKSONVILLE (FLA.) TIMES UNION‑CITIZEN SAYS: “In this neat volume of  five hundred pages we have a most reverent treatment of profound subjects,  respecting which many Christians have wondered and prayed, in a clear and  lucid style which even a child may understand. The author’s loyalty to the Bible is pronounced and inspiring, and we do not wonder that some have denominated his books Bible Keys. In the volume under review the author examines his subjects from both the human and the divine standpoints – the necessity for atonement on man’s part, and why it is demanded on God’s part, and then what are its grand possibilities for all the race of Adam – ‘Whosoever will.’ The writer’s scope embraces the doctrine of the divine trinity.”

THE WORCESTER (MASS.) EVENING POST SAYS: “Among the most notable of the recent works on religious subjects is a publication from the press of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Allegheny, Pa., THE AT‑ONE‑MENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN. The book is one that treats of theological subjects in an entirely new and decidedly attractive manner. It advances no new dogmas nor seeks to combat old ones in any but a spirit of truth seeking. It makes plain in a particularly clear and helpful light many things that have heretofore puzzled students of the Bible and Biblical lore. It teaches the universal fatherhood of God and teems with the expression of his loving kindness for the creatures he has made. At the same time it is a text book of theological science and dissects its truths and principles in a logical and reasonable, yet reverent manner.

“No single chapter of any recent book is‑more notable than the section of this work which deals with the ever‑confusing mystery of the divine trinity. It must be said that a more convincing explanation of this axiomatic doctrine of theology has never yet presented itself, yet it is strictly along the lines of orthodox thought. The general effect of the book on the average reader who seeks for light on the subjects that to him have dark meaning, is most gratifying. It quickens faith and makes strong hopes that are dear to every serious and thinking mind. The tone of the book is reverent and wholesome, and it seems destined to bring happiness to many a doubt‑laden heart.”

THE GRAND RAPIDS (MICH.) HERALD SAYS: “Pastor Russell’s new book, THE AT‑ONE‑MENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN is of the sort that awakens Christians to do some thinking along theological lines. It is one of those epoch‑making books destined to influence thought not merely for the hour of their perusal, but for life – and for centuries. The book will make its author foes as well as friends, for there are people ready to fight for their dogmas, however unscriptural and unreasonable. However, many thinking Christian people, who hold to the Bible as the inspired Word of God and who have all their lives been troubled in their endeavors to harmonize it with their consciences and with facts, will surely welcome this volume as ‘a helping hand,’ and praise God for the light it sheds on MANY subjects hitherto dark to all except theologians, and possibly to many of them also. One thing is certain, and that is that every lover of the Bible must admire the author’s loyalty to the Scriptures and his reverential style of dealing with church dogmas, which he rejects as being contrary to the divine Word, character and plan.”

THE NEW HAVEN (CONN.) COURIER JOURNAL SAYS: “The reverential spirit of the work, its earnestness, its clearness of statement, impress the reader. It is a strong, forcible and logical setting forth of the doctrine of atonement for sin through Christ, the Mediator, and of the orthodox Christian belief in general regarding the great foundation of the Christian faith and scope of salvation. It is a work that appeals to all on a subject of such paramount importance.”

THE PITTSBURGH TIMES SAYS: “The title explains the object of the book. The author, as is usual with him, fortifies his opinions and assertions by a close adherence to the Scriptures. He writes with great enthusiasm and with an apparent sense of strong conviction, and the book will be of considerable aid to those who find occasion to study the points treated.”

THE SYRACUSE (N.Y.) HERALD SAYS: “Mr. Russell is an able as well as an exceedingly voluminous writer on religious questions. The present bulky volume is the fifth of a series of books under the general title of MILLENNIAL DAWN. It discusses the fall of man, the penalty or curse upon him, his redemption and the terms of his ‘At‑one‑ment.’ It undertakes to explain the perplexing doctrine of the trinity and to render it simple and reasonable. The author is loyal to the Scriptures, but not always to church dogmas, which he deals with according to their agreement with the divine Word. All Bible students will find matter for thought in Mr. Russell’s writings.”‘

THE INDIANAPOLIS (IND.) SENTINEL SAYS: “This book is sublimely comprehensive, and unquestionable its treatment will be pronounced a masterly one by many Bible students. ‘The fear of the Lord’ is the only fear in evidence in this volume; but although ‘traditions of men’ are treated fearlessly, they are kindly handled, and even partisan sticklers for exploded errors must concede the author’s Christian spirit and courtesy, while all must admit his honesty, and his fidelity to the Scriptures. If human creeds suffer, it is in the interest of the Bible, which the author accepts as his only creed, in the interest also of love and justice and Christian common sense – all important considerations as against nonsense of the ‘dark ages,’ often mislabeled ‘orthodoxy.’

“After reading this book and comparing its numerous Bible citations, intelligent Christians will often say to themselves: Where have I been? What have I been thinking of? What poor use have I made of my Bible and my reason for years that I did not see the beauty, harmony and reasonableness of the divine Word’ But the author lays no claim to superior ability or inspiration, merely claiming that God has a ‘due time’ for everything, and that now is God’s due time for shedding light upon his Word in the interest of all his faithful people, and his aspiration is to be a humble servant of the Lord’s flock, dispensing to them the ‘meat in due season.”‘

THE ST. LOUIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE SAYS: “Concerning this volume, a recent reviewer has said: ‘Pastor Russell’s new book, THE AT‑ONE‑MENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN, is remarkable in fact, if not in its title. It is sure to make a stir among the dry bones of fossilized orthodoxy, as well as amongst the higher critics. Not that it is agnostic for it is decidedly Biblical; nor that it is bitter and drastic and cutting toward those theories of the dark ages which have barnacled the good ship Zion – for it handles them gently, courteously, though thoroughly. Its strength lies in the gentle persistence with which the writer uses his Biblical dynamics.’”

THE NEW YORK MERCHANTS’ REVIEW SAYS: “A NOTABLE WORK. – A hell of fire and brimstone has no place in the belief of some intelligent Christians, man’s folly and wickedness providing hell enough on earth, according to their views of the matter, but Pastor Charles T. Russell, in THE AT‑ONE‑MENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN, of the MILLENNIAL DAWN series, presents many arguments to show that hell, sheol or hades, has no existence at all as a place of punishment, the word in its different forms meaning simply the sleep which the human race passes into, to be awakened from at Christ’s second coming.

“His arguments are based upon copious texts from Scripture, as also is his attempt to prove that the orthodox view of the holy trinity has no foundation in the Bible. The Scriptures, and nothing but the Scriptures, are the guide of the author in his search for the truth in the various problems examined by him in his interesting book, and naturally he opposes ‘Evolution.”‘

THE ST. ALBANS (VT.) DAILY MESSENGER SAYS: “This volume, like all others from this writer, differs from other theological writings in several particulars. (1) It is simple in style, easily understood by any Christian making abstruse subjects plain to even the wayfaring man if he be of the class addressed by the author – the justified in Christ. (2) It entirely ignores all creeds and theories of men and appeals solely to the Scriptures and treats their testimony as inspired, authoritative, decisive – citing as well as quoting them freely. (3) It is logical as well as Scriptural, and whoever reads without prejudice is sure to be convinced. (4) Those who read and accept the presentations of this volume will not only know what they believe, but why they believe it; and will ‘be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in them’ – which cannot be said even of clergymen respecting the dogmas of the several denominations.” (Reprints 2551, 2552 – December 15, 1899)



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Dear Sister Emily: Loving Christian Greetings to you and others helping you!

Am sending you this check as usual, at this time of the year. Please use it as you see fit. I would be happy if you used it for your own needs.

We think it is wonderful the way the Bible House Brethren have carried on the Lord’s work. We marvel at the way the papers are gotten out on time and the content of them.

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My Dear Sister Emily: Warm Christian Greetings!

I have not been writing to you because I felt that you were still feeling like a steam‑roller had run over you and you needed a vacation from the deluge of letters you must be getting.

I enjoyed the United Israel Bulletin. It has been many years since I last saw you and I was glad to get a peep at you. Thank you also for the July/August Memorabilia. Both articles did Bro. Hoefle proud. How proud you must be of him!

I hope you are physically better. The years fly away with our vitality. .... You wanted to know something about Bro. Gough and the funeral. He had been living for some years in the country and we met, except for one brief time which does not count, only at Conventions……. At the last Convention at Kingston he made no mention to what class he spiritually belonged ….... Bro. Gough did say a few words in a testimony of his love for the Lord. God knows the heart, and will reward him with whatever is his due. He always acted like a Great Company. He had a lovely funeral. It was short and sweet as he had expressed in his Will that it should be. .... They didn’t specifically mention to what class they thought he belonged – only said he was asleep in Jesus. I hear that Bro. Hall is the new representative. He is one of the Quasi‑elect – Consecrated Epiphany Campers.

I am enclosing a copy of my latest poem, and I hope that you like it.

Grace, Mercy and Peace be unto you – Sincerely, ------- (JAMAICA)


Dear Brethren: Loving Christian greetings!

I recently ordered the six Parousia Volumes and a Manna book from the LHMM. I am very much disappointed in these books, to say the least. In 1960 RGJ republished the Volumes and did not make any changes in what Bro. Johnson had originally published. Then in 1977 he republished the six volumes again and found it necessary to omit the questions, which renders them useless for class study. He also deleted Bro. Johnson’s comments as well as his foreword. I assume this was done to make them suitable for his Consecrated Epiphany Campers.

However, so far as I know RGJ did not change the Manna book, but the present Executive Trustee, who is a prospective Youthful Worthy, has seen fit to do so. Some changes may be considered insignificant, except that it is actually altering Pastor Russell’s and Bro. Johnson’s word, which is distasteful to me. But in some cases, I believe they are serious. For instance: (l) In many cases where New Creatures are discussed, the words “we,” “us,” “our” are changed to “they,” them,” etc. To my mind this leaves Pastor Russell and Bro. Johnson out of the “We” class, since it is they who are speaking. It is like the Apostles use of those terms when speaking of themselves and others in the Church. A case in point is the August 25 comments where the text is 1 John 3:2, which reads: “We know that when He shall appear we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is.” (2) The text for August 11 is Rev. 2:10: “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a Crown of Life.” There is a substitution made for Pastor Russell’s entire comments, which speaks of the Body of Christ, the Elijah class, etc. But the substitution comments are from a source which refers to the same text, and a small portion is omitted, which is indicated. The words omitted are “the chief blessing, joint-heirship.” Then in Bro. Johnson’s comments there is this sentence: “For such, the highest of all forms of life, immortality, the crown of life, is reserved as a gift reward.” And in the next sentence “crown of life” is changed to “life everlasting.” Does the Crown in this text refer to anything other than immortality, “the chief blessing, joint‑heirship?” (3) On October 11 Bro. Johnson’s comments say that the “priests” should “wash themselves in the water of Truth contained in the laver of the Bible.” In the new version “priests” is changed to “God’s people” and the words “laver of” are omitted, without indication of omission. How can the consecrated, priests or not, use the Bible without using the Laver since it types the Bible?

Bro. Johnson never found it necessary to change Pastor Russell’s comments in the Manna – and his own comments were in harmony with Pastor Russell’s, even though he was well aware that all new consecrators would be prospective Youthful Worthies and a prominent class during the Epiphany.

“I hesitate to touch things which involve so much,” but I am reminded that the JWs translated the Bible to suit their “new doctrine” – the Great Multitude – and I am wondering if the LHMM will do likewise and make a translation of the Bible to support their Consecrated Epiphany Campers. There are other changes up to this date, but I have not read ahead, so there may be more.

The Lord bless and guide the Bible House Brethren as they strive to uphold “the     faith once delivered unto the Saints.” Warm Christian love, ------- (NORTH CAROLINA)


The Bible House brethren wish to express their appreciation and thanks for the many beautiful Christmas cards. Also, special thanks and gratitude for the assurance of their love and prayers, and for our efforts in sending out the unpublished articles of Brother Hoefle’s as well as of some timely reprints of his papers. We thank the Lord for the help and support of our faithful brethren, as we could not “carry on” the work without such support. “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and do his good pleasure,” (Phil. 2:13) “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:19)


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