by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 363

Thought you might like to see this copy of an account about Casimir’s work that I have submitted to Alisa Klausner Ber at her request. She is planning to write about Christian workers for Israel and wants to include information about Casimir.

Alisa is related to the late Dr. Joseph Klausner, well‑known author in Israel who wrote, among other things, a book about Jesus. Possibly as a result of this, Alisa told us many years ago that she has always had a special interest in Christians who love Israel. She is a member of the Israel Interfaith Committee.

Alisa comes from pioneer stock in Israel and has known well, from her childhood, most of the early leaders of the Jewish State – David Ben Gurion, etc. She is married to Baruch Ber who has also been active in politics in Israel and on the editorial staff of the fine newspaper called HA’ARETZ.

Some of my friends remember her well as the dynamic personality who spoke to any number of our Israel tour groups. She told us back in 1955 that she considers Christians who work for Israel as “the saints of all the world,” as the Psalmist put it. (By Elva Lanowick)


Both Casimir and I were raised by Protestant Christian parents who had firm convictions regarding the ultimate rebirth of the Jewish nation as promised by the Hebrew prophets – a restoration that would have profound impacts not only for the Jewish people but also for the blessing of all mankind.

Before we knew each other, separately we read an excellent small book entitled ZIONISM IN PROPHECY, by Professor Franklyn Hudgings, published in 1936 by the Pro Palestine Federation of America. Casimir was so impressed by this well‑documented treatise that, typical of his special character trait of taking action upon his beliefs, at the young age of 19 he purchased and personally circulated many copies of ZIONISM IN PROPHECY – which, incidentally, though written by a Christian scholar, carried the endorsement of Dr. Hirsch Loeb Gordon and was reviewed favorably by any number of leading U. S. Zionists of that era.

So it was only natural that when the United Nations voted in 1947 in favor of a Jewish state, Casimir was deeply moved by this development. That same year he commenced publishing, with my help, a magazine to report news about the prospect of Israel’s reconstitution as a nation, in a passionate endeavor to arouse the Christians of America as to the tremendous significance of the imminent rebirth of Israel. This news digest was entitled THE JEWS IN THE NEWS and later changed to ISRAEL’S RESTORATION NEWS.

Of course, when the dramatic date of May 14, 1948,saw the creation of the official state of Eretz Israel, our excitement grew more intense and we could never find enough space in the columns of our monthly publication to include all the truly meaningful reportage of events in that fledgling nation. Frequent reference was made to the very pertinent prophetic Scriptures which had so graphically foretold, some 2500 years previously, and even earlier, the details of this historic rebirth of the ancient nation of Israel. But it was a down‑to‑earth magazine, reporting on all aspects of life in the new state, whether related to agricultural revival, military achievements, the ingathering of the exiles, etc., so that the readers could hardly gainsay the depth of meaning of it all.

This endeavor to awaken Christians in the U. S. as to the great significance of Israel met, in those early years, with much skepticism among most Christians, and even Jews, who could not conceive that the tiny new nation could survive the tremendous pressures exerted against it by powerful and rich Arab enemies. It was our aim to be one of the voices of assurance.

Subscriptions to our news organ began to come in to our office in Redwood City, California, from all the then 48 states and even from many foreign countries, i.e. Canada, England, East and West Germany, France, Hungary, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Denmark and others. Because Israel was not a popular subject among the average Christians in those years, we never felt that our publication had the scope of readership it deserved. Yet there was a corps of regular readers, including many influential Christians of all denominations, who were eager to be kept informed regarding the progress in the Jewish State, and in looking back Later we realized that our trailblazing efforts were a considerable factor in bringing about the groundswell of Christian support for Israel that began in the 1970’s.

Even as Theodor Herzl paradoxically met strongest opposition from among the rabbinical leaders of his time, so we found that ministers in the United States were least likely to respond to the message of Israel restored. However, in almost every church were the one’s and two’s whose parents and grandparents had told them that when the Jews would go back to their homeland, it would usher in the Messianic era of peace and righteousness for all mankind. These individuals often became firebrands of zeal concerning the historic significance of modern Israel. We derived much encouragement from these ardent readers, counteracting the general apathy and often open hostility of many of our peers. It is no surprise to the initiated that even anti‑Semitism bared its well‑entrenched fangs. Under the circumstances, you can understand that financial pressures were always a fact of life for us.

The Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem requested, from time to time, that we make sure that a copy of each issue of THE JEWS IN THE NEWS (later ISRAEL’S RESTORATION NEWS) be sent to them, so if you wish, Alisa, you could examine these in their files to get an idea of the nature of our monthly Israel news digest.

In 1950 Casimir and I made our first trip to Israel, equipped with the latest and finest cameras. Between November of that year and March of 1951 we visited almost every important settlement, site, city and village, including Eilat when the only structure there was an army barracks. (We took panoramic motion pictures here and footage all over the country – of immigrants arriving by the thousands at the port of Haifa, of the maabarot camps, youth aliya villages, etc.) As you can imagine, this opportunity to go to Israel during those momentous times of its national beginnings, the days of tzena, the days of euphoria amidst harsh hardship, was a highlight in our lives. We also had the joy of becoming acquainted with many Israeli of diverse backgrounds – pioneers, refugees from the Nazi holocaust, Yemeni recent arrivals on the “Magic Carpet” looking for all the world like they had stepped right out of the pages of the Bible, etc. These early contacts would always be precious to us, even though we returned to Israel many times afterward.

On our way back to America via Europe, Casimir was asked to lecture in Italy, Germany and England regarding his findings in the new Jewish State. We also made a special trip to Basel, Switzerland so as to see the hall in which Theodor Herzl held the First Zionist Congress in 1897 (has since been torn down).

Our illustrated lecture activities began in earnest in the U. S. in July of 1951 when we commenced what would eventually be about ten years of cross‑country engagements – six months of each year presenting the story of Israel by word and film, and then often but irregularly through the years right up until his death. Eventually our lecture work expanded into Canada, England and Wales, and especially to Australia and New Zealand where, in 1960, we were able to carry on an in depth coverage of these two down‑under lands with our Israel presentation, over a six‑month period. Our audiences in this part of the world included many Jewish people.

The films we had taken in Israel, with the aim of more effectively portraying the historic dimensions of the rise of Israel, received fine reviews, but even more important was the exceptional ability Casimir had as a dedicated and dynamic speaker, consistently able to inspire his audiences. His warmth, his vast store of knowledge about modern Israel, the Judicious use of the Biblical tie‑up, always elicited genuinely enthusiastic response. Casimir’s keen sense of humor spiced his otherwise serious but not pontifical delivery. He liked to use the term “educationally entertaining” in publicizing his illustrated lectures.

These film programs were presented in churches of almost every denomination, for service organizations such as Rotary, Lion’s Club, etc., and we were also sponsored at times by the Zionist Organization of America, Hadassah, and even individual lovers of Israel. Then, too, quite frequently we personally engaged auditoriums, placed newspaper advertising and thus sponsored some of our own very successful meetings. We carried along a very interesting display of Israel products and included Israeli folk songs with each program.

Eventually we came to the realization that an even better way to introduce the magic of Israel to the general public would be to escort them to Israel to see for themselves the marvelous achievements of the sons of Jacob restored to their land. Through our magazine readership and our lecture contacts we organized our first group tour in 1955. (This was when we had the privilege of meeting you, Alisa.) We spent a full 35 days in Eretz Israel that spring, determined to give our Christian friends as thorough an overview of Israel as possible under the circumstances.

As you know, after that we took many tour groups to Israel. We were mindful of the deficiencies of the average Christian “Holy Land” tours – the bypassing of much of the miracle of modern Israel in favor of mostly churches and other so‑called “holy places.” Casimir also steadfastly refused to take short tours to Israel, even though we realized that we could have attracted many more tour members by offering cut‑rate 7 or 10‑day tours or by including Arab countries, European stopovers, etc. The testimonials we accumulated after the tours ended convinced us that our traveling companions were indeed returning home well‑informed, deeply impressed and ready to become eager supporters of Israel’s goals and political stance. You are aware, too, that we also put much stress on the importance of introducing our touring friends to the people of the Land – Israeli from all walks of life, Jewish, Arab and Christian, so that they could catch the unusual spirit of the country, ask questions, etc.

By the way, in 1958 and 1959 we took time off to experience living in Israel, renting a lovely home in Talpioth, then a quiet suburb of Jerusalem, continuing to publish our Israel magazine wherever we went (until about 1968); we welcomed this opportunity to get even better acquainted with the Land and with the Israeli. Again new and lasting friendships were forged and our work for Israel took on an added important dimension.

Frequently from the years 1953 to 1979 we also arranged for any number of Israel seminars – both national and regional, at such scenic spots as the Grand Tetons, beautiful Asilomar by the Sea, Rocky Mountain National Park, etc., bringing in Israeli speakers and Christian leaders well versed as to Israel’s modern history in the light of the Bible. We enjoyed our relationship with the late Dr. G. Douglas Young because of his unflagging zeal for Israel and I recall with joy the worthy contribution he made to our 1979 Israel Seminar. Soon after that, in May of 1980, he died, and Casimir passed away only about five months later.

It was about the time that Israel became a state that we heard Dr. and Mrs. Walter Clay Lowdermilk speak at a large Zionist rally in San Francisco, renewing our admiration for their selfless devotion to the concept of a Jewish State, dating back to 1939. Our first tour group had the privilege of being entertained by the Lowdermilks in their fine house atop Mount Carmel in 1955. I mention this to lead up to the fact that when Dr. Lowdermilk died Casimir was moved to do something to commemorate the valuable work Dr. Lowdermilk had done for Israel – devising the national water plan, helping advance Israel’s agriculture in the early years of statehood, establishing the Lowdermilk School of Agricultural Engineering at the Technion in Haifa, using his high station in the U. S. Government to influence administration policy, etc. (As you know, Mrs. Lowdermilk herself had spoken tirelessly on behalf of Israel while they were stationed in Washington, DC. and after their return to Berkeley California, where Dr. Lowdermilk taught at the University of California. Even to this date, at the advanced age of 92, Inez Lowdermilk retains a strong and active commitment to Israel.)

Casimir felt that the most appropriate memorial to Walter Clay Lowdermilk would be a forest planted in his honor in Israel. Always impressed by the work of Keren Kayemeth in planting trees, restoring the land, etc., Casimir proposed to the San Francisco chapter of the Jewish National Fund that such a forest project be commenced. With the help of the California Christian Committee for Israel, the fund‑raising got under way. Casimir and I had the privilege of doing most of the work on this project, and after much persistence the full sum of $10,000 was raised, plus further amounts for a recreation area within the forest at Mrs. Lowdermilk’s request.

So, in March of 1976, Mrs. Lowdermilk was the guest of honor on one of our Israel tours organized specifically to include the dedication of the Lowdermilk Memorial Forest on Mt. Turan in the Galilee. How encouraged Casimir was when Golda Meir accepted his invitation to meet Mrs. Lowdermilk at the airport and Join our tour group for dinner at the Sharon Hotel in Herzlia. It meant so much to Casimir to do something meaningful, to give recognition and encouragement to this valiant Christian woman and to honor the memory of her truly great husband. Needless to say, the hours spent with “Golda” were precious.

Not long after this project was finished we were asked by some Christian lovers of Zion in the U.S. to organize the “Christian‑Israel Friendship League.” So this was done in 1978, but within two years Casimir had died and the loss of his unique leadership meant that the work of this league diminished considerably.

However, Casimir lived to see a new page in the history of Christian Zionism, the emergence of grass‑roots groups of Christian supporters of Israel all around the United States, and, in fact, all around the world. You cannot imagine how excited Casimir was about this development and how enthusiastically he planned to cooperate with them in their worthy endeavors. For instance, Casimir was the U.S. National Coordinator for the First International Congress for the Peace of Jerusalem held in Israel’s capital city in 1978, at which time about 1,000 Christians from many countries gathered to express support for Israel. The next year, when the idea of a Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem was proposed, Casimir got busy and wrote the organizers expressing his delight and started working to organize a tour to take in this first “feast of Tabernacles” Christian gathering.

But it was not to be. In retrospect, I am convinced that Casimir’s work was done and the torch was being passed on to other zealous Christian lovers of Israel. You no doubt know about the 4,000, 5,000, and then Christians from as many as 40 countries who have participated in the subsequent annual Feast of Tabernacles assemblies in Jerusalem. Casimir never considered himself indispensable, and how happy he would be today to see the ever‑increasing numbers of Christians who are espousing the cause of Eretz Israel, the nation of destiny. (Elva)

PS – Are you familiar, Alisa, with the Christian‑Zionist work of the late Charles Taze Russell between the years of about 1881‑1916? He wrote and lectured extensively about the hopes of Israel restored, based on the Biblical record. His weekly articles were carried in hundreds of newspapers around the United States, so whenever he wrote about the Jews returning to “Palestine,” his firm convictions received wide coverage. He also addressed large Jewish audiences in the U.S. at the Hippodrome, in London, and around Western and Eastern Europe, He was aroused by the pogroms at Kishenev and elsewhere in Russia. It is touching to note how eagerly “Pastor” Russell reported the smallest developments in Palestine when the first aliya was taking place. A former student at the Hebrew University told us back in 1950 that when they studied Christian Zionism at this university, Charles Taze Russell was at the top of the list. (Written by Mrs. Casimir Lanowick)


“Now we are entering the great Time of Trouble which is to inaugurate Messiah’s Kingdom. During this trouble the Church is to be glorified in the First Resurrection. Then the thousand years of Messiah’s reign with the elect, Spiritual Bride, drawn from both Jews and Gentiles, will begin.

“Still God’s favor will pursue the natural seed of Abraham. Their lessons and chastisements will fit and prepare them more quickly than others of the world to receive the Messianic blessing. The earthly phase of Messiah’s Kingdom will be Israelitish, in that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets and saintly ones down to John the Baptist are to be made ‘princes in all the earth’ (Psa. 45:16) – the earthly representatives in human perfection of the Spiritual Kingdom of Messiah.

“Naturally enough, Israel will then in a natural way come first into harmony with the Divine arrangement and be the first to get the blessing. However, during the thousand years of the Kingdom, as the Scriptures declare, all nations shall bless themselves in becoming Abraham’s seed – in coming into relationship with the Kingdom, which will have an Israelitish basis. (Jer. 4:2; Isa. 65:16; Gen. 12:3) Eventually, all will be destroyed who do not thus become true Israelites. Thus Abraham’s seed will eventually include all the families of the earth – all for whom God has provided life eternal. As for Gentiles – strangers from God – none will remain.” (Reprints 5809 bottom, and 5810 top – Dec. 1, 1915. By Pastor Russell)


“It is our thought that with the closing of the door of this Gospel Age there will be no more begetting of the Holy Spirit to the spirit nature. Any afterward coming to God through consecration, before the inauguration of the restitution work, will be accepted by Him, not to the spirit plane of being, but to the earthly plane. Such would come in under the same conditions as the Ancient Worthies who were accepted of God. The Ancient Worthies came in, no call being opened to them – the High Calling not yet being opened, and the restitution opportunities not open. But they freely gave themselves up to God without knowing what blessings their consecration would bring, except that they had the intimation that they would, in the future life, have a ‘better resurrection’ than would the remainder of the world.

“Our thought is that whoever under such conditions as these will make a full consecration to the Lord, to leave all to follow in His ways, and will live up faithfully, loyally, to that consecration, may be privileged to be counted as a similar class to those who preceded this Gospel Age. We know of no reason why the Lord would refuse to receive those who make a consecration after the close of the Gospel Age High Calling and before the full opening of the Millennium.” (Reprint 5761, Sept. 1, 1915. By Pastor Russell)



God’s Chosen People have been under Divine supervision and care for thirty‑five hundred years so that they have been kept separate from all nations of the earth and are thus a standing miracle testifying to the truthfulness of the holy promises of the Scriptures. This teaches us to look to the Scriptures respecting their future. The same Scriptures which testify to their solidarity as a people inform us that they will become a nation at the close of this Gospel Age when “the set time” for God to remember Zion shall come. St. Paul explicitly points out that Divine favor will return to natural Israel just as soon as the “call” of this Gospel Age to the Heavenly Kingdom class shall have reached fulfillment.

The blessings of the new dispensation about to be ushered in will be earthly blessings, and the Jew knows that all of the promises of God contained in the Mosaic law and writings of the holy prophets of old tell of earthly blessings – not of heavenly or spiritual favors. The Jew will be more ready to respond to the new order of things than his Christian or Gentile neighbors will be. Moreover, according to the Scriptures, the princes or rulers seen amongst men will be of Jewish stock, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and all the prophets raised from the dead in full human perfection to be the “princes in all the earth” and representatives of Messiah’s invisible spirit Kingdom. That the Jew will be in much better condition of mind to receive the teachings and requirements of those new princes needs no discussion – Psalms 45:16.

Before leaving this subject, we note the prophecy of old which tells that at the time Messiah will manifest the glories of His power and begin His intervention in human affairs in favor of the right and against the wrong, will be a time of “Jacob’s trouble,” a time when the Jews will be in special tribulation from their foes. Then the Lord shall manifest His power on their behalf as in olden times, giving them a miraculous deliverance which they will recognize. In consequence the Prophet declares they shall look upon, discern, “recognize Him whom they pierced” – not by seeing the glorious Messiah (Daniel 12:1), with their natural sight, but they will recognize Him with the eyes of their understanding – Zechariah 12:10.

Let us leave the Jew in the future to his God, that he may in due time receive the blessing which God has promised him. Let Christendom in general go on in its blindness as the Scriptures also foretell to its destruction, but let those of God’s people, sanctified in Christ Jesus, walk circumspectly, not after the flesh, but after the spirit. Let them seek as spiritual Israelites the heavenly things and Joint-heirship with Messiah on the spiritual plane; not begrudging to the Jew the first place in the earthly phase of Messiah’s Kingdom through which all the families of the earth will be blessed.

(Excerpts from p. 116 of What Pastor Russell Wrote for the Overland Monthly.)



Perhaps, too, in this enlightened age, as his mind expands, and he takes a comprehensive view of this period of progress, the pupil of Moses may ask himself whether all the princes of the house of David have done so much for the Jews as that prince who was crucified on Calvary. Had it not been for Him, the Jews would have been comparatively unknown, or known only as a high Oriental caste which had lost its country. Has not He made their history the most famous in the world? Has not He hung up their laws in every temple? Has He not vindicated all their wrongs? Has not He avenged the victory of Titus and conquered the Caesars? What success did they anticipate from their Messiah? The wildest dreams of their Rabbis have been far exceeded. Has not Jesus conquered Europe and changed its name into Christendom?

The whole of the new world is devoted to the Semitic principle and its most glorious offspring, the Jewish faith, and the time will come when the vast communities and countless myriad’s of America and Australia, looking upon Greece, and wondering how so small a space could have achieved such great deeds, will still find music in the songs of Zion and still seek solace in the parables of Galilee.

These may be dreams, but there is one fact which none can contest. Christians may continue to persecute Jews, and Jews may persist in disbelieving Christians, but who can deny that Jesus of Nazareth, the Incarnate Son of the Most High God, is the eternal glory of the Jewish race?

(Statement by Benjamin Disraeli from The Messiahship of Jesus, p. 268.)



QUESTION: – Will Jerusalem ever be rebuilt and for what purpose?

ANSWER: – The most remarkable movement ever occurring amongst the Jewish people since the time of the destruction of their capital city, Jerusalem, is now in process of development, and is known as “The Zionist Movement.” The primary object of this movement is the establishment of the Jews in their own land under a government of their own. This would mean the rebuilding of the city in the event of the success of this movement. There are many prophecies which show that the Jews shall return to Divine favor and shall again be established in their own country and that the City of Jerusalem will be rebuilt. We cite but one – Jer. 31:27‑40. The clear intimation of the teachings of the Scriptures is that Jerusalem will become the Capital City of the world – “for out of Zion shall go forth the Law, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” (Isa. 2:3) “And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths.” (Isa. 2:3) For a remarkable confirmation of this, in the words of the New Testament, see Acts 15:16,17.

(What Pastor Russell Said, p. 790 – no date, but must have been long before 1914)

QUESTION: – Did the Ancient Worthies have a standing in the antitypical Tabernacle Court?

ANSWER: – To gain a clear understanding of this matter, we should first of all stress there wasn’t even a typical Tabernacle erected when many of the Ancient Worthies lived – as instance Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, etc. The typical Tabernacle was erected by Moses at Sinai. Therefore, we agree with Brother Russell’s answer to a similar question in the March 1910 Tower, Reprints 4579:

“No. In their day the Priest had not yet come and the antitypical Tabernacle and its Court established; hence they could not be in it. According to their hearts, as expressed in their conduct, they must have been members of the Household of Faith.” In the eleventh Chapter of Hebrews St. Paul stresses that those named did what they did “by faith.”

The Levites will occupy the Millennial Tabernacle Court – a “better resurrection” than the world, whose resurrection will be in the Camp. The Ancient Worthies were justified by faith, and had a standing before God, even though they could not be in the antitypical Court, which began to be erected for the Household at Pentecost. However, they had an anticipatorial standing in the antitypical Court – even though they knew little or nothing about it. We are told that “God calleth those things which be not as though they were” (Rom. 4:17); and in Gen. 15:6 it is stated that Abraham “believed in the Lord; and He counted it to him for righteousness.” This Scripture is substantially quoted three times by St. Paul in Rom.4:3,9,22 – in his proof of a tentative justification for this Gospel Age.

In Rom. 4:6‑8 the Apostle quotes from Psa. 32:1‑5 to prove that David also had a reckoned Justification, although in his case the typical tabernacle had been erected some five hundred years before he became king in Israel. Abraham and David both had the same kind of Justification – a justification by faith – which gave them both an anticipatorial standing in the antitypical Tabernacle, which began to be erected by Jesus at Jordan, and was begun for His followers at Pentecost.

However, none of the Ancients could have had more than a reckoned justification, because the merit of Jesus did not become available until His death on the cross. Even though many of them knew very little about the Plan of Salvation, they did look for a Messiah – a vague ray of hope was given in Gen. 3:15: “Enmity between thee and the woman... thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head.” As to Abraham, the father of the faithful, our Lord said, “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.” So, even though the antitypical Tabernacle wasn’t established, and the Ancient Worthies could not be in the antitypical Tabernacle Court, they had the same standing before God as do the Youthful Worthies now who have their standing in the Court: BOTH the Ancient and Youthful Worthies had Tentative Justification. (See E‑4:352, 355)

Note particularly Rom. 4:11, 12 (Dia.): “Abraham received the symbol of circumcision as a seal of the righteousness (Tentative Justification) of that faith which he had while in uncircumcision; in order that he might be (1) THE FATHER OF ALL uncircumcised BELIEVERS (consecrated and unconsecrated); that the righteousness may be accounted unto them (ALL uncircumcised BELIEVERS); and (2) a father of circumcision, not only to those who are of circumcision, but to those also who tread in the footsteps of the faith of our Father Abraham, which he had in uncircumcision.”

Those schooled in Parousia Truth understand full well that there are only two types in the Old Testament that picture forth the sacraments that are obligatory on all who “follow in His steps” – Circumcision, which types consecration; and the Passover, which portrays the Lord’s Supper. But the words of St. Paul clearly and emphatically state that Abraham was counted righteous in uncircumcision, and he is the father of all the faithful. Therefore, it logically follows that all Gospel Age believers would be counted righteous (have tentative justification) before they receive the antitypical circumcision – that is, before they consecrate to do God’s will.

But those Ancients before Moses hold no relation whatever in their standing to Consecrated Epiphany Campers, because the antitypical Court is now established, and represents the only place available for justification in this Gospel Age. Nor can these Campers be placed anticipatorily in the Millennial‑Age Tabernacle Court, because that Court will be occupied by the Household of Faith (See 1940 PT, p. 13) the three antitypical Tribes of Levites: Kohathites (Ancient Worthies); Merarites (Great Company); Gershonites (Youthful Worthies). The Consecrated Campers cannot be said to be anticipatorily in the Millennial‑Age Court because they will not be a part of the Millennial‑Age firstborns, as is true of the Worthies. All the Worthies have been anticipatorily in the Millennial‑Age Court, because that is where they will be resurrected. Their “better resurrection” (Heb. 11:35) will put them in that Court when they come forth from the tomb. The Highway of Holiness will be opened up in the Camp for all Restitutionists, including the quasi‑elect. There will be no ‘narrow way’ in the Camp then, nor has there ever been a narrow way in the Camp – in the Patriarchal, Jewish or Gospel Ages – no ‘narrow’ way in the Camp for Restitutionists to sacrifice at any time.

The marked distinction between the Worthies and Consecrated Campers is very clearly defined in Noah’s Ark – where the six saved classes of human beings are set forth. Noah and his wife type Christ and the Church; Shem and his wife the Ancient Worthies; Japheth and his wife the Great Company; Ham and his wife the Youthful Worthies; the clean animals the repentant and believing Jews and Gentiles; the unclean animals the remainder of the restitutionists. The marked difference between human beings and animals reveals the sharp difference between the elect and the non‑elect; no sane person would mistake one for the other. Yet RGJ is telling us that his Campers (consecrated Restitutionists) are so zealous of good works, serving the Lord, that it is almost impossible to discern the difference in them and the Youthful Worthies! It is almost impossible to discern between the elect and the non‑elect, he is telling us – between the faithful elect and the Restitutionists. His claim makes a complete Jumble out of the picture in Noah’s Ark. The quasi‑elect have an anticipatorial standing in the Millennial‑Age Camp, the same as all Restitutionists. The difference between the quasi‑elect and the other Restitutionists is, they will be better prepared to walk up the Highway of Holiness than the residue of mankind.

(Reprint of question by Brother Hoefle in No. 256, October 1976)