by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 369

“Not every one who says to me, Master, Master, will enter into the kingdom of the Heavens; but he who performs the will of that Father of mine. Many will say to Me in that day, have we not taught in thy name?: and in Thy name expelled demons? and in Thy name performed many wonders? And then I will plainly, declare to them, I never approved of you.” (Matt. 7:21‑23,Dia.) Inasmuch as the Lord says “many” would be guilty of these defects, it would seem we should have little difficulty in locating them; but it has been well stated that all systems of error have some truth, some good in them; otherwise, they would fool no one. Some of the worst systems of error require their adherents to live exemplary lives in some respects – no tobacco, no alcohol, some even forbidding condiments, such as salt, pepper, and the like. Outwardly, many such would be considered as “examples of the believers” by the multitude not skilled in discerning spiritual things; and St. Paul stresses this point in Rom. 2:28, 29, Dia.: “Not that which is external (outwardly) makes the Jew, nor that which is external in the flesh circumcision (the mere physical performance of circumcision counts for nothing); but the Jew is hidden within, even circumcision of the heart – spiritual, not literal; whose praise comes not from men, but from God.” Clearly enough, “Man looketh on the outward appearance,” but this avails nothing. “The Lord looketh on the heart”; thus, to his own Lord each man will stand or fall.

Inasmuch as “many” will be clamoring for recognition in “that day when I make up My Jewels,” we may logically conclude that there would be varying degrees of guilt in those who receive the answer, “I never approved of you.” Therefore, we shall consider here only those who have been more prominent in misleading “the unstable and the unlearned”; and these are clearly set forth in the type of Balaam, whose record is to be found in Numbers 22, 23, and 24. He is mentioned three times in the New Testament 2 Peter 2:15, Jude 11, and Rev. 2:14; and the Berean Comments on these verses say he is a type of those who teach error for profit. The Apostle Peter says such are guilty of “alluring unstable souls...having forsaken the right path, they wandered; having followed the way of Balaam... they loved the reward of unrighteousness.” In Revelation they are mentioned for the first time in connection with the Pergamos Church – the third epoch of the Gospel‑Age Church – where it says of them, “Thou hast there those holding the teaching of Balaam... and in like manner those holding the teachings of the Nicolaitines” (power “graspers in the Church).

It is well to emphasize here that the Pergamos period of the Church was the one in which the Roman Catholic and the Greek Catholic Churches began to rise to influence and to grasp for power, influence and wealth in the earth. It had its beginning about 313 AD, when Constantine gave his approval to the Bishop of Rome as the outstanding authority in the Christian Church. When he assembled the Council of Nice in 325 AD to establish the doctrine of the Trinity, almost the entire assembly of Bishops from all parts of the realm gave sanction to the teaching – the only exceptions being Arius (then about 75 years old) and two other bishops. These three were banished from the Roman Empire. The comment on the Pergamos Church is “where Satan’s seat is... where Satan Dwelleth.” This is indeed fitting description of the Roman Hierarchy, which during that era began “to hold the teaching of Balaam.”

However, it is not our wish to offer profuse detail on Dark‑Age happenings, or of early American history. Rather, we shall concentrate upon present‑day conditions, since the members of antitypical Balaam are so much in evidence on radio and television and in the printing press. Occasionally we give ear to some of them, because their very errors and tactics give much food for thought. Solomon was well alerted to such in his day; and he offers sound description of them in Prov. 6:12, 13 (Rotherham): “An Abandoned man, a man of iniquity is he who Winketh with his eyes, speaketh with his foot, pointeth with his fingers.” Here is a terse description of an actor; and, when we see any one resorting to the antics of an actor in the Church, we may be certain he is a phony – a member of antitypical Balaam. The true teachers in the Church all during the Age have never found it expedient to resort to the actor’s technique. St. Paul offers sound counsel: “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt.” (Col. 4:6) In view of the numerous warnings of Jesus to “be not as the actors,” we may be certain He resorted to none of it in His sermons. On the contrary, “All bare Him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of His mouth.” (Luke 4:22)

When That Servant died in 1916 there shortly arose numerous divisions among those who had been his enthusiastic followers; and the evidence is clear enough that many of them followed “the teaching of Balaam,” so we now offer some interesting facts about some of them.


In less than a year after That Servant’s demise J. F. Rutherford had firmly established himself in power as President of the organization. Then the adherents were known as the International Bible Students Ass’n; the name Jehovah’s Witnesses was not adopted until about 1931. But the Judge began immediately to modernize operations; he would put some ‘zip’ into the organization. This had its first real pronounced impetus at the Cedar Point Convention at Sandusky, Ohio, in September 1919 – a few months after JFR and his seven associates had been released from Atlanta penitentiary, which had been their home for about a year due to their unwarranted criticism of the United States’ efforts in the Great War. At that Convention he stressed the importance of service – let each Class appoint a Service Director, and prepare for the big drive. He then persuaded certain salesmen in the group to go from city to city to instruct the brethren in high‑class sales methods; service was emphasized above all else. Even the development of good character was relegated to limbo. “You do not develop a character; you are a character,” said he. Thus, the exalted standards of the High Calling, which had prevailed under That Servant, were soon sullied and passe. Tobacco, alcohol and other vices quickly became acceptable – although it should be stated, in fairness, that after his death in 1942, reforms were instituted by the Present Management.

Altho That Servant had advocated service as a necessary way of the Christian life, his was a gracious persuasion, and not high‑pressured commercial technique. At his death there was estimated to be about 40,000 readers of the semi‑monthly Watch Tower, making for publication of about 75,000 of the magazines each month. The present average monthly publication of the paper is 15,600,000 – a lusty 2,000 per cent increase as a result of the ‘improved’ methods instituted by The Judge. By present‑day commercial standards that would be rated an outstanding success. At five cents each, that means a monthly return of $780,000 – or $9,360,000 per year. Thus, it is easily discerned that the operation may be reckoned as ‘big business.’ Now, the principal cost of the magazine is the paper and ink – no advertising, no sales expense, no taxes of any kind – so a little calculation will readily reveal a handsome profit, what with the labor production cost being a very minimum – no unions, no strikes for ‘higher wages,’ no competition. Perhaps we should exercise charity and not unequivocally quote the text, “Thou hast there those holding the teaching of Balaam” (type of those that teach error for profit); but, whether or not we correctly evaluate the ‘profit’ motive, we do unequivocally attest to the error they have produced, and the autocratic methods which have prevailed in their undertaking since 1916. While it was true that That Servant had absolute control over every feature of the work while he was there – the whole thing belonged to him – yet he used, but never abused that power. But to guard against another individual gaining the same supremacy, he stated in his will that seven brethren should form the editorial committee of the Watch Tower; but that mandate was short‑lived – the Judge quickly saw to that. He would tolerate no restraint from any one; he would be master of all he surveyed. But in America such high‑handed dictatorship is not lightly taken; and just recently there has come to us an article published in February 1972, about one result of such management:


“Briefly stated, ……. was Legal Counsel for the Watchtower organization at the Brooklyn headquarters from 1935 to 1939. On July 21, 1939 he submitted a letter of resignation in protest against a number of internal organizational matters, chiefly discrimination and ill treatment of headquarters personnel. But the resignation was actually transformed into a summary discharge on a 12‑hour notice.

“Because of the material published in the Watchtower magazines of October 15 and November 15, 1939, ……. brought suit to recover $100,000 damages. A jury, on May 27, 1943, awarded $30,000, which was reduced to $15,000 and costs, on appeal. The Watchtower paid up. (This last statement is made because there have been subsequent distortions by some members of that organization.)

“The events surrounding the trial and the testimony brought out during it provide a wealth of information as to what the so‑called ‘Theocracy’ of the Watchtower is, in fact. For one thing it is guilty of the same sins it so zealously accuses other religious organizations of committing and omitting. although it appropriates to itself the terms ‘Theocracy’ and ‘God’s organization,’ it is an organization of mere men with capacities for evil and good. ‘Judge’ Rutherford was every bit a Hitler or a Catholic Pope, two of his pet symbols of evil. He could have said ‘The Theocracy’ as easily as Louis XIV.

“The testimony at the trial revealed that the headquarters staff had to be ever mindful of the possible consequences of chance remarks or off‑the‑cuff opinions. Who was friend and who was foe was an important factor in personal relationships at ‘Bethel,’ the name given the dormitory at 124 Columbia Heights, and the factory at 117 Adams Street, both in Brooklyn, N.Y. It was also abundantly clear in the testimony in ...... vs. Franz that a very real ‘thought control’ extended to the membership as a whole, and that means world‑wide. .…… had encountered the facts of that control when he attempted to re‑establish his life and business in his home state of Wisconsin after leaving Bethel, July of 1939. It confirmed his resolve to bring suit, and the jury, hearing and seeing the indoctrinated witnesses at the trial, also concluded there was a certain concerted plan to blacken the name of .......

“The trial lasted about three weeks and the printed record of it runs to almost 2,000 pages in three volumes.

“Many readers are aware of the changes in the Watchtower after its founder, ‘Pastor’ Charles T. Russell died and ‘Judge’ Joseph F. Rutherford became the boss. The trial testimony admits enough facts to indicate that all was not exactly ‘Godlike’ or ‘Theocratic,’ or even democratic, in the methods Rutherford used to secure his position. We learn that Rutherford first became affiliated and active with the Watchtower movement about 1909. By 1915 Rutherford, having been a member of the Board of Directors, withdrew from active service and the Society loaned him $1,000 to go out and set up a business in Los Angeles. (Altho not clear in the trial testimony, several individuals have told me that Russell paid the money to get Rutherford away from headquarters because he was a dangerous man.) As soon as Russell died in October of 1916 Rutherford took a lively interest in Watchtower affairs, became a candidate for the presidency and was elected in 1917.

“Altho Pastor Russell in his will had ordered that the Board of Directors should control the organization, and not one man, Rutherford immediately violated this by preparing and having a bylaw enacted which gave him complete authority in organization affairs. It was the first bylaw change ever made and it created considerable turmoil. There was a demand for an investigation and an attempt to rescind it. Rutherford was successful in ejecting all dissenting directors from Bethel and solidifying his position in the organization. The new bylaws and Charter of the Society ensured lifetime tenure for Rutherford and the “faithful” directors and became in effect a self‑perpetuating body.

“The plaintiff was aware of some dissension at Bethel in 1917, but cast his lot with the dominant group. His religious inclinations made him quite susceptible to the subtle thought control coming from Bethel in Brooklyn, until in 1935 he joyously accepted the call to serve ‘God’s Organization’ in his chosen profession as a lawyer. Disillusionment started soon after his residence at Bethel, but he was not one to act in haste. The opening salvo of battle was fired in October of 1940 with the service of a summons upon Rutherford and the Society. Rutherford died in January 8, 1942; and I believe ------- was disappointed at the loss of an opportunity for a confrontation with the pseudo‑messiah.

“Rutherford was a pseudo judge also. The testimony of the trial explains that although never elected or appointed to office as a Judge, he was advertised as such, because some time before 1917, while in a court at Booneville, Mo., the lawyers present elected him as a temporary judge for a period of but four days.

“Subsequent to the successful end of ------- personal Armageddon, additional evidence continued to come in about the evil and vindictive use of the power Rutherford enjoyed as the head of a body of devoted, but deluded martyrs (witnesses) of the ‘Theocracy.’ Not all were deluded, however. The top echelons of the organization were (and probably are today) aware of the absence of divinity and the presence of base humanity in the Watchtower theocracy.”

The general gist of much of the foregoing was quite familiar to us before the paper came to us. We learned from personal experience with Rutherford in the early twenties just what manner of person he was; and that persuaded us then to sever all relations with him and the Watchtower organization – for which we breathe a prayer of thanks at every remembrance of our good fortune. However, as stated aforegoing, we are content to treat lightly the financial complex of the Watchtower’s activities, and apply ourselves to some of their errors of teaching. The complexion of many of their teachings has changed with the rapidity of a chameleon changing color. It has been stressed by some of their top officials that “we do not believe this year what we believed last year; and we probably won’t believe next year what we are believing this year.” Thus, it seems unbelievable that educated men in America could be hoodwinked by such ‘sleight of hand’; and we are strongly reminded of the Scripture, “Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel.” (Gen. 49:4) Eventually, the axiom must prevail, “Be sure your sin will find you out.” Without attempting exhaustive analysis of their devious system of error, we shall confine this presentation to a perusal of their attitude past and present, toward

THE JEWS: – Going back to 1910, Pastor Russell was then in absolute control of the Watch Tower as owner, editor and publisher. Having a very clear understanding of Jewish hopes and prospects as they are revealed in the Old Testament, he arranged for a special meeting in the Hippodrome Theatre in New York City to explain his understanding of those prophecies; and the theatre was filled with Jews, many of them of high rank in American Society. So well were they persuaded that for many years after 1910 many Jews fondly referred to him as their Pastor.

However, after four years of devastating war from 1914 to 1918, the Gentile nations were so weakened that disaster was apparent on all hands. Whether the somber outlook was the motivating force, we cannot now know, but Great Britain asked for the Mandatory over Palestine, which was granted by the League of Nations on July 24, 1922, the same being known as The Balfour Declaration. But a slight detail should be mentioned here that is not in many of the records. Lord Curzon was then the British representative to the League, and he was very much against the Jews rebuilding Palestine. Thus, the outlook was dark indeed that the resolution before the League would receive favorable action. However, just before the matter was to appear for discussion Lord Curzon became ill, and England then appointed Lord Balfour to take his place. He was fully in favor of confirmation; and his appointment caused many Jews enthusiastically to declare, “It is a miracle from God.”

But the real miracle there was the Mandate itself, which came as a free gift to the Jews with little or no help from the Jews themselves. To those familiar with the history of Zionism this was indeed a miracle. After the dispersion in 70 AD by the Romans, the Jews tried every device known to man to regain their beloved homeland. They tried to buy it from the Turks; they tried to take it by force of arms; they tried to secure it through diplomatic channels – all of which met a blank wall at every effort. The “due time” had not yet come for them to rebuild the country; but, when the “due time” did arrive, God then gave it to them as a gift, which left no cause whatever for them to boast about what they had done, because they had not done anything. The United States, Great Britain, and other Gentile Governments combined to do for them what inspired prophecy had said would be done when the “due time’ arrived.

There is another incident worthy of record here: In 1917 British General Allenby had charge of the army that was beseiging Jerusalem; and he was well informed that his strength was amply sufficient to capture the city. But, knowing the reverent regard for the City by Christian and Jew alike, he did not want his cannons to devastate the many places there that held such appealing historical background. Therefore, he assembled his entire air strength, and ordered them to fly over the City in the hope the Turks would be intimidated to surrender. Which is exactly what they did – without a battle – and the City was saved. It is our opinion that the prophecy in Isa. 31:4, 5 was that day fulfilled, which we now quote from the Rotherham translation: “Yaveh of hosts will come down to make war over Mount Zion, and over the hill thereof. As little mother birds hovering so will Yaveh of hosts throw a covering over Jerusalem, – Covering so will He rescue, Passing over so will He deliver.” Certainly, it requires no stretch of our imagination to conclude that this prophecy, “as birds flying,” was fulfilled that day in 1917.

COMFORT FOR THE JEWS” – When J. F. Rutherford seized control of the Watchtower in 1917, the tree was still green; and many of the superior interpretations of Scripture that had emanated from the mind of Pastor Russell were still zealously accepted by “The Judge” and those that supported him. This was true of the Jewish question, too; and this prompted him in 1925 to publish “Comfort For The Jews,” a book of 127 pages designed especially to accomplish the “comfort” that the caption indicates. In the Foreword there are these lines: “This volume will be of profound interest to Jews and Gentiles alike. It is the first unbiased presentation of the subject from the Scriptural viewpoint published.”

The following brief, but disconnected quotations from that book will leave no doubt in the minds of our readers that the “Judge” then cherished warm friendship for the Jewish people and their place in prophecy. Here is the opening statement:

“Are the Jews the rightful owners and justly entitled to the full and uninterrupted possession of the land of Palestine? Will the Jews be restored to the possession of the land of Palestine, build there their permanent home and establish a government which shall beneficially affect other peoples of the earth? (p.5)... The question then arises, Who is a Jew? (p. 6) A Jew is one who is the natural descendant of Jacob (Israel) and who has faith in the words uttered by Jacob concerning Judah. Such a one will have faith in all the promises which God has made to the Israelites through His prophets, who were holy men of old. (p. 8)

“That class of natural descendants of Jacob who have such faith in God and in His word, really are Jews; and they will receive comfort by now giving a careful consideration to the prophecies of God’s word (p.9)... It will be found that the Scriptures definitely teach that salvation is of the Jews because it is from the tribe of Judah that Shiloh the Messiah comes, He who shall be the Savior and Deliverer of mankind – the Jews first and thereafter the Gentiles. (p. 11) The rebuilding of Palestine is now beginning (in 1925) and is well under way. This is being done clearly in fulfillment of prophecy uttered as promises from Jehovah. (p. 12) Of all the peoples of the world the Jews have the greatest reason for faith in Jehovah God and His Word. No other people were ever favored as were the Jews. (pp. 12, 13)

“When Abraham was 175 years old he died. God had promised him the land and had bound the promise with His oath; but Abraham never possessed a foot of it as his own. Does that mean that God’s promises are not true? It does not. God’s promises are sure; therefore, we must understand that it is the purpose of the Lord at some future time to raise Abraham out of death and give to him, and to his offspring who have the faith of Abraham, all the land that He promised him. That time is at hand. Hence every Jew should take comfort therefrom. (p. 18) Let every Jew take courage now and know that the promises that the Lord God made to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob and to the Israelites through the prophets are absolutely certain of fulfillment. (p. 19)

“God established with Israel the true religion; namely, that they should worship Jehovah as the only true God. (p. 37) Why did the nation of Israel fall? The answer is, because of their unfaithfulness to Jehovah God. (p. 44) But Is Israel cast off forever? The answer is, No indeed. Mark the statement made by the Lord to Ezekiel at the time of pronouncing the final decree against them. It is – ‘I will overturn, overturn, overturn it; and it shall be no more until He come whose right it is; and I will give it to Him.” (Ezek. 21:27) The mere fact that the Lord said He would overturn it until a set time, is conclusive proof that it is God’s purpose to restore Israel to His favor. (p. 45)

“That God has made the promise to Abraham that He would give to him, and to his seed after him, the land of Palestine for an everlasting inheritance, is of itself sufficient proof that at some time Israel would be regathered there and have possession of the land forever. (p. 53)... The men who are really doing the work of rebuilding Palestine are called ‘chaluzim,’ which means pioneers. Many of these are men of splendid education and training, but they are devoted to the arduous labor of rebuilding their homeland. (p. 62)... This is the time therefore (in 1925) when a message of comfort must come to the Jew. Every one who loves Jehovah should take pleasure in passing the good tidings on to those who are Jews and who desire to know and to do God’s holy will. (p. 69)... The blessing carries with it all the favors of health, peace, prosperity and happiness. Every feature of the divine law therefore becomes important to the Jew first, and afterwards to all those who shall receive the blessings through   the divinely provided seed. (p. 80)

“During the past few years the strenuous efforts put forth by the Jews have resulted in enlisting many men and gathering considerable money and accomplishing some results in the rebuilding of their homeland. But they realize there is something lacking. Mr. Leon Simon, writing concerning the significance of Palestine for the Jews, says: “Palestine has not been restored to the Jews. The Jews are not a corporate body of the kind to which a country could be given. (p. 93) (But this is now an accomplished fact in 1972 – JJH)

“Has God spent all these years in an effort merely to establish Israel in Palestine to give her a home? No; that is not the sole purpose. God’s purpose is to regather Israel into that land that she may become a mighty nation, even greater than in the past, and that through her the peoples may be brought back into harmony with God and all the families of the earth receive a blessing through Abraham’s seed as promised. And to this end God has promised to make a new covenant with the Jews (p. 96,97)... God has gathered many of the people of Israel into the land of Palestine. As they begin to grow in wisdom by learning the Lord’s Word, God will draw near unto them and make with them a new covenant as He has promised (p. 98)... What could be God’s purpose in making a new covenant with Israel? In order that Israel might know what is required of her before she can receive the promised blessings, and that by keeping this covenant she may be blessed (p. 99)...

“God promised the land to Abraham and to Isaac and to Jacob. They are all dead. They have not had any part in the land. How can these promises be made good to them? If they remain forever dead the promises cannot be made good to them. God has promised, however, to open the graves and bring them up out of the graves, even as it is written, ‘Thus saith the Lord God, I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel.’ – Ezek. 37:13 (p. 101)... Now in the latter days, at the close of the Gentile Times, God’s favor is returning to Israel and the light begins to shine as the great antitypical Jubilee opens. (p. 106)... It is quite apparent that the first and chief purpose of the Law was to foreshadow better things to come and that by this schoolmaster God would teach the Jews concerning this blessing, that they might be used by Him in due time to give blessings to others. (p. 108)

“In view of the fact that we are approaching the time when the new covenant is to be made, it behooves every Jew to look well to the teaching of God’s Word that he may see what provision God has made. (p. 110)... Now the positive promise through the Prophet Hosea is that God will redeem man from death, the grave, and destroy death (p. 111)... The race must be blessed with an opportunity for life, because God by His word and by His oath promised Abraham that such should be (p. 112)... The time has come for Israel’s blindness to be removed and for her to see what wonderful provisions God has made for the salvation of the Jews and for the establishment of them again in their homeland… (p. 123)

“It must be apparent to every Jew who has followed the argument herein set forth, which has been based exclusively upon the Holy Scriptures, that God intends Israel, the Jews, to have the land of Palestine; that He promised that land to Abraham and to his seed after him, and that He purposes to keep that promise; that for many centuries God has by various experiences been teaching the Jews, and through them other peoples, that He is Jehovah God... that all who prove their love for God and loyalty and faithfulness to Him shall receive His blessings. (p. 125)

“The Jews now, in fulfillment of prophecy, are being regathered to Palestine (p. 125)… The day has come when Israel shall know as never before that Jehovah is her God. ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance.’ (Psa. 33:12) The day of Jubilee is come; the good news must be given to the people of Israel and then to all the peoples of the earth. The long dark period of Israel’s warfare is ended. The favor of God is being extended to her… (pp. 126‑27) Some one who loves the Lord must speak the message of comfort to the Jews. The time has come for the prophecy to have its fulfillment... Let the good tidings be told, to wit:

‘Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, saith your God. Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the Lord’s hand double for all her sins. O Zion, that bringest good tidings, get thee up into the high mountain: O Jerusalem, that bringest good tidings, lift up thy voice with strength; lift it up, be not afraid; say unto the cities of Judah, Behold your God.” – Isa. 40:1, 9” (Page 127)

SUMMATION – The foregoing gives a clear resume of the teachings concerning the Jews that prevailed with the Watchtower group in 1925 – which was 47 years ago. Many of their present‑day zealots were not yet born then, so they are in complete ignorance of the reversal that has taken place. Of their extensive membership today less than 10,000 were affiliated with them in 1925. Therefore, the large majority who now preach annihilation for the Jews in Armageddon may be quite honest in their belief, which does not make it right, of course. In the foregoing pages we have offered a very brief synopsis of the 1925 book, almost all of which is a paraphrase of Pastor Russell’s conclusions concerning the past, present and future status of that race as it appears in the Great Eternal Purpose of God. We were in full accord with all of it in 1925 – and we still are in full accord with it; and all the Watchtower adherents were then also in full accord with it. At least, we ourselves do not know of one dissenting voice among them at that time. Now the Witnesses have completely reversed themselves, and are not only not “speaking comfortably to Jerusalem,” but they are speaking very “dis” comforting tidings, as they resign them to extinction in Armageddon. Of course, they are doing this with every one now who does not accept them; but they emphasize it as regards the Jews. Just what has caused them to reverse themselves, we may not know; but they are now following the pattern pursued by their large Gospel‑Age counterpart, the Roman Catholic Church, which over the centuries past also carried out a pronounced antagonism toward the Jews – instigated perhaps by their failure to convert the Jews to their system of error. This may be at the bottom of the Witnesses’ present attitude also; but we offer this only as a possibility.

“Comfort For The Jews” ends with Isa. 40:1, 9, as given above, and the frontispiece has a picture of Jerusalem underneath which is this Scripture from Psa. 122:6: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem – they shall prosper that love thee.” In between these two Scriptures is to be found the general contents of the book; and on p. 69 is to be found what we quoted aforegoing, which we now repeat for the benefit of our readers: “Every one who loves Jehovah should take pleasure in passing the good tidings on to those who are Jews and who desire to know and to do God’s holy will.” Therefore, comparing their 1925 teaching with what they now offer in 1972, it should be very clear that their “love of Jehovah” has experienced a direct reversal; and people who can be wrong on such a major tenet of Christian teaching may be equally wrong on many other lesser points. Thus, any teaching they present should be viewed with a critical eye. In fact, we are strongly reminded of Isa. 14:16 (in application only): “They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms?” “IN THY NAME PERFORMED MANY WONDERS.”

The Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement is another group that is following in the path of the Watchtower as respects the Jews – although they do not eliminate the Jews altogether, as do the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have made special effort to “comfort the Jews,” but out of the other side of their mouths they teach that their Campers Consecrated are to be special recipients of the “comfort” instead of the Jews – setting aside the teaching of That Servant and of the Apostle Paul, that the Jews will have the preeminence in the Mediatorial reign. They tell their Campers Consecrated that they are the chief class of Restitutionists now, and will also be the chief class at the inception of the Kingdom – as helpers to the visible ruling powers (the Worthies). The Witnesses contend the same for their Great Multitude. We hope, D.v. to give more details on this subject in a future writing; but for now, these two groups – the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement – are the only groups emanating from the organization left at the death of Pastor Russell – so far as we know – who have sullied his teaching on the “Jewish Hopes and Prospects” with vagarious teachings of their own invention. Thus, neither of these groups is now offering the Scriptural “comfort to the Jews.” Many sects in Christendom are now proffering some of this Scriptural “comfort” – much to the shame of these two groups, who have grossly revolutionized against the light they once had and taught – and have gone into “outer darkness” (error) thereon. (Matt. 25:30 – See Berean Comment)

Once more we would stress the counsel of St. Paul in 2 Tim. 3:13, 14, Diaglott: – “Evil men and impostors will make progress for the worse, deceiving and being deceived. But do thou continue in the things which thou didst learn (from tried and proven teachers such as That Servant), and wast convinced of, knowing by whom thou hast been instructed.

“For God will save Zion, and will build the cities of Judah: that they may dwell there, and have it in possession. The seed also of his servants shall inherit it: and they that love his name shall dwell therein. (Psa. 69:35‑36)