by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 442

“I worship the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the Law and in the Prophets.” (Acts 24:14)


Messianic terms and/or abbreviations used in this teaching: Yeshua = Jesus; Messiah = Christ; Tanach = Old Testament.

God’s Shalom to you from Jerusalem! The Holy Scriptures contain warnings that in the last days many deceptions and winds of false doctrines would blow against the congregation of Yeshua. In Romans 11, Paul described us as part of an olive tree. Since that is the case, we need to develop strong, deep roots. A tree without a well‑developed root system is easily felled by strong winds. Therefore, in order not to be swayed by every wind of doctrine, let us allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen the roots of the faith, in our theology as well as in our daily walk.

If we view ourselves as the Olive Tree, then the Spirit of God is the life‑bearing sap which brings nourishment and water from our roots in the Tanach to the fruit‑filled branches of the New Testament body. Without roots a tree is cut off from its source of life. This fact mirrors the state of the organized Christian Church during its history. (Many old and resurgent heresies, such as Gnosticism and Replacement “theology” come from a misunderstanding or a misuse of the Word of God in the Tanach.) The recognition of the current validity of the Old Testament to our walk with God today, is of the utmost importance to keep us scripturally balanced.

 When our Messiah walked the earth, there was no New Testament! When Peter preached to the Jews on the day of Pentecost (Shavuot), he preached from the Tanach! When Yeshua defeated Satan in the wilderness, He quoted the “Law of Moses” (Deuteronomy) three times, and the devil fled! Paul preaching to the Gentiles used the Tanach. In fact, in the letter to the Romans, Paul uses Old Testament verses as his proof texts about 50 times to validate New Testament doctrines. This shows that the basis of Paul’s doctrine and revelation of Messiah was found in the Tanach.

Consider the following questions: Do we really believe in the same Scriptures that Yeshua and the apostles based their faith upon? If the Tanach was the Word of God then, is it still the Word of God today? Is it as much the Word of God for us today as is the New Testament?

The answers to these questions need to be settled in our minds and hearts so we can understand the total revelation of Himself that God has given to us. How often have you heard someone say, or said yourself, “I’m a New Testament believer.” We prefer not to claim to be cut off from our roots! We are Bible believers. We recognize that the written revelation of God begins at Genesis 1:1 and goes to the end of the book of Revelation. In fact, if Genesis 1:1 is not the tent-peg of our faith, that is, faith in God Who is the Creator of all, then everything else we believe is built on sand!

Realizing, then, that the New Testament refers to the Old Testament when using the term “Scriptures” consider these verses:

John 10:35 “...the scripture cannot be broken...”

John 5:39 “Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life and they... testify of Me.”

2 Timothy 3:16,17 “All scripture given by inspiration of God is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

There are two fundamental questions we can answer which will fully convince us of the truth that the Tanach is still God’s Word for us today. 1. “What is the New Testament view of the Tanach?” and 2. “How did Yeshua view the Tanach?”

1. What is the New Testament view of the Tanach?

According to Walter Kaiser Jr., in his excellent book Toward Rediscovering the Old Testament, there are approximately 300 direct verse citations, 200 unacknowledged and 1,100 reworded or paraphrased verses used in the New Testament from the Tanach. Thus, about 1,600 verses found in the New Testament for doctrine, to teach and encourage, to warn and prove that Yeshua is the Messiah are taken from the Old Testament.

Consider that the New Testament does not make a distinction between what God says and what the Tanach says. If the Tanach states something, the New Testament writers assume that it is God Himself who states it, even if it is not directly credited to Him. Here are a couple of examples.

In Acts 4:24‑25 the apostles are praying, “Lord, You are God... who by the mouth of Your servant David has said, why did the nations rage...”, etc. They are thinking of Psalms 2 which was written by David. They correctly assume that it was God Himself who wrote this through David, His servant.

Paul, in Gal. 3:8 states, “The scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed.” Notice, Paul claims that the Scripture says this when, in the original account (Gen. 12:1-3), it is God Himself speaking. Here are other examples: Matt. 19:4,5 with Gen. 1:27; 2:23,24; Rom.9:17 with Exodus 9:16.

We have already mentioned 2 Tim. 3:16,17 which is the New Testament statement on the relevance of the Tanach for believers. Do we really grasp what God’s Spirit is saying here about the benefits of “the Old Testament”? Let us examine this verse in detail.

“All scripture given by inspiration of God is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good-works.” Now consider:

“All scripture...” – that means both the Old and the New Testament.

“All scripture given by inspiration of God...” – is Godbreathed by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:20,21) and just as accurate as if God Himself used the pen.

“All scripture... is profitable for doctrine...” – profitable means useful; doctrine means teaching. Paul is urging the church to study the Tanach to get her doctrine and teaching material! He knew we cannot have solid doctrine without this part of God’s Word. For example, we cannot fully understand salvation and what occurred at the cross without understanding Leviticus 16 (Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement), Isaiah 53 (the Suffering Servant), and many other pictures in the Tanach that fully reveal Calvary.

“...profitable [useful] for... reproof [rebuke]...” – this is an act of mercy on God’s part. (See Prov. 1:23; 3:11.) Has God ever rebuked you using the Tanach?

“profitable for... correction...” – correction literally means “restoration to an upright position or right state; setting straight that which has become bent or twisted.” The Tanach can be used as a tool in the hand of God to restore us to Himself after we sin.

“...profitable for... instruction in righteousness...” – this pictures the submission of a disciple to the rules of instruction given by his teacher. It implies growth from childhood to maturity, from weakness to strength. Note also that this righteousness is a righteousness which is by faith. The New Testament constantly uses Old Testament saints and/or verses to prove that “the just shall live by his faith,” a verse originally found in Habakkuk 2:4. (See Rom. 1:16,17; Gal. 3:11; Heb. 10:38. Also Rom. 4:3 and 10:5,6. In Rom. 10: 6, Paul uses Deut. 30:12‑14 to describe “the righteous­ness which is of faith.”)

“That the man of God may be perfect [mature], thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” In this chapter, verses 14 and 15, Paul encourages Timothy to “continue in all the things you have learned.” This includes “The Holy Scriptures [Paul’s name for “the Old Testament”] which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith which is in Messiah Yeshua.” Hallelujah! People can get saved by reading and/or hearing God’s Word in the Tanach and seeing that Yeshua is the promised Messiah! We can preach the Gospel out of the Old Testament, just like Peter on the Day of Pentecost! Can you, using only the Tanach, present the gospel message of Yeshua the Messiah? It is amazing how many Jewish people will listen to Scriptures from “their” Bible! (see Acts 28:23)

2. How Did Yeshua View the Tanach?

Yeshua saw the Tanach as the Word of God. In Matt. 5:17,18 He warns us against even thinking that He has come to do away with the Tanach. He states that it will stand as God’s Word until all has been fulfilled, which means until there is a new heaven and earth (Isa. 65:17).

In Mark 7:1-13 Yeshua reveals that a lack of respect for God’s Word revealed in the Tanach is the basis for the Pharisees’ hypocrisy. In Verses 7‑10, He accuses them of teaching man’s tradition as opposed to “the commandments of God... making the Word of God of no effect...” Consider in what ways we in the church may be guilty of the same thing. Here are other verses where Yeshua says that the Tanach is God’s Word: Mark 12:24, 29‑31,36; Luke 10:25‑28; 16:29‑31; John 10:35.

Yeshua also used the Tanach to settle arguments. In Matt. 12:1‑7, when some Pharisees saw His disciples on the Sabbath plucking heads of grain to eat, Yeshua’s defense was the story of David using the shewbread to feed his hungry men. Also see Matt. 21:15,16; 22:29-46; John 5:39, 45-47.

Yeshua had faith in God’s Tanach! When tested by Satan in the wilderness, He defended Himself by quoting verses from Deuteronomy. Yeshua actually used “the Law of Moses” as a sword to defeat the enemy (Luke 4:1-13)!

His teaching used Tanach quotes frequently, both directly and indirectly. For example, His teaching on His return (Matt. 24:29‑31) is taken from many Tanach Scriptures: Isa. 53:10; 34:4; Dan. 7:13; Zech. 12:12; Isa. 27:13; Deut. 30:4 and Zech. 2:6. Even His ethical teachings are rooted in this same soil. See Matt. 7:12 and 19:16-19 as classic examples.

Finally, the basis of His own role as the Messiah depended entirely on the conviction that He must fulfill the Tanach. There are so many Scriptures in the Gospels to support this that we will cite only three and list a few others. In Matt.11:3-6, in answer to John the Baptist’s question as to whether He was the one who should come, Yeshua says ‘yes’ by telling John’s disciples to report what works they see Him do – works listed in several prophecies from Isaiah 29:18,19 and 34:5,6. In Luke 4:16-19 Yeshua announcing His ministry, while in a synagogue, quoted Isa. 61:1-2. Then He said, “This day is this Scripture fulfilled in your ears” (Luke 4:21). And in John 5:37‑39 Yeshua declares that we need to “search the Scriptures [the Old Testament] for... they testify of Me.” That is where He points us for proof of His Messiahship.

Here are a few of the many other examples: Matt. 22:41ff; 23:37‑39; 26:24; 27:46; Luke 12:49‑53; 18:31‑34; 22:22,37; 24:25-27, 44-49.


There is no doubt that the New Testament authors viewed the Old Testament as the Word of God, which was still valid for them in their walk with the Lord. There is not one sermon or teaching in the New Testament lacking a solid doctrinal foundation in that soil. In future lessons we will explore the basics of the Gospel and show how all of the Gospel is rooted and grounded in God’s Word as found in the Tanach. That is where the seeds were planted, the tree watered and weeded, pruned back and watched until the fullness of time. Then the fruit was ripe – and our Messiah appeared – “a light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of Thy people Israel.” (Luke 2:32)

(Christian Friends of Israel, May 1992, written by Chuck and Karen Cohen)


Excerpt from May 7, 1992 letter written from Israel to Eva Merrill and friends in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We would like to share with you a most surprising phenomenon! Just before his passing, Jack Campbell and his wife Connie got into phone and letter contact with Emek Ha‑Shalom and Herman Bezner, though they never met. Upon Jack’s passing, Connie handed us a map she had been sent and urged us to look them up. Finally we had a map of sorts, as in the past we were always confused as to the location of Emek Ha-Shalom.

We had some free afternoons and took the chance to really try to find Emek Ha-Shalom. Even the map was quite vague, but finally we turned off on a dirt side road in the foothills of Mt. Carmel, southeast of Haifa and north of Megiddo. It was not the best road but wound beautifully through a national pine forest and then tumbled over creamy hillsides like those around Butte College in northern California. We met a group of hiking young Israelis back in there, who helped by directing us on further – without which we may have given up and turned back. They had just come from Emek Ha-Shalom.

So we continued, and then suddenly, as we came over the brow of a hill, there in the valley, snuggled in the base of the hills, like a Western rancho – there it was – several red-tiled roof-tops amid huge gardens and groves of trees and orchards, all by itself - a most unusual sight – such a private place in Israel!

Upon driving up the tree-lined road to a little clearing bordered by machine sheds filled with several tractors, and past several houses, Joseph, companion of Herman, came out to meet us. When he heard our names he embraced us warmly – speak­ing most in Hebrew. We were ushered into a beautiful covered terrace engulfed with large flowering tropical plants. We were served a tropical drink from their own fruit and soon Herman, aged 92, came out! An amazing, spry little man, who had been removing rocks from a field earlier that day with Joseph, who in his early forties has been with Herman a long time, and translates for him since Herman speaks only German.

We talked warmly and shared for some hours together and were very surprised by the things we heard. It seems that Herman and his family read the writings of Charles Russell and they left the Methodist Church in Germany and came into the ‘Truth’ when he was age 18. Herman told us that Hitler persecuted the Bible Students as well, and all of his family were exterminated by the Nazis. Only Herman escaped, ran away to Austria and helped set up a small retreat, for hiding Bible Students in the southern Austr­ian Alps, which was never discovered by the Nazis.

Over 30 years ago the Lord indicated to Herman that he had to come to Israel and comfort the Jewish people. He came in 1962 and was able somehow to purchase 40 acres, at which time he started to build several small houses, all alone! After several years the Israel Government said he was a missionary and he was forced to leave the country here, even though he owned the land and all. So he returned to Germany for a short time.

But again the Lord indicated that his place was Israel, so he returned and when his case came up before the Government, a number of prominent Israelis spoke out on his behalf and he received permanent residency status. His companion Joseph even received citizen-ship, which Herman declined.

Since the beginning hundreds of trees and plants have been planted where there was nothing, even though the soil is sandy. Several more houses have been built and the original one expanded. Even one was built for a family with children they thought were coming to help them – which sits empty, waiting. A small dairy was built for cows, which they once had. It is quite an estate. All the building, planting and caretaking have been done alone, by hand, by Herman and Joseph.

They have become very well known over the years among Israelis. He showed us a huge stack of write‑ups in the Israeli press and they spoke of the endless stream of Israeli groups who come to visit – from school children to groups of army soldiers. They showed us scrapbook photo albums full of pictures of their many visitors – sometimes 10 groups a day – and no day passes without groups.

They are quite self-sufficient there, with eggs, fruit and vegetables for their daily needs; and because of the groups, they never leave for any length of time. They have been to Jerusalem only once! Just two days before we visited them they had a group headed by the head of army general commander Raphael Eitan. Herman speaks in German and Joseph translates in Hebrew. They both looked quite tired but their eyes were lively, active and sparkled!

We asked Herman what he spoke to them about and he said, “Israel’s prophetic destiny, the coming Kingdom and rulership of Christ as Messiah!” Remember, Israelis go clear in there to him. Wow, is he a staunch supporter of Israel in every sense of the word, and he has very negative reactions to Bush/Baker, etc.

We asked him what reactions he got from all these Israelis and he said they had many questions and were very open always and that they keep coming. It is all rather mind- boggling, indeed. We prayed and shared Scripture together.

They also built an octagonal-shaped meeting hall to seat over 100 where they can speak to groups indoors. It has an adjacent dining room and kitchen where groups can meet and also have their meals. It is breathtaking, the setting and all! They are growing wheat on their farm land which Joseph himself harvests.

They were also anxious to hear about us and asked many questions. They were shocked to learn that we had been in Israel for 18 years already and that we had never met each other. They were even more amazed to hear we had been 13 years in Nes Ammim. Herman Bezner brought out a paper showing us that he was originally involved in the first Nes Ammim move­ment in Europe! But then when the original Swiss and Americans backed away due to disagreements over the idea, Herman said he already saw it starting to go wrong and he stopped his involve­ment. We related some of our experiences there and how it started to move in the direction of the “New Age.” Neither Herman nor Joseph were surprised.

They were so very glad we finally found them and came to visit. They had never heard of Stuart or Jean Livermore. Herman and Joseph want us to get together more often. So we promised that when Connie comes up, we will get together again. They have no telephone and really can hardly leave the place there due to all their groups and visitors. They don’t even have a watch dog! Yet they are not located far from the camp where those Arabs surprised and savagely killed those soldiers.

But they are not afraid. At times, they say, the army helicopters fly over them at night to see if all is all right there. Isn’t it amazing that the Bible Students have had a beautiful center in Israel for over 30 years and most of the movement has not even known about it!

Pray for Herman and Joseph, who are so dedicated to Israel but seem to be running out of strength.

Faithfully, Lev and Hava Bausch



QUESTION – If any consecrated now and failed to be begotten of the Holy Spirit, where would the Lord place them?

ANSWER – We would presume that if they were faithful, to the extent of laying down, their lives in the service of righteousness and truth, that God would give them a share some way with the Ancient Worthies. In other words, that if such should pass into the time of trouble to a considerable degree, and there lose their lives because of faithfulness to the Lord, that he would do just the same for them that he will do for the Ancient Worthies – they will be counted in with the ancient worthy class.

(Question Book, p. 152)



Dear Sister Hoefle: Grace and peace through our dear Lord and Savior!

Let me first apologize for the delay in acknowledging your letter, which was received with much appreciation. As you mentioned, the changes in the Manna are not too important. Nevertheless, as I have told the brethren long before they appeared, that judging from what Rutherford did with that book after the demise of Brother Russell, we should never trust any changes of the books written by That Servant. Anyway, we know that those who trust in the Lord shall never be removed or stumbled.

I was privileged to visit the brethren in Kingston on Sunday last. All were in attendance and we all enjoyed each moment. One of the subjects dealt with was when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the ten commandments to communicate with Israel his face shone; therefore, he had to put a veil on his face while communicating (Ex. 34:30-33). This types The Christ, head and body, at His Second Advent when giving the world the New Covenant.

There is much significance given in this type, both in time and manner, which is worthy of note. God has always given His faithful people ahead of time these shadows or types of His Plan as it relates to the restoration of all the human family through natural Israel. By careful study of these types and anti-types we are able to discern much of the errors given by those who pervert the Truth.

Another point which relates to Moses’ veil are the Worthies – Ancient and Youthful – who will be made Princes in all the earth (Psa. 45:16) through whom The Christ will administer to the world of mankind (Micah 4:2). These and more are revealed by the pen product of the Laodicean Star. To them we own much gratitude for their labor of love.

Being at the close of another year, let us look to the dear Lord as we renew our consecration vows by making new resolution for the year ahead (Psa. 116:12-14).

We are in receipt of our bi-monthly papers, and do enjoy reading same. Thanks for such labors of love, Be reminded of our prayers for you all at the Bible House – praying that the dear Lord will give you renewed strength to continue the good work.

Yours by His Grace, ------- (JAMAICA)


Dear Brethren,

Many thanks for the Newsletter that you send monthly. We do appreciate them very much. They are well written concerning God’s Truth (Bible). I pass them on to our class. Enclosed is a check for our appreciation for your kindness and trouble. We are looking forward to more.

Wishing you and your class a very Blessed New Year and may you continue in His service through 1993 with God’s Blessings.

Much love, ------- (CANADA)


Dear Sister Emily: Greetings in the Name of our King!

Please send me 4 copies of #440. I enjoyed it so much. It was splendid and says so much better than I can, and beyond what I can. I am sending to several sisters and brethren who are beginning to see beyond 1916. It is human nature to sit down, or stand still, on the last message of our leader and guide. So did thousands in the Reformation.

The Pastor says to “go on” walking in the light and fulfillment of the Divine Plan. Blessed are our eyes for they see.

Love and prayers, ------- (SOUTH CAROLINA)


Dear Emily Hoefle,

Thank you so much for sending the booklet THE TIME TO FAVOR ZION IS COME. I enjoyed and have shared it with my brothers. As I told you before, we have none of your books. I would be glad to receive the book Pastor Charles Taze Russell.

No, I don’t want you to put my brother’s name back on your mailing list. It would be a waste of your money. We enjoy sharing and talking about what we read. I’m afraid we know no one around here who even understands what we believe. My oldest brother was asked if it didn’t bother him that he was different than others. His reply (I thought was good), so was Noah.

Thank you again for your material, ------- (MISSOURI)


Dear Brethren,

Enclosed is a check for the material you have been sending me. Your material is very much appreciated. Yours in Christ, ------- (VIRGINIA)


Dear Brethren: Grace and peace!

The September paper on Keturah’s Six Sons was most interesting. If the LHMM still teaches that the Epiphany ended in 1954 and we are entering the Basileia, then why should they call their non-existent class Consecrated Epiphany Campers? Why not Basileia Campers? What distinction do they make between Youthful Worthies and Epiphany Campers? Where is Consecrated Epiphany Campers taught in the Bible? So far as I know, nowhere except in their manufactured types. As we should know, types don’t teach a doctrine, only supports a doctrine that is given in clear terms in the Bible.

Our class has been studying the great falling away that occurred in the church during the Gospel Age which resulted in the formation of Babylon – confusion. Since the demise of That Servant there has been a great falling away among Truth groups, which has resulted in much confusion where the Lord’s people left the Society and founded groups of their own. This is a far cry from what it was under Brother Russell. There was a unity of faith in his group that there hasn’t been in Truth groups since. Teaching a consecrated class in the Camp undermines Brother Russell’s teaching in Tabernacle Shadows, and his teaching on the Jews and their place in the Kingdom. Other groups teach the door to the High Calling is open, while some teach the door to the High Calling is closed which caused confusion among the Truth groups. It seems to me the number of people in these groups would make more than the 144,000, a fixed group in Scripture, not to mention the Little Flock developed over the eighteen centuries of the Gospel Age. These deviations in the Truth groups make the “Wise and Faithful Servant” look like the “Confused and Mistaken Servant.”

Brother Ekroth’s article on A Prophet Unto The Nations contained much material that was new to me. It was an interesting article.

My Christian love and prayers, ------- (NORTH CAROLINA)


Dear Sister Hoefle: Greetings and love in our Beloved Savior!

In answer to your kind letter, I had cataracts in my right eye, so my writing is not clear. You will understand. I have been consecrated sixty years. I am here living with my daughter who is not consecrated who was brought up in the Truth, but she is good. I was taken ill thirteen years ago, so I need care. I had a pacemaker implant for a heart blockage last December, and had a rare kind of flu and almost died.

I meet with the Clearwater Bible Students in Palm Harbor who are studying the 4th volume. It is very timely. We are nearing the end of the Harvest to Armageddon. I got the Truth from my mother and lived in North Jersey. We attended the Dawn meetings at Brother Woodworth’s home until a class opened up in Paterson, NJ I am a widow five years now.

I am so glad to hear from you, Sister, and appreciate it. I thank God for guiding me in the Truth. I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s a blessing! Praise the Lord!

I am very much interested in Israel, as you are. I am waiting for God’s Kingdom to be established. There is so much sorrow in this world of trouble.

Remembering you in my prayers. The Lord bless you and make His face to shine upon you. By His Grace, Sister, ------- (FLORIDA)


Dear Sister Hoefle,

Thanks for your good letter recently received which I have read with much interest. I did receive, too, the recent issues of Epiphany, and appreciated them very much.

You asked me some questions regarding my religious association before I went with the Witnesses, and I am glad to give you some information. As all Italian people, I was born as Catholic. My parents were Catholics, my grandparents were Catholics, too. I was baptized as a Catholic in my first months of life. I received the so-called sacraments and remained in the Church until my twenties. At 21 I was contacted by the Latter Day Saints (the Mormons), and this was the first time I had contact with a sect. Then two people came to my home, Witnesses who spoke with my mother on the resurrection hope. I was studying at the university at that time. In my heart I felt much love for Christ and for His Word, the Bible. Unfortunately, however, my knowledge of it was poor, because during my association with the Catholic Church I never learned the Bible books at all. So it was easy for these two women to take my interest and that of my mother, too.

So began my “career” with the Witnesses. It was a brilliant career, indeed! For a twenty-year period I was so occupied with many things related to my service in the organization, that I didn’t have enough time to think, to reflect. I find it would be much too difficult to speak of all my life among this people, but in the last years I was shocked to learn some things, to see some things, and because my knowledge of English was good enough, I wrote to the United States to ask (secretly) a copy of Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. This happened in 1987. Only five months after that I resigned from the organization together with 70 other people who left the Witnesses.

Now I’m a Christian, or supposed to be one. This means I believe in Christ’s Ransom and His Word of Truth. I believe though, it isn’t necessary to be affiliated with a specific group, because to be of “Apollo” or of “Christ” is a divisive force. I believe all men of good will are my brothers and I search in them for the evidence of the goodness of God. Sure, some men have a peculiar gift from God. I am not able to say what of them. But I expect to be a friend of the people, which, as you, serve the Lord with all their hearts. My work at present is to write and to talk.

I have written some books on the Witnesses, one of them is titled, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Politics; and in it I explain the truth about their apparent “neutrality,” and the story of their compromise with the Nazi power at the Rutherford time in WWII. Another book well sold was The Jehovah’s Witnesses Between Myth and Reality. At present my last book is almost ready, The People of the Apocalypse.

Moreover, I travel through Italy to release talks, and my presence is requested in many conferences. So my time is filled with many engagements. I am very happy now to have regained my family, because when we were Witnesses we weren’t for each other, but for the Society. My wife and I and our two children (16 and 21) are a free family now – a family which has returned to old, good sentiments. We thank God for that, as He was the One who worked it out for us.

Now must close, but wish you many blessings. Thanks for your kind interest and help.

Warm regards, ------- (ITALY)


Dear Sir.

I am a keen Bible Student and am interested in obtaining a subscription to your magazine – also in obtaining a price list of your books.

If you would send me the cost of subscription, plus postage, to Australia I would be pleased to send you payment.

Yours faithfully, ------- (AUSTRALIA)


Dear Brethren,

Thank you for sending me the Epiphany studies. I do look forward to receiving them. As I am working I think of you in Florida doing the Lord’s work. But when we think about it, all work becomes His Work if we make it an act of service.

I have Tabernacle Shadows and the six volumes. I would love to have a copy of Brother Russell’s book.

Thank you, ------- (ENGLAND)