by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 483

“Who is worthy?”

Rev. 5:2

The words of our text are a part of the proclamation represented as being made throughout heaven: “Who is worthy to open the book [the scroll] and to loose the seals thereof?” The book in this case seems symbolically not to represent the Bible, but the Divine Plan, with its times and seasons. The Bible is indeed a record, but God had the plan before the Bible was written. He had this plan from the very beginning. He had not disclosed it to the angels – not even to the Logos. Nor did He disclose its time features fully to our Lord Jesus while He was in the flesh. And after His resurrection Jesus spoke of these times and seasons as things “which the Father hath put in his own power.” (Acts 1:7)

Is there any secret in connection with the Divine Plan? Are not all of God’s arrangements so plain that “a wayfaring man, though unlearned, need not err therein?” (Isa. 35:8) Are not all of the steps of the plan of salvation so simple that even a child may understand them?

Oh, no! very evidently not; for everywhere we find the utmost diversity of opinion respecting the Divine Plan. There is now among Christian sects a great ecumenical movement, their goal being one universal Church. However, among the people themselves there are still many theories which are very antagonistic one to another. In fact, there are more and more diverse theories being brought forward every day, so that sects, cults and groups are multiplying rapidly, with people accepting any kind of nonsense, rather than the truth of the Divine Plan. Besides this, there are so many theologians, college professors and doctors of divinity who are in dispute that the unlearned “wayfaring man” has many chances to err in his endeavor to grasp the Divine Plan. Also, there is a great variety of heathen theories which are utterly false.

In harmony with this is the fact that all the prophets have spoken more or less obscurely and in parables, not excepting the Great Prophet, our Lord Jesus, of whom it is written, that “he taught the people in parables and dark sayings” – “and without a parable spake he not unto the people.” (Matt. 13:34)

In Rev. 5:1 God’s Word is represented by a book (scroll), written on the inside and outside and sealed with seven seals. The things written on the outside represent the easy and simple things of the Bible, like histories, most of its precepts and exhortations and some of its doctrine, while those written on the inside sealed by seven seals represent the secret features of the Bible, none of which can be understood until in due time Jesus opens the secreting seals and expounds the things therein to the elect people of God (Rev. 5:9).

The scroll is a forceful representation of the Divine Plan originally existing only in the mind of God, and which could not be made known to men until some one was found worthy to open the seals and display it to view. But “no one in heaven nor in earth was able to open the scroll, neither to look thereon,” until one came whom the Revelator describes as “The Lion [strong one] of the Tribe of Judah, the root of David,” of whom the testimony is given ‑ “Thou art worthy to take the scroll and to open the seals thereof, for thou wast slain and has redeemed to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; and hast made them unto our God a kingdom and priesthood; and they shall reign on the earth.” (Rev. 5:1‑5,9,10)

The fact that God had a plan relating to the fallen race had been intimated to Abraham. God had declared to Abraham unconditionally that He would bless the world of mankind. He also pointed out later in the types and shadows of the Law certain features of the way by which He would bless the world. He declared that there would be a Redeemer; but who the Redeemer would be was kept a secret. Although both angels and men desired to know they were not permitted the knowledge. The prophets spoke by inspiration some things concerning this Redeemer, but they knew not the meaning thereof.

The “mystery” of the Divine Plan, hidden in parables, in figures and in symbols from the world, and from the nominal Christian – hidden from all except the fully consecrated children of God – is most beautifully symbolized in the Book of Revelation. As therein recounted, John was shown in a vision a symbolic panorama, illustrative of the subject. The heavenly glories were symbolized and the Father shown seated upon the throne of His glory, holding in His right hand a scroll sealed with seven seals. This was the mystery, the secret of the Lord, unknown to any one but Himself – His plan for the salvation of the world. John in the symbol hears the proclamation, “Who is worthy to open the book and to loose the seals!” – of the great Divine Plan, wonderful for its wisdom and love, and its lengths and breadths and depths and heights past human comprehension – that he may open and execute it! A silence follows; and John fearing that this signified that none would be found worthy, and that hence the Divine Plan would never be fully revealed, and therefore could not be fully executed, wept much. But in symbol the angel again touched him and said, “Weep not! for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the ‘root of David,’ hath prevailed to open the Book, and loose the seven seals thereon.” (Rev. 5:5)

In due time the Logos was sent forth. He was a loyal Son before he was sent. He undertook to do the Father’s will, not yet knowing what it would cost to be the Messiah; for God had kept these things secret. He manifested His faith, His trust. He delighted to do the Father’s will, even to the taking of a lower nature. And so He humbled Himself from the glorious condition in which He was and took upon Himself the human nature, became a man – a perfect man, not a sinful man. Our Lord did this in order to carry out the great program which the Father had in His own mind and which He had not revealed to any other.

Great was the favor bestowed upon the Strong One of the Tribe of Judah, in being permitted to open the seals – to carry out and make manifest the grand designs of infinite love – and great is the privilege of those who are permitted to look thereon as the seals are opened.

When Jesus reached the age of thirty years, the earliest age at which He could present Himself to God, under the Law, He went to Jordan and made a consecration of Himself with the determination to do everything that was in the Father’s plan – everything that typically and prophetically had been written in the Holy Scriptures concerning Himself. “Lo, I come [in the volume of the book it is written of me] to do thy will, O God”; “I delight to do thy will, O my God; yea, thy law is within my heart,” was His expression as recorded. (Heb. 10:7,9; Psa. 40:6,8)

This was our Lord’s consecration. His human nature became His sacrifice. He laid down His life. He did not finish laying it down at Jordan; but so far as His will was concerned, it was given there. He there became the Priest, the great High Priest, His flesh being typed by the bullock of sin‑offering, sacrificed on Israel’s Day of Atonement. During the three and a half years of His ministry He carried out this sacrifice satisfactorily. And everything that the Father had given Him to do was finished at the cross.


Our Lord Jesus received the anointing of the Holy Spirit when He came up out of the water at His baptism. Then the heavens were opened unto Him. The higher things which He had not previously understood became clear. The Scriptures were unfolded to His view. He knew that He was going up to Jerusalem to be crucified. He knew that he would be betrayed by one of His chosen disciples, and He knew which of them would be the betrayer. He knew these things because he had been begotten of the Holy Spirit and accepted of God as a Son on the Divine plane.

During the three and a half years He was the Messiah, the Sent of God, He was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He had sacrificed His will, but this was not sufficient. God wished Him to sacrifice not only His will, but actually to lay down His human life. And God purposed to prove Him by certain crucial tests. So He was “tempted in all points like as we are; yet without sin.” (Heb. 4:15) When all His testings were completed at His death on the cross, God gave Him a name in which all should bow, both in heaven and in earth.

Here the words of our text find their answer. The inquiry compassed the period from before Jesus came into the world up to His resurrection from the grave. God had given the most honorable One of all the host of heaven the first opportunity to prove His worthiness to loose the scroll of God’s great plan, and to fulfill its provisions. He was given this opportunity because, as the First‑born of Jehovah, He had the right to the first privilege of service. And He did not allow the privilege to go by. He accepted it. He was faithful. He humbled Himself to human nature, and thus He became the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, of which tribe He was born as a man. He did not have the title in His position as Logos. It was as the Son of Mary that He was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David (Rev. 5:5).


Our Lord’s worthiness was not then proven. It was not until He cried with His dying breath, “It is finished!” that the demonstration was complete. All the way down from Adam to Jesus no one had been found worthy to open the great scroll. But Jesus was now found worthy. Speaking in vision of the three and half years during which our Lord is represented as slain, John the Revelator says, “I beheld and lo, a freshly slain Lamb!” And the voice of myriads of Angels were heard proclaiming, “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.” (Rev. 5:12)

Jesus had not proven himself worthy of this great honor when He made His consecra­tion, but when He had finished His course in death He was then worthy to receive glory, honor and power. After His resurrection and ascension the scroll was given into His hands to be opened. This means that the Divine Plan as a whole was here made known to Him – for He already had knowledge of much of this – but all things were given to Him to unloose. There had been some things that our Lord did not know. He had said, “Of that day and hour [of His second coming] knoweth no man; no, not the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but my Father only.” (Mark 13:32) A part of the plan was written on the outside of the scroll, and a part was written on the inside. The things that were sealed were not proper to be understood by our Redeemer until He had received the all power, after His resurrection. The execution of God’s plan was then given into His hands.

When our Lord Jesus had proven His loyalty to the Heavenly Father by His obedience, not only in humbling Himself to take man’s estate for the suffering of death, but also in His obedience “even unto death” and still further, “even unto the [ignominious] death of the cross,” then and thereby He did prove Himself worthy of every confidence and trust. As the Apostle declares, “Wherefore him hath God highly exalted and given him a name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, both of things in heaven and things on earth.” (Phil. 2:9‑11) It is at this point that the picture we are considering (Rev. 5:9‑13) shows our Lord Jesus as the Lamb that had been slain, before whom obeisance was made, and who was proclaimed, Worthy the Lamb: “Thou art worthy to take the scroll and to open the seals thereof, because thou wast slain, and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation.” Thus is pictured to us the high exaltation of the Heavenly Father’s representative, the “Messenger [servant] of the Covenant.” Because of His humility and complete submission and obedience to the Father’s will He is proclaimed thenceforth the sharer of the Father’s throne, and, by the Father’s own arrangement, the proclamation was made throughout the heavenly hosts, “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive power and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing”; and finally “every creature” shall catch the thought that Jehovah has very highly exalted His Only Begotten Son, even to association with Himself in the Kingdom, and shout their approval, saying, “The blessing, and the honor, and the glory, and the power be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne [of the universe – Jehovah] and unto the Lamb, for ever and ever!” No wonder, then that we are instructed that thenceforth all men shall honor the exalted Son even as they honor the Father who thus highly exalted Him (John 5:23).


Then came the opening of the seals; disclosing of one after another of the various features connected with the Divine purpose. Each seal as it was loosed permitted the scroll as a whole to open a little wider, and a little wider, thus permitting “the mystery of God” to be a little more clearly discerned.

The opening of the seals has progressed during all the Gospel Age. The whole plan of God is represented in this book – the scroll. It has required all of the present age and will require all of the next age to complete the plan. The Plan of God includes the “restitution of all things, which God hath spoken.” (Acts 3:21) We are now able to see these wonderful things and to tell about them, because each of the seals as it has been opened has made the plan a little clearer. We may suppose that the Lord Jesus was made aware of all its features after His ascension to the presence of Jehovah. We who are God’s people are seeking to know these things more and more fully. The Master declared that as the Father revealed them unto Him, so would He reveal them unto us; but this revelation has been gradual, as the successive seals have been broken.

But we must remember, as stated above, that this scroll is not the literal book which we call the Bible. It is the Divine Plan which was formed long before the Bible existed as a written book. The opening of the seals is the revealing by Jesus: “That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.” (Matt. 13:35)

A final thought revelatory of the wisdom displayed in God’s plan, i.e., the gradual and long‑drawn‑out manner of its giving and of its becoming due. As Isa. 28:10 puts it, so far as the faithful are concerned it is: “Precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.” Every part of the seven parts of the Bible came so. Search its doctrines, ethics, promises, exhortations, prophecies, histories and types, and every one of each one’s separate features, in the acts of their giving and the acts of their clarifying, have been gradual and long‑drawn-out. No feature of any of these seven parts is discussed completely in any one place – it is in every one of such features: “here a little, there a little,” first in its giving then in its clarification. As consummate skill and wisdom are displayed in putting the whole plan there, but in most disorderly, i.e., scattered, disconnected way, so consummate skill and wisdom are displayed in giving it all, with no part lacking, however, here a little, there a little. In its giving it is as if billions of letters, each on a separate piece of paper, were confusedly, disjointedly and at different times thrown together so as to form an immense incoherent pile, then blown by the wind into forming the most beautiful sublimely composed epic ever written. When we contemplate the manifold wisdom of God as displayed in His Plan, well may we cry out in the language of St. Paul, used as to a certain feature of that Plan, Israel’s relation to it, in Rom. 11:33-36: “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are His Judgments, and His ways past finding out [by the non-elect]! For who [of the non‑elect] hath known the mind of the Lord? Or who hath been His counselor? Or who hast first given to Him, and it shall be recompensed unto Him again? For of Him and through Him, and to Him, are all things [of the plan], to whom be glory for ever, Amen.”

“Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.” (Isa. 46:10)

Who will say that the pleasure of Jehovah is now being fulfilled in the world? Who will say that the present reign of Sin and Death is the good pleasure of the God of love and mercy, who declares that He has no pleasure in our dying? Only in a very limited sense could it be said that any part of Jehovah’s pleasure has been accomplished by our Redeemer. It pleased the Father to put the Son to grief, to permit the dire troubles and calamities which came upon Him in connection with our redemption. This does not signify that the Lord took pleasure in the suffering of the Redeemer, but that it was the Lord’s Plan that our Redeemer should be tried, tested and thus prepared for the glorious honors of His exaltation and for the great work which He is yet to accomplish for the uplift of mankind. It was the Father’s Plan rather than the Father’s pleasure that our Lord fulfilled in His obedience even unto death, even the death of the cross.

So far as the world is concerned the pleasure of Jehovah God has not in any sense of the word been accomplished in them. The Apostle reminds us that “the whole creation is groaning and travailing in pain together” – “waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.” (Rom. 8:19,22) This surely is not the pleasure of God – the sufferings of His creatures; for although He may be pleased that His consecrated, spirit‑begotten ones should suffer for a time, this is because the sufferings in their case are working out for them a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory (2 Cor. 4:15). But in respect to the world this is different. The weight of sin, degradation and sorrow is upon the world, and Divine displeasure is still their portion. They have not yet heard of the only name given under Heaven and amongst men whereby they must be saved. As the Apostle declares, the whole world lieth in the Wicked One. (1 John 5:19) God’s pleasure respecting them has not been accomplished.

As to what the Divine Plan or purpose or pleasure is on the world’s behalf we must note the prophetic declaration of the Oath-bound promise made to Abraham, “In thy Seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” The blessing of all the families of the earth is still future.

Referring to that time when Jehovah’s pleasure shall prosper in the hands of the Messiah, The Christ, the Apostle tells us that He must reign until He shall have put all enemies under His feet. He also explains to us that all the power and authority of that Reign will be granted to The Christ by the Heavenly Father, and that at the close of that Millennial Reign The Christ shall deliver up the Kingdom to God even the Father, that He may be all in all – to Him who did put all things under Christ, whose was the Plan, whose was the Power, and to whom shall be glory forever (l Cor. 15:28).

Brethren, beloved in Christ, realizing that our God has hitherto counted us worthy to look upon the wondrous scroll of His great Plan, which has been unsealed for us by Jesus our Lord, let us continue to prove ourselves worthy to look therein and comprehend the glorious things of His Word, by faithfulness, obedience and loyalty to His plan in everything! Let our appreciation continually increase for our wondrous privilege in being permitted to share this blessed ministry of bearing Divine Truth to other hungry hearts, that they also may rejoice in the Lord and in the power of His might!



A Call For The Establishment Of A Joint Jewish-Christian Body, To Fight Together The Great War For Truth

A Joint Spiritual Struggle For Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed five thousand Christians who visited Jerusalem and gave him an enthusiastic and supportive reception.

Benyamin Netanyahu: “I need your help right now! I urge you to go and help us! I believe that you can make a difference in your societies. I believe, together we can win the Battle of Truth.

“I have to tell you that it is good to be among true friends and dedicated Zionists. I don’t always get that luxury, as you know. When everything looks bleak, this is when true friendship is tested. And I think that you are passing this test magnificently. No doctor can prescribe a better medicine. It is a delight to be here with you at any time! But it is a special delight to see you here in Jerusalem! I believe we have a Battle of Truth. If there is one task that we all share, in order to obstruct the present calumny, anti-Semitism, and libelous slander that describes the Jewish people as enemies of mankind, and always precedes and sparked the worst violent attacks against our people – it is to fight the battle of truth!

“And I urge you all, as ambassadors of truth, as messengers of good will, I urge you to go and help us tell the truth to the world. It needs to hear it. What has been done here is unpardonable. You have to come to help us in this crucial time. I need your help. I need your help right now, because I believe that you can make a difference in your societies, in your government, in your media!

“If you can help us as I believe you can, we can win the battle of truth. We can tell people what is really going on here, and when we do that, we will pave the road to a genuine peace that we all crave and desire. And we will help the great restoration, in the great return of all the Jewish people to our ancient homeland – with God’s help, and with your help, dear friends. Thank you.”

A Continuation of Indifference toward ISRAEL would consist of a terrible Sin, yea even a unpardonable Crime, because it would lead to a horrible Bloodshed! The Jews in Hebron are bearing with much faith the harsh physical conditions and the veritable siege they live under. However, now after some Arab leaders expressed publicly that after the IDF leaves Hebron, “they will settle their account with the Jews!” – the Settlers are living in constant horror, that the massacre of “Tarpat – 1929” will happen again. (The year of the slaughter of the Jewish community in Hebron.)

Without doubt, a great tragedy will occur if the city of Hebron is handed over to the PLO and the Jewish settlers under the control of the most dangerous of the terrorists. Israel’s enemies in general have made it unequivocally clear that their primary goal is the eradication of all Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, headed by Hebron.

In the Event of a Surrender of Hebron – A tragedy will Occur: Surrendering any portion of Hebron is surely viewed by God as a terrible sin, because He gave this land back to Israel and foretold in His Word: “I will bring back my exiled people Israel, and plant them in their own land, and they shall never again be uprooted from the land I have given them, says the LORD your God.” (Amos 9)

Therefore, it would be an unpardonable crime if we allowed this holy city to be lost. Not only would this holy place be desecrated, but it would also lead to terrible bloodshed.

It is clearly a miracle that Hebron has not been given up until now. The government of Israel is ready to give up Hebron, however the Palestinians are opposing it. The Lord is hardening the heart of “Pharaoh.” We cannot remain to sit with folded hands and depend upon the continuation of the miracle.

Christians Are Much Indebted to Israel: Do not let us forget that we are great debtors to Israel, because all the light and knowledge of God we have, with the greatest gift we have received – the Messiah – has come through the people and the land of Israel. Therefore let us pay back a little of our tremendous debt to Israel. As Christians who love Israel we are bounded to listen to the heart moving call of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who believes that we can make a difference in our societies, in our government, in our media! We have to raise our voices collectively to protest in every possible way! (Through means such as sending letters, faxes, public demonstrations, sit down strikes in front of government offices, etc.)

The Establishment of a Joint Jewish-Christian Body, to Fight Together the Spiritual Part of Israel’s Great War for Truth: In order for this to take place in the most efficient manner, and in harmony with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s dramatic call, we suggest that establishment of a joint Jewish-Christian body, a “Jewish-Christian spiritual Army” which will fight together as brothers the War of Truth for God’s near Kingdom of Peace.

This Jewish-Christian corps should, under the leadership of the Israeli Government and the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, fight this War for Truth with the same initiative and dedication with which fights Israel’s heroic army the ceaseless attacks on the Jewish State’s just and rightful position.

Together we should launch pre-emptive strikes on Israel’s enemies’ unacceptable position. Our Battle for Truth must not be a frantic, often a unsuccessful retreat before the onslaught of accusations and condemnations – trying desperately to explain the case after Israel is attacked by its media foes.

No, like Israel’s army, we must initiate powerful statements of Truth, to attack and to nullify the monstrous lies and misrepresentations. To expose the venom-tipped disinformation campaign, that is continually launched against the Jewish state in all forums of the world, both by foes and by friends who have been confused or deceived by the media’s repeated lies and half-truths.

Every one of these injustices, which blur the line between fact and Arab-Muslim fantasy, should be forcefully addressed with statements based on God’s Word. Only by adopting such a initiative we will be able to win this War for Truth. With God’s help and our sincere common efforts, we will succeed to call into life such a Jewish-Christian powerful and courageous army, which will, as is foretold by the prophets, win the War for Truth with a glorious victory!

Dear brethren, please distribute this call to every Christian and send it to your local and national leaders (also to the Senators). Show the daily growing mortal danger for the State of Israel!

Your Brethren from Emek ha Shalom, Hermann Bezner and Joseph Elisha (ISRAEL)


Shalom – to all Christians who love Jerusalem!

Many of the Jews who visit Emek ha Shalom told us often how deeply it comforts them to find themselves the focus of such an intense love, because they have been disliked so consistently, for so long, by so many.

The 6,000 Christians who came from over 100 nations to Jerusalem to celebrate with Israel the Feast of Tabernacles had the same experience. These Christians came to show in practice their love for Israel. Their statement was concise: “God’s priority number one – is now Israel! He is calling His people to come home so that His plan and purpose for mankind can come to fulfillment.” For this, God has commissioned the Christians to help the Jews.

This gathering of Christians at the Feast of Tabernacles is organized by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. This year more people came from more countries than ever before. These friends of Israel flocked from the world’s most remote places. One of them was a lady from north India, who left her home in the shadow of the Himalayas, to start her 72 hour journey to Israel. The fact that for some of the participants the cost represents close to a year’s income did not deter them. The allegiance of these Christians is more to the Lord and His word than to any other. They know the Bible with its prophecies and recognize their responsibility towards the people of Israel.

Facing the serious threat that Hebron finds itself in, thousands of these Christians went to Hebron to show their solidarity with the town’s Jewish community. Many visited the Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria and sought to provide for their needs.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, the spokesman of the Christian Embassy explained: “This is religious, not political. You have only to read the Bible. Hebron is the first place God gave Abraham. It was the first capital of Israel. God gave it eternally to the Jews. Some Palestinians are protesting, but their’s is a double hypocrisy. They call us political because we believe in the Bible, and they want to stop us from following the Bible – while they use the nominal church to issue statements that have nothing to do with the Bible, but everything to do with harming Israel. It hurts many Jews that the clergy in Israel are campaigning actively for the Palestinian cause, working to the detriment of what God has promised to His people. They are becoming vehicles of an anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic spirit!”

The residents of Emek ha Shalom with their brethren of the Christian Embassy are persuaded that the Biblical prophecy about all nations turning against Israel is soon to be fulfilled. Therefore we cooperate together in inspiring and preparing “the remnant” – the few people in each nation, who as the prophets foretold, will continue to love and support God’s chosen people.

These friends are saying already today: “Even when the U.S. falls away and Israel stands alone, we say to the Jews – You are not alone, you have more than 100 million Christians behind you! Don’t be afraid, the present governments are to be soon swept away in the biggest catastrophe of human history – the war of Gog and Magog – making way for the Kingdom of peace and righteousness which begins in the midst of you, Oh Israel, and will spread to all the nations which will remain.” (Zechariah 14)

The initials of this Kingdom are already beginning to be laid down in Israel. They are seemingly insignificant, but are the beginnings of great things with incalculable implications. It is our very important duty to recognize and to take care of them. Many Christians still are overlooking them, but not the forces of evil, which are focusing vehement attacks on these beginnings.

We greet you from Zion with Watchman’s call: “Act courageously, and the Lord will be with those who do well!”  Your brethren, Hermann and Joseph (ISRAEL)


Dear Sister Emily: Greeting in our Savior!

Haven’t had much time to write in recent times. My father who is now 78 has become more feeble since his retirement so my brother and I have to take care of him – clean his apartment, do his laundry and prepare his meals. It’s a lot of extra work since we both work full time, but we try to be good sons and show him all the love and respect we can.

I attend a Bible Student Group in Southfield that is very informal. It is an open discussion of Bible topics and the Volumes of our dear Pastor.

How is your health these days? Hope you are totally recovered.

May the Lord bless you always. Much Christian Love, (MICHIGAN)


Dear Sister Emily: Beloved in Christ.

May you find Joy in the Reason for Christmas. Whatever our trials we can rejoice in Him.

Thank you for your paper. I’m interested in Israel “God’s time clock!” I hope, I know, you find grace sufficient for all spiritual needs.

Much love in the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus. By grace, ------- (CONNECTICUT)