by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 376B


“KALISCHER, HERZL, JABOTINSKY IN THE MESSIANIC TIME‑TABLE ‑ UNITED NATIONS (WUP) – Two commemorations observed here in New York on the eve of the Tisha B’AV season – one last week held at the Theodor Herzl Institute honoring Herzl and Bialik and the other, on August 5, observing Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s 46th Yahrzeit at the Roosevelt Hotel – brought to mind a significant essay authored by publicist Moshe Louvish dealing with the landmarks in what appears clearly as Messianic stages toward Statehood.

“This writer, who addressed the first commemoration on the topic ‘Theodor Herzl, the Journalist‑Statesman’ while Ambassador Benjamin Netanyahu appeared as the main speaker at the Jabotinsky Yahrzeit – found the Louvish essay timely to recall during this season even from this UN‑vantage‑point because of the fact that it must be seen in this context of periodic episodes within an age‑long time‑table of Messianic stirrings – a timetable some of our noted rabbis have seen as one involving the ‘chevlej d’Meshichah’ – the ‘birthpangs of the Messiah.’

“Indeed, even in our own days these ‘pangs’ are being felt heavily upon our people in many parts of the world and this UN is no exception. The vicious ‘racism‑Zionism’ draft is still on the books. The enmity of the ‘nations’ came to the fore during the bitter struggle for independence all through the hectic days in 1947 when the Partition decision was finally voted upon by a hairline. Birthpangs indeed – not without blood!

“The conflict had its mainspring in antiquity and the battle Moses waged against Amalek must still be totally won. The Prophets Ezekiel (chapters 38‑39) and Zechariah (14) tell us how it will be won. Both speak of a period yet unfulfilled.

“That we in this age may be near such fulfillment, current eruptions around the globe appear to bear out. The very fact of Israel reborn after almost a 2,000‑year exile says more than words can explain in connection with the biblical passage ‘keren tzmichat hayeshus’ – ‘the sprouting horn of salvation.’ The term ‘tzmichah,’ a growth, a budding, points to an evolutionary process involving redemption, not a sudden manifestation but an evolvement of events inspired by Divinely‑inspired individuals appearing in different periods within the Messianic timetable.

“Author Louvish gives us this chronology: 1843: Rabbi Yehudah Alkalai (1798‑1878) of Serajavo, published Minhat Yehudah, in reaction to the Damascus blood libel (1840), calling for an organized return to the Land of Israel.

“In 1862 Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795‑1874), who lived in the borderland between Germany and Poland, published Derishat Zion, containing what would later be called a Zionist Program.

“1862: Moses Hess (1812‑1875), German Socialist leader, published Rome and Jerusalem, calling for the establishment of ‘an independent Jewish State... recognized in international law as a member of the family of civilized nations.’

“In 1882: Leo Pinsker (1821‑1891), born in Russian Poland, published Auto‑Emancipation, based on Hillel’s watchword: ‘If I am not for myself, who will be with me? And if not now, when?’ and calling for ‘the struggle of the Jews for unity and independence as an organized nation.’

“1896: Theodor Herzl (1860‑1904), born in Budapest, published Der Judenstsat, dedicated to ‘an ancient idea’ – ‘the restoration of the Jewish State.’

“In 1897: The first Zionist Congress, in Basle.

“1917: Great Britain issues the Balfour Declaration, and 1922 The League of Nations confirms the Mandate for Palestine, incorporating the terms of the Balfour Declaration... 1929: Establishment of the enlarged Jewish Agency; 1935: Establishment of the Union of Zionist‑Revisionist let by Vladimir Jabotinsky.

“1942: The Zionist General Council ratifies the Biltmore Program. 1947: The historic UN Partition Vote, and May 14, 1948, Israel proclaims its independence ....

“Among the many non‑Jews, let’s single out the great pro‑Zionist friend of the Jewish people, Pastor Charles Taze Russell (1852‑1916), who devoted his life in the cause of Israel’s redemption and who thus may be included as one within the Messianic timetable.

“The tzmichah continued with David Ben‑Gurion and Menachem Begin, and let’s keep an eye on Benjamin Netanyahu as Isaiah’s prophecies on redemption take form... Selah.” (Behind the Scenes at the UN – 7 August, 1986, by David Horowitz)

TRIO OF BOOKS OF WIDE JEWISH INTEREST – Book publishers, both general and Jewish houses, continue to roll out a wide range of books of Jewish interest... There are books that have wide appeal for Jewish readers – powerful novels that encompass generations of Jewish life here, in the Europe that died with the Holocaust, in Israel and elsewhere. ….. Then there are books that appeal only to small, select audiences, specialized works that seek to fill a particular void, to tell a small story in the tapestry of the Jewish people. Sometimes these too find a wider audience than at first anticipated.

IN THE LAST CATEGORY, the veteran United Nations journalist, David Horowitz, has produced an interesting biography, the story of a man little‑known today. Its telling adds still another fiber to the vast fabric of our self‑knowledge. This book rectifies the long‑neglected story of a Christian Zionist, a clergyman who visited Palestine early in this century and came back to the United States to preach the message of the embryonic Zionist movement. A respected Bible scholar, Pastor Charles Taze Russell founded the Watch Tower and Tract Society, better known today as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and preached to tens of thousands that biblical prophecy foresaw the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland. Early in the 1900s, he urged Jews to abide by the Torah laws and to await their return to the Promised Land.

“After Pastor Russell’s death in 1916, a new group took over the organization, Horowitz points out. From that time until now, the organization has remained totally anti‑Zionist, in very sharp contrast to the many Christians and organizations that today are fully supportive of Israel.” (The Jewish Week, October 24, 1986 – by David C. Gross)

ISRAEL IN THE COMING AGE – The second Psalm reveals Messiah to God’s anointed King sitting upon the Holy hill, Mount Zion. The Prophet Zechariah foresaw a time when the Lord will be King over all the earth (14:9): ‘And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one.’

“This is the bright background against which we should view the darkness of today’s world. ‘The darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen in thee.’ So proclaimed the Prophet Isaiah (60:2)

“If people would but read the Old Testament prophets, and see their message confirmed in the New, they would soon learn that their hope for the future centers in Israel. [“Salvation is of the Jews.” – John 4:22] The solution to the world’s problems are to be found in God’s purposes for His ancient people. He has ordained it so. .....

“Dreams to come true – Furthermore, Israel is yet to fulfil its destiny when the nation is restored to fulfil its role in human affairs that God originally intended it to have. The Bible refers to this time when a submissive and repentant Israel shall be the head and not the tail among the nations of the world during the Millennial reign of King Messiah........

“In all the major spheres of man’s life there will be felicity. The Bible outlines the Master Plan for the Millennium. In it is planned equity for all, instead of exploitation of the many by the few. The refugees will find shelter and the famine‑stricken will be fed. ‘And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes...’ ‘with righteousness shall He judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth...’ (Revelation 21:4; Isaiah 11:4)

“The dream persists as yet, but the awakening might be soon! Very soon! Comparatively few of earth’s multi‑millions know God today, but the promise is sure: ‘For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.’ (Isa.ll:9)

“Then, God’s bounty will be bestowed upon men as never before envisaged, and His promise to His friend Abraham will at last be realized: ‘In thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.’ (James 2:23; Genesis 12:3)

“For the hope of Israel and of the world – LET US PRAY!” (The Vineyard, February 1986 – by Thomas Walmsley)

HEBRON SETTLERS BOLSTERED BY AMERICAN NON‑JEWS – Leanore Staede is unique by the fact that she represents a school of Bible Students numbering in the tens of thousands who have been inspired by the pro‑Zionist, Pro‑Jewish teachings of the late Pastor Charles Russell, whose writings based on prophecy pointed to the imminent reestablishment of the Jewish national home.

“A brief history of this remarkable friend of the Jewish people (1852‑1916) is recounted in a 159‑page book – ‘AN EARLY AMERICAN CHRISTIAN ZIONIST’ – written by your correspondent and published by The Philosophical Library this year... As this volume bears out, the Pastor urged the Jewish people to remain faithful to their Torah‑religion. He opposed proselytization.

“Leanore points to the fact that she, and surely all devotees of Pastor Russell, are militantly inclined, supporting the Greater Israel concept as adjudicated in the Bible. Hence they are taking a strong stand in favor of the settlers in the territories and more particularly the Jewish community of Hebron, originally inspired by Rabbi Moshe Levinger and his dynamic wife Miriam, parents of eleven children.

“Leanore’s communication contained a copy of a most interesting letter from Gary Cooperstein, Director of Public Relations. Its highlights are worth taking note of:

“‘I have read the book about Pastor Russell and was quite impressed to hear of his teachings. Truth is universal and it is there for anyone to find if he is but willing to honestly look for it. Pastor Russell was evidently a true scholar who came to his conclusions as a result of sincere, laborious searching for the Truth. It is satisfying to learn that he left behind a living legacy of those who carry on the dissemination of the knowledge which he so painstakingly achieved ... We are all children of G‑d and each one of us has a role to play in the great Divine Plan. .....

“‘Leanore, it appears to me that you and your fellow followers of Pastor Russell understand the role of the Jewish People far better than some of our Jewish leaders...

“‘And worst of all, we have forgotten our very reason for the establishment of the Jewish State. To be different, by living our lives according to the Torah of G‑d is by no means to be racist. Judaism doesn’t denounce other religions... All we pray for is the right to live as Jews in our Biblical Land. Only when we live here, under G‑d’s Law, can we fulfill our Divine destiny to be a light unto the nations – not by force, but by example.’

“The Hebron patriot continues to expound the Maccabean policy which all the settlers within the Jewish community of the Abrahamic city hold in common: ‘The rebirth of the Jewish homeland in Israel is the most obvious proof of Divine intervention in modern times. Every war fought here since has augmented that proof. That we fail to see that is the greatest tragedy of our time. We are living in a time of fulfillment of the prophecies and of monumental miracles. Those of us who see have no fears and worries about what will be... The more we refuse to see the more pain and suffering we will be made to endure. But Divine destiny has already been set in motion and nothing can stop it...’

“Indeed, nothing can prevent the decreed as blueprinted in the Tanach.” (Behind the Scenes at the UN – 28 August, 1986 – by David Horowitz)

“NO STANDING OVATION – Months have now come and gone. A perspective can be drawn. Has the world applauded Israel for being a light to the nations? Have other nations followed her example in bringing refugees to their countries? Indeed, most of the Arab world still calls for her annihilation.

“There are no Vatican diplomatic relations with Israel. Middle‑East maps show no Israel in existence. American officials still refuse to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And a great number of Christians the ‘new Jews,’ continue to wish that Israel would just fade away so that they would feel justified in teaching such doctrinal heresy.

But Israel will not disappear. And this nation of fallible flesh and blood, sinners like all men, continues to role model to the nations. The 1975 UN twist that “Zionism equals racism’ has been disproven again. ‘For the umpteenth time.’

“In fact, it appears that God’s little Zionist miracle called Israel is the best answer to racism. Jewish people, mindful of the world’s indifference to the deliberate murder of European Jewry, could not let their desperate brothers suffer alone. We Christians like to sing ‘We are one in the Spirit.’ The Israelis did more than sing they lived it! .....

“God never changes. Didn’t He prophecy long ago, ‘I will say to the South: Do not hold them back. Bring My sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth?’”

(The Vineyard, February 1986, pp. 3, 4 – by Frank Eiklor)

WHAT IS THE PLO WORTH? – If the Palestine Liberation Organization were an American corporation, it might very well make the list of Fortune 500 companies. The guerrilla group is believed to have built such a fortune through skillful investments that it is probably the wealthiest revolutionary organization in the world.

“Just how much is the PLO worth? Based on two months of research and interviews with people on three continents, the estimates range from $2 billion to $14 billion... In the words of one Arab diplomat: ‘The PLO could live from interest alone.’ In his forthcoming book, THE FINANCING OF TERROR, James Adams contends that the return on PLO investments is now the group’s largest source of income – about $1 billion a year...

“Prior to its ouster from Lebanon in 1982, the PLO was believed to be earning $300 million annually by trafficking hashish from the Bekka Valley. According to a recent Israeli intelligence report, the PLO still is deeply involved in the drug business. The decision to broaden its international drug‑dealing to help remedy financial problems reportedly was made by the PLO at a meeting in Algiers on Feb. 20, 1983...

“Critics, including defectors from Arafat’s camp, allege that the PLO uses its wealth to live high. Said Abu Moussa, who helped lead a rebellion against the PLO chief in 1983, charges that Arafat’s group ‘has developed into a filthy bourgeoisie.’ Another Arafat adversary, Abu Saleh, argues, ‘I don’t know how one can be revolutionary and at the same time keep palaces and millions of dollars in international banks.’ PLO commanders and diplomats have been known to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.” (Parade Magazine, September 21, 1986 ‑ by Marvin Scott)

FAITH AND FULFILMENT – “Does Christianity have a task to fulfil to ensure that the prophecies of the Jewish Return are realized, possibly as precondition to the fulfillment of Christian Final Redemption? .... The reply in the affirmative: Christians do have a stake in the Return. The Restoration of the Jewish People to their homeland is part of a Christian understanding of God’s purpose for the world.

“It is perhaps an odd irony that the Jewish Return home was achieved partly, but significantly, through the instrumentality of that very faith which they, the Jews, have given the Gentiles.” (p. 4 of the Introduction)

“Colonel Richard Meinerzhagen (1878‑1967) shortly after Israel was declared a State in 1948, wrote: ‘Thank God I have lived to see the birth of Israel. It is one of the greatest historical events of the last 2000 years and thank God I have been privileged to assist in a small way this great event which, I am convinced, will bring benefit to mankind ... The only constructive element which emerged from the wreckage of 1914‑18 was the conceded principle of a Home for the Jews in Palestine; and the only worthwhile dividend of 1939‑45 is Israel.’

“On Israel’s tenth Anniversary he summed it all up succinctly: ‘The Jewish State is a world necessity... I am convinced that Israel will become the core of a spiritual influence, much needed and powerful in the history of mankind; a stable and progressive government in Palestine would provide a new, purer and more living religion based on tolerance for a world which is lapsing into dead materialism. When the full power of Israel is developed, Jerusalem rebuilt and the Temple restored, then will the Holy Land become the spiritual centre for the whole world.” (P. 108 of the book FAITH AND FULFILMENT, by Michael J. Pragai)

FAITH AND FULFILMENT is a historical book of great value – especially to those who love Israel. This book can be obtained for $12.50 from the following publisher:

Biblio Distribution Center

81 Adams Drive

Totowa, NJ 07512 – Telephone (201) 256‑8600

JEWS CALLED ‘SINNERS, TRAITORS’ – Jews are portrayed as ‘sinners and traitors, who have lost every right to Divine salvation,’ by an official document prepared by the Central Committee of the German Catholics, for a conference which is to take place in the city of Aachen next year (1986).

“Referring to the ‘Divine rule’ in Christianity, the document says that Jesus was convinced that all of Israel, as existing at His time, is lost and has no more right to claim the benefit of any former acts of salvation by God.

“Christian experts, questioned by the Jerusalem Post, commented that the ideas in the Catholic document belong to the hard‑line anti‑Jewish school in the history of Christianity. Similar ideas were voiced in the Third Reich by so‑called ‘German Christians,’ an organization of Protestants who tried to reconcile the Christian faith with Nazi ideology. The experts added that there were similar voices in the Catholic Church at that time.

“The experts described the present statements of the Catholic Central Committee as one of the gravest attacks on Jews by official Christian representatives in Germany since the end of World War II.”

(Jerusalem Post, December 1985 – by Wladimir Struminski, Jerusalem Post Correspondent)

“Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it.” (Jer. 30:7) The Apostle Paul says “And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.” (Rom. 11:26) “Salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22), and Jerusalem will be the capital of the World!



Dear Sister and Brethren:

We received your lessons of Nos. 374 and 375. Thank you for sending. Glad to be remembered.

God bless you as you endeavor to please Him is our wish and prayer.

Christian love and greetings (Psalm 67), ------- (OREGON)


My dear Sister Emily Hoefle and Brethren:

Thank you very much for your dear letter of August 13. I have received it with much appreciation and thanks! I shall try to find more English‑speaking people to give them the book about PASTOR CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL and THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES. The Studies in the Scriptures written by Pastor Russell are the best books I know except the Bible. It is God’s Plan. I shall continue the translations in German beginning in 1983. I’m very busy in working for the Blind, selling their products in all cities and villages of our Province of Styriv. God’s blessings are always with me in my work.

The Lord bless you and keep you! With warm Christian love, ------- (AUSTRIA)



SISTER MARY EMMA FRY of Willow Springs, Missouri, finished her course September 25, 1986. She was loved by all who knew her, and was our beloved, loyal, and faithful co‑worker for many years. As it is written of Jesus, “He went about preaching the gospel of the Kingdom,” it can be said of our dear departed Sister: she, too, was always seeking opportunity to tell the Good Tidings of the Kingdom. She did this faithfully during her illness, even though many times wracked with pain. She asked our prayers that she would endure all the pain permitted by the Lord. This she did! Thus we say of her, “She did what she could.”

She leaves a decided void in her family, as well as in the Truth work she loved so dearly. She cannot be replaced, even as all such faithful brethren cannot be replaced. We sorrow for her, and we mourn our loss with those that mourn. But we rejoice with them in the blessed memory she has left us. We are happy too that the Lord has now said, “It is enough – rest now for awhile and await that glorious Kingdom. She is now “asleep in Jesus.”

We quote a paragraph from her letter written May 4, 1985, when she first knew her case was terminal:

“All of my life I have been blessed with the knowledge of the Truth. I can look back and see the Lord’s providential care in the events of my life. He has abundantly blessed and provided for me – even as He is doing now. Therefore, I am sure he will not prolong my suffering beyond what I can bear and what I need for my character development. In perfect peace of mind I am ready to sleep until it is time to enjoy the wonders of His Kingdom.”

We want to express our thanks to the brethren for the beautiful Christmas cards which we received with grateful hearts – especially for their love and prayers. Much to our disappointment we were unable to send the usual Christmas cards because of the pressure of the general work and due to some physical disabilities. Nevertheless, our warm Christian love and prayers are ever with you. We wish all our readers a blessed New Year! May the “joys of the Lord” be with you. “Be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.” (Psa. 31:24)

THE PROPER DATE for the Memorial for 1987 is April 10 after 6 p.m.

If any of our readers fail to receive future papers, please let us know if they wish to continue receiving them.