by Epiphany Bible Students

No. 389

THE POPULATION – The human population offers another staggering blow to evolution.  There is great argument among them about the age of man, some claiming 100,000 years, and others claiming as much as 2,000,000 years. But mathematics prove that even the lowest of these estimates is an absurdity; for it is altogether too short a time for such a method as evolution to bring from apes a being like man into existence and into his present condition. The 1922 Berlin statistics, the latest then available, gives the population as 1,804,187,000 (it is now in 1980 more than twice that figure). To reach this number the human race must have doubled itself 30.75 times; for, if we raise the number 2 to that figure, the result is 1,073,741,824. Thus the race had to double itself between 30 and 31 times.

The Bible chronology tells us that the flood began in the Fall of 2473 B.C.; and to the Spring of 1922 this would give us 4,493.5 years. Now, Shem (the eldest son of Noah) was begotten a few months less than 100 years before the flood (see Gen. 11:10; 5:32; 6:6). Therefore, in that year one hu­man couple and their descendants came through the flood to populate the earth anew. Hence, in the 4,493.5 years before the Spring of 1922 the race doubled itself 30.75 times. This gives us an average of 146.13 years for each doubling of the population. Thus the time from Jacob’s marriage to 1922 was 3,798 years.  Raising 2 to its 23.8758th power we get 15,393,815 – the Jewish population in 1922. Dividing 3,798 by 23.8758 we get 159.07, which would be the average number of years for Jacob’s descendants to double themselves – to become a population of 15,398,815 from Jacob’s marriage until 1922.

Also, Abraham’s descendants through Ishmael (the Arabs not only in Arabia, but in the rest of Asia and in Africa) number approximately 25,000,000. According to the Bible chronology, Abraham entered Canaan at 75 (Gen. 12:4)  in the Spring of 2045 B.C.; hence, 3966 years before the Spring of 1922 A.D. Ishmael was born when Abraham was 86 years old (Gen. 16:16); hence 3955 years before the Spring of 1922. Hence the Spring before Abraham and Hagar were a childless couple, which was 3,956 years before the Spring of 1922. But 25,000,000 is the 24.4901th power of 2. Hence Abraham and Hagar doubled themselves in their descendants every 161.53 years – 3,956 divided by 24.4901. These investigations show that the whole race doubled itself since Noah and his wife were childless every 146.13 years, the Jews doubling themselves every 159.07 years, and the Arabs doubling themselves every 161.53 years.

Doubtless why the entire race kept doubling itself on an average of about 15 years sooner than the Jews and the Arabs is due to the fact that it is written of both typical and antitypical Ishmaelites that their hand would be against every man and every man’s hand would be against them (Gen. 16:12), with the result that more of them on the average met with untimely deaths and propagating hindrances than the average of the rest of the race, like the starving conditions of Asiatic and African deserts and constant wars and feuds for the Arabs, mad among others, the Assyrian, Babylonian-and Roman conquests and Gospel-Age persecution for the Jews. But, with these limitations, that the figures for all three should be practically alike proves that the principle on which they have been obtained is on the average reliable.

Let us now consider some of the wild statements of the evolutionists, who claim man has been on this earth perhaps two million years. The mildest guess of any of them is a hundred thousand years; and we shall give them all the advantage by using that figure. Let us assume that the population doubled one-tenth as fast as did the Arabs; that is, once every 1,161 years. In one hundred thousand years the population would have doubled itself 86 times (we are omitting fractions); and 2 raised to the 86th power is 4,660,210,253,138,204,300 – or more than two and one-half billion times as many people as are now on earth. This destroys even the mildest form of evolution on man’s age on the earth. If there had been no flood in Noah’s day, the increase in the population would be such a staggering figure that human minds could not grasp it; in other words, about 2,500 times its present population. Thus it should be clear enough that the Bible rec­ord of man’s history is readily acceptable; whereas, that of evolutionists appears as self-evident nonsense.

All the foregoing is based upon the fact that all human beings came from one pair; but this is also farfetched if we consider that it would be just as reasonable for men to evolve from apes in Asia, Africa, Europe or America as from any one pair. And such a conclusion simply complicates the situation still more for the evolutionists. The fig­ures prove conclusively that man could not have evolved from the ape, because in two mil­lion years the race would have doubled once in every 65,040 years. On that basis, there would be less than four Arabs and four Jews on earth now. All of this certainly disputes evolution, and shows that man was a direct creation at the hand of God, as the Genesis account tells us it was.

As mentioned foregoing, a strong second argument against evolution is the unity of the human race. That “God hath made of one blood all nations” is clearly proven by the fact that all races interbreed, and their offspring is fertile; but this would not be true if we are as the animals, because even the most closely related animals can pro­duce another, but that one cannot reproduce itself, thus avoiding discontinuance of any evolutionary theory.

Thus, the ability of human beings to interbreed, whereas none of the animals can do this, certainly is a compelling argument against evolution. As stated above, all lan­guages are derived from five others; and all basically have one language. So words like ‘father’ and ‘mother’ are very similar in many languages of the five groups, which proves the early origin of home and civilization.  If certain forms of evolution were true, our present languages could not be reduced to five linguistic groups, and these five in turn reduced to one; but they would have to be traced to thousands of non-re­lated languages, such as the thousands of evolved species that mankind would have in­vented, had there been such a situation.

The unity of the race in religious beliefs also militates against evolution. Had evolution been true, there would certainly be at least one section of the race – one na­tion – that would have reared a population of atheists; and probably more, but there is not a single one that does so. Thus all races hold the following religious ideas: A su­preme God surrounded by subordinate gods, such as the angels recognized by the Christian part of the world. In the Greek and Roman mythology much is related about such, show­ing their bickerings, their weaknesses, etc., but the Bible clearly states in Gen. 1:31 that “God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” The record of all the heathen gods clearly disputes that all their gods (angels, etc.) are “very good.” The cheapest kind of quarrels and intrigues are recorded of many of them; and those records are certainly not “by inspiration,” as our Christian Bible is by inspira­tion. (2 Tim. 2:16,17)

Furthermore, if evolution were true, why not have all the lower species passed out, of existence through evolving into higher species – until by now there would be only one left – man – and he on the way to evolving to some higher species? Also, why have some species become so large, like the ancient saurians, and our modern elephants alleged later species than these, e.g., monkeys become so small, if evolution is true? And why did Romanes, while yet an evolutionist, find that the collective intelligence of all spe­cies equals the intelligence of the average child of 15 months, if evolution is true? Why should all males but one, and all females but one die as members of the 3,000,000, and the two not die as such, but as members of the next higher species? Would not this be as unlikely as if untold decillions of dollars being tossed into the air, should all fall heads down except two?

If as Huxley, a leading evolutionist, said “There is an enormous gulf, a diver­gence practically infinite, between the lowest man and the highest beast.” Then why are there not between man and ape many other species in existence, if evolution is true? Surely Huxley’s gulf between them is evident when we consider man’s immense superiority to the ape in physical and mental respects, letting out of consideration entirely the moral and religious aspects, of the latter of which the ape is entirely destitute. Why are the senses of seeing, hearing and smelling on the wane in man, why are people now more nervous than formerly, why do more people become bald than formerly, and why are distresses – physical, mental and moral – increasing if evolution is the law of ex­istence? Certainly such and other like considerations refute evolution as a law of ex­istence. Degeneration is the trend, not evolution. Even in the better civilized of the nations we find insanity and nervous disorders increasing to such an extent it is taxing the authorities over the limit to know how to cope with these things.

Freely do we admit our limitations when it comes to gauging the age of this planet in its early formative stage – as a molten mass. Nor do we consider it necessary that we understand this. Our main argument here has to do with man, and very little else. – It seems that a sort of specialized evolution was carried on for some years after the first life came into the pristine mud and species that followed thereafter; but we are not in position definitely to prove any of it, nor does it greatly concern us.

We have already shown that history contains not one hint of the transmutation of species into another. We now add that, like history, geology confounds the evolution­ist by not furnishing even one fossil showing anything in process of change from one in­to another species. We have many fossils of plants and animals, but they entirely lack an example showing a transition from one to another species. If evolution were true, we should have millions of these on earth’s strata.

The distribution of certain plant life and certain animal life disproves evolution. If all plants evolved from an original germ, how come them to be distributed in continents separated by oceans, and that before man appeared on earth, as many fossils of them prove? So, too, we find certain animals whose power of locomotion is but very slight. The oyster is found in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America. How could they have crossed oceans? Again, if all plant life originated in a single germ, how did it happen that some plants are scattered among all continents, and others when found by civilized man were limited to but one, like Indian corn, tobacco, potatoes, etc.? If these once existed in the eastern hemisphere, as evolution requires, why were they found only in America? Certainly we must accept the conclusion of Agassiz, one of the greatest scientists of all times, to the effect that evolution “is a scienti­fic mistake, untrue in its facts, unscientific in its methods and mischievous in its tendencies.”

Evolution denies design in creation, which is the corollary of a wise purposeful Creator, and must fall back on chance as the line along which the universe and its life manifestations came into being and move. The universe and plant and animal life lit­erally overflow with the expressions of design – which imply a designer. Almost infin­ite in number are these design expressions. We shall offer but a few: The human body is packed to overflowing with evidence at design and adaptation.  The most intricate machine, like the Hoe printing press, shows design decidedly much less markedly than the human body. How manifold is design manifest in the nervous system, with its relations to thought, affection, will, the five senses, our blood and its channels and vital or­gans! How wonder­fully designed are our blood and its channels, our muscles, glands, skin, brain, vital organs, hands, fingers, joints, arms, feet, toes, legs, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, teeth, excretory organs, reproductive organs, etc. Their locations, their protectors, etc., as well as their nature and functions, also evidence design. And we think it is well repeating here that man is the only animal who has a chin, which none of the lower animals have this physical characteristic.

It would be a million-fold more foolish to say that man came by chance than to say that a Hoe printing press came by chance! Marvelously formed is our body. The principles underlying its activities are followed by inventors of dynamos, steam engines, etc., and yet how greatly inferior are such inventions to the human body! Nevertheless, evo­lutionists would attribute its origin to blind chance, while denying the possibility of a steam engine coming by chance! William Jennings Bryan pointedly expressed himself on the folly of this chance theory as follows: “According to evolutionists, there was a time when animals had no legs and so legs came by accident. How? Well, the guess is that a little animal was wiggling along on its belly one day, when it discovered a wart – it just happened so – and it was in the right place to be used to aid it in locomo­tion; so it came to depend on the wart, and use finally developed it into a leg. And then another wart, and another leg at the proper time – by accident – and accidentally in the proper place. Is it not astonishing that any person, intelligent enough to teach school, would talk such tommyrot to students and look serious while doing so?”

Nature is a proof that design marked man’s coming. Earth’s coal, gas, petroleum and electrical power, that no being but man uses, and that are so necessary for him, were stored up in the earth for him long before he came. The metals, so useful to man and useless to all other animals, were on deposit in the bank of the earth for man to check on as needed. Fruits, vegetables, grains and flesh having the chemical elements needed to replace waste tissue in man were prepared for him. The resources of nature needful for man’s protection from inclement nature were made abundant for him.  Every­thing in the earth shows design, and that for the most part in anticipation of man’s ar­rival on earth; and this only a less loud voice in him, with harmonious chorus of the universe and its living creatures, cries out design, as against chance, which the evo­lutionist, discordantly with the universe, the earth and plant and animal life, and their associated supplies, shouts is the course of nature.  Chance, the course of nature in the face of the laws of nature!

Foregoing we showed the almost infinite improbability of the transmutation of species from the lowest of them in plant life through all successive species of plant life into the lowest form of animal life and then through all the successive species of animal life up to man, i.e., through evolution’s 3,000,000 species. We now present an ar­gument against evolution based upon the genera of life as forming eight impassable gulfs, all of which evolution would have to prove to have been passed, if it were to be proven true, and not even one of which has been proven to have been passed by evolution.

These eight impassable gulfs separating the genera of being are the following: (1) from the non-living to the living; (2) from vegetable to the animal kingdom in the low­est form of inverte­brates; (3) from the invertebrates to the vertebrates; (4) from the marine beings to amphibians; (5) from amphibians to reptiles (the Reptilian Age – ani­mals who live partly in the water and partly on the land – snakes, crocodiles, etc.); (6) from reptiles to birds; (7) from birds or reptiles to mammals; (8) and from mam­mals to humans. “And God said, Let us make man... and the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” (Gen. 1:26-31) In the above we have ignored the multitudes of species in each genus simply giving the classification according to genera in harmony with the Biblical week of 49,000 years. But how does evolution meet this progress? The athe­istic materialist and the spontaneous-generation evolutionist are forced to make the first gulf be passed by the lowest form of plant life after the manner of the Topsy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, who, when asked when she was born, answered that she was not born at all, but just grew up!

Spontaneous generation is a senseless guess that experiments under the most favor­able experimental conditions have failed to achieve, these having broken down in com­plete non-success.  Neither of these kinds of evolutionists knows how to get life from the non-life; for if anything is scientifically true, the proposition is true that what is in effect must have been in the cause; hence, non-life could not have produced life. Therefore, these two kinds of evolutionists have found an impassable gulf between the non-living and the living, on the assumption which they make: A living being did not cause the first form of life.

The hopelessness of the task of getting life from the non-living without the agency of a living being; i.e., without a creative act of God, forced Mr. Darwin and all Darwinian evolutionists to assume that God created at least one, at most a few, forms of the lowest plant life. Therefore, they had to have a God to pass this gulf; and thereafter, as it were, they mummified Him for all future times. But little good did that do them; they are equally helpless to bridge the next gulf, i.e., that which lies between the highest form of plant life and the lowest form of animal life, endowed with consciousness and locomotion. How could they overcome this great gulf? for which question they have no real answer.

Then comes the next puzzler: that which lies between the highest form of inverte­brates to vertebrates. Here again, so far as a real answer is concerned, they are “dumb dogs that cannot bark”; “watchmen that are blind, ignorant, sleeping down, lying down.” (Isa. 56:10) However, their guttural growls are usually more or less audible.

Now we compare the highest form of marine invertebrates with amphibians. And here they are as helpless as on the previous points; for they cannot tell how fish, which do their breathing with water, could have changed to do it with air as well as water. Then comes the next question: How and why do amphibians develop into reptiles? Then comes the same question between reptiles and birds, and between reptiles or birds (they do not know which) and mammals. But the most unyielding of all obstacles for the evolutionists is that between the highest mammal and man – where Huxley admitted there was a gulf to pass whose passage he could not explain, calling it almost infinite.

The only rational explanation for any of the foregoing is an intelligent and pur­poseful Creator; and their failure to explain satisfactorily any one of the questions raised is a complete refutation in itself of evolution.

It would seem in order here also to consider the magnificent pageantry of the hea­vens. In Psa. 8:3-9 David says this: “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man that thou art mindful of him ... Thou hast put all things under his feet: All sheep, and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field; the fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea ... 0 Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth.” It should be emphasized here that in all the centuries since records have been kept we find not one instance whether any of the great heavenly constellations have ever collided; it would seem there is some intelligent and powerful force guiding their movements.

Here we mention just a small incident which occurred some forty years ago. We went deep-sea fishing off the coast of Florida, and hooked a 90-inch sailfish. There was a 25-foot piano wire lead at the hook end of the line – to prevent a catch from snapping the fabric line. During the fight the fish jumped out of the water, attempting to dis­lodge the hook. In about five minutes the fish came to the surface, dead as a stone. The captain of the ship said he had drowned himself (which was indeed a surprising piece of news to us). How could a fish, who lived in the water all the time, drown him­self? Well, he had lodged that piano-wire lead through his gill, which cut off his breath­ing; and he drowned – just as you and I would have done under similar circumstances. This also is a telling blow to evolution.

Each of the foregoing presents so many unexplainable differences, that it should discourage the boldest evolutionist; e.g., some of them claim that mammals are de­scended from some (unknown) reptiles, and birds from other (unknown) reptiles. But how did the first mammal get breasts, a four-chambered heart instead of the three-­chambered heart of the reptile, hair, or fur or wool and a womb for developing young, all of which reptiles lack? How was the reptiles blood temperature raised from 40 de­grees and in the extremist cases from 60 degrees to nearly 100 degrees in mammals? And from reptiles to birds, how was that same temperature raised to 107 degrees? How were wings and feathers developed? Evolutionists offer for this gulf two fossils of what they call the archaeopteryx, which was nothing but birds with abnormal tails and bills. Of real logical evidence they have not even one link, whereas millions would be required to fill up each of the above-mentioned eight gulfs.  These eight genera, to say nothing of their three million species, say at each of their separating gulfs: “Thus far and no farther.”

Much more could be said about this subject, but we now close by offering a solemn indictment of it. It has had its vogue among “the intelligentsia,” though  now among the leaders of science it is dead with many of them undergoing preparation for burial; but among the superficially educated and the shallow thinking it has worked, and will con­tinue to work the direst of evils. It has made atheists, agnostics and infidels of many. It is demoralizing many of our youth, who by it are made to believe in their superiority to their elders and kinship to brutes; hence, their growing disrespect for law and order in the home, state, society and church, and their increased indulgence in the lower ele­ments of their nature. From the thought of no God, no responsibility to law, no higher authority, no hereafter and a brute descent, it becomes but a natural step to youthful disrespect to religion and government, disobedience toward parents, immorality as to sex, drunkenness as to intoxicants, and a materialistic outlook on and practice in life. A generation of evolutionist professors and teachers has produced the moral, social and religious havoc that we behold in so many of our youth. The pessimism and brute in­stincts inculcated by evolution have in large part produced the collapse everywhere manifest in church and state and contributed largely to producing the World War, as it also does a large share in the work of leading the nations to Armageddon and World Anarchy. And when these shall have wrought their unexampled havoc on mankind, it will in great re­sentment arise and repudiate forever every feature of unbelieving evolution.

VARIOUS PROOFS: In the past hundred years or so evolutionists have made frenzied effort to prove their contention – to offset the devastating attacks that have been made upon it. In their activities they came upon three specimens which they claim upholds their teaching, these three particularly being the Piltdown, the Heidelberg and the Nean­derthal Man. When we were in the colporteur work a college-graduate business man whom we accosted one day just sneered when we told him we had no confidence in the “proof” de­rived from these three distorted skulls.

Comes now in the April 1979 issue of a prominent newspaper some very damaging state­ments concerning the Piltdown Man, which we now quote:


“New evidence concerning a most far-reaching April’s hoaxes in the history of science – the bogus ‘Piltdown Man’ – has stirred up a dispute in which some scientists are questioning the integrity of their own profession. The bones purporting to be the fossils of Piltdown Man began to be ‘discovered’ in 1912 in a gravel pit in the English County of Sussex. They were soon accepted by most scientists as the ‘missing link’ be­tween apes and man, a link that had been postulated by the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin (It is now reported that toward his death Darwin himself repudiated much of his evolution tommyrot—JJH), the lawyer and amateur geologists who found them. The new species was named Eoanthropus Dawson, or Dawson’s Man.

“The fragments of two skulls found at the site suggested that the creature’s jaw­bone was similar to that of an ape, while its brain case was closer to that of modern man. Dawson turned up stone tools at the site as well as an object strikingly resem­bling a modern cricket bat, lending to Piltdown Man a peculiarly British character. Dar­win’s monumental theory appeared to have been confirmed at one dramatic stroke, and the world recognized in Piltdown Man a discovery of the first magnitude. Dawson and his col­laborator, the anthropologist Arthur Smith Woodward, achieved immediate fame.

“But in the 1920s real fossils of early man began to be discovered in Africa, and they were entirely different from the Piltdown bones. Their jaws were human and their brows simian – the reverse of the English fossils. Increasing numbers of the real fos­sils were found, and because none of them resembled Piltdown Man, doubts began to stir about the authenticity of Eoanthropus Dawson.

“In 1953, modern analysis, including dating techniques using the decay of radio­active carbon, were applied to the Piltdown fossils. Piltdown Man was finally and devastatingly proved to be a forgery in which human and simian bones had been skillful­ly blended and artificially aged. One of the three investigators who exposed the fraud, J. S. Weiner, described the achievement in a book, ‘The Piltdown Hoax.’ The circumstan­tial evidence indicated that the hoax had been perpetrated by Dawson himself, who died in 1916.

“All that was scandal enough and many scientists were angry and embarrassed that the scientific establishment could have been fooled so completely, and for so long. But just before his death last Fall, Dr. James A. Douglas, professor of geology at Oxford Univer­sity from 1937 until 1950, made a tape recording in which he disclosed new and even more disturbing evidence. Douglas said he believed the Piltdown hoax had been perpetrated by his world-famous predecessor at Oxford, Professor W. J. Sollas, as a way of making an academic rival look ridiculous. The rival was Dawson’s collaborator, Smith Woodward.

“Douglas said that Sollas had assisted in an earlier hoax in which some schoolboys. presented to Smith Woodward a purportedly prehistoric drawing of a horse on a piece of bond. That hoax also fooled Smith Woodward, according to Douglas, and may have given Professor Sollas the idea for the much more elaborate Piltdown hoax, including the bogus prehistoric cricket bat.

“The report has prompted a lively and sometimes heated exchange in leading scienti­fic journals. In a recent issue of the Journal “Nature” for example, L. B. Halstead, a University of Reading geologist, commented that the Piltdown hoax went far beyond a prac­tical joke and deeply affected scientific, philosophical and even theological thinking. The scientific establishment found it easier to accept the idea that Dawson, a non-scien­tist, had acted alone, he said, preferring not to believe that one of its own respected members could do such a thing.

“Inferring the guilt of the amateur Dawson, is far the most acceptable to Scien­tists, Halstead said, ‘as it absolves the academic world from any involvement.’ ‘The other view is that Dawson was the scapegoat and the hoax was part of a conspiracy on the part of the scientists to delude the public in accepting the anti-religious idea of human evolution,’ he added. But while Halstead believes the scientific establishment has been proved by the Piltdown hoax to be vulnerable to criticism, his views are not shared by all scientists.

“Nature also published a letter from Weiner himself, discounting the evidence pre­sented in Douglas’ tape recording, including Douglas’ recollection of 68 years ago of a packet of potassium bichromate, allegedly used by Sollas to stain the bone fragments and make them look old. One thing that the late Professor Douglas succeeded in doing, Weiner said, was adding a mystery of his own devising to the Piltdown saga – why should Douglas on such incredibly weak evidence take the trouble to besmirch Solla’s reputation.

“The debate continues, but those who had direct knowledge of the Piltdown hoax are now dead. The ultimate truth may never be known, but most interested scientists agree. But there is a nagging suspicion among some of them that the spirit of April’s Fool Day dies hard, and science may not have suffered its last stupendous hoax.”


The renowned minister and preacher Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887) – an ardent fundamen­talist – is said to have been a close friend to Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-­1899), prominent agnostic, lawyer and lecturer. It needs no argument to visualize the elaborate controversies that often arose between the two; and we are told that on one occasion some one gave a very attractive global atlas to the preacher; and Ingersoll was warm in his praise as soon as he saw it. Who made it? he asked.  Answered the preach­er: No one; it just made itself. Of course, Ingersoll was crestfallen; but this is just another evidence that evolution cannot be proved.

Some of our readers will undoubtedly realize that much of what has been given here­in has been borrowed from the writings of the Parousia and Epiphany Messengers; and it is our fond hope that this treatise on evolution will convince all of our readers of the shabby fallacy of evolution and to accept the truth on creation as it is contained in the inspired Word of God. “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not ac­cording to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” (Isa. 8:20) As our Lord tells us: “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31-31 – free from “sci­ence falsely so called”—l Tim. 6:20).

“Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.” (2 Thes. 3:16)

Sincerely your brother, John J. Hoefle, Pilgrim

(Reprint No. 298. April 1980)



Dear Sir:

I am engaged in a study of World Religions at the college I attend. Would it be possible to please send me some information regarding your organization? I would greatly appreciate your cooperation as I wish to come to a better understanding of your goals and objectives within society, distinctive doctrines which set you apart from other religions. I am also interested in why you think (if you do) that your belief is superior to the many represented in the World today. Why would I want to join your organization and not someone else’s?

Thank you for your time and I sincerely would appreciate your response in the near future.

Yours truly, ------- (CANADA)


Dear Sister Hoefle: May God's healing Grace be working in you for your full recovery!

We are in good health considering our age. I dread writing letters. Poor writing, spelling and composition – and I hope this explains my delay in answering your letter.

My brother does not agree with us on many things – like the Trinity, the Kingdom and its purpose, the soul and the opportunity for all for salvation in due time.

Do you suppose that the waters that support Little and Great Babylon are being diverted at this time and will cause their destruction? The Vatican, PTL, Swaggart, Oral Roberts – all in the red.

I believe the Truth will make us free and destroy these man‑made institutions. How can they say "Praise the Lord," and still teach the doctrines that vilify His character of Perfect Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power?

I think your January issue represents a lot of work, and is full of information, comfort, hope and instruction.

Your brother, ------- (MICHIGAN)


Dear Sirs:

Hello, I am a student and I am studying up on the different beliefs and religions that I see in our society today. I wonder if you could help me? In order to grasp the complete picture of what you believe, I need information. As much information as I possibly can get of your beliefs: books, writings, articles or whatever you can give me.

If you have found the key to living a full and meaningful life that we all are looking for, please share it with me. I would sincerely appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, ------- (CANADA)


Dear Sister Emily: Peace and Blessing in Jesus' dear Name!

Thank you for your letter and also for a copy of the letter to Professor Wangshi. I think you wrote him a very good letter. I hope he likes the Pastor Russell book and will ask for the first volume.

I am thinking of how different the Ancient Worthies were. Samson was so different from Moses or John the Baptist. So perhaps there will be some of the Youthful Worthies who have done different types of work – but who maintain their faith in God and Christ.

With love and wishes for God's blessing to be with you and family. ------- (CALIFORNIA)