by Epiphany Bible Students

Revelation 16:12-16

Armageddon is a Hebrew word signifying the Hill of Megiddo, or the Mount of Destruction. Megiddo occupied a very marked position on the southern edge of the Plain of Esdraelon, and commanded an important pass into the hill country. This locality was the great battleground of ancient Israel’s history, on which were fought many of the famous battles of the Old Testament. There Gideon and his little band alarmed and discomfited the Midianites, who destroyed one an­o­ther in their flight (Judges 7:19-23). There King Saul was defeated by the Philistines (1 Sam. 31:1-6). There King Josiah was slain by Pharaoh-Necho in one of the most disastrous conflicts in the history of Israel (2 Chron. 35:22-25). There also King Ahab and his wife Jezebel lived, in the city of Jezreel, where Jezebel afterwards met a horrible death (2 Kings 9:30-37).

These battles were in a sense typical. The defeat of the Midianites released the people of Israel from bondage to Midian. Thus, Gideon and his band typified our Lord and the Church, who are to release mankind from their bondage to sin and death. The death of King Saul and the overthrow of his kingdom by the Philistines opened the way for the reign of David, who typified Messiah. King Ahab typified the civil gov­ernment, symbolically called the “Dragon” in the Revelation. Queen Jezebel symbolically fore­shadowed the great harlot, Babylon, and as such, she is mentioned by name. “Thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants.” (Rev. 2:20)

In the Scriptures, the Lord has evidently seen fit to associate the name of this famous battlefield, Armageddon, with the great controversy between Truth and Error, right and wrong, God and Mammon, with which the Gospel Age will close and the Messianic Age will begin. He has purposely used highly symbolic language in the last book of the Bible, evidently with a view to hiding certain important truths until the due time for their revealing. But even in the due time: “None of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” (Dan. 12:10) None who are out of heart harmony with God shall know; but only the wise among His people; the wise virgin class of the Master's parable (Matt. 25:1-13).

When we consider our text, therefore, we are not to expect any gathering of the people literally to the Hill of Megiddo. Rather we are to look for that which is symbolized by that mountain. Many things are being called “The Battle of Arma­geddon”; this phrase is being used in many ways and from many standpoints. But Christians realize that this word Armageddon especially belongs to the Bible, where it is used in a spiritual sense. If therefore, the present is an opportune time in which to consider the Battle of Armageddon from a political standpoint, it surely is the proper time to consider the term from its true religious point of view.

We all know that the book of Revelation is full of symbols. God seems to have placed this book last in the Bible with the intent of covering up great and important truths. That it contains valuable truths is the opinion of all Bible students. Yet so skillfully has God covered those truths that His people in times past have not been able fully and clearly to discern them. We believe that this has been the Divine intention, not only because these truths were not due to be under­stood, but also because God intends to keep certain features of His Truth from the world.

Mankind has always misunderstood the Divine Plan; for God in His wisdom wishes to have them misunderstand. The truths recorded in the Revel­ation are not for the world, nor for nominal Christians, but for the Church–the Body of Christ, the saintly ones “the Church of the First-borns which are written in Heaven.” To these the knowledge will become “meat in due season.” “The wise shall understand.”

The Scriptures abound with allusions to Armageddon. Our Lord Jesus calls it “great trib­ulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” (Matt. 24:21) The Prophet Daniel describes it as “a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that same time.” (Dan. 12:1)

Closely in connection with this statement, Daniel declares that God’s Representative, “Mic­hael, shall stand up, the great Prince which standeth for the children of Israel.” The word “Michael” signifies “He who is like God” – the Godlike One. He will stand up for the salvation of God’s people, for the rectification of error and wrong, for the establishment of right and truth, to bring to the world of mankind the great Kingdom of God, which has been preached from the days of Abraham.

Time for the Establishment of Messiah’s Kingdom

The Revelation of St. John, being a book of symbols, will not be understood by the world. God Himself has said that only at a certain time may even the Church expect to understand. When the Prophet Daniel inquired concerning the meaning of his vision, the angel replied, “Go thy way, Daniel; for the words are closed up and sealed till the Time of the End;” not the end of the world, but the end of the Age; the end of this Dispensation. “...The earth abideth forever.” (Eccl. 1:4)

St. Peter tells us that this Age is to end in a great conflagration symbolical of the Time of Trouble, in which present institutions will be swallowed up (2 Pet. 3:8-13). Elsewhere in the Scriptures, this terrible Time of Trouble is sym­bolically represented as a storm, as a whirlwind, as a fire, to consume everything. After the present order shall have passed away in the great Time of Trouble, God Himself will establish His Kingdom  the one for which we pray, “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, even as it is done in Heaven.”

If, then, there is anything to indicate that we are living in the end of the Gospel Age, and that the Virgins are trimming their lamps, we may rest assured that the time for the Wise Virgins to enter into glory is close at hand. What a blessed message is this for “all who love His appearing!”

In the same prophecy which tells that the Time of the End is the time for the wise toward God to understand, we are told that this time will be especially marked by two particular features: first, “Many shall run to and fro”; second, “Know­ledge shall be increased.” (Dan. 12:4)

 Today we see this prophecy fulfilled. All over the world, people are running to and fro as never before. Huge airplanes, railroads, Great Ocean floating resort hotels, automobiles pro-pelled by all manner of engines, subways and elevated trains, etc. carry mankind everywhere. General increase of know­ledge characterizes this wondrous day. Every child ten years old is able to read. All over the world are books, newspapers, Bibles in every home, television, computers, and oppor­tunity for knowledge such as never has been known since man was on earth.

The remarkable fulfillment of this prophecy marks our day as the time of The End, in which the present Dispensation is to be concluded and the New Dispensation is to be ushered in; the time when God's people will be able to understand the situation and to get ready for their change.

Principles, not Individuals, under Discussion

All Christian people credit the book of Revelation to our Lord, as St. John does (Rev. 1:1). Therefore, we are not responsible for the symbolism used in that book. There are so many ways in which one might be misunderstood, even by good Christian people, that we naturally feel a delicacy about expressing our views.

As we proceed to set forth our understanding of the symbols of the Revelation, we wish to state most emphatically that we are saying nothing whatever against godly Christians anywhere, at any time, whether in any church or out of any church. We have nothing to say respecting people. We discuss PRINCIPLES, DOCTRINES, AL­WAYS; individ­uals, NEVER! God has not commis­­­sioned us to discuss people; it is ours to discuss His Word.

As we present our interpretations of the symbols of Revelation, we realize that the Word of God conveys a very terrible arraignment of some of the great systems of our day some that we have long reverenced and esteemed, that we have thought contained many who are godly in word and in deed. Let us, therefore, clearly distinguish between individuals and systems. We say nothing against the godly individual, but in the interpre­tation of the Word of God, what we have to say is merely in respect to these systems. Indeed, we believe that the saintly people of God are left out of these symbols, probably because the Saints of God, as compared with the hundreds of millions of humanity, are merely a small company, as Jesus said; “Fear not, Little Flock.”

three unclean spirits

Coming to the interpretation of the symbols of Rev. 16:13-16, we find that there are three agencies connected with the gathering of the hosts to this Battle of Armageddon. We read that out of the mouth of the Beast, out of the mouth of the False Prophet and out of the mouth of the Dragon proceeded three unclean spirits like frogs; and that these three unclean spirits, frog-like, went forth throughout the whole world to gather the whole world into this Battle of Armageddon.

It is proper, then, for us to inquire what systems are meant by these symbolic words the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet. After we shall discover what is meant by these terms, we shall ask what is symbolized by the frogs that came out from their mouths.

Throughout the Bible, a Beast is the symbol used to represent a government. In Daniel’s prophecy, the great universal empires of the earth are thus symbolized. Babylon was the Lion, Medo-Persia the Bear, Greece the Leopard, and Rome the Dragon (Dan. 7:1-8). The Roman Empire still persists. Christendom is a part of that great Roman Empire which began in the days of Caesar and which, according to the Scriptures, still is in the world.

Practically all Bible exegetes agree that the Dragon of the Revelation represents the purely civil power, wherever it may be found. We do not understand this to mean that all the powers of the world are evil or of the Devil, but that the Dragon is the symbol which the Lord is pleased to use to represent civil power.

The Beast of Rev. 16:13 is the same that is mentioned in Rev. 13:2, where it is described as resembling a spotted leopard. Protestant inter­pre­ters of the Revelation agree that this symbol refers to the Papal system, not to the Pope, not to Catholic congregations, not to individual Catho­lics, but to the system as a whole, which has existed for centuries.

In His Word, God has been pleased to recognize the Papacy as a system, as a govern­ment. Papacy claims that the Kingdom of God, Messiah’s Kingdom, was established in 799 A.D.; that it lasted a thousand years, just as the Bible declares Christ’s Kingdom will last; and that it expired in 1799 A.D. They claim also that since 1799 this Kingdom of Christ (that is, the Papal system, represented in the Revelation as the Beast) has been suffering violence; and that during this time the Devil has been loosed, in fulfillment of Rev. 20:7.

History records that the era closing with 1799, marked by Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign, sealed and defined the limit of Papal dominion over the nations. Napoleon even took the Pope prisoner to France, where he died. This humi­liating experience, Roman Catholics claim, marks the time of the loosing of Satan in fulfillment of Rev. 20:7.

We cannot agree with our Catholic brethren’s interpretation of prophecy. Our Lord was surely right when He declared that “the prince of this world is Satan,” and that this is “the present evil world” or age. The reason why there is so much graft, false doctrine, delusion, ignorance, super­stition everywhere is that Satan is the great being who is deceiving the world. According to the Scriptures Satan is to be bound for a thousand years that he may deceive the nations no more (Rev. 20:3). After the thousand years shall have been finished, Satan shall be loosed for a little season to test mankind. Then he will be destroyed in the Second Death, together with all who are in harmony with him.

Bible students are only now getting their eyes open to see the lengths, breadths, heights and depths of the Love of God His wonderful provision made, first, for the Church, who are to share in the Kingdom glory; and second, for the world of mankind, who will receive the blessing of an uplift to human perfection during that thousand years. This Messiah’s Kingdom nothing ever dreamed will compare with it. But the great work of God will not be perfected until every human being will have reached perfection, or will have been destroyed in the Second Death, because of refusal to come into harmony with the laws of righteousness. Then every creature in Heaven and on earth, will be heard saying, “Blessing and honor and glory and power be unto Him that sitteth upon the Throne and to the Lamb, for ever and ever.” (Rev. 5:13)

The Dragon, then, symbolizes the Roman power, represented by the civil power in the world. The Beast is the Papal system of government. The third symbol, the False Prophet, remains to be interpreted. This, we believe, is another name for the system elsewhere called “the Image of the Beast.” (Rev. 13:14) According to the Scriptures, this Image is a very exact representation of the Beast. The False Prophet, or Image of the Beast, we understand to mean the “Protestant” religions who declare, no matter which one, but one of us.

The Image of the Beast

In order to see why the Protestant Federation of Churches should be symbolized as the Image of the Beast and as the False Prophet, we must examine other symbolical Scriptures. In Rev. 17:5, our attention is called to a great “mystery.” The word “harlot” in Scriptural symbolism does not mean an immoral person. It refers to the Church, which was to be the Kingdom of God, but which lost her virginity and became united to an earthly husband, instead of her Heavenly Husband. To what earthly husband did the Church unite? To the Roman Empire. In the minds of Luther and other reformers, there was no doubt that there was a close union between the Church and the world. The Church for a time claimed to be waiting for Christ to set up His Kingdom. Finally she said, “I will not wait until the Second Coming of Christ, I will unite with the Roman Empire.”

All know the result. The Roman Catholic Church was exalted, and reined as a queen for centuries. This union of Church and State is represented in a famous picture found in Italy. On a throne, the Pope and the Emperor sit side by side. On one side are cardinals, bishops, the lower clergy and the laity, in order of rank. On the other side are generals, lieutenants, soldiers, etc., down to the common people. Thus, the union of Church and State was recognized.

On the basis of this union all earthly governments are called Christian; for they claim unity as part and parcel with the Church. History tells us that for centuries the Church appointed the earthly kings. Whosoever the Pope desired was crowned. In proof of the supremacy of the Church, a story is told in regard to Emperor Henry IV of Germany. He had incurred Papal displeasure and as a punishment was compelled to stand for three days without the castle gates of Canossa, barefooted, and clad only in the haircloth shirt of a penitent, exposed to the inclemency of mid-winter. Then he was forced to crawl on hands and knees into the presence of the Pontiff, whose silk stocking was removed in order that the emperor might kiss the Pope's great toe, in fulfillment of Psa. 2:12, “Kiss the Son, O ye kings of the earth.”

To our understanding, this is a mistaken application of Scripture. “The Son” is not the Pope. The “holy hill” is the Kingdom of God. His agency is symbolized as the holy Mount Zion. The great Messiah will completely overthrow all the things of the present time, and will establish the Kingdom of Righteousness and Truth, which will uplift mankind out of sin and degradation.

Roman Catholics believe that the Pope is the vicegerent of Christ, reigning in His stead. They believe that the present is the time when Satan is loosed to deceive the nations; that very shortly the Church will again get full power in the world; and that as a result everyone who does not obey them will be destroyed. This interpretation points us to Revelation 13th and 20th Chapters. Protestants do not appreciate the situation. Doubtless, all thinking people have noticed that overtures for union come from Protestantism, but never from Catholicism.

The question now arises, why should the Scriptures picture Protestantism as an Image of the Beast? When and how did this come about? From the time of the Reformation, Protestants had been striving individually to get out of the darkness of the past and thus had formulated many creeds and had organized many denominations. But about the middle of the last century, the leaders began to see that if everyone continued to study the Bible individually the time would come when each one would have an individual creed. To prevent what seemed to them a loss of power, they planned a union of Protestants in a system called the Evangelical Alliance.

 The Evangelical Alliance, an organization of the different Protestant denominations, was formed in 1846 for the very purpose of doing in their own way the same thing that Catholicism would do in its own way. Seeing the great power that Roman Catholics exercise because of a united system, Protestants said, “We are divided. We have no power. We will organize.” Then and there, according to the Scriptures, they made an Image of the Beast.

The Bible says, however, that before the Image can do any particular harm it must receive life from the two-horned Beast (Rev. 13:15). This two-horned Beast with horns like a lamb, but a voice like a dragon, we believe represents the Church of England, which is not a party to the Evangelical Alliance. The Church of England makes the claim which the Church of Rome makes, that she is the true Church; that all others are wrong; that she has the original apostolic suc­cession; and that no one is commissioned to preach unless he has had divine, apostolic hands laid upon him. This has been the contention of the Church of England for centuries, and constitutes the difference between that Church and all other Protestant denominations.

Although the Evangelical Alliance was organized in 1846, it has not been able to ac­complish its purpose, because it did not know how to operate. The denominations in the Alliance were united only in name, hence have worked against each other.

Denominations outside of the Alliance were declared to be unauthorized; and they, in turn, challenged the Evangelical Churches to show where they got authority to preach. As a result the Image had no power to act; it was trodden upon; and to get vitality life it would need apostolic succession; it must have something as a basis for operation. The Scriptures indicate that the Church of England will become intimate with the Evan­gelical Alliance and will give it apostolic authority to preach. Because of this union, the Alliance will be able to say, “We have apostolic authority to preach. Let no one speak unless he has our sanction.” This action on their part is described in Rev. 13:17. None will be allowed to buy or sell spiritual things in the spiritual market unless he has either the mark of the Beast or the mark of the Image.

In Rev. 16:13 we find mention of the False Prophet, another representation of the Image the vitalized product of the Evangelical Alliance, which has taken the form of Church Federation, and has today a great deal of vitality. Whether we can expect it to have more remains to be seen. The Scriptures clearly indicate that the Image of the Beast is to get so great power that it will do the same thing that the Roman Catholic Church did in the past; and that the two systems, Catholic and Protestant, will rule the civilized world with a high hand through the civil power, the Dragon.

“Three Unclean Spirits Like Frogs”

The Scriptures tell us that this result is to be brought about by the utterances of the combined power of Church and State. “Three unclean spirits like frogs came out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of the mouth of the Beast, and out of the mouth of the False Prophet.” In this passage, the spirit is a doctrine, an unclean doctrine and a false doctrine.

Each of these systems will utter the same things, and these utterances will have the effect of gathering the kingdoms of earth together to the great Battle of Armageddon.

The symbolism of Scripture, rightly under­stood, is very forceful, and there is always a close resemblance between the symbol itself and the thing symbolized. When the Holy Spirit uses a frog to represent certain doctrines or teachings, we may be sure that the application will fit well. While a frog is a small creature, yet it puffs itself up until it almost bursts with the effort to be somebody. A frog has a very wise look, even though it does not know very much and a frog croaks whenever it utters a sound.

The three most prominent characteristics of a frog, then, are pomposity, an air of superior wis­dom and knowledge, and a continual croaking.

Apply these characteristics to the picture given in the Divine Word and we learn that from the civil power of the Catholic Church and from the Protestant Churches that they will go forth with the same teachings. The spirit of all will be boastful; an air of superior knowledge and wisdom will be assumed; all will foretell dire results to follow any failure to obey their counsels. However conflicting the creeds, the differences will be ignored in the general proposition that nothing ancient must be disturbed, investigated, or repudiated.

The Divine authority of the Church, and the Divine right of kings, aside from the Church, will not be allowed to conflict; for both will be indorsed. Any persons or teachings in conflict with these boastful, unscriptural claims will be branded as everything vile, at the mouths of the frogs, croaking from pulpits and platforms, and through the religious and secular press. The nobler sentiments of some will be strangled by the philosophy of the same evil spirit which spoke through Caiaphas, the high priest, respecting our Lord Jesus. As Caiaphas declared it expedient to commit a crime in violation of justice, both human and Divine, to be rid of Jesus and His teachings, so this frog-like spirit will approve of any and every violation of principle necessary to self-protection.

Every true Christian is ashamed to look back upon the pages of history and see what terrible deeds were done in the name of God and justice, and in the name of our Lord Jesus. We are not to think for a moment that these frog spirits, or doctrines, are all bad, but rather that they are doctrines of bombast and pomposity, representing themselves to be very wise and great, and having the backing of centuries. Out of the mouth of the Dragon comes the doctrine of the Divine right of Kings: “Do not look back of the curtain of history to see where the kings got that right. Accept the doctrine; for if you do not, and if men look into the matter, there will be a terrible revolution and everything will go down!”

The Beast and the False Prophet have similar croakings. The Catholic Church says, “Do not look behind! Do not question anything about the Church!” Protestantism also says, “We are great, we are wise, we know a great deal. Keep quiet! No one will then know that you know nothing.” All say (croaking), “We tell you if you say anything against present arrange-ments, terrible things will come to pass.”

Political parties are figuring in this. All declare, “If any change should come, it will mean terrible disaster!” Some have the backbone and some have the civil power behind them, but united they croak to the people that if any change is made, it will mean ruin to the present order. In the language of our day, “Stand pat!” is the order in Church and in State; but the people are being moved by fear. It is this croaking of the Beast, the Dragon and the False Prophet that will arouse the kings of earth and gather them together to the Armageddon Battle and destruction.

The ecclesiastical kings and princes, with their retinue of clergy and faithful adherents, will be gathered in solid phalanx of Protestant and Catholic. The political kings and princes, senators, and all in high places, with their henchmen and retainers, will follow in line on the same side. The financial kings and merchant princes, and all whom they can influence by the most gigantic power ever yet exercised in the world, will join the same side, according to this prophecy. They do not realize, however, that they are coming to Armageddon; yet strange to say, this is a part of their very cry, “Come together to Armageddon!” Speaking of our day, our Lord declared, “Men’s hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” (Luke 21:26)

The rulers of Europe do not know what to do. All sectarianism is being shaken. Many people of God are in perplexity.

The croaking of the frog spirits, or doctrines, will gather the kings and princes, financial, political, religious and industrial into one great army. The spirit of fear, inspired by the croaking, will scourge the passions of other­wise good and reasonable men to fury and des­peration. In their blind following of these evil spirits and doctrines, they will be ready to sacri­fice life and everything on what they mistakenly suppose is the altar of Justice, Truth and Right­eousness under a “Divine” arrangement.

Many noble people in this great army will assume an attitude quite contrary to their pre-ference. For a time the wheels of liberty and progress will be turned backward and mediaeval restraints will be considered necessary, for self-preservation, for the maintenance of the present order of things and for the prevention of the new order which God has decreed. The due time for this is at hand. Even those who may be God’s people do not stop to consider whether it is His will that things should continue as they have been for the past six thou­sand years. The Bible says that such is not God’s will, but that there is to be a great overturning, and a new order is coming. For a brief time, as we understand the Scriptures, these combined forces of Armageddon will triumph.

            Free speech and other liberties which have come to be the very breath of the masses in our day will be ruthlessly shut off on the plea of necessity, the glory of God, the commands of the

Church, etc. The safety-valve will be turned off, thus ceasing to annoy earth’s rulers with the sound of escaping steam.

          All will seem to be serene until the great social explosion described in the Revela­tion as an earthquake, will take place. In symbolic language, an earthquake signifies social revolu­tion, and the Scriptural declaration nothing such as this ever before occurred (Rev. 16:18,19). See our Lord’s reference to it in Matt. 24:21.

the Lord's Great Army

At this juncture the Scriptures show, “Divine Power” will continue as they have been for the past six thousand years. The Bible says that such is not God's will, but that there is to be a great overturning and a new order is coming. For a brief time, as we understand the Scriptures, these combined forces of Armageddon will triumph. Free speech, and other liberties which have come to be the very breath of the masses in our day, will be ruthlessly shut off on the plea of necessity; the glory of God, the commands of the Church, etc. The safety-valve will be sat upon, and will cease to annoy the earth’s rulers with the sound of escaping steam. All will seem to be serene until the great social explosion described in the Revel­ation as an earthquake, will take place.

The Lord's Great Army at this juncture the Scriptures show, Divine Power will step forward and God will gather the marshaled hosts to Armageddon, to the Mount of Destruction (Rev. 16:16). The very thing they sought to avert by their union, federation, etc., will be the very thing that they will hasten. Other Scriptures tell us that God will be represented by Messiah, and that He will be on the side of the masses. “At that time shall Michael [the Godlike One, Messiah] stand up.” (Dan. 12:1) He will assume authority. He will take possession of His Kingdom in a manner little looked for by many of those who erroneously have been claim­ing to be His Kingdom, and authorized by Him to reign in His name and in His stead.

        Our Lord Jesus declared, “His servants ye are unto whom ye render service.” Some may be rendering service to Satan and to error, who claim to be rendering service to God and to right­eousness; and some may serve ignorantly, as did Saul of Tarsus, who “verily thought that he did God service” in persecuting the Church.            

  The same principle will apply in the com­ing Battle of Armageddon; God’s side of that battle will be the people’s side. That very nonde­script host, the people, will be pitted at the begin­ning of the battle. Anarchists, Socialists, and hot-headed radicals of every school of reason and unreason, will be in the forefront of that battle. He who has any knowledge of army life knows that a great army is composed of all classes.

The masses will be restless under their restraints, but will be conscious of their weakness as com­pared with the kings and princes, financial, social, religious and political, which will then hold sway. The majority of the poor and the middle class prefer peace at almost any price. The masses have no sympathy with anarchy. They realize truly that the worst form of government is better than no government. They will seek relief through the ballot and the peaceful readjustment of earth’s affairs for the elimination of evil, for the placing of monopolies, utilities and the supplies of nature in the hands of the people for the public good. The crisis will be reached when the hitherto upholders of the law shall become violators of the law and resisters of the will of the majority as expressed by the ballot. Fear for the future will goad the well-meaning masses to desperation, and anarchy will result when Socialism fails.

The Lord’s saints are not to be in this battle at all. God’s consecrated people, longing at heart for Messiah’s Kingdom and the glorious Year of Jubilee and Restitution which it will inaugurate, will patiently abide the Lord’s time, and wait without murmuring for it. Their lamps trimmed and burning, they will not be in darkness respecting the momentous events of the impending battle; but they will be of good courage, knowing the outcome portrayed in the “more sure word of prophecy,” to which they have done well to “take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the Day dawn.” (2 Pet. 1:19)

The question now arises: Why did not God establish His Kingdom sooner? Why is Armaged­don necessary? The answer is; God has His own times and seasons, and HE has appointed the Great Seventh Thousand-Year Day for the reign of Christ. Divine Wisdom has withheld until our day the great knowledge and skill which is breeding at the same time millionaires and discontents. Had God lifted the veil of ignorance a thousand years sooner, the world would have lined up for Armageddon a thousand years sooner. God did not bring these things before the present time because His Plan has various parts, all of which are converging at the same time.

In kindness, God veiled the eyes of mankind until the gathering to Armageddon would immediately precede Mes­siah’s taking to Himself His great power and beginning His reign (Rev. 11:17,18).

The attitude of the people of God should be that of great thankfulness to the Giver of every good and proper gift. They should make provision for the great storm that is coming and keep very quiet, not unduly interested in the side of either rich or poor. We know in advance that the Lord is on the side of the people. He it is that will fight the Armageddon Battle, and His agency will be that peculiar army of all classes.

When this great “earthquake” of social revolution comes, it will not be a mere handful of anarchists, but an up­rising of the people to throw off the great power that is strangling them. Selfishness is at the bottom of the whole matter.

Soon but not quite yet, though the Armageddon forces have been mustering toward the conflict. People of all races, and per­sua­sions worldwide are frightened and growing more and more angry at unfairness and injustice.

People everywhere are finding terrible shortcom­ings in their once comfortable beliefs. Incidental skirmishes are breaking out in all parts of the world and in many instances caused by perceived violations of rights and greed. Banking, political, army and police scandals are prolifer­ating all over the world, shaking the public’s confidence. They are making each distrustful of the other. Bitter and angry feelings on both sides are more and more manifested. The lines of battle are daily becoming more distinctly marked.

Nevertheless, Armaged­don will not yet be fought. The Image of the Beast must yet receive life–power; trans­formed from a mere mechanism to a living force. Protestant Federations realizes that their organizations will con­tinue to be futile unless they receive vitalization unless their clergy directly or indirectly shall be recognized as possessed of apostolic ordination and authority to teach. The prophecy indicates it will come from the two-horned Beast, which we believe symbol­ically represents the Church of England. High-handed activities of Protestantism and Catholi­cism, operating in conjunction for the suppression of human liberties, wait this vivifying of the Image.

This may come soon, but Armageddon cannot precede it, but must follow–perhaps a year after, according to our view of the Prophetic Word. Still another thing intervenes. Although the Jews are gradually flowing into Palestine, obtain­ing control of the land of Canaan, and reports say that already more than a few millionaires are there. Prophecy evidently requires an even larger number of wealthy Hebrews before the Armageddon crisis be reached. Indeed, we understand that “Jacob’s trouble” in the Holy Land will come at the very close of Armageddon. Then Messiah’s Kingdom will begin to be manifested. Thenceforth Israel in the Land of Promise will gradually rise from the ashes of the past to the grandeur of prophecy.

Through its Divinely appointed princes, Mes­siah’s Kingdom, all-powerful, but invisible, will begin to roll away the curse and to lift up mankind, and to give beauty for ashes. “I can see His coming judgments, as they circle all the earth, The signs and groaning promised, to precede a second birth; I read His righteous sentence, in the crumbling thrones of earth; Our King is marching on. The seventh trump is sounding, our King knows no defeat, and He will sift out the hearts of men before His judgment seat. Oh! Be swift, my soul, to welcome Him; be jubilant, my feet; Our King is marching on.”

Garnered from That Servant Charles T. Russell’s Studies in the Scriptures, Volume 4, “The Battle of Armageddon.” Introduction Page XIII.