by Epiphany Bible Students


"STOCKING UP FOR THE FUTURE: Israel will triple its built-up space by 2020 as it races past every other developed country in its rate of population growth and in the amount of new building construction.

"This projection is made by a government-sponsored planning team headed by Technion Prof. Adam Mazor, which has conducted a major study of Israel's options for growth until 2020.

"Israel is already the most densely populated of the world' s 24 developed countries, if the Negev is excluded from the calculations. That southern area, including Beersheba, contains 60 percent of Israel's territory but only seven percent of its population.

"To the north, population density is today 50 percent greater than that of Holland or Japan which are the next most densely populated developed countries. The difference between Israel and those countries will grow to 250 percent by 2020 because of Israel's rapid population growth, due to a high birth rate and immigration.

"Israel's population is expected to grow at an annual rate of two percent to reach a total of eight million residents by 2020, while all other developed countries are expected to grow at an average of only 0.4 percent. The growth in households however, will exceed the growth of population because of divorce, young people moving out of their parent’s homes earlier, and more people living on into old age. The size of apartments will also increase.

"To accommodate this growth, Israel will have to triple its building inventory in 30 years; that is, for every building that exists now there will be the equivalent of three comparable buildings. (The 30-year projections to 2020 date from 1990 when the planning team began its work.)

"Mazor acknowledges that the results can be frightening if development is not properly channelled. However, the same prodigious growth can also be harnessed to turn Israel into one of the most advanced Western countries, say the planners.

"In the plan, submitted recently to the government, Mazor's team notes that the need by Germany and Japan to rebuild their countries virtually from scratch after World War II eventually gave them a great advantage over countries because of the modernity of their new buildings and infrastructure.

"Virtually the same would be true for Israel which will by 2020 have an inventory three times larger than in 1990, almost all of it new. Holland, for instance, will have increased the amount of its building construction only by 25% in the same period, one­ twelfth of Israel's planned expansion. Compared to the rest of the developed world, Israel will be virtually a brand-new country.

"The main advantage will not be in the newness, say the planners, but in the sophistication of the infrastructure that permits an improved quality of life despite higher density - providing the country follows a comprehensive plan and does not leave its development to uncontrolled private initiatives that would destroy the landscape.

"The plan projects that per-capita GPD in Israel by 2020 will reach $33,000 (measured by the value of the 1990 dollar); nearly twice what it is today."

(The Jerusalem Post, Independence Day 5758)

"Virtually every conflict ends up on the doorstep of the United Nations, which has nearly 15,000 troops trying to keep the peace in 17 areas on four continents.

"But as U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said, the real responsibility for making peace rests with the warring parties themselves. 'We can only appeal to the wisdom and the responsibility of leaders to put the interests of their peoples over their own,' he said, decrying the increasing warfare in his native Africa ... So far there have been plenty of accusations but few attempts at reconciliation...

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formally confirmed for the first time that he was ready to accept a U .S. proposal to withdraw from 13 percent of the West Bank. But Yasser Arafat has reiterated plans to declare a Palestinian state in May despite Israeli objections. Netanyahu warned that a unilateral declaration will sabotage the Middle East peace process."

(Associated Press, September 27, 1998)

"CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? 184 countries are eligible to sit on the United Nations Security Council, one country is not! Can you guess which one? Believe it or not, Israel is the only one of the 185 member countries that is regarded as ineligible to serve on the United Nations Security Council. The Security Council is the most important group of the UN. This becomes even stranger when we realize that nations like Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, can serve rotating terms on the Security Council, yet democratic Israel cannot. The reason this is a UN rule to be eligible for election to Security Council and other important bodies of the UN, a country must belong to a regional group. Israel has attempted to gain acceptance into the West European and another group (WEOG), which includes not only Western European nations but also Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Turkey and the United States, but to date Israel has not been admitted … 'Lo, the people [lsrael] shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.' (Num. 23:9)" (Bible Light International, February 1998, taken from Bridges For Peace)

"SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER: Holocaust denial and defamation of Judaism appear regularly in Palestinian publications as well as across the Arab and Muslim world. Children are taught to proudly sing about suicide, hate and violence before a TV audience. French author Roger Garaudy, 84, who was formerly a Communist and converted to Islam, professes in his scurrilous book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, that the Final Solution was a total fabrication in order to found the Jewish State .The French government convicted and fined him for denying crimes against humanity and racist defamation. In turn Palestinians accused French authorities of surrendering to 'Zionist cultural terrorism .' Now Garaudy is received in highest circles of government and society in the Arab nations.  Moreover: other Jew-hate literature, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and a new edition of Hitler 's Mien Kampf are literally thundering off the presses in Beirut and Damascus..." (Bible Light International, September/October 1998)

"INDEX OF SHAME: France has put on public display a recently found World War II registry of tens of thousands of Jews marked for deportation to Nazi death camps.  "The list - branded the 'Index of Shame ' - whose existence was long denied by French authorities, was compiled by the Nazi collaborationists Vichy government between 1941 and 1944." (World Jewish Congress)

"CLAIM: An Israeli citizen has publicized property documents stating that she is the legal owner of part of the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

"Zipporah Frank's grandfather owned and operated a factory on the site which became the infamous death camp. Frank says she has no intention of making any claim to the property. [Since this was published there was a long story about the Auschwitz property in the Jerusalem Post, giving details of ownership. There is a movie planned about it.]"

(World Jewry, June 1998)

THE JEWISH PRESS: "Most of the world ignores that in the Arab-Israeli war (1948) 700,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries and over $11 billion of Jewish property and assets were seized by Arab governments.  During the Algerian-French war (1950-early 60s) nearly all of the 130,000 Algerian Jews fled Algeria because of abuses, and all but one of Algeria 's synagogues were seized and turned into Mosques. Similar offenses occurred in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Syria. The world continues to ignore what has happened to Jews in Arab countries, and what Muslims are responsible for doing to their Jews." (Bible Light International, July 1998)

"ISRAELI PASSOVER: There were nearly 62,000 guests registered at Israeli hotels for the Passover holiday of 1998, some 15% more than in the same period during the previous year.  Those registered included 28,500 foreign tourists and 33,500 Israelis. "(World Jewry, August 1998)

"EATING THEIR WORDS: 'Keep your words sweet,' someone once said, 'because you never know when you may have to eat them.’

"Take the time-honored Encyclopedia Britannica which really put its foot in its mouth in a 1905 entry which said: 'The dream of some Zionists for the restoration of Hebrew as a living language has as little chance of success as the dream of the restoration of a Jewish state in Palestine.’

"Will the world's 'wise men' never wise up? Only 43 years later there was a restored Jewish state called Israel - with Hebrew spoken across the land. The lesson? Challenge the Bible, and you'll eat your words. Every time!"

(By Frank Eiklor, Editor, Front Lines Report, Volume 20, September 1998)

"U.N. FIRST: Attack on anti-Semitism: The United Nations General Assembly has for the first time voted to condemn anti-Semitism. The action came in a resolution, adopted without opposition, that also urged governments to cooperate with a U.N. fact-finder examining various forms of intolerance - including racism, religious discrimination, xenophobia and anti-Semitism. Until now, the U .N. had never officially acknowledged the existence of anti-Semitism. Hostility toward Israel from Arab and Muslim nations, backed by the former Soviet Union, prevented any such action."(The Orlando Sentinel, December 19, 1998)

"Jewish children were burned alive at the same spot where Polish Catholics are setting up crosses at Auschwitz Death Camp, and they refuse to stop. One man was an eye witness to some of the children being killed. He was forced by the Nazi to dismantle barriers. He heard a distant cry of high pitched children's voices. He saw a truck filled with naked children. Then when the dump truck opened they were dumped alive into the flaming pit. This is the spot where Polish Catholics are placing crosses. It should be holy for Jews and families. [The cross is a frightening emblem to Jews because it was used by the Crusaders and others in their persecution of Jews.]" (Bible Light International, September 1998)

Why would the Catholics want to continue this effort of placing crosses at a death camp which is the antithesis of the teachings of the One who was crucified on a cross? To place crosses near a Nazi death camp mocks the Christian religion. Of course, this is what the Devil wants. Besides, it just magnifies the neglect and lack of compassion that the Catholic Church had for the Jews during the Holocaust. Why would they want to call attention to this?

"RIVALS SET TO FACE OFF IN ISRAELI CAMPAIGN: Opposition chief Ehud Barak announced his challenge to Prime Minister Netanyahu. TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - With early elections looming, opposition leader Ehud Barak stressed social issues over security concerns Thursday as he launched his campaign against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"With James Carville, President Clinton's former campaign strategist, at his side, Barak said he was ready for elections, expected in April.

"Netanyahu said Wednesday that he would call Israelis to the polls early if he could not muster support for his hard-line peace policies before a no-confidence motion Monday in parliament.

"Netanyahu's coalition has been crumbling since he signed the latest Mideast peace accord - which is opposed by most of his Cabinet because it calls for Israel to cede war­ captured West Bank land.

"Barak, leader of the Labor Party, which reached historic peace accords with the Palestinians in 133, wants the accord implemented to the letter and has rejected Netanyahu's calls for support.

"Barak accused Netanyahu of capitulating to his right-wing coalition and further freezing troop withdrawals from the West Bank. 'We are determined to put an end to yielding to extremists’, Barak said.

"Barak promised to divert millions of dollars now being spent by the Netanyahu government on Jewish settlements and divert it instead to domestic concerns, such as education, health and ending record-high unemployment.

"He also pledged to cut government grants to yeshivas, or Jewish seminaries, and to draft seminary students into military service like other Israelis. 'Education before settlements, job creation before yeshivas', Barak said."

(The Orlando Sentinel, December 18, 1998)

DON'T GIVE UP ON BIBI. ISRAELIS WILL FIND HIM A SHREWD DIPLOMAT HOODWINKING OUR ENEMIES: Let us not give-up on Bibi’s handling of our diplomatic "dealings" with Arafat’s PLO and the Clinton-U .S. -Albright conspiracy to wrest more land from the already squeezed­ in tiny strip of the nonetheless powerful State of Israel.

The "yes" or "no" faltering talks of the Wye Summit proves something. Despite the hesitant signing in the Oval Office, it proves that Bibi and Sharon knew that they were signing a "piece of paper" neither Arafat nor Clinton were willing to - or could finally- honor. While for Arafat, it was a temporary "gain," for Clinton, it was a political ploy.

The implications of my column of October 30, with the heading, "Despite the UN and the Summit, the Sly Arafat Remains Unchanged," still hold. Bibi is fully aware of this fact. Hence, he plays Arafat's game, having in mind the full security of the Medina, its safe borders with Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

Commenting on the U .S. stand at the Summit, the Middle East expert of the Heritage Foundation, James Phillips, spoke out clearly and said what had to be said:

"The chief obstacle to a stable Israeli-Palestinian peace is Palestinian terrorism, not Israel's understandable reluctance to surrender more territory that could be used to launch terrorist attacks. More Israelis have been killed in the five years since the Oslo Agreement was signed on the White House lawn than in the entire decade before the agreement. The Oslo process promised 'land for peace 'but has degenerated into 'land for promises' which too often go unfulfilled. Arafat' s failure to halt persistent terrorism led Israelis to elect Netanyahu as Prime Minister in 1996 based on his platform of 'peace with security.' In light of Arafat' s poor record of complying with his Oslo commitments, it would be a mistake for Netanyahu to accept anything less than ironclad security arrangements."

Mr. Phillips insisted that the President at the summit was duty bound to make the following clear, namely:

"The Oslo process has become mired in the details of an interim agreement before coming to grips with the more contentious final status issues concerning Palest.inian statehood, demarcation of borders, permanent security arrangements, the fate of Palestinian refugees, the status of Israeli settlements, the future of Jerusalem, and the disposition of scarce water resources.  It is unrealistic to expect these disputes to be resolved by May 4, 1999, regardless of what happens at this week's summit. The U.S. therefore should work with Israelis and Palestinians to extend the negotiating timetable.

" The Heritage Foundation expert also called upon Mr. Clinton to "insist that Arafat comply fully with his Oslo commitments. Washington should stress that Israel has no reason to negotiate future agreements if Arafat continues to violate past agreements. The U .S. should demand that Arafat clamp down on radical Palestinian groups opposed to the peace negotiations: end his 'revolving door' policy of arresting terrorists under American pressure only to release them quietly a short time later; extradite known terrorists to Israel; purge the PLO's National Covenant of calls for Israel's destruction; and halt his inflammatory rhetoric, including calls for a holy war to liberate Jerusalem and praise of suicide bombers as ‘martyrs’.”

Both Arafat and Bibi are back in Israel facing pro and con demonstrations amid new bombings.

One thing is sure, Arafat does not want peace. He wants war to gain his ends. And Bibi knows this fact.  Hence, he remains firm.

As for Clinton - amidst all his problems - did note that G-d has the last word. I challenge him to accept G-d's Biblical Blueprint for Israel and for the Children of Ishmael in their lands.

Biblical scholar Rebecca Buntyn says, "Keep the Faith - Bibi is not hopeless!"

(By David Horowitz, The Jewish Press, November 13, 1998)

'POLITICS ARE FULL OF TRICKS' - EMIR ABDULLAH 'S WORDS STILL HOLD: In a friendly correspondence this writer enjoyed many decades ago with the late Emir Abdullah, grandfather of our western-oriented King Hussein of Jordan, the amiable Emir, in one of his official letters about Middle East meddling by the British and the inter-Arab squabbles, used the term "Politics Are Full of Tricks."

(The correspondence - a number of letters in Arabic with English translations, kept in a world Union Press (WUP) UN file - served as the basis of a NY Times article in August 1994 by Francis X. Clines, in which he emphasizes the common pro-Biblical-Koranic relationship between the cousins, as brought out in the letters, The United Israel (UI) Bulletin covering the Abdullah story and the whole Clines article appeared in Volume 48, No. 1,2 and 3, 1994-95).

The Emir's remark could well have been applied to our days of political squabbling involving the Middle East controversy, linking the maneuvering of Saddam and his former - and no doubt present - supporter, Arafat, with the Russians in the middle.

If we take into account the faltering Wye Summit and the ongoing disrupting aftermath in Israel and in Gaza - coupled with the Iraqi "yes" and "no" crisis evolving around the UN Security Council's debates and Washington' s readiness to strike - we can only wonder, but understand what motivated my goodly friend, Eleanor Faix - and American Christian lady, a lover of peace who had many links to UN peace efforts at which a global peace ceremony we originally met over a decade ago - to pose the vital questions on the Wye summit, cited in this letter to me:

"That day of the signing of the Wye Summit I had many conflicts, but no answer (and) many thoughts. Why were the leaders there in the first place? Why did President Clinton keep dashing out on fundraising trips, as if the matter of peace in the Middle East was merely another item on the calendar? And why should BN (Bibi) give up 13 percent of any land in exchange for no 'violence '?

"It all reminded me of the old gangster movies showing a new shopkeeper having to deal with neighborhood ‘toughs’: either pay them certain amounts of money or else face broken shop windows, etc.

"The fact that Arafat even came to the Conference without first changing the item on his Charter calling for the complete destruction of Israel, that alone was a disgrace; it should have been deleted long ago, not as a last minute concession."

Congratulations Eleanor Faix, a lover of peace. You have spoken the truth! Ms. Faix included a clipping of the Philadelphia Inquirer, part of which stated:

'"If Arafat is Right, Your Bible is Wrong.' History also proves that the Palestinian claim to the Land of Israel is wrong. Why do the nations cater to Arafat and his Palestinian claim? Plain and simple - oil. Without Arab oil, most nations would go bankrupt.

"How deep are Palestinian  roots?      The  Christian  Bible,  Jewish  Scriptures  and Muslim Koran all teach that the Jewish people were given the Land of Israel by Divine decree - and that they would return and resettle their ancient Jewish homeland in the latter days."

(By David Horowitz, The Jewish Press, November 27, 1998)


In this paper and our January paper we have called attention to all the upheavals in the churches including same-sex blessings, souls of pets, possible return of indulgences, etc. We have also pointed out the strange economy with corporate and bank mergers, but at the same time many lay-offs, and dependency on world markets. As for social conditions, disease, drugs and crime are real problems, with health care a big question and crime prevention lagging, despite reports that the crime rate is down. Then we all know of the corruption and immorality in politics, with power and greed ruling the day. These conditions are not confined to just the USA.  All countries are affected one way or the other.

What does it all mean? It all means the weakening of the religious, financial, political and social order. This would be very scary were it not for our faith that the present order is shaking in order that those things that cannot be shaken may arise . (Heb. 12:26,27) Add to all this the world-wide natural disasters, which to our minds is the preparing of the earth itself for the ideal climatic conditions of the new age about to be ushered in. Hallelujah and Amen!


Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the many beautiful Christmas cards expressing love and prayers. Be assured that our warm Christian love and prayers are ever with you. We wish for all our readers that they will grow in Grace and Knowledge of the Lord for a blessed New Year, as "The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." (Prov. 4:18)

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